The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 31, 1891 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1891
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PUBUSHXO EVERY SATURDAY W, N, BURDIOK- TERMS: tl .50 Per Tear, Strlotly In Advance. Tht Bett Advertising Medium to reach the four north-eastern counties. Offlc* Boothwtil Comer Lawlor and Tllden St? W. N. BUHDICK, Editor and Proprietor. VOLUME XIX INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TERMS: $1.50, IFPAID IN ADVANCE. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1891. NUMBER 33. ADVERTISING RATES: TIKI 11n. 9 In. 4 In. H col Mcot 1 col. 1 wwk |1 00 |1 BO ft an |l 00 ft 00 $io at 1 weeks ... 1 M 9 S3 3 75 S 78 9 00 18 o» 3 week* ... S 00 3 on 5 00 7 JO 10 00 16 00 1 month .. 8 M> s n 0 2T, » a 1! 00 10 00 8 mont'is. t no 4 tO g on 11 75 17 00 a oo 8 months.. 4 on 8 as 11 2- IS 00 ».' 00 «.-• 00 4 month*.. 6 fiO 8 0 <l IS oo so oo «a oo III 00 1 rear.... 10 00 13 00 IS oo 90 00 49 00 80 00 nusincm cnnis noi rxcf-flmng live linen, fA Ireful ndvertl*"ments at -le|r»l rntes. AdTertlao. inents Inrerletl with no Kpecldc Mm* will t» publferie 1 until nnlf>re>.l nnt nni 1 ^hm-god for accordingly. All bills pajabl-,- quarterly. MBXICO has it rock that servca n« n | weather profit, by chnnainf, color with I every nppronehing chnnuo in fho weather, i postal ptir-1 and went SCRIPTUEES CONFIRMED Tnts first steel cur built lor p9«cii wnB run 270,000 miles, Sermon by Rev. T.DoWittTalmnga In Brooklyn Tabornacle. through fivo smash-ups nt n cost of $40 to | the company fo'repniis. THK worka of watches lire now plated with palladium, which i< whiter, lighter and more fuailj'o metal than platinum. About one-scvcnih of a grain of palladium I will by electrical di position, coat the work* | of un ordinary wutcli. Form different mountain peaks in Idali are fioni 13 to 'i.'l feet lower, ly actual measurement, than they wcic fifteen years uf<o, and it is believed that this settling is I going on with many other*. The idea | in that quicksands have undermined (hem. WHO wunts to crossthui icati in a jiffyV] What shall it profit a man to take a vacation a mply to bo shot frim one place In another ns ficm n tuli<|iillV F.vrrjbod) agrees that the most lolful thing about n journoy abroad is Ihe ocear voyage. The time spent on the wiitir, where one is cu' off from business, from mails, telegraph, newspapers, society and nil that worries or annoys, is the bed medicine imnginiiblt for tired Ameticons. Why wish it shortened? When one can crofs the ojcun in two or three days the advantages and attractions of a fortign trip will bo great I lessened. Beginning of a Merles Entitled '•From tin l'yrnml.U to the Acropolis., or Whut I Bnw In Kft-yiit and Grcero Confirmatory of the Bcrlpture*.. A FiiKKCil wouu n has hiqucathed to the Puria neademy of sciences a considerable nun to fennel a prize lo bo paid l( anyone who shall prove Ibat lit or she hni made a sign to a plum t lied that sign hm been answered. ' The planet Mars is ex pre6Bly excluded," said the testatrix, that is too well known already." Tlii scouts nn invidious discriminat on. The uenden y will probably accept the bequest because of the common sense addition that until this be done the interest of the money shall (.very five years be paid In the astronomer who shall hive contribute uiosl to human kt.ow ledge of (ho pianola. A FIIKNCH ftnli liJ11 mij • otice« a mi ious electric vmtilalor lor supplying building with fusli air, oit'ner cold oi warmed, us desired. An electric mote nts the v11j'atd ic\t i\ii j-, 11 d the re volution Eiicks cool air in. When warm air is desired, n currrnl is sent into a net work of lino wire postering a hiph resist unco, and through the network tin) air obliged to pusi; the cm rent hints the wires and ' the air in cessarily becomes betted. The movement of a commutator is suflicient to change tho character of the air supplied by the ventilator. Thiaaysteni i» capable of considerable adaptation, and it is slated that tho hygenic results are uniformly good. Tho following discourse Is tho Initial of nn interesting series by Rev. T. DeWitt Tnlmogc, hnscd on his observations while journeying in tho cast IIo took for his text: In that dny shall there bo an nltnr to till Lord In thu midst of tho land ot Kwypt and • pillar nt thu border tliorcnf to tho Lord, And It shall ho for a sign and for a witness, —Isnlnh jr., 10, 20. Isaiah no doubt horo refers to the great pyramid at Qlzoh, tho chief pyramid in Kgypt. The toxt speaks of n pillar In Kgypt, nnd this Is the greatest pillar ever lifted; nnd tho text says It is to bo at the border of tho land, nnd this pyramid is at tho border of the land, and tho text says It shall bo for n witness, nnd tho object of this sermon is to toll what this pyramid witnesses. This sermon is tho first of a coursa ol sermons entitled, "From tho pyramids to tho Acropolis, or what I BUW In Egypt and Grecco confirmatory of the Scriptures." Wo hud on a morning of December, 1880, landed In Africa. Amid the howling boatmen at Alexandria we had come nshoro and taken tho rail trnln for Cairo, Kgypt, along tho banks of tho most thoroughly harnessed rivor in all tho world—tho river Nile. Wo had, at even-tide, entered tho city of Cairo, the city whero Christ dwelt wbllo staying in Egypt during tho Ho- rodlc persecution. It was our first night in Kgypt. No destroying angel sweeping through as onco, but nil tho stars wci'o out, and tho skies wore. Oiled with angels of benuty nnd angola of light, and tho air was balmy as an American June. Tho next morning wo wcro early nwnko and at tho window, looking upon palm trees in full glory of leafage, ami upon gardens of fruits and flowers at tho very season when our homes far awny tvro canopied by bleak skies nnd tho last loaf of tho forest has gone down In equinoctials. Itut bow can I deserlbo tho thrill of expectation, for to-day wo tiro to sco what all tho world has scon or wants to sco—tho pyramids. Wo aro mounted for an hour nnd a half a rldo. Wo pass on amid bazaars stuffed with rugs and carpets and curious fabrics of all sorts | tho from Smyrna, from Alglors, from Persia, from Turkey, and through streets whore wo meet peoplo ot all colors and all garbs, carts loaded with garden productions, priests In gowns, women In black veils, Bedouins in long nnd seemingly superfluous apparel, Jonls-. Buries in locket of embroidored gold—, down top and wns back again at tin: base. It was a blood-curdling spectacle. I snid the dominant color of the pyramid was gray, but in ceitnin lights it seems to shake off the gray of centuries and beeomo a blonde nnd the silver turns lo the golden. It covers thirteen acres of ground. What an antiquity I It was nt least two thousand years old when the baby Christ was carried within sight of It by his fugltlvo parents, .Joseph and Mary. Thostorms of forty centuries have drenched it, bombarded it, shadowed It, flashed upon it, but there it stands, ready to take another forty centuries of atmospheric uttnek if tho world should continue to exist. Tho oldest buildings of the earth aro juniors to this great senior of the centuries. Ilerodotus says that for ten yearn preparations wcro being made for tho building of tho pyramid. It has eighty-two million, ono hundred nnd ono thousand cublo feet of mnsonry. One huudred thou­ sand'workmen lit ono time tolled In Its erection. To bring the stono from tho quarries n causeway sixty foot wide was built Tho top Btoncs wcro lifted by machinery such as tho world knows nothing of to -day. It is seven hundred nnd forty-six feet ench sido of tho square base. Tho structure is four hundred and fifty feet high, higher than tho cathedrals of Cologne, Strnsburg, Houcn, St Peter's and St Paul's. No surpriso to mo that it was put at the head of tho Seven Wonders of tho World. It lias a subterraneous room of rod granito called tho "King's chamber," and another room called tho "Queen's chamber," aud tho probability j is that there uro other rooms yet unexplored. Tho evident design of tho architect was to mako these rooms as inaccessible as possible. After all tho work of exploration and all tho digging and blasting, if you would enter theso subterraneous rooms you must go through n passago ouly three feet eleven inch high and less than four feet wide. A sarcophagus of red granite stands down under this mountain of masonry. This sarcophagus could not havo been carried In after tho pyramid was built. It must havo been put thoro before tho structure was reared. Probably in that sarcophagus onco lay a wooden collln containing a dead king, but tlmo has destroyed tho coflln and destroyed the last vestige of human remains. For threo thousand years this sepulchral room was unopened, nnd would havo been until to-day probably unopened, had not a superstitions impression got abroad that tho heart of pyramid was filled with eil- upon some ot ttie greatest uatticn m» fought since this world stood. Whore are tho men who constructed It? Their bodies gono to dust and even the dust scattered. Even the sarcophagus In which the king's mummy may have slept is empty. So men dlo but their work lives on. Wo aro all building pyramids not to last four thousand years, but forty thousand, forty million, for trillion, forty quadrillion, forty quintlllioa. For awhile wo wield the trowel or pound with tho hammer or measure with tho yard-stick or wrlto with the pen, or experiment with tho sclcntlflo battery, or plan with tho brain, nnd for awhile tho foot walks and tho eye sees nnd tho car hears and tho tongue speaks. All tho good words or bad words we speak aro spread out Into one layer for a pyramid. All tho kind deeds or malevolent deeds we do are spread out into another layer. All the Christian or unchristian cxainplo we set is spread out in another layer/. All tho indirect influences of our Uvea' ore spread out in another layer. Then tho time soon comes when we pnt down tho Implement of tgll and pasi away, but tho pyramid stands, twentieth century will not rock It down, nor the thirtieth century, nor tho one hundredth century. The enrth- quakc that, rocks this world to pieces will not stop our Influence for good or evil. You modestly say: "That is true In regard to the great workers for good THE LATEST MS. GENERAL NOTE 9. charged with fourteen murders and an endless amount of robberies. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. ver and gold and diamonds, nnd under Al Mauioun, an excavating party went to work aud having bored and blasted through ono .hundred feet of rock the.y found no opening ahead, and wore about to glvo up tho attempt, whon tho workmen heard a stouo roll Into a seemingly hollow place, out and on toward tho great pyramid; and encouraged by that they resumed for though there aro slxty-nlno pyra- [ their work and came into tho undcr- mlds still standing, the pyramid at ground rooms. Tho disappointment of Qlzeli is tho monarch of pyramids.' tho workmen in finding tho sarcophagus We mcot camels grunting under their empty of all Bllvcr and gold and pre­ load, and BOO buffalos on either side clous stones was so great that thoy NANSHN is building the ship in which be proposes to float lo tho polo frozen in an ice floe; I'eary is waiting for spring to start frr tho nine point on i-kics, and a new aspirant for arctic honors, Mr. Ekroll, of Norwuy, proposes to start by way f Petermacn land in tho spring of 1893, using a combination of boat and dog idgo us his means of transportation. jiKroll's sledge boat can be used either on ice or water, being taken apart in sections to be used as sledges and put together in a abort time into a boat Inigo enough to carry men,dogs and supplies. Whether any of these rivals will reach their destination and get buck again safely is us doubtful as was tho same problem when Greet} sailed, and it .'s just about ns doubtful, should they succeed, whether Ihe rebuilt will be of any more value to the world than those of tho Ureely expedition have been PitACTioAi, experience does not always bear cut tho conclusions of scientific theories. Marino engineers have been almost uuanimous in the opinion that the twin ECICW was a great Improvement upon the single, propellor as u means of employing motive power, and yet the old Iluvel nas beaten the famous Majestic in a ruci across tho Atlantic, and done it in rough and tcmpcsluoui weal her, when everything had to be fastened down lo save ii from being Bwept overboard, The explanation is thai the singlo screw bout always buried and exorcised its propelling force under wider, whilo the Majestic had generally one nnd fit qucntly both of hoi screws out of the water us she bounded over the cret ted waves. Any how, the re- suit ia thut the twin screws neither did ns good nor as regular work as the singl one, which was centered on tho lino oi the Havel's keel, «nd thut the new style boat was badly beaten by tbe old-fashioned raft. browsing in pasture fields. Tho road we travel is for part of tho way under elumps of acacia, and by long rows of syenmoro and tamerisk, but after. awhile it is a path of rock nnd sand, and wo find wo havo reached tho margin of tho desert tho groat Sahara desert, and we cry out to the dragoman ' as wo seo a huge pile ot rock looming | In sight: "Dragoman, what is that?" | His answer Is "The pyramid,"and thon It .'seemed as it we were living a century every minute. Our thoughts and emotions woro too rapid and intense (or uttorance, nnd we rldo on in silence! until we come to the foot of the pyramid spoken of iu the tost The oldest •truoture in all the earth, four thousand years old at least Hero it is. 1 We stand under the shadow of & structure that shuts out all the earth and all the sky and wo look up and strain our rlslon to apprcclato the distant top, and are overwhelmed while we ery "The pyramldl The pyramldl" I bad started that morning with the determination of ascending the pyramid. One of my ohlef objects in going 1/KHSONAL POINTS. Thu couutetB of Olunourty, formerly Lady Dunlo and before that MISB Belle Hilton, the well known uiusio hall siuger, has retired Irom tbe stage, and even Sir Augustus Harris, England's knighted the ater manager, oannot koop her there. The count ess propones lo hold up her end of the empire in so fur us the, maintenance of good form on her part con do it. » » « The Blaine family seems to be taking the leading financial interest in the fate of Mrs. Muybrick, and to be determined to give a large helping hand to tbe effort to obtain her pardon. Out of a total of 1386 contributed to the fund they figure for a neat little $200. « « Oae of tho characters in Mark Twain'? Roughing It to the republican candidate for tbe mayoralty of Omaha just now would havo assassinated Al Mamoun, who employed them, had ho not bid in another part of tho pyramid as much tilver and gold as would pay them for their work at ordinary rate of wagoB, and Induced them to dig till they, to their surpriso, camo upon adequate compensation. I wonder not at this mountain of limestone and red granito has been the fascination of scholars, of scientists, of Intelligent Christians in all ages. Sir Johu JUcrsohcl, the astronomer, said ho thought that it had astronomical significance. Tho wlso men who occom- panled Napoleon's army into Egypt went into profound study ot tho pyra' mid. In 1805, Prof. Smyth and his wlfo lived in tho empty tombs near by tho pyramid that they might bo as con tlnuously as possible close to tho pyramid which they woro investigating. Tho pyramid built mora than four thousand years ago, be | ing a complete geometrical figure, wise men havo concluded it must have been divinely constructed. Men came _ through thousands of years to fine to Egypt wns not only to see tho base architecture, to music, to painting, but of that granitic wonder, but to stand this was porlcct at tho world's start on the top of it Yet the nearer I and God must havo dlreotod it All come to this eternity In atone the astronomers and goometrlclans and more my determination was shaken, scientists say that it was IU altitude to mo was simply appalling, scientifically and mathematically con- A groat height has always been to ma structcd before science and mathomat- % most dlfiugreable sensation. As we les were born. From tho iuscriptlons dismounted at the base of the pyramid on the pyramid, from its proportions, I said: "Others may go up it, but not from tho points of the compass rccog- I. I will satify myself with a viow nUed In Its structuro, from tho direc- from tho base. The ascent of it would tlon in which its tunnels run, from the be to mo a foolhardy undertaking." relative position of tho blocks that com- But after I had given up all idea oi pose It, scientists, Christians and infl- ascendlng, I found my daughter was dols have demonstrated that tho being determined to go, and I could not let hex who planned this pyramid must have go with strangers, and I changed my known the world's sphericity, und that mind and we started with guides. It its motion was rotatory, and how many eon not be done without these helpers, miles it was in diameter and oiroumfer- Two or threo times foolhardy men ence, and how many tons the world have attempted it alone, but their weighs, and know at what point bodies camo tumbling down unrecog* In the heavens certain stars would sizable and lifeless. Euoh person in appear at cortain periods of our party had two or three guldei time. Not in the four thousand or helpers. Ono of them unrolled hU years since the putting up of turban and tied It around my waist that pyramid has a single fact in as- and he held the other end ot tho turban tronoiny or mathematics been found to a matter ot safety. Many of the eon tradlot the wisdom of that structure, blooks of stone are four or five feet Yet they had not at the age when the high and beyond any ordinary human pyramid was started an astronomer or •trlde unless assisted. But, two Arabs an orohiteot or a mathematician worth to pull and two Arabs to push, I mentioning. Who then planned the found myself rapidly ascending from pyramid? Who superintended its ereo- helghtto height, and on to altitudes lion? Who from its first foundation Urrlflo, and at last at the tip top we Itone to its oapstono ereoted every- found ourselves on a level space oi thing? It must have been God. Isaiah about thirty feet square. Through was right when he said in my texts "A clearest atmosphere we looked off upon pillar shall be at the border ot the land the desert, and oft upon the winding ol Egypt and it shall be for a sign and Kile, aud oft upon the Sphinx with its » witness." The pyramid is God 's first features of everlasting stone, and yon* Bible. Hundreds If not thousands of der upon the minarets ot Cairo glitter* years before the first line of the Book lng in the sun, and yonder upon Mem* 0 f Genesis was written, the lesson of phis in ruinB, and oft upon the wreoki the pyramid was written. Of empires and the battlefields of ages, Well, of what is this Cyclopean mv s> radius ot view enough to fill the „ 0 nry a sign and a witness? Among mind and shook the nerves and over- other things; of the prolongation of whelm one's entire being. human work compared with the brevity After looking around for awhile, ana of human life. In all the four thou- ftkodaok bad pictured the group, w« aaAcl years this pyramid has only lost descended, The descent was more try- eighteen feeV In width, one side oi ito Ing- than the assent, for ollmblng^foo square at the base changed only from »«ed not »«o tbe depth,* beneath, ljut MTen hundred and slxtyiour feet to aoming Opvyn It WM toposelble „ot to seven, hundred and fortyntl* feet, an* ton!an or Talleyrandian, but not of me, for I live and work on a small scale." Your business and mine is not to build a pyramid, but to bo one of the hundreds of thousands who shall ring a towel, or pull a rope, or turn tho crank of a derrick, or cry "Ye hcavel" whilo lifting another block to Its elevation. Though It bo seemingly a small work and a brief work, it Is a work that shall last forever. In tho Inst day many a man and woman whoso work has novor been recognized on earth will como to a special honor. Tho ecumenical council, now In session at Washington, its delegates tho honored representatives of fifty million Methodists in all parts of tho earth, will at every session do honor to tho memory of John Wesley, but I wonder if any of them will think to twist a garland for the memory of humblo Peter Bolder, the Moravian, who brought John Wesley into the kingdom of God. I re- jolco that all of the, thousnnds who have bcon toiling on the pyrnmid of rlght: cousncss will at last bo recognized and j rewarded—tho mother who brought her ; children to Christ, tho Sabbath teacher who brought her class to tho knowledge of tho truth, the unpretending man who saved a soul. Then the trowel will bo more honored than tho scepter. As in Kgypt that December afternoon, 1SS0, exhausted In body, mind and soul, wo mounted to return to Cairo, wo took our last look of the pyramid at Gizoh. And you know there la something In the air toward evening that seems productive of solemn and tender emotion, and the great pyramid seemed to be humanized and with lips of stone It seemod to speak and cry out: "Bear me, man, mortal aud immortal! My voice Is tho voice- of God. He designed me. Isaiah said I would be a sign and a witness. I saw Moses when ho was a lad. I witnessed the long procession of the Israelites as they started to crosa the Bed sea and Pharaoh's host in pursuit of them. The falcons and the eagles of many centuries have brushed my brow. I Btood here when Cleopatra's barge landed with her sorceries, and Hypatia for her virtues was slain in yonder streets. Alexander tho Great, Sesostrls and Ptolemy admired my proportions. Herodotus and Pliny sounded my praise. I am old, I am very old. For thousands of years I have watched tho coming and going of generations. They tarry only a little while, but they make everlasting impression. I bear on my Bide the mark ot the trowel und chisel ot those who more than four thousand years ago expired. Beware what you do, oh, manl for what you do will last long after you arc dead! If you would be af- feotlonaly remembered after you gone, trust not to any earthly commemoration. I havo not one word to say about any astronomer who studied the heavens from my heights or any king who was sepulchered in my bosom. I am slowly passing away. I am dying pyramid. I shall yot llo down in the dust of the plain, and tho sands of the desort shall cover me, or when tho earth goes I will go. But you are immortal. Tho feet with which you climbed my sides to-day will turn to dust, but you havo a soul that will outlast mo und ull my brotherhood of pyramids. Ltvo for eternity. Live for Qod. With tho shadows of the evoning now falling from my side I pronounce upon you a benediction. Take It with you across the Mediterranean. Take it with you across the Atlantic. God only Is great Let all the earth keep silence before Him, Amen." And then the Bps of granite hushed and the great giant of masonry wrapped Himself again in the silence of ages, and as I rode away in the gathering twilight THE bank clearings of Chicago for thp past week were $95,900,087. A VIROINIA boy gets drunk by inhaling the fumes of gasoline. _ INDIANS on the North Dakota reservations a. - e said to be getting rebellious. Tin-: first snow of Hie season, nnd one unusually eaily, fell Tuesday in Virginia. THK Minnesota State refoim school was removed from St. Paul to Hcd Wing Tuesday. PKAIILS in large quantities have been found in the Sangamon river near C'lmnd- lersville, 111. AT 2 o'clock Tliuraduy morning. Martin, in the New York bicycle eontcst, lead will) 82b miles. KATIE COI.K, of Poltstown. PH., dropped dead Sunday, a victim of tight lac ing. WAIT WHITMAN is completely paralyzed, and while ho may live for years, is in danger cf dying nt any moment. ('APT . HioiiAiiD N. COMI.Y, ono of the proprietors of the Day ton (Ohio) Journal, died at Richmond, Ind., Sunday. MANDAMUS proceedings wero begun in Chicago, .Monday, to compel the election lOmimssioners to nllow women to Voto for 'diool ollicrs. HON. .1. A. CIIAI'LICAU, Canadian secretary of state, hns been stricken with heart ''ailure. His condition is seri ju-i. THE famous Bacon heir, case, involving land at Sionx City worth $1,000,000, is Jccided against the heirs. THK Allcutt packing company, of Ar- •nnrdule Kan , which has li.ibilities ••5100,000, has made an assignment. MAYOII KAHKV and tbe entire city council of Newport, Ky., were sent to jail Tuesday for contempt of court. They •used to use the lights furnished lighting company as directed. THK ficlory of the American cash register company, at Philadelphia, has been •:losed by the sheriff on two judgments iguregating $70,000. THE petition to the czar of Russia re-1 curding thu Irnilment of Siberian exiles l ,ljls °ned by som hue been signed by a million citizens of' 11 ' 0 '" 01 '- Alibi Massachusetts. Dn. VON lloi .i.i'.iiKN, at pro-eiit Herman minister to Japan, will succeed " ' ' ( "' " RAPID RAILROADING. re- by a took an i.. | , ..... the late .'omit Arco-Valley aa minister to the United States. Mns. SiJAiu .Ks' will, giving her husband ill of her estate, wan admitted to prob.ite SuturJuy at Salem, M.isa. Timothy Hop kins, -vho is contesting iht will, ppeul. MUCH excitement was caused in the pension building Monday morning by a fire in the basement a-notig waste paper. It was ixliiiguifla-el, however, before any lamage WUH done. Tin; court of claims met Monday after the regular summer vacation. Chief Justice llichardson and Justices Nott, Wf Iden and Davis were in attendance. Owing to a lurge amount of work b.'fore this body it is believed tho president, will onn appoint a successor to tho Into Judgo Scoflold. ONK of the Kansas City 'B railway repair shopa at South Park has been burned. HAIIUY HII.I/S pavilion on Flushing Bay has been destroyed by fire. AT Gretnville, Tex., the Greenyillecom­ press, valued ut ?250,000, was destroyed by 'ire Thursday. F.ASTKHN states are experiencing deadly cold weather. A death from freezing is reported from Keystone, N. J. HKKDI.ANDS, CAI,., suffered n disastrous Are Monday inorninir. Six business house- were burned out and thu loss will rensb Wo.COO. A Fivic-YKAit-OLD daughter of Mrs. S. .1. Skates, of Wintcrset, lown, waa choked to death while attempting to swallow some raw beans. AN Erio pnssenger train ran into a frright at Avon, N. Y., Saturday morning. Fireman L-muel Robinson, of Elmira, lost his lett leg, and Baggageman F. Biadley received p, severe wound in the groin. THK Glendnle woolen mills, filteen miles south of PittsGeld, Mass., burned Wednesday evening. Tho building was a five- story structure. The losa is about $'220,000 j fully insured. THE explosion of natur I gas in a building in Allegheney, Pa., Tne*uny morning, injured fivo persons, one of them fatally. AN explosion of natural gas in Allegheny City, Pa., Tuesday, wrecktd Snaman's eaipet storo and seriously injured five people. Two laborers wero killed Wednesday morning by a smash-up on ttie Wabash railway at ihe suburban village of Forrest Hill. A MIBI'I.ACKU switch on the Chicugo, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, near Bonne, Iowa, Tuesday night, injured several persons. THU wreck (f a looomotivo on the Santa F<\ Monday night, about, six miles south of Wichita, Kns., resulted in the killing of two men and tearfully injuring twi more. FIFTY women who attended a lunch, given by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, of Bradford, Pa., were me unknown substunce iu ut two will recover. THE children of John Cunimings, a fur mer living near Peiietiinuiiishen pet lire to their home Monday while their parents were ubsent, and three of them perished in the flames. The mother returned time to rcscuo the fourth child, but was probably fatally burned herself. THE warehouse of the Speer New Jersey wine company at Passaic, caught fire early Tuesday morning and in less than two hours the wine place was a mass ol ruins. The loss will reach $100,000, partly insured. The uflica and plant ot the Passaic Item, which was located in the building was also destroyed. The Modern Hotel on Wheels, How It is Built, Equipped and Provisioned. flic Magiiilleent Distances of Uncle Sam's Dominion Sluke the Sleeper a Necessity. While Speeding Through the Country Like the Wind, Sumptuous Meals Are Enjoyed. CRIME. AN important capture of "green goods" swindlers was made in Now York city. Dn. CIIAUIJRS A. STEIN, ex coroner, committed Buicido in St. Paul by poison- ill WAITE, of Horton, Mich., — „ K-„_ 1 committed suicide by hanging Saturday, THE leading women of Hiawatha Kan , of 00 year, ulertook to prevent an exhibition by a „ * ' „ What ia ono of England's swiftest 'rainn, the Scotch express, flit* like a scin- tillant shuttle between Lmdon and F.-lin burg at a mean speed exceeding fifty mile, in hour, though it sacrifices thirty-five minutes in order that the passengers mny have severul opportunities to refresh them •iclves and stretch their limbs. The entirt distance covered, 400 miles, is less than that between New York City und Bufrulo, In the United States and contignius tor ritory wo harncsj a hotel on wheels t( every flyins express which sets out for un.\ prolonged journoy. Here yen may travel from thn Hudson to the Golden Gate with- mt pause (unless for an occmional change of locomotives), without quitting youi train and without leaving beuind you the luxury or comfort of spring beda, baths, barber shop or rich viands excellentlj cooked and served. The "magnificent distances" of Uncle Sam's domain made the sleeping car a necessity, and tho dining cur Bonn became tho inevitable adjunct of th sleeucr. Well enough after its fashion was, and yet is, tho wayside lunch counter for tin ooitpurutivcly slow way train and theoe cupants thereof whose trip does not exceed a few hundred miles. But it was in the very nuturu of things that a different an• l better system must bo provided for Up­ surging, hurrying legions whose chief aim in traveling was to get over the ground a? rapidly as possible and whosedigcstivi LM-onomy really deserved some more hu mane treatment than could be accorded to it amid thn frantic null and crush at tin typical railroad restaurant. Henco came in due order the railroad car buffet, tho hotel car and tho dining cur., OIIOWTH OK THE SYSTEM. A contitffcoustrip across the continent, or evm for much shorter distance, would bo impossible unless travelers could he in transit with meat and drink as pass engers are during a transatlantic voyage The time having airived for a solution of the problem, Americau inventive talent wns quick to solve it. ItesultB—on any of the great trunk lines to day the truvoler, while speeding onward at tho rate of fifty miles an hour or more, can onjoy as luxurious a repast as if seated in a (it st class hoiol una ut quite us low a cost, Every region throui/h whicli he pusses sets he'ore him the tribute of its richest ediblo products, to undertook to prev troupe cf Eaglish sum uuncers. ••, ,u. IherunM of their purpo.-o they deslroyid the Cook county (111.) grand jury Monday the highly colored lithographs which morning und placed under $3,000 bonds, adorned the dead walls, and as a cin»e- DKTECTIVK THOMAS, of tho Chicago quence the show had a full hone. po'ice foiee, who is charged with solicitii.g THE Western Union telegraph com- and accepting bribes, bus resigned from puny Monday night cut off all wires leased tho force. to tho Associated Press and the latter was DAISY LEK, R beautiful seventeen-year- forced to filo all its business by Postal old girl, committed suicide at St. Murys, The trouble is said to havo been w. Vu., Sunday, because she had been re 0 a long, low brick building, through •vhose doors flit busy clerks, cooks nnd .vailers. This is the commissary head- luarlers, where the vestibuled trains are nado ny, equipped, provisioned and uanned. Should you chance to be here •iirly some fine morning you will see formidable quantities of meats, fish, poultry, .egetahles, fruils, liquors, canned goods ind ice in process of transfer from baggage ears to be stowed away in a big refrigera- or or piled on capacious shelves. Perish- ible products have to be renewed or ro- i.'lenished daily, while of non-periahtble material a large stock is always kept on 'land. At the southern end of thn building is 1 huge kitchen, clean nnd shining as polished onyx, wher! the linger joints and poultry are roasted and the soups mado under tho direction of nn ebony chef. rllOVISIONINO A CAH. When a train of palace ears is made up md Ihe hour approaches for whirling it lown to the Grand Central depot the quipment service of silver, chinn, cutlery, 'ablelinen, etc., has already been inspect- 1. Tlie wine closet ami ttie iceboxes nro filled and the cigar box's checked oil. Nothing must bo overlooked or forirotten ind Ihe presence of even n particle of dust in the bingo of a fuldinu table.could not scape the ketn eye of Mr. Taylor. Into the n-frigntors of tho car go Bienks, Imps, spring chickens, etc.—everything hut mny lie broiled or fried in transit— where tho big joints, thn puddings and ther viands w.iicli do not spoil by keeping as rapidly as bone from the stationary i) tho moveable kill-hen. When all is eady tho tr.tin is whisked down to tho tJrand Central depot, the passengers got iboard, the hell I nigs and the ho'el on wheel* speeds westward like a thunderbolt. The valuo of the provender put aboard dinning car for a single trip is about 5400. All of it may be consumed, yot hardly any ot it. is to he reckoned us wastage. The train hands are too sagac- inus to lei. such edibles goto loss when they re eleared out at the normal rate of twenty-five cents per meal. Moreover the •omuiisMoi.ary c.-.n pretty cio-ely guau 'O •vhat will be required for a trip. Ho watches the mutation i of In-llic about us losely as it p.ts.senuer ugeiit does, and if my exceptional "rii-h" occurs no is always prepared to meet it. The burlier shops and thu libraries on trains are i\Uo under the jurisdiction cf the coiuini.-sionary department. hire ciinu-it be a large margin of profit in this liii-ini ssV" said 1, interrogatively, to Mr. Ti.ylor. 'lint's n secondary consideration," was the reply. "The dining service win established as a necis-ary iicciiiiiuioilatioii o the traveling public. It saves human nerves und digestion from a vast lot of needless wear and tear. It ia within reach of the purses of tho million as well as thosn of tlio millionaires, und it involves a valuable economy of time to tho railroad corporations." Then Mr. 'Taylor juui|K'd to the telephone to learn that a supply of fruit ordered for a private cir hud miscarried through the fault of the expressman. In less than two minutes the order waa duplicated for delivery at a point a hundred miles away. TIIKCIIKWH. Ono rloward, lour cooks and fivo waiter* compose the erew of thu dining car. With carcely an exception they aro colored. 'Tho ex-chattel nnd ex-cuuntirhand has bo l »isurely absorbed, und ho quaffs his indicted by champagne frappo as the glorious puno- proven himself pceuliuriv adapted to Vho -- -'•ranmof mountain and river, lake and requirements ot thu palace car service, prairie, unfoldB itself to his autishod und whether ns porter, cook or waiter enraptured vision. Ho hus u jolly time of it, too. He lives There s genuine ''poetry of motion for on t | l0 fatot tho land und hia tips are many, you. Brillat buvarin Bhould have lived to u 0 j a not, overworked, for, after he makes boholi )t. When royalty goes abroud in - _ . the Old World even its woulth and prcs lige can commend no such magical abundance of creature comforts us await tho Aaiericun sovereign citizen in whose a few potentiul atrip to Buffalo nnd buck, ho is allowed a "lay off" for thirty-six consecutive hours. When a meal is ordered on a dining cur a check must be given to tho cook, who deposits it in a box providod for the purpose. When tho bill is paid u dupli- cute check is depo.-ited by the stoward in a similar box. So, too, with tho wine caused by "the* "Western Union learning proved by her father for accepting the at- pockets jingle or reposo that the Associated Press is negotiating tontiona of a young mun. dollars. _ for a lease of tho Bell telephone wires. Two Americftn citizens were shot in , From the beneficent water coolor to the Tuo secretary of state Wednesday, re- Moxico for revolutionists, nnd the Amori- buffet was an easy and natural-gradation, room or buffott. and tho various ehecka coivedoi cablegram from Mr. Whitenouse, oun consul at Matamoras is going to Bee IU railroad coujd furnish Adam s ate to | must tally at tho end of the trip. It •he American charge d'nffnirs at Home, about it. stating that tho government of Italy has FATHEK CUBACK removed tho restrictions upon the i'i; uc \» 11 ; lie p.iest, baa bee: lion of swine products from tho United o..'for intoxication and disorderly con­ stat >E if accompanied by inspection cer- II a ruiiruuu euuiu IUIUJBI; /iimm a uiu w nil its patrons why not also provido other would boa very hard .„ . „.«n t, n ™n fuihn beverages and alight cold lunch foi such the company by collusion or ot '.nVre !reda7fSnein„ati us were willing to pay for those conven- w ino is broken becauso of thn . ^^,i?l^LT,nn' iencesV Accordingly, in ccrtuin curs little tion of the era the sealed n. tificntes. i'ho decree ngainst the importu- 1 tion of live swine is still in forco. FOREIGN. A "JACK TUB RIPPKII" nppears in Berlin, doing a horriblo piece nt work. TiiEHii were thirty cases of cholera at Damascus nnd ten deaths from the disease on the lOrh of Oct (jEoncih, LYON, wanted for forgery while employed by the Well-Fargo express company at Sacramento, has been arrested ut Charlotta, Mich. EARLY Saturday morning officer Kier- uiun found the bodies of two infants, apparently born nlivo, in a refuse box in the rear of 213 South Hnlsted street, Chicngo. E HALBEtiisTADT, general manager of tho New York life insuranco company who has been nccuaed by snuggeries wero fitted up and gradually improved, which carried cold joints, sardines, boiied eggs, baked beans, fruit and various delicacies, besides wines, beers, mineral waters and cigars. Nowadays there is a compact stove in nearly overy buffet to keep soups, meats, and coffee warm, but all the cooking is done before the car starts out, except, of course, tbo making of tea and coffee. Noxt came the hotel car, a combination of sleeper and dining cur, but the pop of New Mf xieOj NINIVTBKN lives were lost by a collision ^ork fimes of euibezzleraant of of two British vessels in the EngliBh *V; 00) ° hlls retained Robert G. Ingersoll in „L ',,,,1 a libel case ngamat that paper, channel. TnB threo men who robbed the Enter- As u result of two weokB nearly con- pr he National bank at La Grunge. Ore., tinuouB- ruin many of tho rivers ot hng- flomo woeks ag0) w „ ro arreated vVert-.ies- land ure out of their bankn. d RV nj^t, ^ roout ; r8 feC ured $3,500. WBSTKHN EunoPB has been swopt by DURING the reception to Governor Hill I " 0,,ru '" r " v ii-)iiig uumuir w ira -mis, flerco galea and muny ahipB have been nt Richmond, Vn., Tuesday nighi, pick- 'i r0 . ra a <}°™ n '? a couple ot score, and it is pockets relieved Senutor Voorhees of $700.1 ( ! ttl !y chMt,,r ' ,l l by private, purtics who Othor mombera of tho party lost smaller sums. matter to defraud herwite. If swaying mo- nocka ot tho bottles niu>t bo produced in evidence. If you htivn tho money and the inclinu- tian jou can charter a hotel car, take your friends along, biro a crow of from two to ten persona and travel at your leisure all over thn continent. Tho company will furnish the commiBanrint if desired. The cost of such n composite car for ten days or more, including alteivluuee, average about $40 par day. To this must ho added the cost of hauling, which, east of Chicago' and St. Louis, ia fixed ut a minimum of ularity of the servico soon displaced it for eighteen full drat clasa fares, and west of general traveling purposes, making way the.c points at a minimum of fifteen faros, for the dining car, which is a first-class Should you possess a very loog purso und restuurant on whoela and ia dovotod lo no «nnt to do thiugsi in the stylo befitting a olhcr function whatever. But the hotel modern Cios-iiis, you may pneuro a whole car still bus its own Bpeoial utility und train, consisting of dining car, ono or more vulue. It is built so us to provide bed und sleepers, an observation car, and it com- bonrd for a varying number of peraone, posite car, having a baggage compart- this coursei ot sermons, project 3Al/J.'OX liAKBOUmU. ~it L **\v «l ,Not Last Mora Than » Month. YOMA , A. T., Oct. 28.—A prominent engineor returned today from the crevasse which has been tbe source of the supply of the so-called Sal ton lake and says it iB almost oloaed, and by the time ot high water in the Colorado river ugain tlio desert winda will have it completely choked with sund, and ono month more and tlio lake will disappear. Van ot Knowledge Do not try to be a complete encyclopedia of all human knowledge, for you will never succeed; and, if you could succeed, you would only make an encyclopedia by spoiling a man. He who uses his knowledge, however little it may bo, t to a good purpose, iu far mere useful in tbe world than any walking dictionary could be, which contains much knowledge, but whoue Btroug binding and iron claspi 1 (factually prevents that knowledge from being any use to anybody, SU uame. la George P. Bernls, aud be ji -.8.1*0 a nephew of "Citizen" George Frauojs the abysms below.* But two Arabs th 0 'TOosTorthat~ei(fht^ feet taken Xratn, s**i4r «l»elpi|» dQWB,'i»fl twnAw** ,pf| by ar9hite,9ts to. fur«lsh stpnef of •*•' • to JwW >; Wybft°.l«. w*, were lowered, bujjW% la the -pitsr ^QaJro. <mm% The Vaual Sj>«*«h. Bilkins-"So, after courting that girl for ten years, you at last ggt up spunk enough to propose?" WJlkinu -t'tYeBj proposed .last night. , guess it'll be all right, ' "Eb? Pldtt'taffe-accept?" 1 "Not exactly, but I think the will." ' ."Whftt did she afty V 1 " < ' "< I VJtJe. W'«ojdoB."**»Naff York Weekly! wrecked on the seas TUB toriea are highly elated over tho numerous quarrels and dissensions which have arisen in the Irish party. BISMAIICK has unuouncod his intention to appear in tho reichstag and make a speech defending his policy. A VOTE for confidence in the ministry haa been passed by both houses of the Argentine congress by a largo majority. THE czar has given 3,000,000 rubles from his private nurse for theielief of the famine stricken peoplo of Russia. Turn London Standard's Bt, Petersburg correspondent says there are 20,000,000 Russians -vithout food. AN American vessel was wreoked on an island in the Caribbean sea, a mirage having caused the island to appear aa though twenty miles away, TUB government has given notice to bankers that no dealing with or through tbe house of Rothaohild will be permitted in Russia. Tnn Pekin government haa directed its ambassador at St. Petersburg to demand explanations from Russia for her encroachments upon the Pamir tenitory. TUB followers of the late Mr. Parnell in parliament have ohosen John K, Redmond aa their leader. Mr, Redmond is a candidate for Mr. Parnell'e Beat in parliament, TKB German imperial family have ordered some costly presents to be sent to the Prince of Wales on the occasion of his jubilee. Prince Henry will probably take the g'Jta to England. Tnn French cabinet will give its ap proval to the 20-frano duty on salted meats proposed by tbe obambor of, deputies, instead of tbe larger tariff proposed by the French senate, THH negotiation for a new commercial treaty between Germanj- and Belgium have been suspended, as Belgium ft not inolined to grant Germany's demand that German agricultural products bo allowed to enter Belgium free of duty, AT 'Mwoni, JfW»,. tb,e flood", under mlned^mewl Mte which * «tfw. The Grand Army of tho Republic, is un tinny indeed. Its actual net strength at the present time is 398,067, according to the report of the adjutunt-genoral, No 0110 can note without a pang the enlarging death-list, whioh lost year wai 5,47U, und has now crept up to 5.530. A rather surprising fact is that both Ohio and Pennsylvania havo more membors on the rolls than New York, despite Now York's on to u {ust PX pi ea „ train going any whore, necks, pluci ar larger number of soldiers in the ranks Rn( j y0ll cm 0iw t 0 jv ..| ay overf - wnor . ^ 1(im (jnod-by, all the timo exhorting: them of tho army during the war. In securing tho office of Commander-in-chief this year, ufter a long interval, New York state has obtained no more than it is entitled to, besides demonstrating the wisdom of uni'ing upon a single candidate when aii important prize is at stake. „MJUA bni'MwmfMced.« Pown, desire to arrange their own itinerary aud to travel with aa much privacy and seclusion aa if isolated in their own respective homes, Tourinta and theatrical peoplo contrive to keep the hotel cura busy the whole year r 'Und. Railroad presidents und many millionaires have their private hotel cifs just as tho average rich man has his yacht nn sea or lake. You can take yorr own chief and waiters along, or tho company will I supply whatever you may desire, Thon you can make arrangements to tio ment, smoking room, Bhopand bathroom. Verilv, wo want the best, have H.'"-N. Y. Herald. library, barber and we muat They improvo on tho rack and the thum-screw und other barbarous modes of extorting confessions from suppaseu criminals down in South Carolina, by 6ubsti tilting a m'ro refined method ot torture. The other day they took n woman and u man who had been convicted of murder, but about whoso guilt there remained some doubt, and bound them, led them to the scaffold, put tbe nooses around their ed them on the trap and bade ITS ACTS ALL BIGHT. Chargoa Against au Iowa In»uranc« Com. Z pany Unfounded, Sioux OITV , Oot. 27,— Under date of Oot. H, dispatobea were sent out irom Waterloo, la„ stating that the Life Indemnity & Investment company, of Sioux City, bad been ordeied by the court to refund certain assessments upon its mom ever you will. WHAT A DOLUAIt WILL BUY Finely printed menus are provided and for one dollar elaborate meals with costly viands, the best tbe markets afford, are served in line china and furnished silver. Children are fed at half rates, while tbe lucky train hands get their meals at tweny-five cents each. TUB COMMIBSAltlAT. He is proverbially a wise man who knows how to run a hotel, yet for obvioua reasons a still higher grade of exeoutive aud administrative capacity is required for the organization and management of the perpetually shifting hotels on wheels. They are here today and 500 miles away tomorrow. Nevertheless tbe watchful eye > .? m * of the steward always scrutinizes the help tbe ? and tbe larder. And it is ull done with I the precision of clockwork, On the New York Central railroad and bera and olaimed that were illegal. This was j mw take. The evidence showa that no illegal assessments were ever made by its branches the Waguer palace cars are the company. Every corporate act of toe U8(Jf i exclusively, reaching as far west as company was sustained ,by the court. It Chicago. On the other large linea in the is further shown that no receiver was ever United States, Canada and Mexioo, the asked for tbe Life Indemnity and Invest- p u iiman oars are operated. The whole ment co-npany nf Sionx Citv. continent is marked off into "uivisions," „ ao that thedining oar whioh makes a trip tome to Iter. w one direction today may return tomor- Ths terribly aggravates forst et tmissmia. r , 1Wi i< u0 headquarters of the Pullman which pnjrilotMs «A Uw eaatintst ei ••rep* service for this vicinity is at Waldo ave- deaig»stiM 'n »«rlpp », , 's *»mslotave*f »»»»4s mie, Jersey City, with Mr. Denbart In ptrmaasat lodgmsnt this sMs ths AlUntto, ft obarge, while the Wagner commissariat is mokes lt« nsppMrsaet as ssea s# the seel looated a mile above the Harlem river, weatlwr'frt* In.snd not t»fr #qMBUy«»rta» «hs with Harry W. Taylor at the helm. To wmtmm^\^&^£^ml desCTlbeeitheiUtodewrtiwboth. „ WS^SS^Smm^S^ 3 WelWs Should you happen to walk about half a fittSBWipil": mile north of the Mott Haven depot to ftS"wp& j^jQ, where the Now York Central and tho New iosrausRi York* New Haven tracks fork apart, you .DhnfiL "if» »oon %\nj to npjjloeline after Jim<$ '»u&'tf\Wt4»Tcaii*ti.Gi"9' priviXi o"» palace oars reaching up almost to Moh-qse. kiiii), apdu* wcsnselutHimunM ih «*a *cii( Sopresofmen ftfld women are busy wit)) BKlV'iiw, j »W «"t b|OQB» mi brush, clewiMg* dM* to confess, and then told them of u reprieve which bud boon in the pocket of a deputy for some hours, No confession was forced from these unfortunates, aud the governor finally commuted their sentence so that they will net again go through the agonies of death, as they must have done in those minutes on the scaffold. It is said that Gov. Tillman was a party to this brutality, which, if true, is the worst charge thut has ever been brought against this much-abused man. "It v;as heart failure," say the doctors, and they say it so often that we jut on our thinking nuda, Ono business man man after anothor falls out of sight, und when we ask what the trouble was the reply is pretly sure to be "heart failure!" A great deal or worry, u habit of constant hurry, keeping nt high tension year after year—that's what's tbo matter. We sloop with one oyo open, talk business in our dreams, swallow a whole meal—soup, entree, rotst nnd dessert—with one gulp, and then when wo hover over tho fifties Ihe heart gets disgusted at its treatment and eloBes up the concern, Ir Americans would take life wore easily aud more leisurely they might be joval and frolicsome at ninety. Hard on (lie Judge, Judge--"Have you anything to say before sentence is passed ?• Prisoner—"Nuthin', only I wouldn't be here if it wasn't fer ignorance of the law." - •,: Judgfh-"Yow Ignorance of. the law is nq exousB, ! Prisoner~ ,,, Tain't m } Iguoranoe 1 'rt- talkn about. It's yours * - Street *' Smith 's Good News. , * ~ COW'NBI SAVAOU . ot PuebJa', tUoppea deadjMotfduy Whll B

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