Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 22, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1898
Page 4
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To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account Snow About one youtifr woman In t<>n tinwn- dnyi) w o ti 1 d dare to run out bare headed and bare Imiul- cd Add frolic and snow ball In midwinter. They Imvc lo b« muffled up like hot house ,flowers before they drift; venture out In severe wenllier, and even then would shudder flt tlic tlioiifrlit of rollicking In the n no w as •* their grand- tnnthcm did. ' Tbe trouble Iie» In the fact tlmt too few tromen enjoy perfect hcBllh and Rtrcngtb of the upeclal womanly ornniilsm. A woman who is not well and strong: locally cannot enjoy good general health. IJr. I'icrce'g Favorite Prescription cures all weakness and disease of the delicate and Important organs concerned In wifchood and motherhood. It is the most perfect and scientific remedy ever devised for the peculiar ail- men Is of women. It restores womanly power, strength and virility. It tones and build) up the nerveswhlch have been shattered by suffering and disease. It corrects *11 irregularities and -' - rangements and •tops exhausting 1 drains. It restore* weak, nervous invalids to perfect health. It Is intended for this one clnss-of disorders and M good for no other. It is the discovery of Dr. R. V, Pierce, for thirty years chief consulting-physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, at lluffalo, N. Y. No other known medicine can take its place. 11 1 have been troubled with fcmnlc weakness that my physician called catarrh of the tvomli," writ** Ml»» Tean Conner, of Catfinli. Clarion Co., Pa. "I doctored for It and did not Rft better. At last I commenced taking Dr. Metre's Favorite Prescription. I got better rinht «long and when I had taken four bottles wns ciirrd. I recommended the '1'avorile Prescription ' to n friend of mine. She has been using It nncl thinks It U wonderful." Constipation Is a little illness tlmt if neglected: builds a big one. Dr. Pierce'B Pleasant Pellets cure constipation. One tittle "Pellet" is a jrcntlejaxatlve and two a mild cathartic. They never gripe. A HOTEL FOR \VOMKN. FIFTEEN CENT LODGING HOUSE TABLISHED IN CHICAGO. ES- tforcl l%x|iprfmi > n< Uhlrli In flr-lmc Trlnl liy (lie KnlvnUiin Arms-—r'trnn Mild <'tirn|t Slirllrr I-'or Tliom* \Vlio ttt-rtt It Mont. \ aooe Companies tt,?y anp lulls w loiiofloi ion* FOR SALE. The Dr. Hardy property corner 6th and Alby Its. Lot.iaOilM leaf with 2 dwellings. A 4-roOm dwelling on Easton street bet. 10th and Itth its. Lot 4Rxl20foct. Price »700. The residence ot Goo. Klrnoh on B«lle street; . Brooms and bath rooms In good repair. T&a 10-room resldenoo of 8. H. Nichols ot Langdon it. Lot 70x170 feet, A fine location. A fine 8-room dwelling (nearly new) with bulb roomj heated by furnace i in Mtddlofcown. Thaflnelotof David Doyle on Bluff street With 4-room brlok dwelling. The J, M. Tonsor homestead containing about <I aoreit fine 10 room dwenlngjfrult of Ml kind. , Some fine lot* on Bluff street with brlok paving and sewer; no grading, In T. L. Fouldiadd A fine 8-room brlok dwelling, heated with •team. Lot 120X120 feet: fine fruit; halt blook atom Henry etroet. S A desirable residence on Prospect itreet with "roomi. Heath with turnaoe. Lot DO feet on Proipeot itreet. A Ane property on thonorth side of Second Itreet, weit ot Langdon street. An 8-room dwelling with lot 120x120 feet; flno lult. One of tbo finest location In Middle Alton KA e-room dwelling with about 1U loref ot ground. Fine fruit and ihada trees, 1 blocks , (ran oar line In Upper Alton. , A floe lot on <th street. Several floe lota on Belle etroet between 16th and nth iti, A two story brlok itore and dwelling and s two atory brlok dwelling on same lot corner ot tad and vine iti. A good Investment. < One Iot» on <th itreet near Mr. Oaritang faaldADoe. Theflne double dwelling of Mr. R. Ousting, A HoiiiBWhnt nnvnl nxpprlmnnt in Im- liijj tried by tboSnlvntloii Army i/i Chl- onf?o. A I/i owit lodfiing tiotimi for \vii- nii'ii IIHH l)(!(in nHdilillRlind. Thorn linvo bonn women'n iiott'lc, IKIDKIH for work- Ing girln mid tithcr lilto iiintitiitloiiH CH- tohllflhod Ijcforn, but jirolinbly none that nvnr rcnchcd thn clns.s of women who orn nio.»t In iicoil of mich nhcKcr. Now Vork'« most wlrtoly ndviirtifrvd "homo for working fjirlB" in nnydiiiiK but (lint, Allhcm^h it pirafs nn n cluiri- (nlilo iiiBtltntiun, it jo ivully n iiofrl for fneliinnulilo woninii who look upon ohiiritnhlo workfl IIH n sort of fnd. Hut thn Ohicuyo woninn'H lodgiriK IIOUBO in just whnt it prctciulH to ho. For 10 cento it offorH to woman Bboltor for tho iilRht mid H clean bed. The honso la ciillod tho Minn hotel, nftor tho little dnnghtcr of Ocuinrnl nud Mrs. Booth Tnuknr, nnd IH iu chnrKo of Cnj)- tnin Olnrn Vim dnr Sohouw, an nnrnont nud oxporiouocd olllcnr iu tho Bnlvation Army. Tho hotel tnkos tip tho entire second floor of tho building. Them nro nino Bleaplng rooniR, with nmplo np«co for 40 eiuglo badH. Thoy nro ranged nlong n fipn«iouB hull running tho ontira length of tho building. In addition thorn is n private room for Captain Clnrn; ulso a largo druwing or rending room, whoro choice Htfirnturo IH to ho found in tho form of pwriodiciils, religions nnd HCOU- lar, nnd games for nmuBomout. Another room Is tot aside nnd neatly equipped with poroelitin bath nrid «iuk nnd running hot and cold wnter. Tbonso of tho bath ia free to tho lodge™. Immediately behind tho bathroom IH tbo kitoben, well equipped with rango nnd ntousila Somoof thoHlaoping rooms nro striall, allowing but tbruo bods. Tlio larger olios nuooininodiito from 4 to 12 bods. Tbo furniture Is plain, bat durable, and What Shall We Do? A fiprloua nod dangerous <1 incase prevails In this country, dangerous oi-cftUHP BO deceptive. It comeii onao slowly yot Burely thntlt IB often firmly nested boforo we nro aware of It. Tho name of this dlncaxe which may he divided Into three distinct ntngea la first, Kidney trouble, Indicated by jwln In the bnclr, rheumatism, Inm- lingo, frequent denire to urinate, often with n t/urnliiK «ennatlon, the flow of urine being eoplotin or scant wllli strong odor. If allownd to advance, this reaches the second stage, or Bladder trouble, with heavy pain In the abdomen low down between the naval and the water paHsnge, Increasing desire to urinate, with scalding sensation In panning, small quantities being passed with dl/Ilculty, nomollmofl necessary to draw It with Instrument!*. If uric acid or gravel his formed It will prove dangerous If neglected. The third stage is Bright's disease. There is comfort In knowing that Dr. Kilmer, the great kidney and bladder specialist, has discovered a remedy famous for Its marvelous cures of the most distressing casen and known as Dr. Kilmer's Hwamp Hoot. It Is aold by all druggists. As a proof of the wonderful virtues of thin great discovery, Swamp Root, a sample bottle and book o( valuable Information will be sent absolutely free by mail on application to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blngbamton, N. Y. When (writing kindly mention that you road this liberal offer in the THE JfEWS IN Bills of Same Denomination Resemble Each Other. to THE I'UJf OF Stl'KKT-VHV (i.UJK. 1 by itum with modern improvements ... JIT desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, Bella street, with all modern Improvements wile street* wun RII rauaeru uupruTBaiBum. The Piasa Foundry, everything complete] In- tiding 10 loUf switch conueotlon with C. A A. Alton Novelty Htg. Co, property on Id street, voludlnff I lota. 4 flneloti (a Highland Park, each TO by about feet. A six room dwelling on State itreet, Prloi 1.000* A food 8-room dwelling on Second street. fwo flue lota on Alby street: The double brlok dwelling, comer Third ano 4Iby streets, one of the iDest locations to Allot A foot 7-room dwelling! food lot and fln» A B«V ten room dwelling in Upper Alton, goo< Afood lotSOiloofeeton Eauton street. A good brlok dwelling with Itt lots ID Middletown. Convenient to motor Fine location, t ^n£afla.e>aaldeiioe of Albert Wade on Belle imi and finished attic, bait jtood oellar. Gas and water carriage house. Lot n feet front, or rent, other desirable property noi Iroombrlek dwelling on William street e, 1760, __» room dwelling with i good lots on Fifth t Met, eaat ot Ridge atreet. Price, (1.800. A good 8 room brlok dwelling with a lota on Ifaln atreet. A good 5 room dwelling with fine rlrervlr.w, heated by hot water. KOR RBNT, The two (lory brlok dwelling with 8 rooms,on Beuevlew avenue now occupied byJ, Moulton. A»-room dwelling on 8rd street with bath room with modern fixtures. New (tore room and two 4-room tenements with bath room) 2nd street near Cherry The L. J. Clawaon homestead In Upper Alton With 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied by Mr. Oeo. Lorls. Pm session glvon by July 1, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AQGM |ROOM 18, P. 0, BUILDING, VCR 8ALB4 . A Ine building lot MH45 on Liberty street between Grove and Franklin, for $600. • ^tore farm a miles kouth of Brighton, '"'" cultivation, one-half good pasture, A new two story brick modern dwelling noar *-—ner of Third and Oeorgo stroeU. -oom dwelling houso with largo lot on iftreeteoutE of Twelfth BtreiV, lone story frame dwelling No. 831 east •"--'. loir WOO, LotWxlfc. flood street i frame dwelling; house and another ->use, all on one Jot In good location own. Rente for 118 per month: ^•firjl-room residence on Stale street on r. [ tL°P S*V * trwt between the fig Foir R. K. tracks, suitable for —ufaoturlng purposes, « side of Alton street, bet, I double frame irstd"enoeTnaw and tl •Dents, sltustad on Fourth st. SWiflrfli ••« buildings nut mi SALVATION AHMY'8 LODGING 11OUBK F01! \VO- MRN. tho entire plaoo la kept scrupulously olonu. In ordur to do this tho Doors nro Horubbod nhuoHt dnily. In fnot, clonnli- uuss IR 0110 of tho cardinal virtues of the Army's crood. By tho eiclo of uaoh led is n looker for tho clothing aud portables of tho lodger. Iu addition, to bath privilogUH, tho lodgurs huvo tho nso of a room not apart exclusively for thorn for laundering their clothes. Thereof of tho roar building furnishes iimplo spnoe for hanging out their clothes to dry. Tula funtnro of tho hotel i» a groat nd- vuntuso, for tho reason that the small onrninHB of tho lodgors will not permit ot laundry expenses outside. Two religious serviooH u wook will be huld iu the reading room, which will accommodate iiuout CO persons. However, attendance uu tboso meetings will not ho compulsory by any moiiris, The sorvioa will ho Iu tho niituro of family prayers, Captain C'larii is an iiitarostiug ahnr- aotor, She hits been doing good work iu tho Salvation Army for nino years, all of which hnvo boon spent ill tho Chicago Bold, with tho exception of something over tliroo yours in Wisoonain, Indiana und Michigan towns, where she had chiirgo of corps, "In operating this lodging houso," said Captain Von dor Sohouw, "our purpaeo is not 1o nwko money out of It, but to furnish u clean house with sonio comforts lo poor working women who must 11 vo on mnull salaries. Wo want It to bo self supporting. There aro lodging houses in tho city which tuku women, but thorn is no attempt at oloun- liucss, and thu moral atmosphere is generally vllo. While wo give them 15 cent lodging, or $1 per week in case they want to stay permanently, wo shall also make tho social feature of tho hotel us honiDliko an possible and try to exert n good influence.. Thu patrmmgu BO fur received has boon very encouraging, uud wo feel that success will crown our oll'orU to do good in many wnys. "As HOOD as tho business justifies it, which time I holiovo Is not fur distant, wo shall get it larger place, so ua to tut- tend tho work. This is our Jfo-st attempt nt establishing a woman's lodging house in Obiiiugo. Tim locution mukoi tho hotel oatily uooossihlo, lining within wiilk- JDK distance to tho bnslm'HS district ot tho city. Tliis in itmlf has its advantage in saving car fitro to tho lodgers. Wu will not uttuiiipt to fund our lodgers lit protKitit, but later on w« will iidd that featuro, fiiniisliliiK tireukfust uud nuppur itt nn additional cost to cover the outlay iuourral. Our rules are not rigid und we uiimn to help all women." MAKY Robbed taeOrave A startling Incident of which Mr. John Oliver, of Phtlldelphla, was the subject. U narrated by him as follows: "I was in a most dreadful condition. My skin wai almost yellow. «yea sunken, tongue coated, pain continually to back and sides, no appetite gradually growing weaker day by day. Three physicians had given me up. FortuwUtoly.a Wend advised trying ''Bleotrlo BUters," and to my great Joy and nurprlie, tbe nrat bottle mado a.decidedImprovement. I continued their uje for three weekgs|and am now - W«U tarn, I know they aaved wy Flr»t I>«<|K,I Under Ilin New Syntnlil IB fur tho Ni'w (Inn Uollur Mllver O«rtlllviite> unit tlui NulpH Will Soon lie Si-nt Out— Mii<:h Whllii 1'upi.r Will lie Slinwu mill Tln-ri' Will 111' >'i> Mara J'rlnlliiK Tlmn In AbHoliili'Iy 3v"|.|. i f.#»ary. WuMlilriKton, Nov. 22.-—Secretary ot the Treasury Oago long ago decided to have all lillla of Uui Hamp denomination fiavu a ouniinon rpstinhliinee. That la. he wIslicK the $.1 ullver certlilcalf, the $n United Ktatcs note and the $5 Sherman trcsiHury note to look us umchulllo' as they ri.finonu.bly limy. The llrsl of the denial's under Ihc new system la for the $1 silver certlllciitf. The notes will socin lie out. Clearness, simplicity and lirotertlon against (.'ounterfeltlnK have been the i-eniiltH chlelly aimed at. The new design Is less artistic than s.ime of the present silver eer.tltlvatus. UONCl'IpllOII (,f tllU Notl'. The central device on the fane of the note IH nn American eagle with wings partly spread, clutching thu tins, and with the dome of the capltol In the background. Helow the platform upon which the eagle stands are small por- trulls of Lincoln and Grant set In medallions. Large and clear figures are In each corner of the note und on the Hides. The spuce but ween the central (It-vice nml I he lathe work at the ends Is clear white paper, except for the Imprint of the Dual In one spate and the denomination of tin; note In another. The seal upon the silver certtlleates will be In blue and the llguie in the open space will be in the same Inlt. The ine- clmnleal work and the technical llnlsh of tho engravings are superior to anything ever before issued from the bureau of engraving and printing, aluati Wlilto 1'npnr Sliown. The reverse side of the note corresponds to the face in respect to the large display of white paper without printing or lathe work. Large, plain Ilguivs appear In each corner and scrolls make up an attractive border, but the only remaning sluice upon which print. Ing* appears la In the center, where thp usual language regarding the qualities of the Hole as a lender for public dues Is set forth. The object of a clear display of white paper on both sides of the note Is t.i afford a safeguard against countei-feiting. H has been found by experts that It Is easier to detect the use of paper without the usual silk threads, where It Is not covered with printing. The device for the silver cer- clflcateH Is substantially the same as (hat which will lie used for other forms of paper money. How DIH'ciTiircm Are Imllcnloil. The difference between a silver certificate, a United States note and a Sherman treasury note of any denomination will be Indicated by (he wording and by the color of the seal. The latter distinction will serve the purpose of bunk clerks, who have to separate tho notes by classes. The ordinary citizen, who cares only for the denomination of the note und not especially for the law under which It Is Issued, will tlnd hereafter that he has to deal with only live forms of notes In the denominations from tl to $M, where he formerly had to deal with fifteen different forms If he handled silver certificates, United Stales notes and Tlev. Dr. Kiine. rector of ChrlKt rlmrrh, Belfast, ami gninrl muster, uf the HHfnKt (iriiiiKcinen, died from a Rt I'nKc uf apoplexy. Ily the explosion of a locomotive on the ('hlenRo and 'Krte rtiMruiid. near JhmtltiKtun. [nd.. David l.lttle. llretnun, was hilled and thire other trulnn'ien were Injured, W. W. Mn him. one of the fUcnograph- cts n.tlachcd (o (he I'nlted States evn- <-iintl(in corniiiiHslun nt fliivnna, died of pneiminnl.'i. Dr. W. V. Whylc hn« liecn nripGlnted n meinlier uf (lie H'lw ./nsln biinrd ot hnnllh in nncxei-d the Inte Dr. K. H. Hoileiilus uf ModlKon. John Sti-fiineln WJIH s)ii)l nnd Itllled nnd John Vedureo mortally \vounded at Cleveland, ().. by Ham ("arr, R colored nmn from North Carolina. The Forum club uf St. l.uuls has compiled n n address to President McKln- ley asking him to recommend to fun- <!ress such legislation as will do away with the massacre of negroes In the south. While nunll limiting C'.erald K. Van Huren, a prorniiif'tit business nian of Lansing, Mich., was accidentally hilled. The Alabama senate has passed a resolution Inviting ('resident McKlnley to visit the statii capital Pec. 17. The Sixth Virginia negro regiment IH under arrest at Macon, (!a., for having Indulged In a riot. The men threaten further (rouble when released from the guardhouse. Judge J(. U. Wallace has been appointed receiver of the 1'ontlae (Ills.) Water, Light and Power company. Professor Huron has bequeathed to the city of Herlln the sum of -170.000 marks to found nn cdiiratlonal Institution for children, in which they are to be reared on a strictly vegetarian diet. Two girls, aged 15 and 17. are under arrest at Oshkosh, \Vls., charged with kidnaping their brotlrer. They are Kate and Orphla Landig. T. A. Hnuxhnrst, a£ent nt Havana of the Pan-American Kxpress company of Hrooklyn. attempted suicide by cutting his throat. His condition Is serious. Fire destroyed H. 13. Daley's livery barn at Webster City, la. It Is feared that a, hostler was burned to death. Jotuva Komuru, who succeeds Torn Hoshl as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of Japan to the United States, has reached Washington. Charles McCurley killed his brother- in-law, Fred Scruggs, near Mon-lstown, Tenn., ending ft land feud of years. The Flgnro deelitfeB that Spain will give In because she Is powerless. Harvard defeated Yale In the football game — 17 to 0. Jl Perfect InfantFood^ Gail Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Nilk A PERFECT SUBSTITUTE Fort MOTHERS MILK. FOR tt> VfeARS THE LEADING BRAND, S *- "INFANT HCALTHsiHrFRK. N.Y. (jNoiKSto MILK (Ji. HEW row WAR SOCIETY'S HEAD. itt of (he So much depends upon the purity of the blood that by taking Hood's Sarseparilla many different diseases are cured. Mr. N. N. Osburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lame bacfc. He was persuaded to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It gave him relief in one night. This remedy is also famous for Its cares of rheumatism. For sale by B. Marsh and S H. Wyss. How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks with colic and pains In my stomach caused by biliousness and had to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's Oollo, Cholera and DIarrhroa Remedy, which cured me. I have since recommended it to a good many people.—Mrs. P. Butler, Fairbaven, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as soon as the first symptoms appear. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the nrw food drink called GHAIN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. The more Graln-O yon give the children the more health you distribute through their systems. Orain-O Is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about one- half as much. All grocers sell it. 15o and 25o. A Queer (?) Mecilcme. Tbnre Is a medicine whose proprietors do uot claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient, or that it IB a cure-all. This honest medicine only claims to cure certain diseases, and that its Ingredients are recognized by the most skilled physicians as being the best for Kidney and Bladder diseases. It is Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Major Cnitiiilii'll, I'renlile Anierlcnn Army I.onirne, One of the nowefit of tho military or- gnui'/.atious to bo formed as an outgrowth of tho Simnisli-Americau war is tho American Army league, which recently oame into existence nt Columbus, O. Whether or not it will ho tho great organization by wliiliUalltho war societies will eventually be absorbed or whether it will iu time be amalgamated with the others under some new uauia and thus lose UN identity in n problem. The Bohomo of its promoters is to make it the now Grand Army of tho Republic. There already exists the Society ol tho Santiago and other associations ol veterans ore in process of formation. The American Army league starts ofl vigorously. At the first meeting Majoi Robert Campbell of Georgetown, O., n*HiMf to i:hnngi> the Nnrne. Atlanta. Hit. Nov. '1'i. —The committee In ehni'se i.f the Atlanta pence Jubilee, for which Dec. 14 anil ir> have been ne- leetrd. ban rcrelveil u telegram from the president rt'titu F.UIIK them to chatiKethc-. name of Hie celebration from pence Jubilee to a deniniisiration over "Our Victorious Arms." The telegram glveg an the reason for the chiiiige the ' uncertain <mtrmne /if the l^irlfl confefence nnd Hie exigencies which may arise." I'Yll fritm n Trnln. Cheyenne, Wy., Nov. 22. —Kmniett r.onel(K, a young man of this city, fell from a I'nlon 1'aelfle train about 10:30 at nlRlit neur Horlo station, and one of his leps was cut off by the wheels. He lay ueslda the track all rilRht with the temperature near ztro and wns found about C o'clock In the morning 1 . }T e died soon afterward. Doulli HcsiiltB from Footlmll. ChlciiRo, Nov. 22.— The desire of 11- yonr-old James Morrow to become a football player cost the little fellow ills life. The boy IB dead at the home of his parents, 6B48 Hermitage avenue, after an Illness of two weeks, brought on by Iti* roURh handling he received during a boyish football scrimmage, Cotton Mill OiKTiitiira 1 Strike. AtiKU8ta,C!a.,Nov. 22.—Three thousand operatives In the cotton mills here have struck on account of a reduction In wages. 17rpytna Glvm jtlorf} Mount. Paris, Nov. 22.—-The government, according to The Temps, has ordered a modification of the prison treatment of ex-Captain Dreyfus, He Is to be allowed to promenade and exercise six hours ft day over an area of eight acres. It Is still unknown whether Dreyfus will be brought back and the most conflicting statements are current. Found uiioonnclallK on tho Track. Mount Pleasant, la., Nov. 22.—Thomas McCord. son of ex-Congressman McCord. of Full-Held, was found unconscious near lt;ine early In the morning, lie was brought hen-, where he now lies In a critical condition. It Is supposed he fell from a. train. There are no bruises on his body. Ex-Congressman McCord'*ivus sent for immediately and Is with the sufferer. Stop An A|i|ii<i<!liilil« AdviinlHice. Tlii- itilvitiitiitrc of this unification of the currency will be grciu In the case of IIITWIIIH lianiilliiK- nuiiiey In lai'KU iiiiiounln. In the cam; uf perooiis of defective vision anil In the case uf who cannot rend nnd wrlle and rely on the general it|>l>i<ariinee of a note to determine Us denomination. The intt'T china will hci-eafler he uhlc to Identify a ?l note by the devices, whether It Is ismicd under the le^n 1 tender act, the Kherinaii law or the Hl«nd law. Tho denlKiis fur the hiithcr denominiitlons of t nii(i'H are In the coin-He of |>n-imnUl.m «l lli<> liureiiii of enirravlntr and iit-lnt- liiK. SiciTtni-v (l««t>, AsHlHtant Secre- lai-.v Vanderl||> mill Trea-iiirer HuhertH have exnmliieil iiml a|ij>ruve<l all the new design*. Remarkable Ueicue. Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plulntleld, III., IIIUKOB the statomeut that she caught cold, wlilcli settled oil tier lutiga, ahe was tre»ted for a montb by her family physician, but grew worse. He told her she was n helpless victim of oommmptlou and no medicine could cure nor. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Oon- Huuiptlon; she bought a bottle and to her delight found herself beneUleo from the dm dose, She continued Its UHO and after taking six bottles, foind Ijoreelfeouud and well, now does her own bougowork and la as well an »he ever wan. 1-Voe trial bottles of tbic Great DlBOovery at B. Marea's drag store, large bottles 60o and »l. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley'a Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Inflammation Rheumatism Cured in 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., says: "My wife had inflammatory rheumatism in every muaqle and joint, her suffering was terrible and her body and face were swollen almost beyond recognition; had been In bed for six weeks and bad eight physicians, but received no benefit nntll she tried the Mystic Cure for rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she was able to walk about in three days. I am sure it saved her Mfe." Sold by H. We Chamberlain, Druggist, Alton. When You TaKe Cold nothing comes in so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell'a Plne-Tar-Houey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 26c at up- ta-dato drugstores. MAJOR KOBEKT CAMPDELL. was ohoseu president. Major Campbell was born on a farm near Oailislo in Brown county, O., in 1854. In 1879 he was admitted to the practice of law aud is at present engaged iu tho practice of bis chosen profession at Georgetown, being associated with Hon. 0. A. White. In 1888 be was elected captain of Company G, Thirteenth regiment, O. K. G., and in 1894, in tbo reorganization of tbo regiments, %vus elected major of tbe Third regiment. Because of his well known and recognized ability and proficiency iu military tactics, he was in 180S appointed a member of tbe state board of eiamiuers, commissioned to inquire into tbe efficiency of officers elected by (be various companies and rogimouta. Constant Coughing Constant coughing is not only very annoying, but the continuous hacking nnd irritation will soon attack and injure the delicate lining of tbe throat nnd air passages. A simple cough is bad enough; but a chronic cough Is really dangerous. Take advice and use the celebrated Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup at once and be cured. Dr.Bull's Cough Syrup Cures a Cough or Cold at onoe. Doses arc small nilif pltasniit to take. Doctor* recommend It. 1-tice 35 eta. Al all druggists. litfg Stomacbs andl3oweis of EtomotesDlfeslion.Checrful- messandJteSt.Contalns neither (Snum.'Morphine nor Mineral. MOT NARCOTIC. . Aperfccinemcdy for Constipation, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and Loss OF SLEEP. TflcSimile Signature of G&tffZtiZfr. *TEW YORK. For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of The Kind Have Always Bought, CASTORIA THE CENTAUR COMPANY,/4EWVOMK OITV. ; uphill?. The quickest nnd Mireht *y is to take Mr. Hell'H 1-Mnu-Tur- »!ioy. A guarnnU'fcil coii^b riiMt* ^ y, wholly i'nliUouU'other.s—belter; 53 rls uirei.'tlj on tho mueons muni- ^} raut'H, bwil.s the Jung; 1 ' mid rowplrii-*a i lory o Tirana uud invigorates the w " whole system. *$| DR. SELL'S I* i-Tar IButlingtoni Route • BEST TRAINS J^^-TggarT^Mg-SgSi TO |Nebraska,Monlana,Puget$oun[' n contains tho eoncentrulud healing ' virtues ol' old and ^^ ~* ^ triedmcdk'lMuitigeuttt, 9- exlrurttnl by a Jiew KOlvnilili! process. !i5c, and MADE; JVJE A MAIM AJAX TABLETS POSITIVELY ODBE 4 LL ffervoiu /Jbeafef—Failtiiff Mem orr. Iiopotann. I Bliwule*8ne««, ate., caused bjAlmnouiido'har KJixsMM and IndU. crotftouA. Th»v yuicMjf and mvrrllt restore Loit Vttaliu lo oltt or young, «u? tit a man fnrntmly.bualnous or murrlane — -j — --- FreTent luaunltr und Qon«amptlon H ._lenin time. Tholr uw shows imnudlata a«ut ana offnats a CURB wbero all others list UIHIU liavlng thn Benalnu AJax Tablets. bAVe luired thoaauatty and irlll ruru joa. Wo (MwlttvV written Bimruntee to effect tt care In e or .tilnna Ch« taoaej. frlau 00 uents per p «l> uMkxM (fall trw,tm«atl tot tl.lK Sj {-••in. Bf<w'i»r. tsjoa i-ecilyi ;,t Kitt. ttJIVU Fo ralale by E U eh and S. H. Wyu. Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Art letter li Pmk ul 5«ll Mull u< Urd, Mil MM lutinr tl Suture. S5» BAST 9ECONO - • ALTON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Alto belt at T«»« and Cblneie Noveltlm ci hind. ALTON TIME CARD Chicago & Alton. On »nd after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows: a For Peorla—*8:47a m, «10:05p m. 624 East Second at. 306 State at S Dr. VVUiliiDiK' Indlua flic Olntmaiit will cure UllnU, _ - DUimdlue aud Itching • twl'llc!;. linbsorbs tho tumors, • • allays tbe itching at ouct*, acts ••uaajpoulilce, Rives Instant re• llcf. Dr. Williams'Imllnn Pile. Olnt- • mont IB prepared tor Piles and Itch- Ing of tho private purls. Every box la wurramail. Ily drueglstn, by mall on re- eelpt ot price. 60 cunts and if LOO. WILLIAMS •--"—--» 1.0 Prooa. Oloveland.yhToT U. S. MXON, Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate aril Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. , •Dally. tExcopt Sunday. I See joint C. & A. and Big Four time table tor tralna between Alton and Bt. Louis. | WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Office 107 We«t Second Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. . and robbed UIA ar»ve of another iW».» Wo one aCoutd Ml to try ahouW fail to try per Kjttle at B. W*^ (urfw. Dr. B. Dolchon'i Anil-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 6100 If you have a child who nolle bedding from Incontinence of water daring Bleep. Oures old aud youug alike. It arrests the trouble at ouoe. 11. Sold by 8. U. Wyss, DruggUt, 663 Second st.-eet, Alton. III. You Can't Alford to A heavy cold may lead to piieuuio ula or ooDBUjujptlon. Foloy's Hooey nod Tar taken hi time affords perleol •oonrlty from sorlona renulu, Bold by B. Marab and 8. H. Hear, S Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can care them all. It fa a ouro for the whole world of stomach weakness and Indigestion. Tho cure begins with the flrRt dose. The relief It brings In marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your cure Is certain under the uae of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Bold by S. H, Wyes. ~~t Witt the Spoti When suffering from a severe cold and your throat and lungs feel sore, take a dose off" 'iFoley'i Honey and Tar, when _ the soreness will be at once w relieved, a warm, graloful 1 (feeling aud healing of tbe parts affected will be experienced and you will say: "H feola so good. Ic bite the spot " It Is guaranteed. Bold by B. Marsh and 8, H. Wy»s. CASTORIA For lo&nti aad Children. m Kind You Have Alwafi Bought Bmr* tit* Bgutwtof HENRY J. KLUNK, \t~httect, and Superintendent Plane] and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICE-.OVEil \LTOM 34VtK33 BANK aradnat. Offlo, c.n.onfl BIS foor Joint leTDiiie oi Trains Between Alton & St. Louis. LT. Alton For St. Louis. Ar, 6t. L Ly 8t L U 8 708am For Alton 74linY.......:Blg C /on A r'^ n ... ».24pn> Ar Altin . • 810p... ISiiii:?iiSili!l COR .THIRD AND PIA8A STB , ALTON ILI lor lubU«, am*t»m»n onb T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map§ Profiles and Bitlmat« Purnidhed. 309 B«lle Street, Up Stairs. C. C. C. & St. L.-B.(f Pour. Granitoid Paving Co. W. & H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street - Alton, III. Burlington Route. Taphorn PHYSICIANS AND SUKQEON8. OKKIcE in M'Pike Butldm*;. Cor. »nd and Baaion ate. Pbonea 138 _ and 171. HOMBOPATHIST and SURGEON OrrJCJtUKD RKfl'DINCK. KOTBL Tclsvbnn* Ida B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. orriOB Houw): t u«».mi u to i, < to i P. TBLBPHONB 87. [)K. C, S. ROHLAND, DENTIST, IIV. THOU) MIT THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND rut _ PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS • AND—FREE RECLINING KATYCHAIBCAftt DINING STATIONS Bu^Sr" 0 BV THt SUPERIOR MEAL8, ^ FIFTY James Parker, «n , Floo ^"S'A Wort: Bldewalks, ring, e»o. 1 !* 1 •Pf * don* Work: and the betlguall' ' sr^.%% P w,«n d °*'" ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Ml BBLLB STRBBT. Money to Lota oa Improved Proprnt RKNTS OOLLBCTBD, Lesro Alton 660am Q 710am 800am 1006am )8 80pm Utiptn 2 U pm 4 46 pm 428pm 01 706pm W Leave St. L, 741am 8 21 am 1020am 11 Mam 800pm 600pm 061 pm 760pm (Suburban service) Arrive St. Sunday only Dally ei-Sun Daily ex-Sun Dally n * DsJly ex-Suit Dally ox-8un Dally en-Sun 8 6g am 11 00 am 128pm 140pm 845pm 640pm 620piu 8 U p-rt Arrive Altoa. BMtm Q tiStm 11 15am 12 45 pm S6»pm 88»pn: Chas A. Strittmatter Mercbint Tailor. 7*4 BAST 0BCOND ATREBT QwUMMB who tni«eut« Ant-olim, u TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At MODERATE PRICES, You aro UrlMi to Mil u< m»U* n t NEW STOCK OP GOODS St. L. Through «enr!oe. K. ft N. W. Denm C, B. A. Q. ( R)d g, , t . Station) Agent St.! Bt, LoiHB-Peorla Line IBt. L, C. *8t,P. R f ,, -'SST^ > 'W»pm BxueptBuo •Dally, tB*-8un. (Sun only; 6:67 pm

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