Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1972 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1972
Page 21
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City Hooded Residents in Seoul, South Korea use a losses estimated up to $6.5 million. More rowboat to navigate flooded streets than 325,000 people were reported home- alter the heaviest rains in 47 years took less. (AP Wirephoto) at least 353 livas over the weekend with /'— Protesters try to disrupt $500-a-plate GOP gala By TERRY RYAN MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Police and protesters got acquainted across a line of nightsticks on the eve of the Republican National Convention as demonstrators capped a day of street action with an attempted disruption of a GOP gaal. Sunday was, however, clearly a day of preparation for both sides. Only a fraction of the assembled protestors and a small band of police pai 1 - ticipated in Sunday's main event. Most of the 4,000 demon- 81 r a t o r s remained in Flamingo Park wttlle the 1,000 National Guard troops and 2,500 Army paratroopers stood by in their encampments, but were never called. A n "Honor America" parade and a "dishonor Amerika" rally occupied attention earlier Sunday. So did a marijuana smoke-in, an anti-Nixon rock opera and the bodily ejection from the park of a contingent from the American Nazi Party. But the day's only real confrontation came at nightfall, when some 350 members of the Students for a Democratic Society marched in front of the plush Fontainebleau Hotel just as party faithful were gathering for a $500-a-plate gala. President Nixon's wife and daughters — guests of honor — already wore inside. Chanting "keep the rich out," the demonstrators burned an American flag, locked arms at the hotel entrances and harangued and jostled dinner guests arriving in tuxedoes and formal gowns. About 200 helmeted state troopers stood shoulder-to- shoulder in front of the hotel as early arrivals elbowed their way through the jeering protesters. After an hour, the troopers moved slowly forward and forced the demonstrators away from the premises. The demonstrators gave ground, pounding on roofs and hoods of cars as they retreated. Then, proclaiming victory, they began the two- mile southbound trek back to Flamingo Park. Police reported no arrests and no injuries. The only casualties apparently were egg splattered dinner jackets, scuffed satin slippers and torn ball gowns. This was the first time at either of the two conventions that nonparticipahts had been caught up in a confrontation between police and demonstrators. The police had held fast in their ranks despite the urging of bystanders to intervene. "We waited until they were assaulting people and could wait no longer," said Police Chief Rocky Pomerance. "Our approach was to protect people, not hurt anyone, not arrest anyone." "Those people are going to have a little indigestion tonight," said Joe Martin, an organizer with SDS's Miami Collective. "We made our point. We were not intimidated by the cops. We've got three days and have to build." Some 200 members of the Miami Gay Activist Alliance, a group supporting equal rights for homosexuals, conducted the most peaceful protest of the day. Carrying candles, the-y walked on the sidewalks to Convention Hall, sat briefly in a demonstration area in front of it, then returned without incident to the campsite. The "Honor America" parade, organized by a local political candidate, wound through the streets in 95- degree heat with few participants and fewer spectators. The "Dishonor Amerika " rally, organized by the Zippie faction of the Youth International Party (Yippies), ended with 400 persons marching the six blocks from the park to Convention Hall. A bottle of urine was poured on "objects of honky American culture" — a can of deodorant, brassieres, computer cards and an American flag. Contingents of fatigue-clad Vietnam Veterans against the War arrived by car and on foot throughout the day, ending what they called "the last patrol." One batch of VVAWs halted in front of the Doral Hotel, headquarters for the Committee to Re-elect the President. The vets executed a left face, then broke toy M16 rifles over their knees. Descendants of Mormon founder hold reunion NAUVOO, 111. (AP) — Descendants of Joseph Smith Sr., father of the founder and prophet of two Latter-day Saints religions, long separated because of con, flicting religious views, have agreed to meet again next August. Between 200-250 descendants participated in a weekend meeting here in what members called a strictly Brokers expect surge of small investor interest By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Easiness Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - As the over-the-counter market for securities becomes more organized, and as price quotations on relativtly small companies become widely disseminated, many brokers expect a surge of small investor Interest. Prices of shares In these companies, which are not listed on any central exchange but instead have been traded by telephone, are now being widely broadcast through a central reporting service. The quotation service, called NASDAQ for its founder, the National Association o f Securities Dealers, permits a broker to receive almost instantly the latest price and the name of the broker making a market at that price. One eventual result, it is said, will be to open an entire new world for thousands of small investors who, to varying degrees, have become disaffected with the market. A small investor, as some over-the-counter dealers like to point out, can have little impact on the price of a blue ANNOUNCEMENTS Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, August 21,1972 B-7 Legal — 24 Legal 1 first taste of politics His Nixon bat cocked at a rakish an^ie. Page Evans, it, revels in the attention he's getting in Miami lii'.ich as the son of Thomas fOvans Jr., CD -chairman of the Kepublican National Commiitee. (Ai' Wisophoto) chip company and just as little Influence in its affairs. And he can get battered by the institutions. These Institutions, such as mutual funds, pension fund and bank trust, get larger and larger—and, of course, more influential in determining stock prices. Moreover, they tend to run in herds, often battering prices. As quotations for more and more small companies are made available via NASDAQ, small investors are exptcted to seek more action in that market, to some extent leaving the institutions to play among themselves. Small investors will, in other words, be inclined to hide where the big investors can't bother them. Big investors today are so enormous that often they must invest in multiples of millions. Small companies, therefore, offer them no outlet. Eventually, said one over- the-counter broker, there will be distinct markets, one made up of giant investors for giant companies, the other of pygmy investors in pygmy companies. Gallup poll gives Nixon big lead PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) President Nixon has a 26 point lead over Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern, according to the latest Gallup Poll. Nixon leads McGovern by 57 to 31 per cent. The poll was taken Aug. 4 through Aug. 6. beginning the weekend Sargent Shriver was named by McGovern as his choice to replace Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton as his vice presidential candidate. It shows a one per cent decline in McGovern's popularity from the previous poll, conducted after Eagleton disclosed that he had suffered from depression and had received shock treatments, but before he resigned the nomination. The previous poll showed Nixon leading by 57 to 32 per cent, indicating that voters lost to McGovern apparently did not switch to Nixon but rather to the "don't know" category. The latest poll shows McGovern has lost a total of six percentage points since a survey taken immediately after the Democratic convention, when Nixon led by 56 to 37 per cent. family reunion, having nothing to do with church business. W. Wallace Smith of Independence, Mo., of Latter-day Saints, said Sunday that it was agreed to have another reunion next year, probably Aug. 17-18. H e said there was discussion, but no agreement, on having biannual meetings and a reunion committee was established to investigate all possibilities. "It gave us a chance to meet some of the descendants of Joseph Smith we didn't know and renew acquain- tences with others we did,'' Smith said. The son of Joseph Smith Sr., Joseph Smith Jr. .'s recognized as prophet and founder by both the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), and the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saii.ts (KLI)S). Many of the descendants of the senior Smith joined the Mormon journey to Utah where they have held high positions in the Mormon religion. Two have been president. The founder's direct descendants joined the RLDS church which is headquartered in Independence. Employe aid plan CHICAGO (AP) - Formation of a new program to assist workers with alcohol and drug problems has been announced by International Harvester Co. and the United Aulo Workers I'nion. Under (lie joint company- union plan revealed Sunday any worker who accepts diagnosis and follows a presented treatment schedule may keep his job us Urn" as he demonstrates "satisfactory progress in eliminating his job-related problems." li.W. Halts, an Intel-national Harvester vice president, and Pal Kivathouse, a l.'AW vice president, said the new policy U an outgrowth of discussions d u r i n g earlier contract iii'.UDtialions b e 1 w e e n the company and the union. Pat Nixon boosts Republican women By FRANCES LEWINE MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Wearing red, white and aqua, First Lady Pat Nixon today boosted the candidacies of GOP women, declaring, "This time we're going to elect them. Right?" Mrs. Nixon saluted the women at a breakfast for about 250 women given by the National Federation of Republican Women. Accompanied by her two daughters, the First Lady told the gathering that she admires women who run for political office. The President's wife, on a round of social activities, described her arrival Sunday as a long day that ended with at late $500-a-plate dinner gala. But she said it was ail "very exciting and that keeps me going." She conceded in response to a question that there wasn't much suspense at the GOP convention, but said there was "happiness in meeting old friends." David Eisenhower, last of the family except for the President to arrive, was due here this morning. Notice 1s hereby given that an order .dated 7 August 1972 has boen Issued by the undersigned authorizing the (lame of the gas screw LINDA CLAIRE official number 532309 owned by Thomas B and Lois N. Tucker d/b/a Tom Tucker Auto Co. of whloh St. Louis Mo. Is the il?"L c .f" n to bo changed to PRET11-PAM. John .1. Scott, Documentation Officer by direction, officer In charge. Marine Inspection Port of St. Louis, Mo Legal 494(1 — 21 STATE OF ILLINOIS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS For Work to be Constructed Under The Illinois Highway Code 1. TfME AND I'LACR OF OPENING BIDS. Sealed proposals for the Improvement of the thoroughfare fs) described herein will be received at the office of the Council of City of Alton, Madison County, Illinois, until 11:00 o'clock A.M., August 30, 1972 and at that time publicly opened and rend. 2. DESCRIPTION OF WORK, fa) The proposed Improvement is officially known ns 1972 Contract Main entrance Thermo -plastic Pavement Markings located on various streets as subsequently Indicated. (b) The proposed improvement consists of Installation of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings at various locations as indicated on Inserted listing. 3. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS, fa) Plans and proposal forms may be obtained from the Municipal Clerk or Municipal Engineer. (b) All proposals must be accompanied by a bank cashier's check, bank draft, or certified check for not less than ten (10) per cent of the amount of the bid, or as provided in Article 102.09 of the "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction," prepared by the Department of Public Works and Buildings of the State of Illinois. 4. REJECTION OF BIDS. The Council reserves the right to reject any or all proposals as provided In Article 102.08 of the "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction," prepared by the Department of Public Works and Buildings of the State of Illinois. By order of The Council of City of Alton Legal 4S48—Aug. 21, 28, 1972 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS LIBERTY STREET RELIEF SEWER CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS Separate sealed bids for the construction of Relief Sewer In the City of Alton, Illinois will be received by the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Alton, at the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 101 E. Third Street, Alton, Illinois, until 2:00 p.m. C.D.T., September 7, 1972, and then publicly opened and read aloud. The Information for Bidders, Plans, and Specifications, may be examined and obtained at the Office of Department of Public Works and Buildings, City Hall, Alton, Illinois. The owner reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. No bidder may withdraw his bid within sixty (60) days after the actual date of the opening thereof. By Order of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois. Legal 4949 — Aug. 21 28, Sept. 5 CLAIM NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MADISON COUNTY. PROBATE DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CLAUDE SEXTON WOOTEN, DECEASED. No. 72-P-341 Notice is given of the death of the above. Date Letters Were Issued: August 17, 1972. Executor: E. R. Woolen of 2407 Broadway, Hannibal. Mo. 63401. Attorney: James E. Gary of 118B Broadway, Hannibal, Missouri 63401. Claims against the estate may be filed in the office of the Circuit Court, Probate Division, County Courthouse In Edwardsvllle, Illinois, within 7 months from date of issuance of letters; and any claim not so filed Is barred as to the estate Inventoried within that period. Also, copies of claims must be mailed or delivered to the executor and to the aU ° rney wiLLARD V. PORTELL Clerk of the Circuit Court. Legal 4921 — Aug. 7 14 21, 1972 NOTICE OF ANNUAL SHAREHOLDERS MEETING CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION The annual Shareholders meeting of the Citizens Savings and Loan Association of East Alton, Illinois, will be held in the office of the Association, 700 Berkshire, East Alton, Illinois on Monday, August 28, 1972 at 8:00 P.M. The purpose . of this meeting Is to elect six directors and to transact any other business that might come before the Shareholders at tins meeting . Let's Dance Answer to Prtviout Punt* ACROSS 1 Virginia—— 5 Lindy • 8 Formal school dance 12 Sea caqlc 13 Historical period 34''Buckeye State" 15 Wooden pfns 16 Hastened 17 Not bright 18 Mount-sin neai :ient Troy 32 Inland (Fr.) 33 Gibbon 34 Post ' 36Ria 39 Hole 40 Be indebted 43 Autogiros (coll.) 45 Individual 46 Spikenard (Sp.) 48 HiRh (music) •19 Clod 51 Card game 53 Military cap 211,150 (Roman) 22 Dominant African race 24 Governmental group (ab.) 25 Public conveyance 26 Treaty ereup (ah.) 2fi Kind of tide 30 Acted 31 Feminine name letter 58 Totals DOWN 1 Kidney enzyme 2 Eats away 3 Hire 4 Masculine nickname Mohammed 5 Wife of Zeus 34 Colonial 6 Papalcapn dance 7 Sudden fear 35 In time 8 Seed (music) container 37 Obliterated 9 Cuban dance 38 Ranp bcU 10 Lubricant slowly container 39 Fast Bohe- 11 Gun-toting mian danca women 41 Viennese 1913th-century dance dance- 42 Irregular (Fr.var.) 44 Paces 20 Spanish dance 47 Narcotics 23 Circle (slanR) diameters 50 Contagious 27 Poem chicken 29 Ahead of time disease 31 Son-in-law of 52 Isaiah (ab.) (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) ANNOUNCEMENTS Card of Thanks 2 2 — 21 The family of AUDLEY ANDERSON, would like to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to all our friends and neighbors who were so kind during our recent bereavement. A special thanks to the sisters and nurses of St. Joseph Hospital, The American Legion, Rev. Jorden. organist and singer, Staten Funeral Home and all who sent food, flowers or assisted in any way. The Anderson and Dopuch Families • CARD OF THANKS THE FAMILY OF CLARA E. MOUSER wishes to express our thanks to friends, neighbors and relatives who were so thoughtful and kind during our recent bereavement. A very special thanks to Rev. Estel Mouser, Mrs. Gary Beasley, Arlene Beasley, Darlene Beasley, Marks Mortuary, Ward Funeral Home, pallbearers, and all who sent food, flowers, and helped in any and every way. Rummage & Garage Sales 8 — 21 GARAGE SALE—August 21 and 22. South of 140, on Melody Lane, Meadowbrook. Porta-crib, stroller, car seat, little girl's dresses, ladies' clothing. Formals. 9 to 5. YARD SALE—August 22 & 23. 9-3 p.m. Clothing and miscellaneous items. 1206 Central Ave., Alton. NO PRE-SALES. i — 21 GARAGE SALE — Clean-up sale. Items drastically reduced from previous sale. August 22, Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 4. TO!) Fairway Dr., Country Aire Subdivision, Bethalto. Monuments—Cem. Lots 6 6 — 21 BARGAIN HUNTING? — This Is it! 5 choice cemetery lots !n Valhallt-a, plus space for headstone. Section one at Valhalla, $1050 value for $750 462-4744 after 6 p.m. Signed Oliver W. Fraley President Dorothy Carolyn Wood Secretary-Treasurer LEGAL 4954 — Aug. 21, 28 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Scaled proposals for the Improvement of the thoroughfare described herein will be received at the office of the Village Clerk, Village Hall, Briahton, Illinois, until 7:00 P.M.. C D.T on September 5, 1972, and at that time publicly opened and read. The proposed improvement is officially known as Margaret Street Improvement, and is located in Section 18. Brighton Township, Illinois and begins at Station 0 -i- 70 on Margaret Street and extends Northward to Station 2 -r 00. a total distance of 130 feet, of which 130 feet (0.02462 miles) are to be improved. The proposed improvement consists of Special Excavation, Aggregate Base Course, Bituminous Con- crele Surface Course. Combination Curb and Gutter Removal and Replacement, Plans and proposal forms may be obtained from the Village Water Department, Village Hull. Brighton, Illinois upon deposit of $10.00 which will be refunded on return of plans and documents within five days 01 the bid opening. All proposals must be accompanied by u bank cashier's eheek. bank draft, or certified cheek for not less than ten ilOi per cent of the amount of ihe bid. or as provided in Article 102.0!) of the ••Struul- arcl Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction", prepared by the Department of Public Works and BuildiiiBS of the Slate of Illinois The Village Board reserves ihe rlghl to reieci any or all proposals us provided in Article 102 OS of ihe "Standuid .Specifications for Road and Hridge fon-ti uclioii" by ihe Department of 1'uhlie Works and Buildings of the Slate of Illinois. Hy order of the Villaue Board of Brighton, Illinois Personals 7 — TF DEAR JOHN: Buy me that new home in Huntlngton Park and I'll come back. Call Bill at 466-1544. STATE REALTY. 7 — TF Mon.-Wed.-Frl. SERIOUSLY, FOLKS—We have the Finest Selection of Mobile Homes in the Midwest Storeyland Mobile Homes. 7 — 14 21 28 SUPPORT YOUR HOME, NOT YOUR LANDLORD Let us show you how easy it Is to turn rent money into a home of your own. DIAL 466-6500 ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT. JUN CONSTRUCTION CO. Happy Ads 7A 7—19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICK! From Mom, Marlon. Wanda, Buel Tammy, Tina, George and Lewis. 7A — 21 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD. Love. Pain, Patti. Larry, Max "A — 21 ANNOUNCEMENTS YARD SALE — 560 Prospect, Wood River. Tuesday & Wednesday. Good winter clothes, sizes 7-14, miscellaneous, i — 21 : :ARPORT SALE — ROII away bed, Chevrolet wheels, clothing & misc itc-ms. Tues. & Wed., 0 a.m. to 7 p.m., 517 Wood River Ave., Wood River. 8 — 23 3ARAGE SALE—August 23 and 24, 9 to B p.m. Play pen, stroller, air conditioners, baby clothes, boys and women's, size 0 to 12, and men's clothing. No pre-sales. 801 Bellevlew, Bethalto. One block north of Lutheran Oaurch. S — 23 LARGE GARAGE SALE — Mon. & Tues., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Clothing & misc. items. One mile east of Humbert Rd. on Bethany Rd., Godfrey. 8 — 23 GARAGE SALE—Rock maple window table, like new. Chairs, electric hot plate, other furniture. Some antiques, bottles, very nice clothing. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. No. 1 Mimosa Dr., Ivy Heights, East Alton. 8 — 21 PATIO SALE — Tuesday and Wednesday. Aug. 22, 23, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Old bottles, dishes, wigs, has- sinett, clothing, marble top table and lots more. Corner of Maurice & Birch, one block off Alby. ——— GARAGE SALE sign with each advertisement placed In Alton Evening Telegraph. Pickup at Classified Desk. 8 — 21 2-FAM1LY YARD SALE—Household Items, boy's & adult's clothing. Bottles and glassware, bed-rails & many miscellaneous items. 9 to 4 Tues. & Wed., Aug. 15 & 16. 1047 Rhondell. Rosewood Heights, off Route III. above Sav-Mart. Ph. 259-3645. ! _ 22 FRONT PORCH SALE — 90" sofa, air conditioner, tape player, bicycles, office desk, portable TV, swing set good clothing, exerciser belt. Avon, miscellaneous. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 a.m. until dark. Corner State and Manning, Wood River. Societies and Lodges 9 CATHY ANN day to one of the bea DAVIS—Happy birth- utirul people. Bernard. Lois & Ernie. WELCOME HOME — Tiling now. off Highpockets. around here Quadmplcgic Jack Darre, 27, lias been almost totally paralyzed in his arms anil legs shire ue !iroke his uet-k in an automobile aeeiilent seven yei>rs a&o. Next month, he'l! graduate from Ottcrbehi College \vith a degree in business administration. Duere, an orphnn since he \vas one year old. says his bigj-.ust problem now is gelling other people to aeeejit him as they would anyone else. "1'eople (end to slay auay Irom you it you've got a handicap," be says. (.\1 J vtircphoto) Card of Thanks VHE l-'AMIl.Y of Oi.ule would like to express ihe tli.inkb mill i relatives, fneiul-. neinh C'n.sno sincere all tlu-'i 1 ho !umr,iage & Garage Sales 8 l.AKAlU; SAL!::—Women's jj^es S- 10, school elothin^. ~>-7. Men's exil- ian and Aiiny cloiliin-*. '1\'. 7uO (1th, Wood Kiyer. Tuesday. s — r, BASKMDNT S.-U.K—Tools. furniture glassware, appliances, misc. 0 to S. Tuesday thru Saturday. n>4 South Kndners Ave.. Alton. S — 1^1 tiAUAiil-". SAL.I" — Tuesday. All;; 2'1. S til '.' I'lirls I'liithmg. boys elolhin^. wonii-n s clotiiin;.:. curtains, odds and ends. Come to Jll' Norwood. Rosewood (U-i^hts. WOOD RIVER LODGE NO. 1062. Al '.VAM—Mun., AUK. 21. Practice 7 n m Visiting brethren welcome. HAHOl.n N. SliNlUCRLAND, W.M. liAKAHF. SAL1-. — 'l\', exeivise licit, eleetiical appliances, men's and women's cloihiiiK .leweli-y, nu->-'us IS W. \VnodUm.i ti.p. bast- of :ith St. I till) Rosewood Height*. Tuesday, \Vnlno.-id.iy August 22nd. _'3rd. 1 M RENTALS RENTALS^ iNOCO Service Station For Lease Elm & Alby Streets, Alton Phone 465-2551 Days 466-4354 Nights were so kinii durnu: then n-ient bi/ie.iveinem. A -.i>r-> in. ink.-. i<> Hey. Win l-'inii, Marks Mortuary pallbearers and nr;:.niist. blast Al ton I'nlue and file department All thnse who sent i!;. \UTS. t'ood, or who assisted in any was 1 . BUSINESS SERVICE" Sears In Downtown Alton S1C1XS AM) INS1AI l-S Complete lleaiins; and Cenlrul Air Systems Kuot's und Aluminum SiUlu^ C'unipK-U' Kileiien, Sturm Windows & Dutiis G;m*£<,' Uuorb & Openers l-unce and (iulieriiii; Water lleuiei 1 . Power llumlililiur* i'h. 4lif> r,r>ll Fur l''i(i:iC I'Mimatfs No Obligation t "f^ <"* •^'^^ Apartmersts for Leate NEW MANAGEMENT M55 T LAFAYETTE SQUARE -,"..',..,,,,.,,, .. ; 135, ! •.!: • . ,i|>.-".n.: i.i'.niL'j und s:iMM".' ••'.!! :: il .v,.'.::-'n.M-_' pi.ol 2 II i- : . ..p::> I '.':•': K .!'< I ' ' !' Ml IC'-.l '• Ciill Kcsiihiit Miin:iKi>r — ; i!l 1: ' l:1 UNIVERSITY GARDENS !-.l:i S!. i I I ..;i.) ..' l>L-,l:i" .;i 5197 " ' ,,,! i.-.M, u-. A-,.',..„;,:, . U/ ' l :•'; ; ' . ' r !'. . ••:'icnl • i u ,r. — .in- • •. ' Cull H.-sidi'iit ManuKi-r — ^;,!i-:(,.;.:; WOOD RIVER GARDENS fi i'., ! .il ' . i ' • . : i ' • r •• -. 'It '!•'•• "ii-'l inn-, fk .U !iu ::. M'. • \- , :"i"fir>! I . ( i. It. '. Call Kt'aiili'iil Muii;iL;i'r — ';."> i - 1 jj.s '* WALTER HALE REALTY : tui ll.-l

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