Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 16, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1927
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1'-'G VOLUME XXX. V T 6R I No., 98. I VP DIRE^TW IN SHORTPERlbl) iho Wrtkly Ur>KlKler. Knlal.IJHhed City Directory , I.-' i A_ With Ne\t^ Features to ie Here By Middle of Year; Representative ; In'loia. lola will have » ni ti)ry by the .raiddlo o it will he published & Co.. national dire f,>w city dire<-[- llie year an pjy n. L. I'ol tory publish] vrs. This firm whosb main office^ iirc located in Oetrni , Mioli.. is on oi" (he foremast directory j)iiblislier-i ill «he world. R. L. Polk & Co.. lilivc^ lli.u interests of the 11 CO.. who fprmeriy siderable number of Kansas. Oklahoma a Kdwin D. ' Morriscii age Direttoi- Bsueil u con directories i lid .Missouri, represenlai ' tive of the publjshors arrived iii : lola this morning linj. liminary canvass ofi district, which is thtj wards compiling a new director} .Mr. .MorrjiJOn attt-nti day Itincheoi) of th Omniorce and gave of t!i«? plan of the after which a motio Hnd _carried that the with the up9rovHl ot Mr. Morrison statf directory will conta| frraturcs which will improvement over' t published the Pii ed the noon Chamber oi I brief outliii Rcw direcforV was mad •nliTprisi- me AnionB tin; the fa'rniers their po.stoffi Hi route nulnilmrs. the means <if ftirnl.'; .chants ati cJii-ellcnt that they c:in com laiBe mail order really have iii organiz ious postofrices States. The Polk from Maine the Atlantic publishers fniti^d States Cham mercc. the Associatei the world ajnd the tlioHo preseiUj. 1 thai tlv; loli n ihany ne%f be a' (li'ciile le directorie JKc j Company (iients will lit county witii •s .si 'S tind riir This will li line th" merj iiuiliii,^ list .s( 1 ifte Willi 111' uses 'wlin a I stVi and kfc; them checked up IhijiiiiKh IIH - va iniprovf in Ailc ce addr 1.-1 these I to the I are North Amerilcan piractory iPiihlish •MS. and it is thrpu bership ill tl is asso( enHbled to a lveriti.«c hyl placing 4 copy \ rp(Jtory in ihe 'lihr rics mhcrs nif C6nnhlerce througi larJKeii cities! Stjjtta and Canada. .Mr. .Morrison's, ch pr< Itminury work- thp support aval la 1> tisers. This is ;the rr\enue,and makes ' of the directory pn jnien will he sent hrjij inihce comiJiling t bofik. "lola is in need Baid Mr. Morrisijn al. "Our experiem there is a suftiiiei^tl population in an KUf ;h as lola appeajrj I 'ssitate the publi directory, cveryl twjn| "In the largcii i i men demand flic ( new directory everji' the case in Ka:nsii uiul Topeka.'' POULTRY M INCO™TY make a pre the busincsK first step to .T r Sorrow Slayer the Tniteij lition extend to ; Mexico and froni acific and the menJliers | of lh<? jier of Com I Ad. ,Clubh\ol Ussociiition 01 h th^ir'lmem alion )la n (lify ;fr(t iitiOiiall)) arLthoilola Dt of in thd thd Jout the Cnited In I'reii/ted vrUii tner Ihe death 4)1' hl« lii>v I'niiii diphtheria, Friiiilt CiiruMi (iibnw) slew fir. ('iiN|H-r .S. rifiidola. the iiflrnd' inir piijslciiin.^al Ithmlilyn. \. Y. **it t>as thut poiMin he put into niy s<in*s jirni." Caru'io de- eliired. referrintr to ji livnoder- iiifc adiiri'nivfemt hy the doctor. Ciiru'^n, iihOM>, Me)i|)oii uiis a lieitclii^ kiiiit'e. iwis <nilckli '«ir- rVsU'i iinil is ^nid hy Ihe police to hine ciinie>i«icd. DOWNFALL OF 1$ NEARLY FACT Capital of Chekian imperiled by M ' Defeat in Bat .un Southern Front. Feb. l(i. (A P 14 t objrict in Ihi^ to |iscprtan; from adver •,hie£ sloutce o the piililishin isiblo, I Severaj Klater to com data for tbf^ f a directoryt* pon his arrivf tells; us tha;t change in thh jip-to-date cit^' In be to ne' ing of a ne%- years. s thejbiisin''^ iliipilafion of Ji vcar. City,! XI ens A. C, H^>rl«'^^ J. II. McAdains. trjmiin from K.iS. ilncled a succnsHfii (ni (;s In the coniKj liej here sipain Krh • ft)!- a KcrleM of n^iri ibngK on Ici din iiniri reat-inc of \y.i\\ ' ' •' ••• phWpH of pniilliy . diifciissed. Meetings have 4)|( ^ follows; 'Yiday. y.-b. Is V. Kitzsiiiniionsi. ( i. \V. McFarland. ^Il S tl.. III.. Humboldt !;:|tuid:iy. iKeb. Ip m. Frank Barth. of tola. VMILY NK.HT AT THElU.B. |>ast night's at I bilfgest .since the liiitcd Ilrrthren family night and thj? seating pi'WS. The Charle.v of fanhi .Such i Wichili tETiN(;s SOOM on poll I iwh 'o cot) (if meet ly. wll iiary and inj icks. Otln lAisincHs' will hi WORK TODAY Coimmi^sijnner Explains Bu.sihcss Affairs of , i(jla at C. of C. Luncheon at 'Portland. . iMilldwiiiK an ••xiil ;iii :il !on 'by \K. I). .M'lrri.-ion iViiri -scnlaiivc of the Polk' I)ir<;'cti)r.v ('(inipany of tli<; city directory to be |)iil)li.'<li<'il for loia this I Slimmer, and iin<iiiimoiis en <liirseiiil ;n( of nieniiiers present. .Shanghai, downfall- of llaiicluiw, v; Cliekiaiig i>roviiiec and c post of .Vlarshal Sun Cliujji^ is Iminineiil as (he result defeat suffered by his (ifoc the soutUein battle front. ,malicii of a report that tij ot M.irshal!Sun, ilefeiider cif liai. had befln pushed ha civ onrtishing Southern arnivj w| ceivci! here |oda!>'. liK oni'ng reports failed I loar the details of .the su.i iin'pxpecied' turn of evei Operetta At Junior "Windmills of Holland" HM (|asl Numbering l^lighly— clara Brown IsfDireciine Production Which Has Excellent MMical Numbers. | The by the lo week wh staged in the autUtorium of th^ ('iahi Urown. assistant mu- .sical siiperVi.sor b.f the lolii schools. -The I has heea working, on tliis 0|>eretta tal of, for several weeks and every Indi- f out-' " "-Fang, major ps on 'oiifir- jt roups fJhang- ly the as re­ make n and , The Canloiiesi; Iforces dvidently ^Ijiltered pi;riiiae ,an (la : through to iidnns Jinil adopteil other '^"iiiiinr to 'those usivl at fvi .November, bringing j ."VJ; .s'liii (in ili«| verge ot com(»Ie lapse and causing him tollc only Kiukiang hut the whole of Sun's actlcs ikiaiig lirshul e col- ise not in Kiaiigsu and Kiangsi iiri>v It: Was believed that Siiii'ti cduimunicatioiis. whicll a Jew days ago streiched <iiiit| the 1 Ti ^ieii^ang river fnjni CIKHV to Cliiiidw. had been: cij .siul.leii thrust. Tli (leni.^ral P .ii l';ii>-.SIiaii, coiiii of SNII'S Irooiis in the isn fr/>nl. is (d )Hciire. but there .son 'K) lic ^ieve they eil-liVr been cut off from the maip fi .Marshal I by .1 i positi(|n (•!! Iiander It hern s refi have no "or liavii gone over to the Ca'tijtone.s<; rank.'-. I Ut^liablb foreigii news sfiuries \-> jiorlcd' Carilonese troops i • already liad appeared in>-Giiy!inglisi>n, Is miles soiithwcsl i)f llangihov. and .:U Cliukilisien, Yenchow and Tung- es. until along llan- i;aJIon points '<n the expectation that It vvill he a first class production. The operetta would b<i distinctly classed as "light." but it contains' .spme excellent music and ihould he: highly entertaining. Mis .-J jrbwn pi-e!dicts that those who s Brow.- , hear it w II be surpri.sed at the "prof.'ssiorijar' mantw-r in which the very youth ul members of the cast carry out f leir parts- Although betweep 'ls( venty and eighty peo Jo nrft incJ idcd In the entire proi action, there are only eight peopln in the ca.Ht of principal, charac ers. These I arc I.,ijci|c Canatsey. Hatljryn ("oxi .Jack Griffin, Frank fJe'nsnn. f>ila Grace )ne biff public event which is to be piit ohthis year a junior high .school take.s place Fridaly n ght of [this ;n the operetta, "Windmills of Holland," wil be ' • 0 j|unior high school buildiiig. Siiahson. Dolphe j Hendricks. frhere will be a dr<lss rehf Tlfnrsday afternoon j for the kra'ie Ncliool children, hui w fion at 8:15 Fridaiy nikht of wi ek in the auditorium of tht io- high school. TicietB ar<» Finniiee. ('oiiiniissii)ner lleeo.v ad- dn S.SCMI tiieCliiiiiiber of ('(iiniiier noon-day lunclienn. Mr. completci his* started at la.-jt week'.s;meeting on the subject of the biidness affairs of the cRy. Tlie hijii points of his address wore the d|>finitions of tbi* special di;ti<?s d< vbhed by law upon the mayor a idj each of the commis- sii)riei\s, 'l1})(; niayor i.-; charged with supervision of the pidiie force, fire.anilj liealtli ileji .-irlniejilK. the enror'-om'i .iit of ilic <ity ordinances aild tiie i pi'ojier care of public parks, it is the duly <i( aVinauie commiKsjoiier to iirepare the an- niial biidi ;e |t. to collect all revenues due tile cily and lo have general jiirisdictiiin iri' its financial affairs.' The utilities comniissioner has charge of the piitdii- utilities and general, i superilili'iideiiee of tlie slieels "and. alleys, 1 Mr. Ilf(ci;ix ioi>ortefl that inuring the yea'r Jitlii; the <iiy soli^ in round mim'liers' f;i.2,tiiii) wiivtli of gas, ••f2It,(|i.i (r 'd svrilcr ami $: I |.O IMI worth iif elei -l! icily .\n inleici illg I'ai-l is 'hat tiuise aiiioii'its range fri'im $111,1)110 tli $:!O.Miii) .1 .vear iiioie than ten ve .-irsi ago. Tin- eonimissioiier calb'd aljliiiitiiiii iil>'o lo the fad that the leb'ctric current furnished without charge III ihc ciiy for street lightiir,; .^11 a moll III In MEXICAN OIL COMPANIES tip at th' Will.. • piiniV' n arranged :«s :!::!'• a. in., iieva; :! p. r^ irinaton 'Iwi A. Id a. ni.. biirg: l .-.'io ve miles we REVIVA id other imrtio.' w<.iil I [tl .'i .omi ii yejjr if cliart:ed r;iii ol two leiiis per kilo- The water pliiiii liisl year I ill '.d 'tii .ooii K-ill 'ins;' of vva- ,-|ler.aiid the gas plant, handled :;iu,- i>i((»,oiH» of 'Mil- gratifying an- nolliieciiicnt w ;is rna'li- that the bonded itifleblediie.s.s tif lh<- city is now tinlv 'i$lt;.iioii. anil that-il will ail be |ial (l off by \VM). i The liiiKtheon today the first I that has fieei! .served under lb.-- kVIN —the enioc, tcpbrt. r am- raeri- etro- anies. part- ment of industry ,aml com^nefce per- .Mcxii'o l^ity. I'>b. Ifi. ( ,, ii /istri<t eoiiri at Villa Ciiah j, . „ i dispatches fri>m Tampicb i . 'rihas granted definite writs ( paro to the Mexican Ciilf can International, .Mexican leum, and Huastcca oil contii These amparos restrain the dj from cancelling the drillinc mits of the companies undir the terras of the new pctrolcumi TWO OIL COMPAN laws. ES ASK CONCESSIONS Washii^iton. Fcb.^lfi" (AP) four of the more than iwo| .•\nieri<;aiis owuiiig oil lAli Is in .Mi-xico have applied for ci nfirm- atory con^e.-i-sions, under tie petroleum laws" of Mexico, tb> senate was informed today by Secretary- Kellogg. These ar^i the Penn MexicaVi Fuel Company, the Texas Petroleio .ind Asphalt Company, the Kast C^nst till Company and the new Kjigland i<:uel f)il Company. -Only score MANURGED WITH BURNING OWN BUILDING Gilbert Haymon(i Arrested on Charge of Starit- ing Mystery ^iras Last Weelt I**icar Salina. Kalina. Kan.. Feb. li; lAI'l -1:11- tjert ilayinonil: who willi bis two sisters oi^'lis the farm! nine miles northeast of Wilson on which the large houKe, barns and;other buildings were destroyed by a series of fires last! wet^k. was (ormally arrested onja charge <if arson in the third degree at Lincoln late last night; I I The warrant was swor<i to by Deputy Fire .Marsliaf I.ytle and followed iin investigation al Ihc farm and jap innuisitiob at {..incoln which lasted until !) o'clock loiit night. . i The hearing was In-jilnd ciostd doors anii Sheriff C. jV. Peacock, I^incoln c|innfy. refused today . to divulge any of the tiistimony except to .sdy that one .of the four guards en^ployeii at t le llaymond home after the .second ire liad, seen and- recoghlzed liaymdnd at the place Jfhlursday night when Ihe third fire |of th'. series destroyed r fielding and Anna Rum.sify. ^11 go up OD thel finished prbduc this jun- , °" .saJe at the: .J. V. .Slerctiant Jejvelry St ire and may br] reserved there any time after four o'clock ! .this af ernoon. .\s this 'is Ihe jonly event of a piblic nature which s put <n by th junior'high school during the enjlire year, it is eariiestly })a\>in\ th an re. Adijlt tickets are thirt ceils and: student lii?keti» tw five cents. arsal the ci good atlend- -flve lenty- Har- rta ESTIMONY IN RAUD In Midst of Joking, Si^i Ofi Trouble Appear! V Tien I lanton Does 5fot Li te Remarks Vlembclr. AVa.-ihlngton. gressi outlet i>iy flj prize |)nal. fis todav iij ting to senators and when on th4 house ened ^o take In i^e mids| sion of tho ne^ ins Want wresiriPd witll comm or th; FeilHral h-h. IR. inent rested in the (Miller, trial at AMK lOon. • management new jirop' hotel, i and' dance was I lie jipening of I jcjiurch. It w|s as featured by ies in separate k family from d Mr, IViirker. ;the •ielor of the Portland lie general exincssioti | wa^i «hat there was nothing what-1 eVer the imatler with the "eats." .Mr. Barker was intro.iluccd to those present but modestly 'refrained fn-m-.making a speech. NINETY-ONE DEAp IN EARTHQUAKE Itelnnule. .iiigo *.SIiirin. r'eb. I«, t-A tJrrii 'lr enrthiii sike dpninllshed '-<> hoiisex nnd V lied !>! iMTKOils at I.Jiihin.ip, Hcpe- goTlnii j-eslcrdny, thp f||iHk<* . ocriirrlns lii thi> .Kiinir rrtlon ax tliat oi'Sundaj. K small rher In flip afffrled : areji di'Sappenred due to a eliange iiiHie earth's s1r.ita. I'esti'niiiy's shocks ai'ik-tt^d much file same area uh hnxe of Sunday of which Inron plete reports III (laiiiairp and n sual> ties ttiiis far hare beei re- ceiird. i I THE WEATHER KELLOGG PLAN REFUSED IN CHINA Shangh.-ii. - Feb. K.. • (AP)--The proposal i|if .Secretary Kellogg for exemiiling: Shaiighai from Ihe war \\>H .KA>S.VS: Sonipwlia S-ali>m neigtiborhojnp was the'larp-j "'ea ly.lwritl Minn .-.ii.iMmi... M.fiM <.i< i I. ,,„,„_.. im 017 rtperees- t in Ijle present struggle he-! f ^^t-^J^'^'^^^,' tied tonight and Thursday: ly nariher tonight extroinfl north «ost portion. For Idia and VIrlnltj : So|iirtvhnt unsettled toiilfrbt and Thnrs lay; no derided elianse in toniiiehi^iirp. Temperature—Highest ye stcrday, TO, at :i p. ni.; lowest las night. }."». at 6 SI. m.: normal for 10 lay. SS; excess .vesterday. 17; excei s *in <-D lis'date .est; family. I writh present. Kleven (Dliver fami'ly, .t>|) attended the servi ,The Hev.; a (Id »-ith his wife] Tonight hai; beet Sunday sch )ol niilj night as hiiph sch] vclve menihWrs I lonibers of liie tween Norjth and South China came ; i last year, ^highest, .56: 4". Precipitation for the 24 TROOP •ilN I ^. :MANYi AUTO TAGS INS lOL I state officers <i tional. (lu'ard ,ar'' inspection <>f Tn aJr.v. Captiin "Hiilvey. .N. Christ^ oir .the rcgitlar lUiarters at'Oska William K. Hen kvalry are Itt The property dt the horses and (ipeiti'd tUlB afietianon. Tonight :!p Inspection cf e|-Troop wilj ji iij jlqulpmentjof • • fnippcted/ At III linder thi- leidership of C; in tiiltsou wiir li to niiiightl todily when officials off . • _ . j.. , t ;;,;.^thChesln(.l .iKK .nbi;. jiiovime declined Uo ac-! ^P''"??. ' ^P^^^\-f: iinspl- slight- hours. Olio, ;cept it. designated f. and Thuriii d night. ECTION IN COUNTY NOW asj 1 ; ' ; Cofiiity Trc.isurer Wilson reports par lowners .ipplying for liiens-! ^ Uacs in a'manner such as to-insure TONIGHT! few prosecutions if. the rate of ^for this year to date. 1.4ii: riefi- j ciency since .laiiuary 1st, UiTl inch, i Relative humidity at Xl ni)on yes- J terday...i9 per cent; V'a. m. today. 7:! iper cent: barometer relluced to se.-i level.: 20.75 inches. j Weather and Roads. .Ml clear except Emporia. Coffeyville. ISalinu. "partly cl.oudt; Pittsburg partly cloudy, itoadslsott ex- the Kansas lola today '.V 114th Cil I jtlaily applicjiiions keeps np. ijrtny with he:i o la., and C) don of tho 1141 ti-pe. the armory a V- I iJll j fill. h 1 itiahles were he personnel a (e place, iich membi'r «j er infipection RADIO CONTROL IS UP IN SENATE NOW ; Washington. Feb H'.. ^(API The radio eonirol-iblll wa-i brought up late Kiduy in the senati'. (ttl'XTY At;K>T <» U<;AM/,KS HOYS ANJ» tait.J.N I'Ll'HS e {<tH ,ged." Ar^isj County; .Xgeiit itoy Cwlii left this ill 'i morning for Colony and from thei:e ai will lio to'Haiid where he sxppcts p-{to get aiij interest worked up in "a lio)s' and!girls' calf club. cept ' Kmporia. Arkansajs rough: iiutchinson, Wichlt (Ol.tVRADO MAN (JETS HIS "City. . good. ««H,K SCAKI' BOUMY 18^ PAID BY AI/L£.\ (KH '.>TY HKKE .MAHKIAIiiK LICENSIj . Mcense; was ' Issued by Probate .liidgeSmhh yesterday for t le marriage of William Repolin Colo., a lid .Mary Oliva Joh Morau. Ilaymon the two lake barns anil part ot the ! '^T^^ Va^Ienr^ dc wdtajiix. iri obtain- chicken hjuse. | i iiii the fmpottj^ded aM ^U. Tfie "fee" I was relea.'i set for February 2S. (Ifflcers'said today 1 ley were iin- alde to ascribe 'any mitive for the bnrnini; o^ the biiildin :s. The llay- monds an said to ha»enwticd the place, which was a vi liiublc farni. in full, wl lie insiiranc • amounts to' less lllan one-fourth rf the loss. In the irsi fire, wl ich the dep- iily lire n arshals say originated in the panlrj. llaymond. who has very poor eycK ght, was barely able to save his is blind, f lime he H ed on $1.<M )0 wo sisters, one of whom oin Kiiffocatipn, the hoiis< having fililed with, sriibke iiy ;the Attempt to Involve Harry |S. Daugherty Featuribs New York Hearing Today-^Brother On Stand. ('our»,t New York. (AIM i riie govern- jDaiigherly- this afltjr-; f-'ederai <!V>urt, iN^enf York, Feb. 16 /API—Testimony show 1 that Ulcrty bonds trace 1 jto Harry M. f); iig/jerty; former "attorney gen- eril. were given hiulas payments on fnnd.s advanced in y>oliliral matters was given toda^; at the Daugb- cr y-.Miller trial. ' ' ' . JJaugherty and Thomas W. Mil- leij, fornjer alien property cu dod- Mft aro charged |wi<jh defrsi liiag thi governmeiit of tl^eir best services in connection w^ith the tians-' ferof $7,000,000 ofi impounded as- seja of the |vmcricjiij Metal Com- Xitmy. Prftvipn.s tostibony sbbwed thk late Johri T: KinPf then Repub- liijan nnlionqi cotninijtceman jfrom Ciinnecticut,'was •jjai,d. a "fee" of Of le orderly proccisses of the "prohosal was presen ODiniiss n ot T ttee mei! laliziitg him. langhifd oft ai: erase The house Carcw that ijot one piiiicll of seniite and 1 bodily liilion such li der a ICS. tion I sentai setts. As Itlilnti F«dj. 16.; IAP)-t' foiinil liiHUori a movHmenl ,lo future bouts ami representatives, loor mailers thrt| serious'; turn, of a joiiiiig disc d for a 'cnpitol b on. Kiipresentaiiv xas, who ycsteri a colie.-igue it: ting, chiilli-ngeil oe of tllose who were t The ch'All"nge \ fl la'er an iffortl t it from ho rei-oi'd failed. fiHe :?tioi wan open"!] on floor by Ktpresent:!! iv of .N'ev York. \ Observ ji il I hi! three rec -iill. ng mat'fics .iiuong nieinb oilse had i-.esultei injury, le preseiiieil a rv proyidii s. that lien-aftei- loivls 'nui t «!> to a finish, strictly Icfined code of <)h ' soinexthal sini,il,-ir resojlu IS b.'eii ve Call ^oi>n as Carcw n inici riiftcil laughter with lion.of his <oni(iuittee-ro;ini encn ler yosterday Hlqotrt of .New newsiwpcrs him a! having oppon ;nt. Stri ilng ove( ing hi with itepreseiilat ^ork. :lle.ilecla ad misreprcseiij sought to choki finger inder the New Yo'i -k 9r's nfase. l:c "' pave her positioiil jaliy. an<| (\-irrw nndd- •I every pliysin then .\'ew Ueprcseij Terk. sii Si^emrtl^ln rarcj and rtromptly ]• as a PC I -ni ready lime,'} iSlantoi^ ddod: in abic: to nuiinltii I take, mentapij}. evpr.\« oth'er way .seriously ;^n|l Dicksteip tumu $411,000 for itoftl. aidine Rirhard (Merthe I Sieciete Suisse bond and Ibis. preMmi,|ary h-ring | j ;g ;^'^fc^T;^^ Taking, the serial numbers the gf vernment traced five of thelio... "(Ill .Mertonfto-King j jbondsj to. I); Ugherly's account in tlie'Midland' .Nitional Bank at Washltlgtoni Crtiir/house, phlo. j VTal S. DaUKhDrty.) president of ih it bank, ajnd brpjlhf>r: of' thW, for- eached their! rooms.; out in the t. Haymond The fol owing liiorning,; Wednesday, fire again brokii house anil destroyed with his sisters, w.-is; supposed to have iieeji f|iiartered ; at a neigh- bbr's al : hat time. • Four .guards were the i stationed ;at the May-/ mond place. Wedncsiiay night uneventful, hut Thiirs lay night tho chicken hbiise burned partially, and after that fire was extinguished, the two large barns burst into flames and .wei-e dcstiroyed. First' reports Were that guards saw. nni one. but in yesterday s inqnisitionj accordinglto Sheriff I'eacock. one of the gujird.s: identified Haymond as havind iiee;n seen | at the plac Thursday night at flic 'lime th fit"es werij discovcredi m^r cabinet memHei] under ^ross eximinatlon today' ?!aid .less W. Siiilh, Harry; Dnugbertv's bandy mi n, brought; the bonds to} tho hahk and gayej Iheni to h|iii as part pa.ment on 1 a; $fir >,f "in deficit in a po Itical funtl. which had been ad- va iced by lilm. Poplar HI Tbeibody of ^N MAN HELD i AVIFE'S DEATH ff. Mo,. Feb. IB. \a. yoiin^ wpman. I'denti- fAP) wif. found fibd as Mr."?. .Mary .faiikson, 2.»j a farmer near Fif k. was ilk a shallow^ grave a mile from her pme. late lust nlghjf. Thej Iiody ias uncovered liy ia boy and two 'K». J Immcdiatoly aftpr jihe body was fpiind. offic«jr.s placed Marionl .lack,:n. ,'ir>, the) woman's hushanfl, apd Harl Jackson, ll>, his son^by a fqr- j|cr niarriap, und|er arrest.; MANHATTAN SUI BARS MAYR^VER^THP HOUSE ROAp ACTION "not |lMjfe,' "conffrence' sium. Rei|re3entati steppfd into tl test that the whole proceeding Wa.^ "disgraceful;" stricHen front Spcal^ terfeiie. Although Cillivan took rio lie." flask in thi fencing vious y had leagn -s in 111 a;tthorize a IK prepar<;d by IfepW van of ; .Massacliii] Ihc do roar a shouted expla to Carew .-ind w I most tativc gested that Hlantoji 01 the piigili$!tic conditi ^v;is accepted by tentialvopponent ^o tak«^ you on ' shouted am .14 it, jaiid vflien IJickslcin njlSiUon \ snggestv the house gym re needy of .Maine, e arena with .a iiroj- He moved it Ihe 1 record. ^•t. HOPEG FOR A PLAN 'SI^iiPAGESi Ita and France i Tuirn Backs ^n Plan or Limitation off Armianicn Confereii Ahnii'd /ngiisKey. |irp>|dpnt of the Alhanian KepublTc can last mari;iPd soon lo a "riph voman**. he iiiet in <(iuinipr. ncconlingr -• jtatches. s to be< Aniprl-i KnropR to dis. HOUSETODAY PASSES F(|UR EILLS Measures Are Plarincd tb Strengthen Present Kansas Bankiijig ' Laws—Salary 1 ;hiit ;er Longforth declined to, in- on the floor, li onvuKsfid his lobby by pa.^t arouild a restilulion which w<i ].:.rt ;iri?- 'A- ins I 'M ixing corimissioij ccndnct an elimination contest the I eavywei,; capitfl hlll. |ht chattipiorishipl ith Represeiita llpsh:|W ol Cijorgia as perniai; referee. The contest Statii^iry Hall, t yes SENATE ON "FA ToiipRa, Kiln. KPhJ IB. (AP) of the Ynfn I>p .Mark anien^ Ptt thp of hp nis would meet} 'under it hi of .the fathers of the Hair pulling.and of] k as weap Ills would be IKI p;itehi;rfl Tol" Four 1 I ho K; passed to the All the ba One ol visions po.sitor the" pn Proh Rest its 'ow k.-i Boosts. lull 1 ! \V Rntiip, Fell. It!. Iniil ollon Kninpp'H i jpfltli BT Presfdrnl ' naya disarmament Miis jinnounced In i| rj)imnlDnli |np tKi|* niornlir. shington, Fe ' of the Wa.s[i i. 16.[|A P)| ingtonfgOY-r -t, - .^fectivel na-J imitation conference piave olted severejl^' by ;a po- pjection frtf ' forecast \.hi djecline to par IJofjes e|rnijn^nt for an ei val beeii lite alnd will would accept.>;ijiid slilV4ma*o^ the declinHlioy the opinion •M'ith Frank'e Ifal.vj possihl l|itiv's to bring -pr;i the gatlierini In tl jpucheii confi ! ^ .sued lliniiting of ar upon at tb reince. s»«nii-offiiiaI c in Koine today. rioiinred that Italy the e:id of France to tlie propo.sal of i' idge ifo'r llie'-confereii| a matter of conject step I of the Ani'irica in s<i the • Tent: <ir ivf. ent it' BODY O. K CHANCJ ynb • liJt> rei ES I. DAY FUNERAL i Topeka. kaiis.. Fel>. Ifi. tA}M-iA 1 i rpBolulion that tbo jhonse rescind Manhatjan. Kans.. Febl Ifi. f APl' ' 1 s action , tn condejnning rjederai By an agreement signed today b.V t aid was ln|raducpd t^day by Chalr- inembers fbf the mlnSstorlal a'sso nian Berrr?ian .0^ Ijhe roai -s and florlsta and highways rt>mm|tte{^. The house funerals arHwUl vote oii the; resolution tomor- i'lrow. • '! I elation, ulnderlakers, city officials Sunday barred in! Manhattan. Compensation Bill Introdt^d By^ Wallen in Kansas House:mvdrce Registration Bill By Parkhurst I • 'i LJ r .! !• : Topeka. Kan. pensatijDn bill was Feb. 16. (iAP)—Another Wkmen's com- iritroducedi tdday in the hdiisO. The author, Wallen of I^abkte count>-l proposed .benefitof $6,0n0. compared witH$3,600, provide^ by the|pre.s- • ent la\y and $4,000 propo.sed jinja pending biUi introduced by the judiciary committee upon the recdmmendation of .dover- nor Fallen., 1 ": ^ ' . '• il' ' Appoirtment of th^ Mecrelary of* '* the board; of agrieilltiire by the' governor Instead of the board was Huggpstel by Whfte j of Atchlsoii counl.v, il farmer. a Tnai -xinivuni death If Otis, i^h of A. DIeboIt was at the I county clerk's office the first of the week Willi Hidt seal PH. I AnothiV, biatoric abrine would bf- built, under a till offered by Slmii- .son .if ^'allace couiiiy. Simp.son Wroposed a $4,00(1 lanproprlatilon for tie purijhaBe of Uh^ 160 aciie site rf Fort Wallacej tiemorlal bulldln ltd $5;00fl for a t;o houae relics. Teachers In ail public ifchools Will bo required itb take an ^ath.of , (Contlpiied on'Page 2. Xi>. 1). All! mp|its tn ttp -Mcfiutrln VJcflV- hljl P.xpi pt the one tp make nipasnrp Ipirall/ing tjhp sate | •igaretlP In Kniisas\pfi'p(ii- : .lal'v I nerp rppnrt^d fa ora ily by 1 ip senatp jntiirtaiy! ron miltpp nday. ! Trie b 11 pits ipd by both Iiiouspsi ai d siifBPd Irv t IP governor.«Ill 1 e! poi^p pffppi Ivp no ipiihlirnliin: in |lhp stat itp book, ]iroiiah y' In Inne. ' i ; Vje^vspapp' advprtlslnir of ci r-| arPttps, I PS ipnini; nf ppnaiti's for i|Iotatlniis nf fhrj law and ii rpdiifliofn n dpaliirs licpn ^: fppfi are t K-orporiitcd In f|i»; Va^ D P Mirk aniPnidniPiits. K.ins.. Feb. l',. (API-fills designed to sirengthe^ iisas b :iiikiiig laws were today- by the house and sent senate; > j our bills wen: j>i -,)ilucts i^f >ks and banking eonimiltef. them carried .scvei -al prcj- intended to gjvel the dgi- greater prolectfrtni Amonjg visions were thf^ following': bilion' of branch banking]' ietion of a bank's I loans tp I -^Voi-s to 10 iperl cent at capitalj aii.i surplus. i | fteqi irement. of a reserve of 1J.5.J peri CP lit ;of demand d'«!p >sits ai ^d " five pc • cent of tjtne depoiit.s. CasjW and ' I eposit.s , in corn Spondeit banks to conipri.^o half cf: reserve ands: leable.. high gr.ido bonds to i.onstiiufe tlio second balf. ,i Kxa iiinaiion of banks; at Icakt twice a year. i j Filii g of bank offii-ers' surety lidjiils with slate bank coraimissioh- ier •• • - . j tner SIS" minimum cardial sto«k ill 'riti of sfuond class from |2ft,- Dim to ?:{ ;| Piiivsliiiient; of emhezzlers with three io ."iM years iiiiprisonincnt. ) Ano 'lier bilj pnivides higher aal-' arie.>< or ilie bank commission<|r and 111; Jissisliint.s. if passed by the siiiiitte] il will ihrrease. tho aalaiiy of tli<-| head ;of tho ^iariklng dij- parliiiHiit froip J-l.f.nO (oi ?.7,000 » year: 'bat oi| the assistant bank ir)niiiiiS .sioner from $.'!,0(»0 to -^3,60 (1: iliosx of Die b .-ink exJHoiiier .s -froiii a seal" of ?2;liiu to |'i.-|/0 to 'a iie \v scale of 5LM0O to j;:{.oi)o. j l {oy ;lr. Hotl'e. I lie pres-Ot Coni- niissionei". iliiij not-ask lb ; legislature I) lnrr(;a!?e .his own salary but urhed betiter .remuneration fpr bis .stfff, e .TpIaining j^hat lar^o ceivfl idge eking methods greements it h;i live coiisider.'il given to a possible fi^ir-poweir con-i ferej cei, participated Cnitid i States, .faiKiti Groat tiritain. even if f,avoralile Frenc^i reoly i wa^ Id -i Accept anceisj in.vijtation were having; been assiirei and the a't |lude ofjflrea AIR DIVISION TO NICARAGUA Ireal Britain. r Ihe moment, ijt; is nnliliely i^ will :be for;^, bhsencfljof the! 1 forn>il re^ ' I Both tk in L-e. 1 1' } • f. up)— Italy ;iP !idiln ret I'oolid e'a Qi -npasal. it' isenil-efi^lc. m France^ .| Ita lyj also! icipatp. r last night ere was that; of represent of a suffjcienl numpber olj (jtical rcanltg ij.iinenti notl ) ^Vash|ngtoa o^imuniq^e isj (lowevt^, an :\»lid "ifoIlOT*- in. deniBrring •*sident| Cool-leaving as IT the I next :ii goverhment: of obtaining ! hoped |f6r, j: ion had .beea; in. by thai Italy! and; (ifore tlie un•re-: jof thel Cool- . i:onsiclflred aai i from JJapaai lit* obviously! i Britain mayi jhb posifon ofj now be affected by tj Fran^rc and Italy. that jiny plan of acti' iliulalei here in the British and .lapanes^ piles The iPrench comn iipicatioin was basec (n Ihe main (oitentirla that the An erican plan nlijht .(jomprtj- liiise t^e success of tJKe •prflimlii- ary .disarmament cr njrni.ssiMi created! bj- the-League ofiNati (^n8. NA1 (AP iiita the lous the small, leag IONS BEHIND! LEAGUE ION AEMS nijvif. Swltzerldijd, Insistence iipi|ia*raain| the power an ' <eagiic of Nation J regard for the pldmber states, ^lith gpjat and I. (is the intfirpretatlbn in iiejclrcles nfVFririce's irjiplyl to jWasjiifigton in whMh| she; Tefusess to consider, particip^lifin in;a new ,'navall conference lihi|ied •five |big naval powers; ' Offic Ills here, «« banks able r pire ailracting th6 tbost valji- en in his departmelrtt.. era n'si tio^ the desirns o [who are alsoj r waroraft st rin^s and destroyer?!. tri«« smalJe NQ CHINA-EiVGLISH While voting So increase the bank 'ommi.ssioner's , s^Iary^ the house also voted to fix more stringent lualifications for the. office. One rf tho bills would, require the i-ommissioner to have "at least five years .ictual! banking experience." or two years more.'than required at pr -sent. Th< fourth bill woiil/l forbid, bankf rs accepting a commission :or=: f^ndori. Feb, 16. < other • ' ' ..-'-=-—-.=.1. ...1..:™ r-„. own the b affe/;tj five-power pact.. In litiiled States, with •ilidepeijdence and ile favdiring a lliive IjKit the. it* position of tween two oceans, ijedectsj te give siifficuJut lmpor <ani {o jto the rela- Ition?) Ml her of mer ' friendship pr open (allianco c .xi :t|ng ,'Hptween inum.erons countries in Eiitifipe.^pr to lihe; dirnciilly orrp-nation'fin3s In adopting action rrt navat arma- mertts) without takitifi into cpnsid-' " ismallcrcoun- interested in th a.i s«bma- NjEGOTIATldN BREAK reward for selling to llifir ; offii<:i; {ia«ks notBS obtained oiitsjde | incpnJplete. the fore linking This'wniild i ed jlh s riiornfng, th bankers who sell! insurance [catioijs that the negiotiations-con- j WMshingtoi. Feb. Ifi; lAPi- Yisioh .of airi lanes and a com of rnarines vere ordered- h.vj lany tilie navjj depairtf lent today 'o pn e»|ed frotii San D ego to Corinto. i Jifa- ragita. as .so MI as the, plane.' be njade reai y. They will be t|;il^en on-t?!" (lestpiyer lender .Vielvl INi5URA |vrF fiOHR DEBATC TOMORR .Topeka.; I)aitf. P'eh.' IR. t^P] The new ins irance code was -iilili- ed hrbughT" he senate today vani ed lo tl ird reading afte • bate was dispensed with, it pas^^d wifho Mi Was hot h iinio , iii ;iii| Witllc; t a dissenting vijilei AithoMgh the bill ^ consists jof more than si ;ty. thousand i orris printed on i;.=> pages, the iliipl rcatiing and nil call jtook less thjin twenty minut «. The reading derk reiiKl' only tti ^ firsti few Ilms in eaclj section aftei-. I.ieiiti nani fiov^rnor Cht ne had ' declared the state consiiti Hon does not. re pitre the jreading "i f li biit in full. Tihe InHurance coi e Is scKeduted fr r de- bat»]j in the (louse tomorrow fft/>r- InqoB., and accept notes for the premiums • and i^Iso the- hankers who discoifnt notes latibit br» a felony,' punishable 25 yctir .s imprisonment. MINEWAGEPi received at farm sales. "Vio- of the proposerl Jaw woBid ANSi TO COMMITTEES by five jto cerhiiig the Briti there have broken downl , After convcrsatioi 3 on iMonday. thejxjahtonese foreign tiiinistfer. Eueeife Chon. raJsi d new; points. Thf British charge ij'Hffalrea, Owea 0'.\ral|leyi asked London fof furtli- er instructions and • these today wel-e under consiiliF-ration : by the cabinet. FPJI . 16. ainine authority of witb ilcrupii- ^•ishqsl of all the i ^olati be- j\P)—AiChongli i advices from HankoW are. en otflcestat- ere~1a no Jndi- h concession' I this iafternoon.- BATH T nliattan. Kans I f;ibb, ThV.' .«iib -i oniniiiiee will endeavor ; Club lify the propositions for Uhc : O.',M, body. to 11 main Ihe Manhat at a dinner h in: ^^^''IDEXTH TOLL TO 27 IN BIG CYCLONE • Svftnev, X. S.. Feb.' IP. (APJ— Tlio known death toHi in the Qiieeilsland flood, cau.«edj by a dls- astrotH cyclone which, Ifewept the f CiirnH districl. mar BrLibane. now j Pn ture bath tub in w doil fif. dark coloii. F . Ldinhardt, ot K thd p'resentatioti siei^ch. nii. FI;... Feb. -Ifi. fAfil -iCt^UB RECA si -;ile a^reptnent ppiposals^ by ; miner-i ,-<n'l oper.'iiors of-the ' i'z'd ii-iiira' comileritive i bi- ^lo'i-; fiel'l -iver,-^ r'>jferr>d tio a. enuiiillee fi.v llie .ij'.iut confer-; H")' ^ .•.'Iiortlv liefffrc aifjourninenf i p.-trty" of the Atlailta Cooperative ^LS JB PARTY i I ' * j Feb- IB, (AP) callling the famijis "bath tub n CJqoperallve e preBpnfed tO| Rhine. Us prisg'dcnt, a mlnla- [ifich was a nndef | i Profdsaor.-H .i ji S. A. C, made BIG QUAKE RECORD amoutits to a". The property damages Is estimated at nHarly $iO,.- 0. Vast areas of fcligar cdao were "clamaged.' ! {• •' Ca rns, rnnlsfall and (fOier towns are (till isolated. Mi ' IN ITA famiza, Italy. Ifob. ]«. fAP)— ifejisor Beniianil 'si observatory her^- ercorded iwha ^was termed a catli8l|rophlc eiirthi u)iko tbtiay. Its cplce&ter at an csl Ithated, distance of! 5,270 mile.i. Tl^ shocks, be- glbni^g early In tne/marnlng, coa- tiijtn!|d lout hours ,lSf TQDAY

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