Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Page 8
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BIG Stellar Sports $ligageid{by^ Crowd of 2 Bout. VTith "Like" NumbeB When Jimihid Ja<k Delaney dnter the rirtgl Fr day nighti f< heavyweight; ;eli riinatlon ba tie, which iH expected to mal e fight fanH(if| eft out in tJ bo) ing. hifftoj^, lohi will lipt i)e cola, ."i 'ijhp Daily Ueii.ster will aA- I; noulnce the figh round, ijunchb, blo'vby blow"'t(} \etii from the fro jiflter building. j IM'o{ the atn^osphere fro^ New,York will |lolA fans? by wa>| [ph( ne. I Tne RpRlstiT' Iia IserTlces of A slell:] round punch arid fiHtic follov it of the Rejr- be waftetl to of the meg: nouncer to give tli fans in a niantti'r -sj)orla fiKht lo ihjft kttirh will ijici tiire vlviUly ev^ry fibvemcnt lujid • In the ring. Both fighters ,are| xtex hea wor; •ywelght" Delainey, light-! FJior only at V has he announced as Riion as the in Bordation reachds W H: Til hro hide hal rom! PI tat) ioopl freadherir follog;' w their training. tu'cc|-ding to patches, and the nucion is watch tire] pre-waij inaiieuA{erH with intjeij- esl ; 4 at wil "llkle the Hi winjer of this ifigh number shoif.s up here battle. ! , is generally believed that th will be' lh opponent of C.Aie Tunney. tli Chan ihek is the favorilt si.x to five, 'he exact tim hich the annom cing will star indt been ascert e negister jwill gli the AsiROcia^gra|iii in.Atrjumdnt at Ihp ringj 80 that lit will Vreijre of jseconfls I ffglitihg^ and i the itegistL'r iHi^YS WILLI LAY AT PirTSBURCf tsburg, Kan., Ifeb. l.";. (Spec The two Komif! artlsl.s at' I to Hays V Ith Ihe TIgeri will be played In j'i tshurg instoadi on ; i'riday und S tnrday nlght.^. Coat h Cw. W. \Vefd<« nnounccd, Th Plttihurg fans thuj have Ihre Ram?s) yet to Iwitne R instead ojt Just one with the S iringfield, Moj Stat si Teachers, whtj appear th folic wing Monday. Tl 0 Gorillas shou d easily adjl t^o moT:' victories he last of th wee!:lto their total, or Hays start] ed thHp week .at nli^h po.sition ih the "Onfet'incfi xtaniBngs. But th ripers are expected to hold, up IhWi end of two lnt< resting frjays. (Continued froiii Page 1 iier i-arii. It 4dve ]i -eekj t» til OT to follow hill TORY MADE flGHT Announcer Paper—A 00,000 at Here. Maloneyai d r a 10-rourt ohlaineil ^tHe ill - roundiibg <ti4 HUMBOLDT LEADS BYGH 4 LEAGUIE Taies I (iarnctii Team St«ndln{r. w. L. HiimhAldt 4 Burlington :{ Center 1 I) 0 : • 1 3 4 Pet. l .iirto ."r .o .250 .000 FAST GAME BILLED FOR CQDINTET HuinlMJIdt, Feb. 15. (.Special)— A j / HumlMildt victory over tiarn there; la^t Friday gave, the Hit e undisputed possession d winning bofdtlrii first tilai^e in the UYfiH 4 leagike, and desiyoyed (iurneii's hopes of K' mi jlhiH seiihon. unless 'jteani HTuifvit a decldeil chanBO. T games rwnain for i'litli team. Independence Will Invade lola Thrsday.Nijht For Game Whi<h Means Miich to IxHral Five: Otfuwd Whet.her lola Junit lege remain.M in the ce ! the KanHu.H .Jtinior C coiiferonce for llie liaHa'tUalll r Col- coHege ba.sHfcteer.s went fnio ence herd while Etnpt defeat 2.' PiltKllUlj? league leil torlfH and ! in tlilnl ph lar of, difeii college;;.,,.,„>,„ „ HeiiHon will hi de.cidetl ^'Ijur.M- day night when Indepe idjcncc ! invades the local court, j ; A def.-al fniiii Indi penilei i4 will •lrii|) lola into tibllvion, while ii _, . ; f-i n t A' A vlitcry would advum-e lola^ ^taiid- K. A;. (J. Isasketeers Are ing atiove that of the visiiinlK iiuin- Priming for Oklahoma In'fasion Friday And Saturday I, Nights. 'I 'jic Ma riiil.cally leiilliM runt wllliiiut any Kiiipiii ni shipjiy vl pliiys mil' liiirg and 1 Wichita. tel. . I Independence defeated lolfi 2li to 2X eiirl'er in tlie season. afCi -r lola! I crdwdiof 200.(00 is expecttil he ringside, i an |l the Hegi.siij not be a bit; s iirprised if ;iiad held the lend virtually I the g;iine! and injIicalioiiH toward a fast gunie. lola w:t^ weakeijed in tl| vions iiaine by tire .M.lnti. who was slik. Whet tve^a suggestion of despera-I <".^ Kutne ' ' : peiiilenre pt^ppeil up Ho over<-oine a 22 II. 1.-. lead hi Id liv lola hair. A long shot liy Hoffman Manhailriin. Kan., Feb. 15. -.Spe- cial.--iFoiir consecutive defeates | have gtvep tiou to .'HJfe actions of Uie Kan!«a^f State liasketball team as to games with the bklalioma'teams ami it is! all of point e pre- i remoful' oi'j .Mann Iiide4 ne a! the reintrntiei^ed that those leaJns have |,i .ndcn<e guard, in.,the I: alri^iidy xvjoii iwo contests from the Aggies. miiiiiLes of pla\i gave the goniery countv quiulel a vic> The faiJt that the. last two of j lola idayeil its best game pioii of th yweight cham , but odds are bined. but wil la.. be hooked up ed Press, witlj those four losses wei-e by the inai-; year at ("offeyville last SJI gin of a kinglc Held goal does. uot ! ari,! C'CKUII Ira Stockebranl relJeve the suffering greatly. Hul | in .ct.a much from his siiuaii it Indiqatjs Ihjit the Purple team- ,,iay night. .Sine.' the Indepi although not out of the race-is: gatnc. Stockebrand's s("iua still an important factor lo be con-j i,(.,.|i strengthened hy- the al sidered l>y those teams which re-; of sevfal men. tain penn iih ambitions, i Friday evening the Oklahoma A and Mj. teini will attemiit to, repeat I'MLS dope-lefying victory of two 'weeksjagj. This time it v|in not hold the idvantage of being on its own cpiir . • On the next evening the Oklahoma Spon^rs will try their luck in'on a basis of sound economv .Manhittta 1. The Sooners fell Inv ..jfort has been lo build a fore the iNehraska Huskers two iionie lor an average lola we'eksi'_ag). but were still valley, aiid niit one wliirh woiild be leaderf< until this week when the iji,. pin only or rich pi'opli -Missouri Tigers took a game and'jty has not heen siurili. ed be only a dif l+'tween the ac-j \\p uiuioiincingjl fflce. which th4 tfsburg Stat" re schedule! Ihe.leiuieiship at the same lime. i iitstanL -e. bu! neither has exkrava- .\o may n was incorrectlfr stated in ani 'lieement in th ' Kgegister lastj that prizes would be givetv 1 ase guessing t le "number olj .gallons of ga.soline which Warner| wonlil; use during the drive. These prizes are to le given to thej nuea guessing the n imber of mile per jailon which t le Star Sedan IftlU average : duririj the drive. Tie: complete list olio ITS: lot prizes is a guessint most nearl he dumber of milep Warner wll|l llrlv Fi^st Prize—J200 cjertificate goo 'OBej I. • First PriJSe—$2.'> c 'rtifliale goo I on |l)e purnliase of any used car In ijur atbck. Srttjona-Ptize—Sel lefllng Casln elihtr SOxftMi >r '2!tx- .40. •T^ those ^uesnlng most corrn'ci- ly the-nutnlfer olf lours Wurne* Willi lUeep lij Sle^pei '* window: FfTBl Prljw— «0 fasoline book. /Second {'rize-|5 ^alluns Crafo IcuiA dWotorj OilT! V« fl'r guesii must li jwrit ng to B. T. Bar jer or to War| pier iilmself. land mu|t contain you bamand 'address. ii in their own 1 ex- 1 Tliiirs- ndeiice iKl .S Idition Number 1 (Continued from Page •.Model Home"- iinluss it wa •Jiange over the last game is j^aiice been practiced. schedilied in tjie \Viltlcatj lineup i TIUT ,. is „n,. ff-atiire abont Dyers, ski at at left !.un<l 1 will be-left forw^nl. Skrad- 1 air system Vhich IR parti. vU .rly in i T^iM-X^Z^.rl^^u .51^ center. Edwards Lnd .Mertelii.s favor in ibis climate of 1-="-' H" and right guard respectively i.,i,ornings aii|l warm, snnshinh; an­ iens will bear luost of ilii pressiJre at right forward. Weddlei),,. fin-il with lieve him pnrt of the lime. MTiioons. .\ i but air fu! ii:u a (|ui(-k fin niiiriiii!-4 iin i o''l(iin ill till seven the whole house wi ((Continued from Page 1) and riieaded "Why autot^iobile tag plant should l)e locat.Ml| at'Kansas state penitejitiary." werif placed on warm; then the lire can be a to (lie di>wii and thi> beat fri furnace will decrease Just warmtii: outside red in a constiiht temperature wa use of a hiiuimuin amount'of fuel. la t( Rt night by defeating i-ia Teachei-.H, hitheito undefeatecl i2I in a fast gamjiAp'th College of I b on in< no V /llI Feb. M.—Splcc Into Lead WhenE7ii^orm T^aphers Do^e to (1^1 of ^ lal •V VU'- ' low stands in ' virtiii- of eif-lii defeat, l-^iiiinria I Willi f<ix vlrloni's :ili while Wjiliii.'i Miini<'i liy i< scioiid w Ith n-\<id 1 ili-ff.'ii. illiii;»'. Iiiiwevir. will b ImnKeil, If "ill.- ilir>'<- till • thiOiigli III ire llefeals. I Uilj lll>- I lllllllpillll of tlK- I'iii t thai i giilu'* 111.Ill I'iil.- lllOI 'l K:IIII'V : iliar hide-, t few .Miint- ory. of the -PittHburg $|tate' Teat-hens'. IKansa-s cpnfer- niv-jed.sity 34 to 22. ^'ent down to Rmporia |ir} t place in the[ {in r OttaWa Uni\ I 'lilsbnrg has i IliMil Itii;^ w .'Ck] ifeinalning. Toii(>|ht| I. neinldlcfs ill 'rld.iy ami Siiliii; ' lliivaile?! I 'lllKlmiJ; WI 'hKa plaVsl IIIIKIII and slioti hard. Mi 'hedirli- III ihrije gapil's the li iiin plays .Xtcbisoiij while |d:jy plghlsl Hays eiii hern iiiay lieu- TInirsday night W iMlibiirn ill I To ben IIM-V inei'l' eka. Washburn wIcK. (iiifi- I); •ge of ICliiiiii"i ;i .As it n-sls. tl) ii'-i- r;ne is a'liiH.- ililing the edge. WRIGLIYKi hel al .Vewion win. Kiiporia Pi i -feal- Col- llS been , tilie -iiron ^((tiad. t\ansa.> confer- | Thv' up. with Einpovla FRIDAY MR KID AND MAY TO FAST DRAW tdburg Bout! Shcjwled llittle Between' TW o Bantes; McNally Get4 Knockout. P|ttsburg. ver Kid of I Dei ploii ••I'inky' .May roo ten jrii'ilid d til ell: .lohn Sciilt Wi ir. y nnv rit;h And niUv •ictentl teachers al the h!t :li Ischool tjlll keep iiiilet. Not beciiiiNe lhe)| |find; it Ini- IMissilile III liilk. ibiil liec )iii >r tliey niK ndeil Km^oriji Teaeli- ers f'olii-! e uud dared cnnlnidlcl .lohn nieii he pireilicled thai t 'olleve jif Kinporia i^iiuld defeat i :ni|iorhi I 'earliers in htsl IN BIG Chewing Gum nit: hi I Kinpori laskelball game. Hack the Youth Wijth $25,000 ih SWIM King Will I^ng Race;i*ilirse To Wiliiier. .Last piglifs vi .liirv by Coll'-j;)' nf \ fh '<;:ui). Fi -b. 15. 11 si/il till- Kiiiporia Tcaili- built The model aniily Wil hill Qual-1 ih any ' jers down jlo sciiind |il;iic in ih,. • Kansas!<(jbfereiiii'. ami j'ilt.s- i biirg T-ar'hers tir.^t ida. e vatinu. i If noitljer >f the iciiiis is i !.'f.;ii.d jjiga 'n tliis year. howeviT. Ki!i|iiiVi:i ; will, win the bunting II|T:HIS ..- of the ' laci tliul tije sil'.iiiil phiys one ninn' game t ' ii.^:ley. .r I..; today, ottered tiij, back I •org.? Voiing. winner of thelCata|- la Island swim, | for $25.0(10 ;ainst any swiiiiiner for a mat'-ji .1 <ir rrnni 20 toj.^i) mi.'es ill an .V .Se^era I'anx iniiu lola leiilnred d4 >\tn 1 hot chilly ' r.ill : ^t si\ bv be loWl ll .j m the:' s the' iultiiig h the nitddlewe ed lliMl ii I'itl.sbni K. car Iliads oi liuht AIM Wlilliaiii • Kiicli fight IJie iliid liiki^ig the tl fourth, s were |even. .Hjimp Mc scoijed a tec liaw here last nli;lil r woM) three rr Sfiiitherijer wiii*nlng . lb" fifth ai^l ninth, and |d< Ird,- sixth ai(5T e v,eiith, f^tfaiul '\iUy, Pittsburg w linical knockout llenj-y Neine^ger of Joplin i sevijnlh rouii Ui son roui a' speci; withstoo ! d attack Kanfcasi City, .-ilde able pun Jo le ifrenaii ioH over deci StipivUle in TEACHERS WREST 30QN Pittsbititg. ij an.. Fell. 15. (Spcl iaii-prho Coj-illa wrestling team, whic 1 won si but of seven tui;sl,Ms for Ifittslnirg State Ttjachers iciil- jie College of Kmij will meet the • -stlers here Feb lege here lOWJii N | n^glil and <>a\i gel an edae in lo l'i(tslii ru "I 'lnkir' »Iav« hN Sirai»" «ilh Denver Kid. .Iii>l iiel'ii-e.lli;. lighl. Ihe nearer l^ld I as preseiiled nith a hell sL'liiyiii:; lh<- lianlani- I 'll i a 1 W y:i> I"' .•;w hi li: dy of water Yopng's <ipptincn» y i-lioiise. j j I . j\tr. Wri^Ify said he would! post $2.-. (Hill-with ihe ^understanding tt this amount be covereil .sojthat iiirse of $.'.0.1100 w*»iild go tO the in-r. Till- only, I 'oiidttion.j! Mr. ii;lev iriid. is nial| the "ra<ie be .•nicd by till' same rules Wlii-.h •vniliil at lh- Cnljilina rliannel in. ill IS SIM. II as a Jiii'vi b '-giiis loijove' WI from I the 1 lie n again I. .Some tans <.u'.:!;e>t- m'ghl hate won the ed lliMl ht ni ghl hate won the ihh.t li III- Iridn 'l been pre- 41.L.; I.. 1. .....II senled III! «a «i alt oter. f- bell until after il Kil I'nII. wi.rli Jh>-i| will' hf make pnigri 'ss.^ I j also 1 iegin 'piii:s ciiitiir of iJii I'illsburg ."lilli. was .-o busy l:i>l night answi rlnj; IIIKUII 'MII -. .ihniii a game the result cf wiii. li In' I'iil i( LA HIDE, Fiik & wobr COiHPAN^Y I '(•el our prlrijs on nn I.TIwr ASH KV.UH , We uill conie tiffer poartrr. H. A.JOl^ES So. Ohio I not know, ainl wi iiiiiK abmil I'igl.i.J. H,t water, the other ht^tid, is 11;:,;;;-^ coiiI4n 'l fiitd time to. <lo anvlli n;^ anil enjoy i icu.v ,.,......-^..-.7 , , ''VUt'.:ind once hiatijd will he desks of legislators.' A bill be-;""* V""' «'ff f'T a long timei The (;:'"' ... foi\e the legislature provid-s for I .'•^•''V".";; '•'<?•'>•, l*'' "ot .T"""Sh j ^.^jji ^y est !p )lishment Of an .autoino.bile li- ' "' '' ' cense factory at the stale reforma- toi->- at Hutchinson. Among arguments'set fot-th by Warden Mackey was the contention that labor at the penitantiary is more permanent, making possible better skill. Tiie Cave bill to increase-the gasoline tax from 2 to .*? cents was recom,nended for passage by thej hoin^e-roads and highways -om-^^^^ J;^-^l!^^^'^^ mittee. Life; imprisonment for iief.sbps cnnvicied a third time in Kansas of a felo ly charge was i>ropos;'d in a bill [introduced by Hammond of liurtiU) ton. A sentence double that givei for the first conviction would be imposed for t^ie second. KAISER BILL Soil TO RETURN HOME New .York. Feb. 15. ( APV —Wl- 1 helm Hohenzollern. in .a cablegram I lo Ceorge Sylvester Viereck. New ' York writer, denies he is consid- colleue fn-.r. loli miiie nill heat in the early morning Whenii is needed"anosl. and too nnufh heal later in the day when it is heeded least. Tills of course applies especially to fall and spring nionths of the year.. The furnace cho.sen for the! Model Home is the-"Torrid Zone' steel furna<-e maniifai-tureil by th • Lennox Furnace company and fe itiired i IKHH ,. js aii by the SbaHUon company. It' is j hys iver di of riveted crtnstruction iiist<'ad of! Those- w jssur-!-nioi|..iv w; joints ;j;i„.„|,i,io| |f will never come apart or leal;. The drum is lined with fire brick to the fuel line iu protei t the ! seen in ope steel from the jjirgct action if tli" ' fuel. Coal is b^-ing burned it tbi- frtends hope, he will soon rtcover present time, hut tht furnace is so constructed that oil. gas oi any [ i,;,i,pi>ail. other kind of.ruei.desired coi Idbej used. , The furnace is" located in ; the batemen* almost in the exac center of the building—a most ,im- ncirtant feature because Mt; results Tn the minimum jamount of piping of hot air to the various ooms. The .-ize of the.s'e pipes has been worked oiit according to the 'Sian- The gjime here Tlinrsiln.v nighl Ijnlneen Independence .iiinlur riiliege and tola Junior ^lould proie inlVrest- -Ifoiild win, lint (he be nil italkiiiiat. The hou...u i tlx- tinii" ai .Mai\aeer Ciants has -Ji the collegi • ering returning to his Berlin pal- 7.V'VV": •»'"^f I I ace. • Code]' for hot air htatiiig. I wish I bat I co^ilil uet gbt.i'iiil" go til a fiyht I'rt-ll rejiiarked. 01 ligainst t Thursday- cket -wn tteorgt] Origikial plan samej gani. aiian^dned. |at the C I lie Horil iter havr [ipearanc meet. ( on Fibruary 2 PI Technical Feb. in.i tSper batitutnwelght (• ^middle west. ruler of; the bi| south, fought lal lii^m- event. Arch Pitt^r- n of con- the frenzied of 'Pooch" Brov Patterson took shment. |dez won il iiewsijap Tommy ! Smerl he cnrtajn-raisei*. 11 (1 mil in filHl nil u H Kl ten elt Lahvrence; Kani. Feb iall- lege nigh Sf. Joseph (.Mo,) pulled a surprise . defeating the I diansJ Zt to LS in a hard j . ill " :~i i. J '^T-^ ——-—~T ut of Confet'ence Cellar WEEDE tbiirg^ache^, Ch ^ iNVERK|Di"^^i»| ^ 15. (S [.luiiirtr here iiask.ll game. liec ::oi jas In oUer the AT EMPORIA I TOUtolSET rOR WICHITA .... — ! -• Tht National High Schlxi M^et to Be Makh 2.1^ 24;25andi>6; Six- ! teen Teams Enter. Fki ure to bkirg With iTeachers Reasbh Wi The Aational high schoo ketball tournament wijll here .March! 23. 24-, 25 and 26.i was ! iinoiinded today, following ceipt of a telegram front Willii PhiUi )S of Philadelpibla, .secret; of th^ West field commptee. Sixtieeh of the girls teams the c hifa, -KanSi. Feb. |].'..; tAI"'* — girls "ijas- be h'i-hl it ire- iinil ry chaltenge cup in tmntry iwill compete for tilie Westf eld challenge cup yaluei at $1,000. The Caldwell. fourti place in yea f ient which wai^ won a. which i is Wd^kg Walker annouiictjd. for tho meet night ai the first baskei here w th Hay.s. had -to rillas e.tpei t ets is uncertain ft r not yet made a ml; The Gorillas will of IC. iat Em I oria WHKN YO •r on Y CO! M.C. m LIGHTS GO )UU PLtTMBLNC BS BAD ! Electric and Plumbing Co bl.H ofjp lelUn kejl. i -I neb KiOpi vv4j.-. ing frnrn k<i for AbtjiMi. Pittsburg., Kans -Dr. G. W.NJTei ciaiM—ur. »i. w,\> atbli-kics at Plttsh ollege. ha« iio ^lfledi er H-dif ( Wi I il(^ia|l Indoor- meet] lary lit. Th Intrfes Is Dr...,. oleHllng. nKiU4st. being idtli •• ' ' ' ity Athli'tic rli^-b thittTlWjneit not lake paitjin the' iOTttar !• iwittdnwiii or \Veed4titj Method had expecteil -thatl would be nlatched ria Teachjcr.'il c explained,' or them 16 any unioii however. .13 not ,pe Icompjcte with'aliy i ve^si ' asiei! to en mile dies, at ho and it oittcli y teams, j W to meet t!he ch Weedfe! h er men uii thfe jnileianl tuns and in jbut these tne ne. LET U Jpnes Elec piiOMi as Feb.! de, m Stat? mm''I atir run- Icollegle" Dri -^ut I ;w4a wrnf meet liiii'- tea^] t Icoll^gH. Has-: i tted td sEate cojirerence i i^s^s poit uni-'' S ishoiildl not be Iikdians.' als<>,iIaRned > mileiani half* iik 50-ya|id hnri , 11 iwill lat'o stajr =1= at my. Having decided to quit farm ng; .. . _ _,. place of residence, on what i.s Unown lis,the old Billy ^gefB farm, 2- miles west-of Bayard; 2i miles south arjd 2 miles-wesl_ o 5Vfe m les north and 2 miles westjof Jlorjin on— i • ^ . .Tlie^day, Feprn9V¥iZt Beginning at 10 oVIojrk a. m. t'-- • - " .1 - ' ' 7 A E.\I) I»K IIOKSE.S AM» .Vri/FK One bay inare| ill) yeahs the folio 1 iving describejl property: .•\s 1 am leavijif; the state pr|(ipeiiy and farm. 1 luile wes liles east and oiufluilf mile e\aiii|ile of tin- best lie I 'le. li> are iulerestcil ill rni air healing pliiiils lil III <-\aniini' ilii-; ..ii.-. < Opl-n to till' p lillir .'ill d liie .furnrii I- niiiy In- •alioii at .-my time. .lohn .Met;raw of tli" Iways been .strong fur j y .-.-l iia; VI-; gel 1 )i Viereck cabled the former em-^ peror that European dispatches re- jon the purcliase of any new modt 1 icent!y said he was planning a re- jSiad Six. I turn lo the Berlin palace, which , Sqcond prize|-$l ')0 certifitall* | ff-mains his properf.v. jeood on thff"i!urcha e of any iieiji* j The reply was; model Star Fourl • T<i, Ihoi^e guessini most nea the number of mile.' to the g of gbsoline ithut Warner will aveij- iiearll- j H' ealloi n- e submitted l ^ji j pocjCrandall and ,\ri GMggs. two of the major'leagues who recent)L.v have been perfomiing On NOi AGREEMENT ON CiDAL MINE SCALfl Miami, Fla.. Feb. proposal by union new w.Tee agreement lii. (API— Th niners ~ that j be drafted foi the central cpmpetiti basla of "no reducl Man knet toddy with fe ficljd on thfe|i 'i )s. ,.T'>» .1-. •i <><on o-Aer Ah operators ;ttaiEit. no dgreement can be reacbejl without" Ion/ in wages ihe attitude o redactions. .Vew.s of contemplated return loAssociation of Shet-t i Berlin untrue. .Nothing new at '^"""•"'""•s and the Westehi ioorn. By order of his majestv A'r Furnace and Supply |A and king. ,;tion. Following this cud This eode is the result of e live investigation and study part' of the National Warrfi Heating & Ventilating .-\sso^iation. The American Society' of 1 * Ventilating Kngineers. |TlJe Na- Metal Warm socla- it, is ADMIUAL .IlBBKffl." practically impossible for :i Ii engliri-er lo make a mfsta ;< If Fidel La Barba aiihepjps to his I will result hi any room: prei.'ut,. futehtloii to reilri! next , liom^c gelling loo iniiih oi Fall liuisllism will lose one of the He heat, most iiopular and genileinauly box- i In regulating the size ers wilio have graced the ring hM|''"cis. iiilnt of ihingu must nifuy a day. The world's flywelglii 1"'" conHlderallon besides champion plans to enter Leiaiid "f- <he rooms: exptisiire. gl' I Stanford Cnlversltv next, Septem-.l" '^he Home fleiviitiful iili jber. ' iimtlted partliuhirly tiiai li air pipe lo the northeast l! is almost half as large a the nii.c to the bedroom imtji ly west of it. although botl the I'acifif Coast ei^cuit. are saidjare aboui the same size. The rea- fo be'ug ih'e Wichita franrhise | of course: lies in the f: i of Jlif) .Western lA'agiie. whi li ihe northeast .room is expif; Frank I shell will let 'go if l.e .sets 'wo sides and is mostly his! price. .. i both of those sdies, while tltej j —:— i roi .in is o .\p ised only on oil The I aggregate cost of obtain'ng fur a isliort distance and ha Tv ."Cobb. Rogers Hornsby i Sneaker, George. Sisler. Eddie deri and Roger Perkinpatigh ! less-, tiian the majority of these players drew down in later years for playing, one season. Tris I little glass: Col -'i . .The furnace was installed jxan-j.loe Spaiigler.' who has don4 was ' the .shee) metal work for-Sh for years. He is a real uHidt in this line of work ft ever theije was ona and his work in tbe T will sell .1 it and lis ni| south of (^ol Public J .-\uctibn ray persnkidl les sout|i of Kim an 1 my. on - fiesi 5 year^ .<-ow 4 anil wl 1 dark I'.i ginning at ^lOio <-lock a.m.. the following d^is "ribed property: Head Horses llliick mare. 8 rs i'iil!. weich! aliO |Ul 15im 11)8.: mar-. !• ycar.s jold. wt. about II lbs., in foal: briwn mart). H rs old. wt. about 150U lbs.:!ba>- lint;. mi:">lh moiiili, wt. ajiout ') lbs. i ! • lii-nd'of Caitiff-Itoan cow. 4 playi-r-in •proVessi..iK;ii>'t^ "j''- Piving milk: roati c^v 2 jyci ^i 's old giviiig lUiilk'; brindle ' 7 years old. calf by side: lhaU ....,rnsey cow. 2 yVjar.s old. giving .luiilk: 2 coining 2-ytar-;old heiCers; jl-jiar-old Holsteiii j cow.. freshj. I(» llPad i>i Hiigs-f-Ked brood S;ow. jwiight ruioj Ills., to; I tiirrow. .Tibout lasi of .March: red ,bi|o (t <l sow and pips, sow wt. 5i )i» lbs.. 7 sh'o:|ts. WI- '•»> to Ijoo lbs. i 1 ! ' • Farm Iniplemenis; Klo. — Extra (iood .Mandl wagorj; iCloverlea^ nja- iiure spreader: .laiiesvillo IG-inch .-'iiiky .jilow. good ;ai new.: 1 disc lli -lii. good as n .'W: il 12-sejction Ijairrow: i -orn planter'; .^fcCotmick -Vil. niow<r: D^eriijg lO-f:. hay r;t\<c: I4-in. walkiiigiplow: -l-s love ii 'jlivator; gardeli • rilow; prind sliiie: 2 .spray piiiups^ corn i hell er; '2M-Kii\. galvaitizeilj wagon jtank nfjw:;r.l25 Ford lo^ir|inp-car; '4 sets wijrki harness. | reed iiiii'l lliij -A I good: good: Radio •JO lb.-J. sulphuil f'O IbW facklej Kpsom SO-gal. coal cjil lank; lb. sit dge: (;-ft round ladder; t ra gl pd. (hf kens Reds: hen.s. Hniisehold ii b.i yellow lie I'orill s: alioii id: almi corn 100 b)i. mill 250 bush .libout 10 1 hii :, aboue lOi bit. Kinol :i klifflr cofn In I-ton iliriilrie-h.iy liiy In' rti: aboiili 5 Ions ul^ iilfalfa h ly in liaj-n:' -l-tott ulack of prairie hay; :; •itacks ofliinoihkiliav. • i MNcellanpouH--t me Stbwe i^coop bojiiil: 2 forks: sioop!:. hoe; tjnke; ;ir 10 lie,' hives: bee- smijker: <lili-'keii feeders:" k^me hard wood jlniiiber: some yello^y-seed corii: 10 liiijiliels good potatoes: 2 Old Trus- tv inciibatofs. 240-iepg sizi': .pelle Cil|.v incubator. 1 lOj-egg size: t^liper batcher. 250-egg sizi " " :i7.i Comfd 16 Ro iloosi port: (linihFJ safes; 2 woii hie; feel. .•{ Gradary living wheat Fruit eherri cherry befrie Thif uluniin copper |iin .Maytag waslj lioiler; 2 -tube a; 200 rtuarts canned fril 351] U gooil l :i er] |se( it ;' 90 Ibsj copper is halts; 1 block inu iron kettle; t!0- :al 0 gallon! drum; IG^ step Iadih'i\ It-Ui Oo liedge jSnsts. ex-i S. C. Rhode Isl ying flock of young! IMMN —• New H< rt wroupjit iron range; mt [No eater: hei^ter j'g loii daven chairs ind Oak r, kitcheh cabfnet;' library I ibie and room able and chairs; 2 writing desks: iron b len bed burner rocBers; sitahid table: 2 3x12 euni rurt s rug. i^ew. and other, thi to mention. |m Ilpsrijlpllon— 120 Arres.l Congo] laid linoleum: brusst too ni merous Fni This and 1 r, mill Colonjl Iwo pij :! shei 7arni is| 2 liilles eant ahd mile south Good rches. s~oin v^ on noith 115x2; hen holi^ anti and ctjal hoiisi well at cultlvi lion. 40 past ure and tn alfalfr limest me soil K<'ononiy ?Cini|^ TFK.M.S C ASHi. If oJi J. W. STOUT rrrdlf H desired see new: large lyai-d atad liice separator. I cat -il 6n,mail rliute and phone Ii dresser: cook 'erfectlon; oil sto s. new; 12xl4-ft. !>xl2 ft. tapeslri- located 1; mile, w south of Lone Klhi: S room house. wpt|i ^nrn 24JC.10 feet u-pt •St side :Mx4t f. feel; onjeasf 14 ^es. 1 bropder hoi garage. ! separtitl Kxtra good clst<1ri barn. 70 acres acres prjairie grlisli hw land:' (> acres l."; acris pl.owetd All giod Will grow ccfrnj pat's apW alfalfa i hay. fr |on farm : Appl^i?. peaci •s. grji les^ pears, pliiJns| plums, ilackherrles. ;goo<e .strawh F»rrle.s. farm his a good ibiue gr^ ihade trees, also your loetil iianker; LS. J. .M. IIUL3tKN iind CHAS. DKA»00 Anctfoneers. W. Vf. IVE.ST, of Ume Elii Stale Bank, Cleik I Lahck by £oiie Elm Lai lies' m j • lind: hd M^•e| fl |iE(. bid. weight Ii400: I-bay horse 10 years dd. weight 1 .400 J 1 black mare ! ye.-irsi old.-weighi. 1 .25(1; jl black nare 4 years old"; weiglU 1 .5IMI; black iiiare, smooth mouth, weight LGOO;;i black holsc mult, j coming 2 years old; I birjwn Shet-1iarlicleH. land piny 5 .vears old. gentle ai^d well bioke for children. , I.S llkwi OF ( ATTLK-!AII i-ows except the ( Ihrie will be i 1 the spring. OoeJ red cow- old, giving milk; 1 brindje rears old. giving in Ik; 1 red iie spotted ciiw. :{ years oIi|; roan <;ow 4 years old; jl jight nan c<iw. 4 years oliU ,1 dark roan c >w. .'J year.s old; 1 reil coVr. S year o.ld: 1 red Shortlxorn bull, coniinf 4 years old. can be regis- tereil; 5 coming yearliiif heifer.^; 1 red, 'ow. 3 years old; 4 coming harrow;, 1 walking [lister;! if., sulky plow; 1 Emerspn ;-ihoTel "l !rldlnKV ciiltiva or;. 1 Ohio ; S-ehovel Iridinii cnltfya or;'] hand +oi-n sbeller: .1 . small feed grinjder il galvanized^ jwater ank; 2 oil larrelsi; 2 sets jof bree hing harnes!; iieverali hor8« coilao-.H tools aitd r u^ieroii«| other , KTC.L eon;, good : 1 iron wheeled \fagtjii arid .vearlit g steers. FAIIM iHPLK.IIKN r .S One .Mr>,llne wide tire wa as new liay fi'|i I 7 -f0( Deerin goad I Deere me; 1 .Dcci-iiif; coil Milwaukee- grain [n binilep; binder; i 1 prairiei hay; 75 bush COL. ( C 5-foot mowing m.-ichine. }a ne; 1 disc* harrow; 1 John corn planter; 1 2 -3ection .seed oats." TIHMS I'ASH -Il credit is d^slrrd see Harry Spr:' FEEh—About 200 kaffir fodder; ITJS bbfles 6l! SFHOI.l) ;<i<)6q .«^-Tw;|B Iron Springs a,nd inattrbsiiies; •! (ivenport; 1 »r ncess Jldresa- 0 -lb. refrgeritbr; 4{iiatheri oak dining cl airs; !l <il »Iia^l 1 chlldf.-ilih iBliiiIr ;,-r^ stand table; 1 Iround oining kitchen leal ii|et; 1 tAej 18- Oak heating s |ove; 1 .gray Home' Ctlmfi r • raitg^. lused? I 9x,l2 linol uan; i\^Z9-^i- iircubator .l us 'ij onej|aea^n; Idin kenisere larhpl.'Wtth 1 size! 15! L e ..aval! j cream or; 1 poiver Jwashing ma-, lamps; pictnie«; disltes and ; utensilsi 1 (I'hild'B •THY—150 cri mord Wyandotte hefiji. iwagon.. good • hockB M good- N0.1 1 s Teiiaa Red of illA.S. IlKAlit 0. Auctioneer , l .adle4 OI* AVeslej; Cl|ap<;i L arice di-ive in d StaV Sfedah by DkreDeVil.' Warne<r i.s to dlemoristrarej just Cc st Transportation iWhat the Stiar will se fThe real puipose of the s. do :inff constant^ untHnt and vice at a low cost!—ift 120-hour for Wai her VvSHdofir W}n Jt Prize, kee Mki as bfferecl in <[i>iiii^ tiori with thidqriyc. 4- «<1 Low ml pliable: lyoul

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