Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 10, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1959
Page 7
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^Junior Editors Quiz on- TATTOOING QUESTION: When and where did tattooing originate? ANSWER: Tattooing is the art of injecting harmless coloring matter under the skin to create a permanent design that will not wash off or wear away. It is particularly popular among sailors. The art of tattooing is so old that no one can say exactly where or when it started. Egyptian mummies more than 3,000 years eld have been found with tattoo marks under their skin. Throughout history, especially among the people of the Far East, tattooing has been known as a mark of beauty. Before it was made illegal in Japan, even women used to be tattooed over most of their bodies. FOR YOU TO DO: Here is a picture of a Scottish lad about to be tattooed. He is rejecting the familiar picture of a girl in favor of the thistle of his native land. Color the picture. (George M. Melvich of Baltimore wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner I "You're rightl No girl Is good enough for Juniorl Not with the kind of help he needs on his homeworkl" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroirh "m&^m. m> 1 "My doll's pajamas are in one of those on top!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer TJ*. n»f, tut. PH. on. © 10*9 by HtA Strvk*. km. "Ever hear what they do to horse thieves?" TIZZY By Kate Osann VP OUT OUR WAY 'I don't think she's such a genius! She just has the knack of getting the right answers all the time!" Coinage Answer to Previous Puzile ACROSS I Old English •gold coin 7 Spanish silver coin 13 Postal money — 14 Pleasant odors 15 Cotton pressing machines 16 City in Illinois 17 Crafty 18 Alleviated 20 Beverage 21 Cross- examined 23 Movement (music) 26 African worm 27 Ancient Greek coin 31 Unbleached 32 Theater stall 33 Mix 34 Feminine appellation 35 Monk's cowl 36 Mineral spring 39 Solar disk 40 Siren 43 Measures of type 46 Rugged nioun'ain spur 47 Follower SO Burlesque P- Lecturer 54 Tendencies 55 An-.cndments 56 Fxit 57 I'm ufTled DOW.V 1 Sailors (coll.) 2 Soviet river 3 Indolently 4 Maiden name 5 .Maker of mistakes 6 Assault 1 Ciirl's name 8 Eat away 9 Silver coin of Peru 10 Exude 37 Indian coin 11 Polynesian 38 Stage god performers 12 Bewildered 41 Ointments :i9 Xot fast (\ar.) 42 Weird 21 Haitian 43 Royal Italian monetary unit family name 22 American silver coin 23 Netting 24 Eight (comb, •form) £5 Cat ,1'iin Indian 2R Foot covering 29 Amorous look 30 *Slender 36 Emphasis I? IT 17 44 Feminine nickname 45 One who (suffix) 47 Genus of willows 48 Legal wrong 49 Gaelic 51 Chemical suffix 53 Augment Z! 25 IT )\ 33 Y) 43 • f\ % \0 10 \l 111 28 Z1 30 r r r 17 48 HI 10 Glad and Sad BY EDGAR MARTIN ^ SO 6V.M? ttfc. "TOE PWfcOU., ...°0 I *Ayy=Y TOtfSE NOT <bO TO NL>?VN? VOH^Rt SO I V.O<b"Y TV\^ VOO fcOVNCb TO 9-/o BY J. R. WILLIAMS NOW POWT BLAME ME FERTHIS--YOU KWOWIJUSTCAME OUT HERE OKI MV WAV TO SCHOOL, SO I COULPW'T HAVE HAP ANYTHING TO VO WITH IT.' WELL,THE NEIGHBORS DON'T KNOW THAT AND VOU'VE BEE W OUT HERE FOR TEN MINUTES ADMIRING THIS THINS.' THE 1 / SAV A PERSON IS JUPGEP BY THE COK\PAUV HE KEEPS, SO GET OKI TO SCHOOL WHILE I DISMANTLE THIS FRIENPOF YOURS.' ^•^ffaiiu. WHY MOTHERS GET GRAV 1-io rM n.,~u t. .»t OH OUR BOARDING HOUSB . , . with . « . MAJOR HOOPLt 0<AV, NOW L!S7£M ~~,A\D SET IT Rlfc. m i TH' FIRST TI.WE. 8srAUSE t\\\ iM A HURRY/ i — ONE AT ATI.W5, L WANT EACW OP YO J M'JGS TO POT YOUR WALLET, YOUR. VVATCH A\D A\iV LOOSE FOLDING MOMcY , IN VOU"? POCKETS ON TUT Rj.ViNlltfG 30ARO Of= TH'CAK—OiOI SAVCAR?HA-HA.' — I A'IS-AN TK'CORNl PLAMTER/ .THE ONE WITH S TH' ^TRIPSD PAW5ANDTM\ WALRUS FACS- 60S3 FIRST/, LIVELY DOESj IT/" e\' ^2 BUGS BUNNY Scale Model [(YAWN!) I FEEL A NAP "H COMINS ON, HOWEVEI?, I MUST ^EEPMVCLOTHINIO 'ON PISPLAY TO MAKE A hSALEI HMM. ALLEY OOP Oop Gets Revenge -^1 BY V. T. HAMLIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Power of Suggestion DAISY, WMY DfP YOUR. POP HAVE TO eer HIMSELF A -^-^yiCIQUS DQ6P BY MERRILL BLOSSER DADDY IS USIM6 PSYCH0L06IGAL[ WARFARE OM YOU/ jr^^ C Wl (>y XtA Stolw, Int. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Message From Martha BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY Picking His Subjects BY LESLIE TURNER OUT OF FK 'E AVERAGE PEOPLE ONE CAN'T BE HYPNOTIZED THREE CAM BE PUT INTO LIGHT OR IWTERMEPlWE 5TAaES ...THES£ REMAIN AWAKE, BUT FEEL COMPELLED TO OBE>' 60M6 TYPES OF SUWeSTlONd S> THE HVPkJOfiST., y A 1 ,FTBR OR. SHANDU'S IWTKOPUCTIOH | BV THE H0*T6$5 ...AMP ONE 16 CAPABLE Of PBEP HVPN05I61 TME5E WE CALL SOMNAMBULISTS. THE/ OBEY AkV SUiJ (SE6>TlONS WOT IN COWMCT WITH THEIR 6TAkiPARDS0P COWPUCt.CAN PER-FOR^A AMAZIM6 FEAT& OF MEMORY.,. AMP ARE IMMUWE TO PAIM. SINCE THEIR .CONSCIOUS MWP IS IW PEEP SLEEPl ' TONIOHT WE'LL TRV NO EMBARRASSING 6TUNT&... RUT WILL PEMONSTRATB SOME AMAZIW6 ABILITIES LOCKEP IN OUR SUBCONSCIOUS WHICH WE LET GO TO WASTE 1 NOW TO PICK A FEW OF VOU AT RAUPOM 3

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