Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Page 7
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alf Pdr ^liin ke,* Tork. Feb. 15. baitf^ 6i me call mpBCV rai I toi in i] so oia dh.e f ijst-wav^ p] 'Ajihideri te reduction in itasBlkst veek teod^d - balHs&l-cnt ilisiasm in tpidlngl, mere than a jaib-tjoucl Ing their ih ice ];925, or longer. |in the poi'u *f-iftre h4^! ijo a the iris lepied mater u. s.| lloy ^ver. that Ing ! ide .Of pric . _ , 5tc*l cbmtijdn >o IHr |ak tlrovkh Us In t^j! first ^alF ot the* sc tlipnKb it ^ )|i'roache(i (ractloij efJLhat', level. -Hard- te from pdr c«nt the iccohd time . a month, iiducet /ssurtic- llttK to check, at le; st^ tenw , ifie general ujwai d (rend ip today's istpck , markvt. ar^ails and (oint -OT selling. brokers imulate ^ early |scor(e issues prices |»-as ap- anco to 10 4 th g.hc: It e-sidt bs hfadstlff- wa , unalile record high sion al- n small kith ilfalfa * 13.50. Ithy and 1 . Kansis C ly. 'FcbJ jlu ( r of Agriiultirfi -i -U.'S. No. fX9 .po; No. L', *l«.50!: ..\o. , AWaiM. vlery leaW, itinirj SfX^it\e unci anged. Kpnsnis nty l.ljte'.to k. Kansas City. Feb! iir. (I. H. Dcpi. S <rf XKrIcult irei—Ci^ttle lo 5('0 and talyea jl,60(; »>etteif J:rade; of fed il'e^rs md yearlingf jfully steady: .Wnil of ralip to selliunde- $10.00. |.;teDaing! io ^er; bthe^ clas4es are 'W^ke, JTuUy .steady:} choi e long vtoirltni;s $11.50: hfavy i «)epr!« at ?|lljl5 :!buli fed ste<}r.' iSli} >'>:SiO: Itppi veil!! 312.00. 1 . ' " TlflirS.r.plO:! sioW: ear y lading jiio <(Uy 10c to Il5c ipyerj ban yes- '.er^ay'fe beit time; llight iglits are lulj, filly 25c lowir 8t( ck pigs tejidy $11 .75 @l2.5d: [top $11.50 on -59f to EOO jouild.s; Jb^lk : 70 to 230 «nnd8i 111 iS'Sill.oO: packing sows ilO.M@10.75. - I Itaisas C'ltx Icrai ^i. i Kansas .(-Ity. Feb.! 15. mebelp iosq am Morah Had Lanre irowd «f Shop- pfjrs iSaforday—Ed .Mhn«»wk Rcroierlnir frnm Attack oi Hirrtintrlts. .Mrs. H. Fnrd.l .MO^AX. KafiH., Feb. H.—In .spite "f a {(.-ontinuatiuii of bad wcathor anil (iur dirt roads almost impas.s- ablf. j-Mor-in liad an iinn.sully large crowij of shoppers .Saturday:. Mri Alfred I-aiiiheth has been' for'tap past few days at tlih home nf h<|r'mother. .Mrs. Sarah l.'mph- rey. liaving been lirought over from St. .I(>hiis ho'^pitai Thursday afternoon \V:llter Strong has Keen ronfincd to h s, bed for th^ past few days witli flu. Ho is iniproviiig and liis frier rts hope lie will ioon be full/ reco ered. . Tl e teachers of the primary grad's in the different Sunday scho )Is gave the children valentine' parties Saturday afternoon at the ohur time OAKLA.Vn — Dealers — PO.NTI.XC —;23. Overland'four sedan, good; "li Ford roadster; '24 Ford i-oupe. balloon tires; '28 Ford conpe: '22 Hudson sedan, good shape: "23 CHicvrolet roupc; '21 Studel)aker • coupe, fine .shape. Several other very cheap cars. Cash, terms, or trade. Ifotiart.-Stqelc Motor Co. IS KD~ CA R • ~n A RC AiNS~— 1326 Chrysler '•TO" roadster!: 1924 Ford co\ipe: .Maxwell sedan.; several Ford tourings. .Marr Avito Supply C.I.. Buirk Dealers. 1021 ESSE.K CtrACil—Best r6f •shap^;; 1935 Star touring, good co'ndi'ion. R. T. Barber (!arage. 211 U'esf Street. Pholie ."il.t. - l!t2.^. FOflD COrPB—.Vew tires, new paint job. bumpers, car in first clas.s shape. Hoyer .Motor Co.*. 212 S.Jeffer.son. Phone-2:!. FARM HA.ND right man. : Call miles, west of Ceo. OjBrieij. «o^d in MA.N—qver 2i y..a,lrs. wjiKos • for person. ' 1j lli^nibnldt Ilill. Me po.«lti<>n. d chance for advai enc?^s requ:V> d. care Kcgisfir. ^INA^ CI FARM LOANS-Qlulcfcj reasonable | rates, t borne. 2U S. Wash thes and a >most enjoyable | i-. being reported' by the i l!i2.-. FORD RO.^DSTER—Starter, clincher tires, ori.^inal finish, liio- tor in pood condition.'good tires. (;uar4nteed. Small down pay- youngsters. '• Mij-si Lydia Ilairson i*as here: visiting old friends and attending j to I) matters a few days j ago. iMrs. llanson has l)ten with | her laughter. Mrs^.'Kd Twinehani i :MU1 ainily. in l<nn.-.-i-; Cty the lust i few nioiitji.s and will now visit : w'itli her daughter, .Mrs. Shaw, of} Ilun liuldl.! '/I Will ICsiiTs who has been in lowi for tho past several months.' stoiijped here, for a vi.»it with -Mr. .Mr.-. C. F. Bronlllard and r old friend .s enroute to his i Ills honii- In walnut. The En- family resided here and their-^ Moran fi^Ien<ls are glad to know- are all <]\i\ic well at this ment r:arthy balance easy terms. Mc- Motor Co., 212 S. Wash- •iigton. Phone 89:1. i'.UD WHITE MOTOR CO. IIUDSO.V-ESSEX DEALER— Wheat- cars; uijcihanrfed to' 'ji higher Nol 2 dark Hard ^138%: No. 3 $1 .32ii:<? 1 .371 •Hard $1.35 il .38; | No. No. 2 r «d $1.31^1. •.|ifJD%?l ,32ii. Corn unciknged.i.Ko. 2 f7|l@75c ; i NbL 3 70 @72Vi< ff«Ho*r 74.^75c: .No.. 3 Tiff iinlxel 73 5l74e; r «.<)i 3 6! Oats lc .i)wer. So. 2 w |«c; Xh. .1 43 '^fi7:47c. Mllo mal:e $1.15jg'i.23. Kafil $l.)9fil .20! Rye pSfifs ^c. BarHy-7^@73c. an>v otlxj par: ier!< old the tipi y\ ha^t Bal Kri met Vai! frit H S1.3tV..'S H; No- 2 $1.32® |t3; .N>. 3 whits a! ; .\o. 2 73c:; .No. hite 45*^ hfcat: Msiy oM |1;32X: May n^w S1.32: jiijy $1 - • i ' July «0%r: (iIilr .*.go Chlcigo. Fljb. U. fA,#»—rins. lVt»eatj .Mriy $j.41»:'^ fo 'i: July 11.34: Isepi |1.31«t, iCorif. .MWy 80^.4 to ^c:lJtilv;S«c; Sept. jOali Mkv 45'^c; to f-.%«!lfic: JUiJy 46 «^>ic; Sep . jl,V. Rye :M.-^y 11 .05%; Ju|y $1.03; (lilraeo IjlvrMvi Chi ^ajfoJ Ffi). IS. iJT. ii. })c.pi oi 'AgrlctiltuteV—Hogs. 28.0t D: fairly aptlvei; light hogs,hop $1 : odd lots JJlOE: bulk llO t6(200 Ii. averages ^11.75@12: most t>Jtl to ^35o ponifd Wjtigh t 1-55 {11 if75: m pst 250 to SJO II. w.ight'$11.50i!ill 55: ajfew MOUi .35(1 lb. a'N-eragc! 511 .-15!?? lt.45: bulk packi^ng sovs $ 10.50 10.75; most pigs i$11.50(f, 12.00: the Iljiht IJgh .$11.50 g 12.00: packing 96 *8 $10.!! slau ;hier pigs $tlJ25e>12.i)0.' •; jdSittle 1 l.OOO; f&d stee s anH Ishe stock atie^dy; buiis wee : • to 15c lo^er djolce t > veale shippers --Bjt ^ady; s( iekers ^jid fee I- |s firm: "xapst leav rsiceri.$13.1)0 'hod'ac- tff« narka -pn-hj-ivy .st«eit;; : dull grades br yearliti^s am I'^diiim '(^igti s slow; mbst'me( iui'' bull,>; ajt 'oimcl $6.90; chifce bee re.-- o the >h1p1 >«r8 $14.50© is. S eip 25,000; ^at- lam s oi-ning (r ectire. bulk woojed 1 'nbs 5@13.25;. ask4j;!-u! rund I^Nilf AN*S i MARKET _.i4@i;c 13c _-i6@24r 12- 2ftc m*ICK. IfC;; Touring, duyo finish. nnCK. 1920 ROADSTER. CHEVROLET, 1924 ROAD.STER CHEVROLET, il923 COI'PE. i DOIKJE, 1928 ROADSTER. DODCE, 1925 SEDA.N, like new. DODOE, 1921 TOURI.NG. ESSE.X. W24 SIX COACH. ESSEX, 1925 SIX;COACk, ESSEX. 192J FOUR :ep .\CH. FORD, 1926,TOL'TtI.NU. FORD. 1925 ROADSTER. FORD, 1925 : TOURI.NG TORD, 1923 COUPE. FOliD. 1925 TUDOR SEDAN. FORD, 2 1924 TOURI.NGS. serious aftliction. , ."ifrs. Harlan Taylor of 161a, who \ HUDSON, 1925 Coach, duco finislj. beeii taking treatment's at the r. and |Mrs. Kd -Viirner who been for the past year at ersfield,-California,- came home S^y for j^a visit withi the Jors paren|ts. .Mr. and .Mrs! II: M. in'-r. other relatives and iiids. , . Id .Maiibr-ck xvJio suffered froAl a prohonged attack of hiccough last we( k has been relieve*! by cl(}ctrl« treatments dfter all ordinary niefh- proved -futile. Mr. Mahbeck's frohi hisl weakened condition-that ha .'l followed the attack and- will not) again be troubled with this hatj S. th. B. A. ho.spital in Topeka for past few^ weeks had been ex- pedied home Snnday^ hut later wo d exii-lained the trip would bp; ilc: ayed a day or. two b.'cause of' an attack nf flu the first of last we ^k. .Mr?. Tayl )r's friends here an glad to knojn- her treatmeriUi ! haie been-benefitjal and that shb !. H.ACU wi 1 soon be in much better health !-*•':p- "ASH. th: n for some time. NASH. 1921 Touring, winter enclosure. OVERLAND, 2 1924 TOURINGS STUDEBAKER. 1926,COACH. We Trade or Gi Ea;^y TermH. I 'e Very PHONE 1 .50 for choice handy weight; the ; ivjHambs $12.30^(13.00; culls at . Aut« Tmlrks foil fi.opW11.00:. sheep slejidy; fat'~"^ W CipECKfi I/).=!T -One $19 au<l one •heck. Finder please leave at Hjlsliop Sal<'s Pavilion. Rewi^''-il. }7:50 '?rsno: choice handy !''''"'f-K-Onc good ton tr.ic ewfps ighl held al»oVe $8.75; feeding lainbs unchanged: desji -nlde fe '-d- «-r|= i^'^.hnfrn.U>:l medium kitjds Hind S12.25.. Sale ANNOIWCEMENTS good rubber all around. For sale or trade. Come In and look it over, at Bishop's Sales Pai-fllrjn. Aato jicccssories. Tire*, Fartai Personals [USED PARTS—For Paige lig six; 32x4 tires: several batlorl<| -1 I'da Auto Wrecking Co. PluWi| iV«HI.NGS-Wai)le«l. Work guar-I iI^l.{Plloiic 1316.1; ^ j i 10; BUSINESS SERVICE Stmi-ed, Lost, Fonnd RoRin^ss Offered ' HOUND -RawHug hound. - Notify .1 imes Slonrh, Route 4, South Ken- I icky'street. ^ MJINEV—Oiic $5 bill and two $1 lijills lost on .streets. Finder please Ifavd !at Register. Reward. KODAK FILMS—Send lis .vour k dak films. We develop six exposure roll and print one of each. 25c; extra prints, 4c. Enclose required amount, ilome Stud ••seo South Kentucky St., Ida. Buildlni; and ('ontrarting CARPENTER-WORK—Wanted, nd or remodeling. Phone 1072.L XoTlBf, Trnckli^, Storage FARM AND CI'IIY rate on farms. 5' or short tlihe. R . c M. for rcspon-<i- Irn 1 Free for at pal si/.r chic Ins l -^fioi )iav rhW r.< I'ti tji iherii stone (i>uiitain s or :ncr>-. Id^i , $::.50 her 100 best cnhl and < CnnI I S'-e |<»)d i-ay • with r.-„ c.-n • ni. Refer-1 ...»„ w^s <• inarkj't. Custom tlom hat .Stnrdyj Chick Street.! f -BuH Orpiiigtoji from pii7.v .wjAning slijuin. Se ApecV. r .as.; Kiins. giving Food called Alijo one with Start- Wc rei :-l Ibi. M; rt ^nBci"^l 'ELECTRfc HATCHED C :^!.| t-All' ijadiug \lirieties Hcrviceandi possihl:' prices; also . li. Haw-j jiitcMing. Quality Electijic ngton. ( eiiy, Ga^. Kan ;5. | tOANS ty 6 lllCKENS ' 'lowest listom Match- MON&Y-TO LOAN— eastern money t|» It -and city property. Terras and paynient rfwer. Stewart private and Ian on farms Low rate, to suit bor- Itunk. Base HIGHiESfr .MARKET— P^ce J i paid 1 oultry (loops are u> poul- P 10. 658. . Lftngi far bream, eggs- and Cunningham.* Otir tru-k and chicken .—j at youi-i service'to pick ' y. Barker Produce Co. INt'UBAtOR—125-ogg Qr l>ato!|. 98:i -;:i conditio LIVES TQCK •Bogs, Cats, Uth^ Pets HOUXD—Black aiijd \\ cpoHsum hound; En reasonably pHcj-c northeast of HJun Adams. I'lione .•'.tJ2It klish Horses. Cattli". AUGUST BOARS Poland Chinas. for Curtis, (Jeneva, Kjan .MILK ones. COWS— Thilce just fresh. LaHijrpc, Kan:*., AIR-MULES— Godd sell cheap. Phope SHORT sale, -fi lORN ' COW phone 746. ee .UcVey. UKTTER+Start jiodr \ baby starting ' NONiC UETTER-r-Start ^ -- . < luc4< <«> Thos. Southan 4; lind Criwinji: Buttcrmi brood- anil 4 c t-licrj- il e lin hiitgl lat dni at eep incu- Phone m skunk for sale at your Mckiniiey Feed S I'olnt.-r.! —. i , , , niil .-s' PULLETS--l.-| White W [bolrtt. :3. relilcle.s Glenn and Ion ifor sal;: rooHtei], part u re -• Pli.;n^^ 9G4F12 , A^NI) tHLTS— ' WANTEiD TOi BUY—All extra good i |\V. A. Hicks, (hune 77. TEA.M .MULES—4 >1ears will trade for caltl rison. ,LaHarpo. ph ; ijrantcd—JLIrestocIt sale. Allen' tie ianrj hogj. (MERCHANDISE! CHUlNKl porkers. Urge,' timpeij 990F21. I Swinfi -Fresh. tor^XDII iJiHarpe. Hans.. Rezno new. fl Articles for Sal^ WOOlD-i-FDr sale, ^2.50 in or $^.25 deliveifed.| , A. J. rd. ^hqnt! 518. .VND flEiATING 3 and furniture Ihean. I K'eiley Ht ^tet Holiness and Office Eqiiipment Chas. ime Hi. TEJV.M — Smooth weight 1251/: -or flll^ er stock. A. B. H east. 4 north LaHarpe. ipouth horses. • trade for oth-' opklns, 41; miles PonltrrVuid] Sibpplles BABY CHICKS— Fori S. C. R. 1. Reds at R. I. Reds at l^c. Hatchery. »8 t9 S-TRAYED OR STOLE.N—Yellow 1 lorsian ibvn cat. Reward. C. M. | ^ORR TRA>'3FER CO.— Pa<*ing. iehl. 1 mile south on Keutucky. hone 993F12. Mcli -L W.W ]pf (Di |liDoe Co. Plione S7e AUpTIONS AnctloBS IDA PUB^.IQ'AUCT|ION—Pahlic Auction ek-eify Saturday at l ;rto 'o'clock at f isho»'s Sales Paviiion. storaje. long dUtance hauling. Reasonable rates. Jhone 140. I ' Professional; Serrlces SURGERY —Medicine, X-ray. I^r. F. LensM. Phonies: office. 886; residence, 1K6W. PtTBLIC SAtksj DATES — Mr. McBratncy- ^elma. . Kans.. Feh- tuary 1.^: Pilrc . Bred Hog Sale. (ccltree, Karis., Feb. 16; Fred Hyson. jCent^rville. Kans.. Feb. 17; Jl L. Tiiisley. Moran, Kans., Feb. 18:i Kfncnid Community Sale. Feb. 13: Carl Hcckenliabic, Moran, Feb. 23; Farin SalcTheo. Jagels. Hepler, Kins!,. Pure Bred Short- 1 cms aind Spqttedi JPolands, bred ! ow.--. .Feb. 2a;: i Geo.' Palmer. Kin(aid. Kans.; Farm Sale. Feb. 28, IC interested n any of these sales. XTite RE. Hall. Bayard. Kans.. tpr bills. If : ou are Interested or ro expectlnf^ to employ an auc- i cneer, write me at Bayard, Kans.. t r telephone 632, Kincald. at my expense. My reference is my work i I ,thc sales. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 6b AW' SET FQBCuiJBS Av ^IAVS 6ET77/0' OA) BibDLES- T CB BROS.— AncUoneers. We sell i nythlng, ; ainywhere, anytime. Phone at ou'r e-vpense.^ Moran Ihbne.liSOS; |LaHari>e phone 645. -Mor- TVPEWRITEIRS FpR SALfc-^RCntj ; or trade. Adding ma(hiies, any make. Public I stenogrfflRher. no-| iqrj- ijnd niultigraph , Iro-k done. |m }10-11. o'.-;er Glohit (jlothjers. Ftel, reed,iFertlUEe^s tomorrow ino 1 .3c; R. C. Stunlv Chick ALFIMJFA bale ait the barn. HAY AND FODDER—Biile^ prairir hay ahd kafir; fodder.] ijola and L.iHa.ifpc phone. — EXCEPTIONAL USED to FNC [Iiavfj slashed *urn tiire. Br I|AI)IOS—One tube radio. Seeds, PUnts, Fi iiv.NOT.V oats. .\Iv:i 'Kansas. PEEP POT.- firSt prize out of 26 oil Phone 945r3l XEEDS-Hohi lb.: home .?r3Ss. 2"V \ of f ;icld sc plenient Cd -Mj; the prices son Fu $lh».on. bu.sincss' 1 on hew imiture Store. fSi.X 5 -tnbt. $17 .50; ::K. .laphet, iaducf. BRUjK BUIL 12-i 214 .N. J.) rj.-sd ange. ' J ge icy. L lowers : l-ii4,- loss .Hi iVirS— Tdsfed Kanola ^ Shadwtick, Carlylc. TOES—Irish coi)blcrs ' iV^lcnCoiJnty. Fair 1926.1 im W. Wynn. i growi] town See u ries. VM str .<i 1 w GRO] For phone 6 pING—-Two .story, ffcr.son. lola; or «• ly U. I.. pThnnipsI CERV-JAt nil W.! days lic^inning I*! II sell droccririi at cost: ati 'Jjtt If JntfTf at. ill Rou Ga!\i I AH* lit Vart o Cabi ^iij Lc? r Range lid Wat |ani7 )C(l (It ton F-U Hi Kelt St ; 6x9 luinxiiij Koi !T \llJ LinolH 9x1: 9x KxIJ Klor.-il )xl3 0rifnt;| Farms and I,and! for Sale i m roved. Red Top. l.^i j bvngU .shi j blue | B for all' kinils i aijness: sopie feed. W.F. K 1. Ft)nr miles' w HIIL; iici .V, lolaj ijoojc of Pi(iti i res for sale «tr re Iso wagon, team CUES— ipht: will kle Real [Veil iniiirfived. pri cl! or Kxchaiisc. Estalci '"'ICoriibin.-iri' '^-'^^•Isa.: l ...-!(th itary [ Sqi^arc Dili Ar-i'^^f Prijicess ildokcase ijlavonport .j Ij)aveniiort ing Room Tuhl rcftkfast Table.H -hole.^ - . r" 1.2 .Machine- slung .Macbii frcs.scs . K.iKs'- ..J, ^/le RU!;H . Kiig . .\«ir.i ui;..\xiiiinist >.S R.VRG.VIN : r rCHSf-:- -i |r <|robfc . J ini Washer i--$7 .5i); ,$15 .06; ..$10.0fa! .-$3.o,a _$23 .<)!0 -f.l3.5<^ ,$16.5lOi ..$i.qo| -.$8.50! A Uii, We have 0: wr ha\'e ever h] stock cars that 1 that ruiist be moved tfi make room, for a^e now coming iri. SKD.W. same as nfln .j Ten «thei1 move. We trade Dodge I ELLIS 211 Wasliiiiirtiin jsell on easy v nns. rothers Cars—Grahii rrf Cm- I.K an f>cp<\nff.ablr afi the Dvalrr IK/if^ ,Sr|/?t It! I • - ' ' ' - ' I illnnd at present the b"^* a^sortnjenl of u K .SPOKT RO.MISTKK. H K t 'OIPK, a real IHIJ K SEP-XX north the mfjney. K T'OTKIXJ, winter <op, F. fOI PE. a real servlrehMe rarJ <l »ORT ROAD.STKKi Moks and runs like i|en. 1112 (1 ItOIK IHSr, IM)DI loer. iioiH 192.-, liOIlt liter. i>oi>( i9Si mm LOStBIH' ^ tail HI'P^^Ohll.E SEI>.\>. II reul bjiy. littG KSSFX rovril. ^Hsrhll} «>«I. !92.i FORI) ROAIISTKR. a r«»l Uu} Two 1926 Hinn rOfPES. «iime!a-< Two lli2:» V<»«I» TOIWINGH. w«.?lh »w TOKI> TRITK. cnb h«dy ainl Two l!e.-» FO'KII t'OrPES. ran"! pi<»ye. gcjiod cheap Ford tontin MOTOR (Opeti Evenings an i Siindays) PINEAPPLE SO/OE A /AAAl CAM£ I/O At 0I2D612SD A CMOCOL.^ SUMDAE^MOW DID' JiiAiOVW WASJA ! SAJUOR ?

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