Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1972 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1972
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

CAMPUS CLATTER WHO WILL-BENEFIT MOST FROM THIS REPUBLICAN COWeNT/OH MM/AMI BEACH i TBLU MB, CLASS... By Bob Weber HERE COMES MOOSE NOT MOCH LUCK, CRABTREE... WE ONLY CAU6HT ONE,., WAIT'LL MOOSB SEES ALLTHESE FISH WE'VE CAUGHT- HE'LL BE SURPRISED,. HA! HA! today's FUNNY THE WIZARD OF ID B> Parker and Hart SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray BROTHER! THESE POLITICAL CONVENTIONS ARE 60METHIN6 ELSE! B-21 G V<5 TOO BAD THEY DIPNT 10LDTHEMINAUV3KA! 1 VEA n»' THey COULD I I U5E ALL THAT HOT AIR! I TIGER By Bud Blake WHAT WOUU? you UKESTO H6M2? THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman WITH NO PHOTOGRAPH OF WHILE THE PEDALAWWNURSING IN A BAR MIL ES AWAY... "° M £%™T TAKEOVER AS HOUSE GRANNY AVAILABLE, JEFF DESCRIBES KEEPER FOR. THE AMES FAMILY. HER TO A "GUARDIAN"ARTIST... SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal SO RND ME A DELICIOUS LITTLE MORSEL, WES ROUND SOMETHING ALREAPX / GIVE ME A...._, ' oe I'LL HAVE" HIM DROP YOU ON/ YOUR HEAP/ OIJ1NOY LI'L SO, WHO PO you WANT FOR PRESIPENT? ^ i WAMT... OH... A /^oTu^rTGuy you WHAT'S HIS NAMEfy* ( WAMT TO BE PRESlPENI 'T KNOW ANP you POM' HIS NAME? ( WHAT'S SO W'RGtlG ABOUT THAI?I Bfc.T Hfc PCESN'T A1V NAME/ AMANDA PANDA Bv Tt>d Slu-arer Tnonx to Ned Nichols Muncie, Ind. Today's FUNNY will pay $1.00 for each original "funny" used. Send goat fo; Todoy'i FUNNY, 1200 Welt Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. Me Why! By A. LEOKUM WHY 1)0 PEOPLE KILL WHALES? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: KARINNE TONG, 12, Westerville, Ohio The killing of whales as an industry goes back quite a Long time The Basques were doing it in the Bay of Biscay as early as the llth century. •Whaling was being carried on in North America in the 17th century. The chief reason for killing whales was to obtain whale oil. This was the oil from the large baleen whale, and the blue, fin, humpback, and sei whales. The oil obtained from sperm whales is called sperm oil. Until the middle of the 19th century, whale and sperm oil was used for nearly every purpose where oil is required. It was used for lighting, for lubrication, steel tempering, leather finishing, and many other processes. Whale oil has been used a great deal in the soapmaking industry and in the manufacture of margarine. Sperm oil is now used for a varity of purposes in the chemical industry. The oil yield is highest from whales taken in Antarctic and Arctic waters in the spring and summer, when the whales are feeding heavily. A blue whale provides about 120 barrels of oil, and a sperm whale about 50 barrels. As a result of this hunting of whales, certain ones — the blue whales, white whales, and gray whales—are almost extinct. An International Whaling Commission was established in 1946 to control the number of whales taken. But it wasn't very effective. The blue and humpback whales became more rare, and the fin whale became scarce too. More efforts are being made now to protect whales from becoming extinct. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What kind of train carries- bubble gum? 2. What did the monkey say when the train ran over his tail? 3. What did one leap frog say to the other leap frog? ANSWl'KS 1. A choo chuo train. 2. It won't be lonj> now. 3. Om> more game of leap frog and I think I'll croak. «IU:KI. is OLDEST CITY IN UNITED STATES Sui-h' a si-.'u ininlil lit' t'i»'ii:-l ill tho nldi'st rily of Kuro|K';i!i origin in itir I'liiU'd Skill's. \VlviTi.' vvitulil this be Set' toinorniw's \r^\«,-\' tor llio Win 'J'lu' NL-W Hook of Knowk'd.ui' Vi'arhiidk. Si"ul your riddk's, jukes, if '•Kiiklli-.s. .lokis, Tfll Mi' \Vliy!" (iivt 1 /ip Code. TiulaxX viiuifi IN: SANDRA \\TL- 1JAMS, I:'. Ku'liniiuid, \a. Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, August 21, 1972 B-5 By Marcia Course FROSTING CUPCAKES, AMANDA, is LOTS OF FUN! ARE THERE ENOUGH CUPCAKES; CVNTVUA, TO HAV£ TWO FOR EACH OF US? DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer KERRY DRAPE By Alfred Andriola I WAS VYORRIEP WHEN YOU PIDN'T COME HOME, PAP, ANP ASKEP MV FRIEND TO- WHAT HAPPENEP YOUR MACHINES?/ WHEN MARCV ANP LEFTY ARRIVE AT THE SHOE SHOR ".CUE BALL'AM FRANKIE HEAD FOR THE BACK ROOM... By George Sixta YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID- W1NTHROP By Dick Cavalli I HAVE A WONDePRX. PRIZE R3K SCU IF MSB CAM TELL. . WHO THE WASHINGTON MONLIMENT \<5 NAMED AFTER? GIVE ME THE NUT UST TO CALL? J By Carl Anderson (toetata True Life Adventures -—~^ 'BUT WHE-KE )S1 THATT VAST dAKl Ori'S. WNP A MATE? 5!———— Copyright © 1972 j^»}P'--riy.. -.4 Wilt DUncy PioJucuom. :^.l;r"" ' ' ••"'• W'oild Righti Rejcired ^^^•^•^<^-^-•:-.-• '•'*&(&& "' - - : " (k *. I 1 *^?, • fK ^ By Sidney Oinun Your Horoscope LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE I-'ORUCAST FOR TUUSDAY When it comes to holding tiylit t" assets, Cancer is likely to lead lhi; way. Natives of Urn zodiacal M^II are capable of accumulating l.ti'lie amonnis of money. These peisoiia have long memories and seldom forget a wrong. It is bust lo have the Cancer ]>erson as an ally. Otherwise, you could have a lormidable toe. AKlliS (March Jl - April ID): Accent now is on what VULI want and how to oblain it Change ul sceneiv indiculed InieiiMiieil i e- lali )ll.-.))ip i a le.iluri'd Ym; with liemmi and S'lrgo,. \ OU 1 I' lllli 1 ill IlitVe llll'll.' lllM I'ACKUS l April L' jn. Am- hition-, .ire leaiuivd Set -i:;lu-, on ^li'.ii IV .-.uir \iiu J.jj"V\ v^Jjjl i! is \"U i .Mlly seek Dun 1 fool \ our^.(•11 ^'.M \vill he ,:ivvn »>pl> irf.inii'. . 1 ihr.i in. |u idual lould pl.i 1 . |in-ni.iii'iit mU- Acc'i-pt j.Uled commitment. Creative endeavors succeed. Change, travel and variety are featured. SCOKP10 (Oct. M-Nov. 21) Display sense of humor. Be versatile txpand horizons. Enhance security. Give attention to home basic needs. In stating views, be' forth- njiht. Get rid of pretense Ue >>iurself. 'rheii you will succeed. S.-UJITTAKIUS (Nov. 22 -Dec. -I) Accent on ideas that nerd development. Relatives and short loiiriieys .ire in picture. Prospects ;i:i niighti-r than might be apnar- enl on suilace. Don't overlook ile- lail . siadv fine print i Al'KICOKN (Dei 2J-Jan. 1-j): lile.i.i he tr.iii^iuniieii into !" '"' ''>'"> i» i'i put pi omnium "H" HI ..... MI. Cc-mini .iiid Vii-j-u are in (iiiunile i'.o L^alu-. are .iv.iil.ilile 1 me lor paying ami col- !,-i HUM ( 'ft ai * (Hints ,irai"hl AiJUAKIi S i l.m :;u In-b '|g). 1 v li- hivh. t.ii-.,, mni.itivf lie 111- tli-pi-ilili-llt .mil iiri^m.ll \ew cull- 'ai Is are I. r. , aril Url allonslnp:, ' .in "ei oni,- ni.-ai!in..;iiil N'mi j;et .ill, •mioll. Wear I': l:'hl i olor>; ,,\- . "pliiii m I). In \'. !ll>pL 1 .-, ^VV^^1 I I ,'ii |i| M ,,, |, _.,j, : md -.. i. lie-. I n- .pel.iie III |'i ni, , I Visit Ihose who - -il in handle. i|i|ied. Ad' 1:1 ip!---. "I i I'lMi-n Kule. ,', ;:n i : nil r.ilr, l t hi oujlh .1! • il '.'. Mil la! ;',' J.TnU|, A"! I 1 -. VOl'K ItlK 1 II.. TL- ' •!, '. tILt I ,W!1 e.U I V. '' iroio par- i annilii ant , ii/.K- mar' 1 1 1 ri ' 'il or 'ii. r : pi i' el. J ''-/ v;-/>//. 'a3HDlld •l---"---ou 'XA\VHv'VVOi 'b' '-,-- JU KiOr-JX '9 'a3NOOH3S '2 •.-= ol 'i.aVil '6 '31VO '8 '3NOJ ' L

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