Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Page 6
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S I "Hi prov now thai i'usily - unrl itiiiK 'li<* iiclit iTf aii'd <fxi)r lijii jiiirh acii Will liidd hack bit- as a w1i (di i: Jlet r<'.siill I I K - t »nd an line seel ion jlif' .Soulh«'a.sttirii HeeHoii. .syjiteni of clit>A to thf By actii n taken by better by jTo lh»' hixai of Kansas •piivfd liighway.s now re Allahtii' k'Oasl. -coiinlifs- si'iiaral'-ly. or coiiniy Kroiins. soiitlieaUteru Kansas wijl' lit- into ihar fistern sy.s- tom. Tlial int'viiable. eru ariory is a great sontlii'astt'rn Kaniias -South i)( the t-aslorn li; buildibg is a il ;ren^ Kansiis ki; si;If ot it. Th.- rt) ea.-^K-rki K Kansajs- w poiiiilatioii Tlun ' polilicjians that :i ]in>dii (fi ,>r i fi-w y<-ars Honi(-tl|inK of K -ai ^.-^as pari-c-l jof a liinluvays." i Hoiitiieasll -in of pavi^d tho (!ulf. asset and ows it ami w !advantage.s \iy\ nsas. over th 11 increaso Kiowlh and in Kansas a who think |ia\-|nd liiRhway i| Iiopiiy<'oc-k. I I K^KO iiu-n [by watchinR it at .SI a •ciloj I opr( bf III) ibis V Is-favi|rabl nnii- tjo il niiM-iidinii -n Kaiihak is work ;«iil ^vllll>lljl th Jiarts lnd<i •frciiii point • KiK'd I K 'II CI liiakiii iipon luiien roiild; If K Thai east- lasset and linows il. If pt Kan- l^lghway.-ri.s htv artt-'ry luthpasteru 1 avail it- tying into suit is inevitable, south rest of ts ratp of its wealth. ;real many he claim a wealth- In will learn thlK section as it hi'conil-.s part and national syst Kansas ha the expcnw I', and the H I undoubted • by a larpj' r- HiibnilHHicin lint that In II better its biKhwa an'ii-ndnient linxiiH I H iindc I 'lonslilKrlnB 1 wliiilly si'cllonal of \ii-\v. It may tliiii this part of ofl In the inatt K II an it would h ivo lieen if BislLitnro bail act( 1 fayorubly th Inio^it not iwo yoar.-. li'dVe' bceh b('for»^ w conlil ha another, yo irk imder . it.s •(> been offet-t yea •w 1 ed. In.ti tliii'i" no n there i Uni! i-enia sixty e meantime. (During these s there' could load 'building. woitld have been none. as ins.-' fiomit mil er easier but tini pre:il|y ii and ilD -ri ^Ollll Aire: the ^^OIlllli |d>- loI.T and all IlJe tuwna to Jind tJi|>.' nre < onn will) ja p:j to tlie C ajnendnien hail been liavj been Vot aril! if appro\jed it would It is now. t be law uni^eit ^• has built ? s of hard roa I Kansas cOu iproved their in no redson work, should riot d the north ^losijie'of tlj llawrenc , WithI a s. rfae: as far as In| north as far •{•(lied by way yed highway. |f, and, there e gap |{d'er.son| iect f}f A to ooij s»tehi of'l paved les Inactically all nortii. ea<( and sojitb—lijto the well paveO States of AVltwoniin. Mirhl- Mionesota,. eas gan and Kngland dow?i seen th^ ev • within two years jl' n>o; and 5drth ori sectl ery ri'oson. ti llJou and south to cqost to Plori tif. las county wil then so far as south is eoh bn or {Kansas WILL J (-dllbrlally tlie refusal hnilt the which peril) many lbi> Slat'e has been rstanduhli'. of tii<- Hsi .ng the n. iiniiucs- !lUe Krowth (be KagU- if it may iiphasis to if Kansas, Loiiia W. Hill, wbo hav revealed liiseir BH auhor of the plan 16 cApsqlldate the (Ireat Northern Hillroail. of wlil'ch he Is the head, w I ^H the .Northern Pacific, 1 ,8 a son 01 -James J. Hill, who financed and b lilt the (ireot• Northern Hysteni a<i088 the North West region of the Uited States. From youtii Louis W.Tini wasairalhed to succeed his fither. He Was sent'Bast toVale t( be educated, w ^s graduatetl in 1 (93 'and :tben went back to St: p{aul to learn the railroad businesH rom the ground up." When tljls id been accomplislied he was put o I the directorate and then, in 190^ as made presideni, to succeed his fjjfher. From the beginning of his c; reef Mr. Hill has attended strlct- 1) to the 'business of running his ri ilways and : has left out Wall S feet and ail speculative phases o railroa(ling; For years he has h lieved that the Great Northern,' Nbrthern Fa.cific and Burlington \ stems should be unified. E TOLA DAILY THAT LETS U5 OUT. RRGtrSTER. TUESPAYE\t in of paved no desire of the rest ntlinent in y was and preponder- Of the Soulheolit IHisltion^ to problem ban other inhle. he mnlter iniij selfish Jvell ,i)e 111- Knnsas is r of road If the limit ted it (1 upon for • at least provisions vely start- have or at been least le old law which Al- Inore than s and oth- ities with two Cxceplions have bisbways. Vhy the lo right on. lependence as Garnetl f'Pt. Scptt iiat reache.-i lacks only from the county to is section road^ til at Ithe States. into .New Washington and ia| There Ijelieve that Franklin close this ravel east,' (jerned this be fixed! iProsldent Coolld^e has asked ccngress for $l!i,000 to pay the ex- pinse of an American delegation to the economic conference called b] the League of Nations, to meet ir f;eneva. "The noteworthy tl ihg," comments the iNew york ^ imes, "is that these successive p-oposals to work hand in hand vitb- ihH League of Nations no linger excite resentment or felgij- el liorror. To express siisplciob or dread of tlie League has gone qut of fashion. This may he portly cause people have got tired of >eingi orators pntriotlcally but ar- ricially foaming at the mouth \\|b(-never there is talk of our bav- g anything to do with the Leuguk that as it may. It is now Impcis- Nijble to inake cold chills run do^n e hacks of Americans' at- the more inpntion of the I.,eague of .N'atlon.s. If we ojigHI to shudder at anylhlpi^ rlay, it is at tt;« stupidity of the ijalejsmen or pol rceive that th ticians who do not League is a go- lilg concern, getting stronger every yjrtar, e.4tabii8bing itself in the con- dence of all countries, and still Offering to perplexed peoples and governments the liest means of R^t- t ing international J voiding war." disputes find "They say farmingldon't pay,, but diinno." The speaker was a firmer looking person, talking in ufi lola store to some of his friends, came to .Allen., countx fifteen ear.<: ago and bought a farm. Since! t len I have bought two more farms, I ad I never got any money from! t^e outsiiie. Just made it out of the rst farm and then out of the ones houglit. I didn't do any fancy larmlrig, either, just plaiii, Kansas farming. But of course I farmed, -I didn't stand around on the cor- ijcTs talking about what a bad usiness farming is." And then hei Ai .'ent on to say: "I have knocked! bout quit*' a good deal,'and eve a man can get jiiore for his loney in iiuying farm land here in Hon county than in any other jiace theri} Is.' liind Is cheap here now—(-heaper than it will ever be Ji?aln in my opinion." And the (^pinion of that sort of a man Is orlli something. Senator Wheeler, of .Montana, has le brlKliI Idea that the way to nuke sure tbe^l 'resldent dods not veto the McNary Ilaugen bill is t .o V ithliold passHge of the brunch banking hill In which the President {if siijipoHcd to be interested. Can't .vbu Just SKI -r that little, hatchet- fticed Verntonter In' tho" Wbite ouse falling over himself, to sign bill iiecause. the S(;nate says to liliin: "if you- don't sign our'bill w'e \J (m't pass yours!" If there ever bad been any doubt of the Presi- bnCs veto of the McXary-Haugeh bin. Senator Wheeler 's threat has ehded it. Dr. .N 'icbolaH .Murray lliitb-r, \^U<> Is the wettest wet in the Kepiibli- cun party, says noliody but a wet canlm electWl next'year; and s |-n- alor Borah, who i? the driest « ry in, or, about the fringes of, t!ie Republj(-an party, answers him right lip that iiolKidy but a dry cjan Be be nominated. Arid f'alvin Coolii sitting Iriglit 1Ji-t\ve(-ii say a word.. them, doesn't ('(jolidKe's majority last time was something like T.OOii.oiiO. The viMii- tiy will have to raise ^n av|ful thirst before that majority (an overcome' by an Al. Smith inv tiou to "have a drink." be ta­ in a lew days John U. Rockefeller jr.. will open an apaftnijiint house, which will afford loinfojia- blc quarters at a r (i .-a:>onable repiul tin ifiC familie.s. That .sort of ililih? families. Th |at is li finer charily than all the braries that ever were built. STATE MAY REPEAIL KANSAS NURSE LAW ii- Topeka. Kan.. Feb. IS. (AP)—jHe- claring tlia: "ibe nglstered nurses of Kansas bavt- acu-d in a conftitt- ing way with the best intereslil jof humanity and the ni<-(lical proi(|s- sloii," Kndres of Leavenworth coWn- ty,'Hepubli(an floor h-ader in tin house, t()day inirodiiceil two iJiils for abolitiiin of ilii: state nur|i<i-'s i)oard and r-peal of the nurse's r isl rat ion'law. "The board Ii;is become a pijice fixing. Institution"," • Kndres siid. "The (barges of nurses havi- h raised to |i; a day. pliM rponi board. If the .|iatii>nt is In a! pllal. Ill- miiKt i(ay an additional a week for board. ;inaking a t we 't4kly ^'xpiiisii. of! iTt'i."' Kndres suid lihysicians have ci plained to liiin abiiut "nurses fusing to ntieiid worthy cases less giiarantceil th( wafees." .i CROSS CURRENTS (A. C. S.) isolated spots whiffe the dis- 'a lew Igu^tit^g habilj certainly shoiild be passwl to pat We see by the latest report of the State Fire .Mars|ial that the ranking causes of fire in Kansas are stovirs and furnaces, chimneys and flues. incendiariKiii and sparks on roofs. Funny. We have always cigarettes started been must told that of the fireli. if Sherwood Phillips's job fc .smoke! an • enja to ItJ >. <• <r li YOtl nderson had Colen r a while - holy .Notliili^ quite feeling of ri-li^-l1 comes to the niliu wl and T y Shaw <• <• •:• •:• -J EVKR STt THINK Ei^Hon K. W£ lee, Oklahoma flHAT mail blossom aiild diJ compares with tJie joy wliiijh finds frobi his doctor that tiis coughing is not caused by smokling tjio much It iiu -rely due pneumonia. tu bfouchitis l.ini-oln wasn't was a niastcr of We heard y ^iis in "Thought you Iieka." "I kmc lieen 'n — And that wj but or en iid h 'liH- i!al the Only one who he art of brevity, a barbi-r shop: jwas goin' to Toi imck." all! This was hea'rfl over the tel<- plione recently: 'jsay, Al. I'm hay- in'i some bigh -bijiJW friends pver Ill-re toliiglil— wliai liorry some rectn girl?" t's the chance to lis by that Gluck An IllinoiR map wo niiles In his s ing. loin folks IrillAT niuiiy f IlllllSI Who are ivi living i 'liiAT ihey ov w:4 of to th^ mi^ <loS r, rd irnLVT putting the>|' tirjie jto thf p;^rks. to tutting ( vai uti away caki iiid tras ril.-\T they plea.4intly attraetlTff. lAli. THIS HAS MIX- WlTil MAKI.N'G CO persists, a law most * •» 4 • • •:< 1» TO ite •:• •> • • y cities :ir if because C. •> • Ed, J. Diihffe. salaty J ..-1 100.00 B Margaret Glad.Vs and W. D. Dr. XT. G. A, iJt» L. F. Wi Zella' : M arid eX. J. B .'.Sni tl .Mary W« bi H. D. Silt expeiisf Gladys .M Btliel Sh John R. Dorothy 11. {..andiiu J. Q. Rol Wm. A. Ruth -McJ! .Mary E. William Se: .Mrs. F. <>. E. L. Biifn lart. s:i Esther Kri tz, .saip F. A. Wi(sdn, cler Geo. Seyhmur,: .sa Fife, .Marnu e!jp*iise jk. sani|i: tcpben Freeman |ei |ts ,.:;al. nry. Rdiiind, s mour. kratz. Ida G. Si|ilfh. sarai W. S. Lrtlf -sal. Ajb^s, jurojr 1. same san n, san ing, s:| sam« Ij. sain>{ H: me . I san same i ante , same ril>ok. sa iii. sal) Slime •:i|lil)tt. ijani-! iriade them IS i have |oodVi(it|s in wbicli io live liiisinessl of tlieftd starting heir cili- atractijve and cities »fi ially |ir(igjrel;sive i >e(U-; working iiafd to iiri- i-onditioris. are iiiiK'ii i'oncernfii their "best Ifoot fo;i- an^ devoting mu<-li (are and de\| be paving the beautBficatiop idr f weeds: UnjUthe re- s. to t|ie jkyard tin of ulLslghtly o|)jecj \f\th theibac pi-obleni. [arc making] A.'S 1 )1 PROSPEROUS W.^LMUrilTY. drove his ciir eep. Thai's niith- drlve that waiy en ch can P lESENTJ^ A LIVL\( 1^1 IE OUTSIDE WORLD. (Copyright. 1921 WOMEN OWN IN A. T.& keW York. Feb. 1',. tAP) ^'Tf-' of I America cash m«r; dividend kckfi of the billion dol|u Telephone & Tetegr and oth^r large kot Snen. It ;has beep •"iirvey. jlf Is esiini a' hundred niitii of iKincjs, w.-ri- ini When one comes to think of it is unreasonable to expect a Kanis i.,egislature to repe^il or even amend the primary law. All the embers of the Legislature were )niinated under the law as it Is. Hlalf qf them or more could never h ive been nominated at a convep- linn where the people had n chance talk over the merits of candi- diites and they have an uneasy c insch usness of that fact. i Why e; peel fhem to wreck the bridge which carried them over and which tley inay n«»<jd. two years' from ni iw ?' . So .more pistols from mail order houses. Tbe^ President last week signed a bjll declaring irevolvers, pUipIs and iother firearnis tapable ol being concealed on the y)erson ni n-mnllablip. The next step.idiould^ hi the i )assiige of a law forbidding the sale of jsuch 'weapons' tie,United!States Government for tie use of its soldiers or to cities ai d counties for the .use of; their P| lice officers. Ninety per cent at leist of the homicides In America v>; luld never occur but for the pro- ni scuous carrying of concealed w -apons. • , 'elopmept if streets, awns, ito 1 n. N(i ia e I, 'alRrt. aiit I'es i -sji-y 11 li.hi". \u\i. I loiin rs. their (ity TO 1^0 CTE.VTKn EFIj-EtilT ) OCK NOW Anieiji- pb Coih- porutioiis. eternilni'd ited more II dolla|-s based by. Clark E. .Morris .1. Adamii .lames A .1. -Vmleri A. .\rms W.- Baft .lohn He C. Hell, J. Broth W. Camil .1 .Clark .John Co -Walter ( T. Ciinin Walter R. niak); Chest-r Vlom Fi Melvin l; Fuller] Vern Gr Frank' M .\. 11 nib II. llend Fr(-(1 ri|f, F. Mug il. t; .liin .1. 15. Ke Otto Krd S.vlvan (ici). \V. A. .M l:. A. Sy[ ohn Oljv Pa «-.sse I'l lioi) W. i. T. Ri P.. -Sh |l. L. .^pi ;ilv Sylv )alik Tl ,iiicolii has. \VI ,S. Kii^ M. l-;l) ilarv ^'V ' L xVl! Keiilielji II. Snn K (-niii >i ]i ry Mfg; rcbie l):iKg' board .1. \V: has. .\'. .M..:c. IhaiiiKiii Hvans S •ssl« E.vSniiie] ide .\i. Hen ( ippioju I.. (• .\1 officer II .\. I ex Dens F. Wi .^iiiia M< aggie irsett liidi -rwo' supiiliek .\)lcii Co. rservic y of electi-ii ^t Jobart I .1. Dil ^ri e'er isti-r D; la- Mill! i Geyerl len f'o Ijiinibold A. \V animal Bniehgjer, ifford . II. Rl unter •. F: i*. e niebi .1. Slobi A. Jo m. Sai^pj nimal M. Ke|lt l(|la Dai ng anij Siji ^ithweK services F -Ihernstll Ytoung. ^alary uc, salaryl J .J 110.11 210.8.5 |i. same..J 101.8S wbrt, sai le j "7.00 lis m. '• sal iryj . _..-! 133.33 Freem: n, salary,; |i4nse - : 136.13 .samt ! 134.4K ler, salary i 50.00 jck, s4lary and; .; 220.11 mont, [salary 10,12 ly, san e .30.00 Pirey. sJine J 100.00 same ; and exp.. ss, same : Irae- _ - ) e LJ.; jial work4 sime Vnui rte . same .— janie • rid exp.-- er vices --, n}i. sa me same .saiiii w^iiid. a:i rom. K r,; .san n |i(-i;. sa si ;.i). iiy] sa))> eson. ^<fk«?y, icei. <te)'. i ^iiipsori est. ,s: {iJLlni -on., f ^^al.- r.j J. .Slate vs. ^I'^inyl^ i|;ak«-r. Wisht h. (!oi) Wigh ('()., sf pplies iier. sti niUrt. pt. Ill (Hi-. C. san san e . le -. me ne : sa^K? (r . inie ine : me ; saiae . nie line ; inie- ;a:iie sa iijii,- imc- ti pie line e _ . J;aini- _ line . iiie me saiiit- n)e .. same ssign«Ml lie s^alary and jail a III IM K li] III.I U ger tia utijer. l^KC .pev (iw; T<; Kliiele, •e. i .s. ill ty L-ii (le jail o;. (| (toiildem Joii on. I Vtale" ; St'ate [iplie.s lame me , saiive Associate rii.:;{li. same _ 'ar:ii Bureau. triianc.v- siriiit and i -xi eiiiir laUor at farm same '•u., sup.- rifiiig Co.: .i.OO 2.-i.(h) s ;i.20 9 .t:3.-) 83..'')0 33.33 80.00 75.00 41.C7 •97.3.5 20.00 20.00 .-.0.00 4r..2G 20.00 -12.00 15.30 3.00 . 1.5 .211 7. If) in .'Hjj 1*0( 3.0t| 13.0(1 I9.6 <1 I.5.fifl 18.01 13;0I 12.0(, 12 .<»i: 15.rtn 12.70 3 .tM 15.0(< 15.0 (1 15.61 13 .iif( H.iii 15.01, 12.0l| in.lK; 3.01 13.2ti 13.111 13 .IM 15.01 13.11 13.01 .5.71 5.101 12 .SMI 15 .tni 1 2 .50 11 ..SO IS.SO 23.30 13.00 «1.25 2 .15 .5.15 1.5) 10:01 11. 1.52.G1} 24.2r ' 2 .01 ; 11' 5.5: 23.11^ lO.Ol. lO.t'l .•133.3;: 12.01 ;22 .7' 202.G; 31.01 32.01 • 8.301 -There the Japi Dear i-'jussy ^Cousin; ivas d 'Japanese hiit Ptwfessor Clarj from BernitidJi. i He dried that it r ^taiiued I its wonder: lorlug. It ,was Uhe moat pecdliar. jcrab tba I have ever [seenJ j There Was a, note attached; to! the crab wbl'h read: '^bis Is a Japanese cral. 1 hdpe that ft Willi In- tenest yo I. See {how different even tbe crab [.are in JaiSan. Compare it with fbe American crab wnlcb I am s .e|iding ytoV. is,a peculiar thing about n^.s^," said my; iuis- The Japanese and^ the .Imeriran Crab. , sea folk! (rf Japan, hair* unusual! about tbein." I j Therboth had the sane ntjmber; Of legs.! Alint PoUlr, bill ibe atviOai Were qiilte different. .My iuiitress s4id tl a^ a tehesjiljings, with its i la>y^ anai oes ^grieat deaK of gj^ '*!r!*fl libel- ore. the set \^ii?er*j d|f! ibe oce-in <ind eat the d ^d ahlj ^ie-j: ea^ed auiipal and 'plant 1: fe. wblctij would'-nii<te it unhealt i • for the! Other s^a-iinimals.' Wh<i^tbey ea». they do itfVery politely. Theyi Iwld jthelr 'fOo* In one cla? , breatanp (iff saiJUipieces \|rith Of opt><>slt» (jiaw andrput it into ta^r n^tb. .^Vben ai crab lias finish •d Us mCfllr It Is v|'r.\! |>articiilar t()^washi,|its; iflaws jjrfd if they are} not jelean! 4vben jt [exnnilai's thf n . It | Iwlll; Shake, tliem in thei ware jigairi.; j itave ,.«(jen a ccali do t h|s ^ several' {jimesJ" jsiid myj niistieis. ">intll,' eiiere |ls| n (i odor, j So y<>t^ see itj i» rather ^rticular after i^. ev^dj It It is culled the iicaven;^? ofi^^ihe; ^ea." • ,! • " I •; I • : - Wbeni a crab i.s a tat-kedj byi ofbiT .•^<?.'i rnniiiials and ope oiT; ItSsI claws Irf tiirn off. It do< < jnot seem to nilndi but, hides^ iff t seatveed ilnd grii^vsj another claw J " -My misfress mnde a ifawing ofj the .Anierjean and Jaiv dese crab,! Iiiyini: i,n the Ix-aih. S i"K it io .Mr.s. S. jso thif see Ui,j, Irllfft-n-lij the|^ Jiiliai(e.>fe criib is Ihe llio)- S(ie ,t..l,d the (»hlldrpy tress, "ilrintlcally all of the sea aiiimals iiave iiiiiisiiaj forni .H. which are ver.\i differi-iit in ,oiir Ain(|ri (-Hn (jceiin.s-. It i.* just las Ihe professor'SM.vs. that evi -n the ' ' ((.'opyrlElit. 19:1:, by jEaU Muimar iriiuerj of Ibe ing uri Ktiid.viii WDIllfl lobster all sea Ing. h( ll-fish »\;ere vi*; h ified that tvheii iJK alKiiit tl|p sea" [eitrn alt alioiit tl nijd the shrimp:! fi^k'and well w:</»th know-. Good bight, I arvelle |Iorenc(? and oxp LEGALS LEGALS Clark, salary H. Round, 'salary L.' E. Brojwii. taxi' service., tile t)ls()ii. exp'^nse. Slat» : , vs. Do^^ier j Kngeiie ii. Cook, supplies., i A. II. iJayis Elec. Co.. sup... i'liiied lion Worke. gralt bars .j . ...;.. eniii; .\Iil>.. Co... supplies .. .... CO.uii! Sliutiiioii liidw. Co., aupl ; Ralph En^miIlger. laboif 70 .00 -Crane Co.. siipiilies Kj.oO J Craiii- S. 'Jo., supplies _ i("raiie.V (jo., supplies 1 >M- .Vo tzcer^ pay. roll 'ranc A: Ola- Fni Poor II lackin-y IIKisi-. ).ll Alia 'ity (li^oi-ery. satm- ^clt.iliz ( $iii:tb Sii Co.. supplies . 1 Co.. iuii^plies foil arm - ., . J, * Sun. paujier* ii.i. sauii- - iliiinlioldt. ling .4ssn.. wat(-r and supplies. 1,00 2«.'50|;( proHitti"" offi- board oal led animal |-iial. sup., supplies., oiidemneil same tlilzier. spme \)ru labo |ii|n. sup lealtie. wolf sume same ^lies aervice^s.. Scu.,) --- <on. Hook. sa me (oiidemned LV. sain Regis^Hr, hipplle n Be! (lenined ijifmal Li-onor Keith. i. Hiitijli us [animal; J. Bak! itt .V. Bdll, l)ri:v Si |i>iion izi .v. SniBt S. Min-kjiey B. Shi( Rbppb C 'oimty B. La^ill X R. liiaps J Jories El(ict|rie Ro^d Sui lion cu R. H. Col lejtz, su l^-e; .N'Oftz ;i r, . lidii ^ .Mini n](;| Co.. for. (5ou It Fryer Brqs. Standard ffir Gou Seyi sjippiie^ n. En sal tin. I Mnie sani san: t: 4aiu sa Co le, su am etb troitp. Co. ft priiit- •TelV C( K". ielil. con- ry bndemiied f e me . liie sup!. ... jiplies for damages sujiplies,. 115.46 (;.39 G.OO 3l).l:- i'.S.7.45 S .6I i 5G.fl7 38.55 G.46 1'».13 17.89 1.00 9.20] 21.fS) 1.00 '. 1:00 ; 1.00 7.00 \ O.GS : 151.85 10!t.08 ; 31.54 iwt.oo ; 19.26 ; :;7.02 n'i)!i 9.13 53.'.t3 9.IG .G3 I 21.98 lor .OO 6.0O [• 48.00 1.80 r .d .wAgl^t ,V!rs. r.iz are IV. il. Z md.-;?. lughi-s rvir BrI iJen Penii ter Ha Jor.l M.Ij inilst-. Re arl Bol innieririaii. paiipi-r roieiy, same ... js. (Iri^ery. same ington. s:iine 111.- pauper re))t iiicy Groc. paiifieri .-Holds.; same on, sariie .. lar.i- K. haj. R. ti. Tb I,: \Vb I. (j. Ski I: 1-11 ciial \V: III IS'' (if I( hat. ! (K -»*ry; saiiK- 1; Hainbolill. saiiu- <!n<i:.. salin- • -Mlair, ]iaiipei- ola .MilliJig I' D . sUn)e . ;r(»ens l'"a.'*li (itJf-., same . I. & M. Jlrocerj!. same & S. Crocery.'same . .. iSsart Tiia:er GriMreiy, saim-. 1. ..Miller, same il. .*<t(f vart. .same E. Foslt-r, sanii- . . W. Rii tiKtt. paiipi-.- r. lit Al. Ilei dt-rsiiiij same \V. Sill II c. same - 1 I'-np'tJi 'oust, saiiii-' .1 .| T." Hai I is. paiiper iiiHsi-.. llari- K. lijiMptr r'lii ; Drailiii, «aiiiu inp .siiiiL same takirr. j-iami- _ . ii>r. haiilini; pAiip- 7.S1; 22.15 CI .50 30.12 272.51 n .I^! 32. CO 2i .9S "li .iiii il.lH) lii .ll'l . l !.45 1 i .lM) T2.50 4 .00 i;7.o7 7 !|.50 n on : .00 s.oo 34.05 15.110 1 .00 17.80 lO.oO 5.00 1.5.77 : 3.10 1.9.1 73 .00 7.00 14.00 5.5o 4.01) in.iio 10.00 5.00 3 ..-.0 a .OO •II. C. I aiiser. salary . T. I,.'Tli^ipiiiuriin & hist.;No;. .5 .. ... - : Clark Co.. siijiplie 'Aiitiiii Wi.'sti-iIieiK. labo i:\V. \V. Pe;k i Co.. oil V gas f.-l-.^ .l(is-ph liCli'-IiasUi. <-.\p<- TifH Repiir Shop. sup. il^-o X.i (;i^.llv labor - ilJiirgei .1: C. H .No. .iL'TIl Ijet- .ViiftiiKi-r. \iiir:'.ii| i-''(liiig .\.' H. - p.owniaii - Mall I •<). material ai|il. IiispeCtioii Is send-: yoa can' l «Mik- rfbe ly oneJ tbatirali interest-i nicy were' that they crab.|;tbe, ^vhicblnre: .1-- Son, i3.35 7.30 17.87 5.37 2$.45 262.19 90.00 roll SI itt ion. Electric : rt-pai J. C W. \\. gas Standa t;i,-ii«fva! Creek .Sliaiindn 04 vi- (Srlllitb.- material Pfk K- >•.{>.. oil Oil Cii.. sup. ownship. Li #rii!.!<e - Hdw. Co.. siiii 0; Schtiiieriis. labor . .Soiitlmesjern Bridge *• vert 'o;. Est. -N'o. 2 ;4 .\rchie W'ood, oil and IJIohm Bp )S.. oil and I 'cline -Motor Co.. supplii ,\V;.W. Bak(-r. motor vv. ' fuel lax' i '-f !i :ii> C F. Itoilli. saiif i:- 8 3SC.41 — 1.4:5 uiid uiid — i 14 .33 ;|e . 1.41 .S .07 COO li'ws - i, .-• I'l A. 20 .00 277.311 [Co.. _Ii. -. 8.95 S.tkt iiiid 1 - \ 11.55 I - .• bj-rty I 200.00 11.84 39.00" as _ a.s_.: Wi(-le - :(h A. (has. Slefley. same Spitingstoii. saini 22 .00 ViHleisiin. paupen ja, iiaiiper fuel Km It., paiipi-r i-'-iit. Sincjair. piiiiper mdse. D, -Audjre, sairte E. Remington, .same . .E. .Vlaijsh. same ., Pentiey ^ (.'0., same^. Cr'jOcer.y. same tb. shine i-J---; k(-nb«-;ir(l." same.. \ ( rilleV H. Sni H. Cli ii>- .M, Tfedway.i paup. coal icnardso ( yicnardso I 's.. paup. .11 P.. Knerip.!,sanie njalston.S ore, same (lhas. bsg T. same Hliner Bri>wn. s--jme gard, Same . Slime ; fjhoe Store, same. tarium: for T. B.. re -.1 r. paup. mdse Payne, pauper. J : Ove Jobnso Hjconomy Sitate San pauper • T. .Mill M.r. O. C practice if Servi er mdso P. Arc he Weini supiilies .^letai f'o.. fris; . .Li;207.Gl »plies t :.93 salary " .. 225.<iO supplies: Farni ' 8u |iplies_j._-^- supplies f Co., Fefrm^ pi4>ur,-- p ] 92.50 : '2.00 ^rcbaslng; 28.30 75.00 ?e .VoftZ} er. pay roll'>e Xoftzt er.' paji roll .lisepliine Townsend. .feravel -Archie \V( od.' oil i and gas.. Il|irmb(d(lt :\uto Sirpply, same rank Vai (Jastel, sup; _-- ane & ( re Repa wald (ir? U. AiT^ ment j-igliam-ll] Caithy e Grocery, paiip- Jler. sanie r, same i rry G(.-.«er. labor -.1- G. Law lien ('ou ':ilis .Moto A. .McC -St Str.!^ <uppli(-.s as. X. S| A< to liepa Ai iierican J :|St indard Ci nneth •oad I ?ber In •epairs _ [iHirry Geyd C.5.8G 12.00 5.00 9.99 K.S4 4.00 8.00 7.96 40.93 14.00 2.5.07 10.35 22.33 26i.00 25.00 3.5;I4 4J»0 i .Ti .no S'.OO •».90!" 10^.75 3.50 I Total i St.afe o . I. W. ami lor tifythe a true, cl'.ilms for th(' by the sioniTs nmetin*;. Wltni 10th da IjCaiisjis. .\ll.-n D |. Clal-k. (Vmn .iiiiil cpiiiity do a |"OVe| an 1 fore imjl corn-ci istait lliiwed ill the a jpurpos'-s as alio [ Seal Georf, winning yi(-torlo boys in iiarill of t' the Coun Febr 11.99 ;i .03f i!.(io 4 a.oo ;. ;j.oo 2.9ft ! $21.S(!i;.9S ,'oiinty. ss. Clerk, in rcby cer- |;Oing.t(i be lii-ut ofiall iilVtunLsj bud ' spiMillTeil'. ..j Comriijs- iJry, J927. K.'i' mv band an 'if I'Vbriiary. li :i7. iYoiing's achi the Calalina s Other d •monstrati.'>ni ^ t:hat thf sturdy pii»ilder IS i over the fl: iucir contest.^ of Keene' Fitzpatricjc's (ifcht namei ii :not Keene. The poted |Prlnckon ttainer once lived In Kijepe.: ^ir .ij .M.. arid when ; sprinting prif}>ssioii.-iny was given that namle. '• i i :; . , • ir- , —.1 1.5.00 |o.. supplies . r Shop, same . n(;r. same Ins ,& ('.(>., equip- sup. tirrison lldw.. Motor (-'o.. si|p.. |s«>ph Ch( haski. expeii.s'e _ er, labor .--l..- ty Journal. "Klip.- jayne Yoiiit. supplies ('o:, i^epairs - ^iiiig. supplies .. t .Machine Sliop., |nart, slip. r Co.. Tepairs texpress Co., ex- dil Co.,':supplies— 1 iibens, | dragging pi. & p ^-uto Co.. ir, lal>or - —— 4lS5 5l05 19:20 25.^: 11 G21.40 10.20 3i.0C 4 ,02 .00 0 .99 .'to .80 i - S-13 30 r,9 00 25 2o;oi 7i25 .•r;90 3.50 8.50 24^16 s.r.o 24,73 54.00 8.21 4.50 KiQ Tke Ciil- ]..^2,274.G7 Ii seal ilhis n^ARK, Cejiiity' Clerk. jementj ii^^ fviini; Is an- thie; jfact s usually hy bpf^ed (tndnra'nce. Elefore it Ki • 1 ( Your'i^eclj Spi^ajy early in the wHili liie tree? ai|€ U with— I man DR^ LIJVfte-SULF Is .spring dbr -i It Has all J the riiiah'ti«i,'t of liquid Sulfiir but eliiifiina bad fijiiialities.! yeiiif.; i^a^e ,youf tinnjel i^ime-Sulfur orch^f} this! will CoU and ge intoj our pric^ arj( .scripbye litei ^atur4 Thd Evans S UR jgCKkl ds the o in! aibl 'fitore de^ 1 i / ,

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