Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 22, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1898
Page 2
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Relief. BY THE TELEGRAPH PRINTING COflPANV. TUESDAY EVK., NOV. 22. or w. B. DAVIS. rormer Alton Real Estate Man DIM at Akron, Colo.. Nov. 20. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Single Insertion.. . Ttreetottre Inncri oca pin LINK. ...10 cents, . 7 contfi. '... 6 coct«. RATBS Or ADVERTISING. |UO » per inch «r.l month. II.M Ah thereafter. UHUL <«Two years ago I suffered severely from neuralgia and pai- pttatioo of the heart. I was Enable to 4o light housework. Nothing &>«§£ fel i e l, 0 T 1 took Dr. Mile? Heart Cure. 3 bottles removed all trace of my disorder and I now feel like a M per inohfor tho flrst '"•?'"P"'.."' .. inrn tnr eaoh subsequent Insertion, por Inch e.ob and 60 cente P M CB for woh iub»q OR. MILES' Heart Cure Or. Met Medical Company. Elkhart, Ind. mOOKS! Germany's Iron Chancellor. [Bismarck, by Bruno Qarlepp IN the course of a private letter to Colonel, McOlure, of tho Philadelphia 7Vmi-«, Admiral Uowoy Bays: "Surely I should be a proud and happy man when such things are said of me; ana Indeed, I am, and am not ashamed to own It." _ iKNATiiiTcii'AY, "of ""Pennsylvania and son, have been Indicted, charge, with using the fumlfl of the People Bank, of Philadelphia, alHo for th use of tho State funclH with J. B. Hay wood as State Treasurer. Quay an son and Haywood aro indicted nndc flvo count*. The cashier of tho Peo pie's bunk committed Filicide las March. flov. TANNHK lias proclaimed mar tlallawin Pana. The proclamatio orders all persons residing in Pan and for a mila outside not to carr arms. Tho Governor has sent anotl or company of State troops to tl scene of the trouble. Ho Is deto mined that all disturbance mimtcoa If It takes the entire militia of U State to do so. KOADS IN PORTO MCO GENERAL STONE'S INVESTIGATION OF THE ISLAND'S HIGHWAYS. An aetur a^p^SB^eSrSS °m V ',ho"hlVto"ry--o-fthe The Wasningtoi colors. This book, truly iettme It |8 lUXUl IWUD 1" «—" '• . , He Klvos tho volume an his My £!§§ 5.00 6 00 'TsgprSs'age 1 eitra.L'DesoriptiTe mVtter free. ^ : Remington's Frontier Sketches Pub . i> ri oe. fine Trtlum oloth.rod edges. » 8.00 UMoroqoo .................. ™ handsomest ploterlal or tho "eason. kbylBln. Japanese vellum binding. F --- Bozod. Prepaid, $IM. Hlzo out HCloth, Cyrano De Bergerac. by mall ........................ ,50o The Little Cloth, by mall Minister. PBKSII.BNT Alex. E. Orr of tho Now York Chamber of Commerce, says the report of the recent bank clearances of that city, show tbat it is the ilrst commercial city in the world. This statement is based on the report of Lyman J. Gage, Secretary of the Treasury. "The part of the report which is particularly gratifying said Mr. Orr is that which Bhows the clearing! houte transactions of New York to bo nearly $2,000,000,000 greater than those of London. When ono bears in mind the fact tbat London haa been for years and years the clearing house of the whole world, wMle New York has only been able to claim the title of clearing house of America, and that much silly currency legislation has hampered New York in this respect the progress New York has simply amazing." _. JAMES A7 ROSE, Secretary of State of Illinois, has completed his oflloia roport. It Is a magnificent showing f or Mr. Rose, who has conducted the Wm. B. Oavls, formerly a real ca tato and Insurance man of this city, la dead. His death occurred at Akron, Colo., Sunday, November 20, from blood poisoning resulting from a sur glcal operation performed to relieve an abscess of the brain. To his family he has been dead fo p, Information to that effec laving been received by his father r James Davis of Godfrey, several onthH ago. His wife, who IB living t Godfrey with her little daughter at ho home of hor mother Mra. Vogel, as mourned him as dead, not having eard from him Hlnoe his rumored do • mine. His actions during the past few oars may be ascribed to temporary nsanlty produced by tho disease which niise-'l his ond. On Saturday, tho KHh, Mr. Davis ncelvod a telegram from an Akron urgoon stating that hlo son W. B. )aviH was at that place and very low rom the olfocta of a surgical opera- Ion performed that morning. This van tho flrst knowledge tho family had of his being alive. W. B. Davis left this vicinity with the intention of going to Mexico and ilp, family supposed he had done so. ,\ dispatch wai published In the dally papers later that Wm. Davis of IllinoiH, of tho particular party with which ho was to go, had died of fever; but this Wm. Davis, It now transpires, was a cousin of W. B. Davia. Adinpatch was received last evening from Mr. Ohas. Davis, of Deadwood, 8. D., Baying that news had reached him of hi? brother's death, which occurred Sunday. The interment was at Akron today and the body will be shipped here in December for interment at Godfrey. It is the opinion of surgeons that the disease had been working on him for some time, perhaps several years. Ii developed into an abscess on the frontal bone and an operation became necessary. The entire community will Bynipatbi'/.o with the family in Ita affilction and especially with his wife and little two year old daughter, whose adliotion haa an added degree of sadness from tho circumstances at- endlng it. Mr. Davis was born In Godfrey, where he resided until he came to Alton a few years ago. he was in hia year. Their < on.lltlon <i,-n«-r,.Uy Vrry I'onr. l--.l<M-lrlo lloniln AVII1 of WnK-.n H.m.lH. II, Ilrlli-v " !!•«• IMnro Saturday, Nov. 19th, made is SHEET MUSIC. iiuaie, peroopy, by mall J *W Mnslo, per oopy, by mall " _ Kf Muslo, per copy, by mall *» Book Catalogue and Music List Free. \DDUES8 Iprederic Dahlstrom, ' J 43VanBuren St., Chicago, III. 88. A. D. MASTER'S SALE. State ot Illinois, county ot Madison In the Clroult Court, October term, ii'1888. In Chancery. der, on THE THIRD DAY OP DECEM- I bait i'SATURDAY '• HER, A. D.,1808, > hour of ten o'clock, In the forenoon of at the north door of the City Jiaii In the city of Alton. In the county of , In the State of Illinois, tho following n, In the S bed real estate, to-wltt „ »*tuatod ID the city of Alton, In tho 001111- Pka<»aon, and State of illlnola. Said lot. eoeof land, lying next to and south of lot )! (fronting onNorth street) In said block It of lale—AH cash on day of sal-. ' loompllanoo with i he terms o( salo and hinDroTafof the report of tho said masuir JtheoourtVaoertllloao of purelmso will bo rtvon thepurchaser or purohaanra wliloli will ny? ^e htm or them to a deed for tho premlsos iexplritlono.f fifteen months fromthe day Maxtor In Chanoory. DAVIS, Sol. for ConplalriantH. MONTHLY SUFFERING. office in a most efficient and economical manner. The report shows that the total fees collected by Mr. Hln- rlchuen during his four years of service was 3307,807 97, and the total foes collected during the past years was 8424,101 8(5, thus showing that the amount of fees for the past two years was 9110,293.89 more than all tho fees collected during the preceding four years. The report shows that the amount of fees collected by the office is $300,000 In excess of the entire ex pauses of the office, Including the salary of the secretary, clerical force, and for printing, binding and stationery. This Increase of fees has been brought about In part by increase of business, and in part by Increase of fees. The law requiring foreign corporations to take out license in this state, which was prepared in the office of the secretary of state aud passed by the last legislature, and which was In force during tho last year, brought Into the offloo $70,233.15, and will continue to be a constant source of revenue to the state. Saoretary Rose feels vory muoh gratified over the success of this law, aud expects large returns In the way of revenue to the state from It, Inasmuch as tho Supreme Court of the United States has recently decided that such laws are constitutional. Admiral Oewey Wants to Keep the Philippines. President Brown of Norwich University, has received a personal letter from Admiral Dewey, under date of October 8, In which the Admiral says: "I trust tho entire archipelago will bo retained by the United mates. Any other arrangement will lead to no end of trouble." UPPER ALTON. Misses Verda and Matie Robbings of Medora, are visiting Miss Blolse Burnap. Mr. John Roach, of Nebraska, a former ShurtleC student, called on friends here yesterday. Mrs. J. M. Hubbard leaves for Denver, this evening, after visiting Mrs. E. Marsh. The Sigma Phi Society held a special business meeting last night. Mr. and Mrs. C. L, Eton, of Marine, visited Oapt and Mrs. Eton, at W. M. A. yesterday. Dr A. K. de BIols is in Bloomington this week delivering a course ot lectures. , , The Alpha XeU Literary Society has issued invitations to a masquerade to be given next Friday evening, at the residence of.Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Emerson, , , ... The pupils of the public schools will give a Thanksgiving program in the High sonool assembly hall Wednesday afternoon. Parents and friends are i wited. Ocnnriil R»X Htono. United States volunteers, formerly director of tho offlonof good Hindu Imruiiy of tho db pnrtmMit "f ngricnltnrn, recently ro turned from Porto Hicn, where, in addition to llKhtinK with his regiment, he Investigated thoroughly tlio condition of roads on tho island. General Stono found tho iiH-ans of communication between HID interior and the coant and lie- twnen tho towns gnui'rnlly to lio vory poor A railroad runs pnrtly around tlm ifllnud, tint is badly planned, poorly supported and miserably managed. The Hindu in tlio interior nre constantly muddy, so much so that pimsaKO is always almost impnsNiblo, the oxen sinking' to their knees and tho wagons to their axles. This renders tho transportation of the products of the island from tho interior to the seaports a vory difficult and expensive undnrtakiug and hampers to a groat extent the ooiiiiaorco ot tho island. IJolTi'o is brought from tho plantations in tho interior on the beads of tlio men and women or on pack animals, at .. cost of & per hundredweight. This cost himl-jrH tho successful cultivation of tho large colleo plantations. It in to tho interests of tho sugar planters, many of whom huvo plantations in tlio valleys of tho interior. Tobacco is more easily handled, so that its production is not so much a licet, d. U.Miernl Stono fiiild: "I am convinced that Porto Hico will never huvo a complete system of wagon roads such as sumo of tho states have. Roads nro enormously expensive in that island, tho celebrated military road costing in tho neighborhood of »»00.000pet milo Tbo enormous rainfall distributed throughout all seasons is ruiuousto any road unless thoroughly well drained ami constructed on a hard foundation. I believe, however, that tho place of tho wagon roads will bo more than filled by olootrio roads, of which I am certain there will soou boa network over the island. Stoiuu railways would bo too expensive to construct or to operate, thero being no coal on tho island, while there is an abundance of water power. The rivers rise iu tho mountains in tho interior aud have an average fall of 2 500 feet in their short race to the sea aud thero in always abundunco of wator pouring over high falls. Power for eloc trio roads could be obtained from thes falls nt little expound, tho roads could be easily graded and tho rain would no affect an eleotrio road as it does a wago road These roads would open oommuui cation between tho interior and the cons and place tho coffee, sugar and tobacc of tho plantations within easy access o the seaboard. "I regard the possibilities for tho in vestment of American capital in Port Rico as something immense. Porto Ric is destined to outstrip Cuba in tho no* few years. In addition to having ainoro stable government its climate is better, its pooplo more peaceable and bettor workmen aud its toil fully as fertile. Tho Porto Rican laborer resembles tho Italian of tho same class. Ho is ohoor no West Third st., and Backaches, He«d»chea and Nervousness are Message* for You. Lady is not gowned well unless her 317 Belle st. Both stores have been stocked with the latest of everything in the lines and we earnestly hope The pub Me will appreciate our efforts to have in our midst A GOOD CHINA STORE - AND — A GOOD TOY STORE. We have worked very hard for months to this end. Everything IB marked in plain figures at the very lowest prices and we respectful y solicit a liberal P a t r ° n all to our Openings AY, NOV. 19th. iilSHSiislS would surely have died, "avebeon res ™™ fits well. We have all the new styles in these celebrated makes. P. D. French Corset, styles 550, 248, 786. at 9?'. *'-7? and $HO. Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets, styles, M Paris shape, M long waist, L long waist, A Paris shape and Model bust, at #i and $1.25. MISTOOK 1»()W1>F.K 1'OK COAI,. l Out Tor Sale. The finest building lots In town fronting on llth and Apply to Wra. Sonntag. Middle- 12lh sts.-- Kabo Corsets, 348, at $ 372. ?nd styles 356, high bust, A» » Hewitt » l''iuiilly IH Noiu-ly 1 ,,t Portsmouth, O. I'ortHimiuth, O., Nov. 22.—Kn>m UK •Hull »f an accidental explosion of jlastliiR nowuor George W. Ferguson i quarry man. Is dying, two of Ills children nre deiul, nnd his wire ;iml nnoth- chlld dlsflgureil for life. 'Ferguscm was hunting for wood to build a (ire, mid found tt powder can aviiinrenlly full of coal. When he attempted to start ii fire with this a loud explosion followed, which knocked one entire side oC the house out. At the time Ferguson UlB wife, and baby In arms, and four little daughters were grouped about the stove. All were knocked down by the force of the explosion. Iva, aged 0, and Cynthia aged 11, died almost immediately froni Injuries, and Ferguson was so terribly Injured that he cannot live. The mother and another of the children are terribly burned and bruised and may not live. True Hills AguliiBl Quny. Philadelphia, Nov. 22.-The grand jury has presented to the county corn- true bills of indictment against United States Senator N. S. Quay, his son, Hlchard R. Quay and ex-State Treasurer Benjamin J. Haywood, charged with conspiracy to unlawfully use public moneys deposited In the People's National bank of this city for the purchase and sale of stocks and for other pur- noses not authorized by law. John ». Hopkins, former cashier of the People s bank, now dead, is named as a party to the conspiracy. ... ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. ThonndorslRned having boon appointed AH- ministrutor ot tho estate of DANIEL W. COLLET, ment to tho unoerslgnea. Dated tnli Flexibone Moulded,especial- ly made for stout figures 50, $2, $$. C C 0—998 — 4 >, Corsets the best in the land for 50?. G. D. Chicago Corset Waist at $1,00 . Special $1.75 J B. French Corset, short waist $..25. C and IV Leath M Si HOTEL MADISON, A. L. DANlBUi, Proprietor. Beoond and K«»ton sts. Next to Your Wife Alton. Ill RATES. F ort Worth, Texas, and return $24. Doc. 3and4. - lC. * A. Burlington to Colorado, to Puget Sound Points. California and Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin i ,w,V^ Hr aw pr* must eive war to heavier weights. un- n EDUCED Rates to Northern and Western K resorts now In effect via the C. & A. K. n. dershirt and drawers must give way Where will I buy? you say to yourself. 1 don't like to shop andTook in stores without buying, but how else fnl, industrious and economical, ana ms labor is very cheap, about one-fourth that of au American laborer. This is explained by tho fact that food and clothing cost but very littlo on tbp ifl_ land Tbo laborer lives ou tho fruit ol the banana tree, which also furnishes partly his clothing imd housing. Ho neodH littlo furniture and little clothes. "Tho educated natives are a high class of people, cultivated, polite and compare favorably with the higher class- 8100 Reward $100. Thereadera of this paper will be pleased to learn that there IB at least one dreaded diaeaae that scien^ has been able to cure in all ita stages, and that ia Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. HaUs Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting direot- hr upon the blood and mucoiiB aurf acea of the system, thjreby destroying the foundation of 'the disease, and gv ng ret_and connections will 1 know? Cheap ratoa now In effect. For I ply toJ. B. Thomas, Agent^ ap- THANKSGIVING DAY-For the above the C. 1 * A I? K will sell excursion tickets at a low rate to ftatTons within ISO miles on Nov. Mill. Return limit Nov. 2iith. ^I'rr'a^of^'nf "el of ?«&,£%$ Reiurnfnggooduntl Nov. 26:h Incluslve.-G. women arc troubled at monthly iuter- Tal»withpaiui In the bead, back, breasts, »boulderi,iide» itipt and limbs. But they n«ed notaufler. ___ These pains are symptoms of dangerous derangements tbat canoe corrected. The men- •trnal function auould operate make* menstruation painless, and regular. It put* the deli- menstrual organs in condi- tto do their work properly. that stops all tuts pain. will any woman suffer month after month when Wine pfCardulwlll relieve her? It <M*t» $1.00 at the drug store. don't you get a bottle Incases requiring Co., (wnjptoms, "The I/adlei' •'-Department," The MeillclM Tenn. Almost An Ultlmntum. The American Pence Oommisniou- ors at their session in Purls Monday, submitted their answer to tho Spanish Ooiniulsslonors. The HUteuioniH am BUinmarlzed as follows. The Uuitod States proposes: 1 To take tho Philippine Inlands. 2. To pay Spain «20,000,OUO Ihore- for. 3. To throw Philippine ports open to trade of the world. 4. To take an island in the Ouro- lino yroup for imo as u cable station. 6. To establish religious freadom throughout, tho Caroline Islands. U To enforce the above domands should Spain not ylold by November as. It will be aeon that to give $20,000, 000 for Islands that aro now ours, IB a most liberal proposition. Foreign papers BO exproBB themselves. The throwing open of tho Philippines to the commerce of all nations, Including Spain, iu another fuuturo that will strike the world as exceedingly liberal. How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when you feel a cold coming on, take a dose of Foley'a Honey and Tar. It never falls. Bold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. NORTH ALTON. Mrs. A. A. llroch, of Clayton, Mo., has returned home after a visit with Misses Alice and Mabel Mather. Mr. James Travis, of Denver, has moved into the house formerly occupied by Win. Threde, on Belle street. Mrs. Ouas. Stolzell is very 111 and but little hopes of her recovery are oiilortaiued. Tho funeral of Mr. Win. R iger took place today from the Cathedral. Mr. Rager was an old and respected ciii/.on of llila place and widely known. Ho leaves a widow who has the sympathy of the entire community. Yesterday proved to bo a "hot day" among tho lighting element of our burg. We scored two bouts and never lout a man. One man, well known in our villago j immed another man's head through Bert Elfgen's window because he wouldn't puy an election bet. In the evening a young colored boy named l.ove, who loved to drink and got drunk, and who loved to light and got licked, tried to create a race riot, but the pale faces wore too many and Love was worsted. "A Tumor Formed Finally It Broke Inwardly and Discharged Trouble Began With Dyspepsia and Impure Blood IfclQR Penonil. Oapt. Fariner, of the Western Military Academy, left for WeUbtirg, Ind., last evening, culled there by the death of hU brother, who was In Admiral Dewey's fleet. Mr. Boston W. Bmlth, tho turnout, railroad evangelist, with Ills daughter, who are now In St. Louie, will spend TU«nlwglvlng with Mr. and Mrs. IS. A. 8roitbl»«JlaoUy. M U» Birdie Taylor o WbQh»be e «u Denver tbl» even- Thorough Course of Hood's Sarsa- parllla Completely Cures. Thi'iv is ilmifjcr in linpnri' blond. Dlhi-asr and sutWuitf «!•(! MHTly niin- injr l<> III"*' 1 who iicn'lt'iiUliiH thmiton- injf symptom, lii'iul Ibis: "Uilllam, MlBBOiirl. "C. I. IIooil it Co., Ixjwull, Mima.: "Ui'iitlimieii:—My truuljlt'B bugnn with nvrviius liwuluohf*, wblrU would IttHt inn (or two or lliruu iluya. Tlio doctora pronounced my Iroublu dyupejiulu, but tlii>y c.ould not do anything lor mo, aud udvlnwt 11 clmiiKO of locution. At tho agu of 65 » tumor forniod on my Hnlao, which Waa Very Painful but did not rise or itluchargu. The doctor thought bust to cut It out, but 1 objvvtud. It Ilimlly broku uud dluchurgud H K«'ut dual. Tho doctors nuld they could do nothing for it. Thou tho tumor begun to rltiu Inwardly uud discharge. I read much nbout cures by Hood's Bsrsuparlllu uud thought I would try tt. Uolore 1 hud ilnlahud tuklug one bottlo I WIIB much rullovtid. 1 continued the uai< of Hood's Surinparlllu.andufterUklm,' 12 bottles I was entirely cured. I am now well, have • good apputlto aud fuel that 1 owe my life to Uood'n Bursaparllla." W. U. I'OHH. Sarsa- parllla »tho bi)Ht-lll fact HID Onu Triio Hlood i'urlftor. Buia bf all arugiflsvs. »M ulxforfB. . _ Hood'i es in the States. The lower classes nre capable aud willing to loarn. They are all very frioudly, and almost every ono on the island is attempting to leurn English. They aro especially desirous of having American schools established or having tho English language taught in tho schools. With cheap labor and free access to American markets, railroad faoilitius aud plantations owned and operated by Americans, I fail to see uuythiug but a brilliant future for the iHlaud. The sugar, coffee aud tobacco, tho banana and coooauut plantations, electric railroads and paper making are nil uoort enterprises in which capital can be profitably invested. Thero is little donbt that iu n few years Porto Rico will bo tho winter, resort of America. Its climate is equal to that of Florida 01 Cuba iu the winter time; its atmosphere more healthful uud its scenery far more varied and interesting. In addition to nil tho tropical luxury of vegetation Porto Hico has high mountains, beautiful valleys, epluudid waterfalls ami bountiful viuws. AH tho oieotrio roads opun up communication with tho interior it will bo possible for tho tourist to visit all tlm show places of tho island at his PUKO, and with American hotolri or boarding houses scattered over tho island ho ouu always got good accommodations. Within a year tliore will be a number of line hotels at San Juan and Ponce, and preparations made for tho influx of winter tourists." In conclusion General Htonosiid that owing to tho density of the population of Porto Hico and tho cheapness of living it would bo a long timo before wages runohed tho American scale, but as the demand for Porto Klcau products in- creaseii thu demand for labor thero would advance the price "f it, and gradually, us the laborer became aucnstomiid tn tho coniform of tlio Aiuurimiu laborer, ho would need more und receive more. He believes tbat matters in Uulm will bo uuuuttlod for niveral yuan* nt leant, during wtiich timo he think* tha cou- Borvativa American capitalists will invest their money in Porto Uico rather than in Cuba. Clonural Stone will make u report on tho result of his inquiry to thu secretory ot war.—Now York """- foundation or me UIBOO.OOI »"- B "Iv" the patient strength by bonding up the sistin nature in constitution and assisting nature doing its work. 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Our Show Windows are a utady iu 0r Tho reduotlons"in rates are of sufflolent •import- inoo fii merit tho attention of prospective travelers. For particulars call on O.O. Norrls, Ticket Agent. within There IB only one way to beat our low prices and that is to RO bare foot. Look at these for Ladies' and Misaea: ^^^^^ l.» and Z.W Plngree & Smith composite Shoe in turna and welts going at or of J. A. Hood's The three- year- old hoy JobnHon, ot Lynn Oouter, ., B su- ject to attaokflof croup. Mr. Johnson inys he IB satlelled that tho timely use of Ohamberlttln's Oough Remedy, dur- Init a severe att«ok, saved hlu little boy's life- He I* '" the drug biiBtueas, a member of the ilrin of Johnson Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines tor throat and lung diseases. He had all these to ohose from, and skilled phy- slulans ready to respond to bis call, but selected this wuedy for use In h s own family at a time when his child e life was In danger, because he knew It to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for Its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this I* the best soiling cough medicine they handle, aud that It gives fP ««™ Batis. faction In all cases. Bold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. A C8i« ol Kidney Disease Given Up by four Doctora. Heaver Dam, O.-My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and ulven up for lost, a neighbor reoom- SendeoT Foley'H Kidney Oure. Today »he is able to walk several miles without fatigue. 1 teel we would hare lost her If It was not for your medl- cine. Heepeotfully, MM. J. M. Builey. Sold by E. Mwsb aud 8. U. Wyss. the membrane In the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drug- cists or it will be mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brothers, 60 Warren street. New York. It spreads over the membrane, Is absorbed and relief is Immediate. K«t Forming Oxygen. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey cures coughs and ooldB and soothes the air pasaages. It heals the bronchial tubes and strengthens the weak lungs. It builds UP the tissues and enables the blood to receive Ite proper aupply of oxygen, Dr.'Bell's Pme-T«r-Honey acts aa a balm to the lungs, ontting the mnmi.. allavlne the Inflammation, -~Three llnei or leu under thUheading: One time, U oenUi three dai«, U oentu one week W centu additional tlmei lamerate, oa»h down, WANTED. F KMAU3 HELP WANTED—Ladles to maka bamlaijes Vt home for Urge Burgloal bonBe: uarnSIV weekly. Enclose addresaod stomped enveloped for reply. Mar. hall Co. N. Y. FOR SALE. CORSiU* -'• medium alie safe.Moiler make, r cheap. Apply at this office. COR BALK.-Old |i»J ~ toe TKLIORIPH of n toy quaulty. At Boys' in Bame, going at ....................................... ,., . PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. F OR D Boi faotor. ll In need of Kliidllng wood can by telephonlnK No. 41, lUlnoli Per load-K. L«Tli, W Pe , will mucus, allaying the healing and strengthening. It cure a oough or a cold in one night and exbllerates the lungs against the inception of disease. 26o at good drug tores. No cores no pay. H haa beenluliy demonstrated that Ely's Oreani Bslm is a specific for nasal catarrh and oold in the head. This distinction baa been achieved only as the result of continued successful use, A morbid condition of the membrane Jn the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Bold by dwggUts or It wlil be walled for 60 cents by Ely Brothers, 68 War- renTtreet, New York. It spreads over the membrane, Is absorbed ana relief Is Immediate. _ • 4* O XV. X A- F OK BALE-A Farm (our mllea northweBt of llltohfleld.WO acrei. W> an acre. For par- tloularsaddroMa. A. Brown, or M. 8. Drown, Brighton or T. n. Brown. Alton. III. «tf M. MAHONEY, NSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE POK SALE. Two-norj ioubl* brlok dwtUlng >0 room 'S'room tram, dweljlng on Founuln ,t. One-itory ' ImitOft w«it UD« of Main •(«««• Blf mon»j Vine ita. 40- tore fai Two Blitr-e or; farm, I miles louthwwt of Brtahton. LStory brlokilore. No. Ml »•"».?•• ... T-»cre farm, goo4 brlok dwelllnf too lett lf*W m, goi (ram* b»ro, Jersey pount Two- Two- lit, a 0l ' Two-story brlok'sK rJo.iUBtU| Two-story 9-room frame, slate root -. _. lots and oft lores of laod. Booaoia for pur two-story 9-room.fraroe, slat* roof iwjUliJg lots and CV 'one-story t-ioom frame iwelllag, oor. Albj T Jo'ffoe loti'on Bute street.lDortb ot Bluf It Sw^rfiS^'ffil.-H.Utof, l^Hr. W^f&'i-SSMSSkvn**!** a Baston street, aoilio eaob. frame iwelUog. Hlgblui Park, brlok bulMlog •.». oor. lib an* an i 10-aore farm I lots on KM 1-room" l-itory dottl ae< DON'T MISS THEM0DELS Sacrifice Sale Cor. 3d and Piasa sts. tineas Licensed ARCHITECT Qeuen! Superintendent tod Mecnanlcal Urnugbt*m«n. jO^.wsMnsjaB 1 *' 1 THIRD ATRBBTi TMN ftMT

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