The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 24, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1891
Page 3
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Sim —Frssh Oysters by the quart, can or dish, at JOHJI TBoau't. CLOAK OPENING -Skelton & Tangeman sell Bradley & Metoalf Boots and Shoes. Special Sale AIM £ as ton, Instructor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. —Do not fall to look over the Dress Goods and Trimming* at Luhtnan A Sanders'. and Display ! At the store of John Crosby, Post ville, Thursday, Oct. 29th, and for this day ONLY- POSITIVELY. We will inaugurate this our first Grand Cloak Opening by offering all our customers suoh- garments as we do not keep in stock at a slight advance of •wholesale- We having no money invested can give you the benefit of the Low Prices without loss to ourselves. There will be an agent here representing one of the Largest Houses in the East, who will take your orders for Immediate Delivery. As this will be really the only Stylish and Good Fitting line of Cloaks in this part of the state this season, no lady living within 25 miles and wanting a Cloak can afford to miss this sale and wanting a Cloak Also for thoae wanting DRESS GOODS we will on THIS DAY ONLY give a discount of 10 per oent. on all WOOL Dross Patterns. This means for every dollar you-give us for those goods we will GIVE YOTJ Ten Cents Back. Everything sold at Regular Prioes, marked in Plain Figures. One Prioe to All. Remember the date, and Positive* ly This Day Only—Thursday, Octo ber 29th, 1891. Yours, Anxious to Please, Vor Bale! Carriage* of ail description* for tale. W. S. WBBSTM. —Luhtnan A Sanders report a good salo on OTorshoes thus earl; in thn season. Hies Hellie H. Abbett, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. —The place to bay your Oloak for thiB fall and winter is at Luhtnan & Sanders'. —Two things, thoroughness of work and economy in llTing, have made Prof. Hreckenrldge's school widely and favorably known. —Jas. Sheeny has taken tho contract of building Mr. Hoy's new residence, which is a guarantee that it will be well and expeditiously done. -Call on Luhman A Sanders for your overshoes. They have the best makes. Boston Rubber Shoe Co's. goods. .Wo forgot to mention last week that Profs. Harrington and Nehls will give a dance here on Saturday ovenlng of this week. —A number of locals already in type were crowded out las,t week by a column advertisement coming in after the paper was nearly math up.- Thoy aro given this week, though a little old. —M. C. Bolltd'ab brought ns a sample half bushel of potatoes, the Hnost we have seen this year. They were of the Empire State variety. Thanks to .our yonng'frlend for the kind remembrance. —Do not forget the great Warner Comedy Co. at Turner hall, three nights next week, commencing .Monday evening, it Is beyond doubt one of the best companies on tho rOad. Resorted seats at Staadt's. —We think we are perfectly justified in assuring the publle that the Warner Comedy Co. is worthy of the patronage of our people. They come With the best of recommendations from the press wherover they have-appeared. -for the benefit of tho Lad let Aid Society of the M. £. church. Mrs. C. A. Abel and Mrs. It. N. Douglass will glvo . sociable at tho homo of the latter next Friday evening, Oct. 80th. A cordial invitation is extended to all. —Buy the Pingree & Smith Shoe. Every pair Warranted, at Skelton & Tangeman's. o. iTs. o. will meot with Mrs. F. J. Becker next Wednesday after neon. U. S. History 1614 to 1690. —Frank Ervlo will move in over tho Parker barber shop, and then every room in town wltl be occupied so far as we kuow. For Sale! Horses. Cattle and Farm Machinery cheap at private sale. Call and soe. MKS. G. W. HANKS. J. W. WARD & CO. ABMSTRONG- & HQLTgR, Special Sale of the following goods with a Wholesale Slaughter on Prices, Whioh Are TJ1TM ATCH ABLE By any Comoetitioii in United States Remember the Days and Dates. The goods are the following Staple Articles PRICES CII MOST IN 111 —For the next 10 days Bkel- ton & Tangeman will make a SP eoial Sale Men's Ready Made Clothing, Special Discount on Flannels J^ 0 / 61 S ' Commenoin K Oot - 30tl1 ftnd ^ and Dress Goods. Oo and see fl ^e olal sal e Ladies'and Gent's Knit Underwear. Ootober 30. lasting for 30 days. No. 3, speoial sale 160 to 900 bolts absolutely Pare Silk Ribbon, worth 40 to 75c per yard, will be sold for 26Jc yd. Sale lasting till all sold. No. 4, speoial sale 500 boxes Imported Iced Wool, at 20c a box. Sale last 30 days, or till sold. No. 5, speoial sale 250 Ladies' Jackets and Misses Cloaks, bought of a manufacturer who failed at 50c the clothing 1 0 n the dollar. Sale last till all sold. These goods are them. Mils Uvilie Riley, of Hardin, who hat been living with her aunt. MM. W. O. Hollraan, of Mason City, carqu home Thursday, accompanied by the latter- Mrs. Ucllman will ninko > short visit, and thon take hor mother, Mrs. Titus, homo with hor to spend the winter. —Mr. Kerwln, with .__ „ „„ w houso of Kab, Nathan & FlBhor, of gJJ UOW and latest Styles. Chicago, was i.ore Tuesday and jq- Q B pecial sale 25 yds. Best Standard Dress Calico for 1-00. Sale Saturday, Nov. 7, lasts OntfDay only. Eaoh person limited to one bolt. No. 7, special sale Pepperell R Sheeting, yd. wide, 6c yd., worth 6Jo to buy at wholesale. Sale Monday, Nov. 9th. Sale lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt TgE RELIABLE CJLOTHIERS." ESTABLISHED IN 188& m ra IE m it open your eyes a little wider than usual when you come to look at our Mammoth Stock of Fall and Winter Suits and Overcoats. Neither a mioro- soope nor a magnifying glass would enable you to discover any flaws in them. You don't need to be a clothing expert to' see at a glance that they are as far ahead of the productions of other years as a palace car is ahead of a stage coach. You couldn't improve their appearance, but they can and will improve yours. It is impossible that you should be otherwise than pleased with tho prices we are now naming. Wednesday selling Mr. Gray, of lht« U. T. l£., a big bill of clothing. Thoso ishing to purchase clothing will do well to wait until nest week, and visit the;U. T. K. „ B „„„ .» No. 8, special sale Kerosene Oil, Best Quality Water stiong candidate for "vr /hite Headlight Kerosene Oil at 10c G-allori: Sale ' WORT, 'J of lhe conH - continues 30 days —If in want of a Cloak or Jaoket call on Luhman & Sanders'. Mies Battle Baldwin, Teacher of Art Embroidery. Stamping done to order. LiUusl styles In patterns. if —To show what kind of board is furnished at the Decornh Institute dioing hall, it is only necessary to stato that (Roberts' Old Stand.) Tfce Postville Weekly Review- PUBLISHED ETKRY SATURDAY W. N.BUR01CK. BY T12 It MS: $l.bO A TEAR I M ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. - Sweet Apple Cider at J. Tlioma's. —Head J. W nouncuruout. Ward A Cn'a now an —Poultry always on hand at Hart's tueat mat kct. —It begins loglonk as if w*. were to have no more political spuccuos. - Poaches and Grapos cheap, at John Tbowa's. —Apple* at John Thoma's. —The "Handy Top" Is the best put on a«y carriage. W- 8. WassTaa. • -Read thoaiinoiincnientof tho Tumor society gyuinaslio school. —K. N. Douglass was In Chicago last week purchasing Christmas goods. CHEAP—Supper and a good time all for tun conta, at the sociable. —WANTED—Money Ladios Aid Society—Thorofore go to the sociable. —Fancy Crockery and Glassware, at Luhman & Sanders'; —The Hamilton Brown 92.50 Shoe will match ANY 93.00 shoe you ean flud. Jxo. Cuossr. Horse-Shoeing. Vo hit and miss, but a good job every clatUr and prices vory reasonable. TllOS. SnOHTSIBD. -The new Citizens State Bank give* us a card setting forth its business to-day. It is a public favor and dence of the people. It is a new enter-. ^O.^ Bped^Bale KerOSOne Oil. We Will SOll yOU prise bn is meeting with a. good suo- h naine Kerosene Oil, which is the finest high test coss as its organizers hoped for. It .TZ •"«»**«> , ^ ,7^ . i KUO«UB»B»U B U io»» win grow in public favor with ago. illuminating oil in the United States, and is sold for 16} to 18o a Gal. at wholesale, and retails at 25c a gallon by the Drug trade. We will sell you in 5 gallon lots for 76c,worth 1.26. Sale lasts 30 days. , • , /ii . - , , . A , No. 10, special sale Oil Cans. "The Pan American" G during the fail term not a sing, student } ' Galvanized Oil Can made, with Pump, for left to board n a priyato family. Lady , „' „ ^ ™' 7 , ~T WA o 1 students pa, 91.40 p.r week! g.Mio- 1.35, worth 2.00. The sale lasts 30 days. See out men 91.60. Students are received at Other Side. „-..,-. „„,, ~ anytime. None but vigorous workers No. 11, special sale Oil and Oil Cans. The Pan »re wantod.-Decorah itepubiican. American" 6 Gal. Oil Can with Pump, full of the Best — Water White Headlight Oil for 1.76. And full of —Some of the special features of the naine High Test Oil for 2.00. You will surely appreciate this offer, when the can is worth 2.00 without the oil in it. This strikes hard on competition, and "•mTMOTTf* » •'RWTTTnL.E:" "IT'S A Buying as we do, in large quantities, for two stores at the same time, enables us to secure many bargains unapproachable by others, and we in turn give our trade the benefit of same. This- month we are ofiering —The Kicbardson A Norcross Shoo for ladies Is the best tilting and wearing sbou mado. Sold by Luhman A San dors'. Iowa Mutual Booefit Association;-All policies paid in full None but first-class risks accepted; Ther'i is uo restriction on change rcsldonce or travel; Every officer handling any funds belonging to tbe members is roqulrotl to givo exceptional bonds. J. A. COOK, Oca. Agt. —John Harnack. .Wm Moll, Mrs. Susan Early and J. J. Jennewioe are entitled to ci edit and thanks for cash on subscription. Again For Sale. I now offer my resideaee for sale at a prlee that ought to sell it at onee. Call and see it. Mas. 11. B. UazLKTov, Short-Horn Bulla TOT Bale. Four pedigreed ahort-horn bulls for sale cheap. One is eighteen months old, the others youager. Three miles southeast of Postville. . ISmfl P. COBCOBAI. . .-J. Rick. C. Hoedy, of Uardlu, is very —Prof. Breckenrldge writes us that the vicinity of Postville aonds him an excellent class of students. '' -The Turner society will givo anotb . •. .• I er grand dance on Saturday, Oot. 81st -The host Fresh Oysters at Hart „..,„ meat market. of the U. —Seo tho change in the ad T. K. clothing house. —Initial Stick Pins only 10c, at Luhman & Sanders'. —The Warner's open their engagement with tho beautiful and pleasing drama, "Luclle." Mudio by Ei'viu's orchestra. —If you want wood leave wora with tut or any of aiy teamsters. P. J. UKUCBKB, Drayman. —Luhman & Sanders are having a splendid sale on Dress Goods —YOU LOSE MOHET when you wear anything else but the Hamilton -If you want the best corn fed beef j Brown.Shoe. Jlio. CBOSBT, market. Bouober's try -llart'a uieat old stand. Mrs. Card and daughter, of Wllli- roantio, Conn., are vlsitiug Mrs. Card's brother, ». C. Perry. Jalon /Creamery now pays ii cts. (y/oreatu and 91.10 for milk deiir- -Honia BMtuMf*d Lard 11 eta. per lb. Lard •lilppld' in 10 ots. per lb., at Hart's meat markut. —John Mather rolled a squash into this offioa that weigh* 76 pounds. Thanks. —J. J. Jonoewlno has moved to Postville and occupies tho rooms over the old millinery store of Meyer *TJile&o. —T>e .^t^dj#U have •tacted a tubf^Hal baroi for their' pastor at tba rear of their church. —Everybody eao Uaro how to make money easy by calling at Christ' furniture alort. —Oloaks and Jackets tor I*dies and ICisses, at Lu)*inan& /6vAdert'. —KTf, Helen Skelton, daughter of Mr, chas, Skeltoo, was nada happy yUb » Magolfloent Kttey Oigau bought ,. Underwear Some Great Bargains in Cloves A Mittens- of ithey will ory: "HUMBUG;" "SWINDLE;" "IT'S A Men's Qoftt Gloves, double palm, LIE;" "IT CAN'T BE DONE;" &c. But we will give $25.00 to anyone who will prove that the Oil and Oil tanned ans are not "both just as we represented tham to be. XSr NOTICE:—All gpods advertised for Speoial Sale 35 •It Is reported that Morton Morse and Miss Lottie Cameron were married laet week, abd are in Chicago. —E.d, Prior has taken an order for 9400 marble monument for the Gano family. It will be a tine one. -Lime, Cement, Stucco and Plaster Ing Hair, always oo hand and for sale lttf P. J. BBUCHBB, Drayman. -The best line of iAdles' and Misses' Shoes in town, at Luhman & Bandars'. • -Headquarters^ for Axle Urease, Gasoline, Lard. Castor, Black and all j •t tbe leading brands of Machine Oils, •t Waters A Nicolay's. —The Hamilton Browa 93.60 Shoe for raen bays the largost sale, of any Sbua lu the United States. For sale by Mtf /so. CBOSBT. ,-^rosnWSLX th« »«wt Sboa m eartli tor tbe money ja the Hamilton Browu 99.60 Shoe for men. For sale by (tilt) J*o. C»o»«r. To The Ladies! If you want a Good Shoe and a Nice Fit secure a pair of Pingree & Smith Shoes at Skelton & Tangeman's Varm For Sale. Constating of 817* acres, four miles south of Castalia, la Clermont township. 140 acres under cultivation, balance timber and pasture. Buildings fair, wsll watered. Inquire on the premises. SStf THOMAS Moaais. Hew Dental Booms. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dental office over the harness store in the brick block, where he may be found on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, where be Invites tho public to call when wanting firsUclass work done in bis line. • • New Lumber Yard. Great wonderment of! the times! Lumbor sold cheap in Postville Sandors & Ksplcr keep on hand in their yard a grnurnl assortment of all kinds of lumber, Including the much celo- brnted Arkansas yellow piae celling,, straight grain flooring, finishing, moulded casings, corner head and base blocks, ota. A share of the patronage Is Solicited. S4MDK#S & Kkvum. To Our Lady Customers! Wednesday, Oet. 28, tHe agent of ono of the largest Oloak Manufactories in the west will be at our store to show you the Finest line of Garments ever brought to Postville. Gome in and look at them. Yours,' Skelton & Tangeman. ^ NOTIClfi:—All gpoas aaverusea xor opouiau oftxo .... , . ., . will be sold for CASH-ONLY at the prices named, and Jffen'S Calf GlOVCS, patent TtfTlSt,' NOT punched on the Premium Tickets. . ,, , MEITS CLOTHING. Men's Flncgray Hair Line Casslmero Suit, ouly 6.00, worth 8.00 to 10.00. " •• Dark Plaid Casslmsre Suit, only 6.60, worth 9.00 to 10.00. •• •• Check Brown Caenimtre Suit, only 8.00, worth 12.60. <• " Faucy Plaid Wor.toi Suit, only 7.90. worth It 00 U» 12.00. • •' '• Gray and Browu Plaid Cassituere Suit, only 8.90, worth 11.60 to 16.00. ThU is a splendid suit. • •• •• Gray Plaid 4 Button Cutaway Suit, splendid, only 9.60, worth 14.00 to 16.00. ' '• Plaid. Fancy Woven, All Wool English Worsted Suit, only 10.00, worth 16.00. " " gray and brown plaid All Wool Back Suit, sample onclosed, only 11.10, worth 16.00. 'f be) e is no sacb thing as matching this price. " •• fancy dart gray All Wool 4 Button Cutaway Suit, 11.60, worth 18.00. This suit is as good as gold and will wear like iron, and saves you a good many dollars on one suit. " " (Sray Stiipe Casslmore Sack Suit, made of ah wool and silk, only 12.60. worth 18.00. <• All Wool English Corkscrew Worsted, heavy weight, only U.Sd, worth 18.00. This is one of the most elegant of suits. " llluo Plaid Silk Mixud Knglish Worsted, only 13.00. worth 18.00. Wo will put In all our beet linos of Fine English Worsteds, Silk and 1 Worsted Mixed, in fanoy plaids and stripes, for 16.00, worth 10.00, In either saeltor cutaway. Tho Greatest Bargains In the United States. MEN'S OVERCOATS. welt seam, California tari, 60- Men's heavy gray, random mixed, Shirts and Drawers, 30c Men's extra heavy, vertical stripe, wool Shirts and Drawers, 46c We consider the above extra good [ value for th« money. All other lines 1 I as oheap in proportion. Men's Fine Brown Plaid, oxtra Talue. tml» 4.60, worth 6.60. - - - - ' lid value, only The bust 10.00 yet 9.00, worth 13.00 to | welted Our new Pall and Winter Stook, the largest we have ever shown is now complete. Don't invert a dollar rn Clothing until you take a look through our stook. No Blue Fnr Beaver, splendid value, only " •' Wool Gray Cassiiaero. ••"-»•—••«» sell it at 7.00. " Brown Melton Beaver, fanoy plaid lined, only 14.00. " •' Fur Beaver, silk cord bound, elegantly made throughout, seams, extra quality, only 10.00, worth 16.00 to 18.00. I rr - ^ % «_ •' All Pure Wool Motion Cloth, tailor made, spjendld liuing, guaran- trouble tO ShOW gOOdS. teed all wool; for onlv 10.00, worth rS'.OO to 1%00; I " •• All Wool English Corkscrew Wo 18.00. These goods are exactly as represented and many of these prices'are less than wholesale and cannot be replaced f'ir tbe money, nor bought of any other dealer in the United Stales at tbsse prioes. The above list is only a few of the large stook we o'aVry, and glvos you a slight fflW!' W TT T A OT ATHTTTWD C idea of wbatr we enn savo you. SEEING IS BELIEVING and WE WANT YOU XAjSl * j\JTfLl AJPLsW " WeUV 1 SQJMBUWWS' TO SfiK oar stook. QIV IV.Wt wurui itl.w lu IO.VV. Corkscrew Worsted, only 10.00. worth 16.00 to IFoetrille Steam MU1. The undersigned having purohased the Postville Sttam Mills formerly owned and operated by Hiram Dresser, is proparod to do Sawing, Planing, Grind ing Fsed, Scroll Sawing anu Turning, at reasonable rates. Planing and grinding, Monday of each wsek. Tonr patronage solicited. E. D. Smc*. To Old sad Yew Subscribers. All new>ubseribers paying 91.60 in advance will be credited to Jan. 1st, 1893. and alt old subscribers paying up to tbe day of payment and 91.60 In ad vac oe will be credited to tbs Same Urns. Our object is to have all subscriptions, so iar as possible, expire Jan. 1st. Hsnca this premium, 4.60, worth 6.60. , coat in the country Coundl;Frocee41n|rs. Tho town council of tbe incorporated town of Postville, met in rogulat session Oot. S, 1891: On motion ths resignation of F. M. Orr, councilman, accepted. The following bills were allowed:'; H. B. Taylor, labor on streets,. 917 26 John Cole, " *' •• self and team 6 00 W. G. Parker, " » " .. 1 36 Wm. aUtQuillao, labor on streeU, 7 03 Hall Koberts, labor, man and team, on streets,, , 16 66 Hall Bobsrts, rook, $60 Waters JsNleolsy, hardware;...:' 14 :00 IV >" • - . . j^.. w. N. Burdiok. publishing ordC.?:; . : LADIES' CLOAKS AND JACKETS. nances Nos. 9» and ..; , i; t* » Ud|ti , ?ur B „ vtr j^,^ for " " " double bi»asted. silk loops, only fino wool Beaver Jacket, double breamed, only " " *' . ". " " wide silk facing, with light Astrakhan fur trimming, for only fine all wool Twilled English Worsted, double breasted, silk faced, S enulne Astraeban fur trimmed, only ne Light Colored Camel's Hair Jacket, double breasted, full faced with silk and wide hair seal collar, with oontinhous wide front facing to bottom with hair seal/ only best quality Imported Worsted Jaoket, full vest front, ifrid' FUR COATS. We are receiving a Urge stock of Fur Coats, and prices' wttM* lower than any ijjfnpelllor. Call and see for yourself. '—Otto. MJkclson WM oyer from Waukon on Monday of last week to at tend tho funeral of bis aunt, Mrs, CbristophoicaoD. . -^Mrt,,S«*at« fttrijr |JM )uH roturaiKt frop a**lsii to ftltlivfi (n Jfcbnwks, •""*""is .1 ppWpsfOM Wmrm VorSale A. farm consisting ofSM aerss-140 under cultlvalioa and 40 acres of tim ber. Will soli the farm without the tlmbsr if deiired. Good boos*, Intra and outbulJdlDgs on |be farm. Fenced m 90 acre lots. Well watered by a number of largs springs. A splendid farm in syoryparlicalar. Situated S| mils* southwest of CastaJI* H ' Osslan. Only 41 mHtf Opening of ths Poet-rllle Oymnasium. The Postville Turn yereln has engaged the services of Prof. Geo. Murgge, and will open a Gymnastic School for boys and girls about Nov. 6tb, 1891, In their ball, at Postville. And hereby invito the public in general to. support this institution by sending your chll> dron from tbe age of six years upward, (boys or girls) to attend ths above school of Physical Education. The,' tuition fee being so small and in reach/of every parent, there is no reason for oxodse. TEBMS:—Oue soholar one month, 50c; or if three ont of one family, fl.OO, Applioation may be made to Mr> B. F, Hooker, or .at the ball to tbe Prolessor, Spectators most procure permits of tho Secretary. TIMK-TAULS:—School will open Kov. 6.1891, and will continue evry Friday and Satnrday, The hours a.rei >-For boys, age 6 to 17, 4*0 to fl«^l/'p. mi girl* mid ladles, age 6 to 86, 0:00 to 7*0, p. m; young men, age 17 and npwftni. from 8*0 to 10K»,;p. m. All ioforrostioo oan be obtaibed* by one of 3.00 3.60 6.76 8.00 11.00 19.60 13.60 W. J HANKS & CO, (Succfliori to Ci 'ay *;Co.) - PTEA Trims ZOfcT Watches, Clocks Jewelry and Optical Goods Also a complete line of Siiverv/are, Artists' MateV. als, Stationery and Sohool Supplies. the very best quality in market, for only All the above Jaokets are worth from 1.00 to 6.00 more. FLUSH JACKETS. Ladies' fine Seal Plush Jacket, well made and Hoed throughout, only 7.60, oheap fino'sealFlush Jaoket. double breastsd, seal loops,'genuine sllkV it A .u Mn « M l. A ..i Anlu <l OA aArth 1^ OO In icno. Fine Watch Repairing a Speoialty lined throughout, only 9.90, worth 14.00 to 16.00. flue Silk Seal Plusb Jaoket, Imported stock, heavy silk lined tbrongboi . embroidered front facing, tbe most elegant Jaoket, 18.90, worth M.00.1 The goods are going fast. Don't wait too long; you may be too late to secure the Greatest Bargains you ever saw. Thanking you for past favors, and with a determination to merit your patronag*^ remain, PRICES REASONABLE AND SATiSFAHlON GUaRANTEED I Wo- invite 70a toolUon rut and tntr iftirj your»ely*f. sentbettst of veswu. vs>»y « w"*ei .. to o»««lna». b> \%. Fwlerms, M.jevlr t9 9. Soot*, I««<*• Qftlafl, «ft9 *mmj* " POSTVILLE 10 W |ky YOURS KESPB 'f 4M

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