Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 1, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 1, 1961
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In Faycttf Out.si !<• K:ivritc Subscription Rates ind Adjoining Counties mul Adjoining Counties Tlic Leader is published wi'ckly in F:iyette. Iowa, and distributed on Thni'.-.d;iy inoi-iiinj;. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second ciass matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Sfoneman, Owner and Publisher Editorial Comments - Warning Signals Flashing Every time government forces wage increases on the imhlic by law, it automatically forces price incsea-es. no matter what argument is used to di?gui.-e this effect. As the process is repeated over and over, the inevitably day conies when government will set not only wages, but prices by law—then the free market, free labor, free industry and freedom of a tion in our daily lives is gone. And all this will be done step by step, ostensibly in behalf of the "common man" who, before ho knows it, winds up the pavn of a dictator government. Over the centuries this process has been re­ peated time and time again. In a short life-time milbns of people over the world have seen the "common man" who, in reality, is all men, engulfed by big government until his freedom was wiped out by bureaucracy, and the beneficent benefits promised left him a helpless ward of the state. Government is being injected more and more into the affairs of private citizens and industry in the United States. It is promoted in many ways, generally with strings attached, which restrict or remove individual opportunity. How far will we permit it to go in our own land? We are not immune from the penalties exacted by it. Bills For Children Chattin' With Stoney The school year had ended and the only thing left to do was for the students to return on Monday for their report cards lo see if they were pmmoted Rut a note of sadness was noticed in the fourth grade. One member did not return . . . and would never attend class again. Yes, Lucky, the only rabbit with a fourth grade education, died early Monday morning before he could be pnsmoted to the fifth grade. He had been a regular member of the class for the past two months, ever since our daughter found him in the yard. At first he went to school in a box, but later was promoted to a bird cage so he could see the blackboard. But, as is the case with most wild animals, captivity didn't agree with him, and so he is now in rabbit heaven. . . . Don't feel too bad, though, because we already have a replacement to occupy the bird cage . . . a parakeet. | Creek Bottom Comments By Reuben There are many facets to the keep him from tearing an umpire sorry and shameful happenings asunder? We seriously doubt at Montgomery, Ala. The stup- that he was REALLY that "mad", idily of the "White Trash" riot- The Big League "rhubarb" is ers even outweighed their bru- very much akin to the grunts COST tality. If everybody had stayed away from the bus station, the elaborately planned "freedom ride" would have fallen on it's face. Now, the courageous young colored people are martyrs indeed, and have gained world-wide attention to themselves. c-b-c Did you see that highly amusing sports photo last week, of the Detroit Major League ball player being held by team-mates, to Letter to the Editor The council of State Chambers of Commerce has tallied the price of proposed new major spend- in-' programs. It finds that, if passed, their cost would average billion a year for the next few years and reach §5.2 billion by fiscal 1966. The Federal budget, estimated by President Eisenhower at S80.9 billion for 19G2 and subsequently increased by President Kennedy to $84.3 billion, wi.niId certainly reach $90 billion by fiscal 1965 and possiby by 1964. Our children's children will be charged with these incredible bills. to truii Pi'.'.l d.'iu .L Ciav Mr. Fort with LOCALS s. Melissa Fauser submitted Loste on their 40th wedding an- suigery for gall bladder niversary at Stavanger Lutheran >lc at the West Union hos- church at Ossian, and on Mon- Tuesday morning. Her day attended commencement at liter, Mrs. George Heins of on, and brother and wife, and Mrs. Julian Payne of Dodge, were here Monday Mrs. Fauser. The Paynes Upper Iowa university where their daughter, Mrs. Richard Miller, was a graduate. returned to their home Tuesday evening. Mrs. Fauser is getting along satisfactorily. Mrs. Floyd Manson submitted to an appendectomy Saturday morning at the West Union hospital. — • — The Harold (Baker family visited relatives in Dysart during the Memorial Day week-end. — • — Callers Sunday of Mrs. Hazel Rasniussen were: Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Warner and Craig of Washington, and Mrs. Peter Hoepfner of Randalia. —•— Relatives and friends who attended the high school graduation exercises-at Maynard Friday evening and were entertained at the George Reed home later in the evening, honoring their son, Charles, a member of the class, were: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Riley, Chicago; Mrs. Kieron Odekirk and two children, Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Hal Nolting, Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Reed, Aurora; Mrs. Frank Reed and Mr. * and Mrs. Alton Ferguson, Independence; Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Briggs; of Soldier, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Briggs and family, were Sunday dinner guests in the Briggs home. Dennis ter, Mrs. William Burns, of Waterloo, accompanied by their brother, John Dayton of California, were callers on friends in Fayette last week. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Dan Coffman and family were Memorial Day guests in the Marcus Baker home. —•— E. A. Billings attended the Iowa State Postmasters convention in Fort Dodge several days last week. He was accompanied by his wife, who visited friends in Early and Storm Lake. Open forum letters, or letters to the editor are printed in this paper as a service to anyone who wishes to express his opinion, provided the letter is signed. We do not always agree with the Dear Editor, During the past years most of us have learned to depend on the telephone system as a business aid, and also a method by which we could call the doctor, fire department or police department in a hurry in case of an emergency. However, when it takes as long as a 14 and one- half minute wait for the operator to say "number please", then the phone ceases to be very effective for business or emergency. I have taken the liberty of keeping track of the time spent by myself and my family over a two week period, in waiting for the operator here in Fayette. Believe me, the time wasted in this nerve-grating activity would just and groans of professional wrestling, it's part of the show that people pay to see. These "big time" ball players should take dramatic lessons from some of the top bracket women wrestlers, like the famous Mildred Rurke, who was "World Cnampion" for so many years. There was a gal that could "clabber up a storm", if the gate receipts were satisfactory. At her best, she was a lovely red-head, a great female athlete, and quite an actress. We had a front-row ring-side seat at one of her "performances" before a large Hippodrome crowd, when she put on a full show. During a brief lull after furious action, one fellow asked, "is she married?" When told that she was, ne mused out loud, "G , I wonder how her husband makes out." fob-c A Corvair salesman from Saint Cloud, Minn, alleges that h* drove heme in a bright red demonstrator. His wife borrowed It and went merrily to the supermarket. She came home somewhat "shook up" because mon motorists had been honking and waving at her. S*e hadn't walked behind it, to see the stencil on the back bumper that stated in big orange letters, I DON'T AS MUCH AS YOU THINK. Entertained on Friday MAYNARD — Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brownell entertained at their home Friday evening, May 19, in honor of their daughter, Kay's graduation from West Central Community school earlier that evening. Those present included: Mr. and Mrs. Herald Brownell, Cedar Rapids; Gwenda Brownell, Washington, D. C; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Brownell, Iowa City; Mr. and Mrs. Fay Dibble and family, Independence; Joe Fortier, Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jens and son, Joe Rohde and Kay Dugan, Fayette; Mr. and Mrs. Don Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Orland Struve and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Williams, all of Maynard. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE thoughts of the writer ... but have more than paid tne phone we also will admit we aren't al- bl11 for a month, and our bill ways right. generally runs $50 to $100 per We do agree in part, however, month, with the letter that appears in Tne purpose of this letter is this issue of the Leader and not intended to harrass the unwritten by Mayor Jack Beck. We derstaffed, underpaid operators, have not had to wait 14 minutes bl 't only to point out the need for an operator ... in fact we for dial service in Fayette. We have felt that the operators give have electric lights, running wa­ ns very good service, considering ter - and _ modern sewers — why ••-* SUMMER" WHAT'S COOL ON TV went to uncle. Mrs. L. H. Appelman, of Clcr- Walker mont, and Mrs. Lynn Probert, of Briggs Waukon, were guests in the E the antiquated equipment they have to work with. We do feel, though, that Fayette should have been the first of the three towns to have dial . . . or dial should have been installed in all three at once. But, the way it appears now, Fayette will be the last to go dial, and it will be more than a year away. should Fayette trail behind Randalia and most other small Iowa towns in this up to date service. How about dial phones in Fayette? Regards, Mayor Jack Beck works on a volume basis. But that big firm doesn't spend any visit in the home of his A. Billings home, Monday, and Maynard is scheduled to go dial money with the telephone com" Mr, and Mrs. Gerald Gage were supper guests Wednesday house, attended U.I.U. Commencement. about April of 1962. They are former students, mem- We also feel that since this is bers of the Whitney rooming a locally owned telephone system, anything that can be produced locally should be purchased here. Sometimes it's possible in the Daryl Kuhens home, and Mrs. Gage and Mrs. Kuhens at- Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Sykes, of tended the eighth grade gradua- Cedar Falls, and Mr. and Mrs. tion of their granddaughter and Oscar Sykes of Maynard, were daughter, Donna Kuhens, and week-end guests in the home of their grandson and nephew, their sister, Mrs. R. B. McCor- John Hofer. mack. —a— —•— Week-end guests in the Earl Mr - and Mrs - Robert Landas Stannard home were his sister, will leave Friday, June 5, for Mrs. Helen Thewlis, Washington, northern Minnesota, to visit Mrs. 111.; Mr .and Mrs. John Robbins Landas* father, Alfred Smith. a 1 ^ C ° Uy , °l Washburn 111.; Mr> and Mr 7*and Mr. and Mrs Everett Potter Indepen dence, of Morton, 111. All were dinner guests Sunday in the Floyd Stannard home. to save a dollar or two by purchasing from a big firm that evening home. Floyd Pilcher of visited Monday the Howard Roberts pany as local merchants do. And, even though it's possible to get a better telephone rate somewhere else, it's impossible to do when the company has a monopoly. One of the biggest gripes we have heard is the failure to send . - monthly telephone bills. Even surgery at the Palmer Memorial Bel1 telephone extends this cour- hospital this week. tcs y- The y at leas t remind you m that the bill is due before they Mr. and Mrs. Duane Popenha- penalize you for not paying it. gen, Cedar Rapids, were supper And while we're on the sub- guests in the Otto Popenhagen ject, -you'd better take good care home and all attended the grad- of your present telephone book, uation of their grandson and nephew at West Union, Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Butts and family of Altcona visited over guest in Memorial Day in the Shirley home. Butts home. Miss Phyllis Morgan, of Winona, Minn., was a Memorial Day the Howard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Orr spent Sunday in Cedar Rapids visit_ ing in the Joe Connor home, and Roberta to attend the Baccalaureate Sunday evening and graduation on Friday evening of their grand, •—. „ „ . Tne Volga River Riders Sad- daughter, Miss Alicia Connor. Mr. and Mrs. Walker Briggs die club met Sunday afternoon — •— were late afternoon callers in the at the Everett Sinnott farm to Mr - and Mrs - Charles Whitney Elizabeth Pieplow, Aurora; Mr. Herman Larson home at Elgin, practice square dancing. Thirteen of Garner have been here dis which is now a year old. You probably won't receive another one until Fayette has switched to dial. We're not sure of the reason for this, because the ads in the book more than pay for the printing. We suggest you treat the book kindly, keep a sharp pencil handy to make number changes, and keep that crank oiled . . . because you aren't going modern, yet. THE ICE CAPADES!/ • * • • •* Starring *. PETER : LAWFORD * as your host • THE KIRBY : STONE FOUR. : : cMiM, ; '•• A&eggpl *; and special* .» guest star and the Lou Cornish home at Clermont. and Mrs. Joe Phillips and child ren, Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Don Vandersee and family, Mr. and —•— Mrs. DuWayne Kastli, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Solomon Mrs. Floyd Alber and Larry, Mr. and family of Cromwell were and Mrs. Elmer Miller and Mr. recent visitors in the John Soland Mrs. Harlan Prestien, all of omon home. Fayette. . _ —v> horses and riders took part. Ron- posing of some household things nie Brown brought his four and have listed her father's house weeks old Palamino colt. —•— Mrs. Mae Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lambert and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cave and family came Saturday to for sale. She reports her father, Albert Steggal, who makes his home with them, is as well or better than when he left. If this issue of the Leader is smaller than you expected it to be, it's because you haven't been reminding the merchants that you look for their ad in the paper. The amount of ads still pay the operating expenses and de- Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. their granddaughters, Lauri and Ethel Clark were Mrs. Nellie Lynn Hulse, who have been here Meyer and her daughter, Mrs. the past week, to their home at Robert Rule and daughter Carla, Marshalltown, Monday, and vis- Waterloo, and Mrs. J. W. Frye ited over Memorial Day. of Randalia. „ „ rr- a ~x t a Mrs. Ernestine Ostrander re- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Marvin's turned Wednesday from a visit Sunday visitors were their son in the home of her daughter, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Rich- Mrs. Charles Hinkley, at St. ard Marvin, Debra and Richard Paul, and attended the gradua- of Waterloo. tion of her grandson, Robert —•—• Hinkley, Tuesday evening at El- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stannard dora Her daughter then remain- attended funeral services for his ed here with her nwther for sev- uncle, Harold "Clarkson, at Wa- era i days terloo, Thursday. ' » —•— Mrs. Jessie Shepard of Farry- Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Anfin- ville( WiS( and her parents, Mr. son were Sunday dinner guests and Mrs> N orman Henry of West in the Clifford Bishop home in um 0n> attended Memorial serv- honor of his birthday annivers- j ces a t Lima, Sunday. ary, and also attended open • house for Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mrs. Pearl Lewis and her sis- Mrs. Fred Maurer is spending Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Lewis took spend Memorial Day week-end this week at the home of her termine the number of pages, the Robert Lambert home, daughter and family, the Robert id with other relatives. Eskridge's in Muscatine. Mrs. — •— Eskridge is convalescing from Mrs. Floyd Manson underwent surgery. NBC-TV JUNE UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. ^ THIS SUMMER LUCY'S GARDEN OF EATEN Sunday Menu Dinners Served From 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. TOMATO or ORANGE JUICE SWISS STEAK FRIED CHICKEN BAKED HAM CREAMED ASPARAGUS MASHED POTATOES COLE SLAW HOT DINNER ROLLS COFFEE ICE TEA MILK DESSERTS Banana Cream Pie Apple Pie Lemon Custard Angel Food Cake PLATE DINNER $100 $l so DRIVE IN HERE FOR AN EXPERT MOTOR TUNE-UP Don't let worry about motor failure spoil your auto trips. Before you go, let us check your car and give your motor an expert tune-up. Zabriskie Garage George Zabriskie, Proprietor Fayette, Iowa THE MAYNARD COOP * Y0U HA VE Corn or Oats For Sale Top Prices Paid PREMIUMS PAID ON QUALITY LIVESTOCK Call Us When Your Livestock Is READY FOR MARKET FREE BABY CHICKS SATURDAY, JUNE 3 — 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. FREE — 25 CHICKS PER FAMILY — NOTHING TO BUY Additional chicks will be free, as many as you want, on the basis of 25 chicks iwith each purchase of 50 lbs. of FELCO CHICK STARTER Maynard Co-op Phone 36 or 31 - Maynard, Iowa

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