Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on June 1, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, June 1, 1961
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reecf Cross sw/m program Begins Monday at U.I.U. DCS Moine* . of Hist, & Archival j os, 19, Iowa ' Moiav Paul Was na Popcnhagt-n. Bonnie Popcn- , AN ha e°"' Jani « Stonoman. Ann Alf ° r ** pr °- dcm3n - Rich£ > rd Dennis Georgia P i » c f ° r lhe Pro " Ri chards, Marshall Richards, Jan- gram closed May 15. is Aant , s> Lavorn Th ' Bin Children eight years old or old- Shea, Patty Alshouse, Becky Mc^ " gl S e ° , cnron al no Occ * Rodnc y Mi51cr - Thomas other than transportation. Thomas, Ellen Thomas, Dawn The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland the American Red Cross. Stu- David Orr, Patrick Ashby. Lin- Thursday, June 1, 196), Fayette, lown Four Pages This Issue . , c . n- dents will receive three weeks da Culligan, Gayland Popenha- I I/I »7 f TTL JB>f x r» 1 isrppr r P Ti" 8e £ R£^"sXS^r&£ VV " ose Farm « 77* e Mystery Farm? experience and Alderson, JoEllen Langcrman, II ClUD their previous training. Sandra Sue Gray, Peggy Max- Following is a list of swimmers r , n , Gcri Lyn Dilley, *Jancen from this area who have enrolled Dilloy, Vicki Crafton Edward m the program. Students are to Lee Stearns, Donna Kuhens, Lin- report to the Upper Iowa uni- da Lou Moore versity swimming pool at the l p. M. — Lee Vcshell, Nancy time indicated. All classes in Alderson, Handy Alderson, i u° r ij Sen '° r Ufe savin S wil1 Keith Bruns, Larry Wenthe, ,„' d . at l P- m - Merline Brause. Louise Pickett, 10 A, M. — Roberta Fish, Gary Steven Aanes, Cathy Alshouse, Shepard, Douglas Langerman, R on Tope, Barbara Tope, Eliza- Dennis Briggs. Cindy Shepard, beth Gumming, Janice Brady, Marsha Frey, Jack Frey, Chris Rj la Jo Abbott. Carol Bruening, Bitterman. Susan Hubbell, De- j ano Westcrficid, Julie Meyer, Wayne D. Kuhens, James Schnei- j o h n Grimes, Janelyn Granger, der, Ellen Johnson, Dennis Lang- Larry Cannon, Cindy Brown, erman, Jack Wenthe, Ray King, M ary Emerson, Diane Ashby. John Manron, Bonnie Boulton, June Boulton, Mary Jane Clark, Linda Jean Clark, Bonnie Tripp, i Richard Scheidel, Connie Dahl- JCH1G quist. Dennis Martin, Dennis Stan- .p i nard, Susan Aanes, David Home- |Q nO<t wood, Linda King, Julie Smith, Clyde Picket, Steve Butters, Sandra Miller, Diane Pattison, lA/nmon fit Marjorie Henry, Patricia Schei- •»WHICH Ul de !', ^^r 8 ^ ^ sh } )y - n „ Fayette members of the Fay- 11 A.M.—Jackie Owen Gary ette Collnty Jane jeffurson club Beck, Pamela Kiel, date Clark, will host gatherin{ , of Dem- Roger Becker, Sherryl Scheidel, cratic womcn herc Thursdav Susan Welch, Rosanna Stepp, j une 8 Max Grimm Cindy Lamphier, M rs.'Helen Aimer of Cedar Linda Lamphier, Charlene Smith, Ra p idSi secoml distric t Demo- P ree CQOV o f Layton Obon, Irvin Gage, Man- cratic vice chairnlan , wiu be the " ee «** or sue Yates, Roger Williams, Da- principa i apeaker for the 8 p. m. Farm picture to owner lyn Nefzger, Steven Campbell, meet i ne scheduled at Lucv's C i • -j *•£• »• Bruce Orr, April Hayes, David Garden of Eat'en cafe F ° r makin & identification Yearous, Judy King, David Beck, An Democratic women are in- The Picture above was taken Darwin Dean, Dennis Dean, vited to attend tho mceting . O f a farm somewhere in Fayette Frankie Baldwin. JoAnn Bald- Mrs Paul Davis of Fayetlc coun ty, in the vicinity of the win, Jom Jo Baldwin, Kenneth win ghow co i ored s i ides taken town of Fayette. The mystery BecKer. on ^ er recen t trip to Washing- farm pictures are .? series spons- Tnpp, tol)i jj. c. and Florida. Lunch ored by the Fayt ,te Leader for ly Curtis, w :]j v-_ served after the meetine. tho intorf«;t of its maiiv r« n /4r»-i, u. Equipment arriving for New Epco plastic plant Machinery and equipment for that machinery trouble occurred the- new Epco factory in Fayette in the plant which opened recent- is b^nnmu to arrive, it was re- ly at Garner, and the plant was ported this week by Frank Ev- forced to close down for a short ans, public reh.tvns director of period. Engineers have been (he company. working to correct any trouble At a meeting held last week that might occur in future mach- with some of tho stockholders, ihes so that tho same thing would Mr. Evans pointed out fhat ship- not happen in the Fayette plant im-nt of the mnchmery hail been As soon as the machines are ih-i;iy«'<l until som,.- of the flaws shipped from the east coast an cou.,1 ),.- a.rnvtrd. Ik- stated engineer will come to Fayette to put the machines in operation. . Ho will be here frcm two to four / FflVpfto stllnPnlc weeks making trial runs and get- L I Uycllv, ilUUtlllb u n jr the plant started. . The Epco board of directors To offend sumnisr p an to hold an ° ptn !iouse at the new plant as soon as it is in op/•• « • ... , eration. bCIOnCG inStltUte Mr. Evans alaj pointed out that more stock in the Epco corp- THnn inpp, Summor Science Institute for share - He was not certain, how- hi«h school students at Iowa ever - how lon £ the stock would Ciiv kc available at this price. Thv-y \vovi suU.-i.-UHl on the . ^ n V :ni; interested in purchas- hasis of ninth and science scores lng stock in the ncw corporation, in high seb-ol and on an educa- wllic 'i includes two plants at El- lional development test. kader, one at Garner and the one Tho eight weeks session will at Fa >' e "e, may do so by contact- begin on June 12 and continue m 6 J " hn Hofmeyer or Vic Dahl. through August 4. The class will be made up of 60 students s'.-'lacted from Iowa high schools. 'I he students will work directly with scientists in towa City and Thc first in the series of week- will probably last about one hour. wi " 8° on ;i number of field Mr. Rainer stated that to date tr 'P s throughout Iowa and the First of weekly talent Shows fo be held Friday ^ _ _ \HmfnAf C/*nn/ll VJUll.llU.CI, OCllUUl Horton receives Science grant George Horton, associate prof- DJLI_ essor of mathematics, has receiv- DlDie ed a National Science Founds- At Maynard church ion, u. «~. ana rioriaa. L,uncn orea oy me *ayi,ce Leader for ly talent shows is scheduled to Mr Rainer stated that to date tr 'P s throughout will be served after the meeting, the interest of its many readem. be held in Fayette this Friday there has been very little res- Chicago area. Mrs. L. Schuller of Oelwein, If the owner of the farm pic- night, according to chairman Don pon-e from area residents with Miss Austin is Jane Jefferson club president, tured above will stop in at the Rainer. Thc entertainment will talent He is in hopes that alter Ml '- and Ml ' s - Ha the daughter of There will be two sessions ot . - Harold Austin, and summer school at Upper Iowa will conduct the business meet- Leader office he will receive free be held on the bank corner. the first contest more talent will Mr - Burns is the son of Mr. and this year. The first session will >"£• of charge a 5 x 7 glossy print of Included on the program this bo made available. Mr - s - Howard Burns, all of Fay- begin June 5 and end on July 7. Mrs. William Merkle of West- the picture. There is nothing to week will be members of the Each person who enters the t>tu -'- The sec °nd session will begin on field township is in charge of buy. All that is asked of the own- Schatz dance studio of W.ost Un- talent contest will receive S2.50 Ann and Lee will both be sen- July 10 and €nd Au B"st 11. arrangements for the meeting. or is a little information so that ion, and the Fayette high school in trade from the Chamber of iors next fall at tho Fayette .. A11 student s are required to California. will attend a seminar in »™el l*th*W'church be^n A Stearns family «„„,„, was tne farm picture may be identi- band, ' Commerce. A winner will he Community hinh school. fied for tne public the following The program will begin at 8 p. picked each week, and at the week. . m., with Jack Howard as master end of the contests tho winners New W.S.C.S. officer* of ceremonies. Entertainment will compete for a grand prize. ... •"'11*10 All merchants are urged tn Were installed Sunday cooperate with the Friday night entertainment committee i n thi' keeping their stores open. County 4-H clubs Are planning tours Harlan 4-H girls meet live,on campus or to commute Iron) their homes. Student* may take a maximum of six hours each session. Courses will be offered in all divisions. A special reading institute will Sunday morning May 21. the of- T1 "*> P"™" 3 / 'or•elementary' .),,,, of the Wome/s Society of ™*!"«J_?*?f" "ff 1 WJ " tho regular services at Emmanuel Methodist church Society ,-. n • , (Jmstum Sm-viee were installed one hour extra credit. Dr. Eugene ular calculus courses and to re- „ . .. fleet modern trends in calculus. Th e „ theme is This is the third consecutive to _ pthpr „„ Christians" year that Professor Horton has }° g< £ leer 0M Chnstlans received a grant from the Sci- . . ' t* !_..: T_ incn u« lie 1OVVH «;nce Foundation. In 1959 he studied at the University of Kansas and last year he went to the University of Florida. through this —... .,, u ^ u ..^.u ....en.- u ,- /-|| g L/IUIIIIIMU lUUIj , | )V tlie pastor the Rev Herbert -augene a. uarDee, presi- W1 received his discharge. Another T ) le 4 .]j Agricultural clubs in meeting of the Harlan NRG L - ^''.vant. the commencement spe aker at ie is "Living honored K ucst wa s Charlie FaveUc county are planning « irls ' 4 ' H club was hold at tho Ihoy w ' ;rc> Mrs - Henry Kapp - the graduation exercises which ns" as given Stearns > visiting here from Lo- thc j r annua i i oca i 4.H club tours. Community hail Monday eve- nu-ycr, president; Mrs. John will be held August 10. material of fian ' Utah - All club members will be both nin fi- Mav 22 - . Thc six senior Thiele, vice-president; Mrs. Wil- of Churches. Others present were: Mr. and host and guests when each mem- K |rl - s Pi'i-smt visited the Mayn- Jj;im K|t | rid , scc . Mrs £arl Present bar award vanou.s cuts sub-topic for the kinder- Mrs. Ben Davis and Owen, Mr. bcr's home is visited. The group arc ' Locker, family and and Mrs. Karl Kelly, Mr. and wiu look at the P'^J^ts. and will achers will ^» r Ce il Da ' M d M- discuss and demonstrate feed,, _,- . . .. . „ U c mi-a. «^v/ Simpson and Mrs. .,,'„, S> , ,' an . , s< ing, fitting and showing, and Mr. Horton gives the follow- £ &ul Harrison Alfred Stearns and family, Mr. othct . it(!ms ing notice to this year's Math 112 _. . ' , .^ t d and Mrs. Robert Back and fam- p] , f., m ilv nff-ii,- students: You will be next year's ,.™« ^T ano the?" with Mrs ^ Mr - a " d Mrs. John Stearns <~ lub toui& ' L a fd , mily affd1 ^ u . mi , tlin , iml c . iro , Roctc show . ixive one anoiner , wun am>. , , ,, , ,„_, , „, wlt | 1 a p lcnic j m ner at neon and J'am" 1 "" .mil t_,uoi notii. biunv 15 juniovs how to ' -'-- K|t | rid scc . trt-isuror ImtaHud incJud Mrs each with a t m- ' JUnK>r cllV "- S1 ° n ' B: "' ba1 '" calculus students, so look out! Entertain Thirty-seven guests were en- iors in developing the sub-topic, Earl Present bar award also To Beverly Potratz Sam » TAyiNAKD __ Beverly Ftot- ;, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al I-L-, Mrs. Robert Dugan, * > ° ll '* iz - w ^stgate, was presented youth work; Mrs. Dwight Fausch, tho ulowa Ba , 1- Association award ;.hil(lr,.ii's work; Mrs. E. Bach- at th « awards day program dur- uv.ux stiKhMU work; Mrs. Harold £ g , th ,? last , da - vs of seh ° o1 at "'-•' Central wto and Mrs Herbert and family of Waterloo, Mr, Randy Puffet and baby of usually a softball game in the a f- " 111., and Janice and ternoon. Anyone interested is cakes. Anna n.ay reuKuuii'i <>.»""«., .-.ui^..^, w t . a . nui^iu JIej _ activit ] es in .-chool include i. Jennie Ba- welcome- to attend. fn|!,:wi>d with a frosting doiu- I'/ 1 '.' 1 ''u-'-'i'i''''^"'^ . ^^ . r . e ^ tlon f ; being the co-editor"of the annual, kTt'C Wny'nl^l r^f >1 lfi\X' imf l^ t h f * lnnij)i)\/i"* • i»»- »<•! i **^' •"'• *• 11 IJll 1 ijL*llt4Ll, JlllbblOlltlly i fit t i , ,„ , .tonowing is int lenuiuvL onstrat i on an d Karen Fish clem- .,..,...,•...,,. Mr , ph..'.,,,. r,, m h-> r member of the school paper staff, nf \A/ofn»-lni-\ CPnPfflllf*' * Cl lit 111 1OI1, ]V11 .S. V.rllL'SlLrt \.^Uin*Jcr~ t t i . . . The director of the school is ana ^, w.nn or ,o°gan £"a June i _ Westfield Whirl- ->-^ated the making of fudge. land , ,,, al , hurch activ itie, cheerleader, secretary of the stu- ine airecioi ot me stnuui i» r . t f ^ i; _ ^^ TI: ...;_j.. t c-.,;,, f ; r ,\j t«,i;—, The club decided to send u box i s and Dal Winn of Logan, Utah, a June 1 — Westfield Assisting"the friend of Charlie Stearns. His winds and Fairi'iold Indians. e.d from West Union high" school, teachers will be Virginia Parsons, fister Janice, accompanied them June Carolyn 'wfll leave June 5, to Joan Bachman, Judy Simpson, ba <* «•= Utah for the summer. attend the Paris Beauty Acad- Kay Dugan, Carolynne and Pat- W .Qpiltar 3jl#Pi.49 > ricia Bryant. Circle leaders r,--r the year are , , - . de " t ™ ucl1 atld ^mber of the 5 —- Banks Go-Getters, of baked goods to the County Bethel Rams and Putnam Fore- Home in the near future and fur- Awards presented at U.iU. Commencemenf Monday June 6 — Center Livestock. June 7 — Smithfield Live- wires. June 10 — Union Eager Beav- Good neighbors help Neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. James Wright met Monday at their farm to haul manure and plow corn. Mr. Wright has been unable to do his farm work and has been hospitalized Those helping were: Robert and Haj ., an Lives tock. Stembnonn, Robert Lambert, Mrs. Homer Bunn, Martha; Mrs. Klink, , r plans were made ID have a s .,, n i u ,.,. w-mmi f)ul ., t lh( , Backbnm . stu , L . Sl..phL.,s, ^Naotm. Mrs. William A. circle to meet park soon. There were two visitors present, Mrs. James Hamilton and Mrs. Joe Roele, Lunch was meet Thursday evening, June 1, an officer of the F.F.A. and of team. Dennis Bigelow, son of Mr. and Clair Bigelow, Arlington, received the school's citizenship award during the same program. His activities include having a part in school plays, the band, circle will pep band, basketball, baseball, sci ' vtd ^ Mal ^ Ann and Bur bara Hamilton . " nd Anna Kay y thoir p " m '. " K ' t ' lm «- a " % Mr1 ATrnold ner hta , ?P ce S, h -, dAebate> SCie " Ce club and Anticipate greater has greater enrollment in view for fall registration, according to Braulic Caballero, director of ad- Tlj( , A| . tnur Godfrey missions. f j] lu w jn be shawn. "Welowie info the ranks of Phillip Livingston of Wadena, Louis Lockwood, Howard Rob- ^"* |? ~ ^wadeS iSSSiiie 111 11 11 ^ citizens of the Ve world" de- and Mary Ellen McCormlck, erts , Roland Lau> Merlin Rob- J^ " TL Qeiwlin Countiv U<LU enrolUnent ojared Congressjuiap Ja.mes E. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy erts, Dtiane Schneider, Erwin and H ,, v ' ««• w i v^uunuy Uppei- Jowa univcrsity Cromwell Monday *fl top .address- McCormick of Shellsburg. Marvin Lamphier, Leo Biichtela T ,,,' qd the graduating class at Up- The Farmers Insurance Group anc } R usse H Popenhagen. ' per Iowa unixaatty, SRhplarship to Erma Winkle, Mrs. Howard Roberts, Gladys u ^i u;^kJ Bromwell, representative ftP/n danghter of Mr. and Mrs. Clar- Gorman and Eddie Roberts pre- Honored on Dlltnoay the second Iowa district, charged ence Winkie, Waukon. pared the noon meal. A dinner was he.ld Sunday for An all-time high enrollment of the 91 members of the class of Joe Menges scholarship in bus- 13 0n Kuhens at his home, honor- about 700 is anticipated next 1861 to accept two basic prem- jnej^ administration to Jack Fellowahin autmer itl S his 90th birthday annivers- September, Caballcvo stated. iaes in life: that all their great Carr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen * ~" " * »* " ^ ary _ an d also the birthday anni- This would be an estimated 8.3 decisions must be made by them- G. Carr of Redfield. , A Fellowship Supper honor- versarics O f his son, Thomas, per cent increase over the prcv- selves and that they must imple- The Margaret Share Kerfoot ing the new confirmants and and great gran ddaughter, Sherry ious high of 646 enrolled last ment these d^pMoitf <» '.ftwir sah.ftifl.r$hh> in memorium to Ju- their parents and the parents of Petcrman . others present were: September. The student body own responsibility. #\\i JUH, Daughter of Mr. and the present Leaguers of the M: . and Mrs John Kuhens> Fay , wiu slin remain predominantly ' Congressman Bromwell ad- Mi$. Arthur (Hitf qf Dows. Grace Lutheran church was held ette; Ml . , md Mrs Fioyd Petev , Iowan> C aballcro said, with the dressed the graduating class at The Ruggenmeier scholarship Sunday evening, May 28, at the man and Mr and Mrs Harley second highest group coming 10 a. m. Monday on tfo) ^gst in QernAWi to Anne Kunkle, ^"fch with a goad attendance. Peterman and fani ii y of Ce dar from the Chicago area. * -•"- J -—^ J "- »~ "- 1 "-'-* " f «•• "»»•"- — - - - - .j^ LaVerne Enrollment fov the fall semes- Receives degree Everett Garbee, son of Dr. and Post Mrs. E. E. Garbee, received his To meet Thursday The American Legion 339 and Auxiliary will meet at B.A. degree in Business Admin- tlie Legion hall on Thursday, istration from Drury o^llege^ in June 1, at 8 p. in. Springfield, Mo., May 28. The cancer Garbee's have also recently purchased a home in Springfield. Booster club sets date £U ci< Jit* *»******«»*^ w«* ~vmr w~vi w ~v i»-»irr "ITT-»- .'— _______ — '"TT'^I'IJ. J> 11 * *dwiJ lawn of the Upper Iowa univers- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray- Highlight of the evening pro- FflU Ml . und itv campus. ipp^d Kunkle of Hazleton. gram vvas the speech by *h* Foltowing his address, Dr. The Wall Street Journal bus- Rev. Kramer of Sumner, Eugene E. &aRbe$, W^ld^At fit ..ifless AWBfd to William Watson, Zone W. L. advisor. the university, announced the son of Mrs. Julia Watsori of Ber- fallowing academic awards: wyo, JU. To spend $362,500 in •The Len T. Slmek scholarship The .IJerz scholarship K^ to « B f, im ;.|,{« CT par j £ . MAYNARD—The Booster club the meeting is the improvement set Thursday, June 22 as the in the appearance of the girls' tt mrs. uaverne Enrollment fov the tan semes- dutc fw . (ho annual communit y s t a te champion basketball signs aon, Waterloo; Mr. ter is earlier this year, the direct- ... nic sponsored by the Mayn . on highway 160 at either end of vey Larson and or pointed out; most of the new arf , busincss men> when it met Main street. \ Falls: Mr. anci fr^Qhmnn rlfiss will be complete- , ., _. /-, ,«:i.. %«ii mu....« mu,, «i..u n HMA k.» A »^ *U«A :* Sclmeider and tne and Mrs. Harvey family, Cedar Falls; Mr. and freshman class will be complete- ^ { ^ Community hall Thurs- The club announced that it Mrs. Merrill GJew and family, ly enrolled by June 1. Rejections ({;y ^^^ M . iy 35. There wiU has placed in the lobby of the Maynard; and Mr. and Mrs. Ev- because of poor high school aca- be m) Jum , meoting of the c]ubi post office ^ pofite ,. made by elyn Earle and son. demic records ave al?o runnine s[ncQ u tgl]s on the same day M Sandra Alshouse specifying the . to Don Kuehner, son of Mr. and LaKeone Herzman, son of Mr. Kuhens then went to the higher, he said. a-rtfiTfifaw %£**<&«»;*. - ^;—»i«-•- s, ^x^&^^ T,.U H*-_=*r. sss^yr^ zSKSftSxssfz Mtt of Ar'toiteP^r" the,<p0rwt T>1» fcr. G. C. Baker memorial installation of water lines, con- day evening, June 3. The Volga River Riders will B ib e win M «*»e m we sixtn, meal servea by wr. ana wr^. •W- • ^^$rinn W s for •«» scbplw-htp in science to Dannia struotion of shower and toilet All members are requested to hold an afternoon trail ride June seventh and eigntn giaaes. jacn cnaries Barnnoit, Mr. ana nars. School year, are .Jerry Dunlap, son of Mr, and Mrs. R. buildings, beach improvements be^p^ent^the meeting which 4, rt the Tex Schroyei, ut Ar- ^^^-^"pSa&l at £y l^me^r ' '. *&' •*• »' trail repairs will begin at 8 p. m, Hngton.

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