Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Page 4
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_ WHS. Gone; Be, 1 Death s rikes (^ARRE' .l^OL• SOM jwhil 2 swiiimjing 4 1 . Ocean ToWnV N. J. Aftor \ be ng !,per- iunctdrily examined by: dtkitor. i the body ii broughttio t le Hotel ; iWajusaca: wliere an j .StaVtiEd. . Folsom': r hart ibeoii ! MRS. HK i OARMKLI j tablished i-lore-his il ing next known as , Thfln tl mml is bathing coD )r ROGER [.EN BAUNAlJ rA \'ALDON', : that Folsom, enth, had bcui to NED ,B. the copper kit t 0 startling an liide tTjat Fols been. RtaUHiifd to doiith iij tor, HO.i tloiied, ni wife, hill ; in.v-slory . ANAST trie and dqad I mil command S, his vajcl, I are fhirroii; •11) liKhl is! ^S1.^ FOUSOX?.] IKI.Sl'Tflll sUti i; iifrivps' aiic At the Inqiitst jeHtablishod tliat the dejiph ••pon f*as knife, atiij bard had boarilwallj It is a 1 inquest t The con as she. of engage a chose, he made no respoi RoK<-r .N DAMEI. nbuiic'.'i vate d»-ii'< NoVv i a picliaq, an tiiat it and heen" purihafscjl so hrouKlit ou ;it Ftd.soin's fij to l>ft diviideil botweon h [oville and a 'EI.TOX, Anas I k- will oiiga^J llive. Ou Wiih <ho crii AFTER XV11 ner gjareil at ^•iiiirse, had Jirivatc detectj jpeech. like to hear ii i!ii <-onv<Sr.sationj before lie ' said liiil)li:i|i' |i went' ill liis ville saiii. J^te L went in the :om those 4 :ith Mr. lvi>nt: into -.Mr. .iirily-^. pilil;.ARr- watj'r ro­ th ypur did you lilmu't -Mr. imtatihg •} would [who. wer<' FolBoni jii Ihe "oi'<';iii. Neville, vo Yes." .\' >yard. "'W gether. . '"Tliere jvi -re othi?rS wi . ••T«n .la|li((.s, -Mrs. Bariabjf'and IJlrs. Valdo'ii." Yes. -Vtid t .ell nie nox^j notice any liiiig iinusu;J Polso ^n 's iiKiniierV Aiiyt prehensivi'.'" "Absolut L'ly iiotliiiiK of •JMr. Folsom w'as in tlie 1 beHt spirits and' ready to enjoy jdlpWitli tljo rest, of us "" I ;"You atifl lie Were bltsi jnerR, I am llold." I "Not partners;.-wc Iwe^-C'in the JBaiiie com isihy." h i"\Vhat iiiiiipaiiy was |tha(; .Mr. 'Neville?- . ; "The Hayal Realty Conipany. il ^iit Mr. rolsom was .'pr •sident, I jam ni <^rel>| vice prusidcii I 'Ah; ye.').; Real vstate 'Yes. a It ^hitago coiic<lrn. Jhat -Mr. Ivdsoni is deaii !• 1 :....[ Ill .!„. ^he busi.iii'f^s will devnlvi on' me." j "Natural y. .\nd/ you i re one of ijNlr. Fol.sou's heir.'!?" • ' / i: -"Yes. as Miss Folsom stated." .•|'Now. .Mr. Xevillc, wilf yt)\i re- fcb|ini its o-iiaiitlv as yoi k-ircunistaii-es of .\jr. death? te I the minutest lypii saw tboin." • ! '"'A r a in; tier of fact, I little. I w: s at some dist our ])a.rty. land whenever ored to spesik to them a w mg the be^ ap- sorf. of his ocean (less part- .N'ow inilch of on' me. bowled me all sound^ of lip the attehipt stated. y <^u reran .the Folsom|s |<it'tails as .sjiw very ncc-^ from [I' ertdeav- ave |canie over or Iniy jVoice. Cnrmrlifiii eiiiiie I'n^tvarJ. Idoki <n heaiiffinl tllnl many present le an invidiiiilary •.:asp of adiiii i^tion. OB lized hi.s ^athiiig siiij, gray with••Had there been any sjueh." At ek slripesi and 1 ii'll'sure it was ! a^l;^sii^ Fidsom iiil'orineil him, 'jl 1 went jimmediatdly to where i slioiild not now be here; irsteninte ladies ofiour party ."^lood. liold -'io tl-is futile (|uerying. biit 1 .shouin bl: be th< inif m< Fo an th. KCl !:<< an fr- tlio rojie, and tliey wen; al- st overcoijii; with iVaritli;it ^.Mr. soiii hacl j siiffi'rc'd ;i .'-irok'- or tic alter the suspi-ct and getting hint behind bars; No. I found lo liiiej- or paper; thai gave the leajjt attack of j some .-•nrl.- I ;idviscd | hint o| ! which way to look for h m to go a$horc at nine, and siig.-fniurdi'rcr. Hut that in no way di terl that i-e all .i;o \n u\iv hath- 1 tcis iiic from continuing the searcl ses and (iros.s in order to lie of j i sliallyct find the villain an I possible: assistiinii' lo our ; .sli:!ll see to it that justice is done', nd." . I I 'Voii will hold those papers an 1 .Viid that lis what you dId.'V i .lcitcrs subject to the investigatio i Yes. They agf i Hi;il w;isil:e;'if tlie police, madam. We wi 1 hi'k tiling tojdo. aiKl wc wjrc s-joil i send our detectives to examin|e drtssed and !l)a <k lo tliii hotel.; il"''ni shortly." ^ where we heard the news ol his ; ••\<)n liiav. sir. No on 'will bju his biisiiii'ss a .'^sn iaie ;iii(l official inj his coniiian .N. are you cliarse ol Mr. l-"oi oim'h papers I letters lliiit an- down In-re h him 'r I ; ' jitei'ore Ro ;<vr \evil!»- roiild an!s H t Miss Fi and m around in tao surf by fand; eifherj ,FWUpt awa . Boi I gave njerelji sw;( myself. ^ , "Th<*n w /iat was the irsti intimation you had of anythi having happened to Mr.' Folsom "NalurMlly I glanced triward our own rro*-d now and then alnd as 1 looked: 1 filled to see F )ll>om. 1 ffioijght nojthing of that a <hc mo- nifint. ns hriiow and the i ieft the next saw one or two rope, but i jjfe guard then ' peopl couldti't s .But then come I to the p got between •e what was "I didn't I Sjiw the twig ; guards carrying someone ashore ogntz'-d at rett Folsom "You w Ijim then? once that; it, re near enpudh to' ses see his.face, 1 ut 1 ree- ropo and us and I feoing on. nd 1 rec- Kvas Clar- yo soiti all sh lies Fn th aiirl ot his niunlvr " j nioi( ulad than 1 if you can fin Thank ycjii. .Mr. Ncvllb'. .Now.! any hint of a way to look for light iiloni spoke lip. I pcrsoiiii • b^loMKiiif;;' as l.on the matter;' ".Mrs. Marnaby." was the nejjt wiijiess callid. and the Diichcs :, Iliiinyh trembling with uervous ii'-ss i and embarrassment,' walkel steaiiriv up to the designatcjil chair. -'"There <tse in repeating ard saM. noticed her : quivering lip and trembling handK 4ndeed Ijk'—is—not. I am in'- "There 4ise m i irce or nti- IrrolherV < I feels, in-I (est inioiiy." Coroner Hubb; ding his }jioney. Idieis. papers ' speaking gently, as he nol -h-.' sal ii|i|righi aiul glowered :ii •.Itisl tell me if yOu noticed an\ tin lorojier as if he i .fiered i thin;; almuf .Mr. Folspni's mannqr he -^1 deadly insult. , . i or sjierch that was unlike himsel Oh. I be.^ pardon. I'ni sure. An-, or bet rayerl fear or nervousness iu then, tlir exeiiit 'M- of .Mr. Fol-, any sort." ijis estate " ! ''^'o. I ilid not." the Duchess rcj .N'o, Ills la vycr In r 'hl <;tKo is' his ! iilied. relieved at the questloil executor.' H^it as iiciire.^i of kin. i "nut I knbw Mr. Folsom onlv im in cl^arge of Irs property. | slightly, not so well as the other I 1 propiiic to irin:iin so." nienihors of our little party. Y'o i You havt? his riHjii;.s ;i' the lu)-|.sce, he was a friend of the rthVr!. ."• j i| only met him the night before-L 1 have," , , ; before last," Mas anything been tnuejied?" I "Yon stood next him in th] ihe gave hint ;i ^I.iiiee ili ;it w:is ' oce:in'."' lost pityins. I ".Vet at the lime he—he .'ivcii Everythiim lias been touilu'd.''i under. [ \v;is n<;xt him but 'on said.. "Last; night, hcfriro I sliipt, I went over every one of iiis drs and jijipers as widl as all -clothes afid pi'rsi)n;il property .•III kinds." then." "Who was next him?" "Mrs. 'Valdon." "And on the other side?" ' "1 am tolil a Mr. Barron was. And you found no papers or; Hut I <!o not know Mr. Barron." ers thill could in :i.ny \viiy uive! "Thai will do. .Mrs. ' Barnah • hint as. <o tin.' possible idoii-; Mrs. Valdon next!". • of the criminal?•• ; i t';irinelila came forward, lonkih VKaiii that loidi of iitier scorn j .so beaiilifiil (bat many preset t «•(! wilhilie iideranielolie iniiilit U;:iv«' an inv(duntary. gasp of at sli rw to a small Ichild lir an irrQ-I ii'iration.' llioiigh in no way ovei- spjitisible mentaliliy. : j dress<d. her bright-colored heacp The Son of Heaven' frtiDB,, dethrone 1 ."boy eiijpSrcr" of China, hiJSi been seldom photographed. Here he id in Tien-| he is kept a victual'prisoner] by the still honeful royalists, greeting visiting foreign dignitaries of oterthrow of | the republic and restoration of the monarchy, ; Hsuan tsln. where To his jadhc rents, who pen Jlsuan rrunfe;i8;"the:8on oil ist in dreams _ lieaven." lie is a. frail: youth; of l9. Pi lOLA PAILVi BEGISTEB.,TUESDAY 'cape, i falling fronk ber sracefnl sboaId<rs, gare h tr tbe look: of a Slants]) princesL Indeed, the beach i^ape was mli de from a Spanish shiLwl. whose i gorgeous em- brodlei ed. flower^ shone out lustrously trom a tilipk background. • "Mrs Valdon. wjll you add anything you can toj i^e story of Mr. Fdlsom's de4th Jn |thc ocean ycs- terilay-t" i • ^ ' '^Hpw can! I add anything? I do not eVi ^n kn^w that be died in the [ocean, lexcept'by fj ^irsay." "While not exactly flippant, Car- inelita's maiiner was distinctly disinterested, and thi^ coroner was a litlic -ajt a loss how to treat her. nut he felt ft wks best to "give it to her straight,"! as he expressed It to himself, .and Jie said, stbrnly, "Do inot attempt! to quibble. You l^now liow How anji when Mr. Fol. 8om met his death. Can you tell I me;.9nyUiiDg in tl)d way of detailed description of whit you saw during hii^ last I moments'/" "No, I can't," saidiCarmelita. not pertly, but wlih a look; of sadness, as of one thinking iback over a hart rowing "Vet ficeue. you t>tood iext him?" (To Bfi L '<kthfiiPd) A new' c I pw 'onceriiliig the neapon\ comes o lifrlil. Kend ntKintjIhe inyNterluus "pjchatr In the next chapter. Mrs. I to lola^ Friday and Miss Dnvis went w closed their mee I Wednesday. Mrs. Wiley. Loyd Dickerson been visilingher sister, .M returned home Si MONTEVALE {Norma Isaac.) iJollif and! Mrs.! Mill went •MisB iWeir and ith thqm. - They ing iati Harry Springstob has February 22. The Wesl4y qhapel ladies arc • to servje lunci I sale. I The iroads are .'O bad I phone kervlco not much we will have to'jjet our Itlon th No ml Miss Sunday folks. Mrs' Bcssiq oug'h the Registef. -Mildred who lias ss Audry tui'day. a sale !i at this and tele- ^jettcr. .so informa- d Isaac ar^ to Moian on business after school- timt. Pansy Smi h for I a week mother went Thursday came with Rogers amli daugh ;ers. .Miss land Lois, Were shopping in lola Siiltnrday, Mis« Lois Ilogers attended teacli- irarfy at night as ks birth- ers mjeJting in lolii Satuijday. .MrS;. John Rqgjrs is I papering hiT kitchen' and jcleanilig house. Ed Smith's were shol)ping in Ic lit. Saturday. - [ •Theri was .-i surprise Mr. Bahcock'* Thursday Thursdliy.was .Mr.iBabcoc day. jMiss MtM'her.son spent the woek- eiid at lula: with 1 orac folks The Jsehool children are pl.iii- ning a valentine lox at .Montevalc school todajj*. Mrs. Stinnet apd Ilorothy and Russel spent Sun Charley Isaac's. Mr. Rogers an home home [lav afternoon- at • • ! • 1 Charley Isaac; delivered hogs tu .Mr. nteker at Bayard Saturday. Ed Wilson wasi from his home fiirm in trict one day this Iw^eek. Norma Isilac wl'il stay hauling corn ibis dis- brother, Claf-ence Isaat;. night and iittend the'sehij party at Mrl Warren's of Mrs. Dozicr visaed Mrs Baker Friilay. OVEX CMUniS .\i{K IIA>!l>Y K\\. TICLES -^KOT^I) KITCIIEX. ^•ith her .Monday ipr class Mildred. Ernest EVENINGv FEBRUARY 15> 1921 Your- To cling No. 25. bbtkin a deduction i fcjl- expenses, which form portant ijtem "In |the retujrr|s of many tions payer returii natur^ df business in wh " number ofj days awriyl taipaycrs, ! cerlaiii r gula- nuit be observed. | Ih • taxis I required I to attaci o his statement showi n ; tho during the 1 en- from taxable jtebr on accoant of business, total of c^ipenses incidental ito and^iidging while absent] bomJ! on husthess, and amount of "other expense* dentkl ^o travel a!nd claime dedtictlpn." Amoiig the "otli^r expenses') are tips.wHIch are ipld to be 4 part- of tniveling «?x))t'nsesj trav- an im- providu utno in I Tl iiv d they are rcasonalile iiJ ibie on ncss expeusi) ling expenses are ilcduct- y when the trip is nii!busi- |They are limited s as are reasonal nece^-sary in the conduct busine.sjs and directly attrf to ii the hire Mse of toraclrs. If quir^ ary for ployi no Ing amtiunt lodfeiug Ihcoihe. conitecc othe b such \(S and of tlije _ butable; fexamples are paynlent for as ; cei ra < d jxpt of a .sample roonJ vehides In visiting ' cusi- a aierson whose busii esjs rq- s ijim to travel receives ii sal- fiiM compen.satioii it^r his without relmbursemeht I'eliiig expenses, or m a commission ba nse allowance, bis xrienses. including I hi expendeil for mea^ are deductible froiii gross I ijerson receives a salary and 'repaid his, actual I ayeling s. he must incladt in his i'ncom'e the amount .so re- aiid may deduct such expeus- If is al expe list! grosji paid es. Trjiivifling expenses ^ (I incflrred Ini ion ity with a joiirni-y to accept or I seek em-i ployinelit are not deduct ild urb.ijiites who <-ommuteaa theii* hiiiie lo their placets iiess are; not permitted t( the Ifost'of transportati^in ing a personal expense for leductions for travtli pens |i -s , must be sub;?!!: required by the whe sion ^ records showing in <let amoiint ami iiiituce of tlie es iiicurred. j ^r of Internal Revenue, by; 1 . , , .... .... j,,^ expens- i SCHOOLS TO DE FARM RELIE w Deb; of K here relic niial Rtoclj teani St the rifle hita. Kan., Feb. \& Jle teams lr6m the Uni [insas and OJslahoma w on the .McbCary-Haiig bill Febrj^Jiry 2:! at ineeiing of asKociiitic Willi opposfj laboiiian.s will s inb'ss steel jinny ordnaifce depart barrels. (AIM-- rersilies II cla.sli n farm! the an-lj the Kansis Live-|i n. The Kansasi the bill: the Ok-j pport it. Amount tmeals from total Incl- as a or the ii em- if with t -avel- entire s' and to an -i Sub-i Iji from; |ofi busi-; tleduetj jt be-; (Maimsl iigl ex-i' ntiated. (tommis- lATE BILL is Jieinc t^j-steil byjj uent in All good housekeepers have- several hot dish holirlers n^ar the kitchen range, but jthese aij? usually small and not p^-actical tor oven use. ;! j I For this inirposo! cut ticking 12x 30. inches. Douhl|> it lengthwise, thus giving you.d six-Inch strip. This will enable you to h<jdd both sides of the pan. { If you cut the ticking one yard long you can turn it up at each end %a forifi {pockets for slipping in the hand when handling pans. I These cloths make good ishnwer. or bazaar gifts, and can be bcan-|' tified by stitching ^he folded length in a diamond pat|tern and cither binding the edges or buttonhole stitiihlng them. After in bright cqlor That Comb At Night .i^coaghing child needs tho looth- ino relief of Chajmbcrlain's ;bUKlx R^cdy. For&ly»ani, Mother I havq rehcdaponit. Let it help you-child to-[night. Ask yoijr druggist. "Mothers—write I for free bxiklct on i"Caro of the Sick." Chamb ^riaia H^didne Co.. 603 ^ark, Dcs Mbincs. Contains no alct hot or fiarcottcs CHILdRE UGMR LOOSENS THE: COUGH. the^W'isovbr ou need a Toiiic H«lp It NMifokl to Restore Your Waet^cl Strength and "Flur leaves Iholibody weakened and rundown. In such case. |a tonic is ricarly indlcaten. Hesldrc the appetite and rid yourself of ttial Icl -dnwn feeling. • "Flu" Is a very onervaling dl<- CJiJC. It leaves lis ylcllms sb weak and debilitated' th It tlierolis ns murh danger' from the aftcrj-olTeris as from the disease Itself. Ih ntlier unrds, after an att< ck of thi "llu," ynu ntfcd a Miecllvo tonic to k-chtilld •"Stem n 'I4 *t yon majr iiavn your old-limo' strtingth and jcncrgy r.'strjred. | ( i I S.S.S.! is untiinialled for restoring strcijgtli and vitality. | | , You iavc It to your.self and family t|i give S:S.S. h trial. It helps .Nature build up ijed blood rorpu.«- rle.«. la Improves the processes by whict I te hofly Is nniirl.ihodi II Is lime trlW anjl reliable. .S S S. Is nisd< frfim the roots of fresh lierb;« and plants, and is prepared In a srientiflc way In 4 modern Idbora- lory.j I 8SS. Is rfcjld at all good dMH ••tnrek ill two t>\T.P9\ Ttio larBcr iiU« 1^ iu <i [u ccuuutulcaj. Public Sa , I will sell at Carlyle. on Deer Cjreek Monday, •ubilc .\ijctlon at the 1 on pp farm, j 2 miles Beginning at TWO HORS weight 1,300 lbs.; UOO lbs. rows—Three milk and one yea FARM MAfHlN- 11 valors; 1 corn 1 manure spreadej- 3-section steel walking plow^: 2 scraper; 1 wide ti good o'clock Lhafp the folhi ES— Oni FebMiry il marei new; , 1 horse, weight'ing niLicl; cowi giving'' ^""^^ ling heifer. j rope; «ERY— Tjwo cul- 1 Fordsjon pllanter and wire; 1 1.double 1 disc hirroiW; 1 forks e wagon Hay= trartor shovel; 1 good ! and ijiai]y other mention. le^Inch I road erous is practii almost a yea ERMS CASHHIf (credit h desired see y >nr bank MRS. L. KRUPP wing deiscribed propertty 1 k to C. S. BISHOP, Anrtloneer. l^a ;ood fari^ wagon; ines; 1 riike; 1 buck y stacker, pulleys sjacl^er. gas engine and hd set of i Aets of li irficles foi All of th ally new. being us lOLA STATE BA>K easl of mow- i rake; and [saw; 1 plows; arness. I num- above d lonly Clerk. OiferbigSblendidVaiul yets Tapestry Bi-usseli and Wool Fibre Rugs. Size terns In thi i- r Fine Quality Axminstet Ru Sizel 9x12 Tapes Bru jsel^ Rug^ A gifod ch net • of pa'tternsj $20.60 6x9 Fine In Val ^vide range of colors up to $27.50. Special $20.00 bi. These Big Vi I les in iij. , High Pile Axn iisler Rugs desigh.s in a ^;ide range cofprs, sizb 9x12 ft, Re fillar $-loJoo. Feb 'uary .sale price Fine . Six of valiiei Quality splend d ll-.JxJ.^ fl. ^iRelow-Harlfofd Rui for valued me T that taupe ma wovori toVihc Tile: any Ii 1 tlie dci \ covering, Never Be 28x.;W 21x60 12x21 i in ivhityiwilMiis,! Axminsters, lf^- 10-6 Ift., a wide rangjs of pa,t- |i^d colirs.. Values u ) 16 $55.00. sale I i M / iWhitt^U 1 Anglo-Ifdrsian RMs All patterns that hAve beeri! >dis :an- tinued at the mills. Si'^ 9x12 ft. IjTfg- ular .?150.D0i values. Srtecial ^iiaoo Rugs Special Axminstet and designs. Go iSiz terns $30.00 two siztj good patterns rugs. Jlegul Special $72.50 Whitt^ill Anglo-J^irmai^ Rijgs oil. size pxl2 this sale A lint qua I ity Wil Regular :^i:i2.5(). In $95.00 WiiiWall Tepilac Rugs Fine qiiaJity. all worsted Wilton A big choice of jiatterns. size 9x1 Regular $105.00 values.; Priced; to them out ' $84 JOO • ft.j It-ug. ft.! <rloseJ d Seal Congoleum Rugs 9x12 fti, a good choice of pat- .b.85' - Our New Daylight Show Room. Higeltm^Hartford Itussorah Axmin.ster Rugs A name that means the finest in minster rugs, live patterns in^this size 9x12 ft., both figured and jasp^jj fects, in colors of hli\c, tan and t; Regular $60.00 value.s in this sale Bussoijah well .suited at- $100100 $40, Higclow-Ilarlford Size 9x15 ft. Six 00 jgood designs, fyal- .K .sale Ax- rug [ijtlpe. h|is sui^e constructed full sized com covered in find jies ji| llnish. .se sifl ifibre, te.s consist of trolden brown Tpree-[ ' St; i ilcse s .sh. enpor one a f limit 1 tapest Three-Piekfe Bed of ThrefeJ iece Karp tes consist of rpencsque ;loo:| Your choice Karpen oHable uality davenport, chaii- and rocker, constructed qr buckeye brown' lirnsli, covered iti lu $e inch Framed Tape.striH -4 amed Tapest inch L'bnsolc Mirrons. Davenport Suite $108.00. hand woven fibril, consists o!f bed-tlavei bled. Two rockers, jlinished in| the new apestry. 'Piece npjort ifose- Fibre Suits .$58.50. ^n, Caijie Living Room Suites f^98.0Q. e-foot spring r three ofa. one arm diair, one rocker cushions in <ill [>iec<s. Two e.\ latlerns in the finest (juaiily ore Have We ShoSvn So Many Decorative Pieces llor Home. the of Karpen 1; avy quality browri ma tra pillows Jacquard. ve lind; cre"^ lOg- ^ith; .bur 1.50 {.50 Ui75 a-Piece Wal S^iies co^po.sed of ,60-itch constructed shaded !S chaii lit Dining Room Suited $12^ Buffet f genuinej rubbed , 42x.54-in. extension table, walnut veneer combined wil iye side |th other ed ' with chaScs.

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