The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 24, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1891
Page 2
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The Postvillc Weekly Review POHTVILLB, BATDAY, OOT. 84. W. N.BUBBXOX.Vditor. Mnl*r*d attht PottofflftPotMIUaM MFUSLIOAN BTATB TXCXXT. For Governor, Il.KAU C. WHKEI-KU, of Sao Comity. Kor UstilMiant UoT*rnor. UUO. VAN UOUTKN. of Taylor Count?. Fur Rtipremo Judge, 8. M. WKAVKK, of llhrdtn County. Fur 8upt. I'uhllo Inslruotton, HliNUY 8AMN, of Clinton County. For Hallway ('oimiilsKiotur, Fit AN K T. CAMl'ltKItlj, of Jnspor Comity. (SENATORIAL TICKET. FrTTwiriTMonk, of Knyutlo Comity. COUNTY TICKET. In doling that the reaction li coming so rapidly that It Is now vory unoortnln M to which tlckst will win In this county itmt district. It Is now generally aouc*dvd tlml there Is a good lighting ultitiien for tho whole ticket If republicans will bo wklo awakn and got out to ths polls eiinia.iso. Is our esteemed contemporary sittlslUd with our reply f esai. JLU— I LU.-.U* CAN'T WAIT. TU* now Slltor houso at Waukon WM opened to tho public last Tuesday, being porfeotly computed In all Its appointments bofove Us doors were open- od. It Is tho pride ot Watikon and a credit to tli« town, no lass than to tho enterprising proprietor. Wa shall say mora about ll after we hura looked It over and sampled Its conveulonoes and attractions, which wo know are first For Keprossntatlvo, J. S. HKYsHlN. For Troasnror, D. D. HON AN. For Sheriff, J. 11. MIS BUT. For Superintendent of Schools, J. l\ RAYMOND. For Member Hoard ot Supervisors. N.J. QUANDAUL. For Surveyor, A. tt. ruKsoorr. For Coroner, I. E. NASH. A REPLY. It looms Impossible for our domo- orullo friends to give the capitalists nny time at nil to build factorlus, machinery, etc., for the manufacture of tin. It Is barely a year ngo that the McKiu- luy bill was passod. Olio half of that limo Includes tho MUMOU ot the yusir when building is done it a great ills advantage If attempted at nil. So It would seem that thoy thiuk a great Industry ought to be started from tho germ and perfected lu sli mouths, and that tin ought now to be manufactured In this country In quantities sufficient to supply tho domund. Such a propo sitlon I K absurd to nny thiuklug mlud It *ould take a hundred factories of largo dimensions and In full blast to do this, and thoan eannot bo built and equipped with machinery and men in a day or :i year or in (Wo yours, 11m ns full ns money tind mou c:in do the work U, will be done, mid nsfast us il is douo prices will be rcduoed. As ills prices are not enhanced at all In a retail way To wholesalers and all buying tin In large ipitnlilies we do uot doubt but tho price is a little higher thau boforo Hut this does not nflcd tho consuiuor at all unless he puts on a tin roof or uses a large quantity In some other war, and thoso are scarcely ouo iu thousand of tho aggregate population and cTorybody knows that cvou thi rise will bo but temporary. N. A G. Taylor, the Philadelphia, manufneturers, have purchased six acres of ground upon which to build additional factories, ami when their works aru completed (hay will be the largest Iu tho world. It is Idle for any body to say lh».t America will not man ufactuio its own tin just as soon money' will enable il to do so. and will be one of the greatest, domostlo industries ot tl.o country. The man who says that American push enterprise are not equal to making ti plate and coallug ii with tin is belittling bis country. America can mako auylhlng that anybody anywhore can make and do it a litllx belter al that. NY ait a year or two aud soo. els ADDITIONAL LOCAL. -Mrs. Jas. Fisher lonyos us a line •amplo of oulons rnlsod by her and her istcr, Miss McDaneld, down on their 'ranoh" this year. Thoy hnyo domon- traled that ovou ladies, unaided by man, can make farming on a small scale pay. They ruissd a largo quantity ot all kinds ot gardon vegetables and kept threo cows, the butter from which thoy sold for 25 cents per pouud Two of tho girls still "hold the fort.' —C. C. Faber was up from Lansing on Woduesday and made us a pleasant all. Wo are glad to know that Charley has recoverod. from his recent domestic and flnanoial difficulties and with a partner, is doing a flno 1 ivory business, with everything clear. His partner is going to run the business and Mr. Fabar is going on tho road as general agent for bis old fruit tree tirm again, at a good salary. - -Wo congratulate our young friend Geo. C. Medary, one of the proprietors of tho Waukon Democrat, and for si>; years railway postal clerk, on the hap pv termination of si agio blessedness whtel. occurred at Waukon on Friday morning last, Miss Edna It. Petlit bclug the happy bride. Mr. Medary is not odly a good newspaper man but a good postal clerk, and wo hope lie will make a good husband and in due time a good father. Shake George. nd A STATEMENT FROM WHEELER. H. 0. Daring tho temporary blindness which has been upon us for the past threo weeks ll scouts tho Allamakee Journal has been interrogating us n.i to how wo could consistently havo moved to make the nomination <il F. Y. Whit- 1 xuoro nimniiiious when we had already given it as our opinion that no prohi- bitioulst could be elected ia this district. As we arc always willing to afford our brethren of the press all the Information possible, we cheerfully comply, at tho lint moment possible .After seeing the query. First, w* made the motion as we did there being no other candidate and no other namo before the convention there was nothing else to do. It is what every convention of evory party always does under like circumstauc- «*, aud this regardless of whether there vidual or not. Our democratic friends in Iowa havo set the example for thirty- five years of unanimously nou\iuating a slate ticket when they kad no hope of electing a man on iu Two years ago they did elect one man but tt.oy had no expectation of doing it, just as w* are „Verj liable to elect our senator this year. : If our friend wishes to ask how we can personally support a prohibitionist we freely answer that wa do it for the •ante reason that auy other man supports his party ticket, because on th ' whole we believe the republican party to be far tho nearest right on all the great questions ot government and human rights. The history of the ooantry prom it to have been so in th* past and we hare no other lamp t« guide our feet for the future. W* were told by th* great and good Judge Hayes last week that prohibition wa* purely a local question ot business and not a party principle. Iu this ouo M**rtion ho was doubtless nearly correct, as it practically cuts no figure in politic* in nny states *ast of the Mississippi river. • Bat there JLSK political questions of great significance that hinge on the legislature to be elected next month. This senator which we elect will hare a YOU for United States senator, which taet alone a thousand time* outweighs prohibition inn political sente. And this is not nil. Th* legislature now to beohoten w.U redtstrictth* *ut*,aud anybody that ha* given any attention to politic* know* what that means. Ohio i* Conceded to be a ftfmbltoan Mat* generally. And vet it has been so {gerrymandered that it ha* a large democratic Majority - in it* delegation in '•4B*4 P* M. AasLwor** tha* all, if have * democratic HefslaUice and gor* •root without ft doubt they will reject the Michigan plan and elect presiden tfcl etoctor* hydistrict* imt«*doI by th* i*»MM targe, and after these dl*. trtet* have been properly £*rry<n*a- «Jr*t**\ low*will w«t» Majority otto eteetaret tw tho tfcamoe^tk candidate for preside* t, even it there Is a republican Majority of 40,000 on the popular rot*. Why don't th* Allans*- . he* Joarnal and the other democrat}* paper* and speaker* nseatioa the** thiagsf They dare not do it. It they did their oaa* wouM be hop*les«ly lost, for they knew that on these g^seral principle* Iowa h still vary wrongly rep* oik**. Aud «o they ••WW yow wftUt lute wy pariorl SnW th««p^lftt»thft •V" Th* *>»My»^pwty <o»ra» nothing] «*» MM*, jay «vt«d «c *, eoid lor {Nt^blti«k «¥ «OMM < Wly 'h* mfcwxmm*, and the next ttortdnfr th^ Phillip'* Pacific Coast Xxcutvion. For the above naniod excursion the Burlington, Cedar Rapids aud North orn Railway will run a Tourist Car every Thursday from Albert Leu Minn., to Columbus Junction, Iowa, connecting with C, R. 1. A P. Pacific Coast Excursion Ttain, and this car will go through without change, to San Fraucisco. For rates and goneral information apply to any agent of this com puny, or J. E. U ANKIOAN, Gen. Tk't and Pass. Agl -W* clip the following from the Austin (Minn.) Dally Register, i ,The bride is a sister of Mr. Chas. Allen, of this place: "A vofy quiet wedding occurrod in Minneapolis, Saturday, in which Wm. Richards, of the Robinson Hotel, and Miss Daisy Allen, figured as tho contracting parties. Miss Allen, was in Minneapolis visiting relatives, and William who has boon paying his respects with a matrimonial view, availed iinsolf of the situation to avoid publicity torn time, by meeting tho-young lady in that city, where the ceremony, took place Miss Alien is the daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Allen, of this city, and is held In high esteem'. ' Mr. Uiohnrds is a quiet, hard working .oung man of good habits, apd also stands high in the community. Hots a fonuor resident of Albert Lea, but for the past two years has bceu employed al the Roblnron House 1 . Mr. Richards returned homo Sunday evening, butrhls lie remained with her friends, therefore co news of the affair was received hero until tho sanlo was briefly chronl cled in the city pnpors. Wo wish them much happluees lu their now life." DOtD. PI1ILLIP8-At hisnome In Postvllle, Iowa, Out. 11, 1891, John Kent Phil lips, aged -M years, 9 months nud IS days, after a lingering illness qf two years. He was botn in Quebec. Dec. 24, 1816. Whon young he mured, with his parents to Iowa, whore he has spent the greater portion of his liloi Sofit.'4, 1870, ho was marrlod to Miss Martha .Tnylpr, ot ltossvill*. IoWa. He mbtfrt to Postvllle in 1873 and hits since resided hero. He' leavesa : vVlfe and four children, a widowed mother, four sisters and a brother to mourn liir 'loss. Ho was a kind, indulgent father and husband, and beloved by all who knew him. He will be sadly missed. The family in their grief have the oonsola- tion that ho is nt rest; that his days of care .iml toil are over. The fcllovrinK lines were written to the memory or Mr. Pliillipi: As we turn gur weary foclstcpa To the home once gay and bright, Erery objoct *eemi to a*k us. Where ii papa dear to-nigbtt Tin Tvpleal modern Cftv, Paris Is the typical mode rn city. In the work of transforming the labyrinthine to&glo of narrow, dark and foul madlevul alleys Into brpad modern ' thoroughfares, and ot providing ' those appointments and conveniences that distinguish the well-ordered city of our day from the old time cities whloh hod grown up formless and or- panics* by centuries of adoration—In I this brilliant nineteenth, century task {of reconstructing cities In their physical characters, dealing with thom as .'organic ontltlos and endeavoring to give such form to the visible body as { will best accommodate tho oxpnnding "life within, Paris has been.tho un- I rivaled loader. Berlin and Vlenua I have nccomplishod magnificent rc- j suits in city-making, and tfreat British k towns—Glasgow, Birmingham, Man! Chester, and others—have in a loss 1 ambitious way wrought no less useful I foforms; but 1'oHs was tho pioneer, i French publlo authorities, architects, and engineers were tho first to con. celve effectually the ideas of symme- I try and spaciousness, of order and' 1 convenience, ot wholesomcness and ' cleanliness, in urban arrangements. —Contury. W »M 'Alw*jr» Knew. A Western divine has been giving some moral advice to his son, who Is about to enter upon a business career in New York. "It is always wicked to tight, my son, and as a christian minister 1 warn you against it; but at the same time if you ever find your- solf in a fight—find yourself, I say, with no way out—see thnt the right man Is whipped." "But how shall I know? Who is the, father?" •The other." MARRIED. tOJebcUt Chronicle, Oct. tj, xSSi.J An alleged interview with Phil Schaller (which has beeu dsnouucod by him as torgnry) has boon published iu nearly every democratic paper in Iowa. In this interview Mr. Schallcr is quoted as saying that Hon. H. C. Wheeler had defrauded Schaller of certain taxes due the latter when tic WHS treasurer of this countr. He is also represented as accusing Mr. Wheeler of failing to support Senator Hutchiusou when the lat- ^.AV*a.«4w„«y«.u.hJh ^}a caudidate for Every man in Sao county knows that there is no truth in the tax story. The Chronicle published the facts' in th* case nearly three month* ago. and furnished convincing proof that there was no foundation for t no slander published by the democratic press. * Mr. Wheeler's active support of Senator Hutchinson is a matter ot record, lie published an address vouching for Hutchinson's standing on the railroad question, was frequently consulted by the cAudidatO, and did everything in hi* power to bring about Hutchinson's clectiou. The light vole in Mr. Wheeler's home was due to a split on the republican couuty ticket, an independent ticket being iu tho Held. To *eltl* the matter we append a statement written and signed by Mr. Wheeler, which we trust will be given genoral circulation by the republican press. It is a conclusive refutation of the charges made in the faked interview with Schaller:- OnKROiivt Iowa, Oct. Vi, 1691. K DITOK CnRostTC«:—1 encloee Mr. Schaller'* denial ot the Chicago Herald interview, which is as follows; Whereas, the Chicago Herald has published an alleged interview between myself and a represenwtive of tho Chicago Herald, 1 hereby certify that no such convocation 'was over held between myself and said representative at Sioux City or any other place, Pu ii S CUAXUK. Thi* statement from Mr. Schallc- is timely, a* the statements In the alleged interview are utterly false, I have paid every dollar of ux that has been assessed against my property in Sa* county and elsewhere. A* to the taxe* that wore paid at the Bank of Odebolt, I paid #500 August »*, 1SSS; «500 September 17,1883; and fS25 October SO. 188&, and havo th* banker's endorsement on th* receipts to correspond xith the above date*. The bank failed jiovombtr S. A* to the other statement*. I will klnsply say thai I havo never worked against any republican nominee; and I did tftvor* work for Senator Hutchinson than I ever did for a gubernrtoria! candidate. I would not allude to this re alter did I not understand that the alleged inter- Tlew has been sent to every democratic paper In the stabs with Instructions publish, V*ry truly yours, U. UWllEftLKB. MYKK-DUNN—At the M. E. parsonage, on Mou day cvsuing. Oct. 19, 1891, Mr. B. A. Meyer to Miss Malta Dunn. Mr. Myer is a grain commission merchant, of Chicago, where their home will b*. Yet, where ll he, is the whitpcr That it nuruisreJ o'er and o'er. Ahl but papa dear it.reslinx Cy loved oops gone beforn. Yes, papa, you have left us, For that bright ctcraal.homa. While we arc left with broVeit hearts, On this sad e.inb to roam. He.fatted from our vision Like n calm, street summer Jay, ' Hut the image of his beauty { Shall Dftvrr'pass away. Farewell on earth, dear husband, You are happy in Gud's love, And^wc.too'soou shall fellow To that.home,so far above. A F RIEKD. F. J. BECKER, M. D., HOMEOPATHIO PHYSICIAN AMD SUBQEOJ*. Offlea on Second Floor of Farker't Building, near l'ottofBee, FottTUle, Iowa. POSTVLLLE, IOWA, Oct. 20, 1891. The copartnership under the firm name.of Roberts & Gray is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the above firm are payable to either of the partners. J. H. Gray, having bought the interest of Mr. Roberts, will continue 1 to do business at the old stand,—well known as the U. T. K. CLOTHING CO. HalXKOAB TIMC-TABLKI On and alter Sunday, June 99, 1890, trains on tho C. M. a> 8t. P. Ry. *H) oav* Postvillo as follows. ClOIKQ CAST. Passengers. No. 9 «:66 p. tn No. 4 (night) »:S2 a. a. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. m No. 9 Time Freight 8:10 p. m To ihe neighbors aud friends who so kindly assisted us in our laic bereavement* w* wish to extend our heartfelt thanks. Mas. PuiLurs <h PiiitLY. XUUDXHBD BY A MANIAC. DR. J. S. GREEN, rnrsiciAN * sunoson, Ofllco and Hcsidenco Southwest par ot town. All sails promptly attended BTATIOMSHY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. J. SHEPHERD, M.D.. PHYSICIAN AND SI'RGEON. V. s. raaeion axamxaB. Office ttl reaidenee ou Green ttreel, «*#dnd i:ouse Katl of Hoy A McN'oli's Hardware, DANLBL A. JERALD, *&£erclxa3a .t Tailor, rostville, Iowa. All work warranted i 0 Rivo satisfaction. A full lino of the latest styles n samples. •a a a u o o < s Hoy A McNeil. WEGllNER—TKBKILL—At the residence of NYiu Callender. in l.ybntnd, on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1S91. Mr. Herman Wci^hner to Miss Mary E Torrill, Rev. B. J. l^)ckwo>d otiici- *ting. —A poslotllco inspector called on us yeeterdav. and exhibited a chisel used in opt-uing tun muimv uinwer m ttnu- xeka. Wis., shortly after the burglary of Ward's store her*. Th* chisel is an iuch aud three quar'cr, live iuch blade (in length) and no wood iu handle. It has the name, M. Clark, stamped in it in several place*. It is not owned in Wascka and tt is thought it ruijht have been taken here. It so it will help to identify the parlies with the crime here. They are under arrest and held at Prairie du Chios. —The statesaoat of «,* Farmers" Oc- o»«w*riv* Creamery Co. aod much oth*r ntatur I* left orer for want of tl m «. We hope to be In better shape hereafter, tu oar eye* are gotting bolter. : - «J ilses^MaamaaMi. Ite' tsda aaeaaSs* -takh ^*M itMi «if *«V m*»t m M W ia\u* ml* kl* Va*. Tit* tog from «h« Pacific was *o Otok one Any recently thai millions of wild «««*« beosjst* bewUdered c*i Ut 1* Barile"* rni—dow. wW* they w«r* csuxchtby Use avackful. The fog wa* *o thMk a, await haad «MS U SKA be at** betor* his thoe, but exwyoady *««Chllars* nnatbar* of (*««, betas attracted to them hy the pasting of fh* htrd*. By ovtsOnff MM WNVS I OWM I hi Urvs ^uasiUtios, •» "whloh htrte has) Ut Jmm ft**** «M pwito qswrtt* Oox ***, *p*t£fetdmtah» Ui«vr«4|hi«| »»»wnh umt* mm NMwtti ' Wnaktj*fm«haai»a —"Tho theater goer* of Creseo h»v* been afforded an opportunity during th* entire week to witnoas Uie'perform- ance ot the bast companv that ever vi*it*d this city. The Warner Comedy Company is* composed ot men and women who an* ladies and gentlemen in ever? sense of the term, and. their stay here has been one of pleasure and amusement to all who witnessed their performance*. Their repertoire throughout is composed ot piece*, that are new and of iho highest standard, and eyery part is well taken..,Each member is a thorough artist aud there is not a "stick" in the whole company."—Saturday Sun, Crosco, Iowa. At Turner If all, Postvllle, nest Monday, Tneaday and Wednesday evening*. OBITUARY. lira. Hannah Perry, (no* Pelton), was bora in Lincoln Co., Main*. Oct Se\ leXM. and died at her home, near Castalie, Oct- 1ft, 1891. In 1836 *h« wa* married to Job Parry, who died In 187S. They removed to Winneeheik Co., Iowa, In 1864, where they resided until d*ath called th«m, we trust, le a batter home. Sh* wa* the mother ot tire boy*, four of whom survive her. She united with th* Baptist church in 186*. During her *aM illness *ha gave frequent •tpmsront of an abiding trust tn her Savior,, whkh sustained her in her last trial. The funeral services wens conducted ia Castalla, by Kev. K. J. Lock wood, ol PosiviUe, V Peter Lansing, of Linton, Killed by- Henry Hahn—The Murderer Has Been Ineane For Some Time. [MlamaVee Journal.) It has boon some ten years of more sinco the fair aunal.-- of our county have been marred by the foul blot of mur- ler, but the interval was brokon last ,!vrtti» J.-illlr«lr^>' '°,-:,*. — "\ "", sing, ot l.ititou towastup.i lhc deed was committed by aucigfibor, Houry Habo. * . . " The story of tho murder wo h<i»r is as follows; It seems that about ten o'clock, a. ui., Saturday morning Nich o'.as Drumm, Poler Lansing aud Chas Otto weiv at tho residence of the latter eugaged in castrtling a colt. I^tnsing and Chas. Otto wore half brothers, tho former being an old bachelor of hfty ycars. Hahu ap{toarod argument in German between the litre* immediately couiinoneed. Mr. Drutnm didn't understand the languages; to is unable to say what the trouble was, but almost immediately Hahn pulled a revolver, shot twice at Otto, one of the jails passing through his jactwt and almost touching his stomach. He then turned to Lansing who »*» holding the cult by the head and shot him twice. One of tho bullets struck him about th* rcgiou ot tho heart, and he fell and expired almost instantly. Otto ran iuto the house to get his gun and Hahn cooly walked away. Word of the affair, was sent to- Coroner Nonper at Lansing and Sheriff Minort here. Deputy Sheriffs llagen and Goettle went down and found the murderer asleep at hotve, 'They capr turad htm Mid brought him in about 2 o'clock Sunday morning. A coroner's inquest was held on the body and a vet diet rendered in accordance with the fact* stated above. The murderer, Hahn, is the same man whom we advuriised as running craay through the woods in that neighborhood several months ago. He afterwards turned up at Dubuque, where he was arrested, but wa* released and sent back whan it was discovered that he was insane. There is probably co doubt that the man is insane and. cot accountable tor his notion*. His prt- limioary examination hat not yet been held, but hit insanity will have to t* determined' by a jury trial on tho charge of murder. • Mew Vapor. It )• understood that Ed F. Medary, ot Waukon, will immediately ostablwh • n*w democratic paper ia Poatrilto. It I* perhaps generally supposed that we are highly incensed at this, bat each is not th* case. Wehav* used our erery endeavor to get «U new enterprise* potash)* to locate in Postvillc, including a n*w baak, lumber yard ate., and to be consist ant we cannot antagoaia* th* ee- Ubltthment of another paper, thoagh w* may know that tho eoterprtse eaa- not prove a payiag invwatateat. Wheat we anew by nearly aeveatoaa year*.«*> perisaBa, Bros* ef the dvae with'««'«j|ia>> petiag ofice, that th* hesaaes* doe* not aa4 oanoot pay *ran one tubllthwent axoept hy th* aioK oarefal eooaoaty a^raa*^«lMs«flio» with ejavrt^flgi' wa haww that,it caaaw. prmanaatly fay «^^«aia*a, ..Hat ,a »w htooas •m*f* otaaa, aad w* aar* «« tloaht ear yaaaf Maa4 will <to wall tor a tfnta, Jt(^«W ^o« wa»*ae/ (aa*l MrwMtarH ^f|y»,,t^w«>'' W»'at*> aM?taarfMa(a'Ba» WM. snsrHUn. ). i. imniar BRKFHBItD BKOTUBBU, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, lutttrasco Agouti and Colleetort, Anttaorlted to (iracUn In ail the courts ot the stale. Offloeoroi Lien's store, brick blocs.. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. J. A.HAVIRLAOT, TTeterliiar3r Siaxg^soaa.. 1'OSTVILLK, IOWA. OfBce !irst door Knst of the Commer cisl House. (Ircon S;.. Postvillo, Iowa A fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly nnsworcd 1'REO. N. BEEDY, -: -PH OTOG-RAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa o o 2- o n .fl:.'6 p. n • 15.10 *. m. .10:26 a. in. No. 11 Thuo Freight... MOINO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. 5 Freights. Ifo. 10 Chicago Stock .. . No. 6 Way No. 12 Milwaukee ate* All Freight trains mentioned, eicspt No. 12, carry psssengors when pypvitlsil with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor and Calmsr G. E. WHIPP, Agent. S. C. XL &V. R. R. .11:05 a. 4:32 p. .6:10 p. m ra. m. klljfc "^EWTRAL^i UKCOKAIl yiVISItH. Time Tablo in clftfct Juno U, 18tl Passenger going North... ,'. ; ]0. P hi South. 4:J0, •• Freight. •• North. .2:45. P. ll " *" Agent. J. E. PtKBT 1 >ak sar a**at« i>r W. I.. Denies SL<a,. r a*c f»r e«le> In j-oer place aak re«r •aler ta aen* far eatalotae, aeeare tku aaeary, aa4 cot lacas Tar yon. . SO SLBSTlTLTB.^el All War't'd Firekeepers. Invites you to come and inspect his mammoth new stock of Furniture. Everything in the line of Carpets, Curtains, Chairs, Bed Room Sets. Also a fine line of Hammocks. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE OCNT? TV C . BE3T SHOE a THE W0BLD FOR THE BOW t It Is a taamleis sLoa. no tt^ks or wit \ir*,« to hurt the fsst; cade cf Lie test flae es:r. ilrus caty, ts*iua« we vwiss wmr» t\.tt cf l\m qraA* tl-an a%y oUur vifin«/art«r«r, i\ »\ At,sa• ••va-l sSaei ccsUss fro-n #4.c0 to IVX. Cfi 00 Uaaalaa ttand-eewvd. tit flseo »aif L>• s^ja evar cf7ax«J far t^ru; aqusti li,ui Imponad aaoes vrhiea. cost tr<zx tt J: IO S,: CS. (SX OO llaael^seari tiell »>•>. Cua xlf, styllth.ceanfartat'.r k^i Cu.**!,. V :»»LMI sl^M arsr t-£Ttr*d ». rrirr ; !*:.-.« sr^li u , M tont'tbed* sa>3aacoulcr frota li'J^ to |. X. O CO Patlca M.MI rarrtsri. ^.a:l^.•«J X»s *49wa aad LettarCarrtersall »sarll^^i; Cet<sl[, seejuleae, as-uota lastj*. b«a*i tbrM Sv.»4. • i •. ^»oedca Oaapalr wlj wear aytts. CI O adCeecal.', -> Ve:u.- i - it-:- u/aj, Uia yrlcn tt_-lal will v^^i. wao wt ..• aafao* f^*/t.aofon »r s ^--.ic. tSO asa 9i.OO IVet-aUt'saB'i » B^M •aSaSa ara Tcry aaroc^- a»S dvrmbie. Tt>&«» wtv hara irtaa thecn a rrtal wi'.: wr*_- ^ . :\.-r§. (S.^uaal ai.00 and 81.7"; ... SLMI »r« DvjO wora Ly taa U*yse»«.-7wfc,r«: t^»/»«U oe tbeTr tra^ti, as th*. !3rwislo? tu^f i:.c*. I QrlioS^ 1 "- Hand- i»;J • lilt aaQUIvO>, TIP I'.J •. c | --..I .'M'-iU Indies- -1.SO. h 1.0(1 aa<l »1.;5 >'>.•, f.« Y. IUI are- l^t best Sat tH^rda. '^:; 11,— n* .-rsl/l*. t*atttie8.~S»« trsl W. L. lwu£.aa* Ltr.s a&tl rcioc are llST^a-i ur tba bMtool at aarh ir.ja. W. L. KOUOLAS. BroclKm, atata. . TOLD BT LUHMAN - &• - SAKI'ERS. p*SWc te^fljf- Saaaa m T*e Urrest ll»rht houae lets* Ih" thi* oountry wm* mad* by a Paris ftr*i and •hipped to the Vol Sod State* Board ot Lijrhl House IMrecton tn August. 18SS. It was Intended tor a. lac tern •% hlg as • small ehuroh. the lea* proper *oe&s- uring U ieet ia height aad- lty" J& width, the iutornal dlametar, or ^ull'sxsye" heing 8 toot 6 Inch**. * ' A gigantic earth, worm, whleh aiehaa* ho ho eloseiy rdatod to tho commoa •xtglo worm, has joet been sect .tron Cap* Oolonj, -Vrrica, to tho Koyal Zoologioal Society of IviigieAd. It is 4 feel five inches tn leexgth ana thieh «o- oordlaglr. An Kasiiah Crm of potter* haw* prodooed tho lar-gost Taata la vh* world. It is of china, its chief feature being a ^lobe retyre^cpUng the worid. which is supported OD a pedestal aad surrounded by tnj-thorogkod ftgturo. The Ttaee Is 11 tat* high and C toot * iache* In diiaaotoT. It* cost *ru $ir.» iOO. The highest trestle on the Hoe of «h* NorOern Paolrc railroad is-ahtat •screa th*C*4«ioasideiftte, ahotttttwolr* aallo* Wo* of Ifiacoat*, Moat, ,-JTh*. «r*ok levol is wsotiT *90 *o* »looho* ahore th« rock* la tho gocfe hsticrw. XsM British debt h) a» Ut«« that U -SNtro dlvMed Utt> £1 ooto* tJhoj yn*bt wiawlslsly, «h**r tho. «***• ** SSksaaVr a^aaatt**. : *ttaL*Mah ItaBflrr atUka.. i "aVPfMPrfV, ...l"^^W 7*^l^*»^*^a«|.^F-.,^a1^^pWf> •^•^••aH^ttn flaaaaaa. MaMealS«a*»ML' !liiMaasaa*^laaalaaaaiaalkaaiBaai PostTille Dray: Line P. J.BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased tho origiua. Post­ villo Dray Line I am prepared tod" all hinds.of*draving promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at the service of the public, at fair price*. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, iu town or country promptly done. . .. Oranita Osmetery Work, Iron fence*, Curbing «fcc. Those intending to purchase Mono* mental work for future delivery will find il to their advantage t > examine M. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing first-olaas work at as low price* as can be c procured in the country. If he has not called upon rot drop him a card at Deoorah and he will be pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kind* of Granite, at ihe Lvwett possible prleos. U. V. KIDDER, S4m0 Decorah, Iowa. S. F. GLMNTON. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash anC maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming .season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills Best of grades only handled. • « jThe Old Reliable Meat Market, J0RS B. EAST, Proprietar. Opposite - Postrillf . State - Bank. Kone but the ben roeau porchaw*}. Everything in lirst-clr-ii shape. Courteous treatment to all. Price* *lv*\s the lowest. WIND MILLS. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET aCHTJLEX BROS., Prop*. Wj have opened a Vow Meat Mario ia tl.o Mou building opposite tbe post- ofli'.where wo shall keep a full assortment of -the best of meat* al the lowest price* the marlat will aflerd. We solicit an inspection ot our stock and manner of doing business and in- vile a fair share of your patronage. U STROEBEL & SON, — raurauRoa* or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. 1ST ABataTTaOSa • BOUXBa <»U>aT4>X>0 Have a full Una of Boots, Shoos. Slip- pet*. Rubber* aad everything kept ia » So. 1 genoral shoe star*. Custom work sutd repairing neatly aad promptly done. Every pair warranted. W* k«op ao ahoMy. a. s«, DOUGUISS, r**s. . |*S. McEWEX. |.F. sanra. v. n CITIZENS STATE BANK, ro«TVTtXK. IOWA. PAID 0PCAHTAU 125.000. Do stCeaaaral Baakistg Itusl»e«*. B«y W *«al ftmtgsi »*d Pom ante IliMthi ««4 othetsi yawifei atttl en*. f^probs£»*4. WONDERFUL! The cur** wht^h are being effivtad by Urs, Starker t% Palen. li» Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa-, iu Con sumption. Catarrh, Kcural jl*. Bronchitis, Bheam- atiaiu, aad all chronio dietisae*, by their CoospooBd Ozygeu TrealBiesit. ar* indeed tBarreious. • If you are a w&iwr frooi any disease which yoar phyaksas ha* failed to core, wrile for iaforasaUoal about this trpatoreat. *sd their book of 5*08 pages, giving a htst»»ry of Ce«»>o«u>4tOiyge*i. S« natore and e#so». with isj^erocts you M^rlfer lor auli^faitthBr Mersaa- charge. Tow book, aside fro** iUp^*»*tit *» *t aw*dkal work, giviag, as It do**, th* resjsslt of J*ar* of atstdy «*4 *xpt*v «*Kie, yo« wflt find » very iatcreaOing Oocaumption Cured. An old phvociao, retired front practice, having had placed in his hands by an Evu India aissiouary the foraatiiSL ot a simple vageutH]* resnodr for tbe speedy and permanent cure* of Consumption, BroBchhia, Catarrh. Astasia, and Lung Affections, also a pnutivo and radical cure for Xcrvou* IKbilily and Nervous Cotsplaiols, afl/er haatng uested its wonderful ooraUve po<««rs in thousands of case*, hasfeh. it hit. tluty to make it known to his mnVring fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering, 1 will •end free of ^charge, to all who desire it. thi* recipe, in Gerasan, French, or English, with full direction* tor pre. paring and using. Sent by xaail by addressing -with atxaap, atacahtg xhM paper. W. A. Noxca, SS0 rVtw<erS Block, Boehesier. S. T- Dm 8TARXKY&PAX.EN. - IW *a ^^,SarJ **jiB ^C »l, «^*^«M»tk «tikH (Htn«r^ im.** C. PiDARUNG. —r>E4i.r.i; tx - Wiud Miils, tunijis, Tanks, Feed Mills, Ck>rnShellers Sac. la wind wills 1 furbish ptroj/i.g *'"' geared mills oonhinod. and t-^it «i« c ' and wood ptioiping aoUli. Office and ahop first doer south of Boy * MeXeir* *hardw*r« snore, Teit- vilie, Iowa. aNXTVILXJB LODCES ouvc maukmcmutwiZtf a n s &SI13B3S OF PTTEUS. >I»«»j»Un, senaJtijI^jVjj.j,,,,!, eeasotiittoxttt. T«JJijj« >W»1JTI; 1B go/4 »U»* vlaa^e arsOwusa. »s.sir* o&», c c Caaa.aaWLros.Xnt^Aa JL o. ix jr. Tht Loyal Ascjr*! Order of Uniwd Worksnen anoetx the Second *»d 1 'cui th SaAttrdaj,- «vt**ttg« la OM -I I itionili, in the M««os>« Rail over the Brick Drug tore. Jours WsistL, M. W. J*»*i* r »RJtT, R*oorder. BMllllUr LOVE LOOt3C dM, J. ?. * A. M. Rssgwlsr «e«t3sig* on Tuesday ev*n- irtg tv« or Wore ths fnllof the moo*. An brathre* in good standing ar* ©or- dlnlly invited to atttMid. &. n. sroxs, W. U. W*». Morr, Set-y ©aaswtimwsijwii.--*** ». »»»*», r»s- ^^SWfl^Wa sma^SlsselMr •»»» A- at. • **«t^» <>«. i6«a«eh sjAieol t»=s»*«!*irt> s**r ««M*^ atrete. •».*>. ^sx ttsssee* Wmwm&m**, *^%t**m»K ***** +m*bm m*s9**»****i ***** ^ ^ t 4 t? ? "U at. t

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