Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 21, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1898
Page 4
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Po Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account Ji Im't nttteh tot »re«11y healthy man "* it 00 " 5 humored. m hMlih *re * pro cotnmnitlon. The hearty msm who It ha* been said that - .. . ^ __plehealthy. The titilb *« «<«««* nuke. p*opl« Uufth. It M ImpOMlMe to e»tltn»te the trr- wftoon* influence of health upon human *hj**etet. A man with * bepach* win •J* be tti * happy, contented frame of L 2H?" «.* m * n *"° »«ffer» from a weak •WWMBB ana an Impaired dietufion will §it «»a Crumble through the Bert meal evtr WW«reo. A bilious man who li not a ' me, if deterring- of a place in a mtmiira ffJM** 0 ?* «nan who it not pvtulvnt and *--"• "wHnr <« a eurioMly. All these con.'lead to grave dlneanei), when tbe tint become* not only ahagrctaMc, but Jttident aa well. A wise wife will real, ) that while the old raying that a "man's 1 watt Is In hU dtomach," In not literally tnte, It W a fact that hU Blomarh sweeten* ,. pr. Pierce '* OoliJen Mi-^z ~r,t,-~* -5."** ft**' oCmedlchieo tfce»otidttlo(S« described. U makes w* JJP*, »tofl»el>i •irprw, the Impaired Wftntm *effect, <nV)gorates the liver, * 'jmrlfiea and enriches the blood and tones ? ( JS» tttrre*. It tears 6nwn balf-deafl. inert ' UMOee and replace* them with the firm JBtwcoIsr tltimef of health. « btiildn new SITUATION is mm Th* Expected Improvement Business Has Begun. in Arrr.K THE I IM. 1 ",* 1115 ' nerve fibres and brain cell*. jtl it OiMlpaie* nervousness and melancholy " MM} impart* mental elasticity and courage. ,It U the b«t of all known medicines for aemnu disorder*. "tttrwgh yotir «k realment I am once lit* J. !V. Arnold »{«q,, of , „ . m. " I milTereil for y«nr» not Bod relief until I cotntnrncMl 'OoMen Medical iHteovery.' Isuf. •——"-—'--- ----- rpldlly'of liver ofjne bfo/Uter." i hod only taken it relief. Tliemedl- POR '8ALE. Or, Hjrdy property corner Etb and Alby U»t 120*120 foef-wltli 2 nwolllng«. weUln/jf on EMton »tro*t bet. r*120fe«t. Price 1700. r»»Idon5«of Oeo, Klrsohon Belle itreet! ;t> room; In good rn^slr, . rotidenoe ot B. It. Nloboli ot It, U)t 70x170 feat. A fine locttlon. K-room dwelling (near!/ naw) with bath latUMlby tumix*; In Mlidlotown. . nnolotof David Doyle on Bluff *tr*et 4-room brlok dwelling. 3, M, Tensor bomeitead oont»lnln« ibont Mi floe 10 room dwelling (fruit of anktnd. [ do* lot* on Bluff itreet with brick pav- I Mwcrf no grading, In T. L, PouUi Md • »-room brlok dwelllne, betted wltli , tot 120x120 feetjnne trulti half bfook f«nry»treet, ' .._ _.jlrabM reildenM on Prospect street with ?Wm*, Heatti with furnace. Lot DO feet on tbenortb ilde of Second ______ don itreet. dwelling with lot 120x120 foot) fln» the flnest location In Middle Alton dwelling with *bout m aorae of 'it and ibade treei. I blbok* i lot ml Jppar Alton. iilreel i on Belle itreet between 1Kb Jok store and dwelling uA a dwelling on same lot corner of .jst«. A good Investment. i on stb street near If r. atriUnff j double dwelling of Mr. R. Otritaa|r, » stetro with modern Improvement*. ' deslrsble 8-room brick dwotllng, «» t. with Ml modern Improvement)/ i foottrff vver/UilDg oomplettj Ini; iwltob conneotlon with C. 4 A. Ity Mfg. Oo, property on U itreet, In HlghUnd Park, each 70 by about "room dwelling oa But* itreet. Friar room dwelling on Second street. ft tat tteHi VI room dwelling ID ypperAi'-on.goot 0feet on Baitoo itreet, 1 WlttWloti In MlddJs- notor fine loostlos. > W Albert WWe on Bel), and flalsbed sttio, balk , aaajmi w»ter I OT fwfi otter d'erfrStile pro|)*Ky «oi n'Erlek dwelling no WUIIsm itreet. 1 dwelling with a good lots on Fifth ttotltUge street. Prtoe, U.KO. i room brlok dwellltig with liotioD 17 room dwelling wlln One river vlnir, 7 bet water. tM &W ?*!£% FOB RSNT. J ttory brlok dwelling with 8 roomi,on r aienue now opeuplod by J. Moulton, dwelling on 8rd (treet with bath modern (fiturot. »«ymen«» Tlirniigli (lie ((curing l|.,mr« Arr llm l.are'-.t Ktrr Knon» In Mpllc of All Cliiiiin<i tlin I'rire of Wh^ai HP- ttiMfn* Afmut the Sainif — l'.rnii f'r«n»jif<f« Are Ho Unttil Th»t Ttitrr In l.llllr r.n- Co lira (jit in ^rit f,ir Ailvmic^. X*f>v V'lrk, ffi>v, 2).- H li. IJun & C'O.'R (VOf-kly review of tui'lf: pay«: Tli<' fltu;i(f<m IK (.I-ar-r aii'J (tic- Impr-iVf- TrK-rtt In liu?ini'.«fl uhi'ft uas ifXp'-i-l'fl BfK'r thf clcf'tirm him ii"sun. I'ny- .mi'HiH thii.uuli clinrlni; li'mcc.'i nro far thn l»rK"Ht <:Vf-r kriosvn, ln-ini: f«ir trie W'M'h '47.?, ;jf.-r cer.t. };iry. r thun Ififit y*:-ir «ml ;« per •"•nl. I.-U-KIT lhan in Ift'JZ. The KlftBK work<'(« h,'<Vf rr-sorn'-'I. thf> nn- thratllc coal ouiput l« h'.-nvy and tnu' ti li«'y«n<l Hip pri'dr-nt < np;n Ity of rnurketx. the Irnutili'fi In certain lllln<ils runl mlnt'H hiive ln-i-n ntill"il, tli^ n« j w strike of i«hoi' vvciiki j rH In Murlburu, MIIKB,, Is now lh<- <iniy lalior hlrnlrnnce nt cnnn-.iiueni.'f. It in' notbwiirlliy thnt, In Kpltf of all i'h[in«i-H, tli» i,rli i- of Kji'it whfat lias hut «H<fliUy t.-hjinK'-'I. The ( «*|iort* for the ivi'trk—(lour lncluil"d— have been 3,'.i*»,7«* hti«h<-l« fr»rn At- Inndr porln, tiK'iltiHt H,Wi,'M IUBI yit»r, Bfifl fi'nm fnelflr purtx lOiX.Hto?, liUHtn'lx, flKsln«t 2,HH.;)»4 la«t year, mrikliiK In all for two wwkK of N'jv.Tnln-r ».:ii:',;!81 blifiheis, nifntnitl !»,!IS»,S04 l;ij«licl;i Junt yeur. Wl»l*» H/iofti far CtHtJrutttrr, Huch returns leavi' wld" romn f"r con. jectiii'n an to th«.' inllaent-i-ii govcrnln*; the prkc, hut with IU,;t:i7,:ill huHhxht ro- cflveil nt w«Htt>rti imlnts ilnrln« Iho wer-k, una in two wt'i'kn 20.2CI,;;r,fi s>uKh- eU, a«ulnHt li",l!2S,l07 hint year, H'can no lonKcr'bi! said thnt wcHtfrn «upplli:K Ihreillui) to run »h'>rt. Corn cxiiortH ulmi I'Xoi-cil limt yi'iir'H, iiinuunlliiK fur the week to 2,»'M.1;0 hutiheln, (iKalriBt 2,- liH.WI-liaii i'far, and for two weeks of Niivorrilii-r liuvi; bi-i-ri S.Ofill.Ofil, unalilHt 7,197,u9fl lust yeur. Btirli Bhlpineritfi tift- «rr thi> middle of Novctnhcr KH fur to wurront thfl bi-llcf Unit lha forcl«n ile- mum] for tli!» fcrutti IB (K'Htlnttd to lie Kretiti-r than him. lujt-n expected. Were H poKBllilp It wuuhl bu gratlfylriit to Buy that u llllli; BlroiiRC!' rtoinuml for cut- ton, wnklr.K the price n,.V< ct-ntsi, uKulnm D.31 a week ano, had a Kollil |IHH|H, but Houtliern nuirketH mcoKnlzo tin- fart thut the nloHinu uf many inillH liere unJ abroad, OWIHK tu cxn-sBlvi! HtockK of Sooilft on hund, dues not offi-r liriRlit promlMe. Oop iiri>si>in:lH nppcur HO -good that even at the exirvmi! low prices iiuntnd thftre IH little i>ncournefc- ment lor advance, In view of the heavy BtockH held here anil nliruad. ; ililpruvcnipnt In Onuiiuiil, Under the nuv nrrunne>nt;nt between the mlllM Buveriil hav« ntuppc'd, while othoro h»v« Bturtpd thin week, find the production of goudH ,| t) |,||. aL .hed Buods brenkd previous recimJB, bul In Kftiiornl tbu dc'iininil liniiroves. The woolen manufacturer!) have unified In orderH tot the GoitiftiK «euBon, wlilcli jii»tllleH ^h«l heavy buying of mBteclalB rerently seen, and there are nlso lietler ordera tor speedy dclfvei-y, hut the demand IB Hot larfr*, »nd much mnclilnery l« «tlll Wl^ltlnif Idly. While nalen of wool nt th« throe chlttf murlu'lH were heavy, 28.ifiH,500 pnundx In Ihrce woekM, riKiilnst 20,805,1102 IHHI year, und 17,103,100 In 18U2, they Include two larjfe sales for export, coverlr.B 3,000,000 pounda or Montevideo and Australian iv/ml at Ifl and 18 ecnla rpupet-Hvely, which make clearer th<j fuel that iirluax a«k«l dy liolder« lieru are relatively high. The market In on Die whale Ktcaily. Iran Is In bigger (Iwrruind nil tbu time, and yet production uleadHy Incri-utieti, and at Pittahury lle.isi'niur plif IH Hllghtly lower (It 110.10, the new angoclatlon holn^ undersold. n«jiinil 411 I'revfiiloiil. Orders for plates are beyond all precedent. includlriK inuturiulH fur Women ShouW Know It. Many women enftVr untold agony ond misery because the nature of their rliseane In not correctly understood. They havo been led to belltvo that womb trouble or female, weak ncM of some sort is re*ponflb)e for UIB many Ilia tlmt bceet womankiri'l. Neuralgia, nervounnem, hpadacbe, puffy or dark circles undpr lhef)ee, rhesimallnm, a dragging pain or dull ache in tho hack, weakneca or bearing-down oensHtlon, profiteer scanty supply of urine with atroni!! odor, treqacnt desire to pass it with Braiding or burning sensation, atdlmerit in It afier Btan<)io(z in bottle or common g]am for twenty four hour*, are nlgnB of kidney and bladder trouble. Tho above nymptonm are often at- Irlnuted by the patient hem H or by hor phyBlcfnn to female wcakneBB or womb trouble. Hence, BO many fail to obtain relief, decauoe they are trooUrig, not tbe disease llnelf, but a rrfleciloti of Ihe primary catisejwhlob In kidney (rouble. In fact, women us well aa men nro made miserablo wilb kidney and bladder trouble and both nce;l the name remedy. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Hoot is the Kreat dlccovery of tbe eminent kidney and bladder RpecialUtn, and 14 oacy to f{et at any drug Htoro for 50C or 81. To prove Iti wonderful merits you may have a sainpla bottle and book telling all about It, both went absolutely free by mail. Kindly mention tho TKI>K(IKAI'|I and send yonr address to Or, Kilmer & Do., liingham ton, N.Y. MOKE sHOjrnvr; AT P,V>'A. titr <<Ii.-rHT Wall* II:,* Ifl. Arm I'nrn, Jll" . Nor. LI "i'ff rn».«t s"'rl- ou« -h'^-tUii: fiffr.'iy t>i-'«! hri? <tt< urrvl rlurirc; the <ntlrv tiou-'If? «!n<» the nr- flval "f th'- Alfftmn.a rii-fnnt-n ocrurrfd Kihlny nlcht. v h'-n r>r-p«ty ShfrffrRlfl- FJ! y V<";iitK '.<-;ip «!j"t from anibiish and prodalily fHtnlly Fln-iilT lt:\ '••,l.iirir dofriK hifl '7iiiy h-; mlly of h'nh nld nVli,(k U'nttji. th«' nv(-rh"!t?, Hi'ilo r/ilri*' tt> ?> ml tiutute "f v<'.'il"d. It IH In iisxl'.il. Watts In - tii"f n^ui lif-ri.'. In ^p lt:Miir<->] the fti- «. Sii,.tijy aff r f, in-i :!ITIJ sviih om- t.f ti-d for the Sprlnt:- '. in- p."i><-rK. tin: ex- i-h Mill not !ie ri>- It v aw h tin- flrf ROCKED THE PRESIDENT. dm. llrndi Oner ilfnd« ltn« riolln for Air. .McKlnlfy'tt AintiHemonl. 7/heu Freeitlcnt McKinlfly wnn In <JLic,ttK<> recently, ho met for the flrnt titni) in ninny y(;ar» Mr«. Harriet Ilyrlo Heath, who, when ho wan an infant, often danccil him on her knee, nijd rocked him to nlecp. How nmny womt'ii nro there, in tho country, ilo you Ruppooo, who havo trotted u president on thoir Jtup/jn? MTH. Iloatli boarded in tlio MoKinluy howo at NHcK, O., durtisff tbu lj.')l«-v'-'!. l.DWi-vor. that nt i'«n t'i <t"i»iitize mnre ond Dverhnlt wete rid- I.UUKV ii»i*l hud «'f!ie l'-^^ than fi'inii the l!iir:ois i.'cntral Fla- 1st :iv. th'-y T'.- :t< hi-d a rl.-irk |,lare in sir'"'l near Ui" I'.alllinor-r and Ohio 'him; lh. ie v.-;i» ;i I'.'i.firt nf « gun, \^':i(ts f'-tl u^'i'f in Hie IjilKKy. ex- mini; "I'm pti'.l." Hut nnc Hh'it WHS fibril l«'liln'l and Ktrurk •I-, n. ur tlie heart. Th'.' siil iliii.'iiKh liin ),»'ijy, Klriick if lh" ri^'lit arm and shut* 'irnpl.-t.-ly for ihree inches. nft-r Die ."hi'iJiiiK of Walls in Hi" direi dim of the v.liUii (H about a mlli.' hii?(iiif:-H part of the j did not KH out there, tints was iinly a rune •av a Hinall j^uard In It lh W fills ir. bullet t>u th»;" lereil It Khorliy firing WHM hfiiri f^ide JnUle nwny' tl:e vn. Th" Ifi.i/| il'lUK I lie .^ho !,'»•( (H>'Hi lo cbarKo of I he K» cnv r;vA\( I iiiiMH'fiinf Tuple* IJiM'iiftAfrif n( <fi« Con- vciitlmi In l)i In,11. .-. 21. "Tin- f-'nlonn and . I room *od two 4-rootn tonamente M>mt 8nd itreet near Cberrr , Olawion bomeiteid in Upper Alton •«rn and garden, now occupied rle, Paueulon ((Iron by July 1. fOtt 8ALB4 lot WI«H5 on Liberty street ..,V* and Franklin, tor »MW. W farm » Rfllei touth oTBrlghUm, i DumMtlon, onurlutli good pusture, , hrldgei), vcagelH, snid work of nil Hurtn, utiU Bti'Uttuial work lu Honuunuhly iiulet, though tho mlllH have niui'li nheud' whllo In burn Hie aeiniind In conslderu. Uly butter at PltlHhurff, with order» for inillerlaifl of 6,000 eus'H at Chlrait'> Soint woi'hM (it the t-;i«t tire H hort of or- derti und prlci-H are held Illicit. The expectation |H that Die ]>r»j»»W difl 8 «- HOdntlon will meet an extremely h,euvy ilpmnhd for next yenr, en))i'i:1n||y for trolley lliieH, hut It IH Hinted that .prides will not lie above $20 ut the cn»t ami 121 at Ohleatfo. i n |,. otl pl . oa ;" uctu the next pruhsihly win tie u rtcord- lireakliiK year. The fiilliiri'H for the week huvii heen 833 In the United States) iidtiilimt 2(17 ItiKt yenr, und Iweiity-Klx In Canada, HKiilnst thirty-two laat year. Vim ut l.oiilivllli), Ixiul«vlll«(, Ky,, Nov. 2),~Flre broke cot at 2:1B u'cloth in the htilldlnit at fill Went Mnln Hlreet, oecupled hy It«nK-ll.iwl*B company, wholeKulc dfUK- Klutst, Hy exiwlleiit work of the fli- 0 t le- partstienl the llni wa» ennllned to the Ituiiz-liiiwlua cnnipuny hulldltiK. The losii to tlila firm is) between J8U.OOO and $100,000, with 172,000 I n»u I'll nee. H. HhapluHky & Co., wliolemile iiiitlons, OKI Main Bln-et, Biiffered slaniKKc to Btoi'k of uhout Jii,000. llolilriKon Ilnm. com- puny, wholuinlu hnrdwure, at COU Went Mttln n\.r«et, were nlwo OiiiniiKud to llic> extent of finiii smoke und water The origin of Hie lire 1st unknown MU9. IIAHIUKT IIVIIK 1IKATII. of 1H4R. Hiio nlno Jived with the prssi- dsmt'fl tuotlier utiil in tho family of olio of his hrothsirw in Nile« und so canio to know tho family very well. Hho wna teucMiiR tho only ochooJ of which tho little vi)li)K3 could boiiBt, and among hor pupils woro several of Mr. JIcKiti- loy'« oldoi orothoi'H aud «l»tors. Tho prt'Nldnnt wim (it that time on/y Xl^ yours old. Hor utuutal picture of tiio mnu npou whoso sliotildora now rssst a nation's) uareH IH thnt of u fair huirod, hltio nyorl hiitiy, who woro droKHON thnt oiiinu to lii« IciiiuiH and whito jinntulots rouciiiug thonco to tho tops of hia Btout littlu Ijoota. "Ho wn« « nerilfJiy, sturdy hoy, good imturod and Huiiliiif,!," uuid Mrs. Hooth whiiii acftwi to doHoribo him. "Ho hod lar«i] Ijlnu oyeB and very light hair and ronemlilod liimnolf at iiia prcHuut timo of life us closely nun child can ruHomblo n mull." As Iho McKiuluyfl wuro then in vory jnodoHt cirpuiimtimoiis uud ksipt hut one S'jrvuut thii holp whioh tho schooHcnoh- or gave in "taking euro of Williu" wua uiuuh a]iproalatud. Slio used to iniiko rug doIlH for him nnd construct from BpoolH wontlerful onrta with whioh ho jiltiyod Ijy tho hour. Slio rsjmoiuhora thnt tlni einljryo prcuitdcut'D favorite itiuiiHumoiit ut that timo \vus to hurnuxa n pair of top iiootH to an overturned ohtilrnud play etu«o drlvor, with a pioco of HtrliiK for u whiplush und piucuB of yurn for reiiiH. MrH. Iloatli now Ilveu in Hockvilln, Ills). Hhu will l)» 71 next month, but is utiil n woman of i ,ioh jihyHicul and imiiititl vi«or. Slio JH not unduly proud of hs>r wirly inlinisioy with tho iIs:Kin- !()>'«, Imt, inoht naturally, tlio Bubjoot is f» pluaiiunt OIK) for her. Df'lrolt, > difi ut«rcd In the nesHlnn of the National City union of the Methodist h'plxtopal ihurch. K. A. Wrinht of rji.'lroil. ri.'pMwi/liiilve of Die Anil-'in l«'a(fu<:. told about the saloon tDridltlnn.H In Pel roll a» an in.Hlanoe of Die *;j.lomi'M 1'iv^tiA,'*' hi a tolerably well ;e«i!lai»-ij < Hy. He Insisted that the I'hurrh and the saloon cunnut IOJIK CJKlhl t(;^,'e!hf-r. "Hoelal Kodiicnnleii nnd City EvanK'-l- Izatloii" was >rented in a iiap'T !>y I'ro- fi-BHor J. U. (.'iiiiiinoiiH of Syracuse unl- vcr«ily, 'I'ruffnaur Cunnnotm. held Hint I'vnn^.'llxntlon without i-xicloln|ty tended only to pcMKlmfHrn. J/e Imitated that nnlCKH ChrlHtiaii inlnslon workers c*vn- •ld«-r nm! fdrnlllarlzf thern.Hflvcs with the variuUM phiiHfH ot human character tinil ffindltlttnft, tli< j lr \v<rrk /« JrifffeciM'*'. Old tni'thodH nf evariKCllKeriH'rit, he snld, would no lofj^'.'i' a/isiver. and ttt^i'i' niiiRt be (•HtiibllHhed real InterehanK'.' of thought lielweeii ('liriKtlati clt.'zcriH and the cily niu:-i!eH. Krali/rnal addresHeH were deilvererl by Detroit puxtor.x of other I'l'oti.'Hlant dt'iimiilriutluiiH. So much depends upon the pnrity o( the blood tlmt hy Inking Hood's ttareaparilla many different dieooaes are cured. Mr. N. N. Osburi), well known at Woodstock, Mich., was troubled with a lame back. He was persuaded to use Ohamborlain'e Pain Balm. Itgava him relief in one night. This remedy (s also farnotiB for ils cures of rheama- timn. For sale by B. Marsh and 8 H. \Vyea. Easily Tired? Just remember that all your strength must coma from your food. Did you ever think of that? ParhAps your muaclea need more strength, or your nerves; or perhaps your stomach is weak and cannot digest what you eat. If you need more strength then take scorrs EMULSION °* °°d-I«lyer Oil with Hypo- phogphitea. Tbo oil IB the most easily changed of all foods into atrength; and the hypophos- phites are the best tonics for the nerves, SCOTT'S EMULSION is tho easiest and quickest euro for weak throats, for coughs of every kind, and for all cases of debility, weak nerves, and loss of flesh. Joe. ami $1.00; ill druggist j. SCOTT & BOWNE, ChimlaU, New York. 21. ~A fire which of John H. IlrlRhton, B. I.. ami their con- map* 1 estimated How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeko with colic and pains Jn my stomach caused by biliousness and had to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's Oolic, Oholera and IJiarrbuia Remedy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many people.—Mrs. P. Butler, Fairbaven, Oonn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking ;his remedy as BOOH as the flrat symptoms appear. Sold by K. Marsh and 8 II. Wyss. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the nfw food drink called ORAIN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the alace of coffee. The more Grain-O you give the child- ron the more health you distribute through iboJr systems. Drain-O Is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes Jike (be choice grades of coffee but coats about one- half as much. A11 grocers sell it, ]6c and 25c When You Taue Cold nothing comes in so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pitie Tar-Houey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 25c at up- ta-date drug stores. HANK UOIUIKItS FOILED. I'lurky Young Alan Wuumleil One of the Toledo, O., Nov. 21.—An attnmpt won Hindi? to loot th'.' Citizens' dank of Wt/ston, a f.'W mili-K south of In-re ari'3 only an alarm created by a young man namiid A. M. N vital pn.'Vcntfd the robbers from fmijjliinjtr Ihi* work. Nt'If^r. 4 ? QRi'd Krnndmnthvr. Mrs. Hi-nry, living opjHiKitc thi.» bank, was aroused by the noise of aome on*; hammering, aroused Nelfel, who armed with ft revolver, Iwdly advanced to the bank wh«re he saw a light. As Foon aa the men «a\v they were detected all begun (IrlnB at him, but he emptied his veai><>n, badly wounding one of the thieves, who was Katlierei uj» by hl« comrades and carried down Main street to where a man was standing with a surf *'. which had bef-n Mtol- en from a UKn*.very ntulile. A Breat pool of blond and a revolver were founi.: where Ihe Kvirrey stood. Will Ifei.i.tve {tiiHlmiiu (o Hf/clil Junta, -Mich.. Nov. 21.—The Waller- (jteln Shlrl company of Albany, N. Y., who have a ten-year contract for the employment of 200 in/mites at Hhirt- makltiK in the Ionia prison, are contemplating the removal of their entire bus Incss frotn New York to Michigan. In view of this fact the company is now negotiating for the starting of another factory In this city. The Wallereteln company aluo propose to establish similar factories In other Michigan towns of a like capacity. Edward Elliott, aged 13, was'held by a coronec's Jury at Toronto, Ont., for murdering William Murray, 70 years old. Hevenye was (he motive. Hoarseness Sore Throat Hoarseness, sore throat and constant coughing indicate that the bronchial tubes are suffering' from a bad cold, which way develop into pleurisy or Inflammation of the lungs. Do nofc waste health and strength by wait- Ing, but use Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough Syrup at once. This wonderful remedy cures all throat and lung affections In an astonishingly short time. Dr.Bulls Cough Syrup Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat. Doses are email and pleasant to take. Doctors recomuicua It. Price a; cts. At all druggists. >>>•»• York, N broke ont In the Bturln at \ViM New burnr-d «even bulkilng tent* ami ctuiFpi.! n flam (n (/e <»Nou< f4<?0.<X'<>. The ptroyfd were of frame. Three were blfj ptrur-1. ures. f/je four cithers tttiout twa storit'R In height. They Include the machine shop, the boiler shop, the carpenter phop, the main offlee and three repair shops. Ann Arbor MMmtM^ rtuiKPn. Ann Arlior, Mich.. Nov. 21. —The final ilelintlnp «inl»'J't here result fd In the choice of rhnr.Vs Plrnon of Detroit. Slg- moitd Sntitrfr of Toledo and Ueorge KJrK.^ley. Jr., of l*ao.'a. Kan., «s the team which will represent Michigan In her debate this ye:ir with Northw. -stern university. The subject ivas; "He.iolved. That the Vnlted States should build am! rri.'tlnt.iin a much nnvy." KtifHl for Hrrnrn «f l'rriinl*f.. Plttshiirg. Nov. 21.— Anton Lutz, a jiromlnent anil wmlthy brewer of this city, It na been sued for breach of promise by Unth l)e Ilnnn. formerly of Cleveland, <).. the danmReK being placed at $l60,Cf!0. The plaintiff Is a widow and at present resides in Chicago. She nvctrs that the defendant promised to marry her In ISSC and has persistently refused to fulfill his cngHKement. Death nf .lolill ". Unity. Philadelphia, Nov. SI.— John W. Keely, who stirred the Kcientillc world twenty- live years ago with a proposition to revolutionize mechanics by the use of a force called etheric vapor, died unexpectedly at his home In this city from pneumonia. He hud been III but a week, but the attending physician hart n oapjireliension of u fatal termination. Hon. George K. ftiifie Ueiul. Cincinantl, O.. Nov. 21.— Hon. George K. ftaBi-' recently retired judge of the United States OlPtrkl court of the F<iutliern dlftrlrt i>l Ohio, is dead nt tils home in Lebanon. O. Ills life has been despaired for ijuile a Ions time, though he railiied nt times BO as to give hope to his friends. AVfeffctabJeTreparationforAs Ertmwtes DigeslioaCheerful- w»aandRest.Contafnsneilho- OjMum.MorpWne nor Mineral. MOT'l'JAHCOTIC. A perfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions Jevcri sh- ness and Loss OF SLEEP. Tac Simile Signature of JTEW TSfTORK. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Have [Always Bought. CASTORIA Sound Lungs | are kept sound and weak Uinps nrc itunlc strong by DR. Riif.i.'S I'INK-TAR-HOXKV — n scientific remedy of the most wonderful efficacy ill .-ill lung afTccltons. "A j'fmr (itio I lluil « lonR siM-ll of ft'VC'r (Imtaetllcfl In my IUHKH u"*l ciiuwt u w- vere coi^li. Mj- phytiicliim thutmhi. t woliltl lint recover, hut I)K. UKI.I/H IMNK- 7'xK-HuNKV stoppi^l Die coitcti at once and KOOU reatornl mt> to hettlih." OEO. A. AIJ^EN, U«ir K|irlne«. Ky. [ DR. BELL'S PINE-TAR HONEY i is a certain specific for coughs, ' colds, sorethroat, bronchitis, asth- ' ma, whooping cough and croup. Tries Kc.. 50C.. nnil II a bottle, Al nil druggists or Bent U|*>n receipt of prlco by K. r. Sntkf.l^J Mtdiaai Co., IVIimli, ST. ' TRAINS R &-— *wt±n»im^ssi TO ^ ebraska^Montana.PugetSount 1 49n»ttta*» HmiiMiilion llm Wur O f IHI'4. I'aw 1'uw, HlH., Nov. ai.-Umic 'I'llOIIIJIHlill ur 'IllH Illlll'l', iKlMl'VI'll III bu ' ''hi- (il«li'Ht limn In IlllnnlH, vvluhrittvtl lilu •brtok tnodorn dwellingnwr > * m I'li'lhUay mi.I u i'i.»cj>tluii wim Klvun 1 «n<J auorga etreeUi, him In honor oC llu' cvunt, Mr. Tliiiiiip. Dim W»H Ijurii In IViiimylviinlii /mj lyllll' Ill Jl)ljl(il« |u |MI|. U,, |n | |U | H unil hfurly und iitlcnilH to hln invn Ilivx Mill llut'd JlKllt wnl'k Illmllt Uii. jiliK'l 1 . 11 In inlml IH »H I'li-iir us i>v<>r unit IK. tolls uiury KlurlcH uf tlu> war »f Isia. Ji t . h>u uni'il tuliairif nil hln J|f,,, |,ul 4u- uluivii IHI iifvi-r limtiHl Iliiuiir tixcepl for lui'illi Inul uri'. efling houue with lirgo lot OB loutb of Twelfth utreot, dwelling No, oil eaa WiW, Good (trwi bot _jo» dwelling ho •• •>,?? "I?" 1 •D0th» , -UV 111 gUIHl 100« Kenta for 188 per month: re»ld«noe oo 6t«te itreet o '»k itreet botwoon tli . K. traoka, aulttble to Ut uring uuri»«oii Ot Al ~ Alton hdt y county, rallorrlrtr, • property, corner led enwusywrini, .ntw »nd at OD rourtb M, QMi i ok roaUanci, i"» oonreBltDt '- *"•""•" raja, . on of Bout ta< TO LOAN. Ilusi't Uu tUjH*yui >tt fur Work. Havana, Nov. !!!,—or lute llavaimhim been ulinuHt oveirun with Aiiiei-leons, who have arilved htirt. ijult,, without nvyim of MUpport, luil In IIOJIUH of ^o|. llntt lUL'i-utlvu eiilliloyiiient. Briires of thuin ura now I>UKK!IIK on the Hti'eetn uf the glty, TUMI-I- 1st really no iiiduvuinent whutuvur fur ouuiUurn to comu here DMW. Hebbed iheliriive A startling Incident of which Mr. John Oliver, of PhllldcJphla, w»s the lubjeut. ia jwrratod by him an follows: 'i WM in a mo.t dre«d/ol ooudltlou, My akin was almost yellow, eyea •uajten, tongue coated, paia ooutlnu- «l>y la back and aides, no appetlte- gwduftjly growing weaker dayby day, rhree phyBloIaiiB had given me up.' Fortunately, a Wend advlaed trying leotrlo Blttora," aud to my great oy and aurprlio, tbe tint bottle made soldfd Improvecoent. I continued beJr n«e for tbroe weeka|«od am now • wflllmwi. I know they «»ved noy Ife. and robbed Uie wave of another victim." No one ahould fall to try ham. Only Mf per botMe at fi. Trf'l (•••implied, tiK>'<l I-I, "t Arcoin, IllH., linH'i'onres>Heti that lie llred a bullet Into the wlnilnw of an IHIitolM (Vn-; IruI imHKenKer train, narowly inluMlng two lnis.sengerH. Waller Conk, a K i'U 111 yearn, fatally Phot himself with a rllle in hlH home, In Neiv Allmny, Isnl. He ilia not know tho HUn WIIH liiaUed, Hei's-eliify l.nnii, In his anunl report, will renuiinienil the eoiiHlrui'tlon of thirteen sii-tv w«r vc««ela und an fiiltJI- tlon ot 0,001) men to the enllnted force of the navy. It will require JM.OOO to carry nut (he seert'lary'H rerornntenda- tlollH. Hlx yoaiB auo the hrees'hpln lltnv from n HhnlKiin ami hnrieil lus-lf In Kdwnrd JIIU'H Rknll. Tlie |>lli was H'liinvoil and Die wound heiiii'i). Illll IIHH jusit ilIt'll :f lii" Inlui'V nt llrii/ll. hid. Hemarkable Rescue. Mrs. MluhaolOurtaln.I'lainneH, III., nmkuB tho BUtotnent that ft ho oauebt cold, which sottlod ou her lungg: ahe was treated for « month by lier family phyBiclnii, but urow WOMO. He told hor «ho wan a holploHa vlotlin of isoiiHiiraplIoii and no medicine cotilil cure her. Her (lrufr«!«t Btig^eatod Ur. Kliiu'a Now Discovery for Oon- suniptlotij Hlui bought a bottle and to hor delight (ound herself beneiltinl from the Ilratdoso. Htio contluuud Us "so und urior taking six bottl.m, found herself sound uud well, now does h«r own housework and IH an well aw the over was. Free tr/fll bottles of tbi*< Groat DlHOovery ut IS. MttrBh'u drag store, large botlie«o<tc aud «I. $100, Dr. E, Deletion's Anti-Uiuritlc May be worth to you more than 1100 If you bave a child whosoJls bedding from Inoontlnenoe of water during •Jeep. Uurea old aud youugnllke. If st Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley'B Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It is guar- antecrf. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. \Vjna. HO SUMI- NO SKIPPERS, . . a>M.f*»»! -paid, i'ii rocuint nl riiu;. * !:•>.• 13 IJoilor fc'..,U.V. MADE ME A MAN AJAX TABLETS PO8ITIVEL 4LC yervvu* JM«*M«»— Faili orr. Impot«Qff7 l Hl4epleMneM,eto. by AbuM>an<lo:bar £XO«MW an cretioni. They miieklu etruf . miieklu etruf *t*r*lu reetore Lout Yltalltr ID ora or yoang. and Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Ail «Ml« la Fmk aa4 Silt M<al> tat Ur«, lid sn • I tctanr if Snuft. U) BAST SECOfW . • ALTON ILL ALTON TIME CARD PANd SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully antf Promptly Done. Alio but of T«M and Chlneie Noreitl" «> band, East Second st. 306 State nt _ fit a roanforBtudr.basUiaM or : tba sennlnB Aja*. TablotaV^hai ,_—, ^andsand will curt. you. We fflvo I 4** "!"< " wmranio* to «««ot a can In Men can .fund tun money. Prfo* BO conU - - - • • ^^^ Fo rs;alo by E M tb »dB, H celpt of ,Dr. Wluiums'InaianPllo lOintuentwIll cure llllnd. - lilocdhiK and ItoUing _;PIIcs, It ubsorbn tbo tumors, ullays tbe inching at once, net* —JUH a poultice, clvcb hiBtont relief. Dr. wllllams'liiai/tnl'JIeOlnt- — mentis prepared for Plloiandltvb' Ing of tho private putts. Every box Is wnrrnntoil. Dy drudglsM, by mall on re- Kheutnatlsm Cured in a Day "Mystic Cure for rbeumaUero and Neuralgia, radically cures In from 1 to 8 dayu. lt« notion upon tbe system IB remarkable and mysterious. It removes at ouoe tbe cause and disease Immediately ditmppears. Tbe first dose greatly boueflta, 76 eta. Sold by II WT Oftftmberlftlo. Druggist, Alton Quit Coughing Is easy enough, If you take Dr. Bell's Pine-Tiir-Iliney. It cuts the mucus and allays the tnllammatlon so that there ia no Inclination (o cough. It soothes the bronohlaU, and is strength- enliiK to the throat aud lungH. All good drugglHtn sell it. How to Prevent a LolU, - After rxjiOHurp, or when you feel a cold coming on, take a done ot Foloy'a Honey and Tur, It never fulls. Hold by K. Marsh und H. H. Wyss. Distressing Stomach Uieeaie rormauoutly cured by (be niiwterly power of (south American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer heoBtiNo this great remedy can cure them all. It Is a cure for tbe whole world of stomach weaknosa and Indl- 8 enl)ou. The cure bonlna wltb the rut dosu. The relief It brings IB marvelous and eurprlslng. It uiakea no failure; never dlsappolnte. No mat- tor bow long you liave suffered, your cure Is certain under tbe USD of thin great be«Ith-givi»g force, Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. U. Wyss. t hiti the Spot. Whoa uu(Toring from a eevi-ro cold aiid your throftt_andJUings feel hore HENRY J. KLUNK, •runiwu. uy uruKyiRW, oy man OH re irlvo, 60 cenU und $1.00. WILLIIM rURINfl r.n. Props.. OlovotonoTWc Edmund H. Blair, Red Estate and Insurance Agent. .MONEY TO LOAN. Public OFFICE KW Market et KUD1IC. ni'gCo. •Dally. tExcept Sunday. fSee Joint C, 4 A. and Big Pour tune table for trains between Alton and St. Louis™ WM ARMSTRONG, Dealer le Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster U. S. NIXON, Offlc* 107 West Second Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAKER. Between Alton & st. LouU. Lr. Alton For St. Louie. Ar. St. L Ar . Architect, and Superintendent Plans) and Specifications for Work Accurately Fornlabed. OFFICBtOVB.l 4t,TOV 94VI.V33 BANK COB .THIRD AMD PIA8A STB , ALTON IL1 Bin »tat» olBot. Vetepttonet »•*! b»nca, IflOfl. f)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIAN* AND SURQEONB. OFriuB m M'Ptke building. Cor. and and BMIOO ete. Phones 138 and 171. T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and Estimate Furnished. IDS Belle Street, Up SUIn. eoopm... ......... P* A'5! 1 , 5 ' .......... 948pm nsipi ; Vc* A'Mj ........ 122 s . P m P. SCHUSSLER,M.& HOMBOPATMIST s«d SUIWBON HOTKL MADISON tU« trouble at ouoe. $1. Bold byS. If. WJM, I)ruggl»t, 862 Second ifc.-oet, Alton, 111. You Can't A«ord to Cb«nco (t. A heavy cold may lead to puouuio- tila or oonautuptlou. Poley'v Honey and Tar taken in ttiue affordB porfeol Boourlly from nerious reaulU. Bold by B, Manb and 8. II. Wyw. Voloy't the Honey take a ciono off aud Tar, when will be at o«io<> w rol/eved. a warm, grateful 1 fee 11 n a and healing of the puna affected will be experienced nnd you will any: "It (eel* so good. U hit* (be gpot." It la guaranteed. Bold by li. Marsh aud 8. H. Wyw. ____ CASTORIA For lofaati and Children. fl» Kind You Have Always Bought B»am [}rs. B.C.&H. R. Letnen UFPBK ALTON, ILL. TJBJUBPrlONB 87. C. B. RQHLAND, DBNT15T, !*.•. teUi*. st i to IIV. VHIM> MMT, DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUFTCY In Ibwt Tuna. Yager & Yager, Attorneys THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND Tur PRINCIPAL CITIES OP TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS i o\ M n • MR W ii-nr T.JI--J FREE RECLINING KATY GHAII CARS Granitoid Paving Co, W. & H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, III. All tod* of Granitoid Work: sidewalk), ., done and tat Wit WM' wort tmrwtMd r«a«f*« p^oifl tttanttor C. C. C. ft St. L.~-Blg Pour. ^^&^ a ' WiU Ord«n ROBT. M. STAMPER. RBAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tOSBBLLB STREET. Monty to LOMO oo Improved RINT8 COLLBCTED. Letre Alton 660am Q 710am 800am 10 US am )2 80pjn 124Spai 216pm f 46 pm 428pm g ( 706pm Loavo St. L. 741am 8 21 urn 1020«in 11 Mum 8 00 »m 600pm 6 61 pm 750pm (Suburban lerrioe) Pally ex-Sun if Sunday only Dally ei-6uo Dally ex-^nn ArrlfeSt. L 640am 7 Wain 8 6e am H 00 am I 25pm 140pm Dajly DaHy «x-8uu Dally ex-Ban t>*IIy e|.Bun Dei and Kldgo «. r . , from Union depot. St. 1 Through service. For Burlington^ 640pm a 20 pa, Arrlre Altai 1118 IS a»pn 56»pm 88Bptt Ql 640 pa K. ft N, VV. Chas A. Strittmatter M«rcb«at Tailor. 704 HAdT KBCUNO ATR&EiT OMUMMB wk« •Praj^tte Brit-olMi, ui TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. -At MODERATE PRICES, You we UTIU4 to o*u u« nutla* MI STOCK OP GOODS polnu C. B. ft. Q. (Ridge OPERATED BY THI C0 Bt. Uiuii.Peorla Cm* |8t, L. 0, *flt, P, By,, On and after Hoy, K Jfips t f «lo» Alton mi follow* : '»• A !to" tor Peorla-1 w

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