The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Page 3
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f. II. Arhuckln Iti'ul Estate, who h tu his home for tli OB acoount of illue aHe to bo back iu a ew dayB. <>f the At^buckle s been cqnfin !d past ten da s, expects to lie Is office wJthiu —Marcelling aifi Mrs. John Keyser. tlr. Mrs. A. -Vortli .W'HsliiiiKlou turned lionie from visit in Kort Scoit Mri Reis went on -try It oiice^jrAu otber. Van Hoazei 's • diR F. Ifyia pi 7 ivenue liave n a Several da laud .loiilin, .M business. t-itli RicharVlsoi i! for St. Louis t to'l)uy new s • for The lj*ade -|K(te the $4.7ri Kdwunis .Millinery. .1 • sev bad )lin W. Rrown •ral day.s last a case in llie (lisiricl «-oiirt.- ^ ' Attention } " ' i—M<-etinK t(»niori iuf; aftfM^ niei'tiijg. iiljtie desired. & '^'he •\VhpeIor faciorv recently sliijiiped en joveralls of a si a tiierciiant in naijnients wen- all <:il factory. Uir Viindeilllc .SliLv uud Dnni-p! W.'flnfsdnv ICvel ll:ill ovfr FcisteirV (Irocery .SlidW id arts ShampoQin|g. Phoiie .''.!>7. ^5 «iIl.hiVT« ilo BreiuL nd olMr poiii iriuK inerchaA-i •JpriiiR Tiats it was in Topeka ytrnii where lie ihawnee county . B. A. )W nishf. Banc Ccod atteui Motter Overa ! 14'(>{, doi- liKle pattern t«t ana. Tlies n:u!e in tlie k- .\Ibni iuK. Fell. Ifi Jarold Staiidlcy. iKiilio by dealb lli.-l lale Mrs. 1). Dj iDilliy for, llis Will .Maliiima. and ;vi] of-, for wi. cho sm Mr. MP, We at s:].•;. ,vIio wa.s caljeijl of llis niotlierj Slandley. lef ill KaKland! t'iird 01 Tha.nk*-'. wifili-to tliaiil* our fricndA iielt;libor.-i for tl palliy slui.wii ii.s he e Uindnesp an ill our sorro\+ dealii of ouj- lirotlier. and '' '• '.vers. We also til*' lie:>iilifiii flo 1 lo lhaiilv llie nitiii.>(ter and tli^ .•\lie . Townf Irii Townsend e Townseud ilvraiiier. .Mi Cox iiiid laiiiiiy. r. -Mr. and Mi^. I. Ml-- .aii'l Mrs. ami Mrs. . (leoii ;iiid \I|is. Kr«i(j '.Mr. and Mis. .1. 1.. daiiRhier. .Miss.-.\lar>j Mildred pa.-;'sid .llii' day elirouti- to Wiufilidil visit .Mr. Iluii.s"aker J. If. .\danis and fHtliily MoiU'V 111 loan i-iny leriii.-^. iii> i -oiu lol I Biiiidi /iii l.ui urgaiiizcd in issr.. .^OUlliw.<t Cor.'jfr ol iVes. .Ser'y. Mrs. II. C. I.ii-ur: f<ir 'I'ul.'-a. (Hilalioiii] few days Willi her .N(i\i -!la Conk and Miiiisaker ani I-iiiusaker. ol! U K I I here to- Kansas! t< < sistitr, Mr.«i 111 real eslalPi iiissionR. Tb n .Ar'sociiilioii •S'exv local ioi .S(|nare. C. U. ijice l(>ft;,loda>| to spend jlaiiRhter; Mrs •Mr. Cook. Mrs. Stella W[-stfahl- (lasi 'd tliroiiKli hen 1 to Vvavorly to visit v :MiT. Airs. K. .1. S|iowiira. TraiipeH —;I just receivied oj Iraipied collon-t tlieni in at once Mrs mitc lew of . Jlorai [today elirouti itii iier moth Attienflon. ;iil ders for 1,00<; abbits. Brint} Fiiink Brodbeck s. Viola Brjiwii on the noo|i tr: days witli Mf. 1 ? , . KpffNJnilloii —Flor the puri ose |of tlie office of thd Cil Cilvj id' tola. Ka isa.s] froni S o'clock al ni. 1>. ni. beginnins and!closing Feb^uar t bos'" who did ni t vc . era]; Klection ht^bl I or who have cliangi dence. since, inqst title, Ibeni to vi I'rfliiary to b? li Ihe iCilv Klocti^m t April r,. 192' IV I i. -Mci Notice. ' registratior Clerk of till will be opei till 10 o'clock] V lU, 1927 2.j. 1327. Alll ! at the Geni list .Vovembcr, •d their resi •gister to en- t the coming A|iircli Stii, am lie held oi: p'ebtuar l.^e Id V^l. C. Pcnfielti. Siiui liwe.stern BtJil. T J Iian;- offices al Chaif rt'turiied to Chanut :» viHit at the lo -al Ilon't K« -The V. C. 'i. V K. 1 .• Hall Satuiday tJi|i:t; and Ihe hita FRI • the Saunter Init Members and TiU who ate not 'mt|nib M:;jors. phone 127'l.j ervalions for youjrsO 1'uui-day. Cveninji. II. III. R lias ( here Fleili infftoki IXoy. Roy, first •i Robinson |retilrne<l ity (his tifteruut n with'his nibtbe Robii^sun and witlt Roblii.son vt^i avenue. - ^^i.' Ir., will re^iain Kriiii<|molher foir a l.)r..c:lias enlereil) grailc at liiucol 1 Cliili ralen February 17 went to Chain to spend a rowu. j [.lEU City Clerk. manager of thd lephone Com-| ate and lola : today after ffice. net! ' 1 ogram at the] evening, Feb, E bantiuet at program. Salesmen rs call .1. U. iiiid make res- f ajid wife Jiy aj er ve ijjg J. D. Cota arrived In Ida' from Boston, Mas."}., Saturday, called home by the illness of Ma- son, Leon, 203 West Campbell street. —nr. Fred 'Wobdbury, graduate root specialist. Treats co^ns, bun- Ions, jureokened arches, etc. No extra chat|ge for re.'ildence calls. Phone :!00.1 217 .Madifou; J. J.Criffin drove to Pilt.sburg. Kansas today on business. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Deufon drove to Joplin, .Mo., yesterday, expecting tti return btinie today. —Jnat like .Angel Food, Ctike, Van Iloozer'fl Bread. 2 for 15c j Mrs. Harlan Taylor returned from the S. B. A. hospital in To" peka laat evening where slie lias been a montli taking treatments. —Treat your Piano as a musical Instrument. Have it tuned every " 6months: Call T. O. Canutsey. Father August P. Heimanu of Pitlua left tiiis morning for Rochester. Minn. iHces being beld church are every night. A lis extoAded to these serviced at tlie J;ainlng cordial pub tlie Mr. and pirs. Ira Dozier ati lly of Clwnute hpent Siind tlio tonndc'a sister, .Mrs. Flo pie and .jif. .Marple. (Itho; were; .Mr.«J Hen .Marple. Ka pie a'nd yv. h. Mar^ile. Mr Majpile, who is • visiting hei in Pratt, ICans.,1 sends wor that she is feeliiig line and a go<jd time. She says tbn crop in that particular set the state Is looking fine. ('orre«-tiii)r an 4hiiis>ioii. In the obituary of Iliji' lal.-! Tlioma.s J. Townsi-iid. riM-,-iitjy i)iib-| lisheil in llie Regisler. tin- iiaiiie of; !\ir-: III.-- <if' TIIE .TOLA t)A|[LY REGISTER, TU^DAY EVENI liteii 'Captai TatOB Ce inspi'ctioil of] that plat R. H. ps'elJoi). repre.-;entative of! llie CiievroUi Motor Company oil Kansa.^ Pity was in Iota today onf business wit i the Shelly Motoii t'o., loca dcjtlers for this car.. Mr. T. O. ijlowanl of the Howard Canilv Shop day on ijusiiless. .^n; expert Kuii .('oni|iiaii|y', !s going ivei Pri'.-ibyly^ian I'v'ii'i:.? i lied rii iiv-i .Mrs. Cora Jllleu Ilyss was ih li-ntly ^iniilted wht-n tli<- n: the leiatives <ir tlu« liei-ea;.. (1 wen eiiiinierated. Mrs. Hess wa.- a hull sister of 'Fhonias Tov .iis .-n 3 herself dt'parU^d this lifi- ' sniiu thirly-five years ago. The t-ali'lidar will proba ily i:-! admit it. but I'Verybnly i-l-e will be of I be opinion llial Si> ilb'-a I I\a.nsa.s is bavlni; today li< r flis! day of Spring. .Not a i -b mi in 1li> sky and the tifliperatiiiv •'aboul sixty. Tlie Xorth Side Iiarlier sli add-a tliird cliair lo tli inent; —Dr. A. B. Twadeil, Osteopath.: — l)r. C. l.ambetli. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. j office •phone 2."ii;: Res.phoiij :"^?l*'.S.:c Mrs: C. F. Dugari went ito Cha- niUe ofa Ihe noon train to sjiend tlie afternoon witli Mrs. Clyde Bi.sjio|i' and Mrs. Carson 'Olore. —O. L. Cox. M. D., Bpeclallrt. Eye, £2ar ,^No8e and Throat. : ^ Fawn WallLs. who lias been Ju lola this winter attending juntoi colleg^e, left- today for his hoiiio In Sapulpa, .Oklalioma. I •• — i - To my friends who siKued my lietitioii for Finance Coinmissioiii-r and othi-rs: Itcprel to advise tli;il I. ciinnot run on account of oilier Irtisiness. Tliiiiiking yon. I :iiii. Yours ivery respect fully, R. W. ("opening. .Mrs. Lucy Viilganiore. wlio has bi'i'ii spending a week iiere with lier- linitlier and wife. ' .Mr. and .Vlrs.' .liiiin Burns, rtturiied t«iday to. lier home ii| Caliey, Kaiisa.s. M. .T. Rrower, wlio lives upon a farm five miles I'lorllieast of lola, was In town tliis morning. .Mr. Brower lives on Uie Colony gravel road and tliis road is in .good sliape but he says the dirt roads are almost impassable. -.Mr. Broiler says lie still has some-corn in the fiidiis; especiallyi in, tile fields lliat were flomled List fall. IPs Uard T.I KelletP * » ' * * —but many people who * * pride themselves on their * * jiersonal cleanliness si ill * * wt-ar clothes a wliole sea- * * son witlioiil being cleaiifiL » * . * ' ' ,\ltleson rieanerv • * Phone 10.". ' m . . * tt»»t***p* ****** t. * .Mr. Shelly of tlio. Shelly 5lotor Co... handling ihe Chevrolet line of car.s reports a very satisfactory biwiness thus far. .Mr. Shelly just I 'eceiilly engaged In ^bl|slness iii lola and lie is well iilefised with bis sut'ccss. For Ylnancc I'oninilssinner. —I hereby announce that I am a candidaie for the office of Com- nilssloner of Finance of.Ihe City of lola and sliall gri-ally appreciate the support of the voters at! the ap- proacliiug .primaries. * . V J.- n .i~ARN'KTT. Thp Biles Bhoe store, which opened for business Saturday' is preparliig tn erect a huge sign on tlie front of (heir building. They occupy tlie old locatioji of the Penney store ^111 Wiishliigton. —Dr.i Montgomerjr, Chiropractor, tola I^aundry Bldg.. Phone 138. , Mrs. .T. H. Youn'gi went to Wichita yesterday for/ a visit with friends. The, beauty parlor at the North Side liarber shop lias been enlarg- For Finnnrp ('unmilsslfliipr. —1 hereby announce that 1 am a candidate for tiie office of Coni- missioner of Finaiujc, City ofi lola. primary election .March S. Your vote and support will be prently appreciated. A. H. IIKCOX. The lola Fruit Company I.s moving tbday from their old stand to the room "formerly joccupied by the Lasater pool club at the northeast corner of the squtire. Tlie A. L. .Maloney f.itnily mo :ed lodav from 701 South |\Vashiugton avenpe to 40C South Second .street. Mr. II. 11. Barki-r. wiio r purchased ilio furniture ai lures of liie -Hotel I'oiilan c-liarge ofi the place this ni .Mr. Barki es in the r will nial>e ftinie furnishings anron being new furnitiiri- f<)r ,IIi ff\t\ new lJuests ro • « • F. L. jcarpets mis. for Fonie B. LEATELI., Jf. Mrs. A nil th dau".liti-r. fiiiiiily. (I'oi i;^!' Ihr lli:i!i |. II llii i ; :'fi(-r a vi III pai iiiit .\li Bak."- *.nt to Law- fieriiooii to visit her s. A. R.i Hanimil and I h.yd Ilru!; Slolri'. f.-. ;!i Kaivsa: w.-:i! Mi.iulay f iilt -ntally -••llDW. ip will ciinip- 1 rui 'i'i:. / f.l.'i.l. ceiilly d fi.\- . tmii; iiliiii;,'. -iiaiii;- -flifjii loiiiiv of tlie \l!s. Bud Ciiv Ibis !aft U'liile and! •.•lii.l) .-.Iiowj a i-i-'.v i-aij li 1- Cuiiipaiiv si; 1 ^ : I.IoMl C v.-r.-il;. of elii! \>ii!i )ia- • Special attcnilon given ease^. of Colon and Rcictujn:. Electro-Therapy aiid Piiysiolherapy. Office lola State iJaiik Blijg. Phones—117 and 705 Mr. S. W .laik.-iiii ha-; mi i in his office ill tlie old i-oiir Ibjjilding sjieciim-iis of oraiiK grapr fruit wliicli lif Iiroui:li from T»-.\a!s on his rcreiil tr M;-. .1. |W. wa. i Ills a .-.lifin! iiiK ef th. I 'i.mi .Mi:;s .\^.•:ll^ial ii church. 11 .\lr:j E. Oihdon went toj yesterday to attendj the cavalry troop atj drove to Garntlt to- I from the Moller Or- of ilagerstown, Md.j the pipe:organ at tlia church ; this wetekj tnue ami making any laki"- Vi 'ii I'lonibobl. who fs witli| iigiiicfring company iioiui tor Kansas City With lioniefolks. M. 1'. T. r. Hold al .M. K. (hiirrl^ .•tfisN Verle Huui (Mr.>=. Opal Jfitchell) LAIIARPE, Feb^ i;. will bold its Mednp-sd.ay afternooh at the- First !ro \Mi <if the BrownJi will ri -tiirn toniglitjj • ilv. .M.i.. where hi^' on Iiiisin.-ss and in-; Bi'? tile aiilomoliilt- HARPE ITS dlTIZ^NS E. Church. Mis leaker, will be hC'rir night. Mr.s. S. ed upon for ap lei^iiicilis ispital ill Kansas reported as diiiiiM{ Mrs. Sliorter w iiiday lit .spi-nd •r .::iiii;lil.-r. .Mi iiiily. .Mrs. C. A. Wall<!>M r I'iltsbiirj? for t \'bite went to Kansas: ernixin lo join .Mr.j [.•II.I a fi'W d.i >K al lbe!| Tlii-y will drive backil fijr ti.'e Bud Wliite .Mo-'l Jiili her dau);lil<-i. .MJilcbeli and faniii i'. | .Ms. and -Mrs. WaRive llji- birth ;of a soil riiary 12. Tile .Missionary . K. Cliiircli met ||.Mr>. li. L. I.acey a stiiileiil at tiiC'.l'iii- iiisa;;. spent til.' jweek lelolks. i I.' sillily of .Mos I- siilijcct. which i". i'arker. tlioWel —For i>ro apt results usoi thcl! Classiliedl Columns. Cordon weni to Otta- ilie Oil Flyer tn-bioon on r.\e<iilive board imet-:' oiiiun's Ii.line audi l-'or- ' me of llie .N.o.-'bo Valliy r t'l.' S.'ioiiil I!:i|iti.-l: . Cordon is dijitricl. ill- .Visoi-iaiioii. i .Mrs. I'luker. .Mrs. iciiibertsonl iif-nderioii. .Mr.--. 15 1 Tledwaj-, .Mrs. .Mivnip llj-rt .lohnson. .Mrs. I. .M CI c< .MS |.r< - iili nt ill " i L ! . Mr:-. I'.vi,rei' Fulls, who willi lier;,- • • •! ii>ill;!y liOllM- •s ami l.a.k f.iiiiilv. |.-it :c4M i'T i'lH- iicailli, l-.iH > il ln-i-.iilf 11' liol .i • on 1 .-hililvi'ii :•. li.iiiL' Kill , Ill-- I'.oli Ml-:-. I.;. II ; S::i'li'! .•^tl -i lii-l Ceorge',1. .Marr of tiii- jiiiii.!; ajielicy went lo Kiitisas City Ihi:- inorniiig to altciid • liu- ailioiiio- bile show-. •J " — ., Mrs. Ida Mill.-r of l.ailari^. lieeii eiiiploveil as .:ali--;'aily new ri'aily-lo-vx'iir sion- w'u'n recently eslablislud liy .\!r.-|. .McClair in Uie room form.-i- I 'upied by. the 'JackiiiJii V Stol -f ill the Sifers iilock. Ilia alioat sis iiK'lillis ii. Ilo. Iifdlio. for ii.'r ti-::illly i!.'(-Iiiii-ii until i.-;.-^aiy lo bring tier II' i- lia-liaiiil and ijiiipaiii.'d li.>r here, ar- IV iiiulil. She is now iiS Mr. KiiUs's niot'ii-r. I-lifts oil tile Siiutb •I loa.l. • iii:!i|.' thai lias :! Ill,' il wa .s I-: , .1 pV ol ari-ly -M. B! tended lb -A. I lain at .Muraii Monday iif fatlu-r aikd son lii ;iC |ii'• •ht. ri-Ii:i>- iii III.- K. P. Brigiiaiii ri-i-..|ii!y f.; ed .1. II. Yoillin's i:iteii-.-l Hotel Porlluiiil liiii\i|iiit; ami t\ now sole mviier of till- .sanii liesiiiiK :iiiiiiiiiiiifn:ciil is iMiv ,M. I.. I 'l .st iias l.-ascd lli» Moiasi *lli'ralil to Wiiiti-rs P.: Oi !ic.:.-: llj , .MarkIcy. of Savoiibiirg. will) !?;;vi' jiaki'ii i li;"!-Ke T .ilis week. •The Willi I..-K. hiiv .-oie!) I li-d I'M- phiil Mr. Po.-^!. Hllfi-.'SS of .Miu.Mi Ml I « itii fli'-ni rs Biotli.r.^. L. F. and I 'or I »M) or tluei' years till' Savoiiiiui;; ^{I 'l-Jird. of which i< owned by icj-. .Mrs. HaKliiiid. |rs. (Iifford. Vii-iit'i X and .Mrs. Wi iiiniitic" from ilie ssioiiaiy sixi.'ty .\i!ti>iiioli)|.s I- .11.^ .•'pealv loii-li c iiiTity president, wi 1 also b«r, pres-| It. - .-\ vt-ry insiriK I will be present ed aiil n i ).->t cordially invih Is is a speaker of lid no oni- can aflor sjd.-ndid'lalk. .Miss Verb' liaUL'h.l Kerr i[iul a Preslivterian iiu'i talk lint .-Ir j '.ii:;!:! w.iid.-. •IV.' In ami !<.t iiH' iiinli.' ym^r '•.•ir -al; tor scrvi. ••. • t do all J^iiid:: n paitliifr and ani now lri-.-!leil t |i .-.rr:ir of III.' i<!r.-fr'Ilarilivviire. ir.ide. ('. I.. I" :|l apprecialf your Moll. i .Mr. anil .Mrs. .Ii;.iiri I 111' aniioiiiic.:- iii;.'l^i' of .Miss ;('; Wiiimah re 1 to .Mr. .1. Wlilli till' Wil- laiir P.riic^' at Ill-Ill of riie .Mav .\ii|iiiiid City. Febrijary 2. 'Irs. William Daiinhcily lias list sinci'i last W<- oiii ilie sick it:k-. ^!.•^-fril-l!d^ .spl -, dy iTcovery. M ;SS Mary Rolx and Mr.--. .1. Q :ili!l liav- iiiudi'' a it. Ill taking oyer the fid tliey hav.' ::ssiH'.ialed ."Iv.s Mr. I). K.Markley. aiiil .Mr. I.. K. Winters j ]::i\<- iii.iVi'.l to .Moiaii to J talu- iliar'.'" of; Ih.' Herald, while .Mr. I.. Wililer.-i will rt 'liiaiii iit Sav- 1 ondiicl the Record. It Mrs C. S. .Midill.'ton. wl;j been |l| for sum.', liiii.- ii;< now Coiival .'Si-i 'iil aii/l abli back at the .N'orlh Sid.' Parlor. : iKiiiiiivc been. Ines- for. ;i its', dauglitj'r of Kiidi'-rts. wlio is ;i:di-iii at I-:iii|>i)|-ia JTcacher-j ci,)l-. Iii-i'ii iiiitiiatifd into Ui.' K. .-. Ii.­ 'r. C. rbapii-i- I . national .'ilmi I olii- of the tiili t. o! uaiii/al ions ' on 111 itlliL -rs w.-r<' also ^'s Kolicrts. i Ir. and .^Irs. ^l!^llily annpiinc" if. I i Kappa' Sii;- aii >nal sor^irity. n Cri'i'k li't- the campus, initiated i Willi A UTHORIZED AUTO nNISHINC snmoN \irro ANJ) IfurMTlIKK KKI |1N'ISH1N(; Thrinher Aiito aimers • l_»>i jN. Wjiltnit Phiine ICM The Has day i-arri( lola Rumblings <|i sii rid an ill-Ill sayiiiij t hat- Jacob Raijle. while at .MJIooiia. Kansas, a few ilajs ago. wa.-^ j by.'.Mr. cjaytoirs dog. Tli) belonged tifiia neiglilior of .Mr. toll named Staleii. Mr. S. S Siielly will go to! sas City oiie day, this'week tend the ailtoniobile iihow. to Kan-j after a visit .Mrs. Ida S li^lBlsler. .MiKi \'orth Wash lit tie .soil ere with hi i li^nger tinii ichool in tb R UBBED on throat and <:hest, Vicks relieves spasmodic croiip in two ways: (1) Its medicated vapors, re-, -leaded by body heat, reach the air passages diretrt; (2) At the . same time it sttnUlIates the skin, thu3 helping the inhieded vapors to thediflSeult br»tiung. Gram motjher Kiewi tlicrc was' i lotliinr so r.i-od for • tionandcodsasniu-.taid. Bid \\ fashioned i lusiard plaster burr blistered. Musterol: ciVes the rrliei ci "that mustasd i)!.l.-.tersRavc^ wit' ;P)aster and witUvwt tlie Ijlrit'.r. -It is a cl.-an, ^•llile with oil of mustard. Gently ru5> See how qujcklyllie pain dis:ipp Try Mus^erole for sore ihro:it chitis, tonsillitis. croiip,.stitf asthifia, neurnlgia. headai Iir. con j pleurisv, rheumatijm, lumbago and aches o( the bad: or ji >int£, ? sore musclc-s. bruise?, chilblains; feet, colds M llie chest (it may i: pneumonia) UUHittiie- If necfc. fpran Caluirief s Double Action THE WORhfyS cnEAtBsr 4ES TBOSB O mm ANY OTHER .gives you a baking pb containing 2 leav,' ;uhits'—one begi work'vdienthe ' is (nixed, the other for the h*^ of ch« then both I oniu WE eetfaer.; Insures Better Baking iBore palaciibk food ijhe m other who i ni ikes her own and the children's dresses /iviU he , , j - . • i i i ' ^ !• ' thrilled \vith the new {Fabrios—jthk^ wash! Arid the pr^fs are in line |w>th th(5 great values that our 1773 Store tiyins power makes bosiible Colorful Displays Foi'Springtime Tliere is When tlic tftc gini ing to attr iction. 1^' ^rf; St a shide and v lou will true e at tl tbc fll'C lor! llhat'swhjr Kvomen will use h and "arounji r«ck:s. Very ejtty, t( o, for children'^ sliool dresses and wash sp it h:>i ab'jm: bright ofTmg IliaJs this J no season when Designs arid Colhfings to a sfpre is attended with !ance of j enjoyn:«iit satisiaiJlion as in Fcbruaijy 1 lew style ideas h r jprinji days are h< • < iccupy the center t f find this particii |of a visit to [th is time. The sm; ai'inth of Spring are brilliantly tcil in tiie'Colorful new ,di tore is presenting. i 7 he disp ays are bcinji adde i ; to with nrarly every coniin; exp'ess. A- cordial invitatioa is I xtendet to you to inspei t our new displays \yhetiier yoi bjiv or not. New Ramona putting: J 'ast ct! many or he"' f potc s. Ykrd. 39c Okir "J. G. p.'r Mixed Canton pur v( ry owh qualitV silk ard cpftoin: cantop at the isudl, mbderat p |ri :e. A favorite fabril net ause t looks so well ah( is n ore serviceabl etfiansilk 4' 'o moist exti : 6 in. 79c Ms aiadio! A G tod Percale Select s now your new pei- when bur range battcriis ind colors ar| bnsivel-; Ivide, tliiyard- itloa ntk-ks^. Avenue Pongee Finish | j'- i inat^rial f<!ir i^.s chiljurfcn'.s j icooil a.s.sortment of; Irs' ail [| patterns, fa;;t' ii-s, i (1 oil! \ai(l wide. THe 17c ~ if H- Silk Pdngee Nation-Wide Succesf y L U silk, Jap| Pongee in th : fine iZlnysmms •we) ght, awaits you m our Store of unegualledj' Values priced the yard,! only. 49c Mixed Noveity • Rayoii and Cotton ' SitTviceable I Atpact- ive-f-and low priced ac- tording- to our 773 Store Bu\fing Power. A jselec- tioti Qf the season's' pop- iilaif colors. Yard I 79c Slipsheenl INon -dinflT FabrijB Another cqtton pongee that is made not to clinj. 36 inches wide and priced so 1 easonably. Excellent fc .- pndergarments. 39i PongM FisHli : Just th^ thing for jfajri* school blbuses, shitits, ori house Pongee finish with stripes and novelty tenis. Tbe yard. m e a s frocks. liingerie Chebk Mercerized filne maiterial for jmakyour: new jlihgerie. col- A'^ide selection q or .s Pri es in novelty checks ed very low,i36 ivide. The yard 17c AND inch- Beverley Frint^ Fine ^Qua "Beverly Print' quality printed In jail the nevj- shia'des and This for dr^, Cojn no^v.1 THe is an ideal your nevA sS. Very sei '\^icBal^( ? in 32 lyard only inchiisj 98c iH a iiiie tiib silk. spring pbttern s, i^ateijiiil sprii g • K and sel^oft ydurs wiil'e. Stiiipe M^jlr^s Sbirtingi Soi lo'wr-priced splendid new rayi ^ stripe shirtings in 31 toj width. The lull stripe looks like will wear better Silver Moon Kleached Mi slin An unusually fim^ly woiven muslin fiii* majiy u .s e s. The ni .1 is .srabcith and .soft Something ni soijnething very at,! the yard 18c Challiey Fast CoIoN rid New Challies ih pf n^w colors , Choose! while the in^n^ Is large, fast colors, yaijd! Thfe jirard 17c Outiiig Flaniiei 5 n Fanicy Patterns' ^ arge i assortment i In bot|i light and dark patterns. Good quality^; A yar i wide and very rea- sonitbly priced. Per yard only Broadcloth .F^t Color All the I spring's niost jjopiilar .colors, Irj ihe sea^bn's fabrics. ,pr^«d. The yard 40c favorite wash Especially low Economy Miiilin: Thkfe« |2liich f ro|it s silk biit i |v— a rid \¥lcome, iBielle Isle Mu desejTves its grei larity. Bleacheaf arrjay yoili-s assof t-f hey are wide. in well popii^ >Ioticfc ^hat low price I You'll $nd this mil sliip: m 6 s t practical ^d. the essence off ecoo- •« I .,• ,— otny t i jiv it M cxclUsi we prpd- qdt the J. C. |Pen |ij :y C^n^pany -r-^ land repr|e- sents our NationfjFanious savings, ^ • li

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