Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1972 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1972
Page 13
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Avenues of fashion Solutions on how to dress well i By CHIP TOLBERT For all the talk about taking vacations when and where the spirit moves you, the traditional "last two weeks in August" seem to be pretty well entrenched still. I'm judging not only by your letters, but by the people I can't get hold of on the telephone. So be it. Dear Mr. Tolbert:' I spend most of every weekend on my boat, and for days afterward my eyes are so bloodshot and puffy that I look like a refugee from Skid Row. Can you help? — B. J. K., Portland. DEAR B.J.K.: If you think salt-spray is bad, try New York in the middle of a heat wave with an air inversion upstairs. They're equally unpleasant — and the best way to combat "eye fatigue" that I've found is to wear your sunglasses as much as possible, keep a large supply of eye drops on hand (there are lot of them on tho market that soothe the scratchy feeling and clear up the bloodshot look), and whenever you get a chance, stretch out with the new location-soaked eye - pads over your eyes, marketed by the top men's toiletries companies. This will help the puffiness. Dear Mr. Tolbcrt: I was interested in the reply you gave to the man who wrote In recently asking what (o do If he couldn't decide which men's fragrance he liked best. You sai diie should wear what he wanted to when he wanted to. What I want to know is what happens if you put on different products with different scents? — P. C., Kalamazoo. DEAR P. C.: Often disaster Is what happens. Whichever scent and product you choose, be consistent — at least day by day. Walking around with a lot of warring odors on you, each fighting for supremacy, adds up to a bad scene — and a bad smell — all around. The high cost of inflation is something we all hear and talk about — and with reason. There's no getting away from it: prices are high and getting higher, and that includes the price of dressing well. There are a few answers to the problem, though, so pay attention. Dear Mr. Tolbert: How cut a man be well dressed on an average income? I haven't found it possible so far. Can you help? - C. McC., Topeka DEAR C. McC.: I think I can. If you're not aspiring to be the BEST-dressed man in town, that is, (And even then, it's possible to look pretty great without bankrupting yourself.) First, take a good, long objective look at yourself and* your life style. This will help you cut corners when possible; for instance, if your job involves meeting a lot of people every day, and looking your best while you're at it, you probably like to spend your off duty hours relaxing quietly. Solution to problem: Sink the better part of your budget into business clothes — suits, dress shirts and ties -and as little as possible into "tops and bottoms" which can b e bought inexpensively without sacrificing an iota of fashion. The reverse holds Free Under Roof Forking BENTON & La Perle HAIR FASHION Phone: 465-2012 or 462-8843 Illini First Federal Building State and Wall Street BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL! STEAM CARPET CLEANING 10c A Squor* Foot! Make An Appointment! NOW THRU SEPT. 2 MOVE YOUR OWN FURNITURE AND SAVEll Call 466-7636 Night Or Day BUCK'S CARPET MAINTENANCE (17.50 Minimum) KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. 29 E. FKRGlJpOX AVE. — WOOD RIVER, ILL. Westinghouse Air Conditioners & Appliances GUARANTEED SERVICE Quality Appliances At Ixiw, Low Prices. Warehouse Ooseouts, Freight Adjusted, Ijist Year Models & Floor Samples YOU SAVE FROM I to 50% OFF SEE US FOR BETTER VALUES AIR CONDITIONERS—PRICES START AT $99.00 COMPLETE WITH INSTALLATION KIT j HOME SEWERS Would You Like To Cut a Perfect Pattern Every Time? ATTEND OUR 2 HOUR PATTERN FITTING CLINIC Learn how to— • Draft Patterns • Adjust Patterns • Fit Any Garment • Make Any Size Any Style • Learn Designing Aa Designers Do It • Copy Latest Fashions • Position Darts • Master With No Figuring No Experience All Equipment Available At Clinic Admission $3.00 CLINICS BEGIN AT 10 A.M., 2 and 7 P.M. All Classes Identical WKH. -A11G.2.J YMCA TIIDR. - AUG. 24 2300 North Henry ALTON TRU-FIT PATTERNS • BR1N6 THIS AD & RECEIVE BASIC DRESS PATTERN • equally true. Don't buy on Impulse; plan each addition to your wardrobe in advance to fit into your current scheme of style, color and pattern. (Don't for instance, buy anything that can be worn ONLY with one other item: get what can be counted on to blend with several different outfits.) Try to learn to distinguish between fads and solid fashion — which is easier to do now than it was during the 60s: there aren't nearly as many fly-by-night fads around today. Shop carefully, especially at sales where a fantastic bargain may be a bargain because nobody else was about to buy It. And If it's something you're going to wear a lot, and expect to get a fair amount of mileage out of it, buy the absolute best in quality you can afford. It will last longer and look better while it's lasting. Cheap can be expensive, if you have to throw it away after a few wearings. Apparently, nothing's immune from the question of "consumerism" today, and men's fashions are no exception. No reason why they should be. Nobody likes to be "taken" and men usually expect to wear their clothes longer than women do, so they expect a certain amount of accountability from the manufacturer a n d • o r the retailers. Dear Mr. Tolbert: Recently I bought a pair of permanent press pants that was marked Inside, "Sanforizcd-Plus-2" on the inside. I always thought that "Sanforized" meant that something wasn't supposed to shrink, but what docs the "Plus-2" part mean? — J. J. Alton FA-rnin^ Tplor.;rnph Monday, August 21, 1972 A-1.1 3rd BELL INN CAFETERIA & LOUNGE 99e SPECIAL DAILY Private Parties A., Alton. DEAR J. J. A.: You're quite right; the original "Sanforized" label meant that a garment wouldn't shrink. Much later, when wash-and- wear clothing was introduced, they applied their standards to it and had a "Sanforized Plus" label guaranteeing that the product would perform as stated. This is simply a third- generation guarantee of quality, now applied to permanent press. Dear Mr. Tolbert: What causes shoes to squeak? I have a brand-new pair of slip- ons that arc driving me crazy. — S. R., Omaha. DKAR S. R.: There's an old saying that if your shoes squeak, they haven't boon paid for. Well, paid for or not, it's most likely due to a fault in the construction. For instance, if they're strap- and-buckle slip-ons, the friction of the strap could be the causfi of the squeak, which might be cured by applying a generous coating of polish to tho underside of the strap and letting it soak in. If the squeak's in the soles, take your shoes back to the store and ask oithor to have them returned to factory for cnrrpction. or for n ropl.-icnirif nl pair. V/etk ' * THIS WEEK ONLY! 9 P.M. TO 1 A.M. "CAROUSEL" THE RED GARTER _ 3214 E. BROADWAY — ALTON, ILL. ^-UllJU^ )^ *************** FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admitted PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some Material May Not Bt Suitable For Pre-Tienagert RESTRICTED 1 Under 17 requires accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit may vary in certain araat) Printed as n public service by ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH . BOTH OPEN 7;00 A/fon Area's Finest 2530 STATE N, ALTON 466-9796 Mfin. .V Tilt's. Sin-rial 11 n.ifi.-9 p.m. • LAST 2 mm • JAMES COPURM "DUCK, YOU SUCKER" (PG) "CHATO'S LAHO" (PE) rhiMri-n tltulor 12 — SI.25 NOW SHOWING! (X) mm CONCERT TE & TI3ES of the 1972 Season Mississippi River Festival OPEN 6:30-Shown 6:45 & 9:05 WALTER SUSSKINO, Music Director I:t1iv.!r !<,/ille f.jmpir, Southern Illinois University ALTON'S FINEST! GRAND SHOWN 5:15 8:30 HE NEWEST AND BIGGEST YET GRAND — WED. Matinees Daily Open l',::'.W "2 DISNEY HITS" "Napoleon & Samantha" ««eoutsi «VL. Open 7:00 Starts Duilrl ENDS TOMORROW (PG) "Barefoot Executive" Inside Dining Drive Up Window Phone Order Service 466-5995 NORTH SIDE DRIVE IN 413 W. Delmar PRIZES Adults 18 & Over Umy No Purchase Xeoessarv 466-5995 1st $25.00 Savings Bond 2nd Blender 3rd Toaster . TUESDAY SPECIALS BUY ONE-Get 2nd ONE FREE Hamburger 29c Sundae Cheeseburger... 34c Shake .35c .40c SHRIMP DINNER FRIES —SLAW QOC ROLLS —SAUCE .... DELUXE BURGER FRIES QQC SODA Charlton Heston SKVUKKED PLUS! HORNING TONITE—ENDS THURS. 2 Of Tho Year's Best "SUMMER OF 42" (R) Shown 9:00 PLUS Jane Fonda - Best Actress "KLUTE" (R) 7:05 BRITISH ^'tmjp'fxarai 49^ and ROCK IT fig gfr Jackson GROUP •• Ba " < * ma ^ Brown MONDAY, August 21 at 8:30 p.m. Lawn Seating Only Available — $2.00 BOX OFTICES' . fuir O) Sloii",. SI... Baer g, fulltr- i:i3tM'n|! Cn . Belleville: Stirs RoeDu:k . firn-.r's f. Merchants Bank. HiEliland Njhonal Rank. Springfield: Farmed Ban., tldnfliam, Halpm Music Co.. in^ille Chamber ol Commerce. Collins- st Oi . Unirdsville, Bused Memorial Ctntrjl Iickel Olh;e. Student Center entralia. Ill . Dale's Music Store. St i'iAMI symphony Hall i3Ui b.11-2500 TUESDAY Something special going on at Ponderosa 1 A great steak dinner Ponderosa't regular $1.49 great Family Steak Dinner. Served with baked potato, crisp tossed salad and roll. All for $1.09. A delicious bargain for you. Every Tuesday from 4 o'clock on, at Pondorsoa. FDNDEROSi STEAK HOUSE where lender things ana dvvo/s hoppenro '• rp "^ - --'^-"J- 1 ^ ^ ^ 1 43 WEST EDWARDSVILLE ROAD WOOD RIVER DIAL 254-6879 Clip the coupons now and save money on either kind of delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken — the Colonel's oriijiiuil iccipe, and his new Extra Ci ispy. He's found a way to cook chicken with an extra crispy crust outside—and still kc>:p it tender and juicy inside. Ami, K- ,i lie mighty pleased il you'd try some. Of i-ou,;...-, if you'd prefer his original lecipe, lu:'.- iuippy too. The beauty of it all is ih.,i now you u,n get both kinds at Kentucky I : IK J din-ken: this town's finest crispy di;i ; ,^ n, plu;. tin; Colonel's famous oii.jiiul iniji-j. And, they'ie both fini-jct lickui' youil! Visit the Colonel. The place in town for two kinds of chicken. m t& tii CC'LOI'.n SAND;.; *•*. I W** 9 ^ M rw f^VWl^fciV^: & ® Bl OFFER GOOD AT -':'} LOCATIONS ii; i AND iil'HiUi'J^L'Irvv, COM.V.Ji,, . • III Innic..,: Ai|>'i. -.- . . i K ... • .. • •'. • >. i -.. • , I/I /17;iiLii.Y,. A: '. : i purchase. Off i'i good MOM., Aug. 21; Tue., Aug. 22; . ::> & Thuis., Aug.24. ets i.) p.'r .)'!.. Ai:.;. '.i\; 1'ue., Auy. 22; .; 'Jo '_< i iiuii Aug. 24. d . r-i\ a)'. I.OU13

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