Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Page 2
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iWiierie tfie plaiiis are verir widf, pn the pptm way, 1 liaTJe 8e«>n on either ali e RidJnR, after eventide; Phantom'forestii, make-l> lleve, Aqd mey pleaSantly dec« Ive, As a jpbaiftom may. In a worl I' of argument, 'And confcundin; creed, li imy eag^r lieajrt imye Jlnt Peeking f<ir'iny l-sonl's-co itent; Seirchine for ah open d( or Throulgh Which I might pais before Fades fmy' argent need. I —L^sHt WaJlfice, in th: Host I Myrd School t II .Sundflj- ^-^.-n Funic, of Sterlingj •was liost last night at a tlie hoMi4:!of his parents. TH Harp. ass Hieights, party in .Mr. and ^r«.'IJharles Fuiik, the g lests'|l)e- ing the imemberis of hi.s' class) of tie First MetlibdSst j:plsc( pal Sunday school and ^lielr teac ler, Mrs p. IJ.. Hurtnett. Tho eVening vpps Hpenl n games aiM alu'niH, the prominent Uunt being a nlo<:k trial. Sirs. Uurtneft gavo keT«Jrul rt -idln ^H. 1 "Ifiht re-" freshniieiitH were .terwd.' TM' bioi'8 prescMl'Wf.-ri : Kal|)h MorrtJII,! Karl , LMniullln. WaltiT Maudlin,! jr.,- Donald Cl^h, Otis Vounii;, Hiiiry James, Ita • Henry, Oprdoij JEJillolf, ' Raymoni .VIiM.-k. Judsoli Rilnisey. lOlnio Hes er, Kob- -ert Lnngiilrord, Millie Su ton, Ira Hpryil (e,, Ko.b«|r Ls, I .,or- H ,;charles,Ham nel, Carl orne Trowbrld ce, AVil- }y, ' 'Donald Hughes; nk arid Ri<!har 'Funk. •> V ^ ; Meet?* _ 'Sarah '['(-•asdate"' was the tpi)if pt j?tudyi at 'the :t'iiiiy cli h meeting yestenjay.afiiiriiooh he d ill the ihome ofl.Mps. .1. W. Hji .sser A bio- tlie authoress A as read !.U. StiiidKhUl ami poems hore.s<c iii wh fh htr fhnic ; and pi ilosophy McCahy^ aine Mund MwjBle. \\f nam !\Vil Chorltjs Fi j jgfaphy of I by;;Mrs. (J. by , the • an theory, i lii ! Mrs. N. O. i assisted In we^e broukht out were Iread by DnlJeji, .\tr. and Mi«: Ll. MJ Mr. abd .Mrs. C. J..ftU(junni Mr«. In.- R. Albaugh. Dr. s Dodgei .Mrii. Pj S. Cass readiiig MiV po-ms. At the conclu.sioii ofj'the istiid / period suggestioii.V for liext y(;ai s-study were given. .Mrs. A. ft. Sttuup was 'the| assistiiig -liosiess aiid refresh- jnents. weijtv .<jerve(|. I TheinieinberH attV -nding the meeting were:'Airs. F. 111. Arn61d,|.Mrs. |! P. H. Cass, .Mrs. NJ O. Doige,|Mrs. i E. V. I DOrKOtt, .Mrs A. li: Knfield, Mrs, E. iXiLand, Mi's. C. J. Kiti -hey. Mrs. Cliai. F. Sc(itt. Mrs >V. E. Ralktbn, lAIiss Alice H< ndricks. MTi. George TalUert. Mr i. .1. H. Sowerby. .MILS.. BuiViev .Mil er, Mrs. G. B. Stodglull aiid\,Mr.>i.A; C.-Ual- garno, jr.' V 1 Entertains at Brijltre Mri am .Mrs. .Iiie_ Murpl y eiiter- taineli at bridg«i last: night in thehi homd, SIJ! South Walnut slreel: Hii ^h siore prizes'were given lo' I DlL H. .S. Albaii(;h. of hall irpe and MfH. |T, O'Flaherijr. \ aleutin. suggestions wciTi* usi-dj in 1 lie de<-o- /atloiis a III refreshiiKinls. Th^ gu'.sis wer.-: .'\lr. : nd Mrs. A.-P. Urlithani, .Mr. atid .Ms. U.-i\ CrJflln, Dr.'and Dr. ! nd JMrs. R I><iiiaki Mrs. .1. I). Mun lis, Mrs. Chiirios lioehl, Mr.K. M. H Hrowii .fleld.;Mls>i Margaret Pullh nnd Mr. JJewfon 1 righam. Weddlntr of Kortner lolan Friends; will ! be interjjsled in khowling {that .Mrli. . M. Ulancli< WoOij of il"^ South Walnut has.aii- nounf-ed i thi; marriage of her tlaugiierj .Airs. Edna Wof d McH- hanyj to Ml-. Haip- Weill, both of Indianapolis. Ind., Thursd ly, Feb- niari' 10, thfr ."ceremony taking place in the t'nitarian cl urcli of Indianapolis, the Rev. Dr Wicks, officiating. jMr. and Mrs. Weill spjjnt their honeymoon, in Chicago. They .will be at hom|e.after March 5 at 36.56 a. l^elaware St., Indiaiiap )lis, Ind Mrs. Weill was in Los .^ngcles ,last (winter where she atteided the Sch<iol o^ Dramatics two months. Lastj sunhhier she.was a vjice stu- • dent uiid^r Madame" Riddr-Kelsey .Jft Tjoledo. Her. girlhood hpme was In lola where>^he is well known. ' l-M^. W'eiU fs one of the,foremost business: men of Indianapolis. He is president of E. Rauh'a id Sons' "Conipany. hide and • tallo (v mer- xihants^ and holds promi lent office!; in other large con orations there and in Dayton, Ohio r.p - • Honoring ^rs. t'luni Jolii son Ajdinner was held Sund »y in tlie .Mrs. Clara C. Job ison, SSO ; hom« of North S.^caniore street, iii I tion Those and .Mr of lier -scTenty -tliind daughter daughter at the. dinner w<rei Mr. Claud^' Spafi ord and Helen, <;if Chi nute: ja Mrs.! Eriimett.e i'hUHbjiilid and daughter Fer i. of Elj;-. more: M •. and Mrs. Fran! Johnson "and laughters Roberta andj I.ois, ; and.William Juliuson; .Mr. and .Mrs. Ijequatd Johiisun were i uuble to .be:p(-esei)t on :irrount of Jillness.i celebra- bit;thday. Johnson. 's Relief [ere Frimi jlll IlistJ-es^liijf Stktnmrh ' j j . iH .M 'ii'ies. —if your slutnac'h IH .".OI r, ujiset, or if yoi are iiuflerlng ft mi Indl- gestSoD. lyMpi'p 'sia. g.'istrll ^, beUh- tn{| ^r aiiy of the other di itressing Stanjai;)!'diseasi-K. Jnii go in, your fflniggtst; .aud ask for Wilson ' GlTjAItANTOED Stoinach . lemedy.. ! •Many people think; th-y have 'heart ; Iruiibie i when the pain is cai^sjed ijyigasj pressing on the heart ai^d luh^s. Wilsoi's Stomach ilteniedy cpuuteracls the auid ..-wh ^dh'creates t|hegas:aud gives al­ ii mos^ insjtant relief. f'"STOMACH REMi; D V l-ICoiki, Vor sale by t)rug s Brown's jStore, Fr: DHug Store, s Drug EnjertulBs with Talenllne'rurty Aiarguerite Reno, of 223 North Second street, was. hostess last nig It at a Valentine party. fer guests were: Joy Shelby, Kaihryn Ouggan. Lucille Smith, Hil la Shelby and Ruth Warren.' • * <• iio ite <i<i <o G'olden J-Ink- Cluli •Urs. Fred Menzie was hostess yesterday afternoon to the'mem­ bers of the Golden Link club. Current eventa )vere given in response to 'Oil call. Mrs. J, W. Fife read a iiaper on;"Dreams." Mrs. Mark Ruier gave a reading. "The Man- Bel Ind the Smile." ".My Hobby" wai the round table discussion. •Mrs. Menzie, assisted by Mrs. Bruce ATI lacost. ' served refreshments. (iu(sts of the afternoon were Mrs. C. H. .Mcl'herson. Mrs. .Marvin Wilson and .Mrs. F. H. Delp. 'rtie members present were: Mrs. Wn. Clllow, .Mrs. Beulah K. Funk, Mr... .J. W. Fife, .Mrs. W. SI. Wll- liaiis, .MIS. .Mark Ru'ner aud .Mrs. W. \. Woodruff. * • • Yul tntiiif Party In Wfai«lrr! lielirhts , .Mr. aiid Mrit. Eugene Moore enter! lineil .Willi a valentine party last] night in their homo in Wheeler IjlelglUs. Tji" diversiiih.s were games and niH.jIc. Miss Aleene .Moore assisted jhe hostess In seryhig rdfresh- meiJts. J The gue.sts included: ThcjMl.^ses Miiljcent Voorhees, Lavon Tislier, (iavln. Esther Kratz, Ru h .Mc- er, Alcene .Moore: .^lessrs. aiid lames Lester Lee. Earl .Moore. ! Hamilton: Messr.s. .Mauriije -Uucle^s GKiiia, Bo^WTiy.' REGISTEK, TUESD yVbrry? 1* •K:i'P \t EVENING, FEkntUAitY 15. Wm KEilL ESTATE TRAHS^Bfl Is^u^ Dally from Otflfco lola Abstract Co. February 14. 1927. .M. HIckford. widdd. Jonep. iMt 7 Block 97, lolii. $1.00. B. in i B)ot j. K. sice anil V.y-i of .SK'', F. •I Gootlrich, widoweyr. to Wal- tir R:nsynini;er, Lot 14. Bl0 {ck |4t In Smit f\dd to MHarpe. Goodrjcli, widower,! (ghiiiet- not given) Lots IJ Add 4. Smith's. «l.o(/. Wright, widower ler. SEU of SW|4 of NW>4 12-24-ia «|nd W^i 12-a»-lS and Wli ;.f SK'4! 1-24-IS, 220 acres. .Aiiothpr A KUIia. trylrf ioe In Blundcrland plctuije. you m| s riui skato.i ns n means fractured dhinawar* nnd sjiillcd l>eahs The Ck-voland (Cllui NEWS to speedier service. aoejin"l worr>- over which she works Is owjicd by her uncle; yoi if-e. EVENTS 0FHUMB0LD1 Lilai Bra .Mes Lyli a vi son Til bcrt Sylv Jjy. kin--- ard.-5l llnslni's^ ('« .>limber iii inif ileril i |ililllions Kvcellent anif >ew Kiiniflles .>l»»- Vlolln (Iri'liestni Har ;rove. Adam Brune, Harrison Agh ord, Bert Hargrove, : Kliit-bld IJak r. Claude Bogle and ' lljtle ,Man^-i<-e Eugene .Moore. * <;lv«js Valentine l'arl>- A^nia Hud.son gave d valei|tino part Wes L youi St the refreshiiieifLs and decorations. Cannes were played and there was j last night in her home at :ii »4 .Mddisqn '|avenue to fourh^eii g friends. Valentine ideas were iisid in leptine exchange. Mrs. Hud- i jserved a two-course luncheon, e guests w'ere: Catherine (Jil- Kathryii Cox, Deiores Fry, ia Uuth Duggaii, Evelyn t:oI- •laniie Thomas, Nina I las- Helen Kerr, Uebe<'ca Klch»n, ATiila Kuiiisey, June TIfoiip-soii, Shirley Stover. Lorene l{ob|nsoii, and Arline Fisher. <. Hostesses to Current Kiijtils Club j .Mj-s. Harry Wagner, Mrs. A, II. X and Sirs. 11. H.- Shennaii hostesses to the membeis of "iH-renl-Events club yesterday In. the home of the I'or- Hec) werii the afli'^^iipoii nii-rj Iti.U'.call responses Were current i'Veill.s. .Mrs. J. E. I'owt'll read "Th^ League r.rXatlon.'^-Whtit bus it dc lie; what dues it aim to do and how does It fiinclion'/" .Vlis. C. H. Olsiin read a pap<'r "Queer Custom: In Europe." \Un. 'Walter WiKjclsUU'. of W;ichita, was a guiK-^t. Lun li was served. .Mfmbers at the liieeting Mrs. :'W. Z. Uarlels, .Mrs. .Marl hi liiinn, .MrM. J. K. Cornish, Mrs. S. A. Hills. .Mrs-. U. A. EwliiK, .Mrs. C. .\ , (.'rover, .Mrs. J. W. Iliidsoii. Mrs. W. (). Lenhari. Mrs. J. (i. *1oj( r, -Mrs. Joe .McKliiley, Mrs.' E. \V. lyler, Mrs. C. 11. Ol.son, Mrs. W. W. I'eck, .Mrs. J. E. Powell. Mrs. II. (!. Ridgewav. Mrs. A. A. SchepI, .Mrs. W. E.'Htarks, .Mrs. A. C. Speegle, >Mrs. W. T. Thayer. iia-. liis|: lily. Th.y I litniiiiil pi'i)|ii-rty at slrifcL i\ iitrw faniilii'S .have iilij HuniDoIdl lately. j^o<i(j news as it shows i.-j progressing, tind -cj priispei-o\is. lifisi- g IIP extelit'iitly now here look vt-ry fiiUin-. .Musi.- Club held Ij;! toilay v.-'th for! Arraiipiiieiii!-. e Vi<jlin Djche.stra colli-se al- Wili- .Miss! Vossj Bl'.ss.. Martin, .Mrs. (ieorgi and Mra. tJeo. J. Tromhold. KU .UAY BE .SCOIKKI) EASILY BY THIS METHOn. rlf 1 to ill! very •fiiii". I alsii spoij.sor a' re- Ivilii by ,.\liss Agnes liicaEo. on Fi'liriiary sc pr(>gTains will be lilKii ,»j(^hooI aiiditor- t jralii: fur the iliiJi Is i|ii|-.| Orleiilmch. Airs, ali-* of floffm.aii.rMrf. niir<:ai-(ill<' (Tali'S orilnbach. .Miss WllMcKIUrlck: .Song .MenilelNSohn. .Miss nianii. Traiini|"rit That iEaby You've, Lorged For sev , . >lrs. Bnrton (method of scouring silver that i .^lotlM'rhoiid ry satisfactory is to i)lace in-! namel kettle of boiling water teaspoon each of salt and bak- Lsodai for each quart of water Place an aluminum sheet ~in bottom of the pan. put in the silver loosely and leave for minutes, keeping the water A is V an' I one ing Hsei: the flat five near boiling, ^he process is railed electrolysis, and is purely a cherai- oal inearis-of destroying, the tarnish! 'Wash thoroughly to remove- the Itarnl ^'li that has become softened. Black magic isn't In it with the ifoUowlng method of .keeping the kilver bright: Place the freshly sijonred silver between the pages of ja newspaper that has been sprinkled with dry flour. It can be iised any time without being cleaned during the year or possibly two. : \ —•Tor i!i''d the writo .-i Mrs. Kfiiisas City, voiis and sub rible .-^iifferi ble.-fcing of motherhood." Now I am tlie i beautiful litti companion : husband. I other tvomen the secret of will gladly ried woni.-iu Mrs. Burtoli lirely' witilQi; addressed ion. 2:;s:! City. strictly confi M.ITINEES 2:(Mi p. ra. Dally = ilonui of Bitter PicturcH — ElHv ToniKhl -r —Again Wednesday—2. H griMt 8t«r in a thrilling filmof the drama hack of «ie foot-lights ISARI Conied the Aeso Topics Night! Comii g "Bride hf Jr.f- ,,„i- (Fr iir.MnoLi Mr. anil Mr faiiiily liavi ler. .Mo. Th th<-ir*hi.:ii Eil.-rt Wier tuv .ii. .Mr. ,lv th>' 1)1 (1 liutler. .Mr. and lertaint'il :i frieiiils at Thtir f,'ii<s!.> Uiissell l.udl and I'aiiliii Kaliih l .udln ' .Mr. and .\l|i-s. family, who boltli viiiniiy niovcil liitii liviiit': "in 111" lUl I'lierokt-e A iiuiiibi-r bet-n liioV.ilig 'rhi's is VI ry tliat tho tow is iiecoiiiing n ui-s:f is pirkil and: coiidilioi promising l"i TJie lliinilx its t-cKiilar in ly ill . allfinl wi-ri- iiiaili- io of Sdiilliwi-si ri«-ld. Kansas li.i-.- Ki-liii iiri hi-i'ra wit ly i.'irl:-' and liifv an- ri-p Til.- <liili Willi I'ital III IM- l.apli.'iiii ol 2.S. Until til giv. II ai. III hull. Thi' pn as follows': .1. IIIISCIIIT; W. A. I'.y. rl (If liod 'iiiaiii. liaiii'-. .\Iis^ WiMii.iil W'or LeliZliiich: Cl .Mr.s. .Sviiser: j —NE.V ;ht call thi pl^vclantl Bureau tJut Miss Alice iml.^i Culver.) [iT. kans.. F.b.. ll.-r-i J. :11. Hollywood aiid imiycd here from IJut- y will make llnmbcdot [ini! iiro loi-atiMl al Ihe properly il(>ri!i of lldllywiKid was tornier- rii'l6r of a hotel at Ella McCiiyty: \ V Weaves. BeetlunVii .Mrs. SJarkey, .Mr Song .Serenad Fritz Hartwi;:: I, I'lute acompani .Mrs. Heusc.r. Mrs. T. A. n.i made a short vi Kansas, the Ktle.-i Mrs., I!. I-;. Wis. tiiriK d today. DJij T .Mrs. Itailsback w-il OkluJ, to impend li »;<•( k. " .Mii-t of the 11 III of loia jiinii.!- ni,: ni».^!ii to aiti-nd I K there ill till- ^;< lit o! repiirt a fine tiiii ,'Iu-n Twilichi lfi-i '.:iK. iiiiilii'. [Atidiii.-s; l.ijvi' liiih.rt. -.Ml.'-. .\liidini;. w.iii lit. jjfii kwcll. ils|l)aik Hi In-. Cecil uin|ier of leir Banm eii- llll-O^-tOWII hiinie yesterday, re: Mr. and .Mrs. . LiiLlier .\lderiiian id Mr. anil .Mrs. .\. H. Myirs and • • lived in lliim- |;onie lime. |have XITRO EXf th lilt I'll Itiic t rn! ti • -» 1 1! six,! ).'ivi' a program 'lUiis is a large members -tweu- yonng men -and ull Sii: SonK, Si'hu;iiaiiii, liner Song. Schii- :Scliiiinaiili. -Mrs. Advises Women on anil Compiinionshiii. ral years I was Margaret Bnrton "1 was lerribly ner- ect to periods of ter- ig and melancholia, roud moihcr of a d: lighter and a true id- nspiralion to my lielleve hundreds of would like to know myj happiness, .nnii I rl'veal it to any mar- Iwho will write me." >fiYrR her advice en- t ch.irge. She has nothing to sctl. .Letters should .Mrs. .Margaret Bur- Issachuselts. . Kansas rre.spimdcnce will be licntial; liatdrduy 1 to jMGIlTS 7:0l ».a:(W p. [Oichcidra nd \) p. in. ': i i j:!.- : • • fbabes in )P Fables lliir IIK.II wiri- winili ii-iiil [.•er. TVN} 1-'<-:| -;as kill iijnred jaiid Iwhen iliiii' ,':lyrirtii i-.\iilo,i iii;i);ii/Cii.> I'.x) mil f Th ; (iiivs, .•f t!|i. I coiira 1 They ^f SE% $1.00. ni arc bright da.vs {a id' dark ai>d we must take, at vantage t|iirmer and be as 11 lie dla- geil us possible by thp latter, ace all; ill a lifetlnie. Inji to Ina to SANTA FE BASKET TEAMS m TOURNEY Wellfngtoi, Kan^. teen basket ball the Santa to corner bpije for aj ment F^b Feb. 15.—Flf- ams from over railroad system are system kourna- "1° and li to La- o ;Nora 1-^24-18 >) restaurant In who li.'.s to .SJcilim;. hir ,ilaiii;l !i iiliiil famil.v. i'-H-.^d .iy .Mi-, ami go i!) ri--:| of Ihi- boMi • rjltir:i.-ii iJiirly givi II Iiiiildiiii;. .\',\ bSION • "I w.irk wiiys J i:i.-c!ir ii. I (';ilit .\<i: I;I:AI |Mi;so iriiiilil Woman L(j^«s tjouseworlk, Good Ime stomach gas iio had that' a burden and I Kvas alii: iiwsy. Adlerlka Is the best \n'\ I ivi r look. Slnc» tiiklng I'l 'P like doing my wcirkj anil aijain."— .Mrs. !ii:|ii. •rika gives/ the I slysj •ansing and hrlhj;s IS I wliii;!] • may ih;lvje ifor a long tjnie ..|. I.".. ('.I-1 I ivi-ral jii-:- li 'MJIy I--,.: iiiijiliii-.' ' !i: tins I ui!- st Ilitii' Iii w.-s; .,1 h'-i m-v --i iiieiiiriiii-.s. it acts lippi iiujic!' .liiil Iriwi-r bowel. ^— >;iin >iuiil ii-lievr.s CAS •and takes • av.";.y; :ii)it full, bloatji 'd feeiih'g'SO yiiii, cm i-al betteri asul " , 111 Iter. |';veil if i.owels niiivi ! .Vill.iinai brings oiif much su .il piiisiiij whiili you never ; w:i.- ill ' : 1 :iii.-.i-jl : iiijiit. yiuir il'i u i \ I S'll I r ;'l:ii l-| I your system ajid >nr. gassy 'stoniac i, ner-" he idai-he. tried for .\jdlerika at the drug- .sl( eli-Ies.sness. r what you hav« iiaeli and bowels^ :iie you. Ill Iiila rii>^ Ston- anil otiii W. H. tern a out old caused Unlike BOTH list one leep daily. Ildition- huught which finci' Klr-'jOc; Nighl TODAY—LA.ST.TI.^IES DA i()c-:ir)c lEIlS 1 of^heDay O i/ IP p and 20c and 30c ijhursday the Storm Mrs. Mary Bell isl ecutlon«r in Qlasi woman to h ild su British hlf Chief Magi of the 9e6t duties of I at^ hanging fy 21. 2j2 and 23; the official ex- city, offlcd 26 ;ow—the; ^ first a pos.iilon in ry. ytts. Bell its the •ate an|d Lord Provost and one'of the /Is to>ol^iciate Yed(rs of. Smces, T For bfficb Wear Nuway Artshell Fr iinesi —have fpiiiid faVor wi l| th^iij- sands. THey | ate cor jet |< r business wear and lemljan a yf' substantial; dignity. OmSemees M YourMspoml Merchmdising JVI lr%r f f ff^\ ."-vr Radiant with ful the slylek Replete newest motils, are the g&y colors. jBeaijIi- lie The most charming itiodels n ati prices within the reach of al 10 dd hand Pure! Fe]()|u!ary Sieciai in Our Department • 8-oz. Feather Ticking, ahd a ;XTRA! EXTBIA! n b(;autiful hap4 m^df, embroidered tiinen Towels .Reg liar !); M ' vali Fikal n On priced Domestic ACA and up orgetie Crepes, Canton Crepes, etc ! 36-inch Pe^pi^erel iTubing, ydijd 9-4 pieacihed Sheeting N(i Starch ^ 36-iiieh F^ne ikJiigcIoth 25<3 Yard Wide Outing Clearance On All mintew At the jrijliculo isly low price.s quickljl tpmorr )w mornings morrow 5 Onhr Silk .$49.5), on C( m{e in e Dress Jirgaiiib. $3.50 Ijo ionsuit^ Per .suit ?2.50 U ly Si at k Frocks formerly S29.75, 'sile'toL Frociks tha t sold at ale tomorr )w at 'S.5.50 19.75 [irly tomorrow resses dresses they Febr^^ry Specials in the Unf derjwear Dept. Ml nsjins Un$1.95 value.s in jnsing Uilioh.suit.s One ffor Women for W^n^en, pfr sui{ _ m of FiBnruary Dress Goods Specials Suiting; wool Plaids, fete, $3,50 to $G.50 VI ues, I sdueefl j to — Ohe kt ^ of al ^oo\ C to $S.9pl value t, French Serges a »d Noyelties ; 7 Only Silk Frocks, $39.75 Raines, on row at M ihould .sell q\Xt $37J50ahii sSale tomo^- 6 Only Silk Frocks that sold $59175 Md |i6i5.6d mtorning. Your .size may be among February .;:»t';.:.S.;"-..:i"ii4.hJE=iir.-Tl-. Fe'bi-iiarkr Specials in the WasHGobds Defii 11.00 va ue, 3^in. all Linen Suijtini, per yu-d L.J 26c .valu2i 36-inch Percale aii)d I 32-ih. Li Fraice Ginghams 89ean<i il.OO' alue.s, 36-ih. Ray­ ons, plk ds an 1 stripes|we Undsrweari Crepe \n White,!i^each and Pink $1.50 Slip Per yard .?1.50 Beltj Mla»k only. mgs yar w{<^det fiEil Spiecialk Departmlent iSatiiJ hi the silk: Slip Sitln Two Big Stiecial^ jFrom Ou^ Draipery Dept. Beautiful Rufflea GreiUidine Curtainsi 28x^>4 !ydH., i^air _ Dainty Ruffled Marqui^tlie Curtains, 28.x2i/i Wt^.. miv 81x90 Seamless 81x108 Spreads, Eebr $1.8 .6! mm ipeciai jift p^paip $1.49 Tapestry jkirrorj lEach _J-.-i^-'—f.-. i$1.50 valije TintW: GWss Fruit BoWl and Plate Ll^ $1.50 value Night Set, Pitcher, Gja^ aiid Tra. Isin^he nent;

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