Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1972 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1972
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

A-12 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, August 21, 1972 Residents enjoy social Residents of Yingor Nursing Home, 2:M!) Virden, Allon, enjoy a "My Desire' outdoor sorinl which foa- lured ;i western motif, including country music. Each resident named one type of food they would particularly like to have and the donated food consisted of varieties from cheeseburgers to pecan pie. Bingo was played and Hie Syferl. Singers of Rosewood Heights entertained. A lovelier you Routine for that tummy line By MARY SUE MILLER A teen Lovely asks: can I do about my stomach? It is flat when 1 get up in the morning. By night-time 'f pets round as a "butter-ball." (That's my dear father's expression.) 1 just cannot hoH in, and I try. I am not fat in any other spot. The Answer begins with 3 questions: Do you slouch at your desk chair when you are in school, or when you watch TV at home? How may soft drinks do you consume during the day? Are you sure you are not overweight? Overweight can settle in one spot — tummy, hips, or waist, for instance. In the tummy region a bulge seems to increase during waking hours from poor silting or standing posture. And from overages of food and liquid. Six to eignt glasses of liquid — 8-ounce' glasses — are sufficient. That quantity includes three glasses of milk and four glasses of water Obviously the allowance for pops is scant. A smart r;ir! uses it for fruit and vegetable juices. Now for posture. You must learn to "hold in"; to stand and sit erect — held in Here's an exercise thai teaches how: Lie back down on floor and stretch tall; press spine io floor and contract, abdomen. Place palms of hands across center abdomen so that middle fingers touch; rest elbows on floor. Inhale deeply for 10 slow counts, holding abdominal muscles taut and The Telegraph will send bridal questionnaires on request. Wedding information received three days before the ceremony will be given preference in publication. Bride's photo should accompany information and will be returned to name and address on back of photo. (Picture used for first marriage only.) If information is received more than 10 publications after ceremony, a picture (if available) accompanied by cutiines will constitute wedding story. still; exhale slowly. Repeat 25 times night and morning. SPOT KEDUCING EXERCISES Spot reduction — key to a proportioned figure. Exercise is the only way to trim those stubborn bulges ... to lose wish. My new leaflet, SPOT ItEDUCING EXERCISES, gives easy routines — 40 in all — for slimming the upper back, arms, midriff, hips, legs, ankle? . . . Plus ideal measurements . . . other figure-trimming tips. For your copy, write to Mary Sue Miller in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope and 35 cents in coin. FREE! INSPECTION AND CLEANING OF DIAMOND RINGS ••>*< Diamond Center EASTGATE PLAZA Mon. thru Fri. 10 A.M-n I'M Closed Sat. 5:00 I'M HEARING BETTER Today SONOTONE THE HOUSC Of HIARIN G (he (rusted name in better hearing since J929 SONOTONE OF ALTON 651 E. Broadway 462-6720 You tver Make THE RING TEST During That Time-of -the-month ? Does your riiiR slip olT your finRer easily —or HOPS it hopelessly get stuck holow your knuckle during the days of (ho pro-monstriin! nncl menstrual period? It mny tell whether von fire retaining fluid in the system-body Monting water that often Imilds up due to ovcrtiredness, stress during the menstrual stages. Amazing now X-T'KI, "Water Pills"—a gentle diuretic—helps you lose ns. much as f> pounds of this water- weight gain, and helps to relieve hody-hloating pufliness when body* water retention "swells" your waist, thighs, tummy, legs, arms. Stay us slim us you are. Ask for X-TKL "WATKH 1MI.LS" on our guarantee of satisfaction or money hack, (Jt»t il tndav at THRUTY nnuo Doctor explains about soft lenses DEAR I)R. I,AMB-r hope you can help our family with an important .decision. Our daughter, who is 13. has been wearing glasses for many years. The lenses arc quite thick. She wants the soft, contact lenses so badly she is willing to save half of her babysitting money. If she wears the contact lenses will her eyes get so accustomed to them and their strength that she will not be able to go back wearing ordinary glasses? 1 understand you cannot wear the contacts all the time, so will she also need other glasses? DEAR READER — To obtain the soft contact lenses she'll have to be examined and fitted by an eye specialist. Although there arc differences in professional opinions on I he use of contact lenses, the general picture reported thus far on the soft contact lenses is very bright. They have been worn for long periods of times as a sort of bandage over the front of the eye when it has been irritated. They do not cause the irritation and problems "* : ,B :'fl 'B <! B ' B B' B' ;M >-B.iliP^ • MERLE NORMAN I J COSMETICS J _ In Starting Beauty _ Care Classes! m Phono 251-0981 or 405-3807 •!• BI B : "Bii'Bii;BllliBlliKB:'.B 9 By Dr. Lawrence E. Lamb noticed with hard contact lenses. Studies have been done with the lenses being worn for hours and hours without irritating the eyes, but f would prefer that you rely on the eye dnctor who examines your daughter for adivce on this point. I only want to reassure you that it's possible tha.t ?he might be able to wear them for long periods of time without the kind of difficulty normally attributed to hard contact, lenses. If she is able to wear them a sufficient length of time each day, it's poss"ile sh3 might not need other glares. Some test subjects hate worn them day and nigh;, withour. experiencing difficulty. DEAR DR. LAMB-Our son has gone on a haelth food diet, eating mostly mixed nuts, seeds, wheat germ and lots of milk. Every time he gets up from a sitting position, his bones in his legs and hips pop like they were breaking. Could this be from too much calcium? Please give us your opinion of this diet?. DEAR READER — No, the joint popping that you describe is not too uncommon in young growing people and it can be caused by a number of factors, but not from too much calcium in the diet. As far as the "health diet" that you're describing, I take a relatively dim view of it. Food fads of this type often result In diets deficient in essential nutrients. If he insists on following this diet, he should take one of the daily vitamin tablets that can be obtained at any supermarket and take one each day just to cover him for a possible vitamin deficiency. A person also needs a variety of different tyoes of protein and he will be getting a variety from the milk, which is a good source of protein, and the seeds, particularly if the seeds happen to be soybean seeds. I >vould still be happier .if he were getting more protein from animal sources. His diet probably wouldn't forbid him using egg whiites, for example. Vegetarians get by with diets devoid of meat, poultry, or fish, but they are VACUUM CLEANERS WASHING MACHINES MIDDLECOFF'S PARTS & SERVICE 828 E. 7th 462-4428 25% DISCOUNT! ON DRAPES I NATIONAL CLEANERS East Alton FINE RUG and DRAPERY CLEANING St Louis Area's Largest Plant WOODARD RUG AND DRAPERY CLEANERS Call; Charles "Bud" Erb, Agent Alton 465-7377 TIMEX® WATCH REPAIR We Are FACTORY AUTHORIZED Under the Timex® Guarantee Watches out of guarantee . . . small charge "Genuine TIMEX Electric Watch Energy Cells Available" HARTMANN'S JEWELRY & GIFT SHOP 17 E. Ferguson, Wood River. 254-3011 Watch For Our Ad Each Thursday! FIND OUR BEFORE YOU BUY IF YOUR CHILD WILL TAKE TO THE PIANO OUR RENT-A-PIANO PLAN LETS YOUR CHILD TRY BEFORE YOU BUY A child at the piano develops independence and self-confidence. He learns discipline, concentration, poise and pride of accomplishment . . . Qualities which can lead to success in many other fields as well as music. 551 K. Broadway 482-OK60 Free Parking Rear of Store The BRUNETTES ONLY Shampoo Reg. $2.25 EXTRA STRENGTH 5 OZ. SIZE $ ( 49 FEMININE HYGIENE DEODORANT SPRAY EUROPEAN NATURALS SHAMPOO-IN HAIR COLOR REG. $2.25 NEW EXTRA STRENGTH FDS $129 Frlrr* (Junil Thru Suinlav AUJ!. 2 7- 72 PRE SC BIP1ION PREbC RIPTION YOUR PRESCRIPTION CORNERS ... $23 value! p(< c flyjul£li' BLACK OR WHITE PATENT tays Mrs. Ken Schmidt of Norfolk, Nebraska 'Aon' / can do 10 many things I was right away. Sometimes they past me by ashamed la do before like swimming and and then turn around and call me back " " ' ' tennis," writes Mrs. Schmidt. "1 enjoy They just can't belie\-e it's the same old wearing dresses sizes ll-12's rather than Marge. They ask how I did it and how 20'ii. Eten my friends don't recognize me I Jetl. They ihink 1 look so nice. ' Eat Well...Lose That Fat! So you want to lose 5, 10, 25 or more pounds of excessive weight' . . . Here now is an extraordinary easy figure-slimming Plan that offers you a way to get rid of unsightly, superfluous fat you're carrying — without strenuous exercises. . .and, most important of all, without missing a meal. Satisfy your appetite and peel ofl those excess, extra pounds, too Now with the X-11 Reducing Plan, you can remove pounds ana inches f/om thighs, neck, legs, waist — all OVER stabilize reduces weight that you may dream about as you follow this Plan. While you eat satisfying meals, no longer will you be the prisoner ol the evoreating habit, because with the X 1 t Plan, you eat less — want less You lose weigh! . . while you eat well SATISFACTION GUARANTEED You must be completely satisfied or simply retain lot a lull refund. Get your X 11 Reducing Plan today. If flabuv fat doesn't disappear, just return thu empty package for an immediate refund -- no questions asked. THRIFTY COME IN TODAY ... OB ORDER BY MAIL _ _, Thrifty Drug Co., P.O. Bex 578, Alton, III. PLEASE SIND ME I I 42 Tableu ls> »3 . PACKAGES OF X 11 TABLtTS. t ) 105 Tabiau (g) Ib ADDRESS. CITY ._. .STATE uj Mode/ Oidtf a Chick I STORES usually pretty simrt in planning their diets. I am not sure that all these hea'*h food diets of the type you are describing measure up to • good vegetarian's diet. Golden wedding reception planned tor Kane couple Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Margeson, who reside west of Kane, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with an open house hosted by their children from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 27, in the Jerseyville Farm Bureau building. Mr. Margeson and the former Haxel Daniels were married Aug. 31, 1922, at Maquoketa, Iowa, by Justice of the Peace Jesse Ralston. The couple has spent most of their married life in ill*? Jerseyville srea. He ;s a retired employe of McDonnell- Douglas Corporation. They are the parents of six children: Marvin of Jerseyville; Dnrriell and Mr?, ftrmald (JdAnn) Byland, both o) Carrolltivi; Mrs. Leo (Lola) 1 Ab'jott of Kane; Mrs. Garnatt (Margaret) Lamb of Worsen; and Mrs. L. W. (Joan) Brannan of Jacksonville. There are 23 grandchildren and three great grandchildren; Invitations are not being mailed and the couple requests no gifts. 401 Henry St. IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR you cnn have your own career in cosmetology. school of hair desiqn and cosmetology Alton— Phone 465-6411 IN THIS BRIEF TIME you can become a licensed cosmetologist while working and learning Sn pleasant and congenial surroundings. YOU WILL BE QUALIFIED to earn a good living as an operator, manager, or owner in a pleasant profitable and challenging occupation, OUE FACULTY HAS BEEN SELECTED from among the most talented and well trained Instructors in the Cosmetology profession. Each teacher is trained with all methods of directional hair styling. COME IN AND VISIT OUR SCHOOL and enroll for our September Class. For Appointment Phone 465-6411, Ask for Mr. Mundy or Mrs. Christian. OPEN TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 465-6411 If you love Early American and you need bedroom, dining room, living room, or family room, furniture, now is the time to furnish your home. Save 10% to 20% KLING V COLONIAL Sunny, cheerful OWe Deerfielae on sale now, is the answer to all your bedroom decorating problems. Olde Deerfielde in a deep brown Williamstawn finfeh on Solid Maple offers the authentic styling and rich look erf tradition you've been seeking. Save now. Reg. Sale $312.50 $269.50 $109.50 $ 89.50 $ 58.50 $ 49.50 SAVE $77 4-Pe. Suit* 64* Triple Dresser, Mino* Headboaid, Twiq tf & & Chest on Chest Night Table Duxbury Arm Chair Regular $546.50 469 P 5 riee $ A ^** 5 ° FREE! New 96-Page KLING DECORATING GUIDE. Come in for yours today. CONVENIENT BUDGET PAYMENTS Open Fridays 'Til 9 PM Park Free In Our Lot At Rear Entrance SALE ENDS SEPT. 2ND. Phone 4654451 FURMITURE IN ALTON AT 627 EAST BROADWAY

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