Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 25, 1961 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
Page 6
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Fayette School News 60 high school lents reo-ive awards br.sV tlwll. .)!.( nun third was D.'irlu McBridc with Stud* Activity Sixty Fayette high school students received nwnrds for this past school year at the award assembly held Monday, May 15. Twenty eight students earned Burget, basketball; Helen Kau) mm „„;„4 ten; Don Timmerman, football; 1.000 points or more entitling Roi ^ n sack lunch in the bus. ?chel Hfndrix, dean of the Uni- sity, says the lambs will be re- Pr^e 6 Fayette Leader Special favors we enjoyed were versily. The Faculty Award is ceived from 7:30 to !) a.m. and „ Favelle Iowa gifts of pencils from the OcWeese the liighvst academic honor a- the sale will start promptly at L_l * bus and the Ox Yoke and candy warded to freshmen at U .I .U. 10.00 a.m. The lambs will be months, Fayette county recorded from each person from a Cafe ' IBoth recipients had perfect 4.0 graded by a member of the ani- sa i es Q f United States savings where we had a "pop step" in records for the freshman year, mal husbandry staff of Iowa bonds in the amount of $641 929 the afternoon. Miss Hill is the daughter of Mr. State university, or a represen- f or 33 per cen t 0 f j ts iggi quota All of the Fayette students and Mrs. Arthur Hill of Dows; tative of the Iowa State Sheep National average for'the period who earned 3,000 shells. Thank you Mr. Chandler Sj"*.™""*',. Tvl ^ M 'f wSf 'nf W«f "T^" 0 "' , u . • u W3S 36 *** Cent or more, earning them an and Mr. McCormick for judging. f { u^' who . h * vc f,n,sh , cd lhc,r an , d M ' S ' Clarenco Wo,f of West - He says lambs entering the Fcrrest ciaxton of Fayette, schooling, joined us for the day. gate. sale must weigh 75 pounds or volunteer co-chairman of the Other award winners, as an- more, preferably over 80 pounds savings bonds program, said that nounccd by Dr. Hendnx, include: and under 110. Lambs must be April sales of Series E and H Dean's Award to the highest docked and castrated. They must bonds in the county were $123 ranking sophomore — Virgil not be shorn or blocked. They 15c ' C.:edken, son of Mr. and Mrs. must grade prime, choice or good. "i owa is tne nU mber one state Linus Goedken, Winthrop. Wet muddy or excessively filled in thc nation in t -attain- President's Award to the high- lambs will be penned and sold ment » tne chairman said "with seperately. sales ' of $11> 3 6 4 >640 in A ^ n< the About three hundred John Fruechtc, Dorchester. Miss are expected at this sale. We finished our unit in social It was pleasant to see them again. Living memorials them to an h-nor ter !., , ^j.y were: i . ,to A:>,'ii>y. scholarship; studies and had our test over it. r.I.uy Austin; Ken Butters, One mere unit and we will finish scholarship, football, track; Har- our book. leyn Cue, scholarship; Carole In reading we are reading tall For J 9 deceased Clark, scholarship; Renee Jell- tales. We acted out the "Brahman ings. scholarship; and Kathy and the Tiger" Wednesday. Keig. scholarship. We are looking forward to next _. ..„., „. 11 ,„ l , llevu luu „ J „„„ .... T „ Sophomores winning letters Monday when school gets out. friends and relatives of 1!) de- cst I ' ;inkln S J unl °r — Joan , *J"" e ceased Fayette county residents c ' hte ' daughter of Mr. and Mrs Dennis Bumgardner, Barbara Boys Sports iiave established "Living" mem- ± , ., orials in their names during th, ^ruechte was the winner of the The Fayette thinelads won past 12 months. These mondial g P County's Savings Fayette residents It was announced today that more year. Bonds sales above , Timmerman, basketball, tneir district track meet at Cedar contributions were given to the Aur->rH tn tho hiah A ?™T 1° t,;ick; Charlene Levcrington, Rapids . The Cardinals racked up Iowa Division of the American J rus ™F* a Plark rSll *r • 1 nmammg 32 earned 1,500 points ;md Dennis Tope. 63 points and qualified 10 men to Cancer Society to control the ranking seme - Clark Qul\ Natlonal aver age more ent.thng them to a let- ^ kcyR wcnl to ^ Thpy ^ a „ ovor second sccond greatest ki „ cr of Iowan , Jr son of Mr and f Mr* Clark Andrea Nadeau, Winnie Mae place Solon by 19 points. The top To date cancer memorials ^ .hn'winner 0 f the'President's Zbornik and Annette Baker. five were: have been established for over ^ 'J c * r °[ £ m ™„ Freshman letters went to Rick Fayette 63 13,000 departed Iowans, and are Awa,cl during his junior year. Miller Janet Scheidel, Ron Pat- Solon 44 continuing at the rate of 150 per , . tison. ' Sue Crafton, Bob Lam- New Hartford 42 V4 month, with memorials cstab- Vjuallty lamD sale phier and Duane Oelberg. Lum-Mar The.;e points are earned by participating in the various activities offered by the high school. Inserts are put on the letter in the senior year for excellence in one or more of these act ivit ies. Seniors who won honor keys At the end of the first four cent; lambs state has a four-month total of 361,529,814 for 41 per cent of its 1961 quota." Four month sales and per cent of quotas attained are shown for other counties in this area: Buchanan county, $308,750 for 30 per cent; Clayton, $669,888, 44 per Fourth Grade 39% lished as high as $5,000. Accord- Scheduled for June Edgewood 38 mg to the bwa Division. ACS, SCn 60 " 1 ** 1 ror June There were two records brok- these funds are being used to The annual Winneshiek-Fayen by the thinelads. Dwight Dur- carry out professional and pub- ette county quality lamb sale were: Kaye Campbell scholarship- — Mr «- Heineman fey turned on thc cobs to run a lie education programs, and to will be held on June 28 in Ossian Carole Dahlquist instrumental In arithmetic we are doing 10:3 hundred, and the two mile further research projects which at 10:30 a.m. M. C. Wangsness, music, weal music basketball some work witn two P lace mul " relay of Jon Tri PP' Ron Maxson, will eventually produce cancer county extension director reports, scholarship- Dennis Dill'ev foot- t'P'icrs. Ken Butters, Randy Van Bogart. control. The sales are sponsored by the ball, basketball- Doug Fay foot- Abraham Lincoln, Clara Bar- They had an 8:44.5. Upon receiving a contribution, Cooperative Extension Service at ton, and Luther Burbank are Randy Van Bogart won the 880 a letter and a card is sent to J'-wa State university and local some of the famous people we are dash in 2:07.8. Ron Timmerman those members of the deceased sheep association. The purpose is now studying in social studies. was the surprise of the day as he family who are designated, in- to provide a good market for the Marjorie Jones captured a won first place in the pole vault forming them that a memorial sale of lambs produced by small large moth. So far we have been by clearing the bar at 9'8". In has been established and by fl °ck owners, to develop leader- unable to identify it. other field events, Jerry Tann whom. Additional contributions ship among the producers and to Pam Curtis showed us some qualified for State in the foot- may be added at any time by focus attention on the sheep in- unusual rocks, snails, and fossils, ball with a heave of 170 feet friends or family to memorials dustry in a county or area. This James Popenhagen brought his against a strong wind. And he al- already established, and proper i s one of 18 such sales in Iowa. Those seniors who won'letters /irc truc k which actually uses so went fourth in the discus with acknowledgments will be sent. They provide incentive for prowere: water. a 102'7" heave. The name of the person for ducers to improve the quality of Mike Ashby, football, track; Happy birthday to John Orr Relays. Fayette won four — whom a memorial has been es- lambs marketed, teach the prin- Lois Bennington, basketball; wno celebrated his 10th birth- The 440, 880, mile medley, and tablishcd will be inscribed in ciples and practices in marketing Dwight Durfiy, football, basket- da >' Mav 16 - Thanks also to Pam two mile. '440 and 880 Relay the permanent "Living Mem- lambs of desirable grade and ball, track; Peg Eischeid; Bill Curtis who treated us in honor composed of Smith, Williams, orials" book of Iowa, and will weight and encourage the pro- lewis, football; Frank Randall, of her July 9th birthday. Burns, Durfey. They had no push be listed in the Iowa Division duction and sale of top quality ..nrt Mike Smith, basketball! Steve Butters won the spell- in their field at all. publication entitled "The Ex- lambs in Iowa in late May and I'notliall, track. down this week by spelling The Medley of Butters, Will- change." June. Juniors winning horor kevs "automobile" correctly. iams, Burns, Tripp, had no comp- Since Memorial Day of 1960, Tom Wickersham, animal huswcie: " Mary Jane Wedemier. Mar- etition. living memorials have been es- bandman at Iowa State univer- Ann Austin, scholarship, instru- J° ric ' Junes, Barbara Boulton, Dal- Mike Smith got second in the tablished for the following Fay- ^»^— Lee yn Nefzger made a fine science broad jump with 19'7", and Ken ette county perrons: ^^^^^^^^^mmmmmt^^^^^^ Walter Tessmer, Helen Miller ball, basketball, scholarship, vocal music; Alan Finger, football, basketball, instrumental music; I.avonne Johnson, Judy Miller, SC.K larship: Sharleen Mullins, basketball, diet Header: Gary Xading, Steve Vermazen, foot- bail, and Barry Zbornik. basketball, track and scholarship. New Bus Schedule Effective Sunday, May 28 SOUTHBOUND 1:43 P. M. NORTHBOUND 3:08 P. M. XL W7 I FAYETTE . IOVVA1 cheerleader: mental music Burns, scholarship, track; Day- bulletin board showing the dif- Butters got third in the foot na bumermuth.' scholarship, ferent P arts of a flower. ball, ehi ei leader, vocal music; Larry , Keig, instrumental music, schol- Fifth Grade arship, vocal music: Judv Langerman, scholarship; Maurice Mc- — Mary Schmidt — Mrs. Swarlt ni S, Mrs. Deon Pmthero, Ethel Bride, and JoAnn Quandt. This week we had a science The special education rooms of Moore, Brenda Lee Reinking, Those juniors Who WO.". let- exhibit Mr Mcr .-irmi />b- anrl Mr Pn%rotto ™i .«t,. U„A « , Tim Hnrm T.r.ron L Special Education Lionel Weston, Frank Winter! E. A. Dyball, Mrs. Gerold Fox, Edwin B. Gill, Alonzo Brown, Mrs. Ed Sanderson, Ethel Hen- juniors who wo.~. let- exhibit. Mr. McGDrmick and Mr. Fayette county had a very en- Tim Harm, Loren ters were: Chandler came in to judge our joyable trip to the Amana Col- Mls - N. J. Martie, Ostrander, Mary McLeish, Alice Gregory, Mrs. E. N. Humiston. Marge Webb, basketball; Kar- projects. We had some very nice onies on Saturday, May 13. We en Ash. cheerleading; Sharon ones. There were three collect- left Fayette by chartered bus at Henry, cheerleader; Dennis Heth, ions of rocks, two collections of 8:30. The rooms from West Un- , scholarship: Mary Manson, bas- leaves, three collections of shells, ion and Oelwein were with us. Awards presented to ketball; Ron .Maxson, basketball; one collection of birds, one col- We had a conducted tour of t. Ioiwa students John Tripp, track; Delbert Pat- lection of butterflies and two col- places of interest, including the '-'ppcr ™»« OLU tison, football, basketball, track; lections of seeds Our first prize woolen mills and the furniture Miss Uudith Hill and Miss Kar- Jostin Take it: Judy Tripp, schol- winner was Diane Pattison with factory. We also enjoyed very en Wolf tied for the Faculty A- arship. Dick Van Sickle, track; 185 seeds! Second in line was much eating our lunch at the Ox ward at Upper Iowa university Larrv Williams, football, track, David Dickinson with seeds and Yoke Inn. Our evening meal was this year, according to Dr. Her- BIG GAIN Economy Corner FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! Gel a FREE set of Master Kicker, the most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TON CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS 1 Hurry . . . offer good only while supply lastsl Natural Gas Is Coming THIS SUMMER WE CAN RUN A FREE SERVICE LINE to your house if you agree to use gas later this year. Sign up now! The only requirement is that you pipe from your meter to the point of use. Bottle gas stores, clothes dryers, and water heaters will be converted to natural gas free of charge. Your propane furnace may be converted by installing a regulator ($2.75). Use Dependable 24 hour fuel - Natural Gas PEOPLE WHO HAVE SIGNED UP FOR GAS — PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PLUMBER NOW — AND AVOID THE RUSH. 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Dairy White Barn Lime Liquid Wormer pt. 1.60; Qt. 2.00; GaL PA-12 Peptonized Iron w|B12 (30cc) _— 62% Whey Blocks Grade A Tri Super Call Kit ECHO VALLEY FEEDS Hog Supplement, 40% Protein, 6% B4b» .—5.30 Hog Supplement, 34% Protein,>!2% Fibre . 6.00 Birood Sow Sup!pjlcmn»nt, _ ; . ; 35% Protein,"8:0^6 Fibre . 8.10. Beef Supplement, 32% Protein, 6% Fibre Bbef Supplement, 40% -Protein, 6.S% Fibre. —. < [ ^ Poultry Cafeteria, v ._:. 27^lr^j^^2%. Fibre ~^-« MWi Mycin Mix, 3% lb. Can White Salt Blocks . Iodized Salt Blocks M Tiace Mineral S«wt Blocks _ Sulferized Salt Blocks Darling's Mineral' Blocks — Feedsol (Dried Fish Solubles on Soybeafc Meal) Scour Scare Pl-Val Rat Po; Ask us about ... We have 5.75 6.00 2.75 2 .70 2 .05 4.10 2.40 3.10 1.60 1.7S 1.60 2.40 4.60 1.00 6.60 4.50 3.40 4J5 4.05 6.B0 .88 1.10 1.85 1.00 2.70 8.10 1.25 3410 Items shajn interest you 80 lbs. ~ 25 lb. ipafl 25 lb. pack Kybrtd CORN $050 * 00

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