Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 21, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1898
Page 2
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•V' 1 -. £*x - Treasurer State of Maine. - - -s */ I . »' -^-^ "Three years ago I was all ran down, weak, exhausted* had Indigestion, constipation, and my system was debilitated to general Physicians did not help me and I began taking Dr. Miles' Nervine. Now, I am as well as ever. CD«». A. wwt«, •x-Tr>*i Stuta of Maine, Gardiner, Me. " DR. MILES' Restorative Nervine ii told by all druggists on guarantee, first bottle benefits or money back. Book on heait and nerves sent tree, ft, MIlM Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind KS! flerniany's Iron Chancellor. uted from the German by Sidney Whit i R. O. 8, Author of "Imparts! Clara eutonic Studies " An to.urate an accurate account ot tho Iron Chancol ..•ear; unapproaohed by anything bofor n«d on tho subject. Nothing has boo d to m*k« thti monumental publication ; memorial of. one of the most extraordl .political oareera m the history of tb I Imperial Quarto Volume. 'It double page Illustrations In colors. Mi> Illustrations in th» text. The WMhlngtoa Star say* i/'ThU book, trul — the moat BugnJflceat works ever pro ngle volnmo, appears at an 12.00 60 go oitrt.iDoscriptlvo matter froc Remington's Frontier Sketches. Th» handsomest ploterlal of the season. Hl» 9$ by II In. Japanese vellum binding. Oil edcw. Boxed. Prepaid, $1.90. Cyrano De Bergerac. Cloth, by matt SO The Little Minister. Cloth, by mall SHEET MUSIC. Popular Ifualo, per copy, by mall I All iOf Mmlo, per copy, by mull 21 AU W Muelo, per copy, by mall It Book Catalogue and Music List Free. ADDRESS Frederic Dahlstrom, - 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, county ot Madison, SS. In the Circuit Court, October term, A. D., UW. In Chancery. Manuel H. Boats and John L. finals, partners older the name ot M. H. Boala & Bon, vs Henry Mede, Emma Pauline Mode and llattlo Mode. Petition for Mechanic's lien. Public notice Is hereby ghon that by virtue of *d«oreeo( the Clroult Court of Mad Icon county, made and entered at the October term, A. D., 1886, thereof, In the above entitled cause, the undersigned, Master In Chancery ot said court, will aell at public auction to the highest end belt bidder, on SATURDAY, THE THIRD DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D., 1888, «t the hour of ten o'clock, in the forenoon of •aid day, at the north door ot the City Hall building In the olty of Alton, In the county of Madlion, In tho Siato of Illinois, the following described real estate, to-wlt: • Ninety-two (02) foot fronting on North street and one hundred and utty-tour and one-halt § ) feet deep off tho north end of the east f the south end of block No. five (6), In >r'§ North Liberty addition to tho olty of , situated In the olty of Alton, In the county or Madison, and State of Illinois. Said lot, or piece of land, lying next to and south ot lot No' (1). (fronting on North street) In said block flre (5). Terms ot tale—All oash on day of laic. Upon compliance with iho terms of sale and the approval ot the report of tho said master by the court, a certlfloa'c of purchase will be given the purchaser or purchasers which will entitle him or thorn to a deed for the premises at the expiration of fifteen months from the day Of sale, unless redeemed according to law. JOHN F. MoOlNNIS, Master In Chancery. Lxvt DAVIS, Sol. tor Complainants. MONTHLY SUFFERING. ftousaada of wonett aro trombled at monthly luter- vala with pains in the bead, back, breast*, shoaldtn,ilde* bipsandllmbi. Bat tiity used not aufier. ^^. Tbese pains are symptoms of dangerous derangement* that can be corrected. The menstrual fanctlon should operate palnlCMly> Winwordut i menstruation painless, aad regular. It pats the deli- cateuenitrual organs lu condition to do their work properly. And that stops all tnis pain. Why will any woman suffer month after month when Wine ofCerdulwIU relieve her? U ' i f r.oo at tb* drug store, doa't yon get a bottle . y? Votadrlce, in ease* requiring apeeJaldarectloM, address, giv- tog f/wptom*, "The Ladles' Aorubry Department," The Chattanooga Medlolae Co., Chattsnooga, Teun. •»•••••*•» WI,.. >NNOR BV TUB TBLBORAPH PRINTING COflPANV. MONDAY BVM., NOV. 21. NOTICE TO ADVER USERS. forth* yew IMS we shall charge the following rttee tor transient notloei In our local ool- BmB " » R tma. Blngl*lM»rtlon.. to oenta Thre* to Or* Iniert'oca 7 cents Bli totwelTelmertlont...... (cents R*TIS or ADVXHTIBIMO:. TKAMdlNT.—CO oonu per Inch flr«t ln«eirtlon and u oanW per Inch tor each subsequent Inier- M per Inch flrtt month, 11,10 p»r Inch each month thereafter. L10M. ADT1RT1B1HO II Mr Inch tor the Arst Insertion, and CO cent* per (nob tor each eubiequent insertion. B4D WRECK ON TMt BIO FOUR. ADMIHAI, SAMPSON recelvoil n line ovation from Cubans and Spaniards at a, fete in Havana for the benefit o the Cuban army. Twenty thounatu Cubans cheered themselves hoarse ia honor of the Admiral. When tlio men tired of the shouting the women took it np and continued the cheering for half an hour. Tlio Admiral wag presented with a number ot ver; handsome bouquets by Ouban belles THE: Wisconsin, a sister battleship to the .Illinois, Konraoge and Ken tuoky, already launched, will tie christened and launched on Decem b Jr 4, at San Francisco. A largo par ty of people from Wisconsin have started to be present at the christen ing. Of the quintette of battleships. ordered three years ago, namely, the Ksarsage, Kentucky, Illinois, Wis consln andJAIabatnn—the latter wll ba the only one not launched aftc December 4. They are ail of the earn build, size, speed and armament, am Will be ready for service In anotho year. IN (he November number of tb lleview of ttcviewt Jim Oreplman. th newspaper correspondent, tells bow bo won the battle of Santiago. Inbl report of that wonderful tlgbt, Jim uses the pronoun "I" 163 times. Hi assertions are all of such a character witb one exception, that all wiia-iiav 1 ever heard of blm arc prepared to be lieve bis ait^tStne'nts. The one excep ,t'i2B Kifwben Jim says "I fainted. 1 That is a piece of modesty on Jim' part, that may be passed over with a quiet smile. AH men have tbeir weak ness, and Jim's one prevailing weak ness is to masquerade as a modes man. QKN, BiittVKiNHiDtiK, laapeoto; General of the army, In his testlmon; before the commission Investigaiinj the conduct of the war, spoke Blight ingly of General Shatter, intimating that Shatter offered to turn over the army to him. The report made by General Breokenridgo shortly after the surrender of Santiago, speaks in the highest terms of General Shatter's ability, and the brilliancy of his cam palgn at Santiago, sho wering the high est terms of praise on Shatter. Evidently General Breokitiridge had for fatten his report while testifying be- Fore the commission, or has material ly changed his mind as to Hhafler. IT now transpires that it was General Miles who recommended General )ha(ter for the commander of the Santiago expedition. Miles n consultation with the war board, enumerated every General in the army, and dlscassed their merits, submitting objections to every one bat Shatter, whom he (Miles) said had he capacity for a rough and tumble ampaign such as Santiago would bo; bat be was of undoubted courage and fighter of the best character. Mile i ecommended him strongly. The 'resident said: "Woll, let Shatter be :ie man." Adjutant General Oorbiu olnulded with General Miles as to hatter's qualifications. A CHICAGO paper wants the Australian ballot law changed, taking way the olrola at the top of eaoh arty's ticket. The objector to the Irole thinks that If the circle was not n the ballot there would be more oratohlug done. Down this way the ircle cuts )Iittle figure. The votom ave no fear of mutilating the ballot, aving learned to "scratch" in first lass style. The circle should stay, is n (accommodation to tho class who eslre to vote a straight ticket. Wit tout the circle, in a ballot as Urge as iat used in IHOO, every voter would equire an average of ten minutes to mark the names of every person on he ballot. There would be many allots spoiled requiring that tho voter ry his hand on a second ballot. The role is bandy for the straight voter, nd the "soratoher" evidently needs o assistance. He has learned to do is work well. The Australian ballo fter all is simple and easy to vote. Life Insurance is a good thing but ealth Insurance, by keeping the load pure with Hood's Sarseparllla, still better. Hard Spring "Dream of tho Earth," <M.OO. ALTON RoLuta MILLING Oo. It has been fully demonstrated that ly's Cream Balm is a specific for [asal catarrh and cold lu the head. bis distinction has been uohleved ply as the result of continued euo- essful use A morbid condition of he membrane lu the nasal passages an be oared by this purifying and eallug treatment. Sold by drug- ists or it will be mailed for 60 oenta y Ely Brothers, 66 Warren street. ew York. It spreads over the uembrane, is absorbed and relief is mmedlate. _ Texai. The Missouri, Kansas & Touts Kail ray Oo. will sell low rate round trip loketa oil Nov. 1, 15, Dee. 6 and 80, ltb final limit of return to 91 days rota date of sale. An excellent opportunity lor homeseeken, tourists nd investors to view for themselves be great resources of the State. For urther Information address John L. Williams, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. _ It hag been fully demonstrated that Bly'i Cream Balm is b tpeolQp (or m»- u catarrh and oold in the betid. This Utlnotlou has been achieved ouly M lie result of continued successful use. k morbid condition of the membrane n tbe PH»| passages oan be cured b ..... " or it wTU bo walled , Ely Brothers, 66 War- ew York. « •prwrfta >,!• One Coach of Plug Train Derailed at Milton Grossing and Then Cut In Two at Wood River Brldoe, - Many PaMengers Injured. The little plug train that tlie Big Four runs between Alton and Bust Alton met with o singular accident Snnday night that might have caused many fatalities, but up to the present time the victims are all doing as well as can be expected. The train leaves here at 0:55 p. m. to connect with the east bound train and Its passenger list wan quite large, being made up of people who bad been spending Sunday witb Alton relatives and friends. About one dozen passengers were in the coacb to which the accident befell. At Milton crossing while the train was making about 30 miles an hour, a cow strnyed upon the track in front of the engine and was hurled by the cowcatcher against a fence near by. The fence chanced to be a cattle guard to keep cattle off the track and was such a stout structure that the poor cow,on striking it, rebounded to tho track Justin time to get mixed up in the rear truck of the rear coach. The truck was derailed and the coacb fol lowed, turning on Its side and then righting Itself. Then began a fear ful ride for the passengers. Over tho ties the train rushed, now in an upright condition and then on its side tho passengers being burled from one side to another in the wild plunges of the coach. It was the worst ride any of them ever experienced and the only wonder Is that no one was killec outright. The rear coach continued to ride the ties and ballast until the bridge was reached and there it turne< cross wise on the track. The side o the coaoh struck the bridge and the car was cut square In two, part re malnlng on the track and part tutnb ling over into Wood river. The top of the car wa« out off above the win dow sills, and It Is almost miraculous that the entire number ot passengers was not thrown into the river. The engine broke away from the coach here and was taken across the bridge safely by Engineer Swettenaftt) e Firamrfn kerwin. Assistance was dispatched for from Bast Alton one the crew of tho train went to work assisting the passengers who were slowly crawling out of the wrecked coach. Miss Louise Hess of Pana, was probably the worst hurt one of the num ber. She had been visiting at the home of Police Officer James Long and was on her way home being-accompanied to Bast Alton by Mr. Long Miss Hess was terribly cat and bruised on the head before the flnal catastrophe. When the coach was cut in two at the bridge she fell between the Iron "work to the rooky bottom of Wood river, thirty feet below. She .suffered a had injury to her spine. James Long bad his right leg bro ken In two places and suffered severe outs on bis scalp. Mr. Geo. Doraey and Mr. and Mrs H. S. Dorsey of CHllespIe, who were on their way home after visiting relatives in this city, were hurt. Mr. George Dorsey had his left shoulder and left arm dislocated and was struck on the chest by a flying timber. Mr. H. S. Djrsoy was only slightly bruised while Mrs. Dorsey was badly cut on ihe head. Misses Emma and Olive Olawson of East Alton, were badly hurt ab(/ut the >ody. Others reported hurt were Mrs. Vm. Qodeon, collar bone broken; ,ouis Conn, Francis Hayden and Josephine Oonn, slightly- hurt. Severn! of tht> passengers slid down into Wood river and were quite severely hurt, 'he water of the river was only a few ncbes deep so there was no danger of .rownlng. Conductor Barton thinks he Is a mascot for he went through the dan- -erous experience without injuries of serious nature. The victims of the wreck were rought to St. Joseph's hospital where Jrs. Taphorn, Fisher, Haskell and 'iogenbaum attended them. Constipation Causes fully lull tlio sicklies* In Uio world. It abilns tin 1 digested food too long hi the bowela mil produces biliousness, torpid llvor, Indl- Hood's ostloll, luul laalii. ('(WU'il ••& • • • ongue sick humkulut, In- mjt •II t* omuln, etc. Hood's 1'Hls • 11 I J* ureconstlptttlon anil all Its • ••••—• osulls, easily and thoroughly. 2M. All druggists, 'reparcd hy 0. I. Hood «! Co., Lowell, Maas. 'Ue ouly 1'IUa to UUto wltli Hood's BariHipuriUa. M. MAHONEY, XSL'RANCE AND REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two-itor* doubl* brick dw.lliog ID room* 1 li-'roomrrtnn dwellin on Fountain it. fraac iwif Jn»-itorjr l-room tmiton wait lift* of Main meet Big mono T«o-'itory S-rootn frame iwalllof on Bluff - ,-aora traot near Bdwar/arU a Croaal;«. aa itory •-room brtok dwelling, cor 4tb ao ,„ . J, I mllM WBttWMt Ot _., Two-«tory brtok itor», No. Ml Belle it. Blitr-aoro farm, toot brlok dw»Wn« au« rant barn, Jeney county. Two-«torr brlok itow. No. HI B»ll« tt. Two-atonr l-room fyamo, alaw root dweuln*, loti and 6* aorca ot laud Booania (or par- k Qaj-*torr l-rocM tram* 4«*Uln«, oor. Alb; >e lota'ao Slat* aua*t,Aorth ot Bluff .• Slot. «n n, .t ..... Hen,, PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT, Thr»» llutt or leu under thli heading: On* .ime, II oeetei thro* daje, tf oeaui on. week H cent11 additional Omei came rate, oaih down, ._ U> make »t homo for large aurjnwl honae; am »H weekly. Uoclpae s34r»tao4 atam uvutopeil forMily. M»r«UalI Co., Brooklyn, FOR SALE At SATURDAY, MOV. 19th. IEO West Third »t., and 317 Belle st. Both stores liavo been stocked with the latest of everything tn the lines and we earnestly hope the public will appreciate our efforts to hnve In our midst A GOOD CHINA STORE AND A GOOD TOY STORE. We -have worked very hard for months to this end. 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This honest medicine only claims to cure certain diseases, and that its ingredients are recognized by the most skilled physicians as being the best for K'duey and Bladder diseases. It ia Poley's Kidnev Oure. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. WysB. For Sale. The finest building lots in Middletown fronting on llth and 12th sta.— Apply to Wm. Sonntag. A Case of Kidney Disease Given Up by Four Doctors. Beaver Pam, O.—My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for lost, a neighbor recommended Poley's Kidney Oure. Today she is able to walk several miles without fatigue. I feel we would bare lost her if it was not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. II. Wyss. The three-year-old boy of J. A Johusou, of Lynn Center, 111., is subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says be is satisfied that the timely use of Chamberlain's Oougb Remedy, during a severe attack, saved his little boy's life. He is in the drug business, a member of the firm of Johnson Bros, of that placo; and they handle a great many patent medicines for throat and lung diseases. He had all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to his call, but selected this remedy for use in hla own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because be knew it to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this is the iest Belling cough medicine they handle, and that it gives splendid satisfaction In all cases. ,. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. UPPER ALTON MlasesJMinnle And Mattla Starr of Banker Hill, are visiting friends here, The W. 0. T. U. will reset with Mrs J Rlchnrd Hnltt on College avenue Tuesday afternoon. The funeral services of Mrs. Nancy Martin, colored, were held at the I) ip tut church this afternoon at2 o'clock, Kev. J. 8. Grlewold and Dr. Justus Bulkley ofllolallng. List Saturday afternoon a surprise parly was tendered Miss Sail it) Or Is s- man by the pjplla of her school room. The children spent the afternoon very pleaanutly playing games, and at four o'olock refreshments were served. Those present were: Nellie Platt, MaryKldwell, Blanch Boyd, Eitelle Wahl, Stella Cooper, Marguerite Ult, Sibyl Morgan, Elizabeth and Gertrude Meyer, Julia and James Monzely, Leroy Wilding, Henry Scbwartzoeck, Earl Emerson. George Clayton, Cleveland Reeder, Ed Miller. Miss BeealeGere was a passenger on tho "Plug" train wrecked last night near Milton, but was fortunate enough to escape with no worse injuries than a few slight cats and bruises. Among the injured also were Misses Josie Conn and Fannie Hayden, and Mr. Louis Conn, of t-heibyviilo, who bad been visiting Miss Kdna Conn at the Martha Wood cottage. The two young ladles escaped with a few cuts and bruises, but Mr. Oonn wag picked up unconscious, with a bad gash at the back of his bead. The three were brought back to Martha Wood cottage, where they are reported doing well. The union Thanksgiving service will be held at the Presbyterian church, Thursday morning at 1 -.45 o'clock. Dr. L, A. Abbott will preach the ser- mor. Mrs. E. Ward, of St. Louis, ia visiting Mrs. R. Huitt. Miss Natalie Culver returned to ber home in Kane this morning, after a visit with the Mieaes Slroud. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. James are the happy parents of a 6 pound boy. R(?v. W. 0. Loneberry District Secretary of the American Baptist Missionary Union, spoke at the Baptist church yesterday, Mr. R. Huitt is in Kane on business. The Of E. Society will hold a snuriee prayer meeting Thursday morning. The funeral of the late George Oartwrlgnt was held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the home, Rev. J. A. Large officiating. Mr.Oartwright leaves a host of relatives and friends who gathered yesterday to attend the fnaeral. A long train followed the hearse to Oakwood cemetery where the remains were laid to rest, and the grave decked with flowers. The bearers were Messrs. Henry, William and John Cartwright, sons of deceased, Mr. Geo. Burton, son-in-law, and bis two sons. $100 Reward $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there ia at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf aces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in Its curative powers that they offer $100 reward for any case that it falls to cure. 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Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets, styles, M Paris shape, M long waist, L long waist, A Paris shape and Model bust, at $t and $1.25. Kabo Corsets, styles 356, 548, 372, 392 and high bust, at $i. Flexibone Moulded.especial- ly made for stout figures, $1.50, $2, $3. C C C—998 — 4 >, Corsets the best in the land for jo?. , lttm .. ,, — SfS^F^-S; «"^=> S *^ G. D. Chicago Corset Waist at $ <' Special $1.75 J B. French Corset, short waist $1.2 j. Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin undershirt and drawers must give way to heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to yourself. 1 don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? Do you know us? We believe 'we have the best values in Alton. Will .you help us p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores. If it is not the best, bring it back and get your money. This shows the confidence we have in our underwear. The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street THIS WEEK. SHOES! SHOES! New Shoes, Stylish Shoes, up to date Shoes, food Shoes: Shoes for men, Shoes for women, Shoes for girls, Shoes for boys; Baby Shoes, Grandma Shoes, Grandpa Shoes, Shoes that have soles under them. Good shoes to tie to—impossible to get on your uppers if you buy our shoes. Shoe Hang op Prices Oat Down. Oar Show Windows are a Btady la Shoe economy. We have hang these ap BO that he who rona may read a lot of aboer enough bargains which are best samples ot hundreds of others within. There la only one way to beat oar low prices and that is to KO bar* foot. Look at theso for Ladies' and Misses: For Ladies the celebrated Plngree and Smith, J. J. Latteman & Co., and Wright & Peters Go's »2, »2.BO, «3 up to $5 going at 98c, l.», l.fe, t.4t, Plngree & Smith composite Shoe in tarns and welts going at 1.79 and 2.W Misses' and Children's School Shoes in heavy Dong., Vioi Kid and Box Oalf. How Is this going at .We, 69c, 77«, », «.2» Men's Cordovan Oalf, Kangaroo Calf, Titan Oalf, Jona Oalf, French Oalf, King Oalf, Box Oalf, Willow Oalf, values *4, 85, $6, |7; go at H.9S Boys' in same, going at ;.... 98c, $I.Z9, fl.M PFEIFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DON'T MISS THEMODELS Sacrifice Sale eor. 3d and Piasa sts. Licensed ARCHITECT Mi *••'.' 4 *',^^"^^ j ' t '' ' ' l ' ; ,\ AI, r - ' , .if

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