The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 15, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, February 15, 1927
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IS STILL ON House Votes 201 to 62 Substitute the McNarf /Haugen ]'al-ni Bill For Coi tipanion ' Meature. WHKliltiKton. K);li. ID. (Al iiiln the Mi 'Sary- llef bill aa paKRcd me tioi'isc.conipaR vole of fihai pasf taken. Tlie voio was 2fi| stitulion was made to avoid. \t liamcntary delayR aitpi'oachinfi a cloj Bnth friends a Ihc hill safd the v| nal tr.s't of.slrfinath, a niinihcr ;nienil)ers. includii^ party Ipadfjrs. h- insclvf^ on dhe japproving the snftstituiion wi fiut coniniittinK Ih m\ itHplf. A move hy : llP |)}-Pfipnlalivp Nrjw- (nn.Rcpul^Iican. M nnpsota. ta pi: rn the house ;0n I record on the hiil'.s merits, fa'iled. Two hour.s wiU he allotted poneral debate on the' senate' before it is takeit tip nnrt <M- rule nermittlnK amendments. voted to HUbji iatiten farm by the Hcnate on measure, [age niu .st' yet ii-. A be 1 to 62. The. s with the sess *d : opponents )te \vas no( a to After 55 Years In Cherryvale Woman Is Dead Cherryvale. Kans., Feb. 15.— (A (') 'Never I having clianK<!d hei' residence slnee cnmlnK hero UU yedrH MRO , M,rM. Sardh CloirellerSmltli, hiii|led hero today, was eonxidf red tlin loWn'K oldest i colliInuouM Tesl- denl. She cnnie here in 1S71 when The fnw hiMiill lioiiMes thai iiiado iip'Vhe town were the homes of sturdy pioneers who were hlaz- ing the ll -all westward. At lhat .flrue no i-allroiids or gnrii- ed highways traversed south' oasi Kansa.4. PAUL TELLS tie offering or ill hof BORDERLAND Mexican Residents of the Border States Stiil Retain L^iiRuage And Sympathies He Asserts. NEAR FIGHT IN HOUSE TODAtV^ •Wa.sJiihgt.on. Fo^ iFightingj words :again toilay at tli| •again there w^re iphysical consequeilces. 1.".. (API, .vere e.xehiingqd capitol.; hit hio very seriot s This time it wa Kol nioom of New 'resentative Thorn; TexasI who got i imateh. and nithoi iarlnally landed. I.Nhort'ji'hd Indceisi : They fell out Ihe DIslriol of C< >i'e. In a heiiring oil-a Idll'faVorij liy Itliiiilon, to eoni|n'l Sunday elo I Ijig III the eapilol. SUBPOENAI^S FOR FJepresenliitiv York and Reji- Mlaiiloii ito a niilliij gh some hlov l|lie siuffle, wit c. a lucellng iimhiu conynili J* FOUR (AIM lloln loriiey. .Samii •H mngiiale, ai|( jiHiill 's nt'tornqy. iibpoenns tod iret:eiiee befoj (Milcago, Fell. If K. Crowi', state's ihisiill, puhli(> iitillti| jDaniel Schuyler. were served !wllli demuudink their iilie seflntorial Invjestlgallng iinltlee in .Washing i |1ie asked, to answ p iwhieh they refuse [when (he <;onimill ling here las< sun igjit.e expeiiditurJ".' Smith in his' .sen;i iJn Illinois. FLIERS KILIiED IN TEXAS FI IN QUIZ y e coi)i- II on. Yhey w r (lueslions I to rospo e held a he; nier to invcsf of Frank orial caiiipai (Jalveston, T<>X!isj Lieutrnant I". V Xe.w Orleans, wa when the wjiigs ol; ing plane- ijl- whii with Private Carl Ashley. hucR- lerl. allowing the p Ihe Gulf of Mexiijn miles off shofe he e. Private .Ashley ^ho in the rear co^;kpit. sueceedeil (Rearing the lirinb ing plane wi his parachute and landed in t water, lie vlrtuall • was exhaust' when rescuers reailhed him. SENATE GROUP O. K. 0NH0U5EB0NU Wa.'ihincton. Feb hniiKe hill for'gove nnient loans l-oniis (•eriiflirrttes v as approved tjo- day by the .Senate UNKNOWN WRECK ;LD FAUL Feb. in. (A (^abell. 2!l. klllerl tod: a .lenny. triiiik- lip was flying line to drop intjo about thrf* was silt ink F. ,M. Paul, inaiiagen 'of tlie local branch of the Clark Lumber company, was the speaker at the regular meeting of the t'urrenl Topics club last night at the Portland ilolei. ' • ; .Mr. Paul spi 'Ut several iyears of Ills life in hiisini'ss along the Kio (Irinde river in 'I 'exas, fight n <txl (o |he .Mexican boriler and in towns Vhich \vere full of -Mexican residents. During that tiitie hi< was most, intimately associateil wilh all classes of .Mexicans and he picked up lirst liand information about thr-m whir-h he passed on to his a'lKlieiice last iiighl in a inosi iiiK-r- s • fsiiii^' iiiann <'i'. .Mr. Paul uiiilouldedly surprised iiiosi of Ills llsieiii r.-; wlici) Ije niaile Ihi; stJilejin'lll ll'.'il ill most of Ihe American towns along tin' .Mrxiciiii border, at least S "per rem nf i|i. popiilillion si'ifike Spanish. .Many of IhesM (leopli. Iiavi- been living in Ihe l-llllc(| .SlaM'ii for several genera- lions, bill llieir tongue and llieir sympfillili 'M arc Klill .Mrxiiaii Jirl as 'llioroiigltly as iJniiigh I hey wen- on the otlii'j' side of Ihf river. I I describing'(lie chataclerlsilcs of he average .Mexican.- .Mr, Paul made Ihe Hiatement 'that (heir mentality was «inly comparable to that of a 12 -year-old American child: It is a failure to take (his fact Into consiileralion which u<'- coiints lor a great m;iny i>f ihe difficulties wh'hdi Americans experience in tlieir^ dealing,s with .Mexicans, 7 Mr. Paul w ;is in this.border territory in l.'ll.'i When Ihe bandit trouble which brought United Slates troops there was at its height and he told a number of interesting experiences which shed nc\y light on this event. .Another local speaker will be or) the prograni : a we «k from last night when M .r. Koy Gwin, locaj ('ouiity P'arin Bureau Agent, will tell aboul ^his program :for Allen county .tjic^ coming year; and will show a nuinber of reels:of motion pictures illustrating snnie of the more interesting jdiases of- ad van<"enient in agriciiltiiral methods The program should be- one of unusual-'interest and should attract a largo--audience. NO FRENC SUPPORT TO AkMS PLAN • : I . ' . \ ..^ Protest ARainst I xixon, Except! by Leagfii i of Natidns, BelieVi id Foiinidation ol Reply. ParlH. Feb. reply to the 15. (API Fiance's naval dis(iifliament proposals of President (Joo drafted by Foreign .Minis! and .was unanimously app a <'abiliet uiretilig today. idge. as K-r Brl- •oved al The reply, which', it is believed, will pro- est action, except that League of Kalions, will warded to Washington iinmJBdiately. In drafting the reply M Briand took great pains to inakf; i appear as liltlc ;as possible lik 'e'a flat rejection, at the same time making it clear that France adheri 's po,si- lively for the moment to the jfague'.s I preparatory comi lission's scheme, |which links nav^t with land ilisarmaments. It Is liudcrstood the niit • leaves Ihe door open for. the Wa :hingtOD government to make stiggestions c 'onceriiihg the cont^ucd elTorts of the preparatory commissloi, which is wo'rki with the delegates ig under league coflaboitation of iWierican Flivver Huilder SayH Money is Counterfeit Wealth,.and Is Not the Real 'Ehliijf At 'AH—Servjcel I.s Tlie Thing; - by be the foi- uspices ITALY IN DEMAND FOR STRONG >1AVY Home, Fell, ir,. (AIM—Ital a strVuig i navy, not to def<i civilizatidn but to spread U Tevere, fascist organ, cohinieni- Ing jointly on President (.'(tilidge's naval (tis-irmament proposa at llie oprining <>f the Tripoli fair oday.. We nerd a navy t.d d»f nil our colonies ;ind seek new "out ets for Diir siipeij-ilensity of popiilai ion and our desire to work." the paper adds. Wear - merely following the ex niiiple of ilifise naihiiis wliiVh now are aciiiip as our nieni'irs. y permitted KllK III empire .\ iia lt<-rllau ".\ na conijiier ij'icri d ."^p.-iIll's rnli 'Ml ."-tal'";. V siralily a < aiile ;IH .\fneri<-/ii«H In carr. 1.1. UP)- T(ie n inance conini t- HECOX TO TALK ATC. OF C. MEET Finance .Commissioner Al Ilecox will continue his talk on • where hdii's lax diillar goes al Ihe noon niyeting of the chamber, of Coni- nVerce al the Portland -Hotel tomorrow, {lecox will .'ins ^^'crMiiies- lions asked him liy tliosi-'att<-nding the meet inc.' PERSON ATTEMPTS TO yo.'id cm ••Why future'/ and the those • AIII f( 'e are the Kiigljl - civilixa bordi-rs. hoiild WI- I is In thi renoiii needs nd hor t. says New ^ork. Feb. 15. (APi)4-Hcnry Ford is 'too bu.4y living" to mjike hi.s will, he has lold a reprcsentath o of thtJi'New York Amprican. which gives; hjs views in a coryrighteli! despatch frohi Detroit. .M ' He believes "his arc bping guidcc i^o thai they will continue without interriiptlon after his death. I "Any business," he said.j "if it is built pn pj-opcr lines, is not dependent on kny one in<3iN-|iduaK "Money i^ counterfeit wealth. It* is not the real thing at all." | "The only use money Ls to me iK that I am able to experiment in different linos for ways and" means to make 1 frj more livable. .Morp agreeable ' Rurroundinga^. better chil Irbn ;and schools, those- are the real wealth of the nation. None of tis money will go t^ an^ : makes present living-the mtjre at' Jrai.tivej We are .ill here jiii life ^or one inirpose—tojget experience. We arc jail getting it, and Sve shall I it somewhere." foundation | or endowment. Ford a.sserts. "Knilowment is an opiate to imagin.iition. a drug to Ipitia| tlve." he n aintains. MODEL HOME PERFECT HekryFord Noiv Is Too Busy to MfikeiHis of re- Jle believes ijl tlijc theory iicarnti|ion. It sterns a- m^t reasonable jihilosophy and <'xplains | many Jhings."j he says. - "No, I have no flosirc: io know, w lat, or ^'ho. I nee was; or wliat, or who, I shall (le in'tliie ages'to tome. This! belief n immrirtality HEAT PLANT Furnace Chosen for Homb Beautiful Is One of Best on Market At Present . Time. and lo y con- ir the lemon- sh aii'l lim he- c-e our Itandn [of (iod. proverb says (U< > help themselves (I helps THE WEATHER KOKFJ A.ST FOR KilNSAH: Fn- splHed onighf nnd IVedjnCsday; pi><>silily niin'.(>a<<t and north piir- lions; nnmier tonight [ slinthmst porltoii. soiiie>\lial «'older IVedneS' daj. I For lola and Vicinity: I'nsottlrid, rain tonight und ^Vrdnrjs. inenbat possibly ibij: nai 'nirr tonight, so raider W Temper] 46. at 4 M. at :5 Wriesday. latum—Highest Visilors who care to iuspei-t the llegi'iler's Home Heaiitlful any time now will bit able lo -hee--in actual opi'ijaiion'"thi;' model heatintf plant wli'cli ha.s been iiislalled'ii| this niodelj home. i There iirjibably Is no single prob-j whiciij confronts Ihe prospec-j lem live houie lie ni'.lsl I lial cost. p. m.: 1. im.: lowest last normal for ycKterday .'!:(: exces|s yesterday, 1st. i;oo d iiary last night, today, excess .t grees; year, higlieiit. -42; since .lai thi.-< date lowesl. 2 ^Precipiliitiou for the 21 hours ending at 7 today, .flo'; total for this vear to dale. 1.4.'>h deficiency sii](e .laniiary 1st. O.Bfi inch. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday. S;t per cent; 7 a. mi today. per cent: barometer redltced to sea level, 23.91 inches. . j .Sun riie.s. 7:12 a. m.; K <\ts. 6:00 p. ni. , . - j All -clear; all roads, soft except Kmporiu. Arkansas City, r lugh to muddy; ?Iutchinson. good;.fVVichita rough. LITA ('SSIJSE ~ OF DARE CAR DURING \ Police Aire .('alJei ObHJacle in An nnknow \ wn-ck "Dare I)t Warner, who is the 120-hour cn approaching, at DEVIL" WARNER'S DRIVE IJASr NIGHT \ in A((em|: iFront of IM For I 1 person is t lo Trace 1'er.son Who Tos.sed Im Making Endurance J)rive local Firm. believed to have ;tttemi )te (l to vil" Warne- and his Star Sedan last night, now on thiJ .second twenty-four honr lap of liirance dri\e which he i.s attempting, was a fairly high rate, of speed, the Rock Creek \ bi-idge on the cehent road eist of town when an object re- i sembling a largtj I Warner instincti f car and might i the cement. walls i.ivhen he noticed bouiiced along thel then straightened log was thrown in front of him. ely swerved ^ is.'.— hahe crashed in|to " of the hrid [that the obj« ct pavement. He his car. stru tht: object and iwenl 6n unharmW. Inve;stiga from a ion show nch of d / that a st;jlk iinanas-was the object thr6wn. This oi; itself coi Id have caused no dai lage, but in i he moonlight itjappeafied a formidaple obstacle. ; The ipolf ind tracked a m^A for some distance who had bedn liiding un^er the bridge ai)d whq the banana stalk. This morning ginning to sihow had a slight headai wrist'where the haiidcuff rests no doubt thrpw \ arner was le -j gns of fatig le; he. pains in li had some difficultly j .position. Waruer, wilh his cis- whoi by nati re. one of the most kind of •men (even h>s wife admits iti . finds that he is apt to speak ab'ruptly and sharply as the drive progresses. However, if he iinsw.ers yoiir questions a' little curtly, take no offense for lione is intended, and he is penfegtly willing and eager to give: information even though his disposition is a little on edge. B. T. Barber. Star deKler, who is promoting the drive, reports that the car has performed perfectly .so far.' At no time has Warner been without a disinterested observer with him who can testify that the motor of the car was never stopped and that Warner has not. slept. These *ho care to do .so are invited to make arrangements at Barber's C-arage torlde with War(Continued on Page 8, Number 2) CHAPLIN HOME t ,os Aiigeles. Feb. \T,. fAP)~The ' ' liarles. Spencer Ciiaplln's Igrunted suing . by when use of ( home in jlleverly Hills was rey Chaplin, who actor for divorj liUer fluerin today to Lita r the film .fudge W she lesllfied In superior Hoijrt that slji! fled band tlirifatencd her life. Ill graining (|ilest. .li that her alimony, unable I $:!,0(io ml' first. .Mrs. Chapl dgo^luerin also M.ooi) a month ten which she has as \f <!(dle(-t, - he red nitlily beginning EVOL IN last week he home when h JTION O. K [ARKANSAS Little riock. Ark.. Feb. 15. builder that is hardci; to solve than the iiuesllon of selecting Jiisj the right heating plant; ik-i- Into account Its iitl-; ilk economy of operation, its eff!i(ieii<y under all hi the varying weather (-oiidliicms of the erratjc Ka iijas' climai--. its length of life. Its lias.' of operation-and a dozen mi ri> factors '.f crealct^ or less Imporiahcc. The biiilddrs of Jh -J Miid<-1.1 loinc felt that tlieV had mad.- their first I long step itiithe dii-ect.on of assuring the rlgjij sol'.ition lo thi.s problem when they .selected the T. B. Hhahnon company to install the heating plarjt of the .Model Home. This company, in business in lola since 1897. |hjas grown and expanded until nf^w it i.^ one of the largr est institu(i( ns of its ' kind in ijoiitheast jKinsas. The reasoiiii which accrjin ited for this remarki able and c|)n!tinued growth are thri same which I iufluencei! ibq build-' ers of the llffme Beantiful'to select: Ibis organization to install its heat : ing plant. ;ijilvii-e anil in consiiita- Mr. Shannon, the first important jriecision in regard to tJie exact typc^ cf plant wa? that it should be ihrt air instead of steam or hot waij>r. Fk-onomy ijoth of initial cost and operating iexpense was the largest factor in this deci.sion. The huildJ ers of this iiome from the-beginning have joprrated niHin the theory .that no linino could be called a (Cimtinu^d on Page 8, Number, 1) MALS. OF nocioRSfiy TO ZONE OF R4pdrts Hiindreds Result Ovei^ sua •I whi vH m.iti m. S. Uses Hirii as Star in Case Against Former Attorney (Jeheralc tells of Ijtecord \ Destruction. breaking of fuHion in •tridjby y Indicate! Tin jAre'Dead m of Trenibloifs Wide Aba Yfesterday. yjenna. Feb. 1.".. j (AIM spatch fiom Belgrade lo t^lral'tz Taf espost says that llic; of th(^ earthqut h rocled Bo;snia. H<»ri{go and I almatia. :irc •d at iOO persons. Tl u -cs for the dead and r(Vl couli not bo cohlirmeil. con affe It i4 f^a'red. 1 list w lIHiion R ;p irts tri ove crippled pha iizr- the cariainuake. T oiip.s ar' e.siore ra to to ailokv the i Kedi^'ral Court. New York!, Feb. (API -.Mill S. Dsiuglijeityi pres- lent rifihe .Midland .National Hank f Waiiliiiigton Cotirthouse, i f)hio. lj>ok the stand today <-is one W the riovernineni's star j witnivsses ii;ainst his brother. Ilaijry .M. I)auglierly, former att9rney general. • , . [ He lold how Haijry Daiiplierly Iliad destroyed rei-orfis of th"^ .Mld- lan dimnk which tjie govertiriieni a-iserts would have. Proven the.for­ mer government oinHai of liHng a gjrafler who sold tliri loyally he had sH -orii to observe j in Ills Mith of office. i-l I Harry Daugheri:^ | and lluunaa 'r. .Miller are charged with- re- 1 saying $7,000,000 imwiinded I ropertyi for a bribe, and thk- gov- tjrnmcnt allegea thejinlsHing diapers liould have been pi;oof posiiivc of ing hon cut re el«|ss and TWO KH (lUS fari<iei(s Toi, Pi!, cro .'^ii) rein' Uoc|{ stru weri the driv miliar tlH-i lyiw -I Tl IS ii Daugherty's guilt. I With tbH lion with NO BREAK BETWEEN CHINA AND ENGLAND lyindon. Feb. 1.5. (.\P)—Ftireign .Secretary Sir Auste i Chamberlain tbid the House of Commons t^iat he hiad received no ir formation that tlie negotiations at Hankow between F'orcign Mi listcr Rugene Chen, of the t^nlonise goverhincnt and British Charge «"AffairesiOwen of .Malley. have brojtcn -do.vvn. as stated in the press. dHINA DENIES ANY TROUBLE qlien. today Hanko^^'. Feb. !.->. Nationalist fof-eign mi declared positijvely that,' Wad bflen no rupture in negotiations with Rritir.h Charge d'Affainfs Own!n fi'.Malley over th e ; Uritisir con- (icssions here and at Kiukiaiig. ' hu8- n's re- Jirdcred porary ct been teed to March NOW The deal i blow was belie Ijave beef administered the l>erry a iti-evolutlon bill when the Arkansas senate jrefused to recall it from the house \rtiere it was sent after if had beet tabled (AP)— :ed to Rotcn- today The vote was tour for and seventeen against recal Hon TODAY I\ TOPEK.' ise resumes consijlera- lion <>f hanking bills. Senate studies proposal for • state jpoor farm. Retieal of nurse regfetra- * tion and examinatipn 1: vy is * suggested in house by mpjor-; • ity leadpr Endres. •i Kansas diocese of Ei * pal ( hurch holds -bishop: • sade convention. ing it. Tilled Allen Gbunty Boyg^ Ate Making ^heirMar^ Iit Agricu Itu ra I yi%rk the Agrit berg, • ThiH the Cri Two I) Plvi.sit ulti of r. schola><lic I lys from Allen ('oi<nty arc making their mark in n of Agriculture at jthe Kansas State Colic ?e of rk at Manhattan this .'jpring. They ar(> Ray ffems- Harpe, and Dick Siumbo, of Jola. yje;i,r |ls the tirsi year thaf.'^ Ktudetjts 'cdu il try their skill at nttlrig and showing farm aniinala. and Ray Rciisbcrg is the boy who put tlije .thi i( across. While Riiy was working in ^ Wiscohsin di iry herd liiet summer llf^gi! I as ever held an Inter- ontest in which the he became showiiig ani have teen school* in the paUt f( the idea ofj ij at the Kan|Si! as sch lol ..ftiij push ink tl»c (AP) -K [iigene iist<\. there acquainted, with the fitting contests thai jield by the leading tile .Northern States foil isco- cru- years.- He conceived utting on such a show s Aggies, and as soon rted last fall he liegaii ._ project. The result was a woi^d< rful competitive show of 53 of tM College dairy cows this past ^eek The contest culminair ed th^ Livestock Day program at the Farm, in I Home . Week exercises, jwhiih werei held from Feb|- ruaryiS to 11 inclusive, this year, j As no previous show of this' kind has ever bee a held at the Aggie^. the boys t|hl! year hid to develop their own piatis and rules for-handling the shov ; which they did with remarkable success. The final d«|- eision was! t< charge reach contestant a sniall fee for entering, let him choose he breed of cattle hie wished to sfcow. then have hiiii 4raw a niim ler by the "grab .ba^ method to d Btermine which co^ should be hi i for the show conte:*'. The boy^ fvere allowed ten days • Ag- r th" Dick [chain- then was ih which to prepare their aiiiiiials. :|nd during this time the ilaii^- barn llookcd more^'like a lee hive than a milk-producing estahlishiheiit. th" ^fty-fhrec boys all Imsy ciiirrying. ftcriibbing. polishing on llieiif cows, and training them to leal and iftand properly. 1 Dick Stumbo of [ola drew the /^yrshfre cow B. M. Bangpra'^ji .Melrose, the aristocrat of the ('ollegc i^iyrBhire herd, for his contest cow. fl. .M. Bangora's .Mflrose ii* Ihe S ighest producing row in 11 ies' Ayrshire herd, and aft tjn day.s of work with her. hroughtlout a c;ow thiit was pipn of the Ay-.rsh'ir • l class. Uent on to the finials an<< Grand Champion sWeep.t.lakfls cow qver the Hnlstein. 3uern8e|r and Jersey champions. j i Th^ contestants were graded 50 er cent on the imrrovemeiit they lad'ejtn their anima 'a appearance nd 50 per cent on the maijner In hich-they showed their kinimai n the contest show By vfinniug his contest Dick bei ohies tide pps- lessor of a beaiitinil silverj loving :up which is to -be h s property for ill time. . . Ray is a Junior in the dai y pro- luction course at tl ei College, and )ick is a freshman, n6t hav ng deeded his major wor c as yet These >oys are surely thekinil of fellows hat any comniunityj can b^ proud to call "theirH." -I' cn viclil ty-f.. I)ro( creakejrt leap I wee : sens ilj inol( The weclll III tb k4 dsn esit in Bplrradc. . ugo-SIavia. Fel <Aq)-i-Docto s with medical plieh ire bei ig •• rushed inl( earthc uakc zon^s of Her Dalint lia an! Bosnia .--s f; moilern airpi uics can take, tl x|> lutheni ic ligun -s of th of Ijifi and I unibi-r of injure expfcfed for days IH-C.-III ;<- ^vires'and. I IK the widi-.-ipread •.st.erday's ^-onviil owever, that (he It into the bund •kling into. Hel lines ciiiilinne t f-atastrophc effec zeg^ivi m 1< I t ut ar Phe as- re Ihe «»r je;i HJops. th leji e.lU [?r ^de n- wfirking d"-spe Iw.-iy coiiiniuiiir assage of tra'ins ief siir«)lies. Thoii,saiii •d of fikod. will soon lii- ill LED IN CROSSING CIM wrenie. "if. 67 livin [loxie, .g two lit 11 o slanil the mi driving liie nei of thi liijiiri yijiy III u-i-. accidf ng fat.-I of 14 ui hours fCans., Fell. ir>. (. and Jo<; Wi( k< , ; five miles son ,'ere kiililii at a miles' of "lock today whe iolden. Stale 1, tor car in which OIlie Ilabcoi h'liiirliood, owiie (•ar. siL -ilaiiied .: 'Ilii- iiHii .wi a fiirni sale son It raised the lilies to four il wreiii:e withiii t lis at< ic IbeH a in Pkulen Vetoes Hrst Bill of State Session da w\i Imiri Ii( ex thii lis bo: ed tin vei: (•using ipeka .j Kans., Ft •)—Covernor Pa vetoed the Jo rll Wfiiild li«ve if for II lie examination of piidiatr aln«;dito lite Ir t h'-.ojijeclid to t nieut (>f "an un rd." the Governor his velji pow(*r for Bini ->.j the leglsla|u ed. ' I and Hie |girilatiirf> sts. le eslali- i^ccessary exercis?- the first re con;REED POINTS TO HIGH RATE FOR FREIGHT .Chalr^cs Rates in Kandas Aire Tob High ill Talk At Parsons Meeting Today—Is S.E.K. Inc., Counsel. Paisons,Mvans., Feb. 15. (AP F'reig 111 rales in Kans.-ls aro oo high. Clyde M. Reeli. rale counsel­ lor, told the ioi^al Chamber of Copi- mi-n-ij at a luncnepn here today "Freight rittes ' .Tre |im])ortant, bolh iaetually and relatjively." |ho said. ("The iconsumer freight and is interesteil c;iiiso it adds to his cos Soilheast^ Kansas a iiad : level |of rates h d y iif a id oHjIy It" <in if le e. iNCllEASE IN OIL1PRODUCT|O|N I -Oil nit |hy past ^hc Heni- liot •Win. Okli.. Feb. 1.=-.. fAP) nation in the Unite<l Statqs in daily averagie oiitp [and Ixjiinds duriiVg the principally heciiiiso' ofj onal piroduction' in the fearlsboaro areas of Okia OpI & ois Journal says rcpbr today. Tile Idaily ; verage prnduciii the Ui ited S ates was givei 2 barrels of light, and 000 barrels if heavy igravi^y or a d lily aV' rage increase oi .ISO la rels ol light and •l.lil5 rels of heavy gravity oil. the |art- est ( ai y aver ige increase rep irtqd for nany months. KANjSAS [TRANSFER EN TO ORGANIZE icljita. K^n.. Feb.: 15. (AP) r men from a^numbe' jof cities will moelj here F^bijii h lo ( rganizc a stale It itj planned, to eve !C()ncerns y. Hut kansas .W Will Iod; a hU) coni rope Tl^e cent with imssjt«^ was uriici nne allfili.'iled wilh lliH Wareli has he lis nru Imseman s as.soc dqiiaTterR in ("hi rs frohi transfer and operatiii); in- Aij hinson; Einiiori;i City. Alcltison. o- 1- an. lU h, lol i. Independence. Hod ;e City ' and (; have I een received by asso -iation, endorsin niov|n|ent an I jiromising siipi COHN^BORERBHJ. PASSED BY HOI ingtor lit a P lassi'd o appi; and V-orn funds by Pre] ^egislat last hirtntii. ill trod I Hied by . Fob I.^. (A| rord vol^ till' ind si-nt to ihe si [oprlnie ?lo,ooo.ooi radicalion of thej borer. i. wer"- reqiiosted sideiit Coolidge it^ on authorizing The n Represents 1, Republican. Indiana.' WASHINGTON DAY^ PRESIDENT f'BOOiV Bail reprt-h Tnp4 tipn .1 : fc ^ life Ika. K Wacc -ntativ his CB ididac>| Washli iglon * » • W l»n.\v iin., Feb. 15. ner. Atchison ci announced •for president o lt)ay club, an orga Kansas Democrats. h WASHINGTON Vingrejjs meets at noon, ranch ! senate. louse Ford >i Uinues ] louse tee r c • Phials bifis. banking bill is .hi e. i -.onsiders ifarm T- [ax recovery siijU II tin sis 55 L- .5i ba pays .tJie in it lic- t. • ' i ways has i;lier thoii Ihe s>ction east of thr .\Iifisnari river. That is not justified aniliat the r nie .liparing at City; wliici opens: April 7. wil shall i^n deavi r to sec lire a morcf favorable basis I "In' comparison with Iowa, h'li I whirl ilii- jinelght. love is mijch lowei Kansas, the not i-aJn- iiiKs >r Hie r;ilIroads ii JowaJIn 1!)1'5 fir<- $i:!.lSl.fil'l while the net earniaK>^ of jlie Kaiisai^ rtillco.'ids were ^L'S.:::;2.t;.S7. Thi- grjiss freight reveniie for the Iowa r;ii roads Was IHi .'l.aifil .fir .a while in Ihe same yijar the Kansas raiiro;ids Irom their freigl t buslneiis rendered fii Kiin- .<tas (ollected JlO.S.^LI.l' I" J In making further ci mparisiins .Mr. I eed pointed out th .-Jt the nine coiinlieB iii; Kouthca.stern rKanjtas have a; population of 51.6 per soiiaie mile; to Iowa's 44 'ji. per of railroad the ficures wj-re •. Iowa has 250.S personsj to mile,of railroad whi^c thfcre 12 in southeast Kansas. i Reed said soiilheist} Kansas the heaviest freight! traffic icing territory w ^st [of (jhi- mile closf each are -Ji Mr was profi (•ago INQUIRY INTO; 1 MYSTERY FIRES Salina. kanr. Feb. 15.j(AP)—An in<iiiii*^v into the mysterious fires whiclifociurrefl last week, destroying llie farm home andj biiildiiigs (in tbn (iilliorit Ilaymond farm, nine miles:iiortlieast of Wilson, Js heing held .-Il Lincoln today behipd CI4S- •>d do()rs." Among the w-Unes!^s was Cilliort Haymond, owjnijr of the liurni'^ biiildtngs. K. C. ACCEPTS THE NELSON ESTATE no- V- Cj.f- mat tlie lllie SB p, -. oil;;i- n:ll<- I (or Kil- re- ne m i-e ttatlve Kansas City. Feb. l,".. (AP)—The gift of lb" .site of O.-ik f;il|l. home of thej late William Rockl^ill .Vel- •<)wnf>r ' of the Kansas f-.r Ihe W^m. Rocklilll son. Star. gallery of art, has been flccepted by ttie city; council. The 20-acre trac-f will become the nropcrty, of the nity in ten days. BILL CALLING rim<''mn r««v'« i qity Nelson rit of Ahnouncemeh il^avy Traii^poijt Leaving jf o[ir! Secret Piortli ; 1jt'ai4hingtoii.i Fdb tli^t ^l iof a myjsleri<)itti in tli^ .Nicaraguan op«jd|!0day, when i thai ' pre! ati Ifir me Mystcjry CQBies in T&t S Is situattoii develf ......... . ^ecaiHc^ known |t pe navy|iran^pprl Hcoderscn to Ipaye tlje hat ijieen ord.bred Ph ladelphiji .navy a .'jeciret destinatiolii Navy officials de abqut the mission ^f and ijhe stale .d eqijally silent!. It was indicated terji, ihoweveit, thai carr fore Ipairing' to additional tiiannes. , j 'fhf) Henilri ;est. transports She rson nt [.service dit^njing at Philifije Rear: Adniiral mahdjng American Xictarngua. expecte^ ference today iwith cl.^imant to preiiidency. Officii hoijefiil .that steps! meiit Of the.Xicii may iresiilt.. hut apparent that! the not relaxing ^prep thCj situation ithoriigli. Aidnjiral I.ajimcri ingtonia confide j - i is on i^ thfi lias beH elphial LAiiimeir, naval' m lir^gji day! tai F>ntiil tied l:L..l hene an outline'o( beliieving tha't' t bilily.lof .set tinmen \Vh <?ther other i laiijed in the Irejioi] order? to Ihe dis^lo.^ed. Hen ONE CHIiNE$E WAR elAS BEEN J i- . Picking, Fi.-b nesi^ pres.H re; liere todav iiiidic.-i ej-alj Wii Jvi-Fii. l.-irjj|. leadijr. w slar|(llng between Ciintlonese and Pe Iliii|an'provin<'e. ..Noriihern forces. i I >; Shanghai, Feb. i: nes-" battle rriyal. W IhiMc of Mane 1 iirian' dictati Pel-F I. dictatbr of ^ auf the .N'orthcrner| er oday in l^onan. yettej-day conipletril thi apra. Th (i tic. 15.1 devc (AP) iolpn^e (ilined the I rprtin|4 jto -tak r ^nspoij rit ill otlie Is he ito .qtiar- jnitght lie '^aragi a merles a ne of tbe ^overn-i, recoii- Saca i.a. lie Ills- {oward heije lan ci iii4antirii4 riited SI rations ynrd today 'fir COEtl- fces a coii- Llb- raguani are settle- til war tt w ates isl to see sent to Wash— ,i reportlyester- ihich is belieMeif lo K.aTe co'tf- hjs reasons for (was iai possk-r fprinal.ldn con- t iled t^ jtodayfai htrson i • ! • Jj^ETlTLED • (AP -rChl- Pfirls received iOen- jmlH- jbcen iplppsInK FitoM In eil the n\ thaSL •intra i\ Ka.'i ijie o. laji join UAP) li thre liang -i A Chl- •iffrmlds, .. TijivLlki^ , MarBh?l ^u, onan pirdvlnce|. |is a sUp iiealr-j :hang fTso-lJii, occu{)ntion dC CLOTURE RULE SENATE BANK Fei, Vyashington. , senate today i •Iqtiire riilf^ to <; on ithe: .McFadden C9nference rejj lis forecasts on- on th.e bill bill Tl acti invf tompriow. It^surgents buster of rfef (Too the bad on the niea4i fring jaction id^e hatj McN'ary-Haugeri |)lanned a fill- re in the until ^resldeit apj)r>iv»;d or [ vetoed!' ANTI VAMP Sei) "an "w af:i Ij.incqln. ' atior ti-jv.-lmp" II - make ireal in .ybr.. William bill staie of jl6 eral —j— isenato .„.., rc was restore this md to 15 and no\ sis on lie of ithe sei 15. vpked ^N BIL (AP)-U I s draj- iil sho^t debate )r\inch j hankiilg oijts. ! ! Ilnjii legislative ' not later than! ferm bill. BILU IN N|:BRASKA tffib. IS.jjfAP) 4 Chatebersl ^liich injance [lie possib TO HO Another Kill In(r(Klticeci in!Houst IWould Cha ipe Njame (f FOR REPEAL OF LAW IS ^SEIBY ENDRE^ saVs tiltoWfi In tie ming by a TO e the geil- iRcpre.scnlalive From y)indy White to Andy I f«i Wears No Man's Tie. Tnpoka, Kan., F[eb. 15J (ADURlepeal of I (lcp().sitt)i,r.s; Kiiara.nty law tt^a.s prdpb.sed today Leather Emlrcs in Ih^ hbu.'^d. The! fund would b hoori March 1.5; "except, for the pi of winf fairs." The bill came befo-e a houise which i.' banking legislation. ; ; ] ' jEndro.s i.s the atthor of ia mCft .S|iirR for a fi lar ijond i.ssiie for ptying ?ill claim^4 funtt- Liabilities of ithe fund exceed the as-^etsi lion iriollar.s. A jiill to; change Ih^ iiamclofv Keprfscntatiye Andy Wlii ite to Andy' fJiimA was intrqduce <r ijy the "red necktie committee." TUc b|ll stati- I ed that both Andy Gurtp and ithe lAtchson couiity rei resentative i have endeat-ed lhem.sclVes \ to l.the woria. ! It also called a military : sub-coih- ^port!^ oil .Muscle • ttieiftioii to act that Gump twears j no 'k coHar" ahd White h'w^ars the man no nian's tie." iross production t ix qn rjiinj- was proposed by Wailen of te county. The sch jdulb wduld A eral.'^ Labe . be ai follows: Pel roleum 2 cents a Ij Co »1 and other minerjals, 2 cents a ton. Wilker of Cowley county offered a tat on gas and oil o ily, proposj- arrel. Ill .e V jGump— ih state bank i>y Majority ( 'aboli.'fhed at ^ ing up its af- sworking on valuei levy of three College . jifor In la Kstj-iblishihent of Kansas State Agricultural at Altamont was pi pvided , , bill by Townsend or' Laberte coun- • ty. A Elmilar meas ire wa| offereid in the senate yestr ;day. JhP! house will Iggin consideration jof tihie hew Im taranceicode at , 2 9'clock Thursday afternoon. The ! ;ible tax will e i at 12 o'clock "f •>n by Wiftden \r. ate penitential y Continued on Page .8^ Niunber ."Jl lulars signed ckey of the s fi million dol- he insolvent ! Ijy 5 i-3 mil­ der cent of the, U hrannb flf the 1,. • I afternojq iome up for de 6niorroV attei

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