Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 21, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1898
Page 1
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MO is Capital of Island of Panay '.Insurgent Hands. in WARSHH'S 8F.NT THERE BY HEWE TITO ofllm Cruller* Hunk During Ilio Until* of Mnnlln IMonlnrt " nn Monknil HtCnvll«-gerg(miit of nMlnnn «otn RifKlineiit A(ur<l«ri«t liy Filipinos — TrnnnlntloM of the t'oiiiiiiln»loi •nt'Molo On I; loil to WnnlililRton, Manila, Nov. 21.— Three Filipino na tlvea hired a carriage and afterwards became engaged In a dispute with tin driver regarding the fare. Some mam bers of the American military pollci attempted to arrest the natives, but the latter resisted and Sergeant Price of the Minnesota regiment was stabbec and killed and three other American soldiers, Maher, Montgomery and Hoyt were wounded. Maher shot one native dead. The others were arrested. Two Spanlnh Crulnorit Floated, The Spanish cruised Isla de Cuba and Isla tie Luzon, which were sunk during the battle of Manila, have b<en floated nnd docked nt Cavlte. The. United States revenue cutter McCulloch has left Manila on her way home. The Philip- pint; provlnrop. have suffered from th9 severest typhoon In years. Malaios, the headquarters of Agulraldo, has been damaged and many villages have been destroyed. The merchants of this city have decided to establish a chamber of commerce, which, by Kpantah law, they were previously precluded from doing. rilOPOSITION FOll AllttlTItATION. frail Hut Ion of Spuln'H Note Received in \VaKlllltfflnlt.. Washington, Nov. 21,— It was not until a late hour that the lust paragraph of the long translation of the Spanish note which was presented to the American pence commissioners last Wednesday as dlclDberud nt the state department. It appeared that In addition to the long argument which was Intended to show that the word "disposition" used; In relation to the Philippines meant RomeUiiriK else, the Spanish note Old include a proposition to submit the Philippine clause of the protocol to the Interpretation of an arbitrator. Anolhfi* cablegram followed the first long' message, tills time directly from Judge Day. seeking Instructions definitely on some points to be made In the Amerlfiin answer which is yet to be presented. These instructions have been sent forward, and It may be stated, without going into details, that they are precisely in line with the policy which the American commissioners have been pursuing up to this point In the negotiations. Judge Day made no mention In his message of any Intention on the part of the commission to adjourn their Sessions without transacting any business, but In view of the fact that the last Instructions wtre sent so recently as to oft'ord Insufficient time for putting them In form, It was believed to be probable that nothing would be done at the day's session and that the meeting 1 would be purely pro forma. Chicago To ISo Put In Commlinlon. Washington, Nov. 21. — Complete arrangements have been made to put the cruiser Chicago In commission at New York on the 1st proximo. Her complement of officers Includes almost entirely the officers who have served on the Vermont, and at the New York navy yard In connection with the repair and outfitting of the Chicago. Captain P. H. Cooper, late superintendent of the naval academy, will have command, and Lieutenant Charles Co- ohan will be executive and Lieutenant W. D. Rose navigating officer. The Chicago has been out of commission for nearly three years, during which time she has undergone almost a complete transformation, with the result that she is now one of the most formidable vessels of the American navy. Small Death Rule ut Manila. Washington, Nov. 21. — The following IBS been received at -the war department from General Otis at Manila: 'Following are deaths since the last report: Nov. Jny A. Smith, private, ompany G, First Dakota, of apoplexy following malarial fever." The war department officials say that the report showing such a small death rate among BO many soldiers Is extremely gratlfy- ng, and Indicates an Improved condl- .lon at Manila. That only one death should occur in 20,000 soldiers in a week or ten days Is very surprising. The department believes there has been a reat Improvement In the health conditions 4n the Philippines. Christmas. Gifts for Mnnllu Soldierg. San Francisco, Nov. 21.— The trans- tort St. Paul has sailed for Manila car- •ylng a cargo of Christmas presents or the soldiers und sailors In the Phll- pplnes. Thousands of packages of all sizes and descriptions have reached the quartermaster's department In the last en days from all parts of the country since It became known that Uncle Sam would net an Santa Claus and convey Christmas gifts free of cost. A num- ier of soldiers drafted to recruit com- lanlfs now at Manila and forty nurses ulled. Twenty of the nurses will r«- maln nt Honolulu. __ Vlmt Si.anl.b War reunion. Washington, Nov. 21. — Commissioner vans, of the pension office, notified Secretary of War Alger that Jesse T. Gates, of the Second United States ar- lllery, Who lost part of his upper Up n the West Indian campaign, has been warded the first pension on account of he Spanlnh war. Gates will receive (17 er month, and this being Inadequate .a irlvate pension bill Increasing tho pen- Ion probably will be Introduced In con- (,'rulaer Ordered '<' Havana. Philadelphia, Nov. 21.— It was re- orted ut League Island nnvy yard that rderH had been received from Wash- ngton directing tho cruiser Topeka to euvu f6r Havana at once. It was also tated that the auxiliary cruiser I'an- her will be ordered to Porto Idea In a few flays. She Is now being loaded vlth supplleit and will take ti crew from lit) ri'celvlne snip KJcliinund as «oon ax IllcerH art) detached to command her. Turned Out !« Wulctiiiin Keillor. Frederick, Md., Nov. 21.— Admiral Iphjey reached this city yesterday and HUtiueo • Arnicr. DUVO. The beat aalve In the world (or onto, raises, Borea. uloera, salt rheum, <•• r er Bores, tetwr champed bunds, ohll- lain*, coriMi. and all ikln eruptions, nd positively cures piles, or no pay eqolred. It la guaranteed to give lerfeoisatlBfaotlon, or money refund<J, Price 88 cent* per box, For salt B. Marsh. Alton and Upper Alton "Ttio worst cold I ever bad lu my l(e was cured by Obaniberlalu'n Oougu. lomedy," say* W. H Norton, of Butter Greek, OaT. "This oold left me will a cough and I was expectorating al tbe time. The remedy cured me, anc I want all my frleude when rohhled with a cough or cold to me t, for It will do them good." Sold by . MwiMnd B. H. WyM. RoVAU Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powders are th* greatest menacers to health of the present day. now, BMUNa rowan eg, new YOBK. will remain unlU tomorrow visiting his relatives here. Ills coming wan the occasion of an ItnmenKe popular outpouring and ovation. Many houses were elaboroately decorated, the churches and other hells of the city were .rung, and thousands gathered at the station to cheer him. A public reception wll be given In his honor tonight. To Admit QiilnlUG Free of Duty. Washington, Nov. 21.— The treasury department has recommended to the secretary of war that quinine 'be admitted Into Cuba and Porto Klco free of. (July. Under Die Spanish law the duly on quinine was about $13.60 a pound. The war department undoubtedly will concur In the treasury rec- tommendatlon. llftiruinont fur Admiral Miller. New Tork, Nov. 21. — Hear Admlra Joseph N. Miller, who hoisted the American Hag ov«r Hawaii Aug. 12 last will be retired Tuesday, after spending over forty-Beven years In active service. Of this about twenty years have been passed afloat. Admiral Miller wll mol<e New York his home. Urynn'n I,eave Kxfnmled. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 21.— Colonel Will- lain J. Bryan has been granted an additional ten days' leave of absence 01 account of continued 111 health. Change of climate resulted In a Blight attack of malaria fever. RACE CAl'SKO SHHMVKECK. Survivors of the Atlanta ISlume tier -Cap- tuin fur DID JJIsailcr. Portland, Or., Nov. Zl.-One o£ the survivors of the Ill-futed Atlanta claims that the wreck was due to the carelcH.stiesH of the captain, who pale for his folly with Ills life. They were raclnjr with another vessel, and were keeping closer In shore In order to get the advantage of the wind In tacking and to make a short cut to hea'.l the other vessel off. They cume close In shore, and, not seeing the light at Cape Foul Weather, steered ahead until they struck the reef about four miles below Alsea bay and about one mile and a half from shore with such terrific force as to snap the masts off like toothpicks, carrying the rigging everywhere with It. Two of the survivors, after reaching land, made their way to a cabin, and, awakening the occupants, started them In all directions for help. The farmers were Very slow In notifying the life-saving station at South beach, twenty miles away, and they did not reach the wreck for ten hours after It occurred. KxploHlon of Nnlural Gas. Portland, Ind., Nov. 21.— The residence of N. B. Hawkins, cashier of the Citizens' bank of this city, was totally wrecked at 1 o'clock In the morning by an explosion of natural gas in the kitchen, which came with such force that the house was almost torn to pieces and all Portland aroused by the jxplosion. The family, five In number, had a miraculous escape, none being Injured.' The hired girl was gone for the night, or she would probably have been killed. Windows In a number of neighboring houses were crushed In. Hawkins' loss will be quite heavy. uhe i'Uonaaiid Dollar* IttUnlng. Lexington, Ky., Nov. 21. — A postofflce robbery and forgery In which Jl.OOO Is Involved has occurred somewhere between New York city and Lexington. John E. Madden, the noted horseman, a tew days ago, wired his wife from New York that on a certain date he would send that amount In a registered letter. When she called for the same she found that the latter had evidently been tampered with and containing two Blips of paper. The government officials lave been notified and detectives put on the case. It Is likely that the robbery occurred in New York. Woman Caused Hi* Itulu. New York, Nov. 21. — A Chlcagoan riving the name of Hobert Gordon Har- ,'ey, but whose real name is W. H. Hoppe, is under bonds of $10,000 here to answer acharge of passing worthless chocks. Hoppe's father died recently, caving him a legacy of $20,000 In cash, which In eighteen months he squandered In the "tenderloin" district. When he war broke* out he Joined the Fourth United Slates artillery, lie became In- 'utuated with Nan King, whom he met vblle In camp, niul It Is fur her, It is alleged, he used fraudulent checks. Dr.. Nniivy Uullluitl llraiiKlit Hunk. New York, Nov. 21.— On board the ?uniu'i! line steamer l.ueanhi which ar•Ived here from Liverpool and Qui-enH- ou'ii, WUH Dr. Nancy Uullfonl, Ihe Connecll'Hit mid-wife, u prisoner In cus- ody. Mis. (iiillfurd was on deck when he Htfainer reached quarantine. Hhti Save not the slightest trouble during IIP vi'yuK'*. ni'ltlivr has nhe made any ilutiMiii'iil or I'unfi.'Hslon. She appeared unxloim to n-ai'li home to »ec IKT fa in- ly. _ ............... _________________ Trul n lliilibor Shot unil Klllnl. Bun llernurdlnii, I'al., Nov. 21.— Tin vi-sl-buuiid overland piiKHengiT train s liifld m i by four robbi-rn about 1 lock In Hi'! morning, bi-twi-cn U»tr- giUt and Iliiriitow. Hxprt'HH Mi'SHiMiKer liitchltiHiin drove them olY with liuek- bot und the tnil n pulled out for Lug itKt'lvH. At Itiii'Hluw tiiif li-iiluiiifii i- ill u IIOHHC buck to the Hrcnr uf the lold-up, \vluTt> the body of one of the ubln-1'H wax found perforated with shot. California Fruit hhlpuu'iilH. Han KriUK'lHcu, Nov. 21.--- Deciduous rult Hlili'inuiitti from California to thu astern murkrlN Iwvu iil-out rcawil for HUf. Thi' loliil HhlpiiU'lltit for the Henn to date amount to 4,850 cars, us iilHKt MOO earn for liiril m-iimm. Tlilx B u fulling off of DM carH. It IH cull- HiiU'd that Die riilBln n)il|»m-i)tH" will .mount to 4,000 cum, and thut thu irune crop uriii drli'd fruit shipments /111 each ittjgrcisute about the Hume. Dr.Bull's Cute* pleuriiy «nd pwu> monta In a wonderfully •boft Urn*. It promptly allays lailammallon of th» lungs. Fpf tore lungs ttiilnvaJutU*. Learns of Oaoialon of tho Court of Cassation. UPROAR IX FllKJiCH DEPUTIES. M. I.anlon Vltforomlv AIUi-k« (lie Govarn- jjient Willed C»ll» Forth Indignant Pro- tefttA from tlic Blnjorlty — I*rflal«lont Faure Confer* Upon tlte QttiMMt Uojxent of Spain the tlrnnd Ordur of tlm Legion of Honor. Paris, Nov. 21.—-Ex-Coutaln Dreyfus has been odlclally Informed of the decision of the court of cassation to order a revision of his trial. The telegram stating that Dreyfus had been ofllclal- WHERB DRPJYFU8 13 CONFINED, ly notified of the action of the court of cassation In the matter of revision of his trial came from the governor of French Guiana. No particulars were given as to how the prisoner received the news. Trouljjo In the I)i*|Hitlen.. There was a noisy sceVe In the chamber of deputies during Mj Lasles' Interpellation of the proposed government measures to maintain the Inviolability of the contents of the package of secret documents in (he Dreyfus case, which are understood to affect the national defense. The premier, M. Dupny, recalled the recent ministerial statement on the subject, adding that the chamber could depend upon the vigilance ol the government In the matter under debate, which he moved be a.1Journcd for a month, amid loud applause and protest from the extreme left. M. Lasles vehemently attack-id the government and the magistracy, which called forth Indignant protests from the majority ol the house. He accused the government of failure to enforce respect for the national honor; but, arnld great tumult, M. Dupuy's motion was adopted. PAUKK Kl/l'CKNS THK FAVOK. Confer* nit Order Upon the Queen Regent of Spain. Madrid, Nov. 21.— The Spanish government has received dispatches from Senor Monteros, president of the Spanish peace commission of Spain at aPrls, detailing the Investure of President Faure with the Order of the Golden Fleece, bestowed upon him by the queen regent and giving further particulars regarding the peace negotiations. President Faure has conferred the Grand Cordon of the Legion of Legion of Honor on the queen regent. An official dispatch from Hollo says the situation in the Visayas Islands Is less grave "than alleged. The Insurgent' attack on Hollo is denied. According to the government officials here, there Is no truth In the report that certain prelates are conspiring against the Spanish government. Count von Radowitz, the German ambassador, has officially notified the Spanish government that Emperor William has abandoned his Intended visit to Spanish ports, "owing to the change In temperature in the Mediterranean." Amassing After ox-King Slllau. London, Nov. 21.— A special dispatch from Bucharest says two attempts have keen made recently upon the life of ex- King Milan of Servio. The first, It appears, was on a train between Kragu- Jevez and Nlsch. A number of peasants attacked the former king's car with pistols and stones. They smashed the windows and wounded some of the members of his suite. Later, at Nlsch, a man dressed as a student and armed with a revolver, entered Milan's bedroom, but was arrested before he could attack the ex-king. Prediction Regarding Great lirltalo. Paris, Nov. 21.-- /The Rappel.ln threatening Great Britain with French hostility, In the future, says: "The blunders of Great Britain in the Fashoda question have Irritated Europe and have excited the appetite of the United States. England and America can scarcely continue to agree. Canada Is very tempting after Cuba, and then Jamaica, British Guiana and the Cape. A decade hence, Great Britain will be caught between Europe and the United States and that day will be Great Britain's death." Protcgt AffulnBt Corea'a Order. Yokohama, Nov. 21.— A dispatch from Seoul, capital of Corea, says the American, British and Japanese ministers there have protested against the action of the Cororin government In Issuing orders that foreigners ure to be stopped from trading In the Interior. 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You will receive apromptreply.l wltbnut coat. Addrea*. i DR. J. 0. AY EH, Lowell, Halt. li.x-l.»r<l Mayor of London Dend. London, Nov. 21.—Sir Stuart Knlll head of the firm of John Knlll & Co. and lord mayor of London during- the year 1S92-D3, Is dead. He was born in J824. ._ Pinned Retweeti Engine and Tender. Prescott, A. T., Nov. 19.—A fata! wreck occurred yesterday on the Santa Fe, Phoenix and Prescott, a train being derailed. Watchman Hanks was plnneO between the engine and tender apd killed. Engineer Clements, Fireman Rellly and Brakeman Merrill were seriously injured. \Vl8conain'» Battleship Train. Mtlwauke, Nov. 21.—The paJatlal Wisconsin battleship train which will carry the christening party to San Francisco arrived at Marinotte at ] o'clock and left over the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad at 2 p. m. Death of a Veteran Pilot. Keokuk, la., Nov. 21.—Captain Albert Wempner, pilot on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers for the last forty-five years, died yesterday. He was born In Prussia 64 years ago, the son of the Baroness Charlotte von Ende. ueatli Vir an A^od J'rlest, Pittsburg, Nov. 21.—Rev. Father Luke BaudlnciH, the oldest priest In the American province of the Passlon- 1st Order, died at St. Paul's monastery here atter a lingering illness. Father Baudlnelll was a member of the order tUty-two years. The interment will take place in the monastery cemetery. Requisition fur Ex-Mayor Macgown. Harrlsburg, Pa., Nov. 21.—The governor ot Ohio has made requisition on Governor Hastings for Frank Macgown, ex-mayor of Trenton, N. J., who wanted In Cleveland for child abduction. Ills counsel has protested and a hearing on the requisition will bf fixed. Macgown Is in custody at Erie. Oliver Clement, need 18, of Popular Blurf, Mo., has married Mrs. Hannah nicGlnnls, aged SO. She was his step mother's stepmother. Lincoln Eaton, clerk of Franklin township, Cnss county, la., Is missing. Ills books Indicate thut he is short $460 In his accounts. Creditors are to wind up the affairs of H. H. Coho & Co., dealers In electrical supplies nt New York. The liabilities are $GU,ono and the assets J40.000. The nntluniit fraternal congress which has been In session In Baltimore, has adjourned to moot In Chicago in August of next ycur. California mine owners assert the gold output of the state Is being curtailed 50 per cunt, by the drought. ELY'S CltEAM I1AI.M U apoaltlveoure. Apply luto the noatrlla, H la quickly absorbed. N ccnU al UniKglaU «r t>r mall; tamplM UK-, bj null. KLT mtOTllKHS. U Warren HU New York Cltr. PlLlS nul *ud Only Genuine. . lwij* n-iUbl*. IAIMC. MK ' • ^ I,U, ......, iNtf«reu4 lukKUv* T Al UraulMs, flr Mo4 4* lUUri, tMUtMAUU ««• if lour. l>; ntmm al>l>. *JW rtt*. lU4U.. 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MACK, Co -ner Shields and Rozze Streets Now is the time to Subscribe One Year, - $4 OO 1O Cents a Copy HARPER'S WEEKLY during 1899 will contain complete, concise, and accurate accounts of all noteworthy and interesting occurrences as they transpire in our own and in foreign lands. Eminent men of letters and distinguished artists will contribute to its columns, and its readers will have the most impartial and the best PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE YEAR • During 1899 HARPER'S WEEKLY will be especially rich in fiction, containing serial stories from the pen of H. Q. Wells, author of "The War of the Worlds"; "The Conspirators," by Robert W. Chambers; a romance of De Solo's last voyage, by 0. S. Van ZHe, and short fiction by authors of international lame. Articles by special correspondents in our new possessions — Manila, Honolulu, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, with other interesting matter, will fill the space left by contemporary events. Trial Subscription, Four 25c. HARPER it BROTHERS Square, Hew York

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