The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1927
Page 6
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liy th'e' roff«,'yvii|le Junior (luintet. liola five showetl up hhtfi in : any, previous eanie this but (IU<^ to 8ever |al uohicl<>| Mahn: Goes Out of Gam^ On Personals As the End of Game Is Near; Gabie Is Here,-Soo|n. Colfejjville, Kun., Fe|), 14. (Spec lali—loa Junior CTpljuge basket jeers bowed in liefeatj 29 Id 27, her^ !Satu -day niklil aftej^ a speotacula JHnish kolItJge tlian year. breaks, pould not hold the lead until jtlie (inal 'wliistle.i Clififf.; at for vardj; was ishowing up jvelli when he wan thrown to the filoor in tlie firnt *len minutes of play and his tihoulder . was knocked but of place • \Vi|h Fronk in Graffs place, th« lola kliiintet h«ld Offeyville to a three; point lead utj the half- In tlm secoi/d half. lola took the lead, but Mann went out on personals wiih leu' niinuies to play, and Jola lotit its*pep, I'offeyvllle taking the) lead, j UiirKer-was Iola\s lijiKh poi;it iiian with jfiVH from the SehliiikeK : lor-al <••» field, while| ^ter, counted iflve from the field', with-four three jiliroW.s. j ».rll and. .Mil er showed up iweU for icoffeyville. T lola will HWiUK inli iiclliui on its ihoiiie eoiirt ThurHduy aKaiUHi Inde- -IpeJIlleUCli. U>Ut \(il) lliHU'r .if Cniffj r i Kriilili. t Alttnn! c ('lOplfK- . '. l,Vre|ot|l, K i.Menzle. f , 'ri .tal - (off<j<il!e Hell, r Kj/nn int. f .Miller (<•!..c S<hli<fker. c Kessli-r. K - Iiilloii. S --1 ' ^ • Total; mx s( OKK! KC FT F t, 0 •1 . 2 0 0 . :t 0 II 2 (1 4 0 1 II I •1 1 0 :! . i:i 1 12 FC. FT F ... 4: 2 1 ..0 .(1 1 •1 • 1 1 ...a 4 0 _...o 0 II II 0 (I --.11 (Continued fronJ Page 1) of Oe .iry county. Tlii' hill tarries Ji.llOl) appropriation, 'to bejil -seil in HirenktheniiiB and repairing the Willis;.'' The house rejecteiij of Sedgwick tlireej day, "to ate a (haiice 10 catclj house." Henry Tayjor. of Atlwood. will. ceive, congratulations i.slatiiie on his lll3rdj iiiveijsary Kriday.,if iiitrofiiiceil "by Short, ed. adop fax legi.slaliiin wil debate in the house Weilne.sjiay. At Ihe| Chairiiiin .Nulling of COIUIIlilt I'f gin on he Idll to tailglble, t;ix, rale' luillH; • i The lime ( plfDposeil iieW •iiile, the • \Vork| roiiililihsloil cl'eiited liitiiii iw" yeaijt HK< a mot ion. by coiinty for a give the sen- up with the Weir. Feb. 14. (SpeclaD-r Scammon won a trl-ntate junior , high Htliool. basketball tournament here .Saturday night, by defeating Arma Junior high 2S to 19. Cockerill girls won ; in their class by defeating .Mineral, 21 to jlO. Lfekj^ney Prepares foy Battle GOLFERHAS LONGWRIYE Steady Chop and Click Marks Second Day of Drive From Mobile To Lois Angeles By Graham. Mobile. Ala.. Feb. 11. lAl')—The steady (hop anircliek of floe Cra- hiim's driver and I lie call of bis volunteer cadd.v, "Happy Kirby," today had succeeded ilie cheery calls of liii) admirers who Kped liim ^rom .Mobile yesterday on his project lo drive a golf ball to California. .' (irulianr has thus far jilg-zagged a twenty mile course .ihroiiKb a iiea of mud. piisMing iiioloriHts reported? Me weiii| Mieadllv forwiint ycM- ii rday until ilarkiiet -H lialte,(l his lirogresH, ,N 'o ccniiit has beiMil r«?- (Kirlj-d «•< to how niii /iy of his esil- lola Wi 1 Play Pittsburg Thcrri!Frida )r ,.Wh^le Chshute'Invades l-'ort Scott For Game. Denver Kiji ifihky" TKAiM STA!M>IX<;S. t ... IMtfsljurir Fort Snii Coifeyvlll I'arsons Chanute lolii .- lndF|ieii(letici> IV. -0 1» It 1 I 2 ij » (Jiimes ; (his week: 'Frli|:iy. lola ut Pittsbun;. Chiiniite Fort Scolt. IM.ttshurg and Fort Scott as cliamuionsliip possibiiiticii in the Hig Seven conferem-e. • with ritt.sburgi having a decided ei: the Mace; Hefore the county live ca,ii claim the I (don.'^liip, however, it miisl lola-and Fort Scoir. Fort .Scott shoiilil Win ea.sll:! ilay II I K I II iroiu I'hanuti-, am would-bi'ing tlii> i-hamploMsliI tlje liisl wi'ck of piny-Ullde .Aj-i I'litslmrg playn ime less tljiui Fort .Scott, a Fori Sioiil niul<'-d l,.'iito.iiiiii Ntrokes the Alabama Mporlsmau I IIIM coiisiime.d in the day's ailvaiiiM" toward l.os Angi'leH.. firahain mid his cuddy «re pre-' paled to spend from live nionilis lo rive years in their match. would nie;m u FRANK SNYDER IS BACK IN BASEBALL Chicago. Feb. Snyder, formerlv tiiry next wi 'ck cll ;imtiioiiHlijp. IMtisburg lA exiHciIng pleii y of opjioMilloii Fridiiy niglil when lolii | Invades the coiil lowil. and ( oacli { .loliu . S CO II 'H liimk'Teiji's are pre- (iiired to liiiiid piltil.iJimeiil o it to them.• . • I'iirsoiis. at ,|ireseni lio ding cross-i oiintry i roiii-th po.ujtloii, il(ies not .'Wliig into action ngaiii until .Mar'li 1 against Iii(I^peiid<iu-e there.,. Tin rollowini^ night. .March 'i. lolii goes lo I'arsons. An ujiset in either of the gjimes Friday niglit. would miike the of conference play interesting. In- 14. (API—Frank New York Ciants. wfco refused to reporr to ihti St. Loiiis Cardinals when transferred last year, was reinstated today by Kene.saw .M. I.undis, «-omirii.ssioner of baseball. catcher ifor the , dependence api/arenlly Is desjtineil i to finish in la.'-i place; while i^ be difficult for lola to above fifth place in the face i stiff schedule. CUanute can • for no belter than! fifth placd, he leg- from the birthday an­ il resolution )f Kawlins, l.*^ come' up foi^ It; 2 o'cloc« .-reqae^t of tiio laxatioil j'onsideriiiion iwill he} in reasi' the in-f fr im 2.5 lo '..l illiced III till iiillli-e hill. house ll [KansaH Insiir of Hi speillil by the leglH WHS Intro [d.iy iiH Ii com Tliit Hellllte the.flow of I lioilsi- reKollIt coliimltte nil diii.i'il .liy nei toti(>k Ills: by on MO sures ilnesda line .set oi li;iiiiilt.v was todiiy.' Hte|m to 'stem umeiidliiK the hut all exicepi ^lisl be illtrO- Tlie d^'iid the lijiUMe 1^ "lie si 'liate passed a bill to ail-j Ihorize till- stale I I I R iway vomniis siun, lo i'lei-f iinifoiin road :liBn and 'to rj-move a^f b 11 boards aiic cither' si«ns lofiitet within tli^' riglif of way of statij hifjhways. Tiif> song. "Hymn W(;uld be adopted by der a resolution offijred by i^'na rlington. I I f. Hijigg: ikaughuuui -o ttir Hamnioiul of Bi was, written by :i.#wi^i and Liiailah Sallee Ottawa. . Banks operatiijg' n ider guaranty, law wouli be to uive Ixmds for dep >sits of pulilii funds • under a bill l| who projiosed repeal empting tlio guai-ant this reiiuirement.' Stock and boi]|d be required to pay a c'eiise fee and |M >'st : under a bill offered Fort; Scott. Kstablishmeiit of a (il to review the ptat Iiai-lnient was proi«>i ed by Ceddes ! imjliar meas- In' the house. <if Kansas City. l\ lire has been def^ateil LAG^ANDE * (.Mrs. Alva Flack) Feb. 12.—Roy I.,ove delivered a horse to Robert Itngers at .Moran I Tuesday. I .Mr. and Mrs. .lo • Read spVmt Sunday with- their daughter. .Mrs. Clarence Honk and family. Mr. and -Mrs. Alva Flack and Russell .spent Salnrday with his parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. R.IA. Flack, at LaHarpe. ^ ' Mr, and Mrs. Morrison spent last Tuesday' with llieir son. Ira and family, helping with the butchering. ' Duke Miners and .-Mva Flack went to lola Tuesday. .Mr. and Mrs. Charley (lerdson aiid .Mrs. Love, spent Tuesday with .Mr. and .Mrs. Conrad Oerdson. • .Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Honk and family spent Thursday at the parental-Reade iroiU". ; .Mr. iind Mrs. .-Mva Flack spent Monday evening with lier pariJnts, Mr. afiii .Mrs. Robert iJaiiglierty. I'ete Myers and Roy I-ove helped Alva Fliick.jiiove his garage Thursday afternoon. GOOD mm CiRDTOmt Will Oj^pi^s^ May in Bou Which Will Feature Mirza Shrine Glo^e-Fest. Pittkblirg. Heb. 14. (Speciam -4 iig ticke recor hgh't ;|liere t<; Oat I rlwind [•h.nmpi] sale Saturday 1 crowd tonight' ^rd at .Mirza Shr^nrj night. re battle, • penVeii bantamweight b] m of his 'class dlewest, will fight •^tli ••I 'jnky" .May, ruler} he south. I nt will find An- in iul ev( of Brown i|\'eir, 'mixing Kansas City Crawford liam- Fri- ihis p to Ided. |;ame vie- PURTELL TO MANAGE ST. JOSEPH NINE DRAFT PUN i IS REJECTED AT MEETING m!-finil go ef Henry p M. .\| biifg 'ernam with T| in 11 o|iei| Kaiis iH i:i will advance of a hope Fled ipu -l K. llols. • ;i terniiiii 1 1 rophv. f ! ' ! ' ' s-iioiiiiii •ll" pa: New iManajrer Was Leader Th!<' American .Association Four llies;e hi C. .1. Shulz. Ktchen ! Champil ! Kach s Of Sprinj<fieki ( Itih In Western Assoc. Last Baseball Season. i STATE MEN; INTO ' SALINA FIRES ' Salina. Kahs., Feb. 14. (AP)— iOifpnty Fire .Marshals l.yllel and Cliarles \V. Peterson arrive^ at Wilson today and this . afteiriioon with Sheriff Toman. Klls^-orth county and Slieriff Peacock, cidn county, will inyestigat(| fires at the Cilbert Hiiynumd ii<ne miles northeast ! of WI hi Tkey will, then return to wiiere they plan to ^un/^non tiesses btifore a hearing to be at that town. • No fires, or distifrbances occurred at the farm Isiiice Tjiurs- ilny night. Mn- Springfield. .M..;. Feb. II. i.M'i .Mark l-iir!oll. last \tur'< plliil IlieSiirihjifielil iluli of ilie Wisfi -rn .\ssficiation, will liuiniii;'- the n'l 'vy.y organi/.i-d Si. .In-epl;. .Mo.. Ii :i-eli:ill club in the .-i;!!!!'-'Ii-:i;;il • diiiiiK' llu- c-oiiiing si-ai^oii. Ilr ;>iil to ii riiis' fidlowing a ciinli n tic- \vi:!i .lolia .Misse and .lolm iloiiis. forncT hi/, league |d;iy.'is. Who will 'o ]H -r;iii' j the St. .loN( ph cliilr j Piirlell has iiiijilc :c ;;iiiid rn-ord jas :i pilot, f,:l^l; ^-vomX a> lithe SprinKiclil iniii:r.:er. li.- |i-i| tlf pctS ;i •.; 1•| to ; I th- Clubs Plan! Turn .Down! Today By \'o(e of Steven To One. (, 3i!i an-). 14 - The .•\mericaii ri^jcijted the pro•il iiiiijcir-lniinor lias|chall letigue Mil lit nil the dlifl. i City, lien. .l.-ii loini 1 1 tly At. till classic WiTi rei-eiv 5 ere tie|il OS. K: > loll tjoilay rill ViMe ilisaiipt'oval was ':'i-r I III- proposed imijor .Jc'iimies li:i • llic pi ii-e of' I'l from .yn.Oo (lio agreement, i offcreil to ' I'las.-; A A I .•?T.r>ilii. V,: Springfield .Mi(l!;its to :i p'-niiaii'. • "!'' Il.i' 1!»2.': he farm 1)«'' piloted the riutiliinsiit!. Ison ^.K^"''"''' of the Soulhwestijri; iicoln '''''" "" "' wit- i-'*'""''Migs. Fn held have THKKK Kl,l(;iBU: FOR (liKKItYV.iLK I'OSI.TIO.\ • Washington. Feb. 14. (API civil servii-e_ comiriissiim toda tifieil the following aj< eligib aiipoinlmeiii (llierryvale, Hrigv, Wm. Kinney. as I poslniaster Kaiisas: •AValtejr A. II. I lite and llarry | -The cer- e for at AMBERS FUNERAL IS HELD T0D^4Y in Krancisco, F<-J).! 14. (Al^)— e r;il '<ervici-s for l-Mwiard iiilw.r.-:. vice iiresidijnt of Uhe 1 i -'i- railroad, wlip leaped to ll from a hospital window last iv lyiriiit a supn'osed fin of .nrary l:i*:inity. w .Jre lidd tout St. .'^lary's (Jaifiedral. with ir-.;- niimhi-r of railroad ajiso^ i es .111,1 ojlicr fricnil .c; present lo I in for •a wStid bout of the '• gilt rounds and [.Neinenger of ilop illy, a c -rowd-ple:] ijoxer. ez of Kansas C iinmy Smerl. Stiijjp- six round buliil Mie show. CTCHEN A NI) JENNY TIKI) IN TRAPSHOdT Col e porjia wil city T, Kail firs MPJinjlI.l tK.l.MS I piiria; Ft-b. 14. (Specliai.l j ^cj; of I Kniporia aij Il.Teachers has l^laiy liere tonight lalmptonship. A * vicl^oilyii will drag. K eirs irom the ;o| s4s ;;Cohference sta KJ; Piltsliurg T d.Km- ket^ers i'or of the •. cjf K. ii|i4iria the iidings. adiers DICKB WO MATiMRI|EY DIjAWS ENTRY L SI J OF sbo National Amateur Athlete Association Moetils OF LINCOLN teii .^4riJ Leaiie f'ran- iHSselTranfef^eii to Biisiness Bead Of Sti .1 ^1 Clubr Topeka, Kaiis.. F4bi nick lireeij, businesj Jokeph "Wf stern Im.- will Ue the St. baseball this yeir o franHbijie ii| the ciri •[ir '^sideiit. ^nnounce ^i franqliiie Ijas 'been iiy Ii. F. -Vrn will have d the Line oln, Meliraska, Ii 14 manager of league the operator , Dalel today. frmisferrert AP)— Gear, The In a fc -w slniit wv'k-. Iiii;li school :iiid jiiliior colli'vc will be ilivi-iililiii'u ;reir -lioil l.;i-- ketball p.ini: l.jr liL-hi. r :i:il if .iliylililii; .'•h.Mie:) |;iiii • :ii 'i| •'. track .';e;isi.ii A .ill he nn. I..:,;.- Cobb to Philly^ "jpY conn I N to to Kanjias. the stateJ uuj- the Stat*} rcipiirec y Cabrielsoii )f the law ex banks fion 1 rokers wouU| annual li {llKndn honill |by Warren ofl judicialooun judiciary deJ EARL CARROJ.L IN PERJURY APPEAL Wa.shlngton. Feb." II. (AP)—Ea /('aiiroll. the theatrl a'l itiamigi ; conivlcied .of pefrjury ifl coiinectli with hlH celebrttted liith.tuh kiariy '• "'-''' lliemi- cfrnVlc- llij .N'ew York .today preme eoiiii to revh i tloii liniler which he fas sentcMiced ' to II year and u day land & line of ts.uub. islTeil |v the ImprlHoiiinent fliilMh bin career OH -a member of (ho Philadelphia Athletics. That Is more limn Interesting when you recall the fact that Cobb, acted for playing hard against all clubs, seemed to e^ert hlmse)f even more than usual against Philadelphia. FoT years there has existed a keen rivalry betw;cen the two clubis. Perhaps the spirited play of Cobb was in a measure responsible for it. Anyway,^ any series between the two teams,'thai failed to provide plenty of thrills, was considered a failure. • • ; * Never Gave Ground rpY COBB always figured the baselines were as much his as the ' Inflelder. He never gave ground. AVhen he slid into a base he did so with everything he hail. There never was'a baserunner with a more deceptive slide than .Cobb. An infielder who vas not an [expert In touching a runner, was always In danger When trying to put the ba I on Ty. One sea i6h, 1 recall, he spiked both Jack Barry and Frank BakeV. In the casf of Barry's injuio'. Jack himself wj s largely responsible. In an lmport|nt game he took a daring chanc'e to retire : Cobb,. sue- 4'eeded, but suffered & bad spike •wound. ' • i - In the rase of Frank;Baker, Cobb did go Into the base rather hi|;h. No doubt he hoped to intimidate Ilaker. The i! latter, never a good man at touching the runner, played the ball awkwardly an<) was badly uptked. • • • Roar of Crowd "mHEN a player li injured,; » "'home player in particular, the crowd (IVM BO coiuldtratioB M to reHpoiiRlhlo, tho vlu^lnx always iicouncd of dirty who -was .'player lit work. Kuiurnlly the Philadelphia crowds look Cobb jscvorcly to task for his part in (he Spiking oim\CQt and Barry and he ,was tho:target for much verbal aVuse and ti>ma ibrea(s of physical Vjlolence. j I happened to give the decision In the' Barry case and I recall while he was sitting on the ^rdund, gett'ing first aid, Barry aiisi Ived Cobb from any bldme in the pening. i i Ilecentl.v, In chatting with over the possibility of his goii Philadelphia,! these, two incic were brought up and Cobb salt day following the 'Barry inciJent was the most unpleasant of hl^ entire career. , , • • .• Threat of VJolence it'J'ire following morning," hap- Cobh g to enta the •said ion. Cobb, by wav of explanal "I received a specia'l delivery litter written on the best of statloneiy in a very fine hand. It was frofn a man of intelligence. "The letter Infornjed me that] If 1 played that afternoon, it w: s a most important gaine, I would lie shot from a window in one of the houses that overlook the right leld wall at Shibe Parkjln Phlladeli hla.' "The fan also iiiformed me hat be would use a silencer on the ;un. that I would-neveriknow-I was ihot until the bullet pierced my b ick. Feeling ran ao hli^h againat ni • at the time, that I ^jias urged no: to play, but I Inaisted on doins v "However, I am franlc (o ai y ( was a happy man when that ball game waa over. Every time I a ait ed" after a fly bail or Broundejr. I expected to b* picked off." Thene kamc.tens who once chmt out to jeer; Cdbti, becauae he waa an opponent, will now cheer liim becauae he ia on« o( the bomel|o }ri. PickU Undom, si|ii:ii|-; |>.< liolh trai K \ fe« linlh itiis W.>\-\\, iilel I'ic'lil jcaH I 111 M -I |.1. H I .III ilgll. •I! Illlclll iiirvceiiiu rii IIIIIII.V iioiiie riiii> he cuiilil lill each .«cni. lie N li.iliii: ill Hce hiM> hard he can hit llie mtiiiiiyemciil iii(- siihir.i loi (In- l-OlllillU vc.-IKIIII .j llillll will Hot [•|;i;t :i l!i<i-. gymiiasiiiiiis niid; turn iils l..ii u from ha~^elMlI lieejllisi-- ol <.'il;il\. sport expcrl.> Tlii'V poiiii to the lact that a ii which Kiiih .sooil ovliiiH picMiie ill will :i|ipi-;ir. !!•• jieiids on Ills idayiii^ liayeliall tlii- season. That is. if "ll-ilie" i^ni drawin;^ a big gate lor tie ^ ;llli^^•• in a iiaseliiill suit., his pic lure w'.W not draw a big >:lite :it Use mo.;, palaces. ' ' Harold <>r:niue. familiarli l>nnnn '•Ifeii,*' liiis S I IOMII lhat he run |d«i other (hinus tie> .sides playing fiHilhaii ami carryinu: ice. 'Iii>' fir-t nintiiiu |iiclnre, "(Ine .>linnle («. I 'iyj." recelied a noiideri'ni HC I CI W III' from the puhlici and there jsn imbllc -demanil ifur ;iiiiire '•IJjeii" iiriii'itfe plrlurei. ' Uegardless of the nuiiilier of kelhall sanies lost by the lola ior c.olleKc liaskt'tiiall team . .«>n. CoaHi li;j Stoikebr.ind the' fans of lo!;;! siioiild not i -••ider this season an iiii-iicies-lili ! one. lida had llie priviiei;i- Ol U>- ing '.lit' first Kc|iiad to ileleat l';ir- soiis junior iollct;e. and topple iliai strong a^^rcgaticliii from first plai-e in the Kansas* JJiiiior Cilii • ...ii ferelice. That Nl ilsell shuiild 1 make the sca-iolj suic, s.-ful. Tlie Oei ]Uiio -M)tl<iiiey I'ighi in .Madison S^imire l^nnleu at >en York nc,\i Fr!4ii> is al- (riirtlnu l«ls iff nftention. Tlif ; dinner of ili:|l bout prolinbly •w'.W be the i|iaii In uln Te\ Klcliurd's he (i «}nei^ht eiimlmu irn with | .Mr. (Miiiin s. Iiit'i iiieiit was in iiiii ll rv. COLLEGE STUDENT! KiLLS HiiMSE^llF :i\ Cily. Iowa. FelJ; 14. Il ..jv :uil Kl^her. L':! a lile; .• rlijiil.'iit ami noli il'. u .IS ; rollllil dcai ill (III ollii'ii iHlilllillg :ilie' hull riVIO INCHES S>|0\V AT .•'iiiiiia. V"\:i- ilii'l rtiojiiiil ai •:;-;.! l.'li-|. i;'i.ii'>\i|le ll : liiiejiialf il • >;(tjiiilay ni of in inch. lion .I'.in toiirqe). <Mini |ncf 'nlevs Itickard II M- puhllc thai I>eiii|>si-} \-u\i Kf»e Timni'j iron I I I H iu II n-lurnl iiinleit. ilelanc) or Maione) |tro|)uhlj H III lie Ihc iiiiin opiMisliii; 'iininey in (he next chum )ilou4hIp boui. ill ADDED—"Hottest In. Pa A siioiled.j pampti'ed collegi* ifito Amerjcan l'njiver.'<ity life, _ (>f licr own .niedicfn^—rantjl made like it-lBebe decrde.s- to| til) \\lt h t he.r|e.siilt "the CampUsj lip with a .>*Iam-bing, riotoii.s " two Upl coiliedy—AI.s(i un. he News. arirl. ilunged a f*>?how 'em. Flirt' winds clima c. 4' j'l}?, <• lauK ^.iimj) ^beaiill I*«x .stage't all ildeViJliaiis wlijo novel I^ad iii Keokuk'^V i.s (he true .st trilling talc of] iind jgulp and h('i- .sorrow.s. :>ry of |;uch :i;oive—the hleatt-warrti-'Y ig -an(i-()tance girlie ited at r<|imanc< iniost ler And yo{j'lI .t»'nderful i;ole her i^&y itfs i > a .so ^eti e.xt fill Xormsi .Shearer's [(tomedy, "Babe's in thj; Wood.sV—Aesopj's Tfpics ol Ihc I ay. Ma!i«ei'.s lOc-20 Nlghlij I0c-.30c , iblei 1

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