Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 25, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1961
Page 4
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LOCALS Page 4 May 25. 1961 B. Shaffer, Fayette, more than 50 Enterinini'tl in the hrmc oi Mr. nnd Mrs. Levi Gage Tuesday t:vt n.'im. honoring their son, Robert, whe was n member of the high school graduating class, were: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gage, Mrs. Cornelia Gage an.d Mrs. Howard Koons, all of West Union: Mr. and Mrs. Millard Gage and family, Donnan; Mr. and Mrs. Duane Behnken' and family, Coh-sburg; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin EiiKelhart and girls, Dccorah; Linda Mills of Elgin; and Pfc. Adrian A. Erickson of West Union, home on leave from Camp Pendleton, Calif. Upon his return to California, he will go to Okinawa, Japan for 14 months. Don's birthday, which was Saturday, May 20, were: Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Vandersce, Dennis and Shirley, and Mrs. Gus Hahn, of cents per bushel grain crops only if they participate in the 1961 feed grain pro- The chairman pointed out that gram. a similar change has been made • da Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Will Jr. ter oi Mrs. m. v-. iwim,., Oak in the loan program for mobile Leveringlcn, Mrs. Dale Fry, Mr. Park, 111.; Barbara Nading, dryers, which now enables farm- and Mrs. Clayton Bonjour, Bcr- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Waiter ers to borrow up to 95 per cent ~ ^ttliifornr] nnd Assembled Fayette Leader andCh ^ s ^ Doling, ' daughter of of_c.pac.ty Fayel.*.Jow- J ^.B^y^nd Barbara Jo, Mr. and Mrs. ^ Do^g, Mrs. Dean Davis, Edgar and Vcr- Fayette; DeAn "Kenny, daugh Will Jr. ter of Mrs. M_ C. Kenny, Mr. Clayton Bonj Iowa boaters retain Federal boat numbers Leverington and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Leverington, Jr., and girls, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Lev- eringlon, Sr., all of Fayette; Mr. ftno Mrs. Clyde Hahn and Roy nnd Mr. and Mrs, Lcvenngton of Oelwein; Mr. and dcrsec and family Mrs. Rex Leverington and son of Fairbank, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pettit of Independence. niece, Ralph and Forrest Bon- Nading, Fayette. Sumner; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin jour. Guests present were Mrs. The formal initiation took Vandersee and family, of Cedar Florence Bonjour, Mrs. Jessie place at 6:30 p. m., followed by of the delivered and assembled cost of equipment to- keep grain stored in proper condition. Prev- It was announced today by the State Conservation Commission, in response to many mail re- Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woods, Oelwein, Mrs. Vada Proc- Vandersce and LeAnn, Oelwein; ;,-r, Art Helmar, and Herman Lavornc Van- Handy, of F;iyt'Uc. refreshments hunt. and a treasure Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bellows of Davis, Calif., were visitors last week fn.-in Tuesday until Specialist 4th class Charles Saturday in the homes of Ed- Langerman is spending 20 days ward Bellows and Eleanor AI- in the home of his mother, Neva derson. Lantferman. He will leave Sat- — • — unlay, May 27, for Fort Bragg, J. M. Collins of Lancaster, Pa., North Carolina. visited at the home of his aunts, — •— (he Misses Amy Leigh and Margaret Paine, Friday, May 19. His wife, the former Miriam Paine, was not able to make the trip. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malone and family, from LeClaire, visited in the John Duwe home over the week-end. to Farmers are urged To check storage Farmers were urged today check on their available storage, to be sure they have enough to take care of their upcoming crops. Ellis Thompson, chairman, Fayette County Agricultural Sta iously, these loans were limited quests, that .Iawa boat owners to 75 per cent of the cost of who have their-^baata presently equipment. numbered with the Coast Guard Growers are also reminded will retain the same number un- that storage payments may be der the Coast Guard approved earned by farmers in designated Iowa number system. Robert Buckley, Engineer in areas who reseal certain farm stored grains. While thc^dead- charge of watere for thfi CQm The Philatheas will meet on Wednesday, May 31, with Mrs. Walter Turner for a 12:15 potluck dinner. — •— The Dale Roberts family and Mrs. Mattie Roberts visited Bob and Nellie Culver in Oelwein on Sunday afternoon. The Roberts were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don Cornish of Oelwein. The Karl Martins of Waucoma were Saturday afternoon callers in the Howard Roberts home. Guests and relatives who attended the graduation exercises for Rrnald Webb, son of the Charles Webbs of Fayette, were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderman, Maynard: Mr. and Mrs. William AiKlonnart, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Huberts and Harold Dugan, Fayette, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert M| . and Mrs " Ernest j. PoUc r Schmidt and DeWayne. West Un- am , daughtcri F , ora Richmond, 10n - flew from Oakland, Calif., to Mr. and Mrs. George Cowles Wisconsin, where they visited ter and babv, Lincoln, Nebr.. who with Mrs. Potter's relatives. They Don Koch >n Manor, are visiting relatives here this drove to Fayette May 18, and week, spent Wednesday in Min- spent the week-end with Mr. and neapolis. Minn. Mrs. Park Mis - ° tt0 Popenhagen, and vis Cowles accompanied them. 9 co-eds initiated Into Kappa Eta Beta Nine Upper Iowa university co-eds were initiated inlo Kappa (jilization and "Conservation corn- social sorority last m jttee, reminded growers that a recent modification in the farm storage facility loan program of the Commodity Credit Corpora- Eta Beta social sorority last week at the home of Mrs. Don aid Kimball, chapter mother. Those initiated were: line is past for resealing the grains, farmers may reseal corn until May 31, which is the 1960-crop loan final availability date. For 1961, corn and grain sorghum producers will be eligible mission, said, "This applies to the group of boat owners who have until July 4th 1962 to register under towa system. Persons who registered with the Coast Guard prior to May 8, this for price support on their feed year, fall into this category". Mr. and Mrs. Fairbank were teinoon callers Roberts home. — • — Mrs. Naomi Hanson is spending this week with her daugh- and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Wharrtam, daughter of (ion makes it possible for them Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wharram, of to borrow up to 95 per cent of Stanley; Peggy Schmidt, daugh- the outlay for farm storage fac- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor ilities costing 40 cents per bu- James Bass of Schmidt, Des Plaines, 111.; Nan- Wednesday af- cy Morrison, daughter of Dr. and in the Howard Mrs. J. T. Morriron, Greensburg, Ind.; Annie Odom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Chicago, 111.; Fannie Hudson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucius C. Hudson, Chicago, 111.; Kathy Shaffer, daughter of Mr. and shel or less to build. Previously, loans on these types of facilities were limited to 80 per cent of the cost. For facilities costing more per bushel, farmers may borrow up to 95 per cent of 40 cents per bushel or 80 per cent of the cost, whichever is greater, but not — • — Mrs. Mildred Miner and family, and her mother, Mrs. Amelia Votlker, with Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cumber of Sumner, were dinner guests Mother's Day with the Robert Miner family at Independence — • — Those entertained at the Harry Randall home Tuesday evening, following iiigh school commencement, honoring their son. Frank, were: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cieinoiigl), Mr. and Mr.-,. Darryl Stieetei and family, Mr. and Mrs. Di-lbert Stieetei- and girls, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Streeter and sons, all of Fayette. — •— Mrs. Mable Ostrandcr was a visitor over Friday and Saturday at the Ernest Wo If gram home near Westgate, and attended the high school graduation exercises at Maynard Friday evening. The U'oll'gram's son. Elmer, was a member of the class. ited with relatives and many of their old friends around town. Mrs. Agnes Dickinson went Tuesday to visit a week or more in the home of her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hlas in Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Timm brought Mrs. Ray Potter, who had been convalescing in their home at Des Moines, clay evening. Mrs. Marie Solomon accompanied Mr. and Mrs. George home Fri- Cowles to Wavcrly Saturday afternoon and visited at the Richard Milliken home. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Bailey Cowles also 'called at the borne and children, and his brother of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bailey of Unionville, Mo., Earl Vierow in Waverly during were visiting last week at the the afternoon, parental Frank Miller home. On Thursday evening the Millers and Baileys, and Mrs. Mary Miller were supper guests at the James Millers. Friday the group were dinner guests at the Alley Stufflebeam home in Waterloo. The Baileys returned to their home, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles were visitors Friday evening in the Lloyd Craft home at Union. The Crafts will be ing soon to Florida. West mov- Mr. and Mrs. Don Durfey and family moved to Cedar Rapids Saturday morning. Dwight will enter Iowa State university at Iowa City this fall. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dilley and family will move to the Durfey residence next month from the late C. R. Carpenter house. Mrs. John Solomon is a patient at the Oelwein hospital for medical care. Mr. and Mrs. Don Vandersee and family spent Friday evening with her grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Pieplow, in Aurora. The birthdays of Paul, Cynthia and Richard Miller, children of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Miller, were celebrated Sunday, May 21, with a picnic dinner at the Miller Friends and relatives from month from 'The late C ~R Car- nome - Attending were: Mr. and Omaha. Nebr., Charles City, Wa- penter house. Mrs - Arle y Stufflebeam and fam- terloo, Waverly, Hampton Plain- —O— iljr - and Jesse J°hnson of Waterfield, Independence and Fayette Mrs. John Solomon is a patient loo j .? nd Charles Bailey were entertained at the Otto a t the Oelwein hospital for medi- aru } '* mil ?i u ™°™ u e, Mo.; Mt. Finger home Tuesday evening ca i care and Mrs. David Briggs and fam- following the high school grad- ' —•— ll V> Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Maggie uating exercises, honoring their Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fobes and Johnson and son, Billy, Sumner; son Alan, who was a member of Jean and Mr. Kurle, Edgewood, Mr. and Mrs. James Miller and the class. called in the Clarence Glick family, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank — •— home, Friday evening. Miller, all of Fayette. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Carter of • —•— Des Moines visited a fe w days Marlys Roberts, baby daughter Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bark and this wcuk in the parental Don of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts, Linda, of Randaha, were Sun- Durfey home and attended high Jr., of Oelwein, got her right day afternoon callers of Mrs. school commencement exercises hand caught in the car door Sun- Hazel Rasmussen and Jean Ann Tuesday evening. Mrs. Carter's day afternoon at the "pop stop" Cowles. brother, Dwight Durfey, was one on the trail ride. She was tak- _,. T,. . „,, . of the graduates. en to Dr. Hall. The fingers were „ Jm» K I Kare club heW theu: Ai o „ • not *> roken - but a blood clot had ann " a .- f.f« I U f da i Ma lf: A|2c Roger E. Otterstein left formed and they were put in at Klocks Island park. Those Friday, May 12, after spending splints. a 25-day leave with his parents, « the Eldon Ottersteins, for Wea- About 30 saddle club members thevsfield A.F.B., near Londan, met Sunday afternoon at the England, with the 28th Weather Howard Roberts home to assist him in celebrating his birthday. Mrs. Donna Lane brought the birthday cake, which was served with the regular lunch at the end of the trail ride. Squadron for two years of duty. He has been stationed at Richards - Gebaur, A .F .B., near Kansas City, Mo., the past year. RM3 Bill Hughes is on three weeks leave from the navy and is visiting friends in Fayette, Elkader and Prairie du Chien. —«— Sunday dinner guests in the LaVern Loverington home, celebrating birthdays in the family, were: Mr. and Mrs. James Leverington, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Miss Lucille Spicer of Rochester, Minn., spent a short time, May 22, at the home of the Misses Amy Leigh and Margaret Paine. —•—. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Vandersee and children, celebrating Friday Night Special From 5 P. M. Till Closing Tune BEEF BURGERS MALTS Egg Salad Sandwich 15c each CURB SERVICE BEGINS SUNDAY, MAY 28 Sunday* & Holidays —- 12 noon until 11 P. M. Week Day* — 5P. M. to 11 P. At Come A» You Are — Eat In Your Car DRIVE IN Otto Finger, Proprietor You Can Do Your Week's Laundry fn 30 MINUTES WASH Arounef-ffte-cfock, seven days a weekl Speed Wash provides coin operated Speed Queen Washing and Drying tumblers for your convenience and genuine economy! Use as many machines as you need. All new short cycle Speed Queen washers, Bring your own soap, bleach or detergent and • upervise your own washing. WASH 20c DRY 10c Open 24 hours a day Seven Days a week, FAYETTE SPEED WASH FAYETTE, IOWA PHONE 247 PLUMBING HEATING WIRING CONTRACTOR Gene Wm. Singer when Hail ruins your crops If pays to insure and be safe. And for extra safety and service, be sure to insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. FMH includes fire and lightning protection on crops in the field at no extra cost — 30 trained fleldmen and 100 adjusters assure prompt settlement. Ask your agent or write today. . , .. < ,^i^_.;,u.i.^». EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE AGENCY 7323 GRAND DES MOINES, IOWA OW it's soft, sheer cloth inside new golden playtex girdle as seen on TV nawl million* of alrvfluffed floor* in this now cloth lining keep you cool/ comfortable. . -r • -r *|4 H'£i*v* now I cut higher In front for more freedom of movement, new I longer sides smooth owoy thigh bulge, v,:'; newl won't puncture or tear. •' • '''* newt lasts up to % times longer thon ordinary gir$ex v f! >~^w&Mit- new! won't ride up because of seventy,'itortcjt. Q 1 6 .4*'^ New Golden Playtex Girdle with moglc-fmger panels suppprt your tummty White only $ 10.95. 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