Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 19, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1898
Page 4
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To Business Men : Let the Telegraph 5how What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account AH 1 Pratt the day that a young' man titartf out to seek fals firnt position tb the end of hi* business life, his health has A world to do with hl« aucce«9. When a yoting man Applies to a business man for a position, his . pwaonal appearance han a deal to do with : the outcome. " Personal appearance" does l&ot mean dress alone. It does not mean {exterior cleanliness alone. A young man • may be clean, so far as soap and water will itaake him, but be disfigured by unsightly I pimples, eruptions and ulceratfons on tlia 1 stem. These are due to impurities in the * blood. The blood becomes impure because it Is improperly nourished. Instead of receiving the life-Riving elements of the food, it receive! the foul emanations ot indigestion, bUousne«» And co»UvericM. ' Tfi« reason ffiat :Div^Rerce's Golden Medical Discovery is the best remedy fot disordersjnCf tills description Jl that it goes right to first causes. It gives a man an appetite " like a horse." H facilitates the flow of digestive juices. It corrects all disorders of the digestion, and makes the assimilation of the life-giving elements of the food perfect. It invigorates the liver. It purifies and enriches the blood. Ir makes the muscles strong and active. It tone* and steadies tie nerves. It mulct* • young man look as he should—strong of body, alert of blain and,clean and whole. tome of skin, „- Medicine dealers Hell it, and have nothing "jUsths good." " I had ectema In its wont form," .write* Austin Ramsey. K»q., of SnltUlo, Huntingdon Co., Pa " I tried three doctors b«t got no re lief I thought H would set me wllCIt Itched and burnedso badly;' .Mte neighbors lliougtit'I would aerer be cured.. I took your ' Golden Medical Discovery' and am now well,", Eleven Men Kilted on the Hackensack Meadow. SEVERAL OTHKIW »A1)1<Y HURT. The Dr. Hardy pi •u. Lot laoxiapfc A 4-room d' FOR SALE ojty--oorner 6th and Alby ?I& 2 dwellings. , fag on Eaaton utreet bet. 10th Wd llth •tgrf'Tot 45x120 toot. Price $700. Jidenoe of Oeo. Klrsoh on Belle street; u ,i and bath room; tn good reialr. > ID-room residence of 8. II. NlohoU on litrt/rtTBilTOtoet. A fine looaaon. im dwelling (nearly new) wnbbttn roto>; heated by furnace; In Irfiddletown. The floe lot of David Doyle on Bluff itroot , with 4-room brick dwelling. , The J. M. Tonaor homeitpad opntalnlng •Boot ,' « toiWj floe to room dwenlngifrult olI allklad. ? f Some dne lots on Bind street with brlok par " tag and teweri no grading, In T. L. Fould. add ,AflM a-room brlok.dwolIlDg^healed^ street with ~~ feet on «&»Dte w.*denoe on Pro.poot str cSSSr Heath with turn%oe. Lot M OA froc etde of Second rout. oar line In Upper Alton. m?i 0 nSStoUonBeile etreot between «th lok store and dwelling and • litton«thitreet near Mr. ioe.» Wte^iBSS^^AffiSS;; »MT (Jeilrable 8-room brlok dwelling, Hi •^^wTthVmoderolmproTemena.. Mw,ever loWt iwlton oonneotlon with C. lty Mfg. Co. property on M «tree(, , »»oh TObyibou. 'room dwelling on Btate itreet, Prlo. gqod 8-room dwelling onBepondttreet. room dweulngl, good lot A* new ten KWBI dwelling In Upper Alton, goo. «SjSfcL«.AftKJ.ffl«MlSyi' v ^attT ... nfc property no ' dweltUg on WUllam acreet tb I good -lot* rbomdwelling f 1th flne rirerTlf.w. by hot water. T KOR RBNT. wo story brlok dwelling with 8 room;,on winimiinow occupied by J. Moulton. AJ-room dwelling on 8rd street with b»tn •TOSoSfSff S"wo 4-room tenement, Wtthb»0» roomi Ind street near Cherry The L. J, caawaon homestead In Upper Alton wllg 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied Mr Mr'Oeo, llevU. Possession given by July 1. REAL ESTATE, , and LOAN A06NT IROOM is, P. o. BUILDING, FOR BAMM Aflnebttlldlng.lottS8jil« on Uberty street iMMn Grove and Frank in, tor KOO. Grov , OMrfam BlnUlss wutn of Brighton, flioultlTatlon, one-bait gogd pasture, i;oOO. A bargain. Anew two story brlok modern dwelling near the corner of Third and George street*. 'TlWwm dwelling house flth large lot oa lAMdon itreet south of Twelfth street. ~ story tram* dwelling No, Ml east ' • 11400. UitKUtnO. Good itreet me dwelling houae . all on one lot tn i i'.Tl»fifftor»8Spe! t house and another tn good lopitlon 8 pe? monW 8-room reildenoe on State street on t KiMTUzlU oa Qsjc itreet between the • trtoks, suluwefor bet, eriey county, b»lt mile , by rail or nrer. iiutoeiw property, corner Ind n euy terms, rlng purposes. of Alton street, ,fl<stdenoe. new toft il :;itu»A*doi fourth «t., 7 buUdlngs B*M oooup »brlok re«Iden(4, i i/ » I>cn*e FOR a Fennnylvnnln Train • Ontahei Into n Ctnnit of Workinfn, Klll- Ingaud Mnlmliitf llm Mon In Frightful SlHlllier—Vlrllinn Not Awnrn tlio Trill" WfW Upon TIlBin llnlll They IVnro Ncnt- tered Ittght HIM!'Left. New York, Nov. 18.—Uuririg a dense fog a Pennsylvania train ran down a gang of workmen In Hackensatk meadow, killing eleven of them. The train which ran the workmen down was a local from Mllllown to Jersey (,'lty, due In Jersey City «t 8:110 a. m. The fog delayed the train, and Knglneer Van OBtrnrid waa endeavoring to .make up time, llln train won running nt a high rate of speed, he believing there was nothing to olmtruct a quick run to Jersey City. The first he knew that hla train had run Into the men was when the engine Jarred. Then the cries of the men were heard and he bt-jURlit his train to a slop ax yiilrk ns possible, He made passengers get out and aid the Iralnmen'ln searching for the bodies of the Victims. This was not an easy task In the thick fog. A train had passed on the west-bound track u few minutes before the east-bound train ran the men down. Did Nut Hi'ui' tlni Train, The smoke from the engine of the west-bound train went over on the eastbound track and the noise ot the westbound train prevented the work men on the east-bound track from hearing the approach of the east-bound train. They were not aware that the train was near them until thoy hnd been scattered right and left. There were twenty men in the gang and it 18 reported that riot one escaped Injury. They were in charge of Foreman "William Cork ot Jersey City. As soon as the new» of the accident reached Jersey City Pennsylvania railroad ofticlals wj?nt-te"fhe meadows and BUrjerlntendea'the removal of the dead -an'd Injured. When the engine which struck the laborers reached the Pennsylvania depot In Jersey City the cowcatcher was red with blood from the men killed. A boy, after the engine stopped, picked up a hand from the CtrWcatchcr. It had been severed from the hand of one of the victims and had been cart-led from the scene of the disaster to the depot on the cowcatcher. The killed, It Is said, all resided in Jersey City. Klovail Worn Klllnil. It is now definitely known that eleven were killed and »lx Injured. The men killed were; Michael Lawless, Joseph CoJIasB'-'lo. Angelo Plgo, Frank Itondis- TlaHl,: Frank Duklskle, Thomas Dougherty, Joseph Slmenskl, Joseph Droskle, Nicholas ''Roach, Joseph Smith, and an unknown man. Two .foodies have been brought to Jer- iey City. .Some of the Injured have also arrived and have been sent to tlie different hospitals. Frank Wangan, 27 years old, l» badly hurt about the side. Kratik Schwafklo IB so bfidly mangled that he will probably die. Lawrence Hofffrinn was struck by the body of one ot the men who was killed. lie wiis liurled to one wide and was badly Injured Internally. < MOWOI! UOMTII I'lko GruKH, William Quirk, the foreman of the BUliB "f workmen, made this statement: "the smoke and fog are to blame. My men were In a eloud of smoke when the calamity came upon us. I had Michael Lawless stationed about fifty yards ahead of the gang to trlve us warning. lawless was struck first and cut to pieces. My men were mowed down like grass." Engineer Van Nostrum! said: "I felt sure that the track was clear and hud no Idea that In that cloud of smoke and fog just ahead of me were twenty laborers who did not know of my oncoming. I got within 100 yards when my engine struck the outpost, Michael Lawless. I put on the brakes nt once, but In another »econd I was upon the gang and my locomotive cut them down before I could stop the train." Ul<l Not Hc«ll till) WurillllK. Plttsburg, Nov. 111.—While men wore hoisting baled hay from a wagon Into the loft of Miller Bros. & Co. Ida BcheJn, the 10-year-old daughter of Joseph D. Scheln of Boulh Plttsburg,play- fully danced under a bale as It was swung upward by a block and tackle. She was warned to set out of the way, but she laughingly retorted that she was not afraid. When near the top tliu rope broke. The bale dropped, struck the child on the head and felled her to the nldewiilk. Hlie was taken to the south aide hospital, where Bbe died from concussion of_tlie. brain. Urowlietl in thu Yukon. Victoria, U. C., Nov. Itl.-'-PasHengers on, the ateamcr Dlrlieo which arrived from |>kaguay brings news of the drowning of two men In the Fifty-Mile rapids on the Yukmi river. Four men left Lake Bennett on a scow Sept. n with tlfty tons of provisions. When the scow reached Fifty-Mile her scams opened anil she sunk. Two men, Smith and Halloway, swam ashore, the other two, whose names aro unknown, were drowned. Twu Wrnuku In Iowa. Davenport, la., Nov. 11). —Two freight trains on the Chicago, Hock Island and Pacillc collided ut Moscow, la., early In the morning. One man was killed and one Injured. A wrecking train about to start to the scene from Wilton was run Into by the fast mall. The firemen and sixteen on the work train were Injured, some seriously. Nurrowly ICHuaped litiittli, llostoii, Nov. 1U.--Advices have just been received in this city from Van, eastern Turkey, giving details of the narrow escape from death ut thu hand:* of brigands of Dr. llek-k, the well- Vnown (lerman uuvunt, who with Dr. Loimutn, formerly of Julum llopklua university, Ualtlmore, has been engaged recently In thu east In search for an- eupeclully Inscriptions; and Information. t>r. lleluk was ainl'UBhed and tired upon by thu robbers, and although only slightly woumled, feigned death und so mure serious burm. Rohbea tbtorave A aUtrtllog Incident of which (dr. John Oliver, ol PhllldelpbU, was the Bubleot, IB narrated by blp an lollowit "I was In A uiopt dreaddu nooaJtloB, My akin wae ftlmost yellow, eye* tongoe coated, pain oont •nrjen, onge , T «Uy In back and aldea, . no,»ppeUt«-- rtu "Bleotrio , growing weak yaiolan* had • ra TrleiTd advUied tryFrig llten," and to my great Joy and »urprUe, the flrat bottle madu a decided Jmnrovement, I oouUaued tt«Ii am for three w0ek8|«od »m now Ttaww they •»vedmy yn of fn WI JWltotry bpttle at E, Women Should Know It. Many women eulTor untold .. . rind mleery because the nature of their disease Is not correctly under- utood. They have been led to believe that womb trouble or female weakness of some sort IB reuponcible for tho many illB that beset womankind. Neuralgia, nervousness, headache, puffy or dark circles under the eyee. rlietmtatlsm, a dragging pain or dull ache In the back, weakness or bearing-down sensation, profuseor scaity supply ol urine with strong odor, frequent desire to pass It with scalding or burning sensation. Mdlment in It after Bin titling in bottle or Common glass for twenty-four hours, are signs of kldnoy and bladder trouble. The above symptoms are often at- trlouted by the patient herself or by her physician to female weakness or womb trouble. Hence, so many fall to obtain relief, because they are treating, not the disease Itself, but a reflection of the primary cause, which Is kldnoy trouble. In fact, women as well as men are made miserable With kidney and bladder trouble and both need the same remedy. Dr. Kilmer's 8wamp-«oot Is the great discovery of the eminent kidney and bladder specialists, and Is ea«y to got at any drug store for 50? or«I. To prove Its wonderful merits you may nave a sample bottle and book telling all about It, both sent absolutely free by mall. Kindly mention the TELKOHAPH and send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Uo., Blngham ton, N. Y. * no I'lertHi.r.'t Vnchl Dalian, Tex., Nov. 19.—The prlvat steam yacht Mable, the finest pleasur craft on tha (!tilt of Mexico, owned b 10. II. It. Green, president of the Tex HH Midland railway, has been launche at Arunsas Pass In the presence of select party of tho owner's friends Miss Mable Harlow of Chicago, I whose honor the yacht was named christened the vessel. DUnHtur on tlte Doop. Newport, Ore., Nov. 19.—News ha just been received here from Aise bay, sixteen miles below here that 111 sailing vcBHel Atlantic Ir, ashore. 8h had a crew of thirty men on boart and only two got ashore alive. Th' vessel Is dismantled and has broken In two. The life-saving crew has gone t< the scene. IlUMlgnutluli of I'rttitldmit l>wlgllt. New .Haven, Conn., Nov. 39.—At th' meeting of the corporation of Yale mil verslty yesterday President Tlmoth} Dwlght presented his resignation. Th resignation is to take effect ut the en< of the university year. THE MARKETS. Chlcugo Urulit and 1'i-oiluco. Chicago, Nov. 18. Following were the quotations on th Hoard -if Tarde today: Wheat— Open. High. Ixiw. Close December ...I .66'4 $ .6li% t .(iC'/ s May G5-5d .Gli'/j .65% Corn— Decemlier ... .S2'4 .32% .32 May 33% .83R .3314 On t«— Decemlier ... .24% .2"" May 25% .26% Pork— December ... 7-fiO January X.90 May 8.0754 8.12'X, 9.0714 8.12V Lard— TJeremlier ... 4,X2>-fc 4.87*4 4.82V4 4.85 January ..... .|.9U 4.92% 4.9<* 4.92V; Produce: Hiitter — Kxtra creamer les, 21(ii!22o per Ib; extra dairies. I8f<i ISlc; fresh packing stock. ll<R'12e. Egg." —Kretth stock. 2U(Q)21c per doz. I-lvi Poultry—Turkeys. lOWtc per lt>; chick ens, r.ViQiCVjc; ducks, Cfficy a c; geese, 14.0' Ci'li.OO pur (Ira. 1'otatoes—Oooil to choice 2K{fi v lMo per hu. Sweet Potatoes—Jei Heys, $2.00(ff2.SO per hhl. Apples—Common to fancy, Jl.MKSS.fiU per bid. Cran- JiciTles—Wisconsin bell and bugle, JB.OC (ffB.liG per lilil. Chloiigo Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. Irf. Hogs,—Kstlmated receipts for the day, 28,000; sales ranged at $2.30ifj>3.3E> foi pigs. J3.iri®3.riO for light, ?3.2CF()3.3G for rough packing, {;i,2fl«<.tfi-»4 for mixed, and J3.;i6(p'3.5ri for heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle—Kstlmated receipts for the day. 2,500; quotations ranged ot J5.Mfcri.nS choice to extra Hteers. I4.00liiffi.20 good to choice do., J4.GO«!'I.% for fair to good, J4.10<0>4.7!> common to medium do., $4.00@>4.45 butchers' steers. $3.90<ji>C>.!0 fed western steei-H, $2.90013.81; stockers, $3.80© 4.SO feeders. |1.7B(ft!4.«0 cows, J2.GO@4.60 lielfers, J2.noiff4.25 bulls, oxen and stags $2.SOff4.U> Texas steers, »3.00©4.l)5 grass western steers. $2.7W4.0Q western COWH nnd lieirers, and *3.r>0®G.'JO veal calves. Sheep and Ijimlis—Kstlmated receipts, for the day, 6,000; quotations ranged at J3.00ff4.00 westerns. *2.rjO@4.50 natives, and ta.7r><l|'!i.r>0 lumliH. KllHt lllimilil Uvo Stock. Kast Buffalo, Nov. 18. Dunning & Stevens, IJvo Stock Commission Merchants. KaHt Buffalo, N. Y., quote as follows; Cattle--Two cars on sale- market quiet and weak; veals lower. $5.!iO(fi'7.2!>. Hogs— One hundreds cars; market dull *nd closing weaker; Yorkers, $!Ur,ff3.40; others, J3.400M.4G; <-xtra heavy. J3.17'«c; pigs. $4.3!iSJ4.45; roughs. $:u)Oif/:(.-(). Sheep nnd Lambs- Thirty curs Ci-cBb on sale and twenty hold-overs: market Blow; lamlis, lOPISo lower; lops. Jf,..'iOf#5.40; culls, |4.25®G.2B; mixed sheep, $4.25(^4.40; culls, $4.25® 4.40; culls to good, $2.0004.15. THE NEWS TN BRIEF. I'AT'UK IH-TOllATKI). of .co .32V .33? .247 •25% Mrs. Wllllnm V., Uavemeyer died In her home at New Vork of jjleurlsy. I.llllai;, the daughter of Governor Me- Culluin of Newfoundland, was married «t London to Percy Buckley of the JJoyul Htifflfieers. llurnctt, who succeeded Jeffray as center rush of Harvard In tho recent Pennsylvania game. In the original of "Lit lie Lord Fuuntleroy." It has liccn found In Switzerland that In building a railway, laborers could •work only one-third as long at a height of 10,0(10 feet as a mile lower. The death of Colonel Amos Webster f Washington leaves Oenerul Horace Porter, now ambassador to Purls, the only surviving member of General U. IS. Grant's personal stuff. Queen Wllhelmlnu of Holland Is a firm believer In and a stout supporter of the Hulvatlon Army. A private letter received In Terro JUiiute, Ind., from Jacksonville. Flu., nl at ca thnt Major II. F. Havens Is to be mtrnttl us resident paymaster In Cuba with headquarters In Havana, and Major Itussell I). Harrison Is booked for iho position of provost marshal of ) lacuna. The navy department will probably ai-rungc with the Neptune company of Sweden to float the Mpunlsh cruUttr Cristobal Colon. The Murlu, Teresa will lie abandoned, Remarkable Heicue. Mm. Michael Curtain, Plainfleld, III., makes t he statement that the caught cold, whluh settled on her lungs; she •was treated for a month by her family phyelolati, bat grew worse. He told ber she was a helpless victim of consumption and uo medicine could cure her. Her druggist auggeited Dr. King's New Discovery for Oon- BurupUon ; she bought a bottle and to iber delight lound hemelf benefited firom the llrat doae. She continued Its uio and a/ler taking tlx bottlni, fosnd Jier«e|f sound aod well, uowdoeaher own housework and Is an well M *be «ver was. Fre-d trldl bottlea of tbw Great Discovery at B< Martb'0 drag store, largo bottles 600 and |l. I'ulu bun iianbuw wUh l>r. MIU«' JNiln Pill*. yup* 1 !* Hr(fi't)l of M|iiitn, Pitrlf, Ni,v. II). —Thori.' were Ihrw olll- clal functions lu-i'i- whli-h ni-oiined con- Bldernble Interest nntong the AtnerlcDn peace commlRslonets. The first was the bculowal nf tho Order of the (lolden Fleece iiiHin President Faure tiy the Queen llcgont of Spain through the president of the Hpitnlsh peace commissioner, S>-nor Monti'i-o Itlos. The second was a dinner glvi-n by President Fattro to Srnnr Montr-io Itlos and his follow eommlKHlonors. Finally at 9 o'clock nt night. President Faure received the American commissioners at thr> Klynseo palace, where there was cotnfqiK' opera erUortntnnient in their honor. There Is some surprise expressed among the mentliers of the American colony at the bestowal of the decorations upon the French president at the hands of tho Spanish peace commission ut this moment, and others are asking themselves whether the entertainment at the Klysee palace was to be regarded as a sort of compensation to tho Americans, whoso sensibilities may have been wounded by the bestowal of a Spanish decoration upon M. Fnure before the conclusion of the peace negotiations. __ , _ MONARCH OF ISLAND MUD. Punning Away of ICov. Fr. «nlln(clii)r, Who llflltl Autocratic 1'owcr. Ornnd flnplds, Mich., Nov. 19.— Key. Fattier (iallughor, who succeeded King Strang as monarch of the Ueaver Islands, Is (lend, after a brief Illness. He was Gl years old. He became pastor of the little church on the island thirty- two years ago, and since that time had baptised all the children born on the l?!aml, buried all the dead and officiated at all the weddings. He held autocratic powers over the people. Instead of going Into court to litigate their dls puti-s, the Islanders carried their troubles to Father Gallagher, and hla decrees wore always accepted. He was the arbitrator in affairs of love, as well as those of business. Bishop lilrhler has Just returned from attending the funeral, and says It was one of the most impressive he ever attended. The remains were taken to Philadelphia for burial, and the entire island population followed the remains from the church two miles to the dock. It 'Is BaJd^u-mt the Czar of Russia Is the only European monarch whose life Is not well Insured in some thoroughly sound and solvent English life insurance company. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It Is a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the first dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No mnt ter how long you have suffered, yonr cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleaaanl and always aafe. Sold by S. H. Wysu "The worst cold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," saya W. H Norton, of Butter Creek, Oal. "This cold left me with a cough and I was expector- atlgg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when Troubled with a cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Delays are Dangerous. Many of yonr friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cougb. Foley's Hooey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by E. Marah and 8. H. WJSB. Rheumatism Cured in a Day "Mystic Cure for rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures In from 1 to 3 dnyn Its action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once the cause and disease Immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits, 75 eta. Sold by H wT Chamberlain. Druggist. Alton 111 Quit coughing a easy enough, if you take Dr. Bell's ?ine-Tar-Heney. It cuts the mucus and allays tbe inflammation BO that ,here is no inclination to cough. It soothes tbe broncblala, and la strengthening to the throat and lungs. All ;ood druggists sell it. How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when you feel a cold coming on, take a doae of Foley'B Honey and Tar. It never fails. Bold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wys0, O .A. IS •£' O 3EII -A.. B»«itke xjTtio Kind You HavsAlw lignitnre of You Can't Alford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Poley'a Honey and Tor taken in time affords perfect ecurity from serious results. Sold iy B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyae. $100, Dr. B, Deletion's Antl-Dmritlc day be worth to you more than 1100 f you have a child who soils bedding rom incontinence of water during leep. Cures old aud young alike. It rrosts the-trouble at ouoe. 91. Sold w 8. H. WVBB, Druggist, 6C2 Second t;eet, Alton, III. It has been fulfy demonstrated that Ely's Oroam Balm is a specific for nu- af catarrh and cold In the head. This listlnotlou baa been achieved only aa he result of continued successful nae. L morbid condition of tbe membrane n the nasal passages can be cured by bin purify inn «ud healing treatment, told by druggists or it will be mailed or 60 cents By Ely Brotbers, 60 War. en street, New York, it spreads ver the membrane, U absorbed and ellef U immediate, When You Taice Cold lothlng cornea tn so useful as a bottle jfDr. Bell'a Pine Tar-Honey. Good or children, good (or everybody. A emedyyou can always rely upon to urea cough, an attack of croup or tber bronchial trouble. 28c at up- a-date drug stores. t ttlti the Spot. When sufferlug (rom a severe ooW nd your throat and lunga feel sore, ike a done of) Foley'8 Honey ndTar, when A tbe soreness rill be at ouue 9 relieved, ft warm,grateful' |(eeling ana ealtag of tbe part* affected will be xperleiiced and you will «ay: "It eetoBOgoad. ItlUU tbeepot." It In guaranteed. Sold by H. Marab and 8. !t. Wy««. _^--^, CASTORIA For lafeati aad OMldieo. Tlie Kind You Hate Aliays Bought Congressman Botkin's Statement WASHINGTON, D.C,, April 1,1898. Dr. S. II, Hartman, Columbus, O. Mr DRAB Docron:-~ It gives me pleasure to certify to the excellent curative qualities ot your medicines: Hon. J. D. HOTKIN, Congressman-nt-Large from Kansas. Po-ru-na and Man-a-lln. I Imvo been afflicted, more or less, for a quarter of a century with catarrh of the Btomach aud constipation; a residence in Washington has Increased thase troubles. A few bottles of your medicines have given mo almost complete relief, and I am sure that a continuation of their use will effect a permanent cure. Pe-ru-na Is surely a wonderful remedy for catarrhal affections. J. D. BOTKIN. Ask any druggist lor a tree Pe ru-na A manac for the year 1899. Had 4,TOO dlolrn Knives. Chicago, Nov. 19.—Arthur J. Fowler, alias James O'Brien, was convicted in Judge Stein's court, on the charge of grand larceny, the jury fixing his punishment at Imprisonment in the penitentiary. Aoordlng to the evidence, Fowler had stolen hardware valued at $860. Tn the Itemized list were Included 2,700 knives, valued at $435, twenty-four revolvers, six rifles, two shotguns, and a general hardware stock. The property belonged to Jacob Drozdoritz of 438 Ashlaind avenue, 1 whose store was icoted. Sale nt a Iliiilway. CrawfordsviHe, Ind., Nov. 10.—The Terre Haute and Logansport railway was sold by W. P. Klshljack, master in chancery. No bids under $750,000 would be considered, according to the master. W. H. H. Miller, representing the second mortgage bondholders, bid $750,000. J. T. Brooks of the Pennsylvania company hid $775.000. They bid against ench other till Miller offered $1,000,000 and then it was sold to Brooks for 51,100,000. Pleurisy Pleurisy and pneumonia are frequently developed, in a very short space of time, from a common cold; and, if such an acute inflammation of the longs is not promptly allayed, the worst may happen, with the aid of Dr. Bull's Oougn Syrup, however, you need not have any fear; for this great remedy speedily subdues the inflammation, eases the pain in breathing and always effects a cure in a wonderfully short time. Dr.Bull's Cough Syrup Cures Pleurisy and Pneumonia. Doses are snvnll and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend It. 1'rice ?j eta. At all druggist*. MADE JV1E A MAN 'AJAX TABLETS POBrriVBLir OTBB illing Mam. Fora ale by K M an and 8. H. Vfyu. HOSUHt-HOSKlPPtRS. " SpUBMKAT. Boi.enmnh ^ ObleMMterv i*4/4J»n VIUHUM«I flnuid* PENNYROYAL PILLS <«<- Qrs. 0. and H. Tap/torn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OKKjgE tn M'Plko Hulldmg. Cor. and nod BMIOD »t«. pnones 138 •nd 171, P. SCHU$SLER,M.O, I10MBOPATM13T »»d SURGEON , HOTRL MADISON £)rs. B. G* & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL.. TBI.BPHONJB 87[)R, B, RQtlLAND, DENTIST, - »*IK> f prat ww Ifrnllt'of Culoiifl I>oiml<l«on. Phl1n«1(>li>hln. Nov. 1!).—Coluiifl Thorn - fts C. I'i>mil<lm>n Ulfd nt his home In IhlB city from a fotnptli'iUtmi of 'H- s eases, HKOil 53 years. UP hnil l>wn 111 fur a limp time. O.lunel Donnlilson Wns horn In Coluinhxix, O., In 1S«, anil received his edtirntlon In the se-hools nt that plnce. At the outlirenk of the civil war he enlisted (is a prlvnte In the Nineteenth Ohio Infantry, but wan honorably illTChnrgeiJ In 1802, Imvlns been wounded. His Injury haired him fur enlistment In Ohio, nnd he came to Philadelphia In 1R(13 nnd enllsteil under the rmme of "LliiKUnrd," thus avoiding dlsbarenienl. He enlisted In the Nineteenth Pennsylvania nnd was honorably discharged at the close of the war. City KTiingnllr.Hllon C'nfon. Detroit, Nov. 19.—1-iu'k of Rpnulne Interest of fhurcli mt-mbei-B In city evnn- fxellzatlnn wus n complaint numerously heard during the opening? business session of the nnnunl convention of tho National City Kvnngellzatlon union of Ihe M. E. chui-cli. The faith nnd energy of workers In city fields outside of 'the churches, however, appeared undaunted, and In stitue respects encour- ngliiR proRrens was shown. Rev. A. D. Traveller, D. D., of Chluagn, reporting for his city, voiced Ideas variously expressed by representatives of city mission work from Mine of the_other cities. SimiiliirdN Aro DltwppolnU-il. Madrid, Nov. 19.—The decision of the kaiser not to call at any Spanish port has evidently disappointed certain expectations. It was Intended to Bend him nt Cartagena an autograph Invitation from the queen regent to visit. Madrid. The disappointment Is shown In a semi-oftU'iHl note issued, which says that before It was known that Emperor Wiillain had abandoned his visit to Spain the government had decided that nobody of an olllclal character would meet hlH majesty and that the warships would simply lire a salute on his arrival. Captain Wellby. a young cavalry officer, recently spent a fur'.ough In trudging 2,000 miles through Tibet, from Leb to Pekln. For fourteen weeks he and his party did not meet a single human being. -—•;.vvv> • - ,vv\xVVONVVv Vy^-i,*-NXW-*-">MVN . - • CASTOR The Kind You Have Always Bought, and "U** *"f. in use for over 30 years, has borne tho slgrnnture , ^ __ ami has been inftdo undo* his per- Xy . vV^ii.^. amml supervision .since its Inftuicy. (***j%7iK%Xt4< Allow no one to deceive you In this, All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes ore but Ex- porlmcnts that trifle -with and c »« a »Kcr the health «f Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Castorla Is a substitute for Castor OH, and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other substance. Its ago Is Its guarantee. It destroys _WOrnu aud allays Feverlshnoss. It cures Dlarrhflaft and Wtad Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea— Tho Mother's *rlend, GENUINE CASTORIA Bears the Signature of The Kind You HaYe Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. t ei«r«u« COMPANY. TT nuniMr «Tlitrr. ebraska.Monlana.PugetSound DISCHARGED OBTAINED IN ft In tbort Tun* Croup, whooping cough and colds arc (juickly allayed and danger averted by DR. BELL'S PINE-TAR- HONEY This famous remedy will cure an attack of croup in the time it takes to find n doctor. Every home should bavc it ready for tlie time of need. It is au infallible remedy for all bronchial aud Jung affections. 8.ild by iSmisslsts Hi Be., JOc. and ti per bottiuur Mntillrecton receipt of prlco by Tho E. !!. Sullici. .Ml UedlelDO i-. , P>il«»l>, Kj. HENRY J. KLUNK, Vfalt* lit t:*at>B mat>» ,m*tal. lie anb clottt ca»h»t». tfnrtitl vob«* t>cne*. ieoa. U. S. MXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plans] and Speoifloatlons for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICB:OVBI ALTO* s\viN33 BANK THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND THI PRINCIPAL CITIES OP TEXAS. WH0MERJUFFET8LEEPERS FREE RECLINING KATY C HAIR CARS DINING STATIONS OPERATE!* »V THE COMPANY > SUPERIOR MIAMI, Firry Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Art tohr II Frttk mi S*tt MM!I ut Lut, ut "«• (•dww «f Snui*. IW BAST SECOND • • ALTON III ALTON TIME CARD PANQ 3UE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Alia Iwit of TMS »nd Cblneu Novalttei on hud. 624 East Second at. 306 State Edmund H. Blair Real Estate and loiarance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer lc Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster* Prloeato meat oompeUtlon, Qoodi de- HV9Tt&t ' iti9f^O99 tfti Off lev 107 W^it Second Street Veterinary §iirgeofl DR. D. M. MAKER. Qradnat* Ontario Tttondiry College. Offlc* orer The Modal itor*" COR .THIRD AMD PIA8A BTB., ALTON JLt T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles .end Estimate FtirpUhed. »og IMto StrMt, Up Stelra. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. •13 But Sixth Street • Alton, III _AU ROBT. M. STAMPER. RBAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tU BBU.B 3TRBBT. Moa«y to Loan oa Improved Property Hurra coujtoriD. Chas A. Strittmatter M«rcb«ot Tailor. 7M BA«T 1BCOND &TREBT Ml TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, - A» MODERATE PRICES, Teu ar« uyiu* to call an< a*a»in* m NBW STOCK OP GOODS Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. H, 1808, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, M follows! For Chicago,North and East-*13:8bi m, »8:10 a m, '8:47 a m. *10:05 p m. ForSpringileia-»12:83 am, -8:10 am, *8:«7 am, *6:20 p m,1*10:06p m Foe Pearls—*8:47* m, *10:GSpm. For Kansas City and the West—»8:47 am, (8:20pin, *9:60pm. •Duly, tEicept Sunday. (Bee joint C. A A. and Big Four time table tor trains between Alton and St. txjnts.l fl. end Biafoufjoini Time lie oiifoios Between Alton & St. Louis. Lv. Alton 6 18am 6 20am... 6 60am... 700am... 880am... 816am... 016am... 1240pm, 416pm... . ' T ""«'' ex-Bun'. B4Spm " •' dalljr.. 627pm C.&A. dally.. 603pm O&A, daily... 820pm C * Anally.... LT.St L U 8 For Alton For Bt. Loula. Ar. St, L • C A A dally. 7 30am Big Four, dally. —.. 7 80am ....0*A, <uaiy.......U. 8 00an- " " Sun. only' .,.04 A, dally..": . »24»m 708am 744am. 748am 10 40 am 160pm. 420pm. 606pm.. D 46 pm. (tOSpm. ....CJbA, dally. .. .Big Four ex-Sun.. A, ..6449m .. 158pm ..632pm .. 706fm .. ».2ipa Ar Alton . 810pm 910am . • • -C & A, dalh/ • • • 8 ...Big Pour, dally ,u .... Big Four, Bat only a 10 pm - • B 'to u /'J«:Sun..;.V.. 686pS • C A A, dally 616pm ViplgFour. dily,........ «40pm Four, ' , C A A dally ... Four tfoket 1181pm... WC A A and Bl. Upper Alton to Eaat St Loula reraa, are good on any C A A tralna rejgularly atopplng at .1006pm "11 wn Agent C. C. C. & Bt. L.—Big Four, ••"»> »«er May 88,1808, tral in depot, AltoQi aa follhwa • ilng East- ft 80 am, f510pm, *d in pm, M 47 pm .-— , , t Except Sunday. (Bun only. [8ee>lnt Big four anSiOto timertable ftn trains between Alton and St I.oula.7 Burlington Route. , ' 710am 800am 1006am Dally Dally M- Daily ei-Sun 124Cpm BUpin 446pm 428pm Ql 706pm Leave St. L. 7 41 am sat am 10 ao am «" IK 760pm " tTralna connect at Langdon t.. Depot, Q Arrive and depirt B&£i. SuDfl * 5 * ^ Arrive St. 11 840am 7 Mam g 06 HM ll 00 Mtt' 14Upm »46pm 840 Dm BlOpb Arrlre Altai swam . ex-8uu Dally ei-8un Dally ai-Sun Through For Burl fit. L. K. 4 N, W, _.__.Ji lervloe. or Burlington c, B.ft. Q. (Ridge t t. Button) Sf Througbj «A«A?;&2is?i|S Ut. Louia.peorim, LBt. L. 0, ABt, P. By.j On and afMrNov. in im train* Witt iwre Alton aa (ollowi i for», toau. Arrlro «t. i.. ^"•jU^r ' uf ~ to X iW« .vnrli._ •is!}" ISun win **

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