The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1927
Page 5
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Nc* York. Pfib. 14. _ , : du'id^iwls land the ^iBseix(iDation of ai bullish intervle* Uiir4iU, prosiineot mairket operator, pnorided the background for iuMth;^ advance in' day's mock market. B wcrn> spread over a lalrly list, ibut speculative int treat centered largely in the iodi^striaU ape<*|aJtles. . Ttie r«oent increase nral I Mptars 4>*^ideii^, the iiniioun.cenients tO( ay of an in- creajsc from V! to 18 i i t4ic annnsi rate' on -DuPpnt and f cm $4 to $5 on Youpestowp Sheet spip-ed ^pe<i ot other tributiops Jn tiie near Money rates continv edi relatively easy, and b«6ineas ne' rs.i as a rule was! Carora^le.. Despite the recent steel prices, the sharcjs ot leadinK slopl producers found a good market. |ind Tube in- special dis- future. softening of KuWiHs Cllj, Hay. Kansas City.Feb. H of Agriculture—Hay hi v. S. No. 1 alfalfa $17: Ki>. 3; $15.50. • L'. S. No. 1 alfalfa *22«I26: N. 2, $19@.22. r; S. No. 1 timothy $17: Jijo. 3. $15.50.- r. S. .No. I upland No. •.|$13; No. 3. $11. KansaH City GhlnJ Kan4iaa City, Keb.Whcat: receipts 521 cirs; f.i to Ic lower; No. 2 dark h«rd $1.34Vi©' 1.38; No. 3. $lJ53et-l .t7M:! No. 2 hard $i ."3 .',u. 1^1.38; No ISTi^:! xN'o. 2 red. $1.$ Corn, imchanged: T ««r ;ac: No. .3, 70e .vellow 74^7Gc: No. •No. 2 mixed 73^-74t: data, unchanged: 46#;4fc: No. a. .14<g47 MUo maize $1.15@t.| KaTir $1.0P$'1-W. Rye «8€'89 %c. Biriey 71«i;7Sc. KansBS City Close:; <!$l;!525i: May. nc $1.35%.^ Corn: 77Vie;) Sept. S2%c. Kansaii CMf Lhbstock. kan.>ias at>-. .reb,-1-). <l'.;.S Hep 6l JAgricuItuTC)—CatjU; 13.000 and c»iVP? 2.000. Most k IIing classes slow, steady to weak; jctter grades feel Hieers and»yearli gs receiving moBt action:, weighty steer-s very scarce:, bull/i strong: stoPkPrs and fe'e^'Bi-tturiy-active,- fuHy-steady: bul|k |Si.2$@'S.75: top t|iedium steers in the Gen- foUowcd. by RADIC S—Onfe 5-tub4 j$17..5|>; "3- tn*)o radio. jlO.OO. W. |F. J^pheCT south of Saiita re^^^"£L-: ah S. Dep., rs! grades: I $19; Noi ^, • very leafy. ^18.00: No. 2 prairie $15; ^nd yearlings $11.25; bulk of fed 4teers eligible to sell at $l0U@10; eal top $12.00. Hogs 10.500! slowt: uneven; the arly trading on desirable 230 lbs. town mostly 10c-higher than Sat- irday's average; Mght lights 5c to 10c lower than Friday's; butcher rade dull; .stock pigs steady $11.75 ff 12.50; top $11.85 oh 140 to 150 lbs.; bulk desirable 170 to 230 lbs. $11.55lgillM5: light lights up to $11.85; pikking sows $10.00(f/10.75. Sheep 4,000;-lambs generally are strong to 15c higher: odd lots of d;ee|> steady; lop Iambs $13.00 and ni inenuls loads at. thnl price; bel- llc- grades $12.26« 13.00. 14. i (API — 3. $1.32V:-'&' i2^'lJ53; No. I Ko. J2 wftito l2M :c!: Nol 2 3. tm73c; No. 3, 69@ ko. 2 white AVheaf: .May $1.32: July iuly 80lie; I shining and Sii the corner. Mr. and Mrs Chlcatfo Orain. Clilcagt.; Fe4}. 14. (Al')—CIosi |\Vhcat: .M.iy HSifi, to $1.40; July fl.:54;: Sept. $1.3ITh to $1..32. ICorn: May 80'/i«» I'j to July <VH : Soik. S6'-.c. Oats: Ajay 46 to ',i,c: July 46% ie ^>*c; Sept. 45>4<-. Rye: May $l.u:,-.U: July $1.02Ti;j jScpt: !IS-<,.i-. ' • 'I (ilicagt* I >hrst4irk. ( I CIiicaKol Feb. 14. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture—Hogs 45,000; early uuarket gfiner'ally strong to 10c up; kop $12.15; biilk desirable'-140 to boo lb. averages $11.90C»,12.10; the jmosl 210;io 240 lb. butchci's $11.75 ff»11.95: c!arly sales 250 to 300 lb. atcragrs i$11.60''/i 11.75: bulk packing sows $10.60(& 11.00; tiic heavy weight hogs $11.50fi 11..S0: medium $11.60<fi 12.05: light $11.75ffi:12.15: light- lichi Jll.Sii'.. i:;.ir,: parking sows $10.4(i(f/llUti; slaughter pigs |11.4(l'!j 12.10. Cattle 20.00(1;: light voalers at 50c lower: $13.10* paid for weighty steers: Hioi([^ luMvy $11.50f(-12.75-; l>est yearlings S12.25. Sheep 14.00(1; market fairl>||ac- tivcr fat latuhs 15c to*2i>c higher; choice handyweight to shipiMurs at Jl.r.lS ;/woolcd lambs $12.75«if 1.135; heavy iambs $12.50^13.10: few extreme weight $11.75ftl2.00: culls $li».Oo«j 11.00: sheep steady: desirable fat fw:ps $7.nO(r/S.50: f.!eding and shearing lambs unchanged. AUss Ruth howey of 16 Sputl? Kentucky stre |t: left the Utter part of last w« ek on the Sunflower Special for a (isit with friejitjs in Wichita. jr Mrs. Bruce J cover and son L loyd wh" hdvc beeij In Kansas City for sbmp time pat t arrived in llola Saturday for a ;visit with Mrs. Hoover's mother,' Mrs. W. H. Hunt U Mr. and Mrs; of if I South Kjentucky street. Cieorj^ Pugd, night policei nan, has purchased {the residence property of (J. W. Briner at 103|Sbnth Fourth street. 'Mr. I^a«c will Ye- model the hoiise and | will hct upy it for u home l|or himself anil : am- ily. Tliis is a fine location.and will make the ^'age's a good h< me. East lola residence property seems to be in pr^tty^ brisk demand. There's a man in WcUini ton, Kansas by thfe< nsuno of Hatjchcr wlio runq HO ' incubator, l^iere may lie sometbiug in a name after all. • • ' ; I' [ Carden Cityl.Kansas iu making plats for new idditions to the <own have 'planned I to eliminate a ie.vs because of the) dirt and filth w^hich aiwaJiS accumliilate therein. This is a bood idc^^ and might be followed! profit as regards sanitation, by all. cities. .Muiic (not the modern Substitute) 'is said to he sodtliinB, and u teacher in a Brooklyn . .tl-hool las installed a cajiary bird \ihich iingsas the p ipils recite theij- lesson.'?.^ Cood s (|hemo: Why n(|t install a musical inptrumenl automatic sort which, would In a subdued j tone to the a paniment of j \ell-learned lesiiions? the oil fields, home todtiy. Aerial jdiotographs for mapping B. A. Joneij purposes con he-taken in half the .street was, in time fOrificrlv required withainew Saturday on lens <l-velopo(l by the bureau of i Mrs. Apple^duce who has standards. This is but one of the j afflicted will contributions the bureau, mode | is reiwrted it would undloubtcdly be a help in making | grade cardsj high ratings. Mrs. Willis Hill of 2S itentucky street left laic ijfiernooii for! Madison. Kaiis spend Sunday with her hu who is working near that plice in ..... L:, r!„i.i.i She will iteturn the play com- Igreat with fesouth riilay us. to haiid Berklhl.'ser) i Feb. 5.—Public sales are tie or- dei7 of,Uie day'at present. Spring wokk starts every Bice day. and then sdmethingj-rusually the weather-^slows things up. But remember, behiiid evqry cloud the sun is ring is just around Arthur Robb son were., colled to LaHarpt' account Of thd were shi^pping Mr. and Mrs,, and daughter Hci pf Kansas City i and .on death of Arthur's uiicle. Mr. Sam|ucl Robb. >. Fdwin .Meader were .Monday visftot-|i at the Berliibiser home, ' , 1 j ^ . Mr. and MrsI Connie Cunningham in lola Monday. Harry Hollingshead clen and son Ilonnii^l ., are here lor a visit at the BJcrklhiser.homc. Mr. and Mrsl.Jud Matthews and .Mr- and! ."\Irs. lifjlbert Butler and daugluer NeitJt were called to lola oniticcoimt of the death of Raymond MaloneV. obituary Registier. mbdest. unjis- kghbdr :ind oil of friehds bther ond of Liberty dis- he Great ile- selndi whose, death . have been noted iu ^ Mr. Town|tend .was a $i|ming frieud and ill be ihlsscd by a II a id relatives. - Thus ^n the older settlers o|r trict has passed to jwnd. The Farmers' (jnloiji held its reg- lilaij bi-monthly oifeting Friday eveiling, Feb. 11. j. I W. P. Hpalh; of Neosho Flills. was a business caller at Hchry Harris's. Friday afternoon The Ladies' Aid me with ^rs. liaugherty Tuesday jaid knotted s imb .comforts. RJ-port of Liberty Sc tool for [the tifthj month: Pupils rolled, boys 9; girls 9; avcjrage dj ily atteiid- nfxcti. boys 8.5 ;i girltjS total 16.5; !rrientat;e of jattec (|arL -c 95 plus; iiiijbcr perfect In <itt ndancc il2: Tli arU of tardiness 2. e students iof th . Mr. and .Mre. Charles Robinson i-VfrPrt Harrison m^i^e . . , t tia,^,-i^ on.i Crystal h^ve been givein anbth^r false ^nd tluo lest in physiojogj. Out t^f a liosijible 15 points ^py Harris and 15; Jhcjnia and son Leo wfrc lola shojipers Saturday. I Tom Shcrwoo<i is reported sick with, thel flu. ; 1 Mr. Wddon of fJridley was here the lasl week looking after his farm interests. Edwin Mcar^er deliverixl stock to i 'enuingloii lat Lailarpo iMonday. Mr. and Mr:l. Arthur Uobli and sdvenlh grade Jlcnsen son Tony wei-^ Sunday visitors at I ( liariris and Wil lur 13. .vtirion Co.\ visitittl jjchoolAV iies(lay.. She vill le r' —' rupti next year. | The following pu] lis |were on i l|on|)r roll: . TJicliuJ Harris. Ore^a Harrlsoii Roy Harris. Cb's- lklj^ens(yi. Helen Ox. Ivan Tli'rall And Violet Paiighertv. Mrs: Rbbb's Henry Gods'y. Mr. and .'IrH children were the Berki|iiser p: for rents, .Mr. and Mrs. west of l<da. Klnier Colgin and iSunday visitors at home. Charles Robfnson is having tile [drainage work on his - p r-,'". -•' I . j I niuist'quif Tarhun^r' t win sell at Public Auction three-jfourth.s mile east of Ija.- Hiirpe on ihe cejOK nt road, on yjred., IPcb. 16 Ke^nninK atj II o'clock a ml, the foHowing iroperty: 6 Horses, 2 Cowi, Farm Im pljcinents. Some Householt) Goods, ;MiscelIaneo 18 Articled I TERMS CASH I No property: to pe removed uptM setlied for. , J. J ^troffw y^. jl^ iRileji, Aucti Dheer. ti. i. Keeton. Mi dred Stat: lii Banfc, Clerlu •.^i,ui|cli| Served At Noon. of 111 South kltoona Frlda: busincs's; to American progress ijuring the] proved at thijs lasl year. . —For prompt r.esultg use Classified Columns. ' ' the lOLA HIDE. FUR & WOOL COMPANY r;et onr prlrcs dn POI I .TUV AM» KG(;S : Wr ilill come after ponltrr. U.A.JONES 111 S". Ohio Phone m" JGRENNAN 'S MARKET >Ve pay the foliowfofi: prfreK: Hens - - Sprlnir^ !StB (irt« Old Clocks .f'HpflnK u. sitps -L EftK" ^—r- fireen Hides . 1. Horse Uideii, each —— ..15@18c. ..16@24c .... lit ......:20c ..:.__-fljc be somcwha , , .^Mmo bU|t sUU ! rather a predaHous condition I cerebrum seerijs to be somewhat muddled: at that is whdt the doctor told her old man. The old man said he would go to the drug store at onck; and get ionu thing for an autid It is hopei that jiaragoric or some other c( ncoc- tlon.may be effective, i j Jacob Ragle ot 27 j South sircet was i]i AltoonJ Frida^ and Saturday of last week' whe e] he visited his laughter,! Mrs. Clayton and family. ' Kinniett L^'io of Atchison, .sas, was In lola last week otj ness wltii 13. A. Jouc^ of 111 Ohio sircet. A little ten-year-old lola girl thought a certain boy her own ag^ was "the only ini the sjcho(|l and sent him hauled farm. .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hollingshead. wlin luive been living in Kansas City the iast year, liiive moved to their homo on South• Second St.. in lola. I ' Mr. and .Mrs^ Arthur Rolih wjli soon move to the .Vr.-i. llfnryj Piick- ett farm. Thi-.v have licen living !lie past, year on ime of pr. Leav- eli's farms. : : ^ -Mr, and. Mr.".j Kdwin Meader who reside on the Weldon farm, hr.vt: uce WHO nas , ue ^u • |-5n"-<l « I'l^H s"""' "f j inferiority coAiplex I •'"•••'''f- '»"^'" ^ jnj. i there this week.; ' is in i -"^1'". Weldon. Her j selliiig .sonal properly J. F. Grennan Prodtice Co. East Monroe and Eln Phone 876 Iota, KaBB. . As 1 am quitting farming. I will sell at Public Auction at my residence, 6 liilles soutbland 1 mile wsst of LaHarpc, 6 miles cast and 1 iMileinqrth of Uujoboldt, or one-hi If mile north of Jeddo school house, TflURSliAY mmM 17 Beginning at 10 1i HVAU or 0'clock a. ,m.. HORSES AM> MIUESi— Two' .4-yeir-old LmuleN. w^gBt !2.80« 11^.; mards. smooth moutlji.: weight 3.0o|t ni*.; 1 brawn mare, ivjclght 11,500 Iba.; Amooth i mouth, welt licomirig 2-ycar-ol(J Smooth «uoutl I r bay mart). weig|tit 1.300 lbs colt, a . gooi onie; hay litMXl' 2 jeomliig yca«ing colts; tl ihorsc, smooth lbs.; 1. sorrel Imoult.. inare. old. Weight 1.'200 lbs 17 HI ^AO OV rA 'liTLK c^w^ is y«arK old.- fr^; 1 ( -e re rt 1 CO" t March; I v .o ' iMarch; : heil a >vqrs,c (ld. fresh In 5 retirs old. frenb )n •«r 3 ly^'iirs old., fres^t Jn Mariii; lid. fresh 5 years ol 4 .<oari icoiv 8, years tprll 1 ttriudle CO fn'April; 1 hei er 2 years i)l< In April; 1 rot n cow 7 yearU fresh freiOi old. <feKh in Slay; fresh in fall; 1 old. years old. fresh; olil. freidi; I :rEli.MS (-A8H- Those desirir <H>forr date of tinle. ioi ,.iii.iii. s>ronf, 1 team ha v.'elgli t ycarjt 1 tfe following described property: 3 years old. fresh in March; 1 year- liiig steer: 4 calves. MNE SHOATS— Weight 175 lbs. each. •• • 2(5 Head: of Sheep. FAB .If IMPIEMKNTH. ETi;.- cow 4 ycaiiti.ta seeil oats; 5 tons alfalfa hay in eiitine -with ti Edgar Kan- busi- Soutb School about only" ia. val- the folloiwing inscrip- bn printed by band: Tell me quick Beftirc i; faint Is yo I mine Or .Mrs. J. s yoii ain't ?•' IV. Shelton of Kansas, a sfeier of B. A. Jonis, has b ^n quite sick but is reported bettor at this ^ime. J There has been a great qcal of talk, pro and con about the and privileges of back-Beat drivers of motor cars. One advant ige of the coupe Is that it has nc scat. I I Duripg his visit to hia dadghter, Mrs. Edgar Clayton,: in Aitoona. the latter bart of tast week Ragle was jbitten- by Mr. Cls yton's dog. The Wound is quite lainful but is not ]c(>nsidered dangejrous. District ^uperihtendent Caither held quarterly meet "Trinity M. B. church Sundair. Mrs. Anijabelle. XdtUe ^ South Ohio street, who years of age last i^'overabcr. able to wallr up; town and parently In^ good: health ant bright as most people at hi age. • n !i()nc Best Ever I'.'-inch gang plow;, ciasJin'cd''^ 1 Binerson 16-Inch sulky plow; i Jancsvilie 16-inch sulky plow; 2 New Century. 6-shovpl cultivators:! 1 4-sIioveI I cultivator: 1 14-ioch j walking plow; 1 3-Hection harrow; 1 14-16 Osboilne; I mowing i machine; 1 John Deere corn planter and 150 rods of wire; 1 uianiirc spreader; 1 Kmprsnn griilu drill with fertilizer attachment and i prces wheels;'2 setn farm harnoss: | wme leather collars.. Kone Houkehold liitodH. Five or Slv dozeu Chirkens. (.-|{.ll> A .M> KKED -Sonie Kuu'o- j Jersey cow, {.Ibarn; .some prairie hay in bales: black cow I some corifi fodder; 200 shocks hu:.. kJuernsey cov . fo«liler. - rrcdit should see their local haulier Aiiclloiieer; lll'IttBOLDT X.ATIONAiV lBANK ,,«lerl.. Luni-li Served «} Ueddo'Siindiiy School ;)evon. B. F. ng at 332 laa 91 B atUl |ls ap­ is as It her who lives al (Irid- liis farm auil per- Ithere and will move his family to his farm here. Mr. and .Mrsi Klmer folj;in and I hildren and Mjr. I.. S. Hallanl were iu Fort Scoil the last week on business. , j Mr. and .Mrs.| Dellierl l!iitl<r and daughter .N'eila; and .Mr. and Mrs. J. I). .Matth <''W.' were Inidini: ;inil visiting relaiiv.s in lola Sjitiirday. "LmERTY ~ (Cola H. Harris t Fell. 12.—The school Is li.-iving Saturilay sessiDUs to make up lost time. Henry liateii and family visited Sundaj' with -Mrs. Uatcn's niotlier Mrs. Will Hamilton, in lola. ISTP I I) I Mr. and Mrs dinner Sunday brother. Henry ily. In Davis A <i How fine it neighbors. The beris presented W. V. Wilson, took with Mrs. Wilson's Hillhrant and fam- dftion to lola. is to have go<)d I". G. (T. club mem [us with a beaiitifni new comfort since llie^ lire we' hud which destroyc I our bedding. Our friends do not ntend to let us get cold. Thanks very much. Messrs. Seartjy and Harris have had feed groun I the p;ist week at ^r. Preston's, tjiso Mr. Johnson's. The Willing Workers Club met with .Mrs. Clara Hillhrant in Davis Addition to lolal last, Thiirs'lay. Walter Jobnspn had the misfortune to one of his best milk cows last wcekj Those of the Farmers' I'nion who shipped slock last week were very much pleased ii^ith the returns. Messrs. Ueati). Wil.son. and Ray Wilson helped Walter Johnson butcher Wedsesfiay afternoon. Russell itarnliarls. were afternoon callers at W. C. Johnson's :Mondav. Some' of the Vounk folk attended the danco . at ! Piqua Wednesday night. -i Steve Townsf^nd and family and Chas. Slack's motored over from Wichita Saturday, called by the death of thiir ui clc. Thjomas Town- the !AI- .Wbjle plji.ving idornlng hbr arnu the doctor it replaced b:tck in sc cousin. and Her im- and -jiool Ro- schobl a rystal Jenst>n fel hIa rkman Monday jlis ocated a lionc iiij pai|enj(? look her to fnejliately to have ih<! was unable to Ini tTuesday. .Marjorie Johnson bcfia .liurnharl. vikitrjd while Monday evening. luih Searcy who has been ab.•:e;it from school for^ |i mpptb on ac ;ount of "illness. | returned Mi»n- la .• jnorning. The pupils ! and tcj Cher are glad to have her • with thi ni- again. . V giutit .stride swing has been orleredifor the play ground.. ] VII the pupils arc (jngage<! jin a beiler English contest which; will la«tt-; throughout the tnjonth of ice. South Washington. Phone 180. Aniomotin^ for Sal^ FORD : monthk • age. 2 2D ( RO^DI Spe SI Jfefi USED , Cirysljeii coupe Ford Co.. Bill. QAR 70' tjoiidng^ k- D^a 1924 shape coodit .211 W oi lest Btileelt. Phone ,315. 1925 FtO clincher tor in fjuarai raeiit. Carthi ingtoiil 1S27 TOjJTIAC is likd Hobaii tliis ER—192-,i out car at City Gajr fersop. asEx >925 B >1 BARGAINS i926 rloadster; 1924 Fp d 1 sedan: ; sever il .Marr Auto Supp y era. COACH—Best ^ir touritig, T. Barber >f g(M d uarage, 1925 IfQBb JCPUPE—Ne*r tirds. new iaint jpb,^bumpcrb'w carj in first cldss Hhapc. Boyer Mqtjir Co.. 212 Is. Jefferson.. Phone ;2|3. ID BQ tires, dood c-ojidltion ned. 5 balance [Motor Phone ADSTER -^Startt r Original finish, m i, good tires mall down pav terms. M ICo.. 212 S. Walsh S93. : ^ ! COUPK—This CI icw is fully equipped. Steele Motor Co. • Tmtiitt f«r Sale TRUCIf-j-Ohc good piiobtr or tra( e. ' < over, ja^ Bif doo«l 1 '/2 to^n trii< k. around. IFor sjjle In and', look Bish(^p's Sales Payjli' a I Co ne Auto|jl [ccc8sopgii. Tires, faitB] ETORI B—New StrOmber m b ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed. Lost, Fonnd XKYl-One l<'llV( \r. I ;—vine •! Is lesi on street ve Ht I Re!;ir>ler. $5- hill ts. Rcw and tiwj) $1 Finder ^please ard. i ; Feb. 10 RAVED OR STOLEN—Yrill6w •rsian jiDni cat. Rewaird. C.' -M. chl. 1 mile .south on; Kcniilcky. ion<- It;i:!Fl2. I ' '• I AUCTION^ Auctions lOA l'\i\iUO AUCTIO.N—Plildic Auction B O S I ^E|S S SERVICE CARBl at lesi loin 4?to|Wrkking Co. pho.l 7: tbkn dost while they,lafcti B«|i|n*g« S irrkes Offerea CARPENTER V or MoTiBgj Tnjcklng, Storage I [ii Bishop's Sales Piyilion. .ery Saturday a 1:()0 o'clock at I'll'BLIC' SAl-K DATES[-Pure iBred 1 (.g SalA Blue Mound. February II: .Mr. .McBratney. Selma. Kans.. Icb. 15; Pure Bred Hog SSaiel ( tcltree, Kans., Feb.J 16; jFred ilyson. Clenterville. Kans.. Feb. Ii7: J. L. Tinsley. .Mtoran. Kans.. Heb. IS; Kiocaid.CoramunityISale. Feb. 19; Cai-I HeqkenI able. Moran. F^eb., 23; Farm Sale. (Theo. Jagels: Jfcpler. Kans., Pure] Bred Short- lioriis and Spottjcd Polands,i bred .•ibw.s. Feb. 25: Geo.JPalnier,.'Kin- (tild,. Kans., Farim Sale, Feb. 28. Ir interested in ajny c^f thesd. sales, jrif*? E. E. Hail. Bjayard. Kans.. fiir hills. If yoii ar<^ idterestjcd or jijrc expecting to employ an|,auc- 1 oneer, write me at Bayard, Kans.. (|r telephone 63-, Kincaid. at my tjxpense. .My ref< reniie is my|work ill the sales. . } CE BROS.—Anctiohcersj We sell a|nything. anywhere. , anythne. Phone at onr | expense. SjIoraTi tlhonc 160.5; Lallarpe phone 645. KODAK dak films sure )r >11 - 25r; |c xlrja rjrinls, 4c. :Encl^.s|; requir* d 320 ^ ^ FILM !—Send us yourjkoj- V e develop six expo^ and print one of ea 1 I rinls, 4c. :Encl( ^mount. Home) Stiitiic Kentucky St... lola. KJas ORK—Wanted. jii|e\i} Killing. Phone 1072J. CORRfTRANSFER CO.f-J'acklng storagA long distance ,hanjing Heasdnable n tes. Phone 1*0J. [4ofe88Mnal SerrMes SURGE IT —Medicine. X-ray. F. Let ski. Piones: offlbja, resldcJnce. 112JSW. TWO SCJWS—iAnd fifteen pigfe for salel K. i. Dryden, Colon>j, Kans.. phone 678. TEAM —/Smooth mouth ; hfirses. weight 11250: for will trade foij other stock. 'A. B; Hopkins, 4% miles east. 4 nortbi LaHarpe. ' Pqnltry and SnppHes ffl ELECTr |lC HKTCHED CHICKENS —All leading i varieties; lowest: possible prices; also cubtom batching. .Qiiality Electric Hatch- cry, Gas. Kani. FIELD; SEEDS—Of alj feindi[;. get yourslearly.! Special Top. ioc per pound. Implement; Co. CATS—Tesjeil Shadwi SEEDS—Tested, recle4nfd grown Kan(>ta oats, cloverj.' timcithy and Priced to Humbbldt. Klinsas 4lfilfa. ^weet l.'jlfce clover. Vioris, REAJ ESTATE EOR RENT .^partments and APART -MENlr bath, very ^ dry.. PJione APArtTMBN r— Two rU m furnish-' ed. modern entraijcje. c^ose In. 21 Phonic 13961 i Bostnes> GARAhE—Ajnd fillingj rent, j either| together business. —Three nice, ovej' 102; ground dolna f;ood . North Kentjucky or [ GREY d.\NDfeR—For sale | orj trade fclr gr^y goose." M..B. dia. Phone i964-3. will Lan- HlGHESt MARKET— Prices *paid tor cream, jeggs and ipooltry. Oar. triick aiid chicken cpope are service to pick Up poul- ker Produce Co. I»ho^ 658. Farms tad JiSnd fi F.\RM^—To {rent. we| half section, three • miles .southeast' of Write lhe|owiier. J Our. trii( at yon^ tr>'. Baj-1 HEIFEI S-rE^ght 2-year-oild jHolr stein.s. fresh|;soon; two good milk c'jws ai)/d,one 3 -ycar-pld!Hol- steln bill. Tlifi bull can li ' tercd. All [priced right. Johristpn. Garland. Kans. lNCUBATOR-l-125-cgg Que,en jincu- bator. 969 -3. chicks ic iregisH M. C. R; 1. iu giii'd condition NONE BETllEll—Start ydur Ibaby on Tlios. Soilthard buckle Real Estate, [i Fnr ^H and Land fjir Sale " 88 EMPLOYMENT Help n FAR.V rigbt ;1 miles Geo. 0 HANDf-Gpod :hian. west 'Brien MAN—I hie chancii enC^i care (pver 231 position for equii-e itegislerl JlolB^y to Loan—.Hortga^es FAKM reas<^i thbryi LOAN^—Quick I able senrlce ilates. A. Di 4 213 4- Washington. FARlff rate or B&oirt oh MONE-V —To 1 propfeity. J; ovcrlBrown's MONE^ east^r and I Termj r<-wor. wages |::ali in person, or Humboldt years, for respofi Good .?pay ailvanccment. i Re|f( 1. Address "E. Fl FINANCIAL AND farmi tiae^ ICITT LOANS-4^a4e 6%, city 6%. R. M. TO mon^y ^dty and Stewkrt anted—Male STANrjARDlfcED— S.tale Chicks: Copie in on Tuesday and see ti e quiJHty of chicks we arc hatch ng. p'en'pounds of ichicJc starter giv«» free with .-very JIJJO ''"''^^M—SO acres for cljick.-j ssold locally. .\|.s( one gal- lo'n size,stojie fountain given with orders qf 2i |i>:i-hickK. W< have the oil add icojl I brooders g larantecil 'to. "j!>ve""sjit;rsracfi6ti| ojr monii}' 3.^ CnnniBMijai ban on farm ant) Ickson ' Realty Drug Store, j to AN— Private ^o loan on , pj-operty. Low jayment to salt and rjlrowlngi Buttermilk Puddiij. for I sale at youri or R. p. .McKinney Feed Hhonc t Starting Chick grocery ISlore. PL'LLHTS--^ White Wiandottes and one rop.ster, part aie laying, for ssAe. Pijrjne ^64F12. Lccrcditcd .McCtme Home, jlnderiendenct. Mo. Phone, jlndlependencc Jfodses NORTiI STREET. J 3 1; room Tijungalow. jwitl: ren*.| I hone 73|>. i Omces and l Desk OFFICEjROOMS—()vet J'alar. Store. I Inquire at fialaice Store iM'anted—To li ED . TO RKNII^ Farm on ^ilarjesi everything by jnprtih J. W. Sonljh iTcnnessee. RteAli ESTATE j Brokers In, Real liprs irjce on; Red illen County Kanota Carlyle. rooms' and tola Laiin- Idor. outside b East itreet. Placeis for] Kcnt| 75 Station for of separate; •"JaquiiieJOZ h'pne 141. >i-Bent 7S itiid one-half i\ans. |M. llaylor, j-j.Mode igaragte, Room roved' 77 n six >, for ^alare Shoe Shoe ijnt 81 .ui-nished. or iiiohrock, 128' R SALE I instate i R IF YpU WANT—To biiy or rent "or get I an insurance Sec us. • Ar-- liark. antee our biioOil Sturdy Chi St recti Ph We stand back of >ur guar- 100 lijl'r'; cent. Come|and look imP|ioved. i Al,so .wajj harness: .some feed, nedk Iola;R. 1. Foil- fool efs jover before liilki Hatchery 'hjiiite 446. you buy. |220 West lVan|:ed—Livestock .MALiC ilOC.-.•5potte(hPola id China, weighi i;"»i lo -200 lb. Write or phonei Joliii Collins. I 'in la. jKans. WANTED TlOiBUY—All linds cattle aiid h( gs. J. C. Bujtcher. MJllCHANDiaE Ariirles for Sale CHU.N'JC WtioD—Good, so ind ehunk woodi $3.ho; a rank delivered. Phone 9T!>b?. 50 160 cIo.« ACRES—Fairly e: to, good town. terms.; -.M. A.. Schli of Piqua Hill. 4t^ll imiiroved, 540 peri acre; -dHonses for Sale HOCteE—Five room ble garage, good Rcn'thor, Wanted— ACRKACJ:—WantiHl shallow' (.il fields. pro[ipe<.-l..s. leriiis. ot Feel owners only. .\difiiss Box 54tl. A [sale or rehl; t'ji. tcain and !w. Fi Ken- miles >^CSt,| 8« modern .sition. I • i4 «i Ektate- CHU.vk W60D— For sab'. $2.50 In Hmbdr orj$::.'25 delivered. A. J. Swin^ord. Phone 518. T4fOs7riTOiri)|lsiCT drll first dou- Johnj 8» Ijng in ve Ideation. letter. brokers. cliit9.! Kans. iHENNINOER^Si FURNITURE STORE 2ND lIlAND HEATING STOVESr- \ I-ar Reznirs and furniliire.l good as new. jchpap. • Kelley ,Ho(eL i BusJiiess an4 Office Eqnijpmcpt 51 SHOW: plate cheai^. [c .VSE -T -Good showcase with glass top: also flat top dcskl McCarthy Motor Co. TYPEWRITBRS, FOR SA LE.i-Rent or trade, li , Adding macaines. any makej. Biibiic stcnogri pher. np- Undi 'mtiltigraph work done. tary . , - Room 10-11.; over t;iobe HARROW inch harrow new; old. . also Lyonji, Farin Equipment lotion: '16- inch disc impi.emeikts almost to 7 years to 1500; W '.rE. lola. Deere. 3 se jsulky plow; 16-14 these 5 horses coming 4 jweigiit i from 1300 liafn,less for 5 horsts ' 8.>1 North streell FuelJ Feed, FertHb HENNINCaER'S FURNITURE STORE WEST MAUIS4lNi «TK£ET Clothiers. S5A Day Bow; Wamnl tlW (iOOI)S BARJJAIN fllST : e| Oak Chifferobi.—- J .i $k-.^ • BJeri and Pad_._l $1-3.00 ; f<>pt V .M Steel BflH $15.0")j mil Vanity Dressttrs $:Jr ..O« o K'ainnets Ji _-$10.00| Kad, Gattj iLeg iireakfast fl ables..-$G.O <J RinRCK. t-hole_ jl .--$22.50 Round Wa'Sbing .Mafi:ine $l'2.5f fJalvai izedjWashing v|achine.^$8..5<i All-Coiton .Mattre^sclsj j..$T.5a 6.x9lF ItBase Rugs i J_.5:!.0(i 9x12 I'clt Base Rugij ^-.$5.0*! 9xlir Linoleum Rug i-^-.Ji.9i2M 'Jxli itloral Rug. AMiiinistcr-?23..M 9x12 oriental Rug,, $28.50 iSfJR <;o«i»s B .tktaix Conibiuation 'Bookca-ie _i.-tj.-illj*, Im. ILeather Davenprrt L.$15.00 Saiiita'ry Davenport Sqiiare Dining Roonj Kite-ten Safe Used i:a& KanRe;!- PrincCrSs Dresser Wainnit Wardrobe-- Big'Brass Beds. Csed Vacuum Wjlsh Good White Sewing Twin Bal>y Buggy . j.. • :-$10.0C |TableH..$4.0l li U.Jj:{.0( i L.$25*0(i U.---L.$13.5' ii.--._.$16-5(j i.-.:..:.$4.fl<, r _-.$S..=;i, t\iachine._$7.5< J „-,.--.$5.0d LIST

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