The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 17, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1891
Page 3
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GRAND CLOAK OPENING Special Sate and Display At the store of John Crosby, Postville, Thursday, Oct. 29th, and for this day ONLY—POSITIVELY. For Sale! Carriages of all description! for sale. VV. S. WEDSTKK. Miss Anna Easton Instructor on the piano mid organ, l'ostvillu, Iowa. Mias Nellie H. Abbctt, lonelier of Vocal and Music, Poslville, Iowa. Instrumantnl —The place to buy your Oloak for this fall and winter is at Luhman & Sanders'. Hiss Battie Baldwin, Teaoliar of Art Embroidery. Stamping dono to order. Latest stylas in patterns. If Horse-Shoeing;. No hit and miss, but a good job every clatter and prices vory reasonable. Titos. SIIOUTKEID. Again For Sale. I now offar my r»sidan«o for salo at a price Hint ought to sell it at ome. Call and sao it. 11. H. IUZI.KTOK. We will inaugurate this our first Grand Cloak Opening by offering all our customers such garments as we do not keep in stock at a slight advance of wholesale. "We having no money invested can give you the benefit of the Low Prices without loss to ourselves. There will be an agent here representing one of the Largest Houses in the East, who will take your orders for Immediate Delivery. As this will be really the only Stylish and Good Fitting lino of Cloaks in this part of the state this season, no lady living within 25 miles and wanting a Cloak can afford to miss this sale. Also for those wanting DRESS GOODS we will on THIS DAY ONLY give a discount of 10 per cent, on all WOOL Dr©33 Patterns. This means for every dollar you give us for those goods we will GIVE YOU Ten Cents Back. Everything sold at Regular Prices, marked in Plain Figures. One Price to All. c. L. s. o. Mi'.ot witli Mrs. John Sanders Wednesday, 2:30 p. in. The Leading Facts of American History—paragraphs 18-58 inclusire. —Tha Hurling ton road will run an excursion train from West Union to Doe-jruh tomorrow (Saturday) to the GOT . Hoies mooting. Tickets a fare and a third. —That genial, all around good fellow, FrauU Frant7 .cn, was down from Oisian last Saturday evouing and madu this ofuVo a pleasant call. We are glad to know that ho is doing wull. —Sheriff Miuort was orer on Tuesday delivering a carload of callle to bo shipped oror the Uurlinglon road. Ho didn't look as if tho fuar of defoat caused him to lose any sleep. —F. Y. Whittnore, Ksq., our candidate for the senate, was here on Monday making tho acquaintance of oiu people, lie is going to make a close run, with fair prospects of success. Remember the date, and Positively This Day Only—Thursday, October 29th, 1891. Yours, Anxious to Please, For Sale. Sumo choice Poland Chins, Figs, uithor sex, no kin. Dreading stock all recorded. Good bono and good size and early maturity. Prices reasonable Come and eon. G. W. IUKUH. (Roberts' Old Stand.) DIED. CHHISTOPIIKItSON-At her homo in Post township, Oct. luth, 181)1, from injuries received in a runaway, Mrs. Caroline Clr.istoplierson, wife of Hans Christopherson, aged 47 years and four months. Her remaius wore deposited in the Poslyillo cenietely. Short-Horn Bulls For Sale. Four pedigreed short-horn bulls for salo cheap. Ono is eighteen months old, the others younger. Three miles southeast of Postville. 13m6 P. C'OUCORAW. "TUe Postville Weekly Review. PUBLISHO ETZRY SATURDAY V/. H. BURDICK. BY —Apples at John Thoma's. —A large line of Undurwoar, at Skol- ton & Tangoman'a, Cheap. —The "Handy Top" is tho bast put on a»y earrisgo. W- S. WBBSTIK. —Special sale of a large stock of Ladies' Jackets at about 00c on tho dollar. All brand new, purchased of a manufacturer who failed. lie sure and see theso goods before sold and get a Great Bargain. J. W. Wxitt) & Co. TK&MS: J l.bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. - Sweet Applo Cider at J. Thoma's. —Poultry always on hand at Hart's moat mm ket. —Fancy Crockery and Glassware, at Luhman & Sanders'. —The Hamilton Brown $2.60 Shoe will match ANY $3.00 shoo you e»u And. JNO. CKOSBY. — Peaches and Grapes cheap, at John Thouia's. —From this liiuoon politics willbogln to warm up. at J. W. —Dress Prints S els Ward & Co's. a yard. — Tho best Fresh v.icat market. Ovstors at Hart 's —Our old friend J. W. Patterson sends us an ear of corn from tho Sioux City corn palaco by Mrs. E. D. Stiles, who has been yisitiug him and tho corn palaco. She reports a splendid time, and that hor father, Mr. Patterson, is doing woll and is happy. — If you want wood Ways wora with | me or any of my teamsters. P. J. HEUCUKR , Drayman. —Luhman & Sanders are having a splondid sale on Droos Goo'ia. —Tho following frionds are entitled | to crodit and thanks for cash on subscription this week: F. Frant/.on, Cora Minor, Stovo Spoo, D. D. Honau, J. B. Minert, Mrs. M. Mickelson, C. C. Fabor, J. P. Raymond, WATJKON ITEMS. Dr. A. T. Stillman was called to Postville Wednesday on professional business. Ho is an expert workman. Armstrong & Alexander, the clothing rustlors, have an i.vmense flock and are doing THE clothing trade of the town. Dr. M. W. Nesmith, of Sullivan, S. D., is making a short visit with his daughter, Mrs. Gilchrist, and other rol- at 'iTes. II. J. IJentley has recently opened a variety storo similar to tho Fair, of Chicago, and is having n splendid trade. Henry is a wide awako and enterprising merchant. The Pioneer Firo Co. have purchased now lints and have just rece'iTod their new hose cart, which is a furnished by tho tow*. Tho cart is a beauty and holds about S00 foet of hose. A race betweon tho bicyclisls ';i8 talked • of soon. A young man who has recently located hero has mado tho boys jealous by his fast riding, and 'tis said a challenge will bo handed him by one of tho wheelmen. 11. F. Opfer, of Opfcr Bros., is quite enthusiastic on the land question, and has just purchased about 1600 acres of wild laud in Winnobago and Kossuth counties for himself and other parties who resido in Ludlow township. Michael Buggy is building an addi tion to his wagon factory and has just purchased a new steam ongino and some improved and valuable machin ery, which he finds necessary to hayo in order to meet the demands of his many customers. II. II. Stillwell. of Stillwcll & Stew art, is at DesMoines this week looking after an important case for one of his clients in the supremo court. It is such cases as this which insure a satisfactory lining of the capacious Dockets that form an indispensable, adjunct to the 1 :gal piofession. The great trotting raco to-morrow (Saturday) between the three horses, Maggio N., Poke and Hanover Boy, will be quite interesting aud exciting A purse of $220 lias boon raised by our Wankon citizens and the race will bo for blood. At present Maggio N. is the favorite, and bets aro made that botlor lime than 2:35 will bo made. The county politicians aro beginning their canvass. A numbor of tho "dyed in tho wool" democrats will drive to Docorah to hear Gov. Boies Saturday. The farmers in this vicinity aro not so interested in "Jeremiah" Boies since they have road his Chorokeo »peee and Wheeler will rocoivo a much lar ger rote lhau did Hutchinson two years ago. Geo. C. Medary and Miss Edna li Pottit were married at the Baptist church Tuesday morning, Rev. D. N Mason officiating. After the ceremony at the church the wedding party ami invited guests wero entertained at the homo of tho bride until the 10:16 n. m. train, on [which they took thoir departure for Sioux City. Tho cards announce thoy will be "at home" nfter Nov. 9. The new Slitor House was thrown opuu to tho public Tuesday and is already doing a good biisiucss. Tho hotel is four stories high, including basomont, which coutatns an elegant commercial sample room. The rooms (upwards of 80) aro all large, well von t.ilated and elegantly furnishod. Mr, Slitor is a lirst-class landlord and our people all appreciate his enterprise in tho erection of such a good and sub' slanlial building. Couv> WOOD CHARLEY. Rotary Shuttle Sewing ARMSTRONG- & HOLTER, THE RELIABLE CLOTHIERS. ESTABLISHED IN 1883. fill APT 10 open your eyes a come to look at We call your attention to the Standard Sewing* Machine because we be- live it to be the very best sewing machine for family or factory use ever invented. Its great superiority over all other kinds is readily admitted by every person when once understood. The Standard's rotary shuttle has revolutionized the whole sewing machine principle and other sewing machine Co's are paralyzed because of their inability to meet the Standard in competition. The Rotary principle is the only correct principle for a shuttle to a sewing machine. little wider than usual when you our Mammoth Stock of Fall and Winter Suits and Overcoats. Neither a microscope nor a magnifying glass would enable you to discover any flaws in them. You don't need to be a clothing expert to see at a glance that they are as far ahead of the productions of other years as a palace car is ahead of.a stage coach. You couldn't improve their appearance, but they can and will improve yours. It is impossible that you should be otherwise than pleased with the" prices we are now naming. Buying as we do, in large quantities, for two stores at the same time, enables us to secure many 'bargains unapproachable by others, and we in turn give our., trade the benefit of same. This month we are offering' 111 Gloves <& Mittens, r, Men's Goat Gloves, double palm, oil tanned > Men's Calf Gloves, patent wrist, welt seam, California tan, 35c Look at what you gain on The Standard —YOU LOSE MONET when you j woar anything elso but the Hamilton | Brown Shoe. J*0. CaosiiT. --Hoys All Leather Cloves 16, 26 and COo ft pair, at Skellon & Tangeman's. | -Lime, Cement, Stucco and Flsster- I ing Hair, always on hand and for salo. —Initial Slick Pins only 10c, at Luhman & Sanders'. Hit P. J. HEUCIIKU , Drayman. —The best lino of Ladies' and Misso3' Shoes in town, at Luhman & Sanders'. —If you waul tho boil corn fed beof try Halt's inarkot. Boucher's old stand. —Wo publish in this issue tho governor's and shod Its proclamations for the general eloolion. - Our Shoe stock is now complete and our prices tho Lowest. Sicit/rov A TAKQKUAX. —Tbo statomont of the old Postville State Bank makos a prosperous and remunerative showing. It is a solid institution. Farm For Sale. Consisting of 317} acres, four tulles south of Csstalla, in Clermont township. 240 acres under cultivation, balance timbor and pasture. Buildings fair, woll watered. Inquire on tho promises. 23tf THOMAS Moit«is. Card of Thanks. Horoby wo wish to return our sln- coro thanks to frionds and neighbors, and especially to Mr. and' Mrs. Geo. Wntors, who so kindly assisted us dur ing llio Illness of Mrs. Christophorson. HANS CUMSTOI-HEUSON & FAMILT. The Warner Comedy Co. At last Postville is to have a show and tho best on the road at that. The abovo company will play a threo nights ongagomcnt at Turnor Hall, on Oct. 2Cth, 27th and 28th. The compauy has appeared in many of tho towns in this neighborhood, this season aud has given universal satisfaction. They played at Docorah during fair week and tho Republican, which niver commends a company not worthy of it, had tho following: 'Tho Warner Comedy Co. now playing at Stoyer's opera houso is giviug excellent satisfaction. The company U evenly balanced, their onilumes good; they aro playing nono of tho old piecos, d abovo all the members aro ladies Men's heavy gray, random mixed, Shirts and Drawers, 30c" Men's extra heavy, vertical stripe, wool Shirts and Drawers, 45c and gontlomen. As a rosult they aro mooting with succoss, tho audiences evening. Tho ongago- On tho hat day they will givo n •-Headquarters ° for Axle Grease, (Saso'.iue, Lard. Castor, Black and all •t the leading brands of Uachino Oils, at Waters & Nicolay's. growing every inont olosos Saturday ovoning. afternoon of matineo." -Homo Rendored Lard 11 cts. per lb. Lard shlppod in 10 cts. per lb., at Hart's meat market. —Tho base ball boys oarao out nicely flnatoially with their dance so Manager Uolahan Informs us. —Ladies' Fall Hats, Trimmings, etc, latest stylos and very ohuap, at MEYEK & THIE»K'». -Tho Hamilton Brown $3.S0 Shoo for men have tho largost sale of any' Shoe in tho United States. For salo by 26tf Jso. CUOSBT. New Dental Boom*. Dr. Will Colo has opened a dontal office over the harnoss storo in tho briok blook, whore ho may bo found on Tuesday and Wednesday of oaoh wook, where he Invites tho publlo to call when wanting flrst-class work done in his line. ____Another Old Beaidont Gone. -J. K; Phillips broalnod his last —Tho bost everyday, working, or school shoe, is J. Miller & Cu's fine Grain Calf, worth 2.60 to 3.00, can bo had for 1.90 of J. W. Ward & Co. —Large quantities of lnmbor hits lioon going out of both our yards of late. Prices aro made ypry low. - Mrs. Lizzie Kilgore, oame homo last Saturday for a visit with hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Gordon. -• Camel's Hair Dress Goods for GOo n yard, worth 1.00, at J. W. WAHU & Co 's. —Skelton di Tangemau have Just received a largo line of Cloves and Milts and would be glad to show our custom- era through be/oro buying olsewhore. —Hoy. Lookwood informs us that ho will defer hit vacation until next week, and honoe there will bo preaching in tho M. K. chut'oh noxt Sunday as usual. , sit —-Oloaki and Jackets for Ladies and Misses, at Luhman & Sanders'. —Nobody can (ail to sec the advor- j tisement of John Crosby relative to "Cloalci. He oan do you good in this direction, * •">••'.' •! -Wm, (Shepherd's Utile hoy met Wltl\ Jfifl wUfovtunfl-of having hi? light •'a^x^p^n at the elbowing week, by ^BtiWpwJ orer °" f the sidewalk —The genial coiiutenanoo of Treasurer Dougherty was visible on our streets yesterday. Wo are indebted for ploas- ant OHIIS . A great week for candidates. —POSITIVELY the best Shoe on earth for lite monoy is the Hamilton Browu $2.50 Shoe for men. For salo joy (25tf) JKO . OROsur. . -Men's llrst quality fine Veal Kip drawn in a lltjlofwa^jj bv Boole, llnod sides, hand pegged, worth 8,60 to 4.00,' Our'price only 2.60. Can't be matched for the money In America. ' J. W. WARD & Co. •• ,....-M.i ...t «'"-'-.i .>:f t vV y , -Tho Citizen's Stat* Bank, in its ant itatement. after baying bean In Postville Steam Mill. The undersigned having purchased tho Postville Steam Mills formerly own ed and operated by Ilirnm Dresser, is, proparod to do Sawing, Planing, Grind' Ing Feed, Soroll Sawing and Turning, at reasonable rates. Planing and grinding, Monday of oaoh weok. Your patron ago solicited. E. D. STILES. To Old and New Subscribers. All uow>ub»criburs paying $1.50 In advance will be credited to Jan. 1st, 189S, and all old subscribers paying up to tho day of payment and 81.60 in advance will bo orodlted to tho same timo. Our object Is to hayo all subscriptions, so lar as ;,possiblo, expire Jan. 1st. Honoe this premium, •M. F. MoGahornn, tho wldo awake Poland China breeder, was up from Clermont on Saturday. Ho Informs us that his pigs are going all the tlmo; the people oan't got along without them if they want the host. Arthur Marston WQuyefl a fine one last week. Mr. MoGnherau'i reputation a »nn honest breeder of the beat strain of bis favorite Suuday and was buried on Wodnesclay. Ho had boon a resident of Postvillo for many years, havlug boen our only barber for somo twelve or fifteen years He was a good hearted man—loo good n many rcepeots for his own good He was always ready in orcsos of sickness and ils a 111 to lend a helping hand and has probably assisted in more oases jf death thau any other man in town. Now this sad oflico has boon done for him, as ll must bu done one day for all of us. We extond our heartfelt syra ^hjMo tho bereayed family. ——> business but, three days over a roon^h j breed pf hogs is.e,?Vao<||ng fa?, and near, "be expected, and he g'9ls.o|^r«fro ^«'aJjD ^q.r.-tbll It will g]gw ' Mi Farm For Sale. A farm consisting of 280 aores- 910 under oultiialion and 40 actes of Urn bor. Will sell the farm without the. timber if doslro'l. Good house, bar and outbuildings on tho farm. Fenced in 20 aore lots. Woll watered by number of large springs. A splendid farm in every parlioular, Situated 2) miles southwest of Castalia and southeast of OssUn, Only 1} mllei south of Military road and good road to it. For terms, oto. apply to E, Soott, OssUn, or to tho editor of the REVIEW, Poslville. 14m 6 A Orfrd to the Public. I would respectfully intimate to the cltlzons of Poslville and vvldinity that 1 hare purchased of Boucher 4 Plialen tuelr entire moat market business, and will oarry on the business/ at the old stand. 1 hayo a full stock of corn fed cattle to jiso Ip: the; business, and no, beef will be put in tho ! market that 1 bap pot cj^ii<tf^^ Its shuttle makes only ONE MOTION to make a stitch, while the Domestic, New Home, White, Davis, Singer and all long shuttle machines make FOUR (4) MOTIONS, two stops and two starts with the shuttle to make one stitch. The Standard needle makes only TWO MOTIONS to make a stitch, while on all long shuttle maohines the needle makes FOUR (4) MOTIONS to make one stitch. It sew from One-Third to One-Half faster than any ong shuttle machine. Its whole shuttle race is SOLID STEEL and can be replaced, while on other machines the shuttle race is ONLY OAST IRON and cannot be replaced., The Standard with its almost noiseless shuttle, which turns round like a wheel, with no stop or jar motion; its great speed; its perfect ease in operation its perfeot tension and elastic stitch; its powerful feed with its Steel Set of Foot Attachments, combined with its great simplicity and almost endless durability makes it by far the Best and Cheapest sewing maohine in the world, and no one should think of buy ing a sewing maohine without investigating the prin oiples of the Standard Rotary Shuttle and giving the machine a trial. We also handle a large line of other kinds of sewing maohines which we sell. A brand new sewing maohine from 13.50,15.00 90.00 to 25.00, and 30.00 for the best long shuttle sewing machine made, with Steel Set of Attachments Call and inspeot our maohines and especially the Standard before buying, or write us and we will have our agent call and show you Wit We consider the above extra good value for the money. All other lines' as cheap in proportion. Our new Fall and Winter Stook, the largest we have ever shown is now complete. Don't invest a dollar in^ Clothing until you take a look through our stook. No trouble to show goods. THE - RELIABLE - CLOTHIERS. W. J. HANKS & CO., (Succojiors to Groy.& Co,] -DBAIJEKS lir —" Watches, Clocks Jewelry and Optical Goods'.- Also a complete line of Silverware, Artists' Materials, Stationery and School Supplies. Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty! The Standard, The Besi on Earth. PRICES REASONABLE AND SATISFACTION GUAR Af TEED ¥ We invite you to 0911 on us and see for yourselveiv' YOUES RESPECTFULLY, W. J. RHDKS GO/ »\ 4 ^ mSMm

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