Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1927
Page 4
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1 r-i' I -^'1^7 V5--f-''^|c PAGE FOUR Entered the lotd Fbktof l!_CIa «aT Matter.' T«taphons <I>Htrate BrancK ExcHanm ComiecttiK AU I>6p«rt£ents) iOfficlal P»ppr City bf tola. Official P«^r CKy yt Bassett lomelal PaR«-:All«t< County, SUBSSRIPTIOI)! HAtES. , By Carrier In Qi s City. LaBan e onA Baai ctt. . , ' t \ Own W*pk ....V .....15 Cans Ono Month ;..70 C*ni One Tear W4» i PY MAIL ; ' Oui*icia-:Ailar County ^ Onn Tear JB.OO Blx Montlm «- 5 Three Mon(h» ...I n. 0 InlAlH Cjunty OB« Tear 14. » SIX MonUrn JJ-•» TbrM Months ...v «• S Onr Month ^ Ukntfr of— National Edlt^lal ^icoclatlon. Kanwt Presi Atioilatlon. til* Kanaaa {Duilly iLaaaua. ~ Audit Bureai of Circulation. Praaa Conora * 9f aho'Would. Inland Oafly pireaa lAttoelatlon. . MEMBER A^OCIaTED PRESS., I The RegrteterieinTlp i -the Aaxoolat* i i Priam report byt^p^ilol Icaaed wlrs. i The Associated X >reH ' exclusively ei j tltro<t to. the u! s for republication 6f I all news dispatbbes (rcdltcd to It < r ! npt otheraiac cAdit*" 1 In this ' pap« • and also the local ne« s puUlahcd her I .Ih; lAll rlghu or repi blicfl'toa of »p ' clal Idlspatches herein pre also re»er»cfl. Bible Thought \for Todait. These things I cbmmand yoiu that yc loVe one ai other. — Jolitt 15:1 It POKE «L' HASZIS! gb the Icgisla- i looked as tlioii turei was going to \ all Kansas oijt. Bui then its inotDm< ter shot up. Us hind: wheels s^uil r <vpai and roaijd in the rnts and iti^ slipping badly. V.arc oV Kanzns! niud! Let's sell her| poria Oiizette. T6ugh! But what could wb j expect uncJcf a system of noniinalj- ing candidates whicji gives the peoi^ plu no chance to .on public qucstiohs "When candidates Jalure'were nomina convention-there •'Cominittec on Hca lutlous" arid platform was ad6pt< d wliich plairi. ly' tblif the candidal e what be wt^ to stand for when le got to Topeka. When a (|ues(i( n came up lilio tbis of a good roajds amcndmcm. upon whlcli • men would be !i debate I cd onp way Or tiie ilUlnlcl for the LeglH Btnuicil accordin);! llMl What chance j)popln to inslrncl tj for L)I <> l^egiHlaturc •ri.-- peoplje'of a coanty,-nader.this system, t>t>'oI a Consroflstonal dl8^<it. Ihare no means'whaterer of in- ^ii^fucttng in'eifr- representatives in ^he LegiiBlajtiireor ia Co 'nj ^oss. Aid while iiroTislen in - made for the writins of a'SUlie platform, the air says it shall )>e irrHten, not |)y the people, bilt vby the candl- (latca who bave tieea Bon ^a^d! Th$! people' ctolnpt fell'the candl- jla^s, the candidates tell tiie-peo- jiie,: In all the Wstory. Dtpolitical jiffiurs no effort' of the human, fn- |ellact bAH ever yfet brought f^rtlt an idea such abyamar idiocy ^ as QitH of ha'vtAg the eahdidales write the Ipecple'n platform. - "Pbreol* ICan«u9" Is right! tlutck started Stucic in trie for junk.—Bn «xpres8 thci for the Lcgis ed |at a count v{as i always Jllfferod. tbeic In the convrn- foriiiiiul lb<! iHHiic froiild be dccEd- other, the ci^n- Mttire IMtng in H there ^or Hie ^ii'lr candidal <s under th (}'prc |t'- •e o |?hancp iii the to find - ciil hyslepi? 'What for a representallvf wli .il his constituents really, fliiijk oni.i Kivpn issue? Take the siltttt- lion Avhicli' existed n Allen Coiia- ty last ypiir as don Hleua- a ~ fa ' sninplp of ili«v who e State. Two caiididales annonTic ?d theniselvis ias llppublican candi] ^egi'slature. Xeitlie I isjibd a platform s( lews on any paljlic her of them made'; the' primary canipaii ;n, as a matti|r of tact neither of the m m^de a can|- iini tha^ I)ait?n. They just- i ouncements and he ' successfi^l d.. But even etWeei^ them and ciandidate w-as elect a|ftt r bis nomination he made ni speeches and published no statef- nient. Nobody except by • chanc lcn«w how he stood on the 'roaA question or any qtlicr. He ' was elected because his name was oit tbel Repubiican tii:k t and this ii republican county N^pw isn't tbat'a f ne, intelllgpn ay for K self-gover ling people t^ (ipvern itself? We pnr^icnlarly ask the ^tti) which probably IIiaB, any other one s '^K to srarc ^be, da aiiy member oT the latos for thje of them pill - tling forth h s question, aei speech durinjg iublished their iet it go at The people i nlade a choice might be inclined tol tiOD sa'w h.-id fiisei bsk you! Kniporia Ga lias done inort lapcr in Kan f'lights out o gislaturc wbt speak kindl) t |ie. convention sys Lem. The Ga >J sees now that the prlraarj ought to be changed, but it W Legislature, cifwcring andci old fear, refuse |Ga ]Eelte thinks th to change'it| people otighti on the ques- of a roads amcijdmeDt, but it a legislatore. wh had no chance t lo siibiuit the amendment. The Giii^lte doubtless believes that .a luAjority of thepcopi i of the State W(inid approve the diange in the prfmary law which would approve anjd t suggested. 6f submitting the imejidment to a vote. Now will the pazette tell us h laiure is to be madi obedient to the will of the peopled odj or mac|iinery does offer;for instructing tiye as to the wish stitueints? f'P|ore ol' Kanzus is ol' kanxus has tied' poliiical system unddr which the: -people have no mpre officials they: elfct than if planet. The I tlije they j were on another "Reformers" who fastt nerf this sya- teU ut>on lis told us It would Insure tlh'e lule of the people. But it gives . t^iip Jieople not one sii glc opportu 'niiylto express theirj will. ^lie • i • i' ch the people instruct, re- pw the legis- ALLEX fOlSTY WIXS. • See that red-headed gdy eomliix down along the road with a fcathiir in his cap. and stepiiing hJgl)? iWell, ttiat IsiRoy tiwWMISTER "Rdy Gwin, field agent for the'Alien county farm bureau. And the rea* son he Is sporting that feattier and stepping high is because Allen county placed second In the Kansas Betteir Farming Contest which extended over a period of twojyears. from Marcb 1. 1924 to March t. 1026," and the winners were Just picked last' week. Washington county came out'in the •lead with 1,271.64 points, but Allen was right .close np with 1.932.79 points. |jeav- cn-worth trailing in third place; with 873.03 points. The story was told in fuH in the news columns of the Register'Sat­ urday and this comment is only to call attentloii to the red-headed tain with the feather in his cap coming down the street stepping higii. (jr course the feather and the high steps arc metaphorical for in point of fact the rcdrheaded man is just as modest as hc'al'w^ys has been. — than which^ nobody could be inodester. But just the same tlie victory of Allen county in this great Statewide contest is a fcathei] in the cap of Rby Owin anji he certainly woiild be cicuBcd if he did step a little high. For it is diie to the inspiration he Iras given the farmers,of Allen county, .'to the scientific methods in which he has instructed tiem, and the stimulation hejhaa given to their farming operations, lhal this victory has been won. )f course he had a fln« fflundntion ; to build on,— the wtfrk that James Miiham had done before'he cornel 'And he had the flue co -operetlon of Mr. Miiham in his work as field man for the Pet Milk Company these past two years. But, to bring Allen county into the running in this great contest was Roy (iwih-s Job and ho certainty did it in fine shape. ' ^ The; award carries with it a cash prtzjsf of $260 which goes to the Allen County Farm Bureau, and oif c6xirse that Is not to be despised. But tlu work that won the prize is really What counts, the altogether most valtiable'thing about'it. By reason of entering this contest and persisting in it scores of men in Allen County are better . farmers than they would have been, have made a better living for their families, and have acquired an enthusiasm for their calling and a pride ii( it that will be as asset to them a^ long as Uiey live. iSo here -are congratulations tij t ^'e r^-headed man with the feathi er in his cap coming down the street stepping high, and to all thi flirmers wtiose good work helped Allen County win the prize and toi everybody in the county who bas a big enough heart in him to rejoice with them that rejoice. Let us all start but right now to win the first prize next time. Let,us make 1927 a great year. "Times 1 rill be better in the spring" aod the Fair next toll will be "Bigger and Better Than Ever!" ' J J BAKER UNIVERS IS 69 YEARS OLD Baldwin. Kans., Feb. U. AD— Various exercises in observ; nco of the fiftth birthday anfliversiry of Baker University were held" on the campus today. Tonight, ; the radio will alumni far!from their aliila to take part in the celebjration.! Station WDAP of the Kan.sis City Star will broadcast a BukiT pro.; )'clock: sccre- u huge er Ktu- |cii:ibl(! mater Pays His Respects Kfkm, beginning at 10 /^pmas .Al Evans, aliimui tary, win send a piece of birthday cake to every forni dent who wires or writes Jiack to the oldl school about hcai;iug the program. IHIlgP ot Will e: .Mr. funilly. Mr. and What meth- the primary 1 representa- of- his con- right • Pore herself to a control over IX THE DAY'S NEWvS. In noinipating Rdbert Woods Bliss as Ainericaii: Ambassador- to Argentina.'the President has adhered to the policy of advancing 'career" men in the| diplomatic service. Mr. Bliss goes to Buenos Aires from SwedenJ where he has served, as minister kincie 1923. He has spent practically his eritire career In the diplomatic servfce. After graduating from! Harvard in 1900. he served in the office of Secretary of Porto Rjco. Since then he has had traising in both (be consular and diptoinatic Service, as well as in the, Department of State, where for almost a year be was chief of the Division of Western E'uropban Affairs. ' Service at ithe important ilosts of- Leningrad. Paris ami Brussels in the years prior tlo and during tbe war gave him Valuable training in' the highest posts of^ obsen'ation during one of the greatest of all periods in world' histofy. ROCKLOW (Mrs. Will Duggan ' Feb. lO.-^-The Pomona G South Falnriew bad an oy ^cr supper Monday night for the members and their famlUes at M^ Deer's. Those ^present we and Mrs. lloy "^Pcrry and Mr. and MrR. Wl^l Duggan. Mrs. WalUc Duggan uitd C^lr. .Mr. and Mrk. ^yalter' Stewart a lU Russell, Mr. arid Mrs. Charlej- Horher and Mildred. Mr. and .Mr.'.' WM Collins and fariilly. Mr. ai d Mrs. Earl Elliott, and family. .Mr. and Mrs. Roy .Nicholas. Mr. ni d • Mrs. Henry Cady.and family, Mr'. Olive Browrt and family, Mr; Lloyd BrouKhton, .Mr. arid Mrs. Pearl Pool and family. .\lr. and .Mis..Raymond Smith, and Mr. and .Mrs. W. T. Perry. Mr. attd Mrs. Lee Deer moved Monday- (f> the G. W. McKal; farm. Will Duggan bought jUiree Hol- stpin cows .Monday at Don: Id Noble's sale. Mrs. Mable Fich and Dorothy of Pawhuska, Okla.. are visitin ? their parents arid grandparent.s, .A[r. and Mrs. Charley; Rearrick tliis week. Mr. and -Mrs. Raymond Smith spent Sunday witli Mrl an 1 Mrs. Roy Perry:and family. Mr. and Mris. Will Duggai spent Sunday with their duugtatei. Mrs. Fr»nk Hawkins and Mr. Hawkins. Richard Shclton spent Sunday with Walter Duggan. ; | Mrsh. Albert Howell and Mrs. SavonburgSdjc^ Notes Feb. 10.—The .'primary pupils are to {lavc charge of-jdhapel Friday mdrning. .Feb.; 11. They arc} preparing a short progriim about[Lin- cojn. who have- been . aljscnt Ifrolm school this weqk on account Syl- !of tllness are: Lloyd jSwanson. cdter Starlipcr antj Norcen Mrpm. "To date, the Henry Ford leaving the White House after ipaying his respects to the President. A dinner given by Secretary of the Interior Work at the Pan-Aniierican Union brought the flivver magnate ta the, capita'I while the Et |)ry of his phenomenal ascent to fame and fortune was be- Walter Stewart spent Tuesday •Srt^i Ing^a'red at the Ford minority .Mrs. Frink Hawkins. OUTOURWAY j stockholders' tax trial. Ny- batc SavoEJbrirK teams have thb higlijest scores in the district; they have scored fifteen points asj again U twelv|i; for their nearest opponents. On Tuesday. Feb. 15. the affi rmatlve j team, will go to Vlii^Iand. while the affirmative teain fro n Spil.'ngbill will appear in Bavonlmrg. Chj-istinc lliitliff return) H hor I .Monday.iafter wo wcrjks ab- smci on account of dcknesi. Ln ille Swarison i.> absent from Kt\\a< I this week on account of tons lltiM. The Intermediato rbom Is jstart- Irg work on an operetta to bp|Kiv(;n s( me time In the not far distant fill lire. Watch for ItJ Hugh Woods entered .school last M:iuduy. unrolling in the liighth gfade. This brings the numljcr in the inlerincdinte room to twenty- oi !ht. I Tills is the! eriroll- m -ni for three years}. George. Lead.strom iia.s l>een absent from school on account of the iiieastes. |A shipment of new books for the liljrary came in today. Others are' toi follow laterJ • j ; ' JThe basket ball teams have not, pliaypd any games for! the past two wtek!'. Bad roiitls jiave caustjd the games to be cancelled. - |A ne.w safe i* to be added to the equipment of the school. This will niake safe the,keeping of all records and other valuable matter now being kept in ' the building' and elsewhere. "Bit ferenjt and clear}; atten "Fil chali n me e itj Ev( cept took pockf:t seal. A Frc$ ci he-;" per his I chow answ M t face to se^ spdrkling conversaiion. as if my lips ;wet|e VIS ju .st an agony ^f and ' humiliation me—ihiiigs were d rWhep we leff the dinnbr the living roqirii roai gently to atjtaot )n. K^ery eye [was on. iiu cs," I I egan with great 11 ,0 uld you; like to ha rou for a moment'i r^'body : railed—everybody e. Wi h great cereniouy new p; ck of cards from and St irted breaking | ickle rhn around the circl m't iio| lieard anothe .\6-^he noJer did lanything iji fe his fingdrnaiis,"; came. to th^ like w haR?'i Th^ iilKm affiri 1 ed tif blc. -l-ll bcfori! A Tei! the ( lied ijhcjni r'api] (left pif IqVii anil GpLDEN \AU Feb. Stm^a; acccinc invitee Will located when their home ll.-Sinday SclKJol ' every at 10 o'clock.! ?r^ching; am fourth Sundiys. A» t'o Ktiend these s enrfces. Mai b«ck and fana lly; have in Mpran nntl' Spring, hey plan to I make Colorado change! of the •The E. J. : enjoyed th hoping to benefit he)heal \r di ughter Marjor te. ^ two Baker brothers, Messrs. nd I'edrl and theiij families. other faiuily ing E The cfc- l my the any caijd trickK .j cah Ine younjg lady whit in a crowd excep th :t oni Others to to '.Mr.s.i i^mMi. spadds The Princeiss Juliana, heii* to the throne of the .Nctherland.s. i.^ named for .luliana. Countess of Stolberg. who was tiie mother ot | ^ "'''^ William the Silent and the ancest-1 any el les.s of the of -A dtrange custorii prevails ^n Ar- menii in regard to girU who'ha've attaiiied the ag'eot 17 dhd are stiO iinw«;d.' They are forced to fapt fhreel days, then for 24 'hours their onl.r.jTood is salt and thev :i'rt» not. -permitted lo qnench their thirst. • -J. 014 poPipArHo^ MOcrt R)RTHIS VirtH DROPS OF BLOOD OROPRIM 1 DFf OF iT-AM" kse^i CM »T. HERES A PRenM VALENTIKIE. -1 , \T JOSTFDF^HOlb -ro ASHTW^OO ijF Nou LOV/e. Mt -A^O SAV . jou.s u No man can avoidi jiis ow.ii ynm- i '^''''•'*'' pany,—so h« had better make jt as i ^^'''•^ " "Thi.-i j yoirng lar ov sp:.M«iiifnt. pck of 'cards, siiufl- lly and then, wi^i fanned them [oiit asked iour hoate.'is She did. 1 turned jind .sa;d:;"WouId*Iyou I you'ivljiit cardtsiie moviiig th centls vac E. ing since On Tjuesdii They are making tbe dtiy' Stinday with ari- iiroti ler^ Elmer Ba ceii aijd of lerfleva. the occas on bp- mer s birtlMlay. ' jV. kf. Is. spent a delightful day wjith Mrs. Charles fier|re. At noon fi lo' ely dinner w is Jiervud. Tiie aftern K>n was spent w^th the les.son] stui y. |"Reform Ai lottje Moslem \yome 1" [was given by->lrs. (.•. Koliler. I evptlonals we'e jled by .Mrs. K. J. Baker. The rext meeting w^ll 1 M [ with Mrs. KchUi^. Golden ) alley's Social CIi;b met with .Mrsj^Cliff Isaac F idiiy att- ernooii. Thej meeting tad been postponed from time to time 'Xye- cause of hadi-weather aid] roads until i wa decided,to ha e a meeting rekard essi of either. Alt kinds of tra ispo tation were u iedj such as lun ber wagons, buggiis, etc. So there vas nucih fun goin; arid coming ai d a veriy pleasant afti^rnoon was e ijby< d and ; n^ne ^ wais the worse for their going tl rough the rain. Mr;. ;lsaac and 1 daiughter. -Miss I'esti Isaac.' ser've(' delicious refres hmei ts. Next me eting will be with Mrs. John Manpeck. Feb-, ruary IT. ; , . Joh^ St iteville aiid family' are pensjesj Iikukries recelve.d by the^^Buf^a of liif*rrial; Revenue pndi<«te confusion I in tU<e minds the ^fjers conderhirig' the TUiff< rfnee 'feen Bualbeis ex )eiiditu| 3 ai e. | ^9 - nesi^ ebcpensjesL Bu; i^ess' ^xpepdl- tnreB ire noit'alwajs within the ijidanintt incoinej tax law. A biUm km addition to a ceist ot J20.000. TJi expenditure [for an bflditlQii assdts, Capital exbfttd "ffi^ not deductible. Disf nction i.s ma^ei betjufe^n f ith Bit ai^set. Is jweek on thfe farm i -e- iited by Will ManbeckL 1. .Mnnbeck has bejen suffer- so alarminb that a physi stant jcare night and Thej dirti condition tfliey have, been some Ihein every 'jmile| enough | to carricrsi sc their rorine they def-ta praise | fjrjr ed the law; F; ?'riday with Hiccoughs, y \ his conditii tii. became n's <:()n- w'as required! * Tuesday IVeidnesday untiil t^vening. ng the I)ro !fes- :j<?ls. lim- mm^nts .i|._ roads are in' the \yorst for years, Aimoet impassable', bias one muelhole efeep: " • • The mk\h\ Xo make hold a car. mejtinics fail ' trip." hut not often, and nly deserv^ a word the?ir faithfulness?. The milk darrij^r has had to abandon his route hrough here. Violi^ Ba^er spent Sunday with Margueirite Hawkins. Maude Stewfart was a Sunday guest if Iren^ Baker. The jW. <?. Walker family recciy- , . 1 jjg'^.jj iiijjj thejir'son-in- »padef« The Itami n Then Free V I uni.Mop. curd us you fejiniejr. gen'tly. yoiii anei even "Qii rie.; learn that."i "It mysel just in know Orange.; upon 9v cd ana useel tjo chiimi vol I man iti . thought : it t.e)dk year.<| teb do sn doesn't-fl learned it ^11 you wjill folio Fred <Ji I—send 2 cups! 1; CH J 1 cup 1 bu I'i which. Soc .•elery uh celeij I ps chi t has 2 taSlispoond Siicei very til shaped possibl water ija! then broth with shl pntov ju gelatin minced .Moisteij turn in; Add a make al of leavH this. chiclcen Xo oij of life, and endl it bringb J smile I t increduilty was still Heir fit es as thejy noddel in ittive. I he:.sltalcd— pro! ir g- suspi.- i .se as lemg us pos lien I s4id ill dramatic topcK: Slje had the severil pf is ffe'ct m iity frienils >• lous. The laughter stop^ieii were i lasps of amazeniei t. they exclaimed almost n when did you;icurn ta (o Micks? Why dieln't 'you .'tejll were : sleight-of-hand pe . Who was your teacbelr? folkf." I replied, sniilitjg 'it my sound; strange to I nev r did haye a teaiihiir tlii-ee nunths a.go; I coulldi^'t ,)Iuy soli aire!" your Ij feirt or } dull iially fij lis the nun wl !er night idding." laughed iMii- qo L -h amazing tricks as jin les.s than three mon^i [uy siia e time at home, vfhat a ijusy man ] 1 am, was abDe to do this withoi not aod t than nysofi Oil Ihei been e exploiJion. sad •ay Tennyson, a we|ll-she)oter aBgejrously injureil in a werll It seems thej well was was taken biit acrifl'ce. No labi?r|- o Jo, no- tiresijme lass room;drills.'; It n learning! .story of ariotliei- ijo has become 'popiif-' who is fn demand (IS: <Iee>p'' as was e oxtilosion occur, xpecred, neit givln time te> be and t; : ed afler and Mrs. E son. in a| he oil at d no: section of Texas. to get.out of [to a hospital very seriou.'ji eieime was ill Vfrs. Sam fJerilsen \\^\\- >ri with her psirenis. Mr. Worder. nori suppe>.srd. ^eel sooner p .Mr. Ten- langor. lie anei foiind cimelition certain.; penditiire for an asl dltu|-e|in connectlonj If the imerchnnt shojujel, dpi' _ year, ^\wiu\ %'m onMepaiirb! to his^ buildii K, such as h-ipalnitlng the roorjp' repairing bBolcen winde ws, ' he may' deducit su.cll 'amount as a liiisiiie ss expense. •Vtedeal. law, ;or other sionhl books, machi iijry, •a)lei]{ients. or surgitti insl purejhjised by a tail ayer^ jfor luso in his business, trdefe orljprofes- sion/. and which ard jot a;;i^rnan- ent j character, are jeiapitalj I ass ets, andjtlieir cost is not fdediiCMbie The purchase prit^ of an aiito- moliilej, even when u^ed wliplly for business or, profess i^nal i^urpdses is it capital expenditure iind ' dedjuctible. The ccMt of gasolene," " repaii s, and; upkeer bilej. is deductible in hi^siness. If u business arid parti an^ convenience o aael His family, su be iarjportidned acce proportion of cost ' abl/f to business derohiit Inay bis moxi at busiiUas Is is U eit and |of jcai Ital i to his the, are ex- exAen- ducbbjle as a-necessary expanse. hf ap autotno-i l1 usedji wholly led partlyi for '] for; pleasure ; the Ijaxpayer h cos(|| shouttl eMTdinglyl Tho justly, iittrihut- rturpoaes is de- •jry occasion, who is adrairj- envie< by the jwople Mfho call hijm a bore - and' bookie^ road tjo through TRiCI^$ SEND coupoij TOO. pan be the popitla^ [the soijiety of your town i the same impiils: for Blimp's PREf: ling the new easj popularity arid succtsi [Icarniikg how to do (.'Altl descril ami .M NO MONE^'. Just cJJp th(^ ALEX'TIXE .SALAD^ cookeel mayonhaise firm ibtets minced) ; ken broth, from been skimimed. [ beets w ill .^lices i^utter. Coveii jd let st ind 5 or 10 miuiites pjour 'ove KiikK' h: pepier ce Belat from ( elery nould ibhder When f r« laye of salad i« nearljy cold, a range leet hearts; on (he siile of monlel |inel very carefuliy turn rieet hearts; on (he ind very carefuliy [more (salad. Fill monW ing with a ringiejt graduaij. fini.tlj beet stiiiis. ^\^ien ready to ser Tuna Ftsfa may hed of turn I 'arnish R. tl lit all •avor to us. IL IT TODAY! chicken gelatin th sharp knife injto and cut wMth heart Drain as dry" as gelatine with cold the hot: chicken 5, been sensoned and few drops well to ke^p ettling. then* ac |d and mayonnaisp. With ice water and a shaHow layer fif salajl. #ing of beet stripis. :elery with borelar the salad out [on with mayonnaise, jbe used ia.stead qf can s|>Ive the my.sterjTip " r ui« can reeognjz- perform the dutis oils Stan •Manufacturing speeiial gayiline and Idiiric^t ng <i— airplanes has been tl>e contribu ion' of the " \ (Indiana) to avis tjon. ' Thje cooperation of ithe Standard Oil Company (Indiana in the develbpinent of aviaiio ijhas b^en the logical coube for an organization wh ch devotes its eritire tiraef and resources to serving lie people of the] Middle M'est. •[ , J J , The onward march of aircraft is rec fjrazed J»y tliis Gompany as an asset of signal irn; ^^tancejto business ^erally. ' ; ' Indu^iy in general, [and all the people frhom iri- dustrjl serves must ultimately be benefit ed by die growtb aad expansion of aviation. ^ 1 Thej benefits to thej entire "world froin tlie de- veloprnent of transportation on land aid sea are apprejjiatid by; every tfic'Jigbtfi:! person. I- Swift tiiains and oc«san,Jiners have re iiccd dfe- taqceglpn our earth, bsingiBK aL«ut a ,ri:^ r.kkig tlie World, for purposes [of cfimsrwrr: and -fnnmst t- cationi and making posaWe the preccr^ E 1 of o ar cfviliK tiooj, j ' . .' -: TIic use'of the air foritraosportation m; r » a w w era in the^ ttistory of the Iworid. It is m tfi's mo it sensational triuniirfi oveir the elements. For Icenturics men dreamed of flvin;i jbut tl e natural laj? of gravity! proved an e»sl* le ualile ariytiiirig encountered on land or sea. ! ' Finaby sp^e triujtiphed and tjie obs 4 *:Ic wjs overcome, with the fir* c»ritrcdied flight if Onil ^ Wrightj on Dec. 17, 1903, Snan entered a eevA.cW. mcnt, beginning the cot^tfet of thq air. j Dming the first decade of the 20th certory. the. pioneering work in aviation.'was dotie. j Roughly q)eakiBg,-th4 speed (>f the air ^ane has been increa&ed at th* ratje of J 60 miles per li xir ever r four yejkrs since 1910."; ! n \ Desigoerf liave increased the cliraijjm j power 1 aad fuel capacity of their machmps. Tl eKr haVt improved the ease of cpntrol and [the rajadityiof manoieujvrej Rai»d improvement iii reliaHifity has •beeninide., [' • 1 T Sensakiodal records of performance hj vi; bccni establidiedf-the flight affbund the world vas peri- haps tlK moBt gnpfring arid appealing to the itiagira tion. "Today it is posslde Ip Gy around tbejeartb! Ehiriiig this 2Qth centjiry distances on € li- globi are bdiiz reduced startfiiuily by axia^cm. For ^ pr^cticaf pi»po6es the wdrld isgrouizig sirij Ifcr. The iinportar £e:Of this jshrinkint of th t world to industiTiand pQthe welfare of inankin i gener ally, is app^eciated/i^ the Standard Oil C qmpanv (Indiana). I ^ I ! T : For the succesa of.itiuown tmsiness and in tbi interest [of the- thirty milEori people whom i «rve«I the Standard Oil Company (Indicia) jjil-es.iti to the development of aviation, ^iieving support that as distances ar* diiiunislied. wto "a,n£irii5 Ikig andjpr-ospYity wil^ ing of the wJOTld, un beincreaseo. 4556 (bubtma/^ e^Mral Officie: StaadarJl Oil Btdliliiid .1.; pail*

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