Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1927
Page 3
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'"^ Atteitdx Motor's Rl B. (Rocky) McHl foreman' at, the ^"onipany. returned honje Saturday night from Kaniias Citt iiMii.; nry. ; Mhop McCaitthy Motor Mr. yu- Henry attended the m )lor Hcthool In Kanisas City put-on 1 st.week by the Foril Motor Conip; ny for the purposejof giving instruction in the latest methods In' Ford Irepairing. ^hampnqing. fcne oft". —Marcelling and Mrs. Joliu Keyser. ' Vh . Mrs. O. li. Cox'. whO ;l as been vis- . itlng in ^he home [of htr daughter. Mrs. Thorpe Wright;.! ) St.' il.oui.s. Mp., returned home ;il is m6rh1ng on the punflower Sriefial. —Jlut I )k« i An ^el Food j Cake. Van I^oozer's Bread. 2 for 16c. Harold Reid has | er Univprkity .after homei folks. —nr. ret^rnnd tb Rak- viait with 1 Fred Woodbu foot specialist. Treats : iiiiis.-wejakened arches, charge for residence•< 30». '217 West MailisoiJ. IMrs. Fern Sliirek. ht^ Chanute. I^Visited friends in Ipla Jjoion. —Treat yoiir Piano intitrunient. Havii it 6 months. Call Ti iGlon Adams, son of O. fy, graduate corns, buii- ;tc. No extra [ills. Phone J.! W. 1 Adams of Clj neighborhood. «'nl(*r<.;d hospital last nighi ti appendectomy: operatii: Ing., "riday jificr- • i jis a mtisirar tuned jevery Canatsi-y. Mr. and Mrs. crry (inivc St. John's undi-rgo an M liiis jnorn- • There 's .IiiJit fliie IVny to-combat.winter ilirt, aiid that Is by proiii-r i loanfliiiK. Phone U.I i Ahieson Cleatiprs l'lion»- 1«; : Mr. and Mrs. .IjiM. 7i:i .\oril| Waflnu s jiubHc sale today bnd a farm in :MiK.souH .x Attorney L: T. C'aiinon| was here rom Muniboldt tlil)^ morninK on egaf business. Robert Moody Is ill of chicken hox at his home on North Thlri^ ptreet. • ' ^ —O. L. Cox, M, D., Speclallit fSje, Ear. Nose and Throat Mrs. C. 1... Washhurij returned iiome: last night from n visit of a W€ek with her daughter, -^Irs. U. E. La-r^-rence in Kansa-s City. • lola friends of O; F. Neal will be nte.rested in knowing .that He Is )til{ confined to his bed but is dowly improving. Mr. Neal_ has jeen ill for about a year and is at he home of his son. Harold Neal. |in Oarnett. .Mr. Seu^ formerly" was ii salesman for the Rig Smith Over|all Company, of Carthage, Mo. For FInanre fommls.sionpr. —I hereby announce that I am & candidate for the. office of Commissioner of Finance of the City of lola and shall grealily • apprpcialte the support of the vot urs at the approaching primaries.! . . f .1. D. ARNETT. Mrs. Stanley KIncheloe ajid daughter .V'aoiui Jean of .\rkan.s:is City, are visiting Mrs. Klncheloe's parents. .Mr.jand .Mis. M. 11. Flei.-^- er, T>2 Smit|i Cheslmil. •Try It once—you will haije no Trappers Atfmtlim. -J jiii^i received an trapped cotton-tail r: bbits.' IJriiig them in at once. Ffjiik Brodbeck. indent at-thd who was ilid Mrs.- Guy .V. end. relnrne.d ning. , Aliss Ruth Cress, a TniverHity of Kansas, guest of Mr sister. Lamer, over the week to Lawrence this nioij —Money to loan 'ok real estate. easy terms,, no camm lola Building.Load Association. Organized in IS.SS. South we^•t Corner of . I'ieeji, Sec'y. J Otho Alexander,, a FVae Chr.vsler Mptof C buckle agency,' .is auto show in Kuns week. "* —-Malohey's Groce Carpenter of reel held a will-move to :ion. Hers for l .itoii issions. •ThiP N'ew* location square. C. E. salesman for [ir for the Ai- tiei^ding the s Ciiy this other. Van Mrs. J. C. Manning an j Mr. and Mrs. J. J. IfopkUiM jind (diililreii left this uftenioou for Ul- jawa whcfC thiiy .wni make tijeir home.; I Mr.-and Mm. I.. P. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keith di^ove o .SiirlnKfl< Id. .Mo.. Friday evening for a visit witli Mrs. Wilson's jsls- ler, .Airs, .^nnii Stebbins an(l fhm- lly and witli Mrs. W. H. Hpfffiian kind familyj returning last j niJRbt. iThey report a ^plcndld trip; I Mrs. J. I went to Co their par en . Smith and son. J« rry, feyvjlle for a visit with s anti grandparcntsj Mr. and-Mrs. L. H. Caudle. ' .Airs. Sarah Smith of O-swegls is spending a few :days liere with her son. J. Smith; of-lOft South y'al-, nut .street. Miss'Myrtle Herder, who has been the stenographer for Fnust, Browii & Foust. resigned her position bit is stilliin the city. A forifo. of men is" at work 1 repairing the street paving Washington between -Madison Jackson avenues. Miss Mary I^ird of 312 South Washington avenut^ is reportefl today. The Presbyterian church is tlo receive a new (Mrpet.. the'gift i|f an anonymous friend of the ch and the work of .putting the in condition for laying it wai gun this, morning. It is the, i it en jtion of. the officers of the cl urcli also to 'cover the Hoor of the ^obby and of the lecture room with a grade (lualit.ij of linoleum and !)da.v on and HE lOm PATLY REGISTER. MOND ky EVEJnNG.'lFEBRliARY 14* "AhrlSmiks theGodd Sam Valentine, rTlu Well the Namks ill will be doneas soon as practit able. rch floor be- high that « •:• • • • •> •> • •:• • * <• •>! • ' • ' Hoozer'B Bread, i jlv iu» YOU KVER STOI'rOl THINK; ^Mr.s.^ Albert,!^j.^ Ry Ed.Hon R. Walte " ''"- ' Sluiwiiee, Oklahoma I daughjer. net^.v, of Moran. are Spending u few days in til" home of Mrs. (Ihirciici.' Sinilli, 4I« Soutli \Yaln.ul.' For Finance rommlssioner. — I liereli.i' anniiuiure that I am a laivlldale.fur ilheDfficif cif C(im- i> .> .> <. « « * <• •:• . W. J. SMITH. KDITOR OF WACKKCAN (ILLINOIS) SAYS: ; THAT Iliere are a lot of rilK ^IN, missioner of Finance. City "f lola,|,.i,:„„.s i„ ,.yery town who lit primary eliiitloii'.March S. You vote and support will be isreatl.v appre.iated. A. H. HE("()X. |nier- lievo the like llmo in' "letting CiKuge do it", in] matter of ndveriisihg: that, leeclie.o. they never spend a , with the newspapers but when the real advertising pierchaiits join in a big sjW'cial sales day fori M IS. I). R. Holeman. 22 (1. North Cottonwood, lias returned ! from, ^ ..^ _ ._. Jotilin. Mo., wlu-re he has be(|n vis-|; tommuniiy those non-supporte iting her grandson, .Marvin TayloVithi. newspaper's dress up their and family. ' i! dows. slip in some seemingl; tractive bargains' in order t<j —Dr. Moptgomery.- Chiropractor ' tola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. Senator F; C. .Apt. Mrs. Apt and daughter - KlizabMh , • Lee. drove down from" Topeka Saturday and are spending a few days with -Mr.' Apt's father. .Mr. C. H. Apt, of ;222 south Oak'street. I Atyrnn Riirtnett. wlio has been a mechanic "at the R^rber garage! for the past two year.**, has resigned his Iposition. lie hiis several places in view but at- the present is uiide-- cided as to just which one he will a'ccept. . . :' I • | Call at 701 South AYa.shiiifiton St. The Community PI sent a rural comedy con Dubbs." in three lyle schoolhou .st* toin Tliei play is being g beni'lit of the .Carly t h e (I leer C reek y.clio^ tendance is desired. ;" -i-Dr. A. B. Tyad New Globe Bldg. Pt^ Uud White, of; th fMotor Company.^ v City today to aiii'iid ahow. v for -sale. vers will prc- [•ilrama. "'Dea- acts at Car- irnnv evening, ven for the le 'Ht -hcKiI.i iin 'l I. .\ K(,ii.; .1.- —See "Oeacon iJutbH" at Carlylejj n^ij, on , a( ii.iiiit of illncssi. Feb. 1">, and at O AdmliSKion. L'ic and ill, Oateopatb. tone 191. 15ud Whil<- nt to Kansas he Ailtonidbile P. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. Special attention given Ola- easea of Colon and Rectum. Electro-'Therapy and Physiotherapy. ' Orrice lola State Bank Bldg. Pbofi'es—147 and 70fi. • ••••"•••••< ' yU: and .Mrs. Joe Heylniun and son. Edwin, of Fort S CDH.;spent yesterday'"wiih the furmer's par- ejils. 1)1". and .Mr.< W. K. lleylmuiij, of 423 South sliei-t. . I their incidental share of the brought down town by the the •i-s of wiii- at- get rade men who have put on the campaigri to get folks <iiit. This is the fait in all communities and .vou can go uir and down every street and pick out tliese men by tlii appearance hi their stores, their stocks, etc. They think thev ilo not have to advertise bnt reify on their ability to profit off [their neighbors' aggressiveness in] this respect. Csiially this same merclia it i.^ found patronizing the mail irder houses and he wonders wh; his neighboring merch.lnt w'ho i; opr posite him doesn't' patronize him for his wares. It's my belief'if every merchant iii. every towtl followed the plan liimKclf of Rl'VlNC .AT HOME ^hat hi.s own business would of iieces.sily improve. Merchants them^feIves, even adv ;rtis-i ers too. often fail to rememben thatj it, is THEIR FIRST niTY to radri atlioine in order to-set an ex; mplei for the balance of citizens. Yet here in. oiir^ hustling tow'n 36 miles' from Chicago. I Can laniei many merchants of a cej-taiii line who buy tilings they did' not han-^ die in ("hicago rather than t > pa-^ the^ jFi -i tronize tJieir, neighbors on streets here. YOU NEVER LV YOIR SAW AX OCTf TANDLVC. ,lr. Lloyit Sniil. wlio jis attend:/ iiiu ..«clioul ill : Kiiipinia. KansJ, .*!] Ill Hiiiiday with .Mr. anil .Mr.s. .!< liii Scott of: -iHS SouiU Walnut siri'ci. . • : ' CESS IN THK FIELD WHERE .MAN WAS NOT ER: AND. YOK Till!?. THAT Yior NEVER] YOl-R LIFE SAW A MAN MERCANtriLK THE Rl'SI AN ADVKi .AIAY ADD • fitlle iiickv Weist South I •'"''^iK^'TI-V FOLLOWED Till neva t)c. By thel mis'placen ent ot-a line of typo in the adver isemeni of tlie i/SIite Theatre last S iturday It "was >^.iiade to ikppear that .Norma Shear- jer in "Up Stage'J w;|i io be on the acreen at that lljeatrfe on Saturday night, when as r a, natter of fact , that is the progra n for tonight, 1 Tuesday and Wedi esday nights. Ij 'Up! Stage" is- ai gi eat picture, in ''Which Norma Shea -er enacts -tme ;of her best roles ai d the Register specially directs, a tenlioii to the 'advertisemetJt of the Elite in this ilssne. , Sotice, V. i\ T. Cpnncll No. 4.-,L ! —All members of jr. C. T, Council No^ 4.-)4 and their wives, and traveling sale.smen that are not members .and their wiveis aie refjuested to [attend the annual progranr and Free Biin<iuet Satnrday... eveniijg, Eeb. 19. 1 !^27. Program at the K. P. Hall at S:(m o'{;lock and the ban^ uuet immediately after at the.§auii- I ter Inn. Phone'your acce'ptancc to J, O. .Majors, plione l57:i. not later tlian Tliur!«day evenfng.i Help niaki' this a liKJ p'or' cent attendance of traveling salesmen iind their wives . n. R. HESS, S. C. The annonncehient appearing in another column . that Rev.'Charles 1. ('oldsmith, pastor of the First M' E.. Chjirch. has been invited to return t|o this charge; for tht* fourth year "f-ill be noted i with interesti arid .•satisfaction nojt only ^wn church circle. «>iie entire commnn smith has from, tli '4J1S pastbrate- here iiade himself ij part of the commui iiy life, enter ing a<|tively into vork of thi Chamber of Commeice. cooperatipf in hisj |luit throughouij ly. .Mr. Cold ••'beginning of heartily with the pjistors of other fy way contrib to ithe.c.ommtS (;hurcl>es and ineve Hting a fiiie service nity lifi;; The 'iinanimoUs* requesj of the cliurcli; lie has served s(} well-could hariljy b • denied by thil .eonferenci'' and'eve-ybody'will hij well jileased that dr. Coldsmitl; and hts family iire o remain resl disnts ofi lola for a least auotbeii year, INC. WHO DID NOT AT CKRTAIN •SfCCESipES. ' .MEASt;RE OF THE StfO HELM; THE EXTENT' OF ADVERTISING. (Copyright. 1!I27.) »!l,l.Y MATIIIS SHOT IN LEFT SIMMI S'ESSl TIS T(> L \i ,VHOl iTiiri AINl HE L'ESS lys! HER shot t'his Williiir Shi'lils went 1,0 Cliannt this afternoon on ' fiiisiness. Mrs. A|iina Fudge left today for Tnlsa. oiila.. to vi.-^lt lieV |daiighter. .Mr.K. R. .MrGuire and family. " ' ! Mrs. E. W. Slack. wlioTlhas "been visiting her daugliler. Mrs. Uolli^ Townsond of Kansas City for the past wfek, returned home Satur day. j ' Mr. and .Mrs. Clem Fisk. Harryfi and M:trie Fisk and .Mr. and -Mrs!.; Gene Fisk ilrove to Sayonhurg .ves- terda.v iind spent the day with the Frank Fisk family. , •• | .1! E."' Childress spent Sunday witii his son, [Virgil Childress and family in Jojil n,. .Mo. ! •' i Miss Maggij Reutlier. wlio has been spending a week lil-re with hei; brother and ' wife. Mr. 'and . Mrsl John Reulher, .'!If» West Madi.son avenue, rot urn.•il to lier home in Independence, Kans.. today. Mr. .and Mrs. Tliomas Fitzpalrick. whp:,liave been visiting Mrs. Fitz-' Patrick's mother. Mrs. Phon • Wil-_ lianis of 606 South Syeamore streft.' retujrned to Ponca City today. Mr. and .Mrs. Ray John.son of SIfl | North Chestnut street announce the I arrival of a daughter, born Friday. Ruddy cheeks— sparklinkeyes-j -most; Febn'i.iry 11. toT whoni they hai?e ] v.omen can 'have. Dr. P-TXI. Eqwartia given 'ihe Dorothy Frances. Rilly Mathis accidentally himself ;iast evening .'ibout (! :i home wiiiJe cleaning a .small [rifle. The biilVet entered his left slioul- der.-.but fortunately struck the ,lieavy muscles, missing the larger blood vessels and nerve cojiiers. The patient was resting well this morning and should be out lii two or three days. He is at the hospital. I, i The gun, a 22 -rep<'atei;. was! supposed to bo e'mpLv. .: "The ; oung man had been hunting a few days lieftye and liad set the gnu n its usual place; without c eanii g it. l^Asi evening he" decided to look the weapon over and fo-got'-jdp ascertain whether or not the ii^aga- zin<' was .empty.—^Chann^e Tr^»une. Rillv Mathis is a nephew olj Rev. H. G. Mathis of lola. —Telephone your Classified Ads to IS. A CLEAR GOMPLE Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Shaiiliell and little d lught'er. Retty Jane, niofored j ^from A^adison. Kans.. jind spent the week end with their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. .lame.s Dunfee of 410 South Chestnut street. . . I 1: 1J_' PATARRH of bead or throat to Olaally- benefited by " ' the Vapon of— Jr. y..AppRUB 'arm UmmJ Yamrfy. ION v.omen for 20 years treated scores of ^omfcn for liver and bowel ailments. Ehiring these years he gave his patients a sutv stitute for dalomcl made of a fcii- well- kt»wn vegetable inKrcdientsmixed with tJ i ve oil, iiami ng theni Dr. Ed wardi'CHive Tablets. Know tliom by tlitiroiive color. Theoe tabfcts are wonder-workers on the liver and bowels, which causeja nor-. m3\ action, carrj-jng oil the waste and {ioisonous matter in onc*s|systera. j If you have a pale tacd sallow look, dull eyes, pimples, coated tongue^ hcad- aiches. a listless, no-good fj.«ling. all out of sorts, inactive bowels, you take one of Dr. Edwards' CMive Tablets riighOy for a time and note the pleasing results. ' Thousands of women and meA take Dr. Edwards' Olive T^Uets-ndw and then to keep fit. 15c. SOcaod To those who Vli frankl>-) Hut.jdon't (le Till» d giv'eime Valenilhes, say "That's great!' in a iiiirry. "Wait en-tweiity-eight. (in I loll send have onH se I'm lines, ' ill hi- sit hie c Valentine; imic ,^ of ihy oWn. Jhe okie whb holds a. he da.v. never ihoiight— i4, GOEBTOf I •OPEKAMEEI No SeHices lat jfe^scopaj GHiiirch Ilecausiejof Abs ;nce. the biisliob's' crd standinfj featurb. The I ChureM school I wa s largf ly attended ani" Jewell; l.amer,-ti easurer, gave satisfadq y fiiia icial report -sho^-| jug the'[s< hool t( be in .a iflourisa- ing conflitiion. ^ League nesday! A. E; j he Church Serviie was announced for Wefl- niKht in the home>f Mii.s .i Jalrker, T0.1 North Cottonwood adriiet. Xotw^ yesterda school the nidi were vf ihg DrJ Kinds of 1 only .two • and .siril) whih' n There jvJa.H no evening, prayer o^' semon ) S J iday right at St. Timo thy's Bp i copal"< hurch as ^the rec tor, thJB lev. Thanias Getz Hill is attendini the state diocesan cour ventiod lis wep ; at Christ Churcp Cathedi-i 1 "Topeic*'. The convention will la!s^ jntll F riday niglit,' with sade as the out BAPtriST SERVICES fELL standiilg bad weather all wet." WARNERSTARTS ION lONG DRIVE Dare D'evil Covers i Miles in First Half Hour. 21 Cvering 21 miles in the first tliir- ty niintites anc^'- drive. his for of his 120-|i()iir eiiilur- Dare Devil Warner started at |l2::!i» this afteriiiion in fist ic Demps To liiike il scheme I'll talk 1; throilgh nil im oiit of jit. atlemptj to drive a Star Sedan | Ifivp day .< and nights stopping the motor an<l leaving the lockeil to the wheel; How tar other U'J h gue[!S is a.s| inny be wor youi! Prizi without without car. Warner being pad- T3ie following lettc^if is self^ex- plaiialory:- Aiistin. Tex.. FJ ^b. -11; l !i27. The Registrar, lola Junior College^ lola. Kansas. ;T O Dcdr Sir: ivill he drive during the; nirs and a half.' Your good as anyone's and h ?200 on a new car for |s totalling, more than .«400 are bei'jig otTered to those who mc-ike the inosi accurate as to the number of miles Warner will drive, the n iinbei- of miles he will average per gallon of gasoline, etc. by R. T L Ra her. Star Dealer. fiVim whom full I etails may he secirreil. Puring lb!' lirst Half hour of his drive, durinwhicli he was ac- coanpanied )y a representative of the Itegiste •. Dar> Devil W.irner dijove over the shrti to" Humboldt, through tha townrand bark to lola. On the way :ie put his Star through all Its paces froin live to 6-r> miles per^hour. without seeming to tax the,motor. .V large crowil was on hand to witness his -departure in front of ('oOk's Drufi^Store and a number of cars followed him on his drive. In tomorrow's Register a complete schedule of his route will be given. An>]ono is welcome to ride wilii Warner or to follow him,to see that tlje attempted requirements; of the drive are rigidly ob- pri log shn ed. served.. Hr times each but'the motor of the car will not be 'stopped released fr The best Walter J will stop a number of da>- at various places land Warner will not be )tn his handciilTs until 12:30 Saturday afternoon. time ever made by a harness horse in England is 2 :1.'>. uhiison. veteran pitcher our institution his priijvi'd by the'State ners of the State Education of Texas. thaf. your students Yi 'io^'^^jap- cation iinay proved courses in ed Obtiiin. on applicatio^ to leach in the piibli([| BpUttUET to JUNIOR COLLEGE Stydent^ From Ibia Institution May Tfiach in Texas. :>werby| ISin.' ed at fJeihly aiis. it is a uuestion whethei( not the evening Divine Thr< at the LAR Tlrer* at . ths| s<-hnol • chiirgi Fryer fin lire The GirlH nuin'lie^. ing sern] Reynoltt.";] ilv.." The he sin Worse o iiervlce Itiiage iij young Iiise of tl bo meeting tvus led] ithe sn Prayer] was mpd| review hjj'Ct hei ig: "The I.orl 'i A very inter.-.^ting talk i found been Board of epartmerit of Which in^ans Te.Has. In return for this us it <opy of your niof le or other current publication j [wing the courses d and the re«iuirenii^-nts for crad- : spher "tiat on. :\n early response ciafed and may enal)< yoiiir ex-sindents exj: ; Sim ylll he appre-jf'ti'l xnti US to sjprve j >ditiously. rely yoiKrs, ; I F. R. REID, jCh.'iirman Hoard Jlf Examii ers. liean Fleming just it regards the foregoing recognition honor to the lola .1' ass iring to tiie stiidi stitiition as it does a fifii^ate in the biggest I'nilon. of the .American League, has sign- od hi.s twentieth f-ontract with the Washingtoi| Senators. iHOIICIlD Persistcni coughs and colds lead to serious troiblr. You can stoii theni ,now with CreomuUion, an emulsified creo-sote ih: t is pleasant to take. Cieoi- mukitm isja new medical discovexy with two-fold action; it soothes and heJs the inflamed!membranes and in- Libits gerlrl ^rowlK. . Of all k^iown drugs, creosote is recognized by iiigk medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for persis '.i -nl coughs and culds and othec ' forms of t irodt troubles. Creomulsion contains, n addition to creosote, other healing'cl|mcnls wliicli soothe and he«l tlie infecik-J' m'-nthranes and stop-the irrit^^liun jand:inflammation. whOe ths Crciwi 'tp co(i on to the stomach, isab- Eorlied into the blood, attacks the seat of the tniable and diecks the growth uf the germs. Crromiil -j «rt is guaranteed satisfactory iii ilie treatment o persistent' coughs: a id tiA<if, bronchial asthma, broncliili' and oilier forms of re.«pira- tor/ diMTjfSirs .and is excellehttor building up! tlje ^^Ifm after, colds or flu. und d ifanyrougUorcoIdis. oney :rei M' . not rrliev ;J after taking occiarding to direcUon4 .\sk jroi^r druggist, (adv.) It takes Rttt the Tli'ere'i Jfsu's lif-ing L'i |r|n. Ci ap-i.Smith Ex- certificates jn schoolH of thcro the extension ofjChurc DIS attended Sunflay Temple. il evening services attended. In the''morn- 217 t[the Hr| rting an V kinds-l-sins of the flesh; ]cif the pjle in disposition — and [general .-ire shock- Nl was art devol ve a ij wiork of • Olee ATTENDED preachled on "Two le saidi there were of disposition are the two; At the hi' spok.' on "The Man." Inen were ba|ilized he service. MBER AT CHRISTMN CHURCH Scott dist lul and InspirHlitinul sermon h-He Upillfted Christ! bg th .•jubjcct. " Followl )r. Oaltli I Quarterly iprtK fro^n thij Jiurch s ery giio^ nvited ti: he fourf I iut, p fijuchcd a very Iiclp- l • 1^ evening [er cohilucted the Coniy-'i-ence. and officers liow the church ttj shai hcj "ref Ithe ,. , .be In I. The pastor Was rctui rt ito the i-\niy ti yeai.^ jQUARTERLY MEET ^T TRINITY M.|E. , Sunda • w;^ like occasion of J the fourth C uarfei ly .Meeting i f Trinity and • two con ehurch dt the Dr. Gait lent, preaj If I be mep unt morning [Conference wai departui iier. I) L-hed { on' tlie " j 1; lieiivlce Fofirth ch las- (fity churchds. regatlons met in leven o'cloc jstridt Supe Pitted me. worship the Qtiarterly nts o made tlilir an lUal reports, officers were friuiirnied for suing ytjar. I much pi of the clj pastor t requestejil the pastor for and U. B. REVIVAL IS SIIFCCESSFUL NOW itnlt- as been in progless iir a. week hlis liefu The r ed-Brethren d liar W a decid services In thti .Montgoi •Thi-y t new Tli4 In tilt Went Aj*ay." story of service meeting iity-flv tar. am Cod. The ijevlval week: .tjlonda.if ers nig attendance of n24 .Chrlsiiian Church llilile, wSth Frincis Anderson lin i J"."'"">' ' onal services. Rert; ^:'"'^»y Ilk. outlining tiieff,;;:-^;; the local chur.Mi.' ;iuh gave ;i' special vival for PICGL PAGE imm V-WIGGlit IN] ind la Abili the 1.1 tions I state ri^oi when purchii Salina pany. ot*erat in thif Part BUG BUYINKS DBA Kans;.' Feh. Kifst nierkhand us'-d tp (itart :a' new di Bernion on the text: p I will c At the clos4 of the Ibuildiri convened knd all the two cpiirches anU all the rjn- r. Oaither expressed pa .surtj jwith the condition* vrch liid announctd to the lat tlu| congregati ms^ had -etiirn of the })reserfi, iCher year. .service at ti] lircli which I sncCess. Tr Ik I The nity our. at' Saiina. The intiend- raw all meter will r(k h has t: ntlyocd hen J iurred li;l.-qn sij? tratijjai Ificc In) th] United Storj-i Comijaii the eiitlre .'holiisali- Croi lihe purchasing :!G Plggly W state. . of the new stiii: .<l'ipp{^l to the district which The s $:!0.oo( it hi? company hasf ocik was valued and ?4i).0OO. Ifere FH [tpck of I the rery ; i|oin- cotnpaiiy gly istiores "-:; diiy •k wilj be •V arer- - wi Ibe Eng^eers inteVested er. wn riiiing ; and ve] 'have develoii iich i.s so sen rord the effect .bt- a «rict • warlL'h ;Ouse 'at \yidaita. ttt bet-n'een in th(j prop- hfilatihg led a| •" bf hejat fiitive thUt were Well attender moniing the R 'v. nery tclok for his Sunday ajit on (iod S ir Stifonglh." eveni|ng the text was* "He being a ir.irt of the kill .voung Ruler; The with a coiisecriitioii the r losed in w .The sihject of ithe niorn- on by the pastor, J. |E. was ""he Church a Faiii- •bthy (;iffin sang a solo: enior Endeavor society iiy Virginia Smith, bv .A| oif the pi e of threatening weatheri !\v.-|s a fiije attendance a.t .all the; .Methodist At the morninp ilege to your stua'ents. we j feel service dhe' pasi yoi^ will he glad tit co-operate. ] smith Hence 1 am asking 1^ lat • you send • Necesiit recent i |ata-j ing thie fact th.-J f study o fer- vances I meets Mr. itext, lali Re- ilch more tl k peoijflj- kneered al^i llicf :(l- their R. Stroup. and a ..ord's Prayer. ^!as , in Pappi li 's Life of Chrjst I was gitrdn by tie leade)-. A vocal niimhe- was giie'n by Helen CoHiy. Venita slnith at d Velta Smith, with Celestf Griffith as jpinnist. The siilijec (jf the jvenins sermon was "The '; lifacle a Lydda.f" The choir ilirect< d by Mr Fred Steele Siing an anqhfjm.."! ^leard the 'Voice I of Say." WKth the >olo pa,'rts| en by liiste ( Misses Dorothy Oif- riffith land Velta RICT HEAD AT^. fi. GHURGHJ eilvices il the and invi ntion. what At <he| Oaithdr, as a dis'jinci .nior Colibge, fits of thtj in- eachers' State in -er- the esterday. or. Rev.! C. I. Cold- |)oke oji the siihjert. 'Thi for I eligioB.'; emphasiz ""Tt in spile of all i-id- •ealms of discovery] or the ^*irit. where the riou (tiod and Itfactioi) right, evenii |superii i inusciilar! action to pio-Vi [innscle dtjiesn't do if al(>ne. :i bac c <• TlJut iiiikef theiiijuscle movi at If jtheres pressure on nerve all Jum spinal adjustlment nervi? Iiipnlse.'^ pk Lucgy E. i>o [\nrllirnii \ I ilunle «)i^»yrl)rfilpd 1927 by 4j T. Adjustment^—Eleqtrp-Thlerapy Phone nae, The New Trimmed H Now .showing the Imo .st coinpl •trifnmed hats 1 _t»_..> J. LaRay's ever as.semblec| Priced consisting of Mart over llOl] $1 .98 tb n bo inotioii •SON it "1 wa? bothered with a cough, Jnd tried other none were so good an ' OS Foley's Honey and Ti E.Boggi j ' Pbfaona; dali^ Coafhi and throat irriiatidna, bronchial covghs, fia^ing "flu j coughi, yield qaitkjy to COMpOUJfO t,fkefi by children, effefthe i /oj- grown- ups:— Sold^ ttt^erywhere ^RpW.\'.S DRCi of there remains only in Mini and courage toj e sepvice Dr. R tendent of the Fort] thf^i !T JONIES D(i IT! Jcjncis Ehctric Works I'1I (»>K IDSi le. it, all the brain 's calj. may cea !e, \ MEN's! May and Wednesday ;s Ate ±1^ jte lirle of e Here I beautiful has. dJei'^tvudes and 0 for yoiir selectiori. ;8.75J ' Car Enpijra!n(3ie five nig ilis lipn Till iputtingi 6n the Star d -ive of fi^^e days anjd stop motori it is om| purpose oii$trate ty'the public that tM- Sta^i. Car is so coristructecj i:hat it c^njbej rie liid upon to giveJElmost constahj: s<!rvice when requiifei, and eupnomic?! service. I.We hope tj ke adva itage of this opportunity M ol)serve t|he Star Car Suriing- tl^i^~ week. Win a Prize, '^ee list as jaifered in lion witli [this drive. ZojF-CQst Transportation to derh also! $iti cdni^ec

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