Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 9, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1959
Page 6
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Dark Horse Dictator- Kirichenko, Kremlin Unknown, Seen as Red Boss After Khrushchev's Trip in> Av.rr.fe •?« ta .<i <l T.»«« ...U~~\.„ t/U.., ,,-U„U„,. ,4„.,,,l,. „.. t3 i „l, .. J Xit KT:,.„„ f „11.. „ I-!.... ...U_ _U _1I ... I T.M . _t- • (On >»»rrh 53, 1958, I>on Urnnrn npntllRhtfd a then obscure member of the Communist riillnc r-liiMN, Nlklta Rhrush- rhev, nn thp probable succennor i» GeorRl Mnlenknv us Soviet (llctHtnr. It WAS the first such mention In the Western press. Tnilav Dennen Introduces Another ''Dark Horse Dictator," Alexel I. Rlrlrhenko. Fresh from Interviews with high European Bovernment nnd Intelligence of- flrials, Dennen reports that West fJernuin Intelligence believes Klrlehenko, not Deputv Premier Irnl It. Knxlnv, wlfl succeed Khru«hchev.) Ry LEON DENNEN NEA Special Correspondent MOW YORK — (NEA) — Niki(a Khrushchev's visit to America 1? soen in Europe as the premier's piobable swan song. Intelligence pfliccrs in Bonn. Paris and London already are naming "Khrushchev's successor." I was told in Bonn that the likely candidate is a hard-bitten 51- year-old Ukrainian. Alexei I. Kiri- chenko. Khrushchev's deputy as Communist Party leader. Paris and London have nominated Frol R. Kozlov, the smooth, smiling Deputy Premier, who recently toured the United States. West German intelligence, which is far better informed on the Russians than the British or French, thinks Khrushchev will in the not too distant future be retired, "promoted" to a ceremonial job or fall victim of his natural ailments. The Germans have guessed right, this fact is of powerful significance to the West. This is why: British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan reportedly first persuaded President Eisenhower that Khrushchev — like Stalin in his day — was "the man" in Russia, the only one capable of negotiating for peace. This view has since been promoted by several politicians, including Vice - President Richard M. Nixon, following trips ! to Russia. Kirichenko has had no contact with the West and thus is immune to any influences which might have been felt by Kozlov, Anastas Mikoyan or Khrushchev. I learned during my recent swing through Western Europe that Germany's Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and France's President Charles de Gaulle agree the power struggle is still on in the Kremlin and Khrushchev is far from a free agent. Adenauer must have spelled this out to Ike during the latter's visit to Bonn. According to West German Intelligence. Khrushchev's position is such that he is in little danger of being purged, although he has taken domestic and foreign positions identical with those of two leaders he himself purged—Gcorgi Matenkov and Lavrcnti Beria. They see the struggle as center ing on who shall succeed Khrushchev when Nikita moves on. Khrushchev is making a great hurried effort to accomplish within his lifetime two ambitions in which Stalin failed: to destroy the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and to make all of Germany a Red-dominated satellite. He also yearns to improve the lot of the Russian people. This is Bonn's interpretation of the Soviet Premier's statements. After a round of domestic and Jt/ternational victories he might be persuaded to relinquish power, possibly to replace Klementi Vor- oshilov as ceremonial President of Russia. Khrushchev is 6fi, has high blood pressure and a kidney ailment. Although he is able to put on energetic spurts for a few hours at a time, he slows down to a crawl when out of the limelight. Should Khrushchev die or other- Timts Herald, Carroll, la. £ Wednesday, Stpt. 9, 1959 Q wise become inactive, the fight for succession would begin in earnest. China's Maq Tse-tung is certain to move in 'powerfully to influence the choice. The West Germans believe the winner would be the stocky, taciturn Kirichenko, who has none of Kozlov's slick facade in public but who as director of the party machine, next to Khrushchev, is the most powerful man in Russia. A Ukrainian like his boss, Kir- Ichenko has a record of unswerving loyalty to Khrushchev. It was he who strode to the podium at the last party congress, wagged his finger at the once-grcat Vya- cheslav Molotov, Georgi Malen- kov, Nikolai Bulganin and Marshal Georgi Zhukov, and denounced them as: "contemptible dogmat ics, sitting up to their ears in conservatism." Kirichenko is described by those who have seen him as cold and impersonal. He makes no effort to impress people or make friends. He shows little interest in foreign affairs. He was born in January, 1008, in the Ukrainian village of Cherno- baev. Hir father was a skilled railroad worker, Kirichenko studied to become a tractor mechanic at the Kherson Tractor School, but he never worked at this trade. At 17 he joined the Young Communist League and he has been a red bureacrat ever since. In the 1930's he aided Khrushchev during the war. He has never I been far behind The Boss. ! A German official said: "The i State Department had better see to it that Khruschchev brings along Kirichenko to America. He needs to be impressed with America's might, too." Some quarters in Bonn thought it was eve,n possible that the big shift in Moscow would occur before President Eisenhower gets around to returning Khrushchev's visit. Washington still seems to believe the London line that Kozlov has the inside track. Kozlov is an able administrator — but Malcnkov found to his sorrow that able administrators cut no ice when they don't control the party. Duffs Honored on Silver Anniversary (Times Herald News Service) SCRANTON — Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Duff were honored on their i2?th wedding anniversary when members of the Duff family gath- ! cred at their home. Out-of-town J guests included Mrs. Hugh Mair, I her three children and their fam- • ilies of Fairmont, Minn, j Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mosier and Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Jackson of Lytton expect to leave Sunday morning for Alexandria, Minn, for a fishing vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mosier SIK-IU the weekend in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sexton stayed in the Mosier home during their absence. Mrs. Frank Richards entertained at a birthday dinner in honor of the birthdays of the twins, Lloyd Richards and Mrs. Don Ellis. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Richards and family, t'hurrinn; Mr and Mrs. Don Ellis and baby Coon Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Her man Richards and family, Lohr ville, Mrs. Martha Kldrcd. Jcffer son, and Annie Hoolk. Applinglon and Bethel Richards 'J J) FREE I $5.00 Worth S&H Green Stamps With Each • Qt. Simoniz Wax CALIFORNIA CATSUP ^ Giant 24-ox. Beta. $1.00 CRUSHED PINEAPPLE 10 & $1.00 FRESH FROZEN PEAS 8 Boxei $1.00 FREE I $10.00 Worth S&H Green Stamps With Each Bomb DOVE SOAP Reg. 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