The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 17, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1891
Page 2
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Tho Postvillc Weekly Review POBTVILLE, BAT'DAY, OCT. 17. VT. N.BTJRDICK.Edltor. MnUrtd at the Postoffltt *t PostMl* as tioni-tlati Matter. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. For Governor, HIRAM C. WHEELER, of Sue Counly. For Lieutenant Govornor, CUO. VAN HOUTEN, of Tajlor Countjr. For Bupromo Judgo, S. M. WEAVER, of Hardin County. For Snpt. Public Instruolion, HENRY SARIN, of Cliuton County. For Railway Commissionar, FRANK T. CAMPBELL, of .Jasper County. SENATORIAL TICKET. V. Y. WinTMOIlE, of Fnyotto County. COUNTY TICKET. For Representative, J. S. HRYfcON. For Treasurer, D. D. RON AN. For .Sheriff, J. R.'MINERT. Superintendent of Schools, J. P. RAYMOND. For Mcmbor Hoard of Supervisors. N. J. QUANDAI1L. For Surveyor, A. R. PRESCO 'rr. For Coroner, I. E. NASH. Fo: we. Rut it is not too Into yet to come back to tlio fold. Rut then tlicro is Hint rosed prohibition <|iicstlon. You and wo thought tlio pitrty was wrong on this cjuostion. Thousand) who thought as wo did and m you did, wnnt tivor to llm opposition to work for license Wo did not go, but everybody thought wo ought to. Wo did not go because if it proved Hint tlio pnrty WAS wrong we could nfford to let it be wrong on one question when it wns proven right on nil the questions thnt have gens before. Hut, as Col. Hondorson said in a speech n few days ngo. "What if it should turn out Hint tin pnrty was right, evun on this question?" Wo Ho no! Know, neither do you, thnt license would givo nny belter •'satisfaction tlimi prohibition; tFat Tt juvould I'onlrol the ovil liny betterTor Oven please the snloon k 'eo 'pors ri 'iiy 'bettor. Should the democrat!* suecoed nnd fornnilnto n license lnw in Hccordnnco with their platform they could not retain powor one year beyond tlio timo tlio lnw wont into olVcct. It is r. Ran- ijtio's gliost Hint will torment nny party In power until tlio question is linnlly disposed of, and it looks in this state as if tlio linal disposition would be prohibition.:.. Hut whether it is prohibition or license it should not determine your politic* or ours. Iljin moral qunstion nnd ought never to have been forced Into polities nl all. Urolhron, the slgna of the tinios indi- cnte that the time for the purling of tlio wnys has come, that tlio reaction has set in all along tlio line and that tlio republican party is again to triumph aH in former days. In Iowa an .l Ohio tlio victory is sure and oven New York lifts up her voice with promises of Fassett and reform. Come! back, prodigals, to the old home, where open arms nro outstretched to receive you, nnd together wo will eat the fatted anlf nest year when Hnrri .sou <ir lilaino is Hi uniphnntly elected for four years more. D. D.RON AN, A SERIOUS POLITICAL TALK. Wo havo not done as much political writing thus fnr in this campaign as usual. For the past two weeks ou.i> cjos havo not boon in a condition to allow of much writing, much loss rending. But tho election is now so near at hand thnt wo fool it a duty wo owo to the party of our choico to do soruo- thiug for it. It is not our custom or dosiro to abuso tlio opposition. Wo roust accord to them the snmo honesty of purpose thnt wo claim for ourself. All tho dill'orcnoo between us is we sue through different eyes ij^d from different, standpoints. With somo of us ono nioasuro is tlio paramount issue, nnd with othors another measure constitutes tho dividing linu. Last yonr our democratic frionds nindo the tariff tho lending isauo. This yonr il^s prohibition, with tariff and silvor as incidentals. ln~t)ns tnlk we are, not addressing ourselves to original democrats. In fact thora aro ctmparatively few of tho democrats in this vicinity win wore democrats a dozoifc. yoars ago. Like Governor Hoies the bulk of them wero orignally republicans, and would be yot wore it not for ono or two republican articles of faith which aro not in accordance with their viows. To these wanderers from tlio fold wo wish to kindly address this everyday kind of a talk. In tho first place did you ovor know of a party, a church or any other organization that mot your viotys fully in every particular? Of courseiyou did not. If this wore not truo you would have to maintain that thoro is such n thing as perfection in human character; for no party occupioR a highor plane than tho poop'.o who compose it. No, you do not oxpoct perfection. You simply want to And tho noarcst approach to it you enn from your standpoint. Witli us (if you wero formerly republicans) you concedo thnt from its organization all tho way .down through nearest right. In fact tho civilized world now coucodes this. Thoro aro no brighter pages In tho history—of tho li bo onsily oleotod world than those^writton by tho ropub- ^lioan/jm'ty^ all through the trying ^oTbTeau through which it lias passod. But tho '.inion was savod, slavery wns aboUsJi^ffi ^^lS ^^Slt^iurrnnoy tho woiTOwnFworproduoud has boon j»lvon to us, and prosperity, novor dreamed of boforo tho war has oorao to us to abide. In duo timo tho tariff quoillon loouiod up as an issue. Many of you, as well as tho writer hereof, bollevod that tho time had oomo to reduoe the tariff. We havo burnod the "midnight oil" writing articles to prove that it was tho corroot policy to roduoo tho tariff all along tho line. You wero sincoro and so wore "wo. Thoro is no question but in thoory wo wero.oorrciot. Hut while wo ooutinue to support tho party undor protest in this vospect, many of you went ovov to the opposition to seoure freo trado.. A year ago tho MoKtuley bill' WHS passed, lty it tho tariff was largely raised on many Hues of manufactured goods. Yon thought and we thought that tho prices of these commodities would bo so groatly advanoed as to bo a bunion on tho consumers, aud that It would result in tho defeat of tho party last year, whloh it did, but tho prices did not Advance as wo nil supposed thoy would. Tho fact is that double the amount has been saved on ohoup sugar that 1ms toon lost on nil advances oombluod. Iu (not declines have about oquajtypd the advances and we have oheap «ugnw nj i tho net mult of the MoKinloy bill. '.^,TQ you uot now sorry that you left the *'p«ljr*pf yoiM \flritJove ou UiU Usue, ' wblow urn proven ,U> bo only » mistake ' bl t^lveglQfttlon? In tills inatauge again it U ilouionstiaieil Umt tuo party wits right nnd wp woic tvitong.vWQ' vugbtto |ia>« kuuqnall^he'nittie tliiit KWttb'.jVMn aijUlalnu njitlMMQKtftUy Tlio republican candidato for treasurer, made us a pleasant call on Tuesday. Wo found Iiim a very intelligent and cultivated gentleman, iu I ho full vigor of early manhood. Ho wns born on tlio farm lie now owns 'in French Crock township. Besides farming lie has taught school twelve tonus and is thoroughly qualilled by nature and education to perform the duties of tlio ollicc. He has a host of friunds in the north half of the county and if ho can hold tho party vote in tlio south half his election is assured. Wlulo ovoiy- body is a friend to Mr. Dougherty tho feeling prevails thnt ho has been well tronlod and someone else should bo given a show. We hope every republican in the county will not only feel this way but vote this way when election day comes. You can nrike no mistake iu voting for D. D. Rotinu. TUB old wind bag of the Floyd Co. Advocnto waxes exceeding wroth because wo poko our noso into Floyd Co. polities. Wo have donu nothing of the kind only where llioir local politics alleot district and slato politics. His aid iu defeating tho republican candidates for tho legislature nnd congress, ono nnd two years ago, wore matters pertinent to the entire district and statu. By his course then he placed himself nmiroly outside of the republican party as effectually ns tho Cedar Rapids Gazotto has done by its traitorous course To ask for anything at tho hands of tho republican party now is nn exhibition of chock that nobody in tho stnto exespt Wright would think of oxorcising. It comes with poor graco from such a mau as he to loeturo others about their republicanism. Everybody in the state rejoices that ho has boon effectually laid on the shelf. f OR SURVEYOR. Tho only place nccorded to Post township on tho republican ticket is that of surveyor, and n good nomination was m.ido too. A. R. Preseott is amply qualiliod for tho business, having hud more or less experience for tho uast thirty or moro years. He i.-, now tho war and reconstruction porjpds tho „ _.. fparljjjfif your 'tEonoGoIcT was far" tho | out of businoss and Is in n position to givo prompt attention to it. Ho ought to got ovory voto in Post township and Judge Kayo's Speech. Tho spocoh of Judge Hayes, on Tuesday evening, was lislonod to by a good audionoe composed largely t)f republicans and ladles. Wo wero glad to see so good an attendance, especially of republicans. Judge Hayes is a propos- sosslng in nppoAranco and n very lluout talker, though with not a single olo- mont of oratory. He talks rapidly and usos a aumlred words whom lifty would servo his purpose belter nnd leave his nudlunoo with.a better understanding of tb^ subjectij»ftfi?d7* Wo novel' hoard a spbebh of two hours In which so many words wore spoken and yot so little really said. If his speech hnd boou boiled down to ono hour ho could havo covered nil the points made with much batter offuot, The .Ural hour and a quarter wns given to tho prohibition question, aud though ho did uot tront tho subject fairly from tho opposito standpoint, still ho did very well for' nn "amendment klllur,' , .ns ho has boon called. Wo leave the nritloism of this part of tho speech for tho prohibitionists mid the proaohor*. There was evidently a good doal of truth and wuoh moro guois work in this part of thospoeeh. . But when he camo to the tariff ho' seomed all at sea, and it was hard for hlra to utriko his bearings. Ho proved himself either very ignoraut of th« subject or else ho presumed upoiv^tlio igno- r^noe or his hearers. That nny man anderstnnds the miuutia of tho tariff we do not believe. Hut every man should know a liule aonuthlng'abmit it; aud espeolnlly a man who represents one of tlio great dlstrlots ot Iowa In oongross. ,What do you think of tho repented iiaehlou Iha^ b*oauso: some grade* Q( Sug{fr:woro put on the free Rat a tho proposition that tho tariff is a tax? Is not this very cheap demngogcryP It has boon explained a thousand times, so that everybody ought to understand it by this timo, that a tariff on an arti- clo not produced iu this country, or not in sutfleiont quantities to nearly or quite supply tho demand, t> a tax, and sugar is one of those nrtielos, and this is just the reason why the republican party removed this duty, whilo the democracy \vn» solid against its removal, it is on iron and steel, on clothing and nearly nil manufactured goods which this country does or enn nianu- fncturo iu sufficient quantities lo supply the demand, that the tariff is not a tax. Anil these aro tho nrticles upon which tho MeKinloy bill places tho duty. But our learned friend insists that while sugar and nails and other articles i aro very cheap compnrod to what they formerly wore, still they aro cheaper in England than hero, and hence Iowa is being robbed. Why did ho not explain that all these articles arc just nst cheap hero as in England EXCEIT tho difference in tho cost of labor in tho two countries? Thun the only point to docido Is whether wo prefer English cheap goods with English pauper labor, or whether wo prefer paying such a modornto price for goods that labcr may bo maintained at about its present status. There is only oho way in the world lo have choapcr goods, nnd that is lo hnve cheaper labor. Xftd chenper labor nnd ch'iapor goods mean cheaper produce and a cheap-John country generally. That is the lon^j mid Iho short of it, and it don't lake two hours to toll it. The American people always have believed that there wero other calamities greater than having to pay a living price fur goods, so that labor might bo enabled to live like civilized beings. On tho tin question Jmlgo Hayes made tho positive assertion (tint not an ounco of tin had ever been manufactured in this country, when Ilia fact has been established as firmly as anything can be that it has been manufactured at St. Louis, at Philadelphia and in Ohio, and that millions of dollars are being put iuto works as fast as men can do it. Tho Teuioscal mines in California have been turning out pig tin every day for months and have been shipping it to the points abovo named. Such statements about the tin industry aro only discreditable to iho man making them, and can servo no purpose as an electioneering boomerang. Last year the election was carried by falsehood. This year it cannot bo. And thorcforo such speoclies as the one last Tuosday night might bettor uot have beou made for the good of the party in whoso intorest ihoy are delivered. Truth is mighty and will provail. Burglary. Last Friday morning it wns discoy- ored that during tho uight provious the store of J. W. Ward & Co. had boon ontoiod and robbed of a small sum of money which was left in tho drawers and a quantity of goods, tho oxaot amount of which of courso could not be ascertained, hut undoubtedly nt lonsl $100 in valuo. The burglars gained entrance by way of the collar. No cluo has been found, to our knowledge. This is tho soconil timo this store has been visited and it is a grest pity the perpetrators could no', be discovered. —Co. Superintendent J. P. Raymond was over for a short call this woelc. It is needless to say that ho is entitled to aud will receive tho olllco again. A good olllcer is ill wnys entitled to n sec- oud term. After Hint he should havo no claims on the people, and unless peculiarly fit tod for the placo no pnrty khould no mi unto n man for n third, much less n fturlh term. Wo nro doeidely in favor of only two terms, in office oxoept in rare oxooplionnl cases.. STATE OF IOWA. HY THE UOVERNOlt: A PROCLAMATION For a General Election, to be held Tuesday, November 3,1891. Pumiant to Law, I, HORACE BOIES, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim that at tho General Election to be held on the Tuoaday next after the first Monday lit November, it being tho third day of that month, of tho year ono thousand eight hundred nnd nitioty-one, tho ollicos horeiuuflor named aro lo bo IU loci, towlt: By vote of all the doctors of tho State: Tho olllco of Govornor of tho State; Tho olllco of Lieutenant-Governor; The olllco of Judgo of Hie Supremo Court; Tho olllco of Superintendent of Public Instruction; Tim olllco of Railroad Commissioner. By voto of the oleotors 'of tho several Senatorial Dislriots designated below: The olllco of Senator in tho. General Assembly from each of said Districts, to-wit: Tho Sooond District, oomposed of tho counties of Jefferson and Van 11 urun; The Third District, composed of tho counties of Appanoose and Davis; The Fourth District, composed of the counties of Wayne and Lucas; Tho Fifth District, composed of the aonntles of Hiuggold, Decatur and Union; Tho Sixth District, composed of tho counties of Taylor vid Adams; Tho Eighth District, oomposed of the counties of Mills and Montgomery; Tho Elovonth District, composed of tho counties of Warron and Clarke; Tho Fourteenth District, composed of the county of Mahaska; The Fifteenth Distrlut, composed of the counties of Marlon aud Monroe; The Sixteenth District, composed of tho counties of Madison and Adair; The Seventeenth Distriot, oomposed of tho counties of Atidobon, Dallas and Guthrie; The Nineteenth Dlstrlat, oomposed gf the county of Pottawatnmio; •TheTwenty-third DIstrioN composed of the oouqty of Jitokson; ••'•' Xbp ! 'l ,w 9 n '"y"' ouvl; h Distriot, oorapos- odjufjtho ooutitles of Jouos aud Cedar; Twenty -fifth.District, oomposed W8f* oQnpile» ( ot J ohmou and lovvn; , The Iwenty<*bjth dUtrhiyjpmposed of theipountyiiflnp y;: , TiUutty-afKh'Pitf apportionment' being ed of tho county of Marshall; The Thirly-li'rst District, composed of tho counties of Story and Hoonc; The Thirty-second District, composed of the caunty of Woodbury; Tho Thirty-third District, eoniposod of the counties of Ruehnnan and Delaware; The Thirty-sixth District, composed of tho county of Clayton; The Thirty-ninth* District, composed of tho counties of Butler nnd Bremer; The Fortieth District, composed of tho counties of Allamakee and Fayette; The Forty-lirst District, composed of the counties of Mitchell, Worth and Winnebago; The Forty-third District, composed of tho counties of (/'ono Gordo, Franklin nnd Hancock; The Forty-sixth District, composed of tho counties of Ida, Cherokee and Plymouth; The Fnrty-scvoiiih District, composed of Hie counties of Kossuth, Emmet. Dickinson, (.'lay nnd Palo Alto; The Forty-iiinlh District, conipjsed of the counties of O'lirlon, Osceola, Lyon and Sioux; By voto of tho tdectors of the several Representative Districts: The office of Roprcsentnlivo iu the General Assembly. ( lho ns lollows: For the First (Lee), Twe.nty-lirst (Des Moines), Thirty-lirst (PoltnWata- mie). Thirty-seventh (Polk), Forty- third (Scott), Forty-liflh (Clinton), Fortyniglilh (Linn), Fiftyeighlh (Woodbury), anil the Sixly-t.iiith (l)nbuquu) Districts, two Representatives each. tor the Second (Van Burcu), Third (Davis), Fourth (AppanoosoJUt Fifth (Wayne), Sixth (Decatur), Seventh (Ringgold), Eighth (1'aylor). Ninth (Page), Tenth (Fremont), Eleventh (Mills), Twelfth (Montgomery), Thirteenth (Adams), I'ourtuenlh (Union), Fifte'entti (Clarke). Sixteenth (Lucas), Seventeenth (Monroe), Eighteenth (Wapello), Ninutoonth (Jefferson), Twentieth (Henry), Twenty-second (Louisa), Twenty-third (Washington). Twenty-fourth (Keokuk), Twunty-lifih (Mahn'ska), Twenty-sixth . (Mnrioi.), Twenty-seventh (Warren), Twenly- eiglith (Madison), Twenty-ninth (Adair), Thirtieth (Cass), Thirty-see-, onil (Harrison), Thirty-third (Shelby), Thirty-fourth (Atidobon), Thirty-lifth (Guthrie), Thirty-sixth (Dallas), Thir ty-eighth (Jasper), Thirty-ninth (Powc- pshiek). Fortieth (Iowa), Forty-lirst (Johnson). Forly -Bocond (Muscatine), Forly-fourth (Cedar), Forty-sixth (Jackson). Forty-seventh (Jones), Forty-ninth (Benton), Fiftieth (Tama), Fifty-first (Marshall), Fifty-second [Story], Fifty-third [Boone], Fifly- faurth [liroeue], Fifty-lifth [CanollJ, Fifty-sixth [Crawford], Fifty-soveiilh [Monona and Ida], Fifty-ninth [Cherokee], Sixtieth [Sac], Sixly-lirm [Calhoun], Sixty-second [Webster], Sixty- third [Hamilton], Sixty-fourth [Hiir- din], Sixty-lilth [Grundy], Sixty-sixth [Kiac.kliRwk], Sixty-seventh [Buchanan], Sixty-eighth [Delaware], Seventieth [Clayton], Soveiily-tirsl [Faystte], Seventy-second [Bremer], Scyuuty- lliird [Butler], Sovon'y-fourlh [Franklin]. Seveuty-lifth [Wright], Seveuly- sixtli [Humboldt and Pocahontas], Sov- onty-sevenlh [Buunn Vista], Seventy- eigiith [Plymouth], Sevoiily-iiiuth [Sioux], Eightieth [Lyon and O'Brien], F.iglily-lirsi [Osceola and Clay], Eighty- second [Dickinson, Emmet and Palo Alto], Eighty-third [Kossuth am! Hancock], Eighty-fourth [Ccrro Gordo], Eighty-hfth [Floyd], Eighty-sixth [Chickasaw], Eighty-seventh [Allnnin- koo], Eighty-eighth [Winneshiek], Eighty-ninth [Howard], Ninetieth [Mitchell], Ninety-first [Worth and Winnebago] Districts, one Representative each. By vols of the electors of the First Judicial District, composed of tho counties of Lee atid Dcs Moiues: The office of District Judgo iu said District, to till the vacancy occasioned by the death of Charles II. Phelps, and now temporarily filled by James. 1). Smylho. By vote of tho electors of the Ten'h Senatorial District, composed of tho counties of Washington and Honry: Tho olllco of Senator from said District, to till the vacancy occasioned by tho resignation of John S. Woolson. By voto of the electors of the Tlilrioonth Senatorial District, composed of the county of Wapello: The office of Senator from said District, to fill tho vacancy occasioned by the death of Peter G. Balliiigall. WlticitKoi' nil electors throughout tho Stale will lake duo notice, and the sheriffs of tho several counties will lako official notice and be governed accordingly, i IN TF.sriMONr WHKUISOF, I havo hereunto sol my hand nnil caused to be affixed the Groat Seal of the State of lovvn. Done at Dos Moines, this twenty-oighth day of September, in tho year of our Lord [SEAL.] one thousand eight hundred and ninoly-oue, of the Inde'., poudonco of tho United States tho ono hundred and sixteenth, and of tho Stnto of Iowa the forty-liflh. HORACE BOIES. TO THE ELECTORS OF KEE COUNTY: In pursuance of tho proclamation ALLAMA- of Iho Governor of tho State of Iowa boar- ing dale of September 28th, A. D., 1891, 1, J. B. MINEUT, Shoriff of said Allamakee County, hereby give notice that the following named otllcos nro to be lillvd by the abovo named electors, at tho next general election lo bo hold November 3rd, A. D.. 1891, to-wit: The olllce of Reprosontativo, Elghty- sevenlh Distriot; Tho olllco of Member of the Board of Supervisors; Tho olllco of County Treasurer; / The otllooof County of Shoriff; Tho oflioo of County Superintendent of Schools; Tho olllco of County Surveyor) Tho olllco of County CoroneV. , ) Dated at Waukon, this 6tii "(lay of October, A. D„ 1891. JN'O. B. M1NERT. Sheriff Allanmkoo Co. STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF TUB POSTYILLE S|p' BANK At the oloso of business Oct. 3,3891, mado to tho Auditor of Stale, as required by law. ASSETS.. Notoa receivable , Uu,7ii.4i Gold anil silvor bullion, local teudor, Nntionul Hank notoa nnd drafts on L solvenl banks i3,D48 ,jjf Duo from banks ?£" Overdrafts i.cJOj STATEMENT OF THE 66: CITIZENS STATE BANK Orgnhtxtifl under tlio taws of Iowa, lottnUul nt Postvillo, in tlio county of Altamnknn, at tins close of buslnus!*, on tho 3rd day of Ci'tolmr. Jft'Jl. ASSISTS. I'illr. fliirrmntfjd S27.135.75 lliihl* inilltllmt 1,5*3.40 I'm nitur)' ;m«t livltnrn 361.15 (If)ld ;UM! 'iHvct c>in, Icifiil ifjtwlfr JHHI N.ilioiwil lt;ink noift; and subsidiary RNI » ».33 R »-45 Aliioiillt r<iltiji'(!( to tll.ifl on tU'|u;*.it vvttll f)v iKlIlt twill rt<l •riliiin 4 .UJ.03 35-2" LlAUIMTIfiU. Capital mock.... Hcposit arcoiml. Ottnr pmiiiH mi expensca hand after deducting . $25,000,00 10,(17 a. t'" 1 126.5a TOLA ' 35.^3-93 STAIR or IOWA, • IOWA, 1 IT Co. J Ooiiyla '-.H, president; J. Smith, vice All-iinnk \V« t U. N , . , „ prfsidntit; (aft, MclCwrn, rashici; and Call Hotter and John Sander;, dii eetars. of the Han** above nami 'd, <l*> Milnimly swi -ar tliat the toreRoiiiR !.tat( linnl IH fid), true androii«'i:t to tin* best of (mi ktioulednu and belief; that the as^uf; therein M-t furlli are tionafide the property of said Hank in it» r.orpntate rap.irity; and tliatnup.nt of \\\\\ same hat li#en loaned or advanced to said hank for the puipuHij of being exhibited as a portion of its aii '..oi-.;. K. N. I >ofr,LASs, I'res. J . SMITH, Vice-Pres, AS. Mi 1-;\VI:N, Cashier. j S> n ,-Directum. Subscribed anil sworn to before me by R. N. I)i)tu:l.is4, Pn-.; ], Smith, V, P; Jan. McEweti, Cashier; Call Haiti rand John Sanders, Ditec- torB, this lotli day of Uetober, i^yi. WW. Sttf.t'llf .Hll, Notary Public. F. J. BECKER, M.D., ECOMEOPATHIO l'lIVKICIAN AND SUKC1KON. OITloo on Hceoiul Fluor of Pnrter's Ilulldtnii, uoar l'oatotnoo, l'oHtville, Iowa. BR. J.. S.GREEN, riirsiciAN A sui'.acoK, OITlco nnd Kusulonco Soulliwcst pur of town. All calls promptly uttonded 8TATIONEKY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. J. SHEPHERD, M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. Hi I'HSIION 1IX1UIN1IU. OUnce at roftlduucu on (ironn atreot, IHO houia Uait uf lluy A McNull'ii liardiv&re. DANIEL A. JERAL.D, "^excliaiit Tailor, Postvillc, Iowa. All work ^rnrrnutiul io RITO satisfne- tion. A full lino of tlio lRtost stylos 11 samples. tra. miai'iinnn. i. I. SH»rn»nD BlIEl'lIEltl) UUOTIIB1IU, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, InHuranoo AgontB ftiul Colleeton, AathnrUt'iI to practice In nil tho com tn of tlio Btuto. Udlcti nvci I.tan'i itoro, brick block. POSTVILLE - " IOWA. J.A.HAVIRLAND, I'OSTVII.t.ti, IOWA. OflloB lirst door Enst of tlio Coratnor oial lloust", (Jruoii St., l'ostvillo, lown A flnu set of siirfjioal inatrunionts. All necessary nieilieines kept on hand Thirteen successful prnctico Culls promptly uniworcl BEEDY, ,<Hg? -:-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealor in Pleturo Frumes. Postville - Iowa Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Hiiving purolinsod tho origina: Post- villo Drny Line 1 am propurccl to do all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and HalKsfitclorily. (iood teaius, good drays and oaroful drivers always nt tho sorvioo of tho public, nt fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron FoncoB, Curbing &o. Thoso intimding to purchnso Monu- uionlal work for future dolivevy will linil it to their advantugo t >examine M, V. Kidder's (Jrtmito Work in C'emotc- rios, an ho is doing lirst-class work at as low'pricon as ctm bo procured In tlio country. If ho lias not called upon yon drop him a card at Dccorah aud ho will bo pleusod lo visit you with Dosigns and samples of all kinds of Graulle, Ht tho lowest possible prices. M. V.ZIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. Capital stock. Total LIABILITIES. . I39J4I.I8 t }0,OQO.00 86.73I.OJ 3,010,16 Doposlls Undtvltlod proflU.. Total...., 13Q,7il.l8 Amount of alt liabilities on part of di- TO0,0L '» - »3,V*.oo STATS OF IOWA, Atlamakoa Co, WC. McNeil, President! F. VtT Roberts, CysWsrt J, B. Hart and HallRokcrlsi^tJlrbstoia of the Honk nbovo named, do solemnly Swear that ho foniKQlHg Btatomont' Is fqll, true and correot, to the i b«st of our knowledge and belief; that the o;>ets tliorohi set fprth aro bonnllde the property of said Uauk Iu its corporate cansoltyi and that no part of tho BOUIO baa been loaned or advanced to said Bank for the purpose ot beiun exhlUlted ss a portion of Its DsaetS, ' Slgued; V/ Q I^ll, RoWHTSi > Plrectors MONEII,, President, RoesRiti, Caahler, L. STROEBEL & SON, — piioffniHTons or — Postville Boot and'Shoe Store. (AT AUU8TI10NU A HOLTHll 'a Ol.D STAND.) Havo a full lino of Roots, Shoos, Slip- pvis, Rubbers and everything kept in a No. I gonoral shoo storo. Custom work and ropairiug neatly and promptly done. Every pair warranted. Wo keop no shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, PRBB. J. F. SMITH, V. P. JAS. MqEWEN, CASIIISR. CITIZENS STATE BANK, l'OSTVILLE, IOWA. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000. Do a Gonoral B»nltltig Busiooifs, Buy nod soil ^Qrolgn' mid OumofUg Ex- Qhnnge, ^ocourita of Pi^rrnvvs, Ukv- U. T. K. Next week we will have something to say about our elegant stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, and caps. Drop in and see our goods. Hoy <& McNeil. Invites you to come and inspect his mammoth new stock of Furniture. Everything in the line of Carpets, Curtains, Chairs, Bed Room Sets. Also a fine line of Hammocks. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings andEuilding Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building tho coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills Best of grades only handled. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET SCHULER BROS., Props. Wo have opened a Now Moat Market in the Mod building opposite tho posl- otlieo. where wo shall keep a full assortment of tho best of meats at Uio lowest prices tho mnrkut will &ftord. Wo solicit an insneeliou of our stock aud innnnor of doing business ami in­ vito a fair share of your patronago. eat Market, JOIHI B. DART, Proprietor. Opposite - Fostvillo- State - Bn:il;. None but the best meat* puivhaseil. Urnrytliiiifr in lirst-elnsl Muipn. Courteous treatment to all, 1'rioes iilwavs tho lowest. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, having had placed in his hands by nn Kasl India uiissirniary the formula nf a simplx vof»ol:ih|u remedy for the speoily and pei'iuiiiviit cure of. t'uii- suniptioii, llroneiiilis, C'ntarrh, Asthma and Idling AlVeetions, also a positive snd radical cum for Nervous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after Inning tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of oases, has tell it his duty to make it known to his Hull'cring fellows. Aetunted by this motive and a desire to relieve IIUIIIHII snll'ering, I will send freo of charge, lo all who desire it, this recipe, in (ionium, French, or Kngiish, wlih full directions tor preparing and using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp, miming this paper. \V. A. NOYKS. 8SJ0 Tower's block, Rochester, N. Y. 48yl Tho euros which aro bolng effected by Drs. Starkoy & I'alnn, l.WJ Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Uronohitis, Khaiim- atiBiii, aud all ohroiiio diseases, by their Compound Oxygeu Treatment, are Indued marvelous. If you are a suftoror from any dls- ease whloh your physician has failed lo ouro, wvllo for information about this treatment, aud their book of uOO pages, giving a history of Compound Oxygon, lU nature aud ufl'octs, with numerous testimonials from patients, to whom you may refer for still further information) will bo promptly sent, without phargQ. •** This book, asldo from its groat movlt ns u medical work, giving, us It, does, tha roBtiH ot years of study nnd ojtpori- on'oo, you will Hod, a very Jntoi'esllog QUA. , ' ; JDro. STARKEST & PAl-BN,. 152? Arch PWIidilpbl»P»*.'* /. 120 Sutler lit., jin Francisco, Cat.; QUPA till* uapor. m ^* m - i ™ k TOSQRIAL PARLOR. NPAltTHK I'OSTOWIOK, 1 ooi'Ulajiy Invito pew natronag G^ve, us n,trial fqr.ft month. Laam ^ftopor ana way of rioliig tlio bust ,P/0B8,', 4 l beUoyQ.Wfi oa,n plouso ytm. , «.'T. PABWKB . Prop., RAILROAD TIME-TABLES On nnd .attcr Sunday, Juno 29, iguo trains on the C. M. & St. P. Ry. w JIJ cave Postville as follows. OOIKO EAST. l'assengai'B. No. 2 4:.'.B p. m No. .3:32 ii. ni. 11:05 H. m • 6:10 p. m 1 p. m .'J:> •I (night). Freights. No. 7 Way l'reight No. Si Timo I'reiglit No. 11 Time Freight... GOING WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. 3 Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock .. No. f. Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock All Freight trains iiieiilioiied, except No. 12, carry passengers who;; prpviilod with proper transportation. No. 11 between North Mcllrcgnr anil C'nlinnr G. K. WI111T, Agent. B. c. R.TN.R. R. • 15.10 »• iu. . l(J:2i a. ni. • 11:05 a. m • -i:S2 p. ni. .'">:!0 p. in. DF.COHAII l>IVIfI(l«. Time Table in effect June U. I?<JI Passenger going North... .1 : 1 (i. P M South. .|:S0, Freight. " North, 2.16, P. M ,1. E. Pr .tcttT Agtni. AHU my liacntB for w, I,, Ponalnn S!IOI<N. II not lur mill.. Iu your pltico nnk yuur ilratrr Iu nriul lur culnloctlo, Hrcuru Ihu iiULMitry, find uvl llu.tu lur you. EiTTAKE NO HI: IIHTITL'TE. JC1 WHY THE W. L N DOUGLAS SHOE UNUIN T!iE B23T JjHOC IN THE HORtU FOR THE KM.' It U a fli 'AiitUai oUoo, wl^i no Ucki or rrt.x lo iiui't tuo r ^»t; nia.(i.'} t r tlio 1JC«L r .jet *i• 11»« *ntl o.-.*/, fcml l>tc(iu>6 \ji mal.t ma* t\^n r/(-.^ yr.dle (lu.ii any vtlnr manufacturer, r. *\u*.it ia ift t C!M»\I(I CDithiT fi'fim Cl.C") Lo f 01) (srii -.iliip llmul-cprrrd, till*\ c »7 eluio r.Tor olTvruM for ©j.roj oijiti!» ;-c M »« I iij'.ir .i I nlviii ivhli.'ii citsl from (j,j.i>: t> ii:.'*. f*y..A 00 U » tiil-Sp\v«rt I . LT •, »I tlTllBii. coitlfortLiltln (Hhl dut;.ela. Tli-i I.., ulii:.* over o !i *(!r«(l (il till: prim ; lif .iiui v. i ?.«1 c ** cuv- L 'liii-.iia If himy.i t'(i8tl:ir! f ruin 5t.'»J tci J :.•'•). C^O on I'ollco Kit oft t rr.rmirij, Kaltr* x<l U-*n t -yjrci 'si r.nil l.eUfrCtrrlwrs.-.ll T»?ar tl.:m: fu.-tvlf, e.-;.'iil'an, t.tmi.tli insl.l'j, Iic^vjr ti>Ut, m 1 .^. • ion r-Ut*. ( MID pair \nll %T .(ir n jotr. .'>i* (n»(i v.i) I iMtcr «icr < "in' r.; till- |.ii«'o; in;.- irinl \/|1l cutivliico lAn ITIIU want a »U,»o fur {'(iiiifttrt rmJ sen t<:r, S O 'i'f iiml W'i.Oi) \\ uiUIns*. tiV-j tl.o'* zj*m &r») T .-ry rimirc hint riurr.MQ. TIiu*i rtl:t h.i»o Klveit them u trial will Yfpxr no <.tht*r iuik«. f '3 «ue» friAHl nnd KI.7.-S u'h <»i| rlid-t tra L.-i\JJ © wiirn lty I ho IMIVS cvrry wlirrr: tLiy u.l tlt.'ir turrit', H * Hi- Inrrort '.liiL' r.\\r* r-'.nnr. n •atsfS *f±<? S*.*(.(10 Ilniii!-s*^irc-(t • l p;o. l:o:i LUCMU COiJ !H )ii;:ii1ii. TPi -r; c |unia laipurhftl fllun'H i'«)HtliiKfl'i>iii S*-"' t" >"'j,t 'J. I,IHI1C»' -Z.rtiU HJ .tl(» uml Vil.7.'i OIKHI tvt llkAiiaaru the licit line Uunttolu. st.rlltli tunl dninitio. f'!iuiluii .--K <*G tlmt W. I,. ijHiiiftr.n' riaino auil prlcu uru mam^ctl un ttio hot tout nt vucli alien. W. L. DUUULAU, lU-uuiLtou, Mtaa, . LUHMAN ,*or.i> iir WIWD MILLS. C. P. DARLING-. (Successor to Darling & Slilcs.) — DKAI.KII IN Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellers &c. In wind mills I pumping sml gcarctl mills comliiued, nnil both steel aail wood pumping urlls. Olllce nnd shop lirst door south of Hoy & McNeil's 'hanhvaro storo, rillc, 1 POSTVILLE LODCrS OL1VK URANCHILODGENfJ. li'j KSWJtrs OA' I' Mootuon thu Koeoixlaml fuurtlii'ikin^vTtnlu u ouch mmith. VfiUhtK uvi'ttrci) in pi i u »t»v.rt always wolooinn. 31A1UUH OKU, C. 0. Oius. SKKI.TOM, K of It & B NOBLE LODGE Mo 51. A. 0. U. IP. The Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen moots the Sscond mid fourth Saturday evenings In each month, in iho Masonic Hall over tho Wrick Drug lore. Jons \Yti.i«L, M. W. JAMKS PKUKT, Keoorder. BROTHERLY LOVE LODGE, So. 204, A. f. & A. M. Regular meotiiigs on Tuosday ev«n- iug on or before tho' full of tho moon. All brethren in gon.l standing are cordially invited lo attend. K. I). STILKS, \V. M. Wst. Morr, Suo'y. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONOHKOATIONAL --ltov N. L. Burton, r*S- toi. lTuacLiiiu ovory Buuitay u*. lOs^O A.M. aiul7:U0 I'M. bubbutli bthool lumiodlstely atUir incrnlufc' sorvioo. Y. 1>. B, C, 10, insots ovory Uuucluy avsuiug at 0 .IS, l'tuycr Ms «t> lug \VoJutJu..y SVUUIUBS. METHODIST,—Ilov. E.y.'T^okwooil, Tsstur. 1 roftohlim servtaos ovory Bumlay at IQOQ A M. ana 7:30 l\ M, Bul.liatli Boliool Imweat- ately aftor niornlnH scrvloo, '1 Uo Epwortu. I,e»K«e ovory Ruuday ovonlno utd ;00. n'elook, . I't'ayor w«etl|i|j overy \Y «rtu0»(luy OVOIIIUR 'dVtla'uluok, VctumossruuettyUivmtl, ,

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