Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 19, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1898
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SlXTY-T YEAR. (BittiHihed Juurr 14, IW«.}» ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY, NOV. 19, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEEK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph- A Disease of the Blodd Resulting from some Constitutional Taint inherited or Acquired-Caused by Impoverished Blood, which is Always Shown by the Afflicted One's Pallor and Emaoiation-How it May be Cured, Americans Will Present Exact Terms Shortly. WE CAN BALANCE WAK LEDGER. From the QrapMe, JltuhvUle, Ind. yiu Pearl Wood,, » popular young lady of Arlington, Indian*. Two years ago Mlw Wood became seriously, afflicted with racial neuralgia and was not relieved of her suffering until about eight months ago. Bhe layil" I had "''''ly B 00<1 hca1111 unt " two year* ago-when the facial neuralgia do- reloped. It started with occasional paina In mr jaws and I did not know what the trouble was. I went to a dentist, thinking treating, but the dentist said 'case as it win facial neural- orth trying, they w«r« worth ft thorough iiil; but all the medicine was never used. " By tlio time 1 bad finished the second box 1 found I was growing better. I'cton'» think 1 wnfl ever more happy in my life than over Um fuel I was getting well. After taking the third box, the pain wnii' licli had made life a gia. ' -Our physician said the name thing and He gave m/riJedloine Which relieved the pain '""A*"."* weeks later I woke upon* night with a fearful pain in my head. I tried dif- fcrent wmtdiei, 'out could not ectrkl of the awful pain. I mShagM to pull through, however, fill morning,'when tlip doctor wasseiit for He said it was another attack of tlie trouble and I was ,apt to have a serious time of it. His prophecy proved true. I auflered severely from .this disuse for many weeks. The pains often came in the night and were so severe that it was impossible to sleep. We tried a different doctor, but ho did me no Kood. I had road articles in the nnws- «pfn concerning Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and although I had never read of a cure of any trouble similar to mine through them, somehow I felt Hint the pills mlghf benefit me, Some of ow.n~l.hta" lie for I concluded 1 if they were a misery t had'lvft me, and when I had finished tho fifth Uoxl was -well," Neuralgia is the result of some constitutions! taint which has been inherited or acquired. It is the direct result of an impoverished condition of the blood which is always shown by the afflicted one's pallor and emaciation. Any parl of the body which has sensitive nerves may become affected. Among the many forms of this disease are headache, nervousness, paralysis, apoplexy and locomotor ataxia. Some of these were considered Incurable until Dr.Williams'Pink Pills for Pale People were formulated.. Today thousands testily to having been, cured of such diseases by these pills. No discovery of modern times has proved such a boon to women na Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. Acting directly on the might enet me. ome had used them *tth faieoesuful results, an decided to trrjhan.', I «™ Bushville half ad. . g d blond and nerves invigorating- the-'body, regulating the functions, they restore the strength and health to the exhausted woman wlicn every effort of the physician proves un- For Ida growing girl they ate of the utmost benefit, for the mother indispensable, for every womnu invaluable. Dr.Williams* Pink Pills are recognized everywhere as a specific for diseases of the blood and nerves, and liave proved their efficncy in thousands of cones. Tliey nre »nc of the greatest blest* ings ever bestowed upon mankind. Henry Watson, •/. •. Contractor McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., AJwaya on hud. Atoo Dealer l» , Sand and Plaster Pai-is Side Tracki Running Into the Quarries. ALTON, ILL,. Telephone No. 31. Residence 638 Alby »t Matter of Life and Death it often'is whether yoa-bave your pare, fresh and reoipea . are filled irom JIUID, druga, and In the moBt careful ana exact manner, and our prices are fair aud equitable. Marsh's Drug Store. If the IHITeremM! I» Pontiil To Bo In Favor of Spurn lti«i Amount In Ciwli M»y I»« Offered II«r at Hie Next Joint Medina; of the CommlMloneni — Point* Imld Down by Spain Will Not Ctinnge Attl- tiulc of Auierlcun CoinmlKSloiiers. Pnrls, Nov. 10.—The United States jommlHSloners devoted the day to formulating their next presentation for the consideration of the Spanish commissioners. While the Americans are re- iirenl us to their Intentions, It may )>e sald- r wlth«ut reserve that theoccaslon is near uprfn which the exact pence terms acceptable to the American commissioners will be laid before the Spaniards •with a time limit for their acceptance, •fhe American commissioners will not involye the United States in any obligation to the creditors of Spain In any shape 'or form. In other words, the Americans will not guarantee any of the Spanish bonds, even though Spain may have mortgaged as security the revenues of territory to be taken by the United States. Bitty Balance Onr War Ledger. The United. States may now balance Its war ' ledger, debiting to Spain the value of the battleship Maine, the cost of the naval and military operations, the loBStfl Incurred by American commerce and the future pension roll, etc., while on the other side of the sheet may be; placed Spain's equities and values In the Philippines. If a difference Is found to exist In favor of Spain this amount, in cash, may be offered her by the American commissioners at the next joint session here. What this balance may be Is not definitely known, but It may be about $20,000,000, or possibly less. The Americans may also require until next Monday or Tuesday to prepare the final presentation of their case, which vvns understood at the adjournment of Wednesday last. Will Nut Change Attitude. The t%|o new points laid down by the Spanish peace commissioners In the answer presented by them at Wednesday's session of the Joint commission Will not be.permitted to change the attitude of the United States commissioners. • These points were, in substance, 'that the Spaniards could not per.mlt any question to be raised as to the authority of the Spanish government to' pic/lee the resources of the Philippines to meet the Philippine loan, and that they could not penult an accounting at the method In which the proceeds; of this loan had been expended. There Is reason to believe that the Spanish burpose is to conceal enormous deralcfttibns by the Spanish officials, •who have governed the Philippines since the Issue of ,the loan. The ostensible purpose la to be ftble to plead inability to state what the "pacific expenditures" have been on account of the Philippines, which was all that the United States proposed to reimburse them for. Exactly Meet the fane. The United States government, however, in : anticipation of some such evasive dealings, has prepared the American commissioners with instructions which exactly meet this case. They know approximately Just about the', v&life of the betterments In the Philippine islands, having ascertained this from private but thoroughly reliable sources. Knowing this, they can Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powder* are the greatest menacen to health of the present day. ROVAt. OAXIM POWMH OO., NEW YOAIt. _ Desperate Break for Liberty In the Ohio Penitentiary. GUAM) I.AUTEHBACH IS KILLED. Howetl's Carpet House has Some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the te Rues o , all wSrof seasonable household goods we has Some ne new pa tatest^thlngsdut/and the prettiest tobehad. Oil-Cloths ana Linoleums, Rues of all kinds, wSrof seasonable household goods we can show Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A.i:* HO WELL 117 West Third Street. Wl\ .at- is one of those who are either *ojprw* udioed against all' advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the gnm destroyer without knowing of the wonderful valu* of Foley a Honey and Tar fc*jul Throat and Lung troubles. »,.r.h» n d 8, to call atl^ton to our New FA'X AND HOLIDAY GOODS afford to ignore entirely the efforts of the Spaniards to becloud the facts and will adopt the simple expedient of preferring- li lump sum, as many million dollars as it is deemed fair and just to tender, for tho Spanish properties, requiring and tendering no statement or calculation as a basis for the offer. Thus there will be avoided the danger of a long wrangle over complex statement of flguras and the Issue will be made with perfect clearness. I Will Accept the Offer. It Is believed that the Spanish commissioners finally will accept this offer, though It Is fully expected that once the commission reaches the point of naming gums of money and 1ms left behind It ull of the irrevelant discussion touching sovereignty, the Spanish commissioners may make a determined effort to secure' a larger allowance than the president has sanctioned. Judging, however, by the conduct of the American commissioners up to this point there will be very little latitude allowed the Spaniards In this matter, and It is believed that they have come to appreciate the fact that the Anterlean proposition la in the end Just about what It was at. the beginning and that American diplomacy la straightforward at all points. SPANIARDS IN DANGER. Insurgent. Completely Surround Hollo aud Other Cities of I'anay. Manila) Nov. 19.—The United States cruiser Charleston and the gunboat Concord have returned here from Hollo, the chief port of the Island of Panay. They report the situation of the Spanish thrre as critical. The Insurgents are attacking Mole and Juro, large villages adjacent to Hollo, where are located the Spanish outworks for the defense of the capital. The Insurgents completely surround Hollo, stopping all tradlo with the Interior of the Island of Panay. The Negritos have riven and tho revolution Is gaining strength dally throughout the Vlsayas. ; There Is more trouble for Auulnuldo In the northern part of the Inland of I,u/.on. Two provinces are In revolt ngiiiiiHt the Tagallo governors unil demand that Agulnultlo appoint officials from their tribes. Six thousand men. armed with Insurgent rltlcs, uro supporting 'he result. TO NUMI1KU 100,000. •ml Algol- A urea Upon tb* Htuiulttig- Army. Washington, Nov. 19.-The president and Secretary Algi-r have agreed to make the'same recommendation In regard to the proposed Increase of the regular army. Secretary Algur, Jn lil» annual report, urid tho president In turn In 1>I« annual message to con- wlli recommend that the stand- HUT army be placed on a permanent peace basis of 100,000. It has been believed by many who were doubtful In regard to the president's views on national expansion that he would not recommend the raising of the regular army to more than 60,000, or 75,000. His decision to advocate an army of 100,000 Is therefore taken as an Indication that the president thoroughly appreciates the necessity of properly garrisoning the new possessions and dependencies with United States troops. Leading members ot the administration have said openly within a short time that in their opinion it would be found necessary to maintain our garrisons in Cuba for at least a year. Dr. Greenleal Testifies. New York, Nov. 19.—The war Investigation commission met here and all the members were present except Colonel Denby and Major Miles. Dr. Charles R. Greenleaf, chief surgeon of the troops In the fleld, on General Miles' staff, said that in some respects Camp Alger was a good camp for a small body of men, but there were many drawbacks. The water supply was poor and the region was known to be highly malarious. There was a deficiency of privates In the hospital corps and of medical officers and at times of medical supplies. The best Interests of the sick, Dr. Greenleaf said, were not seriously impaired, but the efforts of the physicians were generally embarrassed. r.awlcBdnCHS In Porto Rico. Washington, Nov. 19.—The cabinet session was devoted to a large extent to consideration of complaints that have reached the war department alleging that a state of practical anarchy prevails in Porto Ulno. These complaints asserted that the lawless elements in Porto Rico are committing depredations of the gravest character, and that the seriousness of the situation is Increased by reason of the fact that United States troops stationed in the Island likewise have been guilty of gross misconduct. The cabinet took cognizance of the reports and on adjournment Secretary Alger, at the Instance of the president, cabled General Brooke inquiring as to the accuracy of the complaints. Will Do Police Duly In Cuba. Fort Worth, Tex., Nov. 19.—Fourteen well-known Texans under the lead of Lieutenant Gates of Dallas county, recently members of the First Texas volunteers, have left for Cuba to do police service for the government. There will be twenty-two mounted men stationed between Matanzas and Havana, of which fifteen Texas men will be a part. Bach man will be paid $43.50 a month by the government, and furnished a horse, board and rations. Negro Spldlen To We Punlilied. Santiago, Nov. 19.—General Wood has decided to remove the three negro regiments—the Ninth Immunes, Twenty- third Kansas, and Eighth Illinois- some members of which caused the riot at San Luis Monday, from the town of San L,uls, and to station them temporarily In a camp on the wooded hllla five miles back of the town. The officers will be instructed to allow none of the men to go Into San Luis except on important business. Will Taekle tho Murlli Teresa. Richmond, Va., Nov. 19.—The Merrltt Wrecking company announces Its Intention to try to save the Maria Teresa on Its own hook. Wrecking vessels are to be sent out from Norfolk at once. ELOPElTwiTH A STUDENT. 7 bls snTTBR & SON •.» •! l*mif "• *L»^T5«i**.«i CtffMW. up • ^»^^^ 310 Wv TOUV »*wn»T** brnlaea, Borwi, uteew. •»!* verBorea. tetter - v —-* Cornell Vrofi-Mor-n Wayward Wife Run. Away. Ithaca, N. Y., Nov. 19.—Cornell university Is In a state of excitement over the elopement of a sub-freshman ot, Cornell university and the pretty wife of E. n. Kay, an Instructor In the Institution. E. D. Mooers is a young man from Los Angeles, Cal., studying in the university preparatory school to enter Cornell next year. His father is a wealthy mine owner In tho west, and the young man's Income Is said to be JBOO a month. Mooors was fond of society. He became enamored of the wife of Instructor Kay. Staying with her was a young woman sold to be her aunt or niece, which la not clear. This young woman had to have a companion and a young student named Mlllard of Blnghainton, the friend of Mooers, went in her society. The four planned a trip to New York, but Mlllard's father stopped him. Moocrs took the two women to the station, and they boarded the train for New York. Instructor Kay had In the meantime got wind of the affair, and started to the station after his wife. He got there before the train left, and taking hold of her inanngi-d to get her away, but a moment later she ran from him, entered the train, and sought the pro- Votl.m »f MIHH-I-S. Then thi-re ensued a scene bi-twi'i'ii the two men, with the result that K"? WOB f«"-'bly ejected from the train us It pulk'd out of tho station, while !>]» «'"« stjUd aboard. IniiliuxTl'nviiio Colorado, iviivcr, Nov. IB.-aainc Commission,, r swim has received ivpurtH that Indians from Utah have attain Invaded iHirlhWfHU'rn Colorado and ore killing I'uuiw and culll".-. H" aBki-d (U-iu>rul Bunmi-r, cuinniundliis tin- departinunt of I'olui-udo, to si-nd IroopH ti> drive the Indians back to tlu-lr n-servutluii. The KiMU'i-al Bald hi- would wait for further advices before ordering out any troops. Dr.BulIs COUCH 8YRUP Cure* Hoar«ene»» and Sore Throat. It la the best reinedy flrstubborn coWg. Many Shots Fired on Uolli Sides—The Two ConrloU Who Sturlcd the Outbreak Receive Serious InJurli'H-More Trouble Ilrenks Out at Pan*, Ills., Between the While and IHnok Miners—Strong; KT|- nence of » Murder at Delaware, O. Columbus, O., Nov. 19.-There wa» a desperate attempt made by two convict* to escape from the penitentiary about 8 o'clock In the morning, as a result of which Guard Charles D. Lauterbach of Mount Vernon was Bhot and killed, while Convicts O'Nell and Atkinson received Injuries of a serious nature, and both are now in the prison hospital. By some means Convicts O'Nell and Atkinson, who are serving fifteen years for robbery, obtained possession of a revolver and preceded to carry out a bold plan to escape. One covered his face with a handkerchief and went to the broom shop, where he held up Guard Lime and took his revolver. He then returned to the hoe jhop, where the other man Joined him, »nd they opened fire upon Guard Lauterbach, who was in charge of, the department. Almost Instantly Killed. The guard was shot three times and almost instantly killed. The sound of the shooting reached the other officials In the prison, and they came on the run to Investigate. Guard Gump was the first on the scene, and taking In the situation at a glance, opened flre on the two convicts. This was returned and a regular battle was In progress until the revolvers of all the participants were emptied. In the fray Convict Atkinson was shot down and seriously Injured, and as soon as the guns were emptied Guard Gump rushed In and with his cane almost bent O'Nell to death before the prisoner would surrender. The men were taken to the hospital, where their Injuries were attended to. Atkinson was shot In the body, but Is not thought to be seriously hurt, but O'Nell was beat about the head and hla injuries may result fatally- other Prisoners Keaily to Follow.- The other prisoners In the shop where the shooting occurred took no part In the affair, but it Is understood that they stood ready to follow if the efforts of the two leaders proved successful. Previous to making the outbreak one of the two prisoners forced a third man Co place a ladder against the outer of the penitentiary wall as that when they had fought their way out of the shops they could shoot down the wall guard and make their escape by that route. It Is not known how the first revolver was secured by the convicts, and at this time it Is impossible to secure definite statements of the details of the shooting. MOBE TKOUULK AT PANA. Illot Started by Throwing a Stone at an Imported Kegro. Pana, Ills., Nov. 19.—A small boy started a serious riot by throwing a stone at one of the Imported negroes. The negro Immediately drew a pistol and began firing at a teamster of the name of Wlthem. The latter ran and hid behind a coal shed, In an alley. Then the negro fired several shots through the house ot A. Ketchem. Negroes came from all directions, with rifles and pistols In their hands. This aroused the union miners, and they began to gather, and all at once both Bides began firing. One negro is reported shot. Several of the people who saw the shooting say he fell to the ground twice and then succeeded In getting in a cornfield. Mrs. Cravens, who was standing by a post in her yard, said one of the bullets struck Ihe post. Mr. Cravens is the president ot the Miners' union. Captain E. C. Butler and his company were on tho scene as soon as possible. As soon as the miners and negroes saw, the soldiers they ran and hid. When the company was returning to the barracks a citizen began abusing Captain Butler, who Immediately struck the man In the face. Denies He Killed the Child. Muncle, Ind., Nov. 19.-Fredcrick Oland, the 12-year-old boy who was arrested on the charge of having murdered Andrew Bodemlller, 5 years old, stoutly denies having killed the child. He says he does not know why he confessed that he Is the perpetrator of tho crime. In a search of the Oland home the polfte discovered a revolver on- neath some boards In an outhoune. Officers are now looking for an adult who they believe has been connected with the crime. Strong Krldence of Murder. Delaware, O., Nov. 19.—The dead body of J. B. Gronnlnger, a wealthy ranchman of Terry, Mont, has been found on the Big Four tracks here. The remains, which were considerably mutilated, were Identified by means of letters fouhd near the remains. Subsequently Gronnlnger's account book was found about two miles from the spot where the body was found. There Is strong evidence that the man was murdered and his body placed on the track*. Actor Fatally Shot. Chicago, Nov. 19.—Richard Ray, an actor 24 years old, was shot and probably fatally wounded during a fight on the North Cla* street viaduct at 6 o'clock In the morning by Harry Craig, a bartender In the saloon of Sam Barkley, IB Norlh Clark street. Ray was tals<>n to the county hospital and Craig, together with John Landers and "Kid" Davis, was locked up In the Chicago avenue police station, Cleveland Going to Cuba. Princeton, N. J., Nov. 19.—Ex-President Grover Cleveland Is now on the high seas, presumably headed for Cuba. He Is on the palatial steam yach Onelda, owned by Banker E. C. Bene diet of New York, who Is a member o the party accompanying the ex-presl dent. It is believed the yacht will gc first to Santiago and on Its return stop at Ha-,-r.i. •u:~>~ •nr»V.«.<-.^ land to see what has been accompllsHt by the American soldiers and sailors. The trip will last a month or more. (GAILBORDEN EAGLE BRAND ' CONDEHSED MILK. OUR IllOSTRAteO PAMPrilET ENTITteO "BABli:S' t SHOUt6 BE IN EVERY HdVSEHOtO. SBNT ON APPLICATION/ r HtW V9BK CONpENSCO MlCH. CO. HCW YOAH, ' '*<-$ 3*8 We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. * $ Harnna Getting Amerloanlted. Havana,*Nov. 19.—At midnight a car on the line running from this city to Jesus del Monte, a suburb, was held up by a gang of robbers, close to the Crls- tina station. Every passenger in the car was forced to throw up his hands and the thieves then took their valuables. After this work had been accomplished the car was allowed to proceed on Its way. The place where the robbery took place was a dark and deserted spot and well chosen for the crime, as no police were on duty there. Death of Johnstown Hero. Johnstown, Pa., Nov. 19.—Joseph La France, one of Johnstown's best-known citizens, dropped dead while at work in the Gautler machine shop. The cause of his death was heart troubles, which dated back to the day of the great Hood, when he ran at a rapid gait from the Gautler mill, warning the people along the way of the coming water, and thereby saving many lives. He was a native of Montreal. Que., and was torn In 1847. He was a prominent Mason. Found Dead on a Train. St. Louis, Nov. 19.—Judge John Virgin, sixty years old of Prlntlce, Ills., was found dead In the toilet room of an Incoming Missouri Pacific train. He was discovered when the train was near Chamois, Mo., and heart failure is thought to have caused his death. The body Is here awaiting the arrival of relatives from Prentice. _ Fire In Brooklyn. New York, Nov. 19.—Fire in the Green Point district of Brooklyn caused a loss of U03.000. The largest loss is sustained by Joseph Schrlver & Co., furniture dealers, which Is placed at *60,000. The balance of the loss was caused by the destruction of ft number of small business places and dwellings. Trustee of the Uepauw Kntate. New Albany, Ind., Nov. 19.—Isaac P. Leyden has been selected as trustee of the creditors and to have charge of the estate of C. W. Depauw. The latter recently filed a petition in bankruptcy, his liabilities approximating »1,000,000, with assets less than 150,000. Banks all over the country are creditors. The national relief commlssio'n at Philadelphia has decided to discontinue relief work In Porto Rico Dec. 1. The Duke of Tork is a most devoted fa.ther. He never tires of answering Prince Edward's many questions, and more often than not has a new toy in his pocket. Third Street. J. Baue FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embaltnera.) Second Street.] Opposite City Hall. [Alton,]!)!. Commencing Nov. 16tb, until further notice, we will sell at Strictly Cart Price*: All onr INGRAIN CARPETS from the cheapest to the Beet-all Wools at a reduction amounting to 15 per cent. Brussels Carpets and Velvete enough for a room, at cost prices. Bring in your measure. Fire and Water-Proof < ROOFS 9 <». f )^,/*»>»^.«V«^'<fc.«-%»»'^ Gravel *«a Composition ™ ROOFING MATERIALS For Rats, Mice, Roaches, ~ and Other Vermin. KILLER Per Sato by «U DrunrfsU. Price, it Cent*. NEWTOH HHOFACTORIN04 CHEMICAL CO., «5 WUIUm Mm*. N«w York. _ If inuIMture* br JOHN M. SELLERS, of c i. Louis, Who has UUrtf root* the following bulldl en' Tobaooo Wtrthouw, »u* Lemp'« Brew«r». ulldlog. Dt°P • PO*** 1 W 01 o«ll on jjothern Hotel, New PUnUli' Ho«i«, t Ybe ohupeit ind bert roota mr »• o« L< E. C. MACK, ACT. Corner Shields aad Bo*za Streets Alton ASK YOUR , DRUGGIST for t generous 10 Cent TRIAL SIZE. H THE EIC01ENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to tho originality and simplicity ot tho combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFOBNIA Fio SYBUI- Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by tho CALIFORNIA Fio Svuur Co. only, ft knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding tho worthless Imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CAW- FOBSIA Fio SV«UP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which tho genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, a» it aota on the kidneys, liver and bowel* without Irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneOolttl effects, please remember the uame of the Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. •AN rHAMtiUM, (M. IWUVII.UE, Br. ««» *•**• »•*• contains no cooalno, mercury nor any other Injurious drug. It la qulolcly »bsprb ed. OlTea relief at oaoe U opens and cleanses we masal Allays COLD I N HEAD 7. W. BURGESS, Cor. 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