Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 21, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, August 21, 1972
Page 2
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A-2 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, August 21, 1972 GOP platform on war, vital issues By Associated Press MIAMI BFACH. Fla. (AP) — Disagreements between the Democratic and Republican platforms are highlighted in the passages on Vietnam policy, amnesty for draft, registers and the busing of school children. The Democratic policy statement was approved last month at the party convention. Republicans meeting here will formally adopt their platform Tuesday afternoon. The following textual extracts from both point up the contrasts as well as some similarities. VIETNAM Democratic — We pledge, as the first order of business, an immediate and complete withdrawal of all U.S. forces Jn Indochina. All U.S. military action in Southeast Asia will cease...We must insist that any resolution of the war include the return of all prisoners... Republican — We will continue to seek a settlement...which will premit the people of Southeast Asia to live in peace under political arrangements of their own choosing...We believe that the President's proposal to withdraw remaining American forces from Vietnam four months after an internationally supervised ceasefire...and all prisoners have been returned is as generous an offer as can lie made by anyone...who is not bemused with surrender. 'DEFENSE Democratic —...Adequate military forces for deterrence and effective support of our international position. But we will also insist on the firm control of specific costs and projects...The military budget can be reduced substantially with no wenklng of national security. Republican — We draw a sharp distinciton between prudent reductions in defense spending and...meat-ax slashes...Specifically, we oppose plans to stop the Minuteman III and Poseidon programs, reduce the strategic bomber force by some GO per cent, cancel the Bl bomber, reduce aircraft carriers from tfi to li, reduce tactical air wings by a third, and U.S. unilaterally reduce forces in Europe by half. AMNESTY Democratic — To those who for reasons of conscience refused to serve in this war and were prosecuted or sought refuge abroad, we state our firm intention to declare an amnesty, on an appropriate basis, when the fighting has ceased and our troops and of war have Administration neglects elderly, says McGovern prisoners returned. Republican we reject all grant amnesty have broken evading military service. BUSING Democratic —...Transportation of students is another tool to accomplish Here and now proposals to to those who the law by desegregation. It must continue to be available, according to Supreme Court decisions... Republican —...We are irrevocably opposed to busing for racial balance...If necessary...we would favor consideration of an appropriate amendment to the Constitution WAGE-PRICE CONTROLS Democratic — When price rises threaten to or do get out of control—as they are now— America's working people will support a truly fair stabilization program which affects profits, investment earnings, executive salaries, and prices, as well as wages. The Nixon controls do not meet that standard. Republican — We have already removed some temporary controls on wages and prices and will remove them all once the economic distortions...are repaired. We are determined to return to an unfettered economy at the earliest possible moment. TAX REFORM Democratic — We endorse as a minimun, step the Mills- Mansfield Tax Policy llevlew Act...which would repeal vir- tu a 11 y all tax preferences...over the period ,1974-6 as a means of compelling systematic review of their value to the nation. The most unjustified of the tax loopholes should, however, be closed immediately... Republican — Out tax s y s t e m needs continual, WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. George S. McGovern said today the Nixon administration has neglected the elderly "except when seeking their election-year votes." "The Nixon-Agnew policy toward older Americans Is a policy of camouflage," the Democratic presidential nominee said. "It is a policy of hiding bad deeds behind brave words." McGovern commented in a so-called campaign "white paper," released as the South Dakota senator began a four- day swing that will take him across the country and—he hopes— across whatever hurdles remain to wholehearted support from two important Old Guard Democrats. After a day-long visit, today to an area of Northeastern Pennsylvania ravaged by June floods, the candidate heads to Texas for a Tuesday meeting with former President Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson last week broke silence on the nomination of Race car hits crowd DBS MOINES, Iowa (AP) — One person was killed and 11 injured Sunday night when two race cars collided at the Iowa State Fairgrounds track. One of the cars crashed through two fences into the fair midway, according to the Iowa Highway Patrol. The car driven by William Randleman, 37, Farlin, crashed into a shooting gallery. McGovern, whose rise to national prominence was based almost solely on denunciation of Johnson war policies. The former president, wno invited McGovern to the LBJ ranch, said he supported the candidate but would reserve the right, to disagree with him. McGovern on Wednesday Is to meet in Chicago with Mayor Richard .1. Daley. It will be their first encounter since the Democratic convention nominated McGovern last month and barred its doors to the mayor whose all- out backing could be a key factor in any McGovern hopes to carry the crucial swing- state of Illinois. Daley since has said lie would vote for the Democratic ticket in November, but has refrained from specifically endorsing McGovern. Accusing the Nixon administration of engaging in a "Dance of the Seven Veils," the McGovern white paper listed seven areas of what it called sham and neglect toward the elderly. The paper said the administration had opposed a 20 per cent hike in Social SecurUy benefits, then claimed credit when Congress approved the boost. It also said the administration had talked about property tax reform without offer ing concrete proposals; proposed nursing home reform that fell short of laws already on the books; ignored pension reform; killed a housing program for the elderly; fought against extension of medicare; and embraced a nutrition program only when it was to become law. Three thousand South Vietnamese launch drive to block Red offensive By George Esper SAIGON (AP) — Three thousand South Vietnamese troops launched a drive today aimed at blocking a North Vietnamese division from pushing out of the captured Quc Son Valley into South Vietnam's populous coastal lowlands south of Da Nang. U.S. Air Force crews reported spotting big North Vietnamese 130mm artillery guns and tanks in the area of the Que Son fighting, some 35 miles south of Da Nang. The air force communique said F4 Phantoms knocked out three of the guns and two tanks. It was the closest such heavy weapons have been reported to Da Nang. The North Vietnamese pushed through the valley during the weekend, inflicting heavy troop and equipment losses on the South Vietnamese. It was the biggest Communist gain since Quang Tri fell last May 1 and posed an immediate threat to Da Nang, the country's second largest city, and a heavily populated 50-mile strip of Highway 1 to the South. Field reports said the South Vietnamese counter-advance westward from Fire Base B a 1 d y was slowed by moderate North Vietnamese resistance and the long-range artillery fire. By noon, the South Vietnamese had advanced about miles to the mouth of the Moderate-conservative issue may mar GOP show of unitv »/ Free bus rides offered to Alton aid recipients Free bus transportation will be available Tuesday and Thursday for Alton area clients of the Madison County Public Aid office who have been asked to go to Edwardsville to have their photos taken for new identification cards. The Madison County Economic Opportunity Commission is providing the free bus sen-ice to and from Edwardsvllle. The blue EOC school bus wOl stop at Alton Acres at 9 a.m., Oakwood housing project at 9:15, Sullivan Homes at 9:30, Dooley at 9:45, Joesting at 9:50 and the F.OC center on Slate Street at 10:15 a.m. If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 p.m. phone 465-6641 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. Alton Evening The bus service will also be provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and on Sept. 5 and 7, according to EOC director Ed Schenk. Schenk added that if there was further need, the would also make the stops on Sept. 11, 13 and 15. By JOHN BECKLER MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (AP) — The fight for control of the Republican party in 1976 is swelling toward a convention floor showdown against the will of the GOP hierarchy. National party Chairman Robert Dole pressed for a compromise, but' found his offers spumed by both sides Sunday. The battle pits smaller and more conservative states against the more populous states, which in some cases prove to be strongholds for the party's moderate elements. The triumphant side will gain a head start on influencing the party's choice for president in 1976. A preliminary skirmish was slated for today in the convention Rules Committee, which will clear a plan for presentation to the convention Tuesday afternoon. The controversy involves the method of allocating the 1976 convention delegates among the states. A plan approved by the Republican National Committee would give small, traditionally Republican states a voting advantage over the more populous Northeastern and Great Uakes states, which are backing a rival version. President Nixon reportedly is staying out of the fight. But many involved in it view Election polling places Telegraph Published Daily by Alton Telegrapn Printing Company PAUL s! COUSLEY Preetoent. General Manager. STEPHEN A. COUSLEY Editor & Assistant to the Publisher. RICHARD A COUSLEY. Vice President and Classified Mgr HENRY H McADAMS Secretary and Assistant General Manager. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ( Ihfc Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the u&e of publication of all news dispatches credited In this paper und to the local news pub liihed herein ) Subscription price: By carrier, 60c weekly $2 60 per calendar month; by mall $17.00 a year. J'J.OO Hx months in Illinois and Missouri $2500 a tear. 1)350 six months in all o'rier states. Mall subscriptions not accepted in towns where carrier delivery Is available Second Class Postage paid ju Alton. Illinois 62(102 Thirteen schools in Alton, Godfrey, and Foster township will be polling places Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the election on whether the areas outside the Alton city limits will be annexed to the Hayner Public Library District. Polling places in Alton are: Precinct 1: Irving School, 1020 State Street. Precinct 2: McKinley School, 121 West Elm. Precinct 3: Lincoln School, 1021 Alton Street. Precinct 4: Washington School, 929 Milnor Ave. Precinct 5: Humboldt School, 1028 East 6th Street. Precinct 6: Clara Barton School, 409 Main Street. Precinct 7: Horace Mann School, 2708 Edwards Street. Precinct 8: Milton School, 3325 Fernwood Avenue. Precinct 12: Thomas Jefferson School, 2603 North Rodger s. Precinct 9 will be at the Fosterburg School in Foster Township. Polling places in Godfrey are at Godfrey School, Gilson Brown School, and Union School on Humbert Road. Dole's efforts as an indication that Nixon's campaign leaders want to avoid a party fight that could bruise feelings and diminish zeal for Nixon's re-election campaign. Dole was the first party leader to endorse the plan favoring the snnller states, and helped push it through the national committee. But for the last two days he has lieen trying to bring the opponents into agreement. Last Chance (Continued From Page 1) into his abdomen. She was not hurt seriously by the broken window, police said. Bailie said File left the Last Chance with the knife still imbeded in his stomach and passed out in a vacant lot about two blocks from the tavern. He was rushed to Wood River Township Hospital and immediately transferred to Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for surgery. His condition was listed as serious prior to the operation. Mrs. File was charged with disorderly conduct, intoxication and carrying a concealed weapon by South Roxana police. She was being held in the Madison County jail on a state charge of aggravated battery, police said. Village offocials have constantly charged that the Last Chance Tavern did not maintain adequate supervision, claiming that there are no management personnel available to stop potential trouble. to the plan ^ Big states object committee-approved chiefly because it would award bonus delegates to the 1976 convention only to states that Nixon carries this year. The plan backed by the bigger states would base the bonus award on the total Republican votes cast, whether or not Nixon carried the state. In addition, it would award 'bonus delegates in congressional districts carried by any statewide or congressional Republican candidate. Dole reportedly proposed additional -bonus delegates for states electing a Republican governor or senator, regardless of whether they are carried by Nixon. Another possible compromise would fix a sliding-scale bonus, with the number of delegates increased by each statewide Republican victory. valley, and were about five miles from the fallen strongpoints of Fire Base Ross and the Que Son district headquarters. One South Vietnamese regi- m e n t which had been defending Fire Base Ross was declared combat ineffective with „ at least 22 men killed, 130 wounded and scores of others scattered and missing. For the third successive day, U.S. B52 heavy bombers swept over the valley to attack North Vietnamese troop concentrations and staging areas. Field reports said hundreds of refugees were fleeing to the coast, including many wounded in the crossfire. The Que Son Valley leads from the mountains near the Laotian border across Highway 1 almost to the South China Sea. It is a natural infiltration route to the coast. It was the first time the Communists had taken the valley despite a major push in the region every year since 1964. This year's North Vietnamese drive of about 2,500 men was the biggest. A 5y 2 -month series of attacks chipped away at the Hiep Due and Que Son valleys, forcing the South Vietnamese to yield several firebases and villages earlier in the campaign. timely reform...the kind that more equitable spreads the tax burden...We reject the deceitful tax "reform" cynically represented as one that would soak the rich, but in fact one that would sharply raise the taxes of millions of families in middle-income brackets as well. WELFARE Democratic — The next Democratic administration must end the present welfare system and replace it with an income security insure each family an income no less than the poverty level. Federal income assistance, according to need, will supplement the income of working poor people and assure an adequate income for those unable to work. Republican — The Nation's welfare system is a mess. It simply must be reformed...President Nixon's goals (are) a decent level of payment to genuinely needy welfare recipients...; incentives not to loaf, but to work; requiring all adults who apply for welfare to register for work and job training and to accept work or job training...There are too many people on this country's welfare rolls who should not be there. We flatly oppose programs or policies which embrace the principle of a government-guaranteed 1 n- come. WOMEN Democratic — ...A priority effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Elimination of discrimination against woemn in public accomo- ations.. education., federally- assisted programs...criminal laws and, mortgage, insurance, property, rental and finance contracts . . . Availability of maternitl benefits to all working women.. Permit working families to deduct from gross income as a business expense, housekeeping and child care costs. ..Appointment of women to positions of top responsibility (including) Cabinet members...and Supreme Court justices...The federal government to fund comprehensive developmental child care programs that will be family centered, locally controlled and universally available... Republican —...Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment Appointment of women t o highest level pos 1 - tions...including the Cabinet and the Supreme Cou-.t. Elimination of discrimiit ation ... in federal government ... the criminal justice, mortgage, insurance, property rental and finance contracts... We favor the development of publicly or privately run, voluntary, comprehensive, quality day care services, locally controlled but federally assisted, with the requirement that the recipients of these services will pay their fair share of the costs according to their ability. LABOR-MANAGEMENT Democratic — We pledge continued support for our sys- tern of free collective bargaining...We therefore oppose the Nixon administration's effort to Impose arbitration In transportation disputes through last-offer selection bill. The National Labor Relations Act (should be amended to) repeal section 14(b), which allows states to legislate the open shop and remove the ban on common sites picketing. Republican — We "will continue to search for realistic and fair solutions to emergency labor disputes, guided . by two basic principles: first, that the health and safety of the people of the United States should always be paramount; and second, that collective bargaining should be kept as free as possible from government Interference... We will continue to press for improved pension vesting..We pledge realistic programs of education and training so that all Americans able to do so can make their own way..We flatly oppose the notion that the hard- earned tax dollars of American workers should be used to support those who can work but choose not to... .. .filled to your doctor's orders ZIKE PHARMACY 627 E. Airline Drive ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS All Lines of Insurance Homeowners, Fire, Auto, Bout, Commercial Life, Accident, Health BROAD RIDGE AGENCY Don VanMeter, Mgr. 311 Ridge 462-9217—Evenings 264-1353 Due to the death of MRS. PEARL WOODFORK the U. S. SHOP 28 W. Broadway - Alton will be closed all day Tuesday, Aug., 22nd GET YOUR FREE "How to" Booklets 11 In *ll Jam-packed with information about home decor*, tlon! Now available at your nearby COOK PAINT Store! 8 WEST BROADWAY MEMBER THE AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Rates and Contract lalormaiioa or application at the Telegraph business office. 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