The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 14, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, February 14, 1927
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HOUSE MOVE TO DLL ALL FEDERAL AID Re.qoIuti6n Would Adopted Now Ask CongT*e8S nen i to InfTucncte Hklt In AH,. (tisiiHitinue all .fcilfTal aid pTfJ- liiwi-r lioiiKP of I hi daiigtrou? sdnii^liint" tojiul* i-xirajvaBahco. tliP oeUvd a niajoril};^ v| wJiiAi last iiK cont -o] otj supporters of iraliz ai^ter Kansas I). U. (A,P)-^A [i(c'Kansas roi- ••Ir InfliK 'iiPii today by t fedi-ral aid IS Ic ot»' in llie sat ic ^ fpk defeated a 1 diiient lor ce i- statt'JiiRhwa .s the am'eiidme it Lure for Kaus is argueid it woiild a;: Imilding alwbt two niilli4>ii road ;i!olIai{s from the i: ment If tjhe^sPhate <oi: tioii rakVti Uy the ihi^ resolution will housHjs of congr»-ss| ihers 1 : Th« H men K.iiis; No draw I resoli ;aillrnlati.vli» and 38 larty or vocaijioual lines we 1 iti' tlie divi tlon. on whit re-l Jlution. ll ifey c()iinty, eondefnns all fedektil ^ the niurder of his foster son aid' projetts' in t4ltj guage: \ "These attivities aid. hut are a-dant} Over wlifirii we "ha t»uh!ic funds get The individual ta,\ addi lo overhead (orruption : dividerj (it'iitraMzes \, ronirt I'rutir, is niine<-ess| lielpless- 10jeJ 'ononjiZ'' in ai.tiviii under this ;federal ijax levyinii. and iuoney sio-iidlng charged that the will offered bj« Wni. D. Shepher.J. tli'e youth's fosj- curs in the ale- :'«>" father, was not tjiial ot the or- f j phau. They, iliarged thai it was proi-uerd by' undue { influenre on the i/art of Shephenl whom they alsn charged with the deaths'of "Billy" MiClintoik and his mother, Mrs. Kinma .McCliustork. \ The tt-ill iiinrcst long had been ! expected. It wai first indicated ational goverb-, copies be sent to bo^h as well as i each. ion over t ih there were negative vottjs. V Niles of C< following la are in no sen erous siiumla wi cotnr'i away from layevis forg< Npeiises. I'esponsiliiliii is undeiii iry and we a influence. T|i •pt c!< lo re pi ll government Irthe stat^ pi ackev boy." TEAiCHERS WAS HVGf. It is ratbei- an inierestiop c»j- ys j.incidence that J. V.: MepU-r. 'field lie lapent of the FarjiijUureau of \Vas)i- in!(;qn county which; w<m the I'ii'st ;pri;:e in the Kansas IJetier FarmiliK MEETING it'oiitest. was fonnerH.- of lola. - j .Mr. Heplcr will bv well rome . hered in lola as a tfitniber of tjlie in re I _ ; j i faeuiiy Of the lola lliBli Scnool) The .Mleii oountk- teachers mefet-uds and ISH;. teachifig Agricultii.. ingi which; was hell Saturday at the;.,n,| Ceneral Science. He married henior higli schoo coiilplele success ienilaiice. \ Frof. < red. .Music tot the oil ished by."l)ie 4)oy ciub 'inder; the <li ileaneite Kalis. The patriotic Day." was gfven ischool under the «;iace Reno. pr| Jidi'ovl and, was v.' received w^li*' lliuj iplause. (••iof. T. ..I. Sinaj Kansas. gaVf two subjects being "K and ihv otlver on«- j"ci of "T.eacliinK wt'V'- well leceivei s< iiblage .of-te^ic Tdf. A, K. t;ar ' on' "ChajieUI'rogrims school dlvi^ion. The nieedJig; v. very IntereJitlng a several it. In laxlnit oii^- Kcl tti»' l>-d<r UM a doilaJJ r Kearny cou eniocrat, nche (iiunty. Ifowers s-fiouMh' peopl .No speech was ^lude in tlefi-n -•if- lederal iifd. bu '•("-ntatlves utiuckeil I "I ilon'l ;'bel)cv<' M<;lv.'x .ill order 'ii goverunii'iif |;JM la; decliirod J'iri^^on i: ly. u- farmer iiid I (jcknou f»f:(;oniji Uenublrcnii; farm'-i liaii; eijrou^ai^d fei|«'ral ul"l •and that w(i try lo put ue ••larfed." A. state cannot heriihip with th<? tnent. remarked .M l-'oineiy county, a ."•••fr, I'The federal dmes (he boss an Hie p-art of the added Congres.s meet.s at noon.- Senate rionsiders branch banking Ijill. , ' • House debates farn) relief bills. ; • ^ord tax recovt«ry .suit resumes. ioURfFiGHT ON WILt OF Eight Cousins Seek to Contest the Right of W. D. Shepheiid to McClintock Estate. ATODTSNOW Negotiations Susp ended Today, But Those ia Charge Do No|t Talk About Trouble. Hankow. Feb. I (. fAr't-.Wgo tlutloUH are lljelk'ved to hai« bfen com|rle(eIy iJrokeii off beti ffe'n the CantoueKf' f.Vatioiiallat) anil government for an agreeme] the .'idminisiration of the concessions kiaiig. Tliei at lla'uk.ow and Kiu rhicago, Feb. W. i • AIM—Eight; Iowa cousins of the late Win. .Nelson .MtClintock. the!youth known "the millionaire day in a suit filed in circuit court orphan." lo- agreeineut rj-malned unsigned today after whal^ is believe-} to b^v-- been the fli|al t-on- fercUCe. \ The negoiiaiors.j Charge IVAt- falres f)wen O'.Malley of Ortjat Brit- Eugene, govern-. ain .ind Foreign .Minister fhen of the Naliiinallijt mt'iit. refused any iQform'at|ion after the conference. > * (Officials at'the foreign w>-re reticeiit, remarking le f-i when Sheplierd was diarged with II- administering lyplioid gt-rins. Shepherd, who wan actiuitteil e quently. was named chief ln-neh- iit ciary ifi ihe will. j 1. the liill of complaint further s.i charged that Shepherd prevented |t-i the marriage of .McClintock and • odice only: "We have nothing to say. 6ut that ii'ovs not mean there i.-- trolible." .\ tiill staU'ineiil is expej morrow. .Negotiation.' were begun ajro. and we!re suspeDiled. by the Nationalist foreign r who refused I to sign the ag until assured Great Bricaitj would not land a large military aiul nav- lal forcv at ^hanghai. assi-jriing it i was not needed {<ir prute. fi.reieners. , . .Mtiioiigh (ireat Britain to give siijcbi as.- 11 ranees, tl liati'Uis were resumed <i..UaIlev ifud Chen. They htive been e. It is tm.' It duplicaiek officitils aid: his finaiuJee. .Mis.s] Isabel I'ope. Confesses KMlpig Debtor Afw S(f^ linger PMsiciafi^ New York, Feb. 14. (AP)^Frank fe.<»sed he fiad killed Dr. Casjjerj S. Pendola, jj's six-year-old son who died yesterday o for whose death jthe father resrfjrded theJdoc Dr. Penddia, whfi ddralnlxteref^ an antf-tuxiii hjjectjoii-otj his nr«t'' visit safur<l!tty, wasj ihe flrsl phyi Hleian calle 1 in the the child lijid been I Caruso told British itt as to British ted to- weeks ecenily iiinistttr. eement Hon or ilecUned nego- letvveen rived yestertlay two child's aeaih and told t^e (-l^lld was Caruso was arres c^.se altho|igl| 111''two weeksl police pr. Fendola ar| hours after the laughed whfD dead. ed at the home £at liso today con- (If a brotbt ihlch he , I yesterday, us a <jren wer«* iake contagious dlsedsles. pr. I'endoli wj«.4 lidst t>f wreck (tariiso: home, ijl iitabbed to deata. T.W|MI^ER IS CENTER OF u.s.AtrAm Governnient Counsel Tryi ToShoi^HeH^dUnusua^ Inter^t in Passage • Of $7,000,0(M), I Claim. lysician tp Ca- diphtheri^ and ;<^r responijible., IStaten Islaxid, to ter the killing Caruso waH held Ihess- Threit chil- brokeii today a second' tin; intimatedi finally (Ireat Brftain in v.Wock Eaion and Uiiii Katon. were f'langha. it her representatives be- name.i as defe.idanik with Shep-i' <'V''d them necesary for p her/l. as y ..Miss I'oiie, and Shep-IBritish life, but IIU re Ulive | of the general accountants office t •s iienls wile \lulia .\l Sheiilurd in i'ltiinations that a r>o 'ioii of|io (deiitiiy Htelegranis taken from ( iird.-r to liav,' all iutenf.jti'd par-., ties coiiiK 'Ctcd wiMi ih< suit. the fon e of 16.O0O soldiers be .livrteil tVi Hongkong „ . .M<Clint .'M 'k war, :'l wli^n h- died ^' I'T " to be lield In readlil Mill I).-cember. l!ii.-,. .Mi.s. .Slioif- u-c at &-hangi(iai or wherevi eliierd had been his guardian. She ; ron.slilerable naval - ' and .*<h!p)i..rd been cnipau-''••M'-'V'"*'' now It's 'out the fire.iti| I- iotis of Ills iuother. 1 Tlo- boy's di'all(;Ofilvplioid fever b-d lo I liari{cs iiiailf 'M\ <:Uii-( .7iis- lice Ihirry OWon of the Muiihipul Icoifri 'of Chicago, wl o had known .McC'lintocks mother in Kansa-s, fhaf ttip youth had been murdered. ;K iiald ,Kan» IS i.lildge Olson also queslloned the Aie grniitlug if I'deaihs of the orpbpn'.s niotbeit. and line ! that ot. uls own brother, whd had to Ch I (;r4'at • Britain^ ! While the inegoiiatlotiK kow I oni'iTln'il chiefly llie sloii of t^if llriilsh con I HanlcoW'aiid It cen an ick.. adviser to MTA. .Mct'lln- l>nter Into pa^t- I i ^federal gover>. i HEPLER FORMERLY (Jugln of .Moiit- j Republican laW- LIVED IN lOLA e\pe(t,ei| to l< Klukluiig. Ih [a'l to'nego(lai|ons, for alii and SUCCESS! building was ai wishard. a sister of .Mrs. The meeting, j.^ Carrison. wife"of the jire.sent was well, altende<*. teachers fr mi I prinj-ipal of the ,.Iunior High School all parts of the CO iniy,being in if-1 here He was a .member of the r. Wellbornejj,,,,^^ ^ a treaty Wlwl't'ii (ireut Brl the vNullonulist governments, the latter as yel unrecogiti2(''vi b|y world powers. ! .Negotiation^ for a hew . treaty lieiweeii Cireai UrlttJln and Peking have also been ut thus far. the Pekilng governmuit also re(|iiesting tl^at British f«^i-es be not landed, at Shanghai.' •fhe British concessions bt Han­ kow arid Kiiikiahg.j larKe c ties, on ' tl^e •\" river .were sto -med by ; cOolie nuihs | iii ahti-forei ;n riots early in ./anuarjv ForeiKn residents vacated Ihe coivessiJUS dls- ti|icLs. many going to Shan ;hai and elsewhere for safety. . .Ithough spine were roughly handled, none jWere killed. | ' . 1 When the British quit tljeir concession district.*', the Cantcnese officials took over their adt lini.stra- tu a hospl|al the bodv ''1? found iiji furnlttire in was choked and for of It he he ATE 11 MEN Tp iTAtAGMN Contempt Oiarges Ark to done Unless MeaT^ll iOjf Cainiiaign Mad^ Smith for ; senate. iw Sam Hhingtoi}.- Feb. II. I.' I oMieKs who rii'tcised to answer T American Againsi T4 :Sa^s Slice Bo.ston. Feb; . Federal Court. .New York.' Feb. U. lAP)—JBent on proving thai Thomas W. Miller, former ailed propreny ciistodtap.' was unusually Interested In passage of the .|T,f OUU.XlOU claim un initioii'nded assets of the American .MMals Compauyj j °C''„','j ^"^ the governinent today; sought foif j ijig tours the second Itime to jprpt ur»' admis- jt sions of telegrams I sent to .Miller i < by his prlviite secretary. To do thjs. the government re- ortatiou l(Jf 2a llu::7 convention L-opardizeil' by .^lar.iters. Inc., ^loii here urist tain cam Iliiiijoili-Penn vestfaitlons Ikst summer, will Jgain be s comm gion in [Suit n'st Agcjncy ^nancial Is At prolJ for In! atti) iel .1 decl eserva- called Harrison Uoiise, Investigator might :ir else- esH for i; need^one Is na by t Han- pOS-'fM- goveriimentlfiies. [Two of telegrams Were sent to .Miller at : <| t xiensively iljr the gr these lif its kimi Pitt.sburgh by FredlH. Wil.son. hisjtn the sole secretary, (nie telegram advlnedliho Amerli Miller that; unofffclally, been' passed Wilson: had learned, that the claims had other udvised • Tho offh-lal pnssfige. ' The girverlinieiit ;tlien sought to Ions at j prove iiiat 1^ the t&r»'e years Wil- (earing on id. y were •retaryl to .Miller, he telegrams aiieut son Was se sent no other, claims. .Miller and Harrji M. Daugherty, presided arid several speeches of janj, ,,„p„i..,r. interesting ciiaia ter were deiSv-'j sjnce leaVi casion was fiitn- in^ lolq. he ha.-i bden steadiiy engaged in Farm Bureau •w .M.wico . I j w<.rk in and .Nj.-» .'i>:\iiw and girls Kfee.jjjj^, l^y^^ fjel.l :ipen» in Wash- reel ion of .Miis!> iiitton county since: 1 comity, therefore, has a a^ claim on The jlionors o: play ••roluniHus riie.nonors ,?• •''•^•'X'in''lie,.r iFaimin llrectlon of M,issi . ,,, ,.,.,.„ '.v4ll as full cltilni on second prize ncipal of this, kll rendered Uiid j' h merit d f» COUNTY TO UmE rt. of l.;.wre„^.e.!.. B. TEST, SOON tlon and have since exercised authority. It is understood th it Great BritaiUj was : willing to nltnqulsh 'as I Bdmiiiistratii-e control of tl ese concessions, retaining saftguirds to insure rigli.^lof her subjec sj Business has been resumed in the con- ie.>!,>'ioiis to some extent by fort-ign- ers. ; \>2iK Allen least half first prize IComest as talks, one- of ucatioiial Te: PAUL TO SI EAK AT TOtPICS CLl^B manager of jlhe Clark LuinWr •Mr. F. M. Paul lot al brancJj. of: t <•<».. will he the sp rent Topics , club Portland Hotel tohi lor a number of ber b)isine.s8 alor lio'nler and .dnrinf up a lot of first .-•iMut .Mexico am is ; of particular tiiive on account ( now Koing on bei the UnitedyStates f|hls subect tonidht and what. will have to say be of interest anfi I MINISTERS wu.-> on the siib- jeogrupli.v." B^ilh ! ;is- _by the la'rgi fs present, ison gave .-i liilk lis ; s" • In conferenc" Siitiirday at 'office of .1. ,11. .Merchr. Slate L stock .^aiiiliirv BRITISH! REGIMENT? IN SHANGHAI Shanghai, Feb. 14. (APl-l-A rcgi- roiiiitiiMsioner. K, Cwlii, ciitiiiiy auV-nt. was hoii- fic<l ijnat a ri-ie.-i of all herds in which' re;iciors wcr>> found in jtlu- rrccnt./'Oiiniy wide T. B. test, i)< to conslderecj a !''f '"'i'l** 1" th. .OU.-ity. ment each <tf Durham ai; cestfjrsliire thiops landed ilay ""and paracled through tfiie prln- cl|,al street.<i; Chiiiese crovfds lined the pimte of tl^e:march, the I was some hlijslng. ve- i The steanier Suiwo arrlv toy i bringing 170.'refiigees, the to till- h :iS lid prolitable gh aker at tlio C lueJ'tlnK ai This action is ll' line with ll'f Ipclicy cf the Slal-' 'jomintsslorter.< office, for by r 'cslij jr ,»!l herdj. iJU which liifei'iiou was; protection • .is affori owners in the county, .'In Ail'-ii (oiinty. wliicb compl.jt- {•t] th" miiiity wide t -st in l)e<-em- thcre were four, I !I7 reactVJis'i ans that 'a7 ound. fnrthor led * livestock ll (Sloii- lliere to- There 'd today jmajorlty of them . Ahtericau mlsr ionarles. f'oni. SzechWan province.' The Su­ iwo normally carrlse but 22 first class passenjgers.; Arrivals 6( ihi Siilwo Included Dr. .loseph Beechi prestdei t of the West C.hlna'Pnloii Unlve •stty -at ;fjhengtu. who described tie r«>cent ln< Idcnt at I ichuiig In w ilcli an NOW kii.iuU against all I forrtier ofw;»ney eefieral pr»» ««»'X permMefe Inju trial forjthe, - • -' ' • *^ ' es of j cons pi ^ t'niietl St ites of their unbiased fije a'gVeJnient. service.s. [Tjhe first trial ended Iti a disagreement. , MURDfiRfift GOES iogy of th a mages l>< It was ."jet f|>rjth by the cha -t ;red 29 shij>s for Fra lie, ha<l adv am had made •ate; I single excliirsion In 1 islory. .Tlie bill l.!iat it has tjie trip to edareil (Hat tl iMU and N 1 tour to: i< onventlon ijame iin^t ''second!time on charg- Uf these aiju daniges for reiultlnK ' ijracy to defraud the rf^g^ froin the il eged violation of' Ij^. (AP)—A.ssert- Ijig the flilaiicuii outlay otj from ^o jlfJou.ouo for jtrans- luoo persons ! to its ib Paris ha^ befen acts of George K. tlie Americain Le- ;ia|igu funds committee, ir lylvanla primaryj liiiimoneil Ittee iitj sanif d|eclin_ed Tli men be. JJ ill "leflusifig By 1 Insul uestiois^ before jtlle senate lally will o itempi 11. Roll L-V of I Schuyi! li to t *if fJhicag'i;). and lo appear h^f ore) that \ [xt Moiulav: iiuestioiis; which the • ut answer will ^gain / Bankin|r iegislatio-nj siflered'iii iJills toj •.•mend mea peiiliiig aiiti-cigarette ane inti^oduced by Y: n I)e Mark^. jovempr and .Mrs cf^ebratcj 27th wedd| ni versa ry. t Pill fl«K cer- the In­ jure re- • statute Senator Paulen iiug an- >ropouridi|il and if ihey persist j |lu answer they .be vil d to the s ve^-y nate apLlfSOON TO KELLOGG PEACE PLAN Canjtonesje To Announce ttitu^e Toward Plan For Exemption of Shahghai As Peace Zon4. ert K. .Prowe, slate's; jok c(>uuil>. aii^l ;U:iii- r. counsel for iDsull. .-tify as to coni|filiu- tioni jto and' tfxpendiiurcs by the t'roiej-Barreijt. or ••vgiilar Kepub- llcaii Su its sought to hijoih j "Jj*;-, . • y from advertis-i;Wi:lh;^lphia. name or pbrase- , oki and asklrig that prii^a ,toda age &i th! I leg asJeised. I \'arf, (legion ^ rigtt and tnat its.enible the ON HUN MANY ^;AS WELLS INl CHERRY VALE 1 p„rtiandi Mei Feb. iAP)— i I Henjamin H. Ti rner. convfci'ed last Cherryvali". Kan., Feb. 14.—Thir- friday oir fhe i lurder of James D. ty three' gaS wells within the .city ; Hallen. en ered the fourth day of a of Cherryvale supply one-iblrd <if: hunger slti ike t the gas consumed here for domes-; ransfer u the state prison at tic purpo.sek-^ according to a Trl- rhomastor^ whi re he 1? to ^erve a City Gas Company official. The; jfe lem^ ga« company pays 20 cents a thoU-i Turner ke I saiid feel fot the gas. | noon just befoiela jury found Jiim During the winter months the n.'',; feuilty. jsjnce'ihen he ha»i taken I Wells e.irn ;for .their owners, besides free ^as for home use. ap- pro-Kimatelyi ?1.2<t<) a mon^h. an average oX $35 per well. There Is no restrictibn as to drilling within the city liinits and new wells are being added!each year. During the past 12 months the number of wells , tt -Mexlcdn on the 'city from 11 to n.l. lines Ijas increase<l, refused to NEGRO TO TALK TODAY Michigan. REFUSES Umerican i^estroyer ihrex^tened to ho >'er,e !• a refu- ur..i:l)cr. there were toiiriil : ther.^n .'7 l;iids. which mej lueJ'tlnK al the r,;n .>i MIOS. WHICH means itia-. a, iglit. .Mr. Pliul.' herds niii.«t l>e r<,'tested. D. Sinip- liftore coming h^fce. iwas engaged I son of lola has Iven. directed , to make the retesi. and will start,th«r work as soon as the roads 'and weather permit. ; Cattle,owners can greatly assist and speed up the work by. having their cattle confined on the date specified, so that th4 inspectors are not delayed . more than is necesr sary. ears in the "Hmi- ; the .Mesiitan that time picked ^and information Mexicans ,wltich nterest at lib is f the.controversy on he [ween Mexico He will' talk will undoiibtfjdiy importance. BEHIND MISSION PRAYER At the Minister i Ing this morning a motion I passed to give t le ministers' dorsement : and* support to world widej day o)f prayer for sion.s March 4. w by the women's al Alliance ttjeet- was en- the inis- lich is condticted hiissionary sicle- itles of all churches. This ni'pve- nient has grown <iOnal movement world wide day b{ prayer. from an Intet-na- last year lb a UOY (JWIN IS BACK FKOM HANHAITAN MEET County Agent Ro.v Gwin. returned- Saturday night from '; Maphattan w^herc he attended! a (Farm and Home week mertidg bf different units of the County Farm Bureaus of the state. KOIRTFEV ATTOR\EV.S ..- IN AI.LKN COIMY NOW A list of .Alleiv county attorneys in fh'S .sheriff.s fjffice .shows there are fourteen lawyers practicing In the county .; Therei are twelve in. lola and two in Humboldt. fire on Chfiiese troops attempting |io coihmandee g"e ship. I . • Dr. Beech saiii the Chi lese soldiers hoarded the refugee ship atidl demanded that they be ta ten back up the rlv«Jr.' A detachiiieni of American sdldiers from thi destroyer Elcano attempted to flit them off. but.falled. : The commander of the lestroyer then trained his guns on he refugee .«hiR aiid declared h • would open fire unless tl» Chinese left it. which they idid. l.tgion, by act of biitton was ilatetit- plalntiff iwas glv- to use the rtlsed plans name. n. a|i- ;i.' SUurfc«l pott Six bell at t iaroi rtfill] ikow. Feb. 14. IAP)—Eugene i loreijirj minister Ha Chen Canti>uese' government. Associated Press today pectejl to issue a statemj DrganiJlution of Cook cauiity ithe suggestioi senatolriul primai-v at ^ihich;"^'-'O-.^^ L. Snliih defeai..,! .a.< lat«l•-h»^ ^ vaiigba, inteniatu iu tlie Fraik Sen ."^ .Sat It n riiittee not the that cam iniiiiir T^oinas W. cnOrt o(| r Wni.l B. r.McKinley. report to the senate av the'trampaign funds said Ve bet| last coin- Smith probalily could ;i proi H y c'ani SeUato l.Ul d> iind id{ c<ui^eining I affairf SIX for thr? told the hat he ex- lent shortly of Ameri- llogg that iiJual seltle- lln; zone of meiitibe 'exempted from war ictiviiiJis. Ch4n indicated that lie was absolutely opposed to the suggestion. n notiiinated withom ''^V'^':''"^ being Af ^teiitial | • material assistance to .\|ar5hal bun ef^nder; Ul n Ibelieved! j»-OHld jier- j ase troops iiport ok the or{;aaizatioa and . (.i,,,^, ,.fa„gi shanghai d s expejiditures theferor... be-I ^.^^ ^mderstt.od «iat Civ •r .subject tor senate I g^^^ a neutralization . , • , ' , jmit Marshal' Sun to reb Cunninghani. clerkotlj.^^ „^ ^^,1,^ , geiK.,-;;! se.-sion.s jat, ^g,.f,g ^tnvU,ve wa.-? th.- reculcuranti ^ j^.: i uv>- .<r.o,<)iin t<) Uie i laigii filinl of \Vti;.!s. -elcci frolif Pi.ljlisyl- clined lo disclose its answer -.iiiy qu.-sti(<!ns 1 is pt-isoiiil • riiKjiicial ; MINERS ARE i i fJNtOMBED TOE)AY j INCREASE IN CAR s HEPT INSURANCE Topeka. Kans.. Feb. W.. (AP)— An tncrejise iof approximatjely tbir- ly-fivj.. |i.-r |cent la th(|- ^lieft Jn! sural) The legipn now chargesj that |Iarsters.i»|phlch Has offices in Bos- wlYoifk. has advertised ... oini iile with thel Paris • L] ijSsliig th» emblep, the ' ' the Slogans ojt the /jiinerluui ^glujnj The leglop asks TRAPPEb MINERS - j NOT IN DANGER GER STRIKE He has|.i,,J, bnly two glassj s of water, ^ilept little j The m:J who boasted he had railed Hullenj 3.000 mile.i from Mexico (|:ity to exact a |)*'nalty for the allegeil sw niill^ of $S27. and jtvho freely owr eil tlo the killing of | for ;. Hiiiiilar wro|ig. has' talk EPISCOPAL CHURCH I MEiET QUIET TODAY ev. W diocese City. Ind.. Feb. 14 (.\P1 —Decliiring that he would die with "lips iiealed." .lames C Coyner. giant liegro convict serving a prison terni for grave robbery, re- fu-ed today to dLsdose anything concernltigj four human skulls founil ill a' IV>yul Oak. .Michigan, house; where he formerly lived. He-prevtpusly had admitted that rt-»kn iktivv he had liv.d in the house and It-B V^^ CiyiD J^.jOf *,- „ ; i: the skulls in hiK trunk there, hni!! : I >.VCATIO> >01V if. 0 ejrs of the Kansas ccnduc;«jd the retreat for )nea wliiU the Ht.^ Rev. Hdrry T. Moore Pf the Dallas diocese had charge of (the %<>nipu's retnjat. li today adopjtj'd a dellant attitude. , , , — -. : ! Dan (litild s ems to be tiking n, • JV. IP'PT layoff these da; s as Judge Smith of n)^^IT^/^^lJi AV'C Pro^ae C>,irt has issi no KjUULluLiti to riarryfoif several days. Paris. FJeb 11 (API—France's •rOI'NTl' reply to presldeit Coolidge's naval armamejnt mefnorandum will reject the proposed method of procedure. Itjis said In the best informed circles. . IXTAWIBliE TAX L.HV, is| BKi>(;iN(; PROTEST George Si?.vmour of th clerk's ofnije says peopld monstratlngi thei effort t> the' intangible tax law ind pre sendiiij^ in jpetitions to thbt effect county are re- revise to the state legi.slature. i RE(.'I-STKAR OF DEED.S (>FF1CE BUST TODAY .Mrs. Zellif Freeman, register of deeds, reports business 11 her of^ fide as qui^e lively. Tht re seems to be quite a Idt of recprc Ing to do in {the way Of deeds ahii o hej- legal Legislature On Making Poor Jack TO County went to ness. • i.*! last food Tjajjelton. Friday in 11^ noop the abo doa paiiiv men the tville. Pa-. Feb. If fAP)i— n(iiier:'iJ Cere <'iitornb''«l today a wn 1 of rock ami debris Uaveii Hun collleryi a Hazje- holdiii Ii is bellevedj thiey aliv-. although the resckie have :o far been: .unable |to y r<'sp puse lo their slgoalg. [workei n. the according toj whose Rlesbuvrs trough apped e I to clel t>^ pec and! I Dcc ir is pie to jail attendants. o.f water lloti H I^ati Fuii Hil wa Ka be I I Topeka, Kanh.i Feb. 14. jfAP)— tlevotloiialb foi both mea apd wo- inen marked | he "quiet day" ,of Hie KpisiJopal | bishop's (irusade I'oqventtori herlei today. The Rt. Kaijis^ da will of h Tesjcll 26 he chu! MQ I. Sul:. far in sen KTTOKX KY (iOEk : i^-XnS fl'ODAV Kenneth Foiistl City today ^n busl-: Attpriiey Is Intent Trouble fo^' Rabbits Topeka. Kan., Feb. 14. ](AiP)—J^ck rabbit.s; can't feel safe [in Kansas, de.'^pite thtj supi*erne court's decisiicn limiting the {payment of a bounty for their ears.! | Short, of Rawlin.s county, jtodaj-i intirodutiec! a biUJto permit coun|.ies to appropriate from theiij' ^eneriil funds ^or poisoning tlje rabbits. A bin to increase from $1.2001 to $2.400 ilhe'^ annual salary of the commanda It of the Kansa.s soldier's iiom > at Fort Dodge was offered by S cates of Ford county. The bill Would also gU-e fhe snr- geoq^at the honte a $3,600 salar)'. Clifford R, 'Hope, of Garden City, congressmkn-elect, who presided pre conjni (h- proH't peltiiji hoii !f bat^^ IIOUH' •a., Feb. H- lAPJ—Six j< etitpmbed this aftiL-r- taven Run colliery lazelhijook Coal Company s-yen are in redu \V. Ill of Injturanctj announced Th varlf duclii for and Ing t ce rates on aut^ntiobiles _be- efi'ecttve today i fire, rates on molo^ ed appfoxiinately Baker, -stale sup' adjii^tmeiil -in 1 In different clt'ij n of I'l per Cent L'hanut'^. Valeria, 'ar-sons. Increases In ihp other cltie.s, and rritory of the stat Cigarette Ad Newspapers By Senatoj I 'Mark ir i AmendiiHent. Topeka. .Atrjetidmeiits of th<! rette ms^ie heiaj th ' Kails.. law covering by Governo:j Iproveii in gen,! iheasure ' are Mining In lis A^ed jVaii Pe [His i-ont which; I to gtiard; live iills which w-ijirie toibb Intro^ 1 du<^ef in the senjije today by! Senat'jor Van i)e Maffc of (i;obcordia. | Van De Mark Would jr4ise Oia 1. ban igainst | cigar ejte axlvertifte-;:. meht.'j in neij-spapf rk j. j (ither chaniges ptoi«)s6d .Include: i Provision of a def niite date— i\x\y-. 1—;iof. repeal of tl present antf-" cigarette lawj and dor induguratioa. of hhe two |Ceni a Ipackjage sales' tax on cigarettes i oild by licensed dealers. The^cGukjn bJIfls to bo- coiiie| a law ^'on pi biicatioa In the staiule bookV; tint{ i)f f25|to $100 instead of imprisopAientj ^oj" one mototii to one year as penalty for selling; cigarettes « iniiiors; leas se^^erfe penaltv for -iblatipn of other pravisionsjlof tl ej law; The McfJugin bil ri-\es plenaltlea of 5li> to $1,000 fin -id .and: iacarcer-' ati|)n as long as th-t^e yeark ia. the stale penitentiary. jV'an : Efe Mark wo lid limit fiines taiSlOO-iand also priivide a thirty dav 'jail seateac'e. Lo^-er licen'se fe Th*! MctJugin bills b. U,UXV\-^ ivicGugin clga-' the bbuecUdns Pauleii whea- al and sigixed icorporjated la $11^ annual t<je in cities lass and |?3 fori retailers, provides for a firilt and secOjnd c in other wo tH elsfcwihere. ild' make the fe- • first: and sec'or d HOUSE PRElRARES •FOR MORE WORK Kansas, cprs were ! 2- jjer cent.'; riiiteiident Washingtoiij. Feb'14. ( licliiajiiiig finlul ui ta>n t AP)—Aa- Ml ah)> .Mc.Vary-Ha iijen firja relief. bill, Ihe house nil heft rates •A. A re- I was made \ llitahinson j [wtire made,i slirround- tjhe highest lit Kaniias City, aiioiinted to r cent4 miles from Sltenan- no inunodiuto dinger. officials lit the; com-; WAGE C0NFEF:ENCE i\ CENTRAli FIELD Miii joint liffices are here, [ire -shor iiinous . , , I ).vi before noon totjay to nieet ; tulKing with fhe;^j|^i, o'clock tomokrow morn- \ openii)gs too small for; | ' •lien t.j eravvl through.j -j-'he adjournment wals taken to! dUcial^ said Ihey ex-|ai]o,|. ,-omniiltees to pHepare work lie coiisideratlon ff the coa- ce. !.-.-••" e •jMilljer, pr€|sideilt |<is; Coal Dealers' Vsijociation, [Chosen! chairman 9! the joint ir the Sail of coal sOon i f„,. ring tile nierj out. The fall|^(vrp„ •ed in a gangwa.v arid jthere j jjj, ity of good air and no danger ding the place. L FyNE;RAL TO sas Ci eital ser\| W'.i. 'whl resideI s state lejd hertj Hill s City iVom Le herd y, Feb. 14. (AP)— . ices for Dr. Joseph H. ' '\ from l.'»"e toi! '"••'•"I t of each of thefthrte normal schools, will Tuesday afternoon, lied at his home, in unexpectedly yester- eart disease. Burial He was | a member ers C< [IS pas Miingot id Feb. II. ijtion olr the .McNary-Hiiugen relief lUl. us passed liy the, for i s companion measure 'lefore the hou.>ie was necom- l toddy by the house'rules ittee. • j ; H ^ iiug the plea of a'dvocate.>» off Fiiienan D! ioaliW' was ill! der wh ?n Fo k shi rt Jieir over th^ Kantas house tv ago. pUked up Ihe gavel day a^d liade a short his old fr "ends. Presewv ition bf ihe arigihal capitol baiiaing of Kansas, located on the nii|iti ry i^esdnration at Fort Riley.jxfa proptos^d by Langvardt. (Contloju ;d oa ^age 6, Number 1) ro years ;aiu to- leech to M.4 AR^ B BE TUESDAY llljn was (onf^rence. i THE WEATHER ; r -. i F(JRE( A.ST FOR KAV.skS:, -Un- faculoy of the Kansas | Stkte liege of Emporia for the time of his ideath or • of .-I .Methodist Febi[i for tjli er M 111 iu Ktinsas City. :Kanssi.s.i lat 7 \ i-xce ! .lam -HAUGEN LL GETS 0. I last f AP)— j '"'"'li for clen R. yest day dm ml. Flh..^ Fnb. 14.1 (.4lP)—The wake (ionference df operators •«ui\in miners of the central ' field, was | adjourned da.T.drafted a teiii ifriJKt'.ahi to follow It includes : a rt i exi)p'i ses of till* An to 'thj! (Jeiievlil arii bill for creation l search laboratory' trejesf and a coinpf; loiigsihoremenJ Thi> Swing-.lohDiJt yoh Ham biil^ wai jlriuse leaders hafs . ^ c'le!ar{ up a batch at|smaile|r urfs I before giving jthe legistatlTe right! of ai^'yj majprlblil. of the for $50 Van De Mark: 25 in: cities of class and $10 si committee to- |a^lve teglslativa its jwike. lutioiij tp par eticaaj ilelegatea siconl,<jr6nce: a ere of a fe- the ftiidy of tisatido law ifor 1 ioa Boulqer Q&U' Inot jdl^uased. H ddciaed , to STUDENT LEADER ' FLOGGEH) BYi Denver. Col.. F Rjllp afllai •d fonlcht itnd Tbe-idai^;: no ed cbiingc In teihi teratnre. Ftijr lola ^ml Vicinity: Unsettled ! fo.niriit apd 'Ttieiiday: n<i decided ciianbe in teniperMtDrei •••j-ather putlook lorlthle period, lary 14 to February j 19. 1927. e Upper Missis.sippi ^nd Low.. ssoiirij Valleys: >formal winter t|4mpt;ra;ture most of the week; probdbly oiie or two precipitation periii Is. Ttjiiperature. highesj yesterda.v, 46. u|tj 4 p. til.; lowest liijit night, 31, ill. Ih4 rules conTmitteiB ^iap- j p. li ci a jrifsolution which Wfiulil [ the will, substitution and (the \ X pass upon ,it when !de-( fair is elided on the pemUng i slip meas lire. TWO SCALDED IN \ ' TRAIN ACCIDENT 1 Santa to Pli Congrd of Ph.leni.x. iMOTHER GETS LIFEj FOR POISONING MAN be-nix. :!Arizi. FebJ 14. (AP)— E. McMurti^- was fat- and Engineer l3. lian- •ss seriously ."i-alded Fe train No. 4| Ash oniric heii husband, [oentx. was dtrailed" Si«^oce, last October. y befote midniKht lasii nipht.con S3 station; sLviy •ri e cou toda'chec .queijt tax I an<l Iff [will tul mock ty treasurer's office is ^ing lip onj the delin- sf on personal ppoperty ;n the list over td She,r- orao'rrow for collSec'tioin. miles , whi ifsTs XKARLY HEADY HAJLE IS DENI a. in.;! normal for today. 33; la yesti-rday. .10; excess since ry Isd. l!«r, degrees: this date year, highest. 4i; lowest. 2.f. •lpit:u|ion for th.- 24 hours a at 7 a. m. toda his ydaf to date. 1 Batschelet. K at Deliver vide-president of the Thinkers-As-;' so nation, today v aji confined to. .M<ircy Hospital fo| flJgging given hi fiv^e mask^^i^n. f.. 14. eader iq l|nivei-s prfesi'dent CI; . .06: total 1.4.-,; defl- Sojphomot-e class. told officers the ni eo told tlm they beat him becau's^e the ' association has arranged a de la^e on marriage belween Judge BtDjB. Lindaey o£ Denver and Dr. B iiiris Al | JenUna,' past or, of the Lf»l*iopd i BbuleTard tian church dfiKansas City. DEBATE TO BEi STAGJE^D FEB. 22 nkins, iSeivard Kansas City. v.'.Burris A. Jt. ; jLlhwood Bon I ch|urcl| here, has his' plans to c LInilsey, Denv t of': marriage regiilt of th» fl B^tshcelet. flre-p Assocla debate here toA^y, d :he knew; .ludi th sal Feb.|14. (A,^)—The Tlilnkers- y sinciS .lanuary IM. 0.61 iuch.i atlic Jiumtlify al 12 noon j k-duy, ilK per cent: 7 a. m. to-; ^ !•") peir ceiM; ba'oiiieter re:l to seja level. 29.fJr. inclies. rise.»j. T;l.'! a.-m(; set.s, .">:.'/9 Weijlher and Itiiads. cloudy exc-ept .-Vrikansas City, roads niuddy exc i-ry. nJiicliiiison. rbugh to.fair. pt Einporla. Georgetown. Del.. F, Frances Spence Mrs .sevtiij children, today ^asl ed casti p life ; imprisonment e 'county workhouBe fessed placing poisi>ni cider ' - • • • 'lr4nk. . and il her husband lied gtiilt.v nd degree. Y .VT'IEND ALLEN t'Ol'.NTY TEACHERS' e .Allei cobnty teacher-s ola; Senior High unlay w-a3,; well ktenld- fested. inj \ it the bu i< ing Sa ed 4iid mujch lateresCi man r [JTEET meet- fSchdol NEW TRIAL TODAY Kansas City. Feb. 14] (AP)— Ju<j^e John C. Police c jn federal couri herejtoday deni»d jhe application for] a new trial for W. K. Hale, convicted at Gi thrle, Dkla. for complicity in the thiirder of Henrj' Roitn, Osage Ihdiin. Hale's supplication Urasj based ion an affidavit of.John l(lanjsey. con- vicitia with: Hale, that the latter bad no part in the slaying. sik hours fia.4 a baji^it's Wiird for It,; Kansas City. Pel til ion iu banditr Who was robbe b. [14. f AP) njother of sentetic- ! in .NTew- for pois- .Cleveland Nli-fi. -Spence , Saturday- night bi d (of ISO by a n -glo. Thisj morri d t fntered his pi Tou're late fijiend." Jordan toj wlasj in ihere; Satu cteaped me jout. o|i me now. v •n\ take that 'd like to meet flatschel student' ty and 16wing a severe M last night by" let, also ipastor of .Christian jomde pp change biate Judge Ben; •4 |)nljlhe sub-" jFbbruarji- |22, as "ggi^g W iRalph •<jsident of Th»;. I6n, sppnsorlnir' Dr. JenklnaJ v^i Lfiidijey wefi. COMPETITION STIFF AMONGK.C jROp^BERS i. ii4. (AP)—Coin•' herei'fls.get^ns ice." J. v\]. Jor<li«'n7pdi |Itrydeal- djt wice n thirty. [Jhrdaii wia^ rob-'l lilte fc^kti. and a ing another ban- (•frlof tiuainess. jibout th,i8. mf; hira. ; ''A chap! day night and I've got only $7 said the mhn. lie giiy 'that beat BOY KILLS to murder in the i D le to this Job. C>mpetiUoa In thia hisiness Is gettit gi fierce; I'U b« fii^stlsome other £ a|urday,| thotigh.^ SELF FOR ^'AOyENTURE*^ Davenport, low, die will be i felorlpiis adren- •To tyrd"—thusi wrot npn! Jr., 14 year siudent, who was ^s -filled i^otim th inoiher. 'He -wrc^t^ Heftre opening a THIREE ARE Fi:i YIOIiATI peoree W. Candid b^h school iuhdjaead la hl9 .4 morning by hSS t|a a ilbngr Tetter iaas JetJ: ' Three arrests w tl-eek-end for drdinances. I One S5 for speeding $3 each for lay -t- ,|Feb.:14. (AP)- SD FOB XiOF TEAFFIO jte made oyer the vlo>atlpnj jof ! traffic drivert-W3S fined' aWU twoiiwere fined p if king.;

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