Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 18, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1898
Page 4
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p, •t To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account 1« military prinofl* an offender f« norae- thM* Wtttenced to carry cannon trail • frwn «w place lo another «IH{ pile th«m «i£ all d*yloflff. That I* all. Perhaps it doe* not J*e« very terrible but it noon wear* hi* lift oat Jt I* practically a death Mntence. fad he known it; be would rath«r be abot. Maa/l rick man fteU the Mm* way about UM burden or ditease that he in fugging hack and forth from dajr lo day. He would **Mon be down with a mortal di*nu«. /t will come to that nooncr ot later. A tnan'i life can f»e dragged out by dymejnia «nd liver complaint. Tlie experience of Mr. J. T. Cardwell, of Pall Creek Depot, PitUylranU Co,. V»,, »hf«cii fcow Dr. Pjerce'a Golden Medical TMacov «T. M»eg^|*oi>le ,ftom consumplioa f»y waking, up Uwir fljlltrfjive organism and READY FOR SEA DUTY tNQLANO'8 COAST GUARD THE BACK- BONf OF HER NAVAL RESERVE. Th« All of nlelierii Alnn« (he Dliure Are I'»p»rlrnr«-«l Halliiro «nH Are tlilr of Mnnnlnic a Fl^ri In Cn«« l > P ure , »"«Uhy out Mood potnorniand ite« *nd btiiUU op nound, whole- avxtie fle«h and muscle. «JI * 'f 1 ft ""f <l«"y," writes Mr. Car.lwetl In n letter to Or. Plerer. '• to write ymi of Ihr lasting DenefiU derived frcmi (he UPW of Dr. I'lrrrf* Golden Mttlk*! I>l«cor*ry and Hide ' Ivllfrtn.' •ewj y«r» aKn I eomrnctr.! 9 ntvrn- c'jli], Which baffled the .till of one of lli» be»l phy- •kUrn In my nute. It r»n on »«<! I cwnilou- Jlly Kjew worw until 1 conclu<l«l to wrll« lo the 'World'j »l»p*n«<iry Mf.lica! AMw-L-iiion. 1 The aniwer to rny Inquiry n.lvlwd me io line 'Oolden Medjdii MfWty • »nd ' p c }lrtt' for ladjgntlon fM ««rr fcmriptalnl i at thin time two monllt»V&ii| ipuitMf <f a twaot , hw ,)„„, •fter I hnil oommtn«<l (he utu-. of y<«ir m«ll- due my cough Jurt nilliTlr m»ftpedf ray .liar*«on wan btlTer, my ItnrnftfHMriven nwny iind J mt new lift »ml vljfor in my whole Iwly " raarvolouii .", IM*cpv«!ry" m»kff!i ri*(«e<} ixmrpr. Itl» far y emulnlons^ it doe<i,not t, it doc» not Incrcote the better than »ll Wake flabby fa, Weight of corpulent people. "Onll oat th« coast gnnrr) '." Hocli an order tmnnn (lint eipoot* to do ivima *erioo* »<-» t and it, U only given when war unavoidable, Kvijry mile of Kuglnnd'i! coast in pa- trollod, nlftbt nnd day, by tho (faards. Tbnir Ultle whitewashed ntationii ate dotted all along the. rhino from Land's End (fast through tho ehunnel, north •long tbo North ri-a and fiottth airing tbe Irish Mm back to Land'* Kiid again. There ere several thousands of them) •ooait Kmirdn, and they form the backbone nl England'H naval rnccrve. Kycry tntat Jock nl thorn in n» manh a sailor at the men who rail ICiiKlnud'^ shipx ovfcr the big wiil,crn, ntid each mm in hound to report for m-u duty when thn call com««. U«ek nl tho crmat «unrd are tbo naval votcrnuK, j/tuHioncru nnd ruMrntt sea dogn, who aro ready to «top in an Biilintltuto coant KUarda , In (-hlB purely IJritlnli InittUntlon Hen mooh of tbe tfmetvn ulreniftli of Eug- larjrl'H uitvy. Tho admiralty ban hat to give tho word and nmn ntioDfih to man a flw*t—trained, experienced men, too— iprinK forward, Tho KnKlixb coast «uard diffiira OKNCD- tlally ffom our lifo Huvin« msrvlco. Oar life flavur« luivci nnthiriK to do with tbn nary. Mont fit ehem know nothing at nil about waiHhlpn, and tholr organization if) not a thorough one, for the crows of tho viiriou» fltBtlon* aro gonerally din- baoded during tho inmrnor. More than a cootury OKO Evgland'n couBtgnard wan KHtabliHbcKl. It wan then known an tha provcnllvo «orvico or rtv- enuo count gaatd. In thosodnyu tbo chfof doty of (lie guard* wan to pravooMtuag- Women Shoo Id Know It. Many women anffer oniold »gony and mi«ery b«caa*a tbe natare of their di»ea*e in not correctly understood. Tbe)' have heed led to bfelieve that womb ironble or fem*le weak- new of some (tort la retponrMe for thn many illfl that beset womankind. Neuralgia, nervoaaneM, headache, puffy or dark circles tinder tbe eye*, rheamatiim. • dragging pain Or doll ache in tbe back, weakden* or bearing-down Bennation, profuneor scaity supply of urine with /rtrong odor, frequent desire to paw H. with Bcald- ing or burning sensation, nedlment in It after standing in bottle or common glBftft for twenty four hoar». arefilRnn of kidney and bladder trouble. The above symptoms are often at- trlouted by tbe patient ner»«-lf or by her pbyclclao to female weakness or womb troubln. Hence, so many fall to obtain relief, becan*e they aro treating, not tbe disease Itself, but a reflection of the primary cause, wblcb ig kidney trouble. In fact, women a« well a« men are made miserable wltb klduey and bladder trouble and both nee J tho flame remedy. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root l« the great discovery of tbe eminent kid- nny and bladder specialists, and ID cany to Ret at any drag store for 00? or 41. To prove H» wonderfol merit* you may have a samplo bottle and book telling all about it, botb sent abso- (ntoly free by mall. Kindly mention the Tjsi'KuitAi'ii and send your address to Dr. Kilmer & (Jo., Blngbam- ton, N. Y. NEED JHiiFNAVY. Senator Ledge Says We Protect Our Trade. Must "OPK> I)OOK" IS THE EAST. •prtMDtlDf to Firn-al»«i n nr- not ' oornor 8th tai Albr „_ . ____ 2 dwelling*. ' A 4-room dwelling on Etttaa itreot bat, lOtn WdlUbiU. LotttxiaOtoet. PricolW. th* r«ld<moe of Oeo. Klrioh on • room* sad taut room; In good repair. lO-room rotldoncn of B. 11. Nlobote on n «t. Lot 70x170 feet, A fine location. S- room dwelling (nearly new) with bath by (urnaoe; In Middletown. Th» flue lot of Dirld Doyle on Bluff *tr**t < WWii-rocm briok dwelling. jn»3. M. Ton«or hcmerte tt jurat One 10 room dwelling; fruit of ill kind. efimmfl n»3. M. Ton«or hcmertetd containing about jurat One 10 room dwelling efimmflne lot* o» Bluff ttreot wltb brick pay tat tM »»wer i no grading, In T. L. PouUU add Aflne S-room brlok dwelllnf, heated wlUi {tun. Lot iaoil»feet| flue fruit i half biooli WWB Henry itreet, t; A deelrable retldenoe on Proipeot ahreet wltb TrooiM. Heatn wltb furnace. Lot W fat on A fine property on tbonortb ilde ot Bootrad of the flawt looatlon In Middle AltCn dwelling with about IU acre* ot e fruit ana laade treei, 1 block* rlfne In Upper Alton. J°nnelotion Be'lle itreet between lltn story brlok alere and dwelllnf and a orrbrlok dwelling oo tame lot corner of I Tine at*. A good InTeitment. " lot* on 4th itteet near Mr. OariUng of Mr. R, Oaritaag,' lern ImproTemonU. room brlok dwelling', «ll 4 to to Highland Park, eaob TO br about 'room dwelling OHfetate Itreet. Mot I good »• room no.ftne lots on able brtok eta, one 01 7-rooia itreoti dwelling, oorner Tl if the flneeUooatlpni dwelling) good lot room dwtlllag in Upper Alton, good irner TUra ao« InAltot and Dm "AV oeUar, .. Lo otter dolrable prop*rtr noi dwelliaj on 'William , ___ . , loarrlagabouj.. Lot H U*t front. i or nor, o Lodge, In Huot and r AI?rix2?dw»Ulngwltl> I good fota on Fltti of nidg* atrset. Prtoe. 11.900. oom brtok dwelling with 1 louon lroondwalllBf with On* rlrerTlMi, by hot water. FOR RENT. Tfe* two atcrr brlok dwelling wltb B roome.on Btlmiew aieoue now occupied bjrj. MoulUra. At-room dwelling on Srd atreet with batb rOOB wltk modem niturea. ••w *U>re roota and two f-room tenament* WM bait room | tad atreet near Cborrr Tba L, J. CUweon homeaUiad In Upper Alton 10 room*, barn and garden, now .ocoupled x, Oeo. MTU, Foaaeaaion xlren br Julr 1. REAL, B3TATJE, WAN AGENT |BOOM », P. 0. BU1LDINO. ffaw; S. mlle«"aauUt of Brighton, '" atlon, ooe-bMf good future, iweUlng near e' lot on Ml eait cult/raton, one- (trot fout of Twelfth streo ing No. M llWO. Lot»JtJ». OoodatrMt nouae and another «., all on onelqt IB good looatlon wn. Rent* (or 1*8 per month: ro»ldeno# on State tUe«t on tfDfk *fr«*t betwten the r R, R. track*, suitable for manufacturing purposes. i east ilde of. Alton street, bet. Jersey oounty, halt mils by rail 1 or rlrer. y, oornerind ran, UAttntOWD Oksrrr its A TYl'lCAI, KMOUBII COAST UIMHO. gling. I'ruvont HinuKKling they con Id not, but thoy tried, uud thus kept reasonably huay. In 18C4 an not \VUH pmmod composing all men undfir tho cnBtoniB to servo lu tha navy, also all noufiirlng moii In tho Hcrvlcu of dtipurtmoutH uf tho Htato to Korvo afloat If called out. Up to 18(50 tho count gourd WON oudor tho cuwtoms for provoiitlvo Dorvioo, but on July 20 in that year uu act WHO punned for the better defense pf tbo ooautH of the realm and tho rnoro ready maiming of the navy in CUHO of war or auddoij. cnier- Kenoy, OH woll an for tbo proteotion of bor majiiHty'o ruvonuo, uud it wan tokou over by tho admiralty. With tho advance of tho free trade movronent tha duty on laoo aud sllku woa roduood to a moru nomiual gum, and now tbe only artivloN that are worth gmuKtfliug aio tobacco and spirits. Owing to tha duel 1 no of iiinu){gling thoro •wan« corroiipondiug ruduution in tfao vurlouHcount guard Htutlonti.ttud so great are tbe ehatiKtiu which have from tima totlmo taken plaeo that it would aliuont MODI that the very character of the coast guard (service hun ohungod alno, for, instead of HH tnlu object being tho protection of tbo rovonuo, it now bun other and variod dutlcm to perform. Thu tiuonnouH dovolopmout of thu «hipping industry ncooHHitiiteH uu InoroiiHud mnount of viglluncoull along liugl'iiid'a Kliorui, 10 that iu on no of colllHloti i>t other dlsuHtor help muy noon bo at hand. Tho oou»t guard are a lino body of won, well dlcoiplltied, of duo phyaiqne, and, generally npuakiog, iu the prime of lifo. UueidoH the regular patrol doty which our lifo HUVOIH do tiio KngliHh ouuHt guard i* not allowed to forgut tliut ho in ntlll a part of tho navy. Otico oaoh year ha wuHt go to wft, either for n two wookH 1 drill or ou a rnouth'tt eruiuo. Uo liruab- 01 up his kiiowlodgo of tho handling uud firing of big guiui aud regains bin sou log). Ou shore 1m drills regularly with cutluHH, rillo uud piutol, aud ouo day each week ho KQGN Uirough u sigunl drill, for tbo coast guard men aro tho oyeiiof the admiralty, und lire trained to detect BU enemy'* «hlp and IWM along the word nil well an tonight u wreck and •oud for a»slstuuoa Kvory district IIHH n «uul>uut and a oruUiug uuttur attaabud. Tbe cuttors •re cliiedy employed uu tbu touthoatt- «ru oonKt iu preventing tho Frouch flub- ilig bowls fcuji) fiMtlH wjthiu thu throe iiille limit. Thin keeps tho coast guurda iu good lighting trim uud nmkos them eager for son duty when warulouds lower, ON tuoy do ju«t uow. B. OAIIAN. •lip Senator i'olnl* \n 1\i\* Conntr/'j* Hwwptnif C'nmitittiifl of tlin I^rltic ami l)e«t)itrf-H A Niiprftion Kd-UKffle IK Coming —No Commerce at t!io Cnnnon'n Moutti, but American* Mint Itf Pruti-vlvtl \Vttfr. • v(?r Ki'tc^lll-il lu Trmle. UoHton, Nov. 18.—Henator an luMrcj-B at Hie Boston Hhoe C'lub'iT liatmuet nald: "I cornc now to what I think tin.- Kuvernmrrnt ou«ht lo 'do. The ffn-tm ut the KitK\\*h-Pi>'tnklnK rar-p, wl^ihns carried It all over the world and marti? It the great InduHtrial arid••coirimcrc iiil rii-d(il« ut the earth today, han been due to tho principal of tii-ir-lit-ljj. Bui thu-i- ure ci-rttiln UiiiiKx which the spirit of Arni-rlniri i-nti-uirlDif mu»t look to tin- (fovcriimi-nl to (Jo. v'ou cnnnot expect men t» carry your products and to ex- tt-iid your trud(? by cHtuhliHlilnr? them- w Iviw In ill.«iuul |,orllon« of the earth uiili-K» yon have a ntwi-rnmenl that in ready to iiroteol them at all tlmea anil tit ull hu'/.ardH. I'rotc^tlnti fttf Am "\v> wiint. n(» f.'ominereff ut the can- nori'H mouth, hut we do want It umler- Htucicl that win-revel- an Anierlcaii IH i-iiK»K"il In hiiHliieHH there he l» lu hi! ;iroteeti»d, and tluit there IH « navy of the I'lilled Stnt'-H hitf enoiiKh to KUiird him ivh<.',rt'Ver he Heew lit lo gtt. 'J'hf.Te. fore, I nay that we need a lurge navy us a protection to commerce on the neiiH uu well an an Inii'l. The qucHtlon that ciinfrontH UH IH a larK'T one than what we Bhull do with tin; Philippine)!. They Hny we are not un e.'iHtern power unie.HH we hojd fli'-Ke iHlauiifi, \V r e are toddy the Kn'iitcHt power In the I'at-HIc Oieiin. We hold one entire uhlc of that oicjin excel'l the outlet which England him In (,'uniidn. \Ve hold the hulf-way IniUHi; lii Honolulu, where all ships must stop when the Nicaragua canal IH built, us It will he. Are we Kiting to iillow the ports of the e4|§ lo hu closed tn UH lind open to Kusulu, France and (lenuany til one? Or an- we wins "> (iturid up und siiy, with Knglund and Jnpiin, Ihr ports of China must he cloned to alt or they muBt he open to ull? Will Don Struggle. "It IB KolnK to be a struggle, In my Jud(,-enM-iit, between the maritime nations und the non-murltlmu nations. It Is KoliiK to be a struggle to nee whether tin- r» w 'l>lo who siK-tik the KnKllDh tongue are to go to the wall, or whether they are to have their Dharc: In (he commerce of the earth wherever they lly their Hag. I believe the United Staleu Is entitled to Uu share of the world's commerce. J do not believe that wo should be shut out from It, and I do not think thut there IH thn leant danger of war anywhere If we jire far-«l({hled enough to make U known to Ihe world just wlmt we want and JiiHt what we Intend to do. I,et our government have wisdom In its foreign jiolli-y und IU treatment of our men-hunt marine, and the (jenlUB of AlnerlMfn Invention and enterprise will do the real." MUHT ox MntnKR or A riiiLD. Yrjnnjc tiny* Arrn«f<I of f'ttmmlHIng tht Cttuir !i]r it flarmttf. Munclc. InO.. Nov. 1«. The mynttry nf the murdiyr nl llttl" Andrew Bode- mlUpr, I, y-an oid. «ho«e l>odjr was found )iurl<-'! (n a box. nan partially and bin 7-yar-old 1>r<ilh"r Holw-rt told the r">!l<'«" thai !•>. d, th«' 10-yi-ar-old =on ut Th'ifmn C. ')!and. a ualoon- V»f\i't. had killed lh«- boy. Thr- two boys direct'"] the officer)! to the p/ace where (h^-y Kuid the phootlng was done and pointed to the place wh<T> »a« vcured the liox In which the l»or^) r uap cramped -whr-n found In the cravfl pit. The Dland boy mads a d'-nlr.l. but it|«t«d thiit If the offlcf-ra •wouirl brine h's mother he would tell all .-il«mt the cafe. 7n her presence ho faid he had shot at a rAbblt and killed the boy; Ihnt the body fell In the- box and that the box lolled oveiwlhe bank Into the grave! pit, where It was found. I.nt>-r the bo> denied this statement nnd p.nid (hat he had not Hf-n th** murdered child. In Ihe ri,nfcwt|on he broke down fwice. but regained composure and told seven,! utorles. The olficers are ntetrnpilriK t" get a further con- feB»lon from him. llfurlng l*otitpone<l. C'llumbtiK, O.. Nov. ]S.-The hcarlncr of the contempt proceedings against Ihe Hurkeye I'ipi- Line company was postponed until Nov. 2.", by the Ohio supreme court on application of Hon. \'iri<II V. Kline, attorney for the defend". The d'day was granted on the KrnuRilH that Atfifney General Monnett had not properly (lied his motion for the hearing. It was ordered that a copy of all testimony taken In the trust Investigation. iHith here nnd In New York, be furnished the court. ,,- .f.-.rnf*)' sH'-rlaiuf Killed. NttPhvllk-, Term., Nov. IS.—Jockey D<-1 Sherlnnd. who was under contract to the Canadian millionaire, J. K. Seagram, has ridden his last race. In the mile event at Cumberland park he had the mount on Red Monk. The field was large and In a joHtle for position Just after the start lied Monk was knocked down by fjunst. Sherland fell under him and two hordes paused over the boy. When picked up .Hherland was suffering, from Internal hemorrhages an<5*tt fraotured skull. He lingered until 7 o'clock, when he died. Ul» home wns at LaFa.vette. Ind. ' • Mluflig Man Tui-n» Up, Philadelphia, Nov. 18.—William It. Frazer, grand marshal of the Pennsylvania grand lodge of Masons, who mysteriously disappeared a week ago, has reported at the ofllce of The Keystone, u Masonic monthly Journal, of which he IH editor. lie refuses to say anything about hiH fib*icnee from home und office. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cared by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer hecauwo tufa great remedy can care them all. It IB a care for tbe whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion, Tbe cure begins with tbe first dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have Buffered, your cure is certain under the nse of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wyes. The worst cold I ever bad In my life woo cured by Chamberlain's dough Komedy," says W. H Norton, of Butter Greek, Oal. "This cold left me with a cough and I was expector- atigg all the time. Tbe remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when ronbled with a congb or cold to nse t, for it will do them good." E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyas. What Shall Be'Done FOK THE DELICATE QIRL You have tried iron and other tonic*. But she keeps pale and thin. Her sallow complexion vrortien you. Perhaps she has a little hacking cough also. Her head aches} andshe cannot study. Give her scoit's Dmilslon The oil will feed her wasting: body > the glycerine will soothe her cough, and the hypophos- phHes will give new power and vigor to her nerves and brain. » Never say you "cannot take cod-liver oil" until you have tried Scott's Emulsion. You will be obliged to change your opinion at once. Children especially become very fond of it; and infants do not know when it is added to their food. S<x. and f i.oo ; ill d/ugjfau. SCOTT & BOWKE, ChtmlsU, NVw York. Illloolii Odlt FfilotT.. Springfield, Ills., Novr 18.—At the grand lodge of Illinois Odd Fellows JI. P. Berry of Carthage wa* elected grand master without opposition. L. It. McKlnley of Ottawa was elected grand master on first ballot, receiving 538 votes to 239 for J. W.' YnntlH of Hhelbyvlllc. J. R. Kewley of Chicago wa» electc-d grand warden on the first ballot, receiving .583 volts to 158 votes for William H. Humphrey of Chicago, and 155 for the Hev. fi. A. -Lucas ol Chicago. w Seventy PerKomi Drowned. Vancouver, B. C., Nov. 18.—Advices by the steamKhlp Empress of China tell of a terrible dlsauter In an Inland sea c>n Octe 25, when the Bteamer Kinnhlu- Maru came Into collision with the steamer MyagffWa-Maru oft* Tahami. Dlnklng the latter In three minutes. It la reported that 130 personK^vere saved, but seventy w&re drowned. So strong was the Impact that the captain, who was on the bridge, was thrown Into the cea. National 3'unfrlpal League. Philadelphia, Nov. IS.—The,National Municipal league will hold the next conference for guod city government In In- dlanopollw on Nov. 30, Dec. 1 und 2. The executive committee of the league selected Indianapolis through the Invitation of the Commercial club of that city, whose guef?t the league will be. At the coming meeting the committee on municipal programme will make its report. SEE A PHAXTOM SHIP. Rt<«Mrn« of « CMi-dg-o Snfjnrij Tell • Chicago, Nov. ]».—KcputaMc cltlzvns of tlogerF Park Bny a i>h»ntom ship IB rrnWns the wafers of Lake Michigan off the north shore of Chicago. In B blaze of ghostly white light It glides over the wftveK, while specter forms move about Us 'loch or wave their arms* from Ihe rigging. Pnearlhly Bounds com? arri.'SH the water to U.e shore. At » o'clock at night lh» ghogtly thing madp UK fir»! appearance. The night was »lark and the lake calm. Suddenly a bright llsht sprang from the darkness uliout a mile east off Devon av- enuo. It wan dazzling In Its Intensity, and thus" \vho gnzed upon It were startled. Tiny made nothing out of It at first, but as they watched It resnlve.l Huelf Into the form of n schooner, with Its bow toward the lard and all irillBset. The vessel rno<V'l with swiftness, and as It ni'proari^ the shore figures of men were sfen m ,vlng about the deck, kike the pchr;onor Itself, the sailors were ghostly. Wh»n the vessel seemed about to run upon the sands It suddenly (aeked and pped away lo (he southwest. A white figure at the top of the forward mast waved Its hand toward the shore and Instantly the ship vanished, leaving the lake dark as night. Then over the Ftretch of water Ihere came a wall that pent a thrill of terror through thoB? who heard It. At least twenty witnesses are ready to swear they saw these terrifying things. They are not fuperetitfoun folks, but they saw tho Rtraripe thing come and go like a ghost, and furthermore the specter schooner was seen a dozen times later In the night by the fishermen further to the southward. They bel eve H Is the ghost of the schooner Thai u'hich was lost with all hands a week ago. J'iro nl Port' moulln O. Portsmouth, O., Nov. 18.—Fire at 2 a. m. destroyed Dice's livery stables, Fnrmera' hotel, and Frlck'a llourlng mill and residence. The loss will probably reach $70,000. partly insured. BoUed A startling Incident of wblob Air. Johu Oliver, of Pbllldelpbla, WM the subject, la narrated by mat RB follows: "I waa In a woit drendful condition. My akin wag almoat yeljow, syei sunken, tongue coated, pill) continually la back and «lde«, no appetite— gradually growing weaker day by day, Three physicians bad given me up. Fortunately, a friend advised trying "Electric Bitters," and to mygrwrt joy «ud surprlae, tbe flrst bottle made a decided improvement. I ooutluued their use for three weelcs|aud Am now wall njftn, I know they laved my robbed the, crave of another ' one should fall to tr Mf per bpttje at drag *tore. JiKlffinnnl fiw *I7,I)AU,10*. HI. IxmlB, Nov. 18.—The largest Judgment ever entered In the United States diHlrlrl court here has been handed down by Judge AduniH, The cose wa» that uf the Moreantlle Trust company of New York, trustee for bondholders, »«aln»t th» HI. l,ouls and San Prun- clsco Hallway company. The amount WUB J17,fl&9,lii:>. The entry was purely n formal mutter, It being simply a de- llcleiiey Judgment und wan merely to complete I«BU! proceedings l n the sale of the road. The 'Krlueo road was sold at auetlon over twu yeurB ago under a foreclosure sale, nnd the amount of the Judgment IH the difference belween Ilia proceed)) of thu wile and the face voliieof the bonds, held by the foruclosliiK parties. I'UKli Will Conlfnt the Kluclluu. I.oiiluvllle, Ky., Nov. 18.~-Tho. race for congrcDH In the Ninth Kentucky district between Samuel J. 1'ugh, the Uu- publican Incumbent, r.nd Monleral WHIIains, iJeniocjdl, hus been decided In favor uf the latter, who won by the narrow margin of eight vutes. The Tlrnckun (diinty election coiiunlssloneiB threw out the vote of llerlln precinct, which had given 1'uBh twenty majorlly. The ground for throwing out the precinct Is that the olllccrs closed the precinct and wvut tu dinner. 1'ugh will make u contest uver this and curry the Jimltcr to roiifi'cMH If tnn:i'nnuty. .IiVmes J,~jIiiriiT iTrbeiTn work at imeu on his new Ilrlllsli Columbia, railroad from Honnei-'B Kerry, Idaho, to Nelson. Rtmark&blc Rucut. Mrs. Mlcb.A«il Ourtaln, PlainQeH, III., inakgs I bo statement tbat she caught oold, wblob settled on her luugs; sue was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew worse. He told her she was a helpless victim of oooHumpLlon and uo medlolue could cure her. Her druggist unggeeted Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption i she bought a bottle and to found herself Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom yon know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or coogb. Foley'a Honey and Tar, a safe uoro and pleasant congb medicine, wonld have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by E. Harsh and S. H. WJBS. Quit uoughlng is easy enough, if you take Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Heney. It cuts the mucus and allays the inflammation so that there is no inclination to oougb. It aootbea tbe bronchlals, and is strengthening to tbe throat and lungs. All good druggists sell it. You Can't Alford to Chance It. A heavy oold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foley's Honey nod Tar taken ia time affords perfect security from aerlous results. Sold by E. Marsh and S, H. Wyss. CROUP Mothers, when yocr children are attacked by the dreadful cronp, you need not despair: Dr. John W. Bolt's Cough Syrup will reUeve and core this diseaae at once. You can always depend on this marvelous remedy; it never fails to cure. For whooping- cough and meaele-cough It la the best remedy to the land. Children like ft. Cough Syrup Will cure Croup without fail. Doses are small a ail pleasant to take. Doctora recoiuniend it. Price aj cU. At all drugguu. Granny" Metcalfe. "I km 87 ft*r* old, and b»Te m«l tbovt ftt) ot tb» m«b and loan reraedt«» that ha*« beeo wld dortni 17 lira; and for the benefit uf theiufferlnj I will ta/ fi*t I bare ncrer u»«d an/ Htoe^y equal to OK. HKLL** 'IMK Tik-lluKBr. Itglret quick and permaotnt re- iff lo grippe, a* wc-lf aj oib«r cough*. IP* k*#p It to our honw all lb<- time, and would not be without It. Mca. u. A. Uncitn, 120 South ith St., PaJocaS, I/. DR. BELL'S Pine-Tar- Is sold by nil rtniggisin or sent upon receipt f fi\ix-i'K., Ouc. aiicl |1 per twttleb/ Til* K. K. &alliFrUii<i Hedlclni C«., Fwluth, Vj. CASTORIA V<»ill^H«mM . ' - . . < , , The Klfld You Have Always Bought, and which has been in use for over 3O years, has borne tho signature .of , and 1ms boon made under m» |»er- sonnl supervision since Its Infancy. **M Allow no one to deceive you In' this. All Connterfelts, Imitations and Substitute* are but Kx- peiimonts that trifle with and endanger the health of Iiifanta and Children—Experience agauist E*|K>rlineut. What is CASTOR1A Castoria Is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregwrte, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its ago is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Fcvcrlshncss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The "Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend. ^ ^ GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAtS Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always BougKt 'T*re«»rr«iiit eamrun. TT HUKH«Y »Tiicrr. m<« vein* cm. I •0*0*. HENRY J. KLUNK, $100. Dr. B, Detcbon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests tbe trouble at once. 91. Sold by SI H. WysB. Druggist, 852 Second st/eet, Alton, 111. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for nasal catarrh and cold In tbe bead. Thia distinction has been achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of tbe membrane in tbe nasal passages can be cured by this purifyine and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brothers, 66 Warren street, New York. It spreads over tbe membrane, Is absorbed and relief ia immediate. MADE ME A MAN —- AJAX TABLETS posmvetr CUBE • - * tfmSSt mMCMM-EVrtllm M«m. Fors;alo br B. M in and B, H, Wyu. WSUNE~HO SKIPPERS. £0 HpIJB »lljAT. j( Bo»,iraOTiBh I Vn«N*l£?Oi>.. > u'lUwUr'l!'... < tl. Y.' r dellgbt . _ _ .. from the Uracdoae. benellted Sbe continued Ha u»e and after taking fix bottlo*, found bewelf»ouud and well, now doe* her own homework and ii M well aa rhe ever was. Free trial bottlet of tbio Great Dl*oovery at B. Mar»D'i dray store, large bottles 60o and |1, I'ufn liiw luiabaw wltb 1'r. HIM Pulu 1'llla. When You Take Cold nothing comes in so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine Tar-Honey. Good for children, good for everybody, A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a oougb, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble, 25o at up- iH-dato drug utoroe. ~ t I1IU thelSfioT. ~ When flufferlng from a severe cold and your throat and longs feel sore, take a dose off iFoley'a Honey and Tar, when m the soreness will be at once w r e 11 e v e d, a warm, grateful' [feeling and healing ot tbe purtei affected will be experienced and you will say: "It feels so good. It bite tbe spot " It Is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and B. If. Wyss. * Inflammation Kheumnusm Cured In 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., anys: "My wife bod jnflumniatory rhetimatiam in every muscle and joint, I her miffering WOH terrible and bar uody and face were swollen almost beyond recognition j had boon In bed for six week» and bad elvut pliyalclaiu, but received uo beneilt until she tried the Mystic Ouro for rhounuiUuni. It gave Immediate relief and she wan able to walk about In three days. I am sure it aaved her'ife.» Bold by It, We Chamberlain, ttruggtot, Alton. ft Chlchwfen rnigflaii tontmww^ 0ra*4> PENNYROYAL PILLS ~ mab« v«f(tn*, wrtol- tic aab cloth ca*lut». tf urial robM gciiiilemtn onl> c^tttmeu. 16O9. U. S. MXON, Architect, and Superintendent FlanB]]and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICE:OVES .Butcher and Packer Aa44aalwl«flrea«a»4 Salt IMa W lar*. aa4 mu t ALTON UtBiSTSBOHW ALTON ILL f>ANO I sundry Work MUNDRY. Carefully and Promptly Done. Alao bttt of T«M and Chloeae NoTeltlai 01 ' .. . ' . • hand. U4 But Secoad at. . 306 State H Edmund H. Blair. Real Eftate apd lunraace Atent. MONEY TO LOAi*. Public. OVFICB XX Market at fiioiic. OTM AltonRy. a ni'gCo. WM ARMSTRONQ. Cement, LJrne and Wall Piaster MoMto mt«t oompetltlon. Gooda da- tHKtt. • •IfphoiM M. Ofllca 107 Weat Second I' Street Chicago 4 Alton. On and after noon Aag, it, 1889, InUiuwUl leave Union Depot, Alton, as r For Peorla—^8:47s'ni, *W:05 p m. t«f»V£ n8 W y a, ttna the *!»"r' 8: «"»,• *D»lIy. tErcept Sunday. >'•'•' '"••-•• f See Joint C. & A. and Big Pour time table tor train* between Alton and St. Louis.) CJ 11.01 Between Alton & St. LouU.•;" LT. Alton ForSt. Louis, Ar. it. L !ii«is=jg ..... c O Vt DID 4 1 Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. Offlo, COR .THIRD AND PIABA BTi , ALTON It) f)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFIUB m M'Plke Hu!!dmg. Cor. and and £*sion tli. Pdonei 138 •nd 171. T. M, JLONQ Civil Engineer and Surveyor Protllei and Batlmafo Purolahed. Belle Stnot, Up Stalra. P. SCHUSSLER.M.O hOMEOPATHlST and SURGEON OFTICIIUMO RBB'PMGB, IIOTBL If AP!8O> TelePticate UO firs. B. C, ** H. /?. Leaien UPPER ALTON, ILL. OrriOK HOUK8: t w t a.ut II to 1,1 to I TBLBPHONB 87. THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN-— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY Granitoid Paving Co. W. &H. B^ISER, Prop's. •13 EMI Sfstb Str^t- • AJtpn, III. .... , d«lly.... rour Sun only.. f Pour, dally.'... „ and „„ ....Ottpm .... 706pm .... t.Upm ArJUton .. .810pm .... KlOam .... f««m ..--IKOani .... 2Wpm Alton . Big Kjur Af«nt C. C. C. Burlington Route. ANP THK , PRINCIFAL CASTORIA For In&nti and Children. Tti Kind You Havi Alwa|t Bought C. B. ROHLAND, DENTJ3T, »»•••<•»* ». M I tf » uw. TWIU» uun DISCHARQES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY to (ttum TEXAS, WIQMEflJBUFFEULEEPERS FREE RECLINING ROBT. M, STAMPER. RBAL BSTATB, Loan and Insurance Agent, tu BBUJB ameer. MoMy tirLofa oa Improved Pnpertf OOLL»OT»D. Chas A. Strittmatter DINING STATIONS OPERATED *Y THE COMPANY Bun •PdUy. IBi-8un, |Sun only? • tvm. 7*4 BA3T UBCOND 5TREBT iMilMiM VfeO *gJK{|* 1 * >rtt-OlU*, UJ TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At MODERATE PRICES, rm ir* M*tt«| |k otu *M ***•!» •} NtW STOCK OP GOODS 4S8pm Of 706pm Leare St. L. 741am 821am 1010 am 11M am 800pm 606pm 6«pm 7 (Opm _}Tralns connect at Li ' St. L. K. ft N. W. Through iarrlo«. foe Burllngtoo - PoAS^north, djlly, u u om'sni '.»»• iiurvH, V For KUUU Oii». uiuooin i] w«.t, dallyi»m*aaTwpi. C. B. ft. Q. point* St. |0t. L. C. A St, p. On ind «tt«f Noy. Alton u follow! i r »„,„, W|U , MT ,

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