The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 8
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Big U[K$tet In Kanss^s Junior College Coiifkencei Standings In Last - - ' —r - •. I —____dl^i______L! —'• •.— — h— INpEiPENDEl^CE ' irAllT t»riATT f i T7>.ii^ iJ-i^^lf I AlillMTPT JS FROl^iANEY Victory Sends Tliiinblii^ in Qf Bjg$ever Wogan Is Scorer. lola Fivje Standing league; High j Scoring a field go il in llie open Ipg minute of; play. W'ogan, centei. lead and Ih! defeatin ; re last niglik. ng t :ie locals gave Kort Scott! a siiuad was never jiie^ded. ^bla h^gh school h Zji to J8 .and send bne notch lower iu ^ig Seven con- [crencel standings. i . 11 After Wogaji's has tet, f^rt Scot: qontinued hit$ing ai >S, lead at tJjevquartc r lead: at: the naif. I la ttic second' half bcored first with, a ri^„ l|:imer iPunk.-iidd tl en the local^ smarted]folrward. cutl ng down"For Scotts lead -to on« ' ' Scott scored a free the Ivisitdrs a 16 ; to lola' counted \o tie yllsltbrsj, pepped up held a 6 t<) aakl 13' to T the local tree: throw b; point. For jthrow to givi 14 lead, an4 ihe score. Th and countec) tio ifrofa the field fj)r four irointi Vhd tbd 'garnet i IWogaSi; Fort. Scot the i visitor \/ork and th( and. Birbei for the. lota Kchool HQConill ! won 18 to 6 center, wa4 Kighlwjth nine poiijts, while Hd Fort Scott " se^ and B. Funk, (jountell seveij jidints. \ Joncg - of 8b !owH j spoil jfloor gijarcjlhg of McGuir was tihd stroifg point] H ntk; n |a ipreliminary i«-jo ijrcjups of high Iteflm jmen, the black MdGulr? of the blacl^s counted tei^ points, ""he: box score. Ida (18) D. [ynnk; f. Mah9cy ,[f. ... Donaldson, f. ...... ; K. (Funk. c. IJartcr.JK. - - McGulrcl, (C.) g. — totaldi — ifdrt }>coU (22) Jotics.i (jC.) f,, Edtnundiion, t: Wogaii, c.|...; B. JMiller, g. l-i Manhattan. Kans.. .ll-'eb., 12.—Tlie j Last niRlif.s juninr college heart rending 35 to {34 defeat at; forcm e results sent everi the Jianils ol the Ji^yhawkers ai- topsyiturvey. and Kan.s.^s Cit^' and most'quashed Ihe.hojpj-'s the-,Kan- Parsons, leading contenilers." .sas Wildcats iicld for a ' pennant pod ti> oblivion. . winning seascin—foll(}wing as it i.',„.t siolt junior collefio's did the successive diefeats "at the .^i yumtv over Kansas Citjl hands of the tw6 Oklahoma teams. j,,,;,, ,i„» ujup Uevils ' It is not difficult tjo figure pds- fiist t<i a lie for third puslti siblej ways in whiil^ the Kansas the conference; whiUi I'lilrsons State: team could stlfl come thru droi"|iid from second to a t L- for I the .-ieason with thi? ^)est percent- third position by losing: to A|-kan- I i J age. jbut i.s extremely difficult to.'sui* City in a -IC, to lit. game, ^ame between] jfig„v|, probable events by which | virtue of tl.eir vi<itorie:j las th.S ,would take plBxe. Such a,,Arkansas City jind -Jdckson, . Totals g. ..-^-.J . ^eferep: Maaf, Bal er U. PIRSON S LECilON KjTO STAGi; FIGHTS Parsoiis, Kjina.. Fdb.- 12. (AP) Thp Ipcil poist of t*^- .- .Lesjon has applied t*, .perniissibn tc stage ioxing exh".>i- Uons Ihjre. Carl ':¥ice, atWetic chijiriAatl, ^aid ^oday * •* ! Emporia Teachers, Southwestern, 1.1. I Bethany, 38: Stealing; 17. Ottawa. 35; St. Benedicts. • : St. piiarys, 48p f^ays, 32. (Continued from defendant offlcers pic ided that on namcro .us occasions thje state banking! department had booVsiann fai]i<d to a full possession of the The suprenii' court wa^ not a' Hoiind def Jnaji -tion by the. deparj ' A Hpcdial dJefense ^ th(^ case of T. A. Kij grqunds that he was jforj i^evcral years and tend JIhe l}ji»lneK(i. 1 bail bee'n niade a Btii the supreme cm f.-.«i.W.Ji— .tin Kraiu^rr did not cscaiife liability. Thd! widow: ot J. li prlncii)al stockholder jln'g oliicer qf the ba ^mptetl from liability the c6u,rt. IHer nam carriejd its officer foilowiog hej|. husban though the evide'ifee Isbe iuid Ft; FT ji ..3 1 ..0 u .J- 3 .-1 U -.0 U G Ft; FT ..1 1 -3 1 ..'4 -1 ..0 3 .-0 0 3 6 • ll -1 I) 2 1 1-1 L- 6 , y 1 0 3 3 0 FORT scon l-'deiK'ndence. Kaiis., Fel>. 12. (AP|—In a game'ln Ivhich twenty- eight fo lis were called. Independence high school woji over Caiiey I hlghilasd night, 2T, to 10, in a Verdi- ' grls jVal ey contest, after dropping six iprevious gamesj Caney did not iicor^ a single fi^ld goal. | AND A.C.IN FIVE IS PREPARINGTO FINISH FAST Defeat by K. Fight to the |SeveralB i Games Are Billed Kansas Ci^y Drops ihi Tie For Thirjd Place \Vith Secondj Position t Parsons J.C. 1 iQiiintet. loHa U. Brings Squad; ard rviM STAXI»IM;.S. 1 i \\. ''L. Arkansas llty .3 Fort Scott 4 :{ I'nrsonx .i. ..I KauNus tit} --2 tiiiHy»III> 4 2 Independence ..1 lula - —. ^-.-l (Jarden Illy; -.0 1 o 111 .1 ill •*> 0 lola tonigh in an Kansa^ Kame Coff« Tfialghl—lola at l'ofi'e}»|UlP. 2t: Page 1) Inspected the , although in facts. hold - that', it nso to plead inent. . Was made- in amcr on the Incapacitated unablo to at- Ijlls executor to the suit rt held that Adams, the and inanag- |ik was ex- however. by •had been of the bank s death, al- showed that [her holdings before llie disposed of more itlidn' two years bank tailed. ' Frank! JHardisty. (Aage • county farWr. convic 'ed fori the murder of t^enry Huf ^ was denied a re- heaijii^ in the j suplreme court, hibhjliad alfeady afflcmed the coii- ict|onJ Hardis'ty shot and killejd ui^p.i W member or a road gradit^ gang, 'because^ Hupp had insulted IJIinjwith a vile nam*./ The court rhiep ithat vile langb ige does not Jiistify. the offended ii ri>ous to kill the idirender. i i The national iheadqi arters rff the VeteWns of Foreign Vars lost its I 'hoEhej" today;when the supreme conit ruled th^t the c ty of Kansas CltyJ:Kansas has no authority to eas<^ irpoms' In a pu illc building o at.patriotia organisation. The iiuprame qburt agreed jwith' the dis- I rict cobrt that the trnstees^ of the I bid era [and ; sailor* memorial ImUtjlltig right to use piib- Uc prppeirtx In- competition with prlvatd p<t)perty. ii Cbnijict on of J. L. B iker'of Kan- pity, Mo., tbr cAmt liclty in the ttiiund^ of Charles I, a'mlterth In l|<(»yehwo.rth fiounty was upheld I jr thelaitprenie court. The prose- (utipD;Cliarge <r 'tbat. B ikcrbad itr- 1 tnkm tor tbej robber] of I<ajnlieri i{t«r l4imb»rt::bud M>ld a truck 1 w4 0^ T^fcUbla* 10 Rik<>r. l..^m• t ert .mui kllM^tn th« holdup, and IwKfrjwnk ponrlrti'd tor rompll- «lt}^. m tb« murder. |;rogram would Include tlie winning of all remainlnl^ games—and O.C., K. and Oklahoma A. and .M. etich appear ohijthc schedule aga:n' tliis sra.'<on —add the lumb- Scott are tied for first placii.] three victories \ and oli each. A Coffey villi; victor>j loia toniglit. wotilil bring Ilia tl Indepeudencc tion, Willie' lola stlned to finish in seventh place. •n to it IIS City. ! is in .'jixtli iiosl- ii]i|jarently iji lic SANDWICH INNFI>E TO PL^Y GENEVA I- '• I from fifrii pusilfci •ling of Oklalioma liy; one or lwo!f„„r,|, ^^.illl Kan^ other teams. j SuiMi good fortiiiii' ijs liiryond any AKgl,e expeetii'lldn.. Nevcplheless It iHJnol too late foi- tlie Aggies to pull tlirough and make a higlily successful season. They will have the opportunity to ;iveng* every defeat' they hava suffered. Tli|; next tangle for Coach Ci>r-j (ieiieva is tr> |lie visited totight jsuufs squad is with Nebraska Sat- by llie Kandwicli! Inn team fo the urdoy night. This may, easily bje tl'iird time this year. Iir the first as close and hard fo» ght a game gam(j. Iietween t le two iteums (ie- as WHS the one;with|K. C. Since neva held the long end, Of tiie tlie Wildcats defeateiil .Vebraska. | score.' This was the first |f anie the Cornhiiskers hajVe won • over played liy ,the Inn boy.s, Scj oral Kansiis and Oklahd|na, and .so weeks ago the team "agnln we it to "dop^" and comparitiv( scores (jeneva and this| time they de cat- mean • nqthing. They w 11 mean ! cd Ceneva 23 to;i2. The tejin has very] little around tli,e' .Manhattan i,acn weakened icreaily of 'lat • by camp for the reniaiMde|- of the several ^iieii going to the high season >.inyway. since; upjicts have school team, but still seems] in .QUINTET Victjty Tonight Will Lif Out of Cdllar an4 ]^toSi:cthP|acein |jurii( r College Conference.! Fort with efeat (Jver tea pi for proven tu be the rule* Respite all this the Wildcats hayii defeated the Huskers once and ire confident tliey Lan do it again. lOLAi JUNIOR I HIGH LOSES TO FREDONIA siiape to give Geneva a good > ante and from the results of the last game it would ; seem !th!« lola should.still be able to defeat Ce­ neva. In lliree nin^c wi^vka nlil talluT limu will hurr.' Iiaskciliali off ihi- sport map and baseball, will t;;k" Its place. Jack Criffin ifl thinking tjilngri over- allliougli In- 1 doesirt say ini cli about i <iiiil ^ Iota should .lilossom out wirii niic or more baseliiill teauis wi^liiii U month or so; junior ]appear| 4ttempt junior the otfdr hand liich w piac tory, the tl^il jointl.vj sons. Ira probaljl Fronk center guards Theije that 1( ward |}( in tlie Cofr (}\1 to 21- lourt, lie a wfa With! leani. a victiff: will a Indepc^i^ence, tlon. lie opposing five. . is ready .for a y ill Tiring It ueai^ep • -position ;occupied Ijy Kansas City iind VAvr Stockefc|rand. will t forw II is ullogeiher likely that a tnliltchl liiis4>;iHill leacae nill IH > onnmlxed In lola. nnd more lltun cue >|Mirl enthnslasl is wiilllntr )iii.\f«»us|y lor Ihe, sound 01 bat ,on ball. iU.SKKTH .tl.lJ K])or|t fans lii-re \tili jusl^lMve : to .sit iirniifd a|iii| vvisli I>>r lliiims • fri/m now: on ^is the liigli sihoi>l ! IraJik/'tccrs; last iiiglil clo-^c'd tlie : ho'ine' sca.Soli'; l()f couri ?i-. tlien? ! prolmlily ivill lie a niiiiilier wli i j will take advaiilage of warmer i \ieather, and aicom|r.iiiy llie team j on trips. lola junior high school basket- eers iinvaded Fredonia last night, but returned on the short end of a 1.5 to 19 score. lola seemed unable to fanthoin Fredonia's style of offense. Driggs. guard. vaA unable ito make! the trip to Fredonia, and when Skinner, lola jcaptaln,' was injured early in thtj game, Jie couldi not be remove.d from lack of substitutes. "' Hair.' lola center, was Ihi^ only man to show form. He scored five of lola ten points, lola defeated Fredonia. here recently. : I RADIO STETHOSCOPE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL BURDICK HAS j NEW HONOR Topeka. Kans., Feb 12. (API — Thf eieclioh of A. P Hurdick/of Topeka to the si -cretaiyship of tlie Kansas Free Fair A.^H iclntion was iinnoiiiiced today. Ufirdicki now dejiiity slate llvi-slock sanitary rornmlssloiier. will succeed Phil Kastman. who died recently.. Philadelphia. Feb. 12.! (AP( electric stethoscope with loud speakers attached, ioday An liadio uni- bled and roaited iwith the noiiJe of huni'an heart beats anip(ified ten billion times, in; its first clinical demonstration at;Ihe University of Pennsylvahia. I Two iiundred members of J the junior class of tlie medical school took notes as thh dull roarlire of the hearts of eight patients o the University hospital, one at a ime. reverberated throughout t.he h >spi- tal auditorium. | l)r. Camble explained' the machine was the resiiK of seven jears work in the Bell! Company lal oratories. It was devised espec ally !o enable sludeiits to become fa miliar wilii heart sounds in ( tag nosis. Kleicn hundreil and sixly-t boxing shows were lielii in ( fornia lust yijar! under contro llie Statcf AtliNilc Commission liree ali- of Phil Rosuiilierii 'Certainly i.-; finding things lough. r ,asl wi-r-k Kos- cnb'erg won a | fight, but lost his clia'mjiionship |TIi'> trouble arose when Uoseiiberg faileil to make the. proper weight lor the fight, and then yestcniay; Knsi -nlierg was suspended jinj .\ew York state for a-year fqriVioIsilion of contract • rules in connciiiiln wi'h tlio fi^ht. ' ThiN younffj iV-IIou l»oc Cni- liiini. who is I ^uUtp to sliirt from Rlrmlngtnini. Aiii> lo l.cs .Inirrles, Arh)its a K»U vluh In front of bliii ha OH lola ffolf^i's. prohnhly' jj do/. Ml drive Ihe sitmir dis iiroxinialely llie ani don't everj ea»| Iry club eourse .lust how gooiij l| bi' shown tonight wiien' tlie, s<iu:ii Washburn ^•o]'^•l^ Washburn's .>.i '.nsi(tioiial T'ii),.k:,i. :.'S: I iiwri'lii-i'. 'Ii. iCiMporla Mi;;li|, L'!); Otiawii l|lj..;ii. I<i. Arliiiusiis Ci<y .1. ('., 2r,- ll'.irsonsj J. C. 1 CnlJcKf lliglij. Pitlshiirg. il': !'rc?;i-i )ll. 22 Ton.Kanoxif 30; l.aiis'iiK IV.i .Newton lligb, M: llut(h-! i:s(iii. 27. iMut jJci .it .1. !(•.. 37: Kan:is Citv. Kas.. .t. C.. 23. IfKSI I/IS lliiinE>(; ciaI»--H ilefeated. It was .school I) isketee 17 to Ui j out of jn locals, j lead :it]l OFFEYVIfcLi Croff Isition dame. jville allready college biisketedr! on' a foreign coiin to count a secohf college confercac« the wrjin column. ^ ville. t lola coadh; start Burger and (irds, with i.Mann ad nd .Mehzle and .Melton at Is a i^ssibility. JhoweverJ may start :at a for-| tr be Inserted early; idtory o^ a|nd ton in one t|he addi ockcbr . An iinee t . holds a iO, er lola on jthe local; ghfs gamp should Ion of Fronk to t ic tind has hopes firi lola victory tonight; Ije squad ahead kiow in sixth po^i HUMBOLDT .JUNIORS RIM Idt, Ki. ikmbold li!. l.inilsliorg. 31 , lleriii.ztoii. Ml ! Com oniia. T.'i llcloil. I IliKliI ind Paiif. 2S: Wash-" li'tini iliKli. I'S. .\r<adia lli^h. Kudora. :*.2^: \\t McPliersiMi, 2 J .Manhattan Hi^h. 34; Junction City High, Weir Ifi. cilborn. 1». : Ellsworth. * « * • ELSMORE FIVE TRIMS isn't a Ihlnir There are pollers who nnre In ap. <'ani^ lime, e ijitp t'oun. MILDRED ilCliiniorc. K I luonj j eijuli j son iliie 2.'i. ••.^i 12. -Mhletir jlub h <iins<"i III ive. Thiirstlay jnigh [C.rahin TJiirty (Special i-Kls-!'•]•>• ">ej p , , . k*ms of' marked up its +in of the sea- CfOliege of Kmiioiiii T| makes the ifam lojim powerful "Uutcirr chined The «:iinc j^asjthi! hardest and t. C. A. C. is. will f;.st(jsl plnyed liiro this season anil ] at Kan.-as ('ity „ ,r.j,i,.(| ihi-l .sis son's largest «]d. .Vorioii, uii;ic<l d It also will give fiTcnci' anol |ii -r hat the circuit conference le.iiu l:ishes Willi [of TopVi{:i. win iivi-r lursday iiiglit {up as aiioilirr .onberg jnu- placid high; In till K:in.s:i-' cnn ha ii'c III sitow isi I'aM. K:ins;H a'vc aluny I', lourii |inijiii. A Big Vacancy TTi^lNG his head, coupled with t?markable naltiral ability, made Ray Schaik lihe greatest catcijcr of modern times. Now; as manager of the Chicago AVhite Sox. use tens] Schaik;appareuti^'. intends to that same-head'!just as ex- ,vely in furthering the success of h^s ^eam. I iiaVe reference <o the trade he recejitly made, which jlirouBht the I'eckiiipaugh vetej-an star Koger to the Sox. of a vcleran star. Not only vill Peck's presence serve to strensSh- eu the inlield. b'ut it is boundi react to the good .of Bill Huniie- lield. one of the most promis ng youngsters jto break into majors in years. • Last season Hunnefield pla.'l. .i 1 short, second and third and Aid mighty well in each position. ic lilies second base best, and w th Collins gone and PcckinpauSsh slated for siiortsfop. the stage [all set tor him to play ibat ba| Hunnelield. with Pcckiiipaugh 1 I I Jiuiiiii;iit:iu. Willi 1 fCHlIipaUgll S<Jlialk is nothing it not smart. J shorjt to co.ach hirii. is bound to MHziug that the dj-naitiire ofi! a ninch improved !ball player, great a star as Eddie Collins | has the ability and the coniideh* Realizing so left la big .hole iu t^io infield, he set .nbout fo remedy the fault. Riger Pec.kinpaugh : to play shoristop M -as the answer. "It suits me fine." .<aid Peckinpaugh wheii I asked him what he 'thou'ght of the trade that sent him jfrom Washington ito Chicago. "Fmjfar from lieingj through. I am glad Ray Schaik has the same opinloji. 1; intend lo ipjord than justify the conlidencei me.'i •• . I "the old leg's may, sirotig as they were Hi| but it hey're si 111 good (oj -ek- the gruund ln-i iind iiPcond for at |ias<| Iwl,..^.•ar^ niqr^." ;! is se. at be le Ic. All he needs is polish and Pcjck ire it. h'e lias iu 1 ^ot be as years ago. eilouKh til een I lit id will help him acqii Peck's Fourth C •W/HE.V Peek jcj " ' will be pla fourth American ll*aguo club. ^land iln lok Ub j : ins Chicago ling with W|li|Help InfielU || 'VOmy way lU iliinkliiig, CIIIIIIKO h)«di> H nyitt »d,tuiiiiiKeoii,)i Iradk one timi will siipjdy « niu<!h Waut ttiroubb tUo addllluiu ho is Ule started with Clev was sent to New '^ork the foll<|w- Ing year, then traded to Bosft in, but immediately was turned o er to Washington aiid nOW goe^ to Chicago. He has jbeen playing In Ihe majors 15 years. Ill 1925 Peikinpaugh was votlcd • lie most valuabit) player in the or re- Ill. Il n .\merlcitn LeagneJ a.signal hoi: III a v'eleian pei'foriiler.- ,\ miirk.ilile llejder liiul a dangero' WithnMii. IV -k PO'HWMKCK a pun at the bat u id Iniihe field. DurliiK IIM* puM 20 years I American I/.>itgiie iniay have had to ;lhi nlili'iiial A. A - I -l-.i Thp .\. A. i'. |toiiirnainent Is scheduled for I fjarly next mi^nth at KIUIMIS U'ily. and denbtless u [urif kiumlier of siKirt faius fri|m |lnl^ will take thr fipul rurtjiiln riilll for IHIS. kelball by allen'ilini!: mini^ of the gumes. ly IIIKJ lajst. Wi! Iio .-I M. Il I' III XI I l( j Moorl K.l C C^ Toll GENEVA iiiiii> I -nai day with Delia Leiviti Mrs. Griffith wftH .lessie Tn.'utv afternoon ,both |vis Lewis Leavilt night. The Wescote vi|<itc iui tcill .s 1 Wl sa the school. • tome Sundiiv s:ile four frmii !-l)cclar|| ilnesiliiy I won i t Wl The plllii 2S t<, 2t. I lull iijiMy Thursday , I M-0%.' jUiiori. 01) .lOlinsQiW f .lijihiisoii] • f Is. <! „ . IVChl: yalll II -Ih. : II •iRh c . >v. g >x. g ;.Is THIR SEP Emporia Bt ipi John .ftar with pete wou<d aiid !^<^ foi- h«i d does to c6m an a NEODESH ns.. Feb. 13.. (Spi* junior higli schoO N'eodfsha junior higjh rs iierd last- night the eighth Ivictorjy | Me gaAies played by the lumbojdt held a 7 to 14 fce half. SL ALA WINS I ^Volljeborp. IX. H., Feb. Leoiihijrd Seppala of Ala: jwon the second annual point sled dog race w '^shel t ^e 4^^! mile run Coil vajr in 3:58:50. ar K JCk .l te .ichcrs coUeee Weiglit who JFrijday annoiiiiceil. his jlrjjwaljfrom college, inaylcom- fot- K i C.I A. C. Kiiclil .said he [compete under their lason was assign try !to jjoln the ias>oc|:ition ' - " ' colors. ' by Kuck ria. ID DOG RACE 12. (AP) ka i to'day pojnt-to- II lie fill- bin i-Nort h MAT TEAi» siowiN ATPnrSBl poi{npete Und^r diors o KIS.A.C. Kans.. Feb. ^Teachers Wciight 12^ quitti t want t plan lete hikic ig other to go to to coachj indepeniien icluli. ;cl ly Thp pwiss hockey teaij chaniiiionkliip of E i.'xpi-cii|d to nralfr ifirst hiihors in i t6 Tcani Defeats Eipporia Ea ^il3r- Meet Em^ria Teacher Soon Pitts lurg. Kans.. C made by il Che cs! ion. 1 ej (AP) - d tllan lool that He liit wants with j wliich iiri(pe in strong Olympic sliowin team o Colle^el I ColIf;gef of Empor Thiirsilay night indi the Kansas £ ttte Tochers' of Pittsburg ja^inkt rtho- V i gj^ppler^ t^si tUat the Corililap will bring ajiptKer ing championship to F'oiirj of the six I he Teachers wete liefoiie the ten minute Two affairs periods of the matches under eir: college. malfchJBS i^pn by lion'^ by fails liniitiw' each reqiilriiig were, decision of three mimltes each" to deterihine the winnei Foi, I It.'i-pound mi 4 burg.|..«|howed the ihoi ness! I blr pinning his shoHl|Clijr3 to the mat ami a half. i .Mc-fciirley. 1.15 ppunM graiiijifjr, sliowed renj a great weiglit wlieni ilitted poiinijer, rather thar match/ : It required for Bii^i/'urd to, piri down' fijri the count 'rhiii next • match Emporia State. Ttlc^era g. —L..i._ The bnk scori| Humboldt (i .1. Carrfilj. f. .M.-Cartolll, f. Wirt lis, c Haskins. Halbert. Perkins.'!;. Totals Nrodqslia (») Porter, fl Morgan } O'Dower,! Watsoni J Davi^. g. Guest, g. .Martiiis ^iJ Total4 -I FG 1 --i> I) .--0 -: I i._ :. 1 g. _4 FG U -3 -1 .0 .0 -0 J) FT 0 ; II :o !i lo ' 1 FT 0 I) 0 0 0 4 4 Y POISONED AT CHURCH SUPPER by defeating Iroiig .Mili|rediii-ity teani;:!! to W. Val.. Feb. 12. <APl — r^fton residents were nn^ re of doctors today. vicH rgesi iliireil guard, tlie field and lar defensive 'I'IK! Elsnioi^ was Elsmjire nigh ivi fniiii Itroii- |2.'. lo 7 and the Kl.-^iiiori! .-Mh- iiiiliiildt here tracted,' nretlirejii night, j All tliji; out of danger. Chick cooked In taincd liilri) officials^ this me^hdtl of cot ers who affected; cal atteiij NEW FG .-J.- 4 J— 4 0 . . 5 - . 1 -. II i-.-.;. .11 Mllifred (i.-,) Feb. .S.—.May Leavitt; and DorialiK Hptli^n. f spent Wednesda.k.' uight tker. f f and Tliiir.-;- I'-rmi ihion.i i- Dr.ig (o. (• i. _ SiitVrday .\ort< n. g and , in the Wa.gikr. U '.4 >n .Mondiiv i*'e ever at- home Iiyn- ri^n ojul of eats. I»ta Grimiii ithe men at- expects to was the largest tended 'and .somii weii^ gry as the ladies .Icssie Troutwine ?iiiil visited at home While tended the sale .Monda^. February l» ciarfyl^ bring its (day. '•Deiicoi l^eneva. ! i .Mr. Grinsteail ihas been in town looking afti-r! his farm. M't understand .Mr. Adam.i is juovim: off the farm. | i Jim Sherwood will move on th Carman property; ji j Mr. Wescote. | ! I^slie Smith .'•old ' MVscote «ale. John Yowell ili^ov nestlay. • Poll IAJPI rei'-ori tioji I -Dubhs." to . iK'lr i^f Kdw; .lame: <iur i man Wall s. I. TESTIMONY HiAYBE CUT FOR giikeepsie, .Motion ti> is of the irial the evi Pope rd iLoui a team at the dcpendnlilf ji shortstop, but vvrtaiuly iiuuii liiuiu «1« Peik ivaluabi i. The junior' ."jtii play at the schoiil li iist vacatT>d by , .•-'•rvrjii affid IJrow to^ lolu Wed-' Brow . • : fill le^tS will give ;i onse next Fr: Tin! nival and niliistr -el wiclies will be HITV made eaildy will ^le The lola Piggfi hMski 'iball at thV< night Willi Geneifn ,Mumle. Howell two l|i»w Belle City a new briMMlev, sf> s nesH. and cl|ar^cter| age to before nswerink; bj-iefs day night in coiinji>clj!oii: with a ^ ar-, ^l><|•i: sho\*'. . Sand-j anjiui I indoor k'd, also home-ivM ^iie! of .Manbat |on »iale, I will le held in K'ew xpfct';to ^ilay ' .Majcl !•. Lloyd ia|l Hatitrdu.i ii!i')dl( ili<<tani'e I own team. fiwii II gs on tliltj Has i purchaxeil; lonHlil -red llkeljj "P Fi: 1 II - I : . 1; . ;ll - 4 J. c. FT (I 1 II II 0 FT 0 II 1 0 II II 0 .Maniliii , j Radio <;•( I"'|i)ines, if i 2 c.orporat i 2 a large; I o casting I 2 expected States. I Straits S?( be KZRM I 6 j a wave ' I , I Jladio' E j broadcas X jii^ACHES' .\. v.. em lives Miion, from lo j Frjaiices I tidns n:^rr to ia.i fiiie jieeger -iii >fewb decisilon. v:t of bihg's; Ming's Feb. 1 strike from tlie Browning |separ i|e giveii on bi Browning liy •the' j gentl?- ianii." derogate -y eeiijan Browning's ac- befere her Brjiwning was ma le Sujprenje Coiirt Ji s- iirgh. He re- aft^r taking tjie leiiry Epstein. M^JI. ' • and giving loportunity jlo sji(;cessfi r(*ent t(i i-ijil serMije about Man h I ADI I V PHILIPPINES Tulsa.i mysterldi .s Ions of n I three nijipsj Itomain was h< hurch patieiits were reported I for tin pail The elieve. tende: lit did nil. ! poisonfng, con-j li<>ved. at .i! Firstj supper Thursday: he supper : were s which had con-! poi.soniiig. chtif II i was caused byi iking. .Many oth- the supper.; werei. not require imedi-| ) STUDIO 7 sis MYSTpRlY BLAST NEAR TURLEY Feb. ' 12. (APlr-Tlie lorafion of. the Philip-, jlisidiai'y of the JRadioj il? 1 of America, willj open! [st idio tonight for |ir'oad-' led prjgrams. that arej i(< lie heird inithe I 'nitedi \Ji pan. China anil the; tiemen s. The call will! snd it Hill broadcast on| length of 450 meters. i jC^rporat on of America's! g plai t : here Worked; vith San Francisco in; and regular cohimer-i irobibly will start! 115. more wiridrtws in ounsel. Uwy Jaspifr 1 will ag.din feature of tlile • • • ^ • flefd incubator» andiforja Bbird win Ih th jie means biml-; in Ord sloo. r to gain 'er.H tliree-quarter-mlje iraik and ll'ollege. which York jClty on Hah II, the! fumoiiK run ter. hos won phy and It 1 t he will tr^ comlnR meet irf^i thi >eri tsinenti pnsseiif ley. rockM ness boil! over' aii; miles. . Trees i W ffiot chaii n the. explc ihcb and Pikla.. Fjeb. 12. f.\Pl— Ai explos on of sixty gal -'j ifogycer n. approxiiiiatelyi; away, smashed fifty or ;he town of Tur- residenccH and ' busi- ea of scattered debris one and a half re upi oqted and h 30- dug ir tiie earth where ion oc< urred; [}o!Ieg[e of- ii—The wfr^stling, iwrest-viJ rtwo for tj aggrftSsive^ i bppchent's. hi af minute i lJulzzarl. 175 Ijorfe extra Pitts-'i of B. handicap t tbe ipuT mfiiutes lis shoulders C threed with here, |yet -• ibg for pcrmjanence; valUe apd Cooji' fprt the y<:ar'round. I For Masc n^te is a sujperior insu tion. It i: strong and rigid, a| paiH 6f the bui d^ng structure, repliici^ g other materials. I Jse Masc nile in walis ,floQr8 anti cei Iji ihgs; as si e^thing, piaster bage ana ijoof insulation. Masohite insulate i] strengthens, resists inJDisture aiid deadens spubd depend pnj l^asonite f d keep heat where it belongs, indooi a in colcj weadier, ou >| doors in jhotweadiei 1 You'llH|e snaganj warm in winter, ca I and comfortable summpr. Cornel m .or fiefi^ phon4and letusgii i you cipi ^iplete fkci t ^1. .Ml

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