The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1949 · Page 11
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March 16, 1949

The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1949
Page 11
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*AGE 'TWELVE BI,YTHEVIU,E (ATtK.l COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 10« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION r«l* P«J u> Minimum uturc* 1 time per im« 1 time* pel line pec 2 ttme* p«i uno p*i d»y ........ » c • ttt&e* p«t iiae p«i at«7 ........ 'c U 'ttwe* P«> lllie P* J a *T ....... dc M6utn p*i une ...... Wt Odunt Ure dvcrnge w'urd^ to Uie line Aid oraerea 101 mret 01 sti uim* »oo •toppea oei 01 1 e*piru[ic»u win •d lor ine ouuiDei nl tnno ni pMrea aua adjuMii.eiit cii DILI All Oi»»M.ueti AavcrusiOB we* mittea oy ^erwnis reMduiii ouisiat l UIUFI o* accompanifd by C «>' DC eaMLy cosnpuKU f ID* au«i?e hb'uic AoveftiMiig <ncei lui irreyuiai t lion,! ttttLtf- tut oue time r»t« JNO resp< ii ioi bi lily will DC taKcn mor« tnno uni- in<x>rrecl insert m Services Income Tax etUJ'Hk ti\-Aiic immitiliy *nU cur* .v — iy L>O not WAU loi iwa mmuu Uc I rusn Fiione •*'''•* AHci c [i in ^U tun H (J- mi MK-aKU «i J«H Mbio* it L til tie Simp Hianway 61 Si'ulM *>d up tbf " u3» ciu-^btna aa An Kan ate re.siiictca courier reserve? cejecl any ua 10 men iiioj na iyi>e I' ylii Wf etiu Unrtiuus can MJA • munched K La vrflife . . and urccned youi H H"U Ulo me pretty lui iilim bfrvicc i PEKKI.KSS Cl KAN1CKS INlone WJ r.lythrvlllr 2,22-ca-ll Insurance Apartment for Rent Comilc 1 room nirnlblicd apiirlineii only, lui Kttst clK-rry. 1'hojtu 2-iooiu luriusricu u|U mid i>nvuic batb. Couple only all Lane J.'J-pK-lb One room furnished apartment. $600 * week. aa& KRst MO. j ; ii.-pk-ia ~~;j room and bath utilurtibtied ii|H 11» W. Ash t5l- I'll. 25iJti. :t 15-pX-'^ 1 room apur line HI Phone ^U20 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services For Cumplete Insurance Protection Call 3545 \V. j. Holland Agency Planned Pl'nteetiun LH.KNCOt HUTKI HlllI'UINCi r:4 w ASH si Typewriter Jeep parts iiuw available at POULti MOTOK CO. W* cau till all ynui iiunis Clcl geouint puro iroin uui iu ptete une ELijJb POOLfc, OWM^It tfc Ol't;i(Al bOUtt) HlRtiWA. 6J Ht titctile Mn Hiinnc btfclr W TYPEWRITERS »yni m it i in (.VinxtB mid tlrnuoB DON EDWARDS Your Late Model Car Is Here AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. CHECK OUR PRICE BEFORE YOU BUY 1918 Ford Super DcLuxe Fin dor, blue, has radio, heater, scat covers, and 191'J license. 1!U8 Ford Super DcLuxe fi-l'assenger Couue, grey, has radio & heater. 1948 Ford Super OcLuxe Tudoi, maroon, equipped with radio & heater. 1947 Ford Super DeLuxc 5-Passehjfei' Coupe, heater, spotlight, and 1949 licence. 1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Tudor, maroon, has heater, seal covers, and while siilewall tires. 11)17 Ford Super l)el,uxe 5-PiisseiiKcr Coupe, maroon, radio, heater, seal covers, and overdrive. 1911) Ford Sujier Del/uxe Tudor, has radio, healer, and seal covers. 1940 Sludchiiliin- Pickup, lias iiidio and heater. 19IB Chevrolet. for BEile clieap. Ph, 256«. 3JS-pK-18 urocery ana e«rage wub Llvmg qu«- ivrs fully tcjuippeu and Rtocketl IMl wxliiu Austraia wuh deed it> &00 u IJ uunnnn. liwts Mu a:2-pH-l« Vacant lot. 'I'-iVl Carolyn at Oily wuler. 3,11-pk-lll For Sate, Cars & Trucks lim JTIgldaire Excellent condllkm Also Due Croaley Hliclvadore 1 good drop-nead hewing machine. CKIicr uuusenoia articles 'Ml N. 6lh 3 IU*K-17 ^months-old registered while collie up, wllli brosvn tips on ears mil arouna eyos. Answers to name Bulch. Strayed Krlday. Reward. Kinder call nclft Crallon. 2388 or 5W. 3]16-clc-19 liu N iaccimcl tit For Sole. Misc. Juhn-Uft'ie unurtlehusli'i O A Hull buruulle I'luinc <U2 JlvK-ll CHAPMAN SKUVICL S'I AT1U am a; Division 1'tiuui Uon I elidiniKL-i 3'UiiJ nuiLLly HIltr circs—BUY LEE 1'IRES Loons 12 I'ool display case with jomiiresscir: vv;ill<-in box. (>x8 with coifipr.-ssoi 1 ; - sualcs meat Mud;; 3 candy CIIKUS Zal\ 4241. Uixuni. y-5 ck-tl FOR CHEAP TRANSPORTATION Sec Out Slock of LOW-PRICED OLDER MODELS Money to Loan IX) you neci* a loan cu repine 01 re- moaelv wo dtiwn payment no wort- (Kg.e no ecu tupe FHA AE'I'HUVKIJ HA Tb 3»'c ASK FOR UtTAILS Max Logan, Realtor Blrtti-vllh Ark State certified HurdeUe Delta) pine 78, colluti seed {-Uirdetle j I'lautiition. BiinleUc. ! Stale certified Oedcn tind Improved Arksoy soyLieans liunleite I'luiitalinii, [)luine 782. 1-22-tf KLccinc puini'. ^isctl siiurl lime. Oar- Sftin. L U. HollJbon Photic 6Jib 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 AUTO LOANS Ueneral Cnutract Purch 105 So fr'iltb r FUIINI J'UHL LOANti iiHlizea tjorfice Corp Services Tractor work for hire; By hour or *ore. : Phono OJ61. ^lt,-\^ Lauadry work, rough dry or finlshecl Willie Belle Qreen. phone 2W3 SEE J. D. ATKlftS lor Your MattTL'.'is and Upholstery- Work nt 1517 W. Ash St. 3.14-pk-lT b-Luirncr QnluK-McnL oil THI\&C I" ;OU(1 vOUflltlUM. ace or Civil. Mr.S Ft M :ck. JUI N- Uroiitlwuy. i ; 14-i)fc-17 A new Splticlic pintio. slightly nstxl, ir JiRle i»l K UiirKntii If inkcii nl otiue ^r parttmiinrs n-s ttt price mill whtre nuno can be been, write HBAnD'S 1'li.NH'LE OF MUSIC. Pnrayi)iiUl, Ark 3;M-ck-l6 Fo/ Sa/e, Misc. Hitth room tlxiurcs Why nay more, when yon cun buy lor less I.- C Knl- i:-nn. Itnlhson Avc Pliunc 0315 14' 2-iJDttom Hn.ssey Ktirrln brruk- L1K |1IU\V tifHIC] COJKltlUJIl. J L bit FAKMALL M Will! (Jultivakir, I'lanler, Disc, Miirrow anil Ui'uakini! Plow. ?2'. J OU. Kurniurs Traclor it Truck Co Miinilii. Ark 1'huiic 91. 2-23-cli-tl nve an'cmi IUIIK «/ ^-U-*y that 1L [JL'Cl] !i]IUK{!I] lUI NTKllb CJUUl'EK.Vl'IVb UIN HlUtUVA V 61 SOUTH PHONE 120 For Sa/c, Real Estate Uodge Tudor Sedan. Black, ra- o, neater, air-rule Urea. Good me- antcnl condition. Owner driven. S705 June ttW, a : 14-cit-17 Will sell my equity In IU48 KBlser- .viicilo Ai Heiitcr, lor • l'J46 model car nil 4BtJii alter 4 p.m. ' B.U-iifc-lT NEED A CAR? You II tfct niorc car for youi IOMC.V ul lil Mdlur Co.'s Usct 'sir Lot. Conic in and check ho (jualily ul these cars. Notice Wut trid Barber Shop h«< moicd i new location tt 221 tioulh Lilly vow open lor Huslness. llftlr cuts 50c ?naves 4Uc &nd loiili'fl 25c. Houra fiom ni 10 U p.m. Burl Davidson. Lost Brown plastic rtnimctl gUsscs with double lens. Lost Saturday, lieward " i/)St pocXet book containing Ictcntl- ication card and papers, Liberal reward lor ret urn. Phone Paul Byruni, J5W or 1404. 3jlS-ck-18 Business Opportunity Cafe 1n Wardcll. Mo. nea^onnble price. Owner sellLifc due lo 111 liealth Charles Hall at Warden, Mo Sewing BELTS, BUCKLES, covered buttons. mitton holes. MAC Miller, Alma Ba&s, i;ima (Jrosvdcr. I'honc 3539. Jf no answer, WM. 606 N. 5th. St. 3!l5-pk-4|15 I 1U1U LlLUIi •IJ Hiulsfin Si'clii ^v h.i»i>.i-r ticuui ^l i-'ota iutiot •11 Kircl -I'lulor 1'J hnrd i'ucior SIIUb.00 5UUD 01) M75 00 VI3500 61 MOTOR CO. I'Uone 2I« 3.U-ek-tl For Rent For Rent, Houses room house, S35 per month. Phone 3 room uiifuriilsricd house with bath Call 7-16 or ^706, 3,15-pk-U 4 room house, 119 Lake St. Phone 3IV2. 3;15-pk-18 Private Rooms Hcdrnom 1109 Chick asawba Phonn oYo 3 J-pk-L? Heciroo'i cunvt-nlcnl to bath Steam neat till W Main ph -<3"25 Ualh Ph 4643 tic privileges 2 bcclroom.'i or as aiiartinciit: gas tiesiL. bath. Phone 4GS5. 3:14-pk-2l Two acres ol land in tUy limits. l j tionc 4GS5. 3 14-plt-21 ilooin close to bath. Ph 2235. 3.14-pk-lV ATTK ACTIVE HOMES tS bocSruunis, hardwood flours Lot 100 by 100 ft. One uf ilip lucttliuiis in city. \\'i\\ ciirry i^ouvt loan. LJL^KT KOSS & SAM GODWIN So/esmor»- Wanted Can use tvo nent ImJunlrlous men tor installment ta-'hav;. Weekly earnings Troin 560,00 to 500-00 in start with promotion possible. Wr train and fnr- trntisportaUoii. Sec me at Hotel Noble. Hlyihevllle. Thvirsdny MU! Friday this week between fl p in. and Y p.m. Roy El, James, 3 16-piC-19 Phono ^-115— U81G — 1124 Uue 1U35 IMyiuonth nud neater. unpi: with HiuUo SHU UU UJic IUJ4 Undcite. phone aiythnvlllc 7B2 I y-8 pickup truck OooU coimiuon 'J01 "" ' " ' Now that little Junior Is cradling. option soj-beiiu.s. R:ilpli Kourl. G Kee]) the ruRs cleuu witti ndorlpa^ f-'inn soviin ol Ulyihcvllle. banrty Rul^e Koain. Deal's P.-ilnt titnrc 3 9-ck-4iiJ | tiiore. 3,15-pk-5,l5 black Cocker pups 1'h 240fi B.u-pk PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2029, lilylhevillc or 205 Osceola 3-U-ck-l-M 'ThG Vanrinls conquered Spain in an invasion sUrLing in '509. tlnrrows lor sale. Lcl ns BUnrpc plows now. Avoid Itic rush. Henry \VPStltrunk's T25 N. 1st. Day IMionc -1161 Nlglit Piionc 4KU 3 li-ck-11 t-nr Sale Swccl Poinio tired I'nrtf Ulcnn variety I tmvc n Ihnlti-il tjiiHiiUn ol imp variety winrh are nravy pro imriivc, lype «nn arc a? irce limn dl i'aul kiyruni UiytliRVille Ark l|12-eX-tl A K"tKl tliuruuglily rcconrti- liotiuil Piano in llic vicinity ol Ijlyllu'.villc, for b:\huicc duo if UiUtMi »L once. \Vvitc or ciill Uoiird's Temple of Music, phone 2233, ParatfonUl, Ark- lu (1 3 miles o( Hlytlicvlltc liunic A: uarn. Sl^5. per acre. 13V acres, tionsc A: 2 burns; 112 acres, new house iS; barn; both tnicts In suukiaiti Coi:iiij'. Mo. E'ricc Sti.SUO each imitu'ihittu possession on all in esc bee or can fl .M BECK. Realtor Lynch Hltl? Phone 2BD3 or 'JU34 MAN WANTED —For Ruwlctijh business in Central Mississippi County No experience nccdcri to start. 1500 families. Ilavlclgn products sold 30 j'cars. Sales easy to maV.e and profits laryc. Stf\rt iniincdintcly. Write Raw- Iclifn's. Dcpt. AKC-210-190A, Memphis. Tenn., nr see W. C. Buchanan, 716 Clark, Biythevillc. Ark. 3|15-pte-lS Koouis at Abraham's Tour- 1 L Court tl-15-ck-3-22 j Hntct Piionc Bedroom Private Dath, Ph. 3557 3, l5-pk-3 ; 2a Ctnulnrtaijle bedroom Phon LOOKING FOR A BARGAIN? WELL, WE HAVE IT! 1918 Chevrolet Business Coupe, radio, heater, 19-19 Arkansas license, driven only 12,000 miles. A beauty for only . . . $1,545. 1916 Chevrolet 5-1'asscnjjer Coupe. Radio, heater and fo{j liKljls. This car has 1949 Arkansas license. Priced for quick sale ... $1.295. 1911 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 5-Passenger Coupe, fog lights, healer and defroster driven only 34,000 miles, as clean as new You'll have to see this one to appreciate it ... $1,195. 19-12 Poi-d VS Tudor Sedan, a real good car . . . 5895. 1941 Buick 4-door Sedan, radio and heater .. . $989. 1940 Plymouth 4-door Sudan, healer, runs good . . . S789. 19:iG Ford Tudor, a fishing car, needs a little work . . . 5149. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Rcmcmher, You Can Always Make a Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company Bedroom, convenient to bath. Close [i. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 3 ; l6-j)k-2:i ucdroom adjoining bath 1037 Wnltiuv St. piionc ^yay. 3,16-pk-iD Uedroojii. Kitchen privileges. Phone Sleeping rooms for girls. Ph 2295 p.m. to 7 p.m. 3 L !6-|)k-19 Wanted to Buy SELl CA1J. BROOKS MUSIC STOHR fn 8ii ain-ck-u We buy used furniture Female Help Wanted • Say, Look At This Special! • 1940 BUICK $795 Any old range, oil, coal or trade on a branO new, full size lUomtvcli cleclric range, C(|iiippo(l with full size oven, deep -veil cooker, cloi'k and oven liiner. Come in and sec this bargain, priced at only ?259.95 at 1IUUIIAKU & HOKli; APP1.1ANCK CO. Fordor Sedan, lias radio, healer, and lilli) license. A vcrv clean car. —AND SEE THESE CARS— (i I'liiKir Sedan, luufli(;ht o-Hi-cU-l!) Milk goats. Extra good producers 1'hone I5857. C. A llunlon, ['•• mile south citj limits on Highway til. 3-lU-pk-l! BARGAINS Duplex — Ideal location in 700 block on Walnut Street, good -oiidition. '1 gas floor furnaces. 2 baths, attic fan, naragc and storage. Lot G5 x 1-10. This would also make a ice v l - bedroom residence. riced to sell al §8,000. Terms. Cal'e — Beautiful 50 seat irst class pla:c. A-l location n Highway (il North, close to ilylheville. All modern kitch- n and fixtures Good busi- icss, good lease. Owner leav- ng stale Shown by a|)|)0int- nent only. JOHNNY MARR. Realtor 11- S ijeeond Phune 1111 ur 2696 Two [RClJcfi with cars. 'Four hourp j worK per day. Avcni^c earnings slOOO , per day Work is prmwnent and en- . Joy able Von f':ui IJe A Business Sue- | cess. Apply Bnx D N co Courier Nr*ws i Hefp Wanted, Male •J vomit* men (White) 18 to 25 fret to ttavc] So; Mr. Frazlcr. Goff Hotel 4 to 6 p in. No piionc calls. 3.15-pk-17 Correct PIANO TUNING And Expert Repair Work Wanted to Rent WAiHrrt: 3 rooms or more In E°OI] ^ rustrlot. HensotiRble. Private house prc- irrrrrt Dr. Paul Stanley. 125 SVesi j 1'JII Ponliac Slrciimlinci condition . . . Sllllo. Oil Mercury with r;iclu> and lu'iiU-r. jiinid conclilion, has I'J-IU licciiM" . SS2"). 1U40 Buick -1-door Sedan, raditp K healer. A very ctcnn car . . . ?79o. John Deere 3 row busters with trli No. 1"JB. Ulack Land Bottom, tire J II Hint. H. \V. Wyllc PlantBtlon at Hick Bc'id. 3 16-vk-ll bedroom Suite, Kttclicn Inhlc and & like new. Biiit;Alii , wil rent tioviic lo buycv ol furniture Ash. 3 lfi-pk-1 Stork line bupny 1939 La Salic. . .a lieaulitul i;ir U;is its ( 2-tone green finish, unusually clean ...... §1095 1941 Chevrolet, unusually clean, has !!)!!) license . . . 5930. 1917 Huick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, healer, and seat covers . . . very low mileage Guaranteed lo he in excellent condition, and offered al ;\ very good price. 1942 Dodge '/z-Ton Pickup, mud grip liics, excellent condition . . . S795. 19-40 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful blue rcfinish. This car is lops . . . $S2->.. "When Belter Cars Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. p;ul Plv 61G2 J IG-pk-1 p.. Hf OntlKiftrd Minor Uc^oni ill ^^'20 alter 6 pin 3 16-pk-£l For Sole, Real Estate nr 5 room house children, don't call Tf you don't like Phone -im 3 15-ck-t! Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television 301 )Vesl Walnut I'hone 578 Jobs Wanted UooK or maid In home cr cafe. Have caltii card. J-'annle May Garner. 102 1. HooscvcH. 3;M-pk-lB Personal Read fnurier News Want Ad*. rhlrty minute plintnstatle service U'STUEN B STUDIO l|6-ck-tl Found \ You Are Cordially i Invited to Visit Hct car keys near City Sup Apply O'licyant Jewelry. iuper Market ! ! Read Couri News Want Ads N of ice ATTENTION FARMF.RS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled uiimnls picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call culled, 6142, Blylhe- ville. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-4-l Mtc ^-roum, 1 j Diuti. 2 Dlocks oil Mian street, 'j ulu^k turn] nctiool rncc S^.luu icrnis uoocl a-moins antl o;ixn in nest purl 01 tlir city Will curiy t;uoil lrj;in This IS '.! blocKh oil Mam tilveot o-ruoiiib AIUI D^ili. parciHlLy uirnlsftcd ,\o\v rcnlinp hn 51.^ |ict nuinth Price SJ.^mj Have B'>CKI trnns on tills Also nave some sootl sviblirban property cln-ap l.lst your |)rui>crty wuh us for quick Falc. l HOSH .V ?5.\M (.GODWIN, Realtors •JV:' 1 ^ \\ M;,ln I'lioncs 2I1J — J816 - 4124 3,12-pk-lO We repair watches. Try us for fast eivlL-es. Moorc'6, 306-308 East Mam For Sale or Trade •1 room liousc and 0 room Ivivisn price S-1500 each. SoflO down ijiu' ?K5 tno. 8 -l-rooni -ipts. ,,ir>.ftOO S5000 down SI00 nio. CDIIII- to Abraliam's Tourisl Court between '.) a. in. anil 11 .1 in. ;i-15-ck-;l- SlOlvl) SOVP.KANS Dorlcl'sii.v N'» '2, tin- hi cst yielding variety in Mississippi County So\l" Contest. 61 IM PI. I- MIC NT CO. Nol'lli n.gliwuy I'I tioort 6 room house with bath, attl an See H. L. <lng. Manila Phone 91 Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANC New '2-lio'liMoni home on Holly SI. with gas heat,. 1 garage, ;<ttic fan and laundry room, flood terms. Good o-room house on Mar Kiierito St. SlOttd.UO Terms o-acre track of Innd on Soull (>l with nice li-bcdrooni home! and rui.tals netting Sf)0.00 per mo. Can Ijn Inianced. Nic<> 5-rooni home on Walnut Si reel; tl'jjhly desirable location—all modern conveniences DAVID 1JKA1. F.STAT15 CO. Bill Godwin, Salesman I'hones IH)^;!-12-I8C 3-lG-ck-3-Hl Pickard's Gro and Market | 1044 Chickasawbo 1 Violin Repair Experts Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main. Tel. 811 ^SWIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space Carry Your Money FARTHER WITH E-Z-ON CtnttutiH Stn mt Screen BEAUTY PROTECTION CONVENIENCE AT EXCEPTIONAUY LOW COS BUILDER'S SUPPLY Inc. io. Highway 61 Phone 243 WHEN MINUTES COUNT rhe prompt and efficient service of Owens Pharmacists solves the problem Every prescription filled with meticulous care Free delivery service Phone 2024. OWENS DRUG STORE The ! Accessory Shoi Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan" Jessie Srite Hotel \nhle Klrig. Blytheville..Ark. IF I Have At All Times For Sale several tractors and equipment, both new and used I hate John Deere, Farmall. Ford and othtt makes 1 now hare new Ford tractors and equipment ready for deliver? at dealers' price, I will trade for most anything yon have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE I mile sooth of Braggadocio, Me. YOU NEED DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION AT LOW COST Set DUPLEX PRICE CUT 1 his tjircci. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Servict Noble Gill Agency Cecil Darls —— F. B. Joyner REALTORS Glencue Bids. 1'lunir ;}Kil \\rll-Kciit duplex on Hcarn iin Uuuuc lloor Ivirnacc. not v, Aicr ncatrr. screen trout purch, is now oil pi eo ill «. rrclvuTd uricr 1'ohbC^sJoti ol one sirlr IMMKUiA'l tiLV. E. M. TERRY v At^tiai'L ,<.• Rpsltv \Salnut — I' hone '± KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry STILL & YOUNG'S USED CARS 1910 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan . . . $695. 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, maroon, a very nice car 1911 Ford Coupe, check this special price . . . 5595. 1942 Buick Special -I-door Sedan, new white sidewall tires . . . §895. 1910 Ford 2-door, has beautiful new paint, good as new . . . §825. . 1911 Chevrolet .i-door . . here's a special . . . ?o95. 1942 Ford 4-door. black color . . $895. 194G Ford 2 door, fully equipped, priced right ... $1295 1937 Buick 4-door Sedan, a one-owner car . . . $550. 1917 Ford 4-door, a city-drivcTi car ... 51550. Others to select from. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phon* 4333