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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, October 17, 1891
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PUBLISHED EVSBT SATURDAY —«T— W. W. BURDIOK. THBMS: 91 .60 Per Tear, Strlotty In Advance. The Beit Advertising Medium to reach the four north-eattern counties. Office Boathweit Corner Lawler iod Tildon Sis. / W. N. Br /RDicK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TERMS: $1.80, IFPAID IN ADVANNCK. VOLUME XIX POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1891. NUMBER 31. ADVERTISING RATES: Tntz I In. It 1 M 9 CO t 60 8 00 4 00 fi 60 10 00 3 In. It W * 45 8 00 • n i 50 s a 8 00 18 00 t» 60 B 0(1 e as g on n IB is oo 18 oo Xcol H eon ool l< 00 B 78 1 SO a % 11 75 18 00 •JO 00 SO 00 |1 00 8 00 10 on II! 00 17 00 2! 00 8a oo n oo 110 oo 18 8* 18 00 19 Of » 00 moo SO 00 80 08 Business cards not excrariins; tire llni's, |5. Loft! advortlsi-mente at legal rate*. Ad»«rtlw- ments Intcrti-il with no spMllte time will be DuhllsliM iinil orders! nut nnr" -harfred for ao-• oonllnKljr. All bills pnyahli- quarterly. 1'A11NKI,J„ UKAJ)! It IN An cm of startling deaths. ilal- mnccda, Boulunger and 1'arnell have mnile for the present full a somber record. The third in the lint of mortalities is divested of tragic features such us marked the other two, but thn news of it nevertheless comes wilh i\ »uddeniicss equally great. But Purncll no less than Ilalinuccdu mid Bou lunger had pnssed Iho pinnacle of hi» glory. His H'nr W.IH already declining. His life w.,s ti fnilure. Whut tinigiit hnve been it not easily conceivable. Even Iho Knglish pieniicrsbip wns not be- yr.nd the posiiibility of his reach nt one timo. His rise and fall lire ninlferH of current history. His work for the Irish cause was grout, and resulted in u nenrer approach to the end desired than hud ever beforo teen attained, liut tit the very moment when it seemed, us though success was all but reiidy to crown his efforts, his public career wns blasted und (he enure ho chiiuipioned greatly injured by indiscretions of personal condu.t which forever put thn stigma of shame upon his name. Kven hud it been possible for a grieved and betrayed people to overlook this serious lapse, the imperious ultitudo of the fallen hero ulter- ward, when he disdainfully declined ro relinquish the leadership of thn Irish party in favor of Qladstono nnd sought to bring into contempt the grand old man himself, would have forliuilo reconciliation. In thnt crisis the true character of the man was exhibited, ami, instead ot an unselfish spirit laboring for the advancement of a noble cause, thn world beheld an autocrat, ambitious, self- seeking, and dishonest — dishonest insofar as he deliberately endeavrred to belittle the glorious services of Ireland's best friend, Gladstone. I'ar- uell lived long enough to produce a serious split in the Irish party, and tho man whose lauors ho vainly tried to discredit bus since accomplished wondeiH in healing j the breucli thus unfortunately created. After tho terrible storm ot scandal had broken over the head of I'ainull he seemed to grow more determined every day to maintain his pernO'iut leadership lit every cost, and more violent in his denunciations of all who refused to enlist under his banner. He abandoned utterly the old principle of working by parliamentary Dieuns through existing English parlies, und asserted the right of Ireland us an independent power to shape her future lor herself. However ready any mau may bu to accept this us an abstract principle, be must, if he understands the situation, admit that it is entirely impracticable us u matter of fact. Ireland is not un independent power, and it cannot be uudo such unless some forco is brought beaf on Great Britiun stronger thun Great Britain herself. When Mr. Furnell spurned tho English liberal party wilh a contempt und viruleme even greater than that which he Bestowed upon Balfour and nis < iory associates it was not surprising that the personal islhienceihut was his diminished in a ratio equalling the intelligence of the people. There was then nothing to be Been in the future of his side except a personal endorsement and a personal triumph fur Mr. Parnell. If he had gone into parliament with the Irish members solid as a unit behind him, a result which is not possible, what could he have done except to claim it as a vindication of himself? His party, as a party, would havo been absolutely powerless. Hating and hated by liberals and tories alike, it could not have secured tho passage of a single, remedial measure. That be was a man of talents cannot be gainsaid. He was a genius as a manager und director und 'he battle for Irish home rule «as planned and prosecuted with amazing uccess up to the denouement of two years ago when the idolized lender became in volved in a scandal which at once alienated from him tho respect and assistance of that hotter element both in the Irish party and among the English liberals which could not longer labor in harmony with a leader whose pnreness of character hud been foully tainted. That a career so full »f promise at one time BDould thus end so suddenly is nevertheless sad. But happily the Irish cause cannot materially suffer because of the unexpected event. WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR ffijfi 1 ?, ™T l CT^thTr j of the astronomer Forbes was going to Bov. T. DoWItt Talmago Strives to Make tho Matter Plain, l Each 11 an A Ml Ml on to Acnnniiilinln un the lioiults of which Depend Munh of Earthly nnd All of Heavenly Happiness. THE great crops in the northwest ore atinilating the value of farm lands at a phenomena', rate, according to the •Minnesota and Dakota correspondents of the St, Paul Pioneer Press, Wild lands in Mower county, Winn., that brought u tear ago from $8 to $10 per acre are now worth from $12 to $15 an acre. A farmer in that locality has recently sold for $5,000 a form that could not sell' for $4,000 a year since, and sales equally or more profitable are reported from a wide extent of territory. In some towns of that state there has been an advance of SO per cent,, and in nearly all an advance in values averaging about 25 per cent, is reported. This is (rue OIBO of many farming towns of South and North Dakota. The Pioneer ProBB estimates on the basiB of its reports from its correspondents a total increase, in real values for tho three states of about 1200,000,000, which is wore than the value of the whole wheat crop of the territory referred to, Kdwnnl D. Hoi ion has followed his generous gift lii the Milwaukee college by a .donation of lands valued at from $30,000 to $35,000 to Ripon college., conditioned ,upon the raising by the trustees of an additional $50,000, the whole to' make th nucleus of an endowment fund. Mr. Holton ?i» a trustee of Ripon college. Tai? proeotora,o! a labor conference or -congress, at .the. Columbian exposition ; <^Rye;,me^,wlth euopursgiog success in -U^r,ejjorj|to flfillsfc foreign cooperation Many wellknowB latwr leaclert • A congregation of fully seven thousand persons listened to the following discourse by Rev. T. DcWitt Tnlmngo In tho Brooklyn tabcrnncla. Tho text was: To tills end win I born.—John xvlll., B7. After Pilnto had suicided, tradition says that his body wns thrown into the Tiber, and such storms ensued on and about that rlvor that his body vroM token out and thrown into the Rhone, and (similar disturbances swept that river arid Its ban It B. Then tho body was taken out and removed to Lausanne nnd out in a deeper pool, which immediately became the center of similar utmosphcrio and aqueous disturbances. Though those are fanciful nnd false traditions thoy show tho execrations with which tho world looked upon Pilate. It was before this man when bo was in full life nud power that Christ was arraigned as In a court of oyer nnd terminer. Pllato said to his prisoner: "Art thou a king, then?" and Jesus answered: "To thisoiid was 1 born." Sure enough, although all earth and 'hell arose to keep Him down. Ho is to-day empal- aced, enthroned und coroneted King of earth nnd King of Heaven. "To this end was I born." That is what He came for, and that was what Ho accomplished. By tho time a child reaches ten years of age tho parents begin to discover that child's destiny, but by tho timo ho or BIIO reaches fifteen years of ago the question is on the child's lips: "What am I to be. ? What am I going to bo ? What was I made for?" It is a sensible and righteous question, aud the youth ought to keep on asking it until it Is so fully answered that tho young man or the.young woman can say, with as much truth as its author, though on a less expansive scale. "To this end was 1 born." Then; is too much Divine skill shown in the physical, mental and moral constitution of tho ordinary human being to suppose that ho was constructed without any Divine purpose. If you take me out on some vast plain and show me a pillared tcinplo surmounted by a dome like St. Peters, nud having a floor of precious stones, und arches that must have taxed tho brain of tho greatest draughtsman to design, and walls scrolled and niched and paneled and wainscoted and painted, and I should ask you whut this building was put up for, nnd you answered "For nothing at all," how could I bollcvo you? And it is inv possible for mo to believe that any ordinary human being who has in his muscular, nervous and cerebral organization more wonders than Christophor Wren lifted in St Paul's or Phidias over chiseled on tho Acropolis, and built in such a way that it shall last long ufter St. Paul'B cathedral is as much a ruin as the Parthenon—that such a being was constructed for no purposo, and to execute no mission, and without any Divine intention toward aome end. The object of this Bormon is to help you to find out what you are made for, and help you find your sphere, and assist you into that condition whore you can Bay with certainty and emphasis and enthusiasm and triumph: "To this end was I born." First, I discharge you from nil responsibility for most of your environments. You are not responsible for your parentage and grand parentage. You are not responsible for any of the aranks that may have lived in your an- aestral lino, and whom a hundred years before you wore born may hnve lived a style of lifo that more or less affects you to-day. You are not responsible for the fact that your temperament is sanguine, or melancholia, or bilious, or lymphatic, or norvous. Neither are you responsible for tho place of your nativity, whether among tho granite bills of New England or the cotton plantations of Louisiana, or on the banks of tho Clyde, or tho Dniebor, or the 8hannon, or the Seine. Neither are you responsible for tho religion taught in your father's house, or tho irreligion Do not bother yourself about what you can not help, or about circumstances that you did not decree. Take things as they are and decide the question so that yon shall be able safely to say: "To this end was I born." IIow'wlll you decide it? By direot application to the only being in the universe who is competent to tell you—the Lord Almighty. Do you know the reason why He is the only one who can tell? Because He can Bee everything between your cradle and your grave, though the grave be eighty years off. And besides that He Is the only being who can see what has been happening for the last five hundred years in your ancestral line, and for thousands of years, olear back to Adam, and there Is not one person in all that ancestral lino of BIX thousand years but has somehow affected your character, and even old Adam himself will sometimes turn up in your disposition. The' only being who can take all things that pertain to you into consideration is God, and Ho Is the one you can ask. Life is so short we have no time to experiment with occupations and professions. Tho reason we have 'an many dead failures Is that parents decide for children what they shall do, or children themselves, wrought on by soma whim or fancy, deoldo for themselves without any imploration or Divine guidance. So we have now in pulpits men making sermons who ought to be in blacksmith shops making plowshares, and wo have in the law those who instead of ruining tho eases ot their olien's ought to be pounding shoo lasts, and doctors who are the worst hindrances to their patients' convalescence, and artists Crying to paint landscapes who ought to bo whitewashing tyoarfl fenoea, While there are others maklug bricks who ought to be remodeling constitutions, or shoving planes who ought to b« transforming literatures. Ask God about what worldly business you shall undertake until you are so positive jrou can in earnestness smite your hand on your plow handle, or yovu' sarpentor 's bench, or your "Blaok' London ho asked his children what prcBent he should bring each one of them. The boy who was to be an astronomer cried out: "Bring me a tele- telescopel" And there are children whom you find all by themselves drawing on their slates, or on paper, ships or houses or birds, and you know thoy are to bo draughtsmen or artists of some kind. And you find others ciphering out difficult problems with rare interest and success, nnd you know they are to be mathematicians. And others making wheels and strange contrivances, and you know they aro going to bo machinists. And others aro found experimenting with hoe nnd plow nnd sickle, and you know they will be farmers. And i others arc always swapping jack-knives or balls or bats nnd making something by tho bargain, and they aro going to be merchants. When Abbo do Race had so advanced in studying Greek that he could translate Anncrcon at tweve years of age, there was no doubt left that he was intended for a scholar. But in almost every lad thcro comes a timo when he does not know what he Was made for, and his parents do not know, and it is a crisis that God only can decide. Then there aro those born for some especial work, and their fitness docs not develop until quito lato, When Philip Doddridge, whoso sermons nnd lioolfs have harvested uncounted souls for glory, began to study tho ministry, Dr. Caliimy, ono of the wisest nnd best men, advised him to turn his thoughts to somo other work. Isaac Barrow, tho eminent clergyman and Christian scientist—his books standard now, though ho has been dead over two hundred years—was the diskoartenmcut of his father, who used to say that if it pleased God to take any of his children away he hoped that it might bo his son Isaac. So somo of thoso who have been characterized for their stupidity in boyhood or girlhood, have turned out the mightiest benefactors or bencfac tresses of tho human race. These things being so, am I not right in saying that in many cases God only knows what is the most appropriate thing for you to do, and He is the ono to ask, And let nil parents, and all schools, and nil universities, and all colleges recognize this, and a large number ot those who spent their best years in stumbling about among businesses and occupations, now trying this and now trying that, and falling in all, would be able to go ahead with a definite, de cided and tremendous purpose, saying: "To this end was I born. But my subject now mounts into the momentous. Let me say that you are made for usefulness and Heaven judge this from the way you aro built. You go into a shop where there is only ono wheel turning, and that by a workman's foot on a treadle, nnd you say to yourself: "Here is something good being done, yot on a small scale," but if you go into a factory covering many acres, and you find thousands of bunds pulling on thousands of wheels, and shuttles flying, nnd the whole scene bewildering with activities, driven by water, steam, or electric power, you conclude that the lac.tory was put up to do great work ou a vast scale. Now I look at you, and if I should find that you had only one faculty of body, only one muscle, only ono nerve, if you could Bee but could not hear, or could hear and not see, if yon hud the use of only ono foot;,- or one. hand, and, "aa to your higher nature, if you had only one mental faculty, and you had memory but no judgment, or judgment but no will, and if you had a soul with only ono capacity, I would say not much 1B expected of you. But stand up, oh man, and lot me look you squarely in the face. Kyos capable of seeing everything. Ears capable of hearing everything. Hands capable of graspingovery- thing. Wind with more wheels than any factory ever turned, more power than Corliss engine ever moved. A soul that will outlivo all tho universe except Heaven, nud would outlivo all Heaven if tho lifo of other immortals were moment short of tho eternal. Now, what has tho world a right to expect of you? What hns God a right to demand of you? God is tho greatest of economists In tho universe, and He makes nothing usolossly, and for what pur- poso did Ho build your body, mind and soul us they aro built? There lire only two beings in tho universe who can answer that question. The angels do not know. Tho schools do not know. Your kindred can not certainly know. A factory running at an expense of five hundred thousand dollars a year, and turning out goods worth seventy cents a year would not be such an incongruity UB you, oh man, with suoh semi -Infinite equifrtnent doing nothing, or next to nothing, in the way of usefulness. "What shall I Co?" you ask. My brethren, my sisters, do not ask me Ask God. There's aome path of Christian usofulnessopon. It maybe a rough path, or it may be a smooth path, a long path or a short path. It may be on a mount ot conspiculty, or in a valley unobserved, but it is a path on which you can start with such faith and suoh satisfaction and suoh certainty that you can cry out in tho face of earth and hell and Heaven: "To this end was I horn." Do not wait for extraordinary qualifications. Philip the Conqueror gained his greatest victories seated on a mule, and if you wait for some comparlsoned Bucephalus to ride into the confllot you will never get into the worldwide fight at all. Samson slew the Lord's enemies with the jawbone of the stupidest beast created. Shamgav Blew six hundred of the Lord's enemies with an ox- goad. Under God, spittle oured the blind man 's eyes in the New Testament story. Take all the faoulty you havo and say: "O Lordt Here is what I have, show me the'field and back me up by Omnipotent power. Anywhere, any bow, anytime for God." Two men riding on horseback came to a trough to water the horses. While the horses were drinking, one ot the men said to the other a few words about the value ot the soul, and then they rode away, and In opposite directions. But the words uttered were the salvation of the one to whom they were uttered, and be became Rev. Ma Champion, one of the most distinguished missionaries in heathen lands; for years wondering who did for Wm the Christian kind- sess, and not finding out until in bundle of books sent him to Africa he found the biography Of Bralnerd Taylor and a plo* his soul. What opportunities you navo had in tho pastl What opportunities you hive now! What opportunities you will have in the days to cornel Put on your hat, oh womnn, this afternoon and go In and comfort that young mother who losi, her babe last summer. Put on your hat, oh man, and go over and see that merchant who wns compcled yesterday to make an assignment, and tell him of the everlasting riches remaining for all those who servo the Lord. Cnn you slnjj? Go and sing for that man who can not get well, und you will help him into Heaven. Let It be your bruin, your tongue, your eyes, your heurt, your lungs, your hands, your feet, your body, your mind, your soul, your kifo, your doath, your time, your eternity for God, feeling in your soul "to this end was I born." It may be helpful some if I recite my own experience in this regard. I started for the law without asking nny Divine direction. I consulted my own tastes. 1 liked lawyers, und I reveled in hearing the Fro- llnghuysens and the Itrudleys of the New Jersey bar, and as assistant of the county clork, at sixteen years of age, searched titles, naturalized foreigners, recorded deeds, received tho confession of judgments, swore witnesses nnd juries and grand juries. Hut after awhile I felt a call to the Gospel ministry and entered it, and I felt some eatisfution in tho work. Hut ono summer when I was resting at Sharon Springs, and while seated in tho park of that village. 1 said to myself. "If I havo an especial work to do in the world 1 ought to find it out now," and with that determination I prayed us I had never before prayed, and got the Divine protection,and wrote it down in my memorandum-bonk, and I saw my lifo work then us plainly as I see it now. Oh, do not be satisfied with general directions. Get speclflo directions. Do not, shoot at random. Take aim and lire. Concentrate. Napoleon's success in battle came from his theory of breaking through the enemy's ranks at one point, not trying to meet the whole line of the enemy's forco by a similar force. One reason why ho lost Waterloo was because ho did not work his usual theory, und spread his force out over u wide range, Oh, Christian man, oh, Christian woman, break through somewhere, Not a general engagement for God, but a particular engagement), und made in answer to prayer. If there arc ono billion six hundred million people in the world then then; are one billion six hundred million dilVerent missions to fulfill, dilVerent styles of work to do, different orbits in which to revolve, and if you do not get the Divine direction there are at least one billion five hundred and ninety-nine, million possibilities that you will make a mistake. On your knees before God get the matter settled so that you can firmly say "To this end was I born. In the seventeenth century all Europe was threatened with n wave of Asiatic barbarism, and Vienna was especially besieged. Tho king und his court had fled, and nothing could save the city from being overwhelmed unless the king of Poland, John Sobleski, to whom they had sent for help, should with his army come down for tho relief, and from every roof and tower tho Inhabitants of Vienna watched and waited and hoped until on the morn ing of September 11 therlBingsun throw an unusual and unparalleled brill- fanoy. It was the reflection on the Bwords and shields and helmets of John Sobleskl and his army coming down over the' hills to tho rcscuo, and that day not only Vienna, but Europe, was saved. Ana see you not, oh ye souls, besieged with sin und sorrow, that light breaks in, tho swords and the shields and tho helmets of Divine rescue bathed in tho rising sun of Hoavenly deliverance? Lot everything else go rather than let Heaven go. What a Btrango thing it must be to feel one's self born to an earthly crown, but you have been born for a throno on which you may reign after the last monarch of all tho earth shall havo gone to dust, start now for your own coronation, to come, in and take the title deeds to your everlasting inheritance. Through an impassioned prayer take Heaven and all of its raptures. What a poor farthing is all that this world can offer you compared with pardon here and lifo immortal beyond the stars, unless this side ot them, there be a place large enough and beautiful enough and grand enough for all the ransomed. Wherever it be, ,in what world, whether near by or far away, in this or some other constellation, hail homo of light and love and blessedness! Through the atoning mercy of Christ, may we all get thore, THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. TUB Mormon conference discussed polygamy. Kx-Gov. HKIEI.OV, of Connecticut, died at New Haven Monday morning. HAIIT MHOS., the Washington. Y\\\; oil me.i, have failed. Liabilities $150,000. Mu. nnd iMrs. Henry M. Stanley have started on a tour to Australia. I'llK, Milln l,ac Indians will have to move from the White Karth reservation. THIS western suirar factories expect to make fully 27,000,000 pounds of sugar this IL'DOB WHITK, ai Yankton, declares the South Diikota banking law unconstitutional. AI'STKIA has decided to contribute 15, 000 florins to nid the country's exhibit at the world's fair. TIIK Au.'irii'n imperial government asks the reichsrath for 180,000 florins for the Chicago word's fair. OVEII a million dollars in gold was taken from the bank of England Wednesday lor shipment to thiB country. TUB appointment of Prof. 0. V. Tonsley, of Minm^ota, us civil n'rvice commissioner is considered certain. THE Argentine Republic has appropri- ati il £-100,000 to pay the expense of its representation ut Ctiicago in 189.'J, PKAiu,8 of rare beauty have been discov ered in great quantities in shells in the Cottonwood river near Guthrie, O. T. 1 wo OK the overdue Atlantic steamers arrived in New York Monday morning 1'hey reported a storm tiom the 4th to the Dili of unexampled severity. IIK I abilities of the Phillipsb(irg(Pa.) bunk, which closed itH doors jlon lay, urn $S30,000, and the assets S400, 00C. TUB plans of the new public library, to be erected in Dearborn park, Chicago, are completed and are on exhibition. Th building, without the interior finish, will cost Si.2011,000. Du. FELIX li. THOMAS one of the oldest citizens of Winucmac county, in,J., died Wednesday. M. C. CIIAWKOIU) was dieted Grand nuHcr "f the Illinois grand lodge of .Maxms Thursday morning. ItKPKEHKNTATiVKs of leading cigar manufacturers have taken tho first steps at New York for flic organization of u niinnth cigar trust with acupitnl of S'25,000,000. I'llK Spanish Admirnlity will, it is announced, luild a earuval similar to the vessel in which Columbus crossed the At lantic, forexhibitiou at the Chicago world's fair. YELLOW fever is raging at Conrives aud small port towns in Huyti nnd many Bhip crens have been attacked with tho onil- .uly. I-'ASIIIONAIILE men in Paris ond London are now using electric! ty as a ro for excessive tiDulintr. \ srrccfAi, commission, including Director Uimeral Davis and Mrs. President Palmer, will go to Mexico this month with a view to interesting President Iliuz and the Mexican people generally in tho world's fair, OiiDEiis havo been sent to tho revenue stc amer Rush, at Sun l'rancisco, to sail on the Kith instant for seal islands, and to remain there until Dec. 1, und as much later as uiay be necessary to protect the islands from poacher^ FOREIGN. prominent iron merchant of Hrocklyn, N. Y., fell off a launch and drowned in thu kiast river. TIIK schooner Little Wolf, of Chicago, loaded with a cargo of corn, is ashore on Hope Island, Georgia Hay, and in danger of going to piecc.4. THE recent hurricane in Minnesota devastated fifteen townships, sweeping them clean of timber. Several surveyor's crews are missing. AT Ollawa, Ont., eight, children from three to ten years of age. have been prison­ ed i>y i atinif the berries of the wild parsnip and are not expected to recover. BY thn sudden folding up of a patent bed Tuesday night, Mrs. Mury Nye, of Warsaw, Ind., had both arms broken, and I or daughter Bertha was sever jly injured. MOIIE than half of the business part of Columbus Junction, Iowa, was burned I'uesdav. Tho loss is estimated at from 81150,000 to 81o0,000. It is nearly covered by insurance. ANNE HELKOWB was burned to death Saturday -morning in n tenement house fire in New York City. 1). WEII, & Co., dealer- in clothing, boots and shoes at. Nashville, Tenn., were burned out Saturday night. Loss, 8100,000) covered by insurance. ANNIE HII.COWSKA, thirty-five years old, was burned to death in a fire ut 22 Willctts street Saturday morning, in New Yoik City. The tire caused a damage of 8100,000, and started from an explosion. AT Detroit, Mich., Parker, Webb ,V: Co's pork packing establishment was gutted by lire Thursday morning. The fire was caused by an explosion of tar and other material used tor painting hogsheads. The total loss is 8150,000, nearly covered by insurance. Kour men were burned, two of them very seriously. PIRATICAL CHINESE. The Depedatioiw of These Desperate Sea ltohci 'H Date Hiick Several Centuiii's. CRIME. Account ot the Method Pursued to Gain Possesion of Jieri'linnt Vessel. Manner of dipt lire mid Execution of Pirates on the Standard ut Amny. timWW Mftnpin « H ™ ^XOZ^WXXVSM lithatbookM «*.*awR*3T, * "WiMmg^iMpintopi^.l^ 8„ thi man who, at the watorlng'lrguffb IWM J W' There are children who , g^ w fl'^^^yii Jj# WAXTING FOll THE MUD TO DRY CHINA has informed Eussia that she huB taken steps to protect Russians in China HENIIY M. STANLEY, tho explorer, has arrived in London from the continent. QUEKN VICTOIIIA will raiso the peeiuge of tho widow of Hon. William Henry Smith. Sin JOHN POI-K HENNESSEY, an anti- Purnellite member ot parliament for North Kilkenny, is dead. IN a certain portion of the Ural district camels are tho only working cattle used, some large farms possessing 100 camels. THE king of Wurtemburg died ut Stutt gart Tuesday morning. He was born in 1823, and ascended the throne in 1864. .A CONSTA NTINOJ'LE dispatch kuys the I invite you to revolt in Arabia against tho Turkish au «i— thcrities has ended in the submission of the robels. 1'iiK bourse is distressed on rumors that the Russian government intends to prohibit the exportation of wheat after Oct, 15th. CAN OVA s DEL CASTILLO, iho Spanish statesman, is so fur improved in health as to be able to leave his bod. THE crew of the Dutch bark Nicotette, was rescued by the British, etoamer Paidine. Tho Nicolette waB in a sinking condition. AT a meeting of Paniellite niBuibors of parliament, held in Dublin Monday morning, it was decided not to accept any overtures for coalition with the McCar- tliyites. OFF Nowburg, Scotland, a vessel waB seen to be on lire. An explosion resulted, and vessel and crew were blown to atoms, Wagon | it is bolieved. Hion winds prevailed in the Irish Sea Monday night. Three vessel" are re- E or led to have been wrecked near Holy- end. IN Ziiwirke, Poland, Monday, bakero' hops were broken into and plundered by a moo of workmen. Troops were called out aud Sred on tho riotors, killing one and wounding several of them. A BTIIONG force of police occupied tho streets ut Hio Janeiro, and order is everywhere restored. Om, rioter was killed and several were injured in Friday night's fracas. IT IS estimated that 32,000,000 starving Russian peasant* mutt be fed for the next ten months. A subscription list has been G AiibKKKH WAITIC, of Horton, Mich., committed suicide by hanging Saturday, ut i he age of 00 years. THE ollicial stenographer of the Pcnn sylvanui committee investigating churges of corruption runs off, taking his notes with him. WILLIAM 0. HEISEN, aged 19 years, the son of a well-known citiznn of Chicago, committed suicide at, tho Wellington hotel, i Sunday night. JUSTICE cf the Peace Woods was murdered on the streets of East (Jrind Forks, N. I)., by unknown assassins. CIIAHLES II. HITTKH, u defaulting bank teller ut Kvansvillu Ind., has been sentenced to six yean in the penitentiary. WILLIAM CAKFICLU, of New Lisbon, Ohio, has confessed that ho wrecked the train at New Palestine, Ohio, a few weeks ago, in which three men were killed. TOWN TJIEASUHEK L, 13. HOOTH, of Newton, Conn., is missing and there is a uhort-.luo of several thousand dollars in his accounts. HENIIY WALTEIIS, a telegraph operator, committed suicide ut Scdalia, Mo., Saturday morning. Tine wife of a prominent Chicago jewel er hung herself in her cell in St. Louis. Sho hud been arrested for petit larceny MISS ROSA LUDI.UM, of I.nko llluff, jumped Irom the tust Milwaukee express at Luke Forest, III., Thursday morning, und was instantly killed. KDWAHD AEAKA and Charles St'-rgiss, of Huffalo, N. Y., were assaulted between Erie und Dunkirk by a gang of tramps because they refused to givo up their watches. Sturgiss will die. ANXIOUS creditors in tho Cily of Mexico, whose cluiniB aggregate over 8400.000, are seeking tho whereabouts of Salvador Malo a prominent contractor. He is said to AMOY, August 1.—This is the home of tho famous pirates of tho China Sea. Three hundred yejir-f a^o Iho old Diitel; navigators refer,ed to this district us "the cruhv.t and most bloodthirsty in the world." As soon as the young pirate, rendu d manhood's e-tatethey wruld join the band of some great corsair and sat away in their clumsy but powerful junks to the waters frequented by the argosies of commerce. These were the sens between !Ionu Kong and the Philippines, the Malay Siraits and the Indian Ocean, Venturous Cliinesn nirales lia\e gone so far west, us the Ujd !sea, and long before the discovery of America by Columbus had visited the Pacific shores of North and Sotuh America. The Chinese-records statu that in 1050 pirates from Quan-tung had sailed many moons across Ihe eastern sea (Paei'ic dean), until they discovered a great land where tla-re were many m-.tives with line cities, volcanoes, a profusion of gold and silver, and where the oiliciul* wore costumes aiade of bird's plumage. No one can read the description without identifying Mexico, Central America and Peru As a result of these discoveries the Chinese government sent eimaissic.s to these countries in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The embassies returned bearing rich presents for the emperor, and described the people they had visiled us polite, peaceable and prosperous. Strangest ot all, they reported that these nations had ueh trouble and many wars upon their frontiers with the n d-skinned race, simi In a second trial occurred a very dramatic event. The. proceedings were at an end and the magistrate left his throne to kneel and praj beforo the imperial tablet which is set in the wall of the court room and on which in heavily chiseled characters uro inscribed the words which give him the power of lifo and death. The act is equivalent to passing the sentence of death. When the magistrate arose from his knees the burly pirate, who had never moved a muscle during the ceremony, said in tones that could be heard through the court mom: "Judge, jnnr justice is injustice. Under the guise of law you kill tho same as we pirates kill. This trial has been a farce. 1 was not in the Namoa matter, but I am n pirate. I glory in it and am ready to die. There are three other pirates whom you have condemned, and condemned justly; hut yonder live creatures, who stand there wilh chattering teeth and hands palsied with fear, aro not and never wer<? pirates. You can see for yourself that they have not the courage of u small child und they are not the stuff of which pirate arc made. Of course you will kill them, but their killing will be nono tho less murder." ^ Till-. EXECUTIONS. The executions went off in the regulation oriental way. A cimpany of soldiers appeared at the appointed hour beforo Ilia prison; the piruliri were brought out with their arms pinioned behind them and their feet 'nunucled. Their queues were tied up in murium, high, hard knot, into which was stuck a bamboo skewer holding a paper card, on which was written tho name of the prisoner and the crime for which he was doomed to die. They wern escorted by the guard to the place of execution on the bench. This ut Kowlorn is within ii cabletow's length of Iho shipping, and at Amoy directly opposite tho windows of this consulate. The ceremony, though public, appears to have little attraction lor the Chinese. Of those who witnessed it tho majority in uvery case were Europeans. The troops formed in i lino and the prisoners knelt down upon the sandy shore. The warrant was read by un ollicial and tho executioner, who seemed u slender stripplin>; of 1G, began his work. Tho sword was of medium size, heavy, two-edged mid sharp us u razor. The headsmen knew his profession well. Tho moment the order was given by a bugle blast from the herald at tho signal of the commanding officer, the executioner advanced toward tho first pirates und stepped two feet away. Then raising the iiir'to tiic MalaV'savuHcs" with' whom'tho I glittering sword he struck a blow so quiet ly that it was scarcely visible. Iho head fell vertically to the ground, u column 0 red blood shot u diz.'n feet into the ait and tho body swayed und tell forward over and concealing the head beneath it. Tho next, moment a second head fell, then a third anil a fourth; only once war then; a slip in the entire nineteen behead ed on this paticular occasion. Then the prisoner swerved, and the sword striking Chinese were always in hot water. THOUSANDS IN THE 1MHACY 11USINKSS. At tlin beginning of the present century piracy was well nigh univer.-al in this part of Asia. At leas! hall' a million men were more or less engaged in il as a profession '1'he civilized powers made short worn of tilt) evil. Kiigbind, as usual, look the lea-ling hand in suppressing the practice, and showed no mercy on eitherjunk or too low. but half removed the head. Two manner that displayed the slightest assistants sprang forward und seized tho symptoms of buecain eriu Portugal and Holland were more diplo inatic and economical. They would em ploy one band of pirates against another, and u third against the survivors of the two. In 1780, In Formosa, by a wise distribution of cheap firearms, they ii.dueed tho leaders of a llakka pirate village to make war upon and exterminate a Chinese pirate village of 2 000 population, and the year following prevailed upon To-Yens to muke u night descent iqioii tho Ilakkas and kill almost every man, women and child. No ono can read the local records body, then in the vhroes of death, while u si.w-like cut of the weapon, severed the neck complctly. A minute after the lust head hud fallen the command was given and tho troops marched uwuv, und the headless bodies were left with the gauing crowd. HOW TJIJi'Y MKT HEATH. In one execution a prisoner lost his courage and begun to cry like a child. Thu next moment his rij.lit hand neighbor turned und said to him: 'Don't be a baby, be a man—die like a pirate." In another a powerful fellow whom tho ex- of this district without seeing how high a cutioner was approaching grinned at the value was setu pan piratical crime, and .WT!' W < • i l "i fr ttnu8Ulu! bow valueless nud insignificant has been Al right foreign devils; you can say unu is all human life. good-by to he boss pirate ot the gang. Ten years ago it seemed as if piracy «ut thestrangest. ot all. was the dying woro utterly extinct. Tne vigilance of the remark of tho ugliest and crudest of tho have gone York. aiuunuui. «c J" •>•«« authorities on tho ono side und of the _ ... . • , . ,r . to Europe by way of New foreign naval commanders on tho other ^^™°\^\* A &^^y^ entire band. Ho enjoyed tho singular S. W. Clili'MAN, a young Mormon merchant of American Fork, Utah, was swindled out of 84,000 in cold cuBh by a Mr. Smith in a cattle deal at the Kansas City stock yards, Tuesday. und a very pious Buddhist. Just beforo his head full he c»lled out in tho moBt solemn way: "'It is your turn now, but ours is to come My soul will be buck here in eighteen years, and for every head you tuko to day 1 shall take one hundred of yours then." Tho bodies aro allowed to lie a day or WUB relaxed to such an extent that tne condition of uffairs hero became thu sumo us what prevail to-day along the coast of our own country. The pirates and tho criminal classes from whom their ranks are recuited por- isjeived the opportunity and took advant- A TOEiariT train on tho Milwaukee "Bo of it. At first they confined the denre- road between Lake City and Red Wing, nations to VCBBOIS belonging to their fellow- Minn., WUB robbed ot Beal skins und ini- countrymen, ll.ey prospered, and in ul- ported shawls valued at thousands ofdol most every attack were very successful. „ nu Du t into what'fooks for all tho w( ' Emboldened by success they became very P u . 1 ,n '-o wuai IOOKS lor an iiio wi A" ol , ( , , f venturesome und reckless, und lost winter llkfl cw )l h ?™» and exposed to public DEPUTY Sheriff Caston and a bartender extended their oporations to European vea- V1BW ""t'l .decomposition renders them were found reurdercd in a saloon at Be , 9 d Euro £ Cllu Ht eam»hips. Theii ,,,, . .... Arthur_Cityacxas Thursday morning, work ou | milllrte » l Ul8t Christmas in the . , IB "° MO a number of trails yet both being shot in the back. . capture und looting of the Hritish steam- bob(l! '> <leu : It i» to be hoped that these i-ivK prisoners escaped from jail at sb » „ N ,. * f t , handsomest ?)»!°»'«°, E wholesale, extermination will Kountze, Toxas. Sunday. Their names „I„H„.„„ <w,„„;.„,„„ intimidate the criminal classes nnd re- aro Juinbs Murry, Will Gorman, Fisher Smith, E. Touchack and Robert Brown. Brown und Smith were churged with murder. Officers are in pursuit and they will undoubtedly capture- the fugitives. ply these waters. The pirate i killed the captain und several passengers, besides wounding a scoie, and robbed evory-soul on board. THKIK METHOD Of OI'KHATION. Their mode of operation is as simple as it is ingenious. Through their spies thoy learn when it is probublo a steamship or its passengers will curry large amounts ef treasure. They go on board as steerage und deck passengers, each one carrying his bedding and cooking utensils und disguised to rosemblu innocent, hard-work store the pouco und quiet that prevailed in 1880. If it does not we uro bound to have very lively times und deathly ono, too, at every port on the const of China, and especially at this ancient and venerable city of Amoy.—Edward Dedloo, in Philadelphia Times. A MIstRkn You alaka I.adloH' Iloine Journal. Just a little one, but then it is one which may after all, result very unhappily. Do not get in the habit of being familiar in manner of speech with young men. True, you may Bay nothing which Is harmful: | o£ " Big i, b 0 f nny other vessel they rise en I of feed on the quality o£ milk,"indicating you may say only what you think, and | km ew ' n person who makes any | that: FeedluK Experiments. Bulletin No. 14 of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station is being mailed. It ing coolies. When the ship is at sea out contains an experiment showing the effect -i!V , _.v . ~u _i. . . t _-.. ^ . „ _t £ I — IL I.-... -e 1st. Quality of milt so far as measured by its percentage of fut wai nbunged Neffru Plillonophy as Applied to Btuek lu tho Hiiro. The trian was spoodim/ along when in tht distance a wagon loaded with wood was sighted. It was standing in the road beside the tracks, and as the train ap- proched it was seen that four slcepy- ooking mules were attached to it, and that a big negio was UBleep on top of it, says the Chicago Tribune, "Why," said the old Nurtbern farmer, who was going south to visit relatives, "he's stuck in the mud." "Right you are," said tho Pullman conductor. Just then, tho train Bhot by the wagon and QUO of the mules dipped an ear as n sort of courtesy to the passengers. ( — "And, bust me all up if the driver ain't 0 paned at the American oburoh. asleep," exolaimed the ola farmer, hurry- Tim Australian budget for 1892 esti ing to the rear of the car to get another mates the expenses at 684,520,878 florins, look at the wagon. nn increase of 19.767,861 iiorinB over "Looks that way admitted the con- lggi. The reoeiptB are ebtimuted at 535, duotor. ,„,,,.„, ., 238,262 florins, an increase os 16,862,741 Why, heaint stuck bad," he said, fl, lr i lla ^NS?" 8 ' L0 ° K ' AN attempt is B aldto have been made "Naw OblNttnefl mv orav mars could Wednesday night to blow up a bridge over yank thatPload TCoof K to next which the Emperor of Austria was about to ''/!,,„(,,"r,i """v, n if t™, << pas 8 »n a railroad train. Tho would-be that may be' perfectly innocent. And ul- reBistMia , aM | imprison the oilicorB and [ ways to say just what one thinks is wis- creWi whi | 0 or)e 'aetuchment i, robbing dom, hut to jest with lorn or Harry, in- a || ^ p USSMgerS| tno mail and treasure by fend to a much greater degree than was nocent though the sublet may be, is not roonii & p accon( i u ute^i,^ the ship und quantity. Twb-ihirdB of the increase in wlB .aV ii „ , • . • i-f on a third ia attending the machinery and average gross yield of butter fat was due Shall thero be no gaiety in life t says boi | or8 be | ow They take their cupturo to to improve 1 quality of milk and one-third a dear girl. Borne point whero their junks are await- to increased milk flow. Plenty of it. But make it pure, sweat j f hem, draw the fires and anchor tho -oT~c„ „. m „„, „„„,,„„„,, KR nt fun, en ire y c ear and free from (he bitter „*"„.„- 'iw transfer fh.dr ..himW to 2d. sugar meal produced .58 of waters of Marah. their own cra?t and are soon lost in the P ound m ,re . , butter fftt P er 100 K )undBJ -°, £ Don't you think that the one man-the K-IS S and nTdc ^clmun'eU » '^"fi '» Zt ^ the^mm tt of ono to whom, you give your heait—will uf t i „ oftat . ' ferenca is 17 per cent, of the amount ot care more for you when he knows that an _„ . ' , , fat iu 100 pounds of milk produced by idle jest,acarelo;n word, a familiar man- Ihe Bystnm worked perfectly in the cw coin and cob-meal, nerhuve not been given by you to every of tho "Namoa. but io produced a reac- 3,1. Sugar-meal produced .78of apound man friend you have? It doeBn't seen W° n of wlll(;l1 tljb pirates "over dreamed. mor n total solids per 100 pounds ol milk luch; but, mv dear girl, because you are *or twenty-four hours there was more than than did corn and cob-ineal; this differ- my dear girl, juBt remember that while conBtermuioii HI Hong Kong, Amoy and ence is 0 per cent, of the solids in 100 many a girl aniusfw the general young man other I hinese cities. It was dumb stupor, pounds of milk produced by corn and it is the Bpocial man who is worth conBid- and i« tur " &a press, tho merchants and cob-meal eration. tno diplouiutio ofheers begun a uiovemoiit 4th. As compared with corn and cob- You do not think it quite nice to look to looking toward the p-inishniont of tto of- meal, sugur-meal increased the ratio of fat marriage as your future? Why not? Do fendeiB and the absolute prevention in to "Bolirts not fut" in 100 pounds of milk futureof such crimes. from 896 per 1,000 of 'solids not fut" to The Cbinese olhciuls became alarmed 457 per 1,000 of ''solids not fat"—an in- Bnd to the astonishment of the CTUIIBB of over 15 por cent, foreign community dropped their time- A honored sjBtein of dignity and delay that: aud took up one of the moBt intense activity ounty and not half try. "It wouldn't take much of a yank." "And that feller with four mules jest lies down on his load nnd don't try to gel out." Yes; that's the way they do down here." • "Well, what is be waiting for?" The conductor seemed surprised at the questino. "For tho mud to dry up, of course," he said, "What did you think he was waiting for—Gabriel's horn? I've seen half a dozen of 'em lie two days in that hollow." ' Apple «>ua Marmalade. Toko equal quantities of suoh apples and pears as will cook well together, and to each pound when pared and cored allow three-quarters of a, pound of preterv ing sugar,, Cook, aver a slow fire, continually stirring until the fraitU quite ioft, Store in .the WHH) w «y, • 1 • 1 ei i»i 1 .W.» ' ussassins were seen by watchmen, and their design frustrated. The emperor ar rived in safety at Prague Thursday morning. FJJtlBS AND CASUALTIES. AN absent member of the St, Paul grand jury proven to have been poispned by eating Buusage. RALPH BIUETENSTBIN , a 12-year-old sop of a farmer near Blairsville, Ind., was killed Wednesday by being crushed under a heavy roller, A TiiAiN run into a party of track walk ers in the union tunnel in Baltimore Wednesday, killing two and badly injuring three. A vnw years sinoe Jericho waa one of the moat prosperous villages in Van Bur en oounty Mich, Sunday the last building wMwipep} put by fire, , I Wu4*Mf DAYW, 80 yean of MT», you not llnd the companionship of a man yoa love more interesting than that of even your dearest woman friend ? Then you think I do not. approve of woman's friendships? Indeed I do—when they are true ones. But the best friend for a woman is the man who interests her, the man she loves, and who is her sweetheart—soon to be her husband, „nd sho makes a mistake in not trying to please hiin.^-uVth Asbmore. calf-feeding experiment indicates 1st, A ration of skim-milk and ground fluxseed compares favorably with a new- CllUBADB AGAINST TUB MUHOKIIKIIS .,, .. ,„. , Proclamations were sent to every com- ml '^ ra ft> n for V"*"* V 1 ™, 8 possibly .W. Ihe larger gam out came from the I available oolicenian. detective and soldier to tho md'idm lity of the calve, and Help but Don't OoerM. To bolp nature In IU effort! to tkrow oft the trammels of dinus le, ol coarse, the legitimate nu-llioil ot medication Tills tuolbod Ii, uiitor- lunuiely, too often diverged from and help perverted Into coercion. Uraetlo, exceuive purging it undoubtedly tlie most frequent form c was put to work upon tho cuptuie of the """i 1 r0 ^'^ an 4. a t l irlfty « r - r ?. wth 1 er0 miirdnrprn. Their fciici'nsH U'nu ratillv milUO murdorers, pkenomenul I-UCCCBS was really When you consider that the 3d. on skim-milk and ground llax-med. The skim-milk calves were, inter- district ii, which the pirates could t«ke|^P^^. m ^^ h •* ~" refuge contained a population of 80,000, 000 and that there are none of the tucili ties for police and detective work which 4th. A saving in value ol butter fat alone of 91.11 per month on each cult was ..•i.S,'. were identified and hn^'-iurU-eiuht hours' Be6d ' 5th. The coit of producing a pound 01 gain (estimating new milk at. eighty -Haven wUehedt'to laiort Aa^^l .aS» I were identified and W >rl r -el B htW u«uled with anioti grilling pnln, una succeeded by exJmuBtlon, which lesveii the iwsfiis Mevwim- ver y lm prooauifl. «everwieie»g tne Ming „ , _ ., Muis n uy » , n?.cumy?*rbe lSt sisiWZt was done, and fifty pirates in the "Namoa* and a half cents per 100 pounds and .kirn- lain or womsn who 'uei drmUo c»ih»rtic« for affair, hut ninety-four piratOB have beon milk at fifteen cents per 100 pounds, grain n .ii.ihi .tioii l« decidedly'WW .thM tfa J"t. a | rea dy beheaded for that crime. The one cent per pound, bay 15 per ton, and rar~ Mai" »od executions were conducted.with, flaxseed meal tbreo and a half cents per •*'.•'.•»*.•«»?• P/? U »A» I !..L OT .?.". 0 J ...!.. .. ou t any of the law 's delay by each of the pound) was seven and six-tenths cants for five tribualB engaged therein, Some of the fresb uillk ration and Ave cents for the the trials afforded startling glimpses of skim-milk ration, , „ criminal life in China. * A feeding experiment tor milk .indicate.. sirelHpger n»id. lnoneoase a pirate was identified by that; SAN FIUNOIBOO , Oct. la .-^Maurlee B. some twenty iwitncsseis as having been ' 1st, Com .is not a, perfect milk ration, 6trellnger(Siim'lof posen) was today held engaged Jo as many piraoies and as bav- 2d, Tbe bubstitution of bran and oil" to answer before tbe superior oourt, bit ins' token -part- in - the slttnghte? <ft met* weal results; in an moreaee of twMtllg,. (J tb> eb«ge of wurdariugPollceinan Grant, than one hundred innocent captives. and quality of milk, 110 abnormal solion, It progressive, not »brunt In in uneruiion, sud •trenui ions Inuleiid ot weskeu- lnii (lie organs upon which It acts, use it (or ma iarlal, klduey, rbsumaUo and dyspeptio aliment*

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