Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 19, 1972 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1972
Page 22
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E-8 A!;cn Evening Tnr si 'ai.;i ; n.;..v. ;,•....„..; Positive reaction to Dem convention T.OM in tlio furor oxer tho dropping of Senator Thomas Kaplettm from the ticket was the fad that hy :v2 ::,s per c-.'iil a majority of the American people had a liiehly posiTve rcaction to Hie Democratic National Coin on! ion held !n early July. The main reasons for the favorable impression among the public \\-ere the reforms which allowed tor ,i much {.Tenter representation of delegates who were \onns:. black or Spanish speakm:;. and women. This issue of sett in;; quotas on these groups in order to insure adequate representation from segments of the population who iiii<:li! Otherwise ;ioi )>,> named delegates lias surfaced in the debate at the Ucpuhhe.m convention winch will convene this Mondav in Miami licaeh. Here arc some hiijlilirjiis ol a special Harris Survey winch tested reaction In ihe Democratic convenlion in retrospect aftc- the Kauletou affair had been concluded: — The most widely remembered pads- of !,,c Democratic conclave were 'lie. openness of (lie con\eii;ioa, the way Chairman l.awrcti''.' 0 ' H r i e n handled the dele g a t e s . (he orderlv behavior of the new people who were aitc-iding their .first, convention. Sen. MeCovern's choice of Kagleton. and the representation of the young, minorities, and women. All of t h e s o aspects of the Democratic convention were followed and recalled hy between 5fl and 70 per cent of the electorate. — Least well recalled by the public was Senator M c G o v e r n ' s acceptance speech, delivered in the wee hours of Ihe morning. No more than 38 per cent of the voters had any exposure to it. —Although the reaction to the convention was generally positive, a major exception was the unseating of Mayor Daley and his Chicago delegation. P.y -4f> - :!!) per cent. v o t e r s reacted ngatively to this move. — Out (•!' :'() oilier in;ijor happinings al the Democratic convention, only two others were received unfavorably by the public. both closely related to each other: by 55-I57 per cent, a majority felt that the Democrats were wrong not to oppose school busing to achieve racial balance and. by 57-liO per cent, a majority also tended to sympathi/e with Gov. George Wallace in his stand that lie could not support Mi-Govern running on the Democratic platform. After the Alabama Governor bowed out of the race for 1H72, liis Mipporlers went roughly 2 - to - 1 for President Nixon rather than lor Senator lUcGovcru. On August •_'nd and 3rd. a cross section of likely voters was asked: ''Did you happen to >ee or hear about (1,'KAD ITKM O\ LIST) at Ihe Democratic convention in Miami, or didn't you see m- hear about that"'' and (KIM, lv\Cll ITKM "S \\VllK.\lili")" Were you favirabh ur unfavorably inii.iv-M'd li.v th.,! develop- IV'h.n ioj of ne\v delegatcv. ,vi (,, •••(•, y Targe number noniiii.i!:',! for \ ice proideii! .* !! -l.i II Appointment oi woman chairman of l>emo <rali ( Pariv :,; ;.) r, 9 A oie ID v.'il C.'ili fi'i-nia McfJovrrn dele gation ;>.i ,)7 nil 1.4 Support of McGourn by opponents after nomination .'D '/•! )'/ n Stand by linv \Vallace could not support MeGovern runnir.s: on Pom. platform .>:! .-,',' ;)c, 7 Vole not lo si\'il Mayor Daley anil In.s dele- Mr(,'o\(.| n pi uic'-ier (iii'h'oiii.iiion in hotel lohliy K :i7 I!:! |n \ o 1 " not ;« oppose school bi^ui!: io achiev e racial balance .MI ;\~; ;•>;; s Dcitale <rii Memo- cralic plaltorm in -is ,ti r; Vole tin! to back legali/ed abortion il -l:. -I! II Sen. Kcnncdv 's speech supporting Sen. MeGovern •!'_' (ill L'L' !l ^ olc not I" guarantee '..very family at least SO.oIKi a year :i!l (id :n 7 Sen. McGovcrn's acceptance speech ;;s (M Hi; n Significantly. o v c r a 11 reaction from the public to Ihe convention ran hii'Jiesi among those uroups who make up Hie new coalalion tor change in the electorate: the college educated, the young, suburban voters, anil those earning sir>,oim ;m( | OV( , r a year. The cross .scclion was asked: ''AH in all. did you have an overall favorable or unfavorable impression of the Democratic convention in Miami','" OYKKALI, KKACTIOiV TO DKMOCIJATIC Favor- Ihifavor- Not able able Sure Per Per Per Cent. Cent Cent Total Likely Voters 52 25 2'.1 Hy Region Kast. 24 Midwest. fill '11 2:) South •M 31 til) 23 17 Bv Age 1S-20 :'iR 22 20 3(1-1!) ;VI '.M 22 51) and over -Ifi 2!) 2(i llv Size m Place Cities .VI 22' L'-l Suburlis 57 '.Ifi 17 Towns -IS ;:» 22 llural -15 27 2S H\ 1','ducaliim Kill grade or U-ss -12 IS id High school -17 27 2fi College (il 2(i J3 l!y Iiiconic Cntlei- $5.1111(1 -17 '.'1 32 S;"),(I(MI-!I.!I!)!I 51 2-1 25 SIO.OOO-IOOII .Vi 27 2H si:i, 011(1 and over ;>;> ;;D ;ii) J;I-:.\CT!(1N '[(t i'.YKXTS AT HKMOCl; \TIC C0\\ !-'X |']0,\ TVi'U'P.t.i.'o- "i MI,' 'njhn-, :i Order: S: \v )] , ;i < ( !;,•.:.-i.oi i'';<\'i'.>;.iiA' ! i,:.v. .ij, i,;- \ Sure Illinois State off big for f Hv l.AKKY kliA.Ml' si'i;i.\i;i''ii-:i.i). in. <AI')-~ 'I lie lllino.s Stale l''air may lose the slate clo<e to SI .mliioii l.i'- vear ai;am, but it vv ill cai M al le.:s! S] million ior li.» (':!••. en S|>niR>iicld, |i::l I i 1 . ilnnik'.li soiiu 1 plltied "\\. ! l.'Jil lii.e hell lo i • !.'in liial I.;, 1 ' iiir S|ii'liii;lii'ld it :•- d.'M'ii sjooa liusi- - id t U\ • :i \iidiTMW. .•• ill: 1 .' O,M i :•:>!• o) tiie '• '• ' '•','.' \i\ ' ..'Id i liamlicr •l - iii.!ii< ; i i'\ i'.n.ih: lie .-ii.rj !ni'.:'ie<s D»l» From NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE, I NOAA. U.S. Dipt, ol Comm«rc« V^BW ^iS*!/ Show Low J»mp»raturei Expected Until Sundew Mornir.q i«loi«rf Pr«cipitotion No) Indicated— Consult Local For««ai( Ami iveaihei lioll Tfic I'dl'-ial I'nc'.' Commission l-'nday a|i|)i'o\ e;l a !i'-^'> "Cii..iiiiiuiMiv service" r.dc plan of Illinois Cell 'I I'lephoiie eo. \\ inch sets -;i miles liaM'd on keeping a rccoi'd ill' Ihe inoiitlily lime U'ed ni liie calls. Also inehnled v\',is approval "I Mislallaliini eliafjes lor ciiiiipment. A' 'he same time, Illinois Hell. Kriday. Hied another optional ser\iee plan before I I' e lllinoi.-; Commerce Commission. This plan, called ' Selective Calling Service", would sei monllily rales for l\\o tiers of calls licynnd the local i-nllmg area. The rale pan approved by " l(1 P r i f e commission .ti'MiTday .'i'id wliic-h became el'l'eclive al Ihe same time provide:-; for calls to communities \utliin about •>•, miles. Calls directed within this plan, called "Community Service", will he recorded on a monlMy lime basis. Charges vull lie made if Ihe conversation time allowance is exceeded in an;, mould. I 1 ' o r example. Alton residence phones will be billed -II cents for each quarler hour or fraction in a month. Allon business plumes will be billed (>'_' cents for each quarler hour or fraction; in Belhalto, 42 cents for residence, (il! cents for business; in P.righton. I!!) cents for residence, lit) cents lor business: and in Wood 1 liver. -12 cents for residence and li, 1 ! cents for business. All IhpT lime rail's are after the 'Monthly '.iine allowance is The service is not available to cusioniers who do nol have the community service plan In the plan filed Friday \\ilh the ICC, charges will vary for the I'irs! tier Hi mile.s beyond local eallin^ area and Hie second tier of 2S miles. These two outside local call Hers also \\nuld have supplemental regulations which would pi-rmil different rates on \\hal lime (lie • pays I » ^. r MCI t,tinni'\ i lumilKT of I'oin- nuM'ri- illujlll :•(''it'll Vi'ill'S ;ii;(). "\\o'ii' not only jeahius ahoiii kccjiiii.'.; il." |u> said in an inliMA ic\v ahoui ilu> inipacl of Ilic lair nil tin- capilal dty rcoiuniiN." Inn \\i.''i\' icalniis ol mil' '.'I'liiiinlinii ;is litists." \iitli'isoii s;ii;l !(»• \alllc of tlio fair to Ilk' S|)nii'.'lic!(1i;in's |iiii'lM'i!i'inl> ran iii> uaimt'li li\ • '.-tiii'Mli'S ilial tin- city r,'\rinu' ii'din tourists aint i'oii\t iiin'ii ili-k'ualt'S ramp's li'i'iii •-:' 1 nulium to <7n iniltioii a \t'.'/v In ifii' niid-i'aiiiir s.'iit iii.llion \>,oii!il iik'.til alioiit si ii a \\ii'i;. calls UITC niiiilc. One would bo '•;iroiiiicl-llio- clin'k .sorvici'": (he oilier an "nl' 1 ' peak hours" .service \vhieh would be from !) p.m. l'i H on weekdays, and ' hours on Saturdays-, 's .Mid a nnnihor 'of Jeyal !ioli(Ia\'s. If approved Hie plan would In' in efl'eel Sc-pl. 18. Karlicr last week Illinois IH'II filed before the Illinois Commerce (.'ucnmission a now me! hod for charging for "Community Service". This plan sei no addilional rates for calls up to 25 miles but a time rate would be kept, mi a monthly basis and if the calling time reaches a certain point an extra charge would be made. In (lie new "Selective Calling Service" plan filed yesterday with the ICC, customers can select calls up to four exchanges within 16 miles al " a set monthly charge; or up to four c.x- '.•! i alines within 28 miles at a higher monthly charge. They can also add on more exchanges within these tiers for an additional monthly charge !'or each added exchange. Kadi package plan allows one-half hour of customer- dialed calling lime each month to the exchanges .selected in the designated time band. This calling time is accumulated during the month. If the one-half hour monthly allowance is exceeded, additional lime is billed at a scheduled rate for eadi 10 minutes or major fraction. The b a s i c monthly minimum charge for around- Ihc-elock. .service in the 18 mile tier is $2.10, and $3 for tho 28 mile tier. Additional lime per 10 minute period or major fraction is 70 cents and SI. respectively. 'I'lii 1 1) a s i c monthly minimum charge for oft'-peak- liour.s in the Hi mile tier is SI.SO, and ?2.5f) for the 28 mile tier. Addilional time per II) minute or major fraction is lit) cents and 85 cents, respectively. The charge for each exchange added to the four basic exchanges is 15 cents in the 10 mile tier, and 20 cents in the 28 mile tier for ii'iih the i-.i ouncl-the-clock and ih(- off peak-hours time bands. The luiaiinuin monthly Selective Calling Service charges are made in addition to the basic monthly local area service rale. The new service was <l e v e I o p e d cooperatively between Illinois Bell and several indepemlant telephone companies in Illinois. II j.s expected thai Selective Calling Service will also be 11 I 1 >' r e d by independent telephone companies. The company said (he Selective Calling Service ••liarging method i.s eqtiilahlc because the customer pays in relationship to the amount of I line he uses Hie equipment and telephone circuits. ii&Bp.m. a Aug. 28 -Sept. 3 a Sept. 4 8p. Ov&noiK STATE FAIR CLOSED ON MONDAY CHICKEN WORTH GROWIN6 ABO J JT Spaghc-Hi Shtirnp Uavioli Mid-Tows 7fh o»d Cenfrai, Alton Alton and vicinity — Mostly sunny and continued warm today with high in Ihc mid to upper 90s. Continued generally fair with little change in temperature tonight and Sunday, low tonight 70 to 75. High Sunday in the mid to upper 90s again. Chances of rain are ten per cent today, lonight and Sunday. Extended forecast Fair and warm Monday 1 h r u Wednesday. Lows ranging from the upper 60s to the mid 70s and highs in the upper 80s and Hi low 90s during the period. Horsley will not run again SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — Stale Sen. G. William Horsley. 62, of Springfield has joined 12 other Illinois senators not seeking reelection. His announcement Friday that he was resigning as a candidate from the 50th District raised the voluntary retirements of Republican incumbents to an even do/.en. One Democrat also is not seeking re-election voluntarily. Dr. .John A. Davidson of Springfield, chairman of the Sagamon County Board, was appointed by the District Senatorial Committee to the vacancy on the ballot. Horsley, a lawyer, served 26 years in the House and Senate. Burglary, minor accidents listed til Edwardsville EDWARDSVILLE - Two minor automobile accidents and an attempted burglary were reported to Edwardsville police Friday. Sharon Green. 815 Stolze, reported lo police that her automobile was struck at 8 p.m. Friday by an unidentified car while parked at the rear of Schwartz Drug Store m N. Main. There was no estimate of damage. Cars driven by John Dickerson, 315 Oak, au4 .1 u a n i t a McMichael, IU3 Brickman, collided near the intersection of Chapman and Ilillsboro Street at 8:55 p.m. Friday. Police reported that the McMichael car rolled backward striking Hie Dickerson automobile which had turned onto Chapman Street. No injuries were reported. Burglars. attempting to enter the National Kood Store at IL'I S. Buchanan, were apparently frightened away when an alarm was ac- iivaled. Police reported that the alarm sounded at 2:16 a.m. Saturday when a door at the rear of the store was pried open. VIKK! CARR - BOB HOPf *>». thru Sept. 4 starring Ifliss Vikki Carr AUGUST 28 tlim SEPTtlViBER 3 ti 00 I' M. v UGON » » *e *z " i:: 018 6-<2 Jl.'ti > 62832 National weather Showers arc forecast Saturday in scattered parts of the nation. Cool temperatures arc expected in the Northeast, while warm air should prevail through much of the vSontlnvest. (AP Wirepholo Map) Herman & Liz Hechler, The New Owners Ot THE APPLE BLOSSUM RESTAURANT Muln Street - Ilnrdin, III, Invite All Their Friends To The GRAND OPENING SUN., AUG. 20 3:30—8:00 PM j: Chicken & Fish Fry <> *vw DINING ROOM NOW OPEN! PAT'S Ml CLUB i! GODFREY, ILL. *Steoks *Chops "Chicken FKI. NITE SPECrAL $1.50 I'RESH FISH, nor plnte Flsli Sandwich $1.00 SUNDAY SPECIAL $1.89 FRIED CHICKEN * (All You CHII EnO Wed. & Thurs. 5 |).m.-10:110 p.'m, I'rl. & Sal 5 p.nt.-Mldnlgltt 12 Noon-0 B.m. Closed Mon. & Tims. Pot charges are c CHICAGO (API - A Circuit: C6urt judge in Chicago lias- dropped charges against two Milwaukee men who held claim checks for two suited ses full of mcirijiiciiiii. Judge Wayne W. Olson rilled Thursday tat testimony /ailed to show that John Slick, 20, and Allen Hill. 20, were MUSIC NIGHTLY! DAVID MeKEE Saturday Night 5 P.M. - I A.M. PORT RESTAURANT Alton Area's Finest 2530 STATE N, ALTON 466-9796 SUNDAV—Serving 11-0 SMORGASBORD , . 2 SO Children Under 12 1.26 MON. & TtJKS.—Spccial H-0 SMORGASBORD 75 Dining Room Ifi 18 WASHIXGTON AVK. — VI'l'KR ALTON • Steaks • Chicken • Spaghetti • HOMEMADE RAVIOLI AND PIZZA Serving Bar B Q Ribs Every Thursday FOSTERBURO ROAD AITON, IUINOIS F10ATUIUNO: •k FKIKD CHICKKN •k Sl'EAKS if UKMJINE ITALIAN FOODS . if SKA FOODS For Carry-Out Orders. Ph. 462-4020 Ol'EN DAILY AT 5 I'.flL SUNDAV 12 N(M»N (Closed Mondays) Reservations for Banquets & Parties Carry Out Orders — Phone 4(55-6281 FREE PARKING IN REAR Xs Open Till 1 a.m. 7 Days a Week 7) MID-AMERICA THEATRES BEST PICTURE • BEST DIRECTOR SKMLDT KUMUCK S Open 6:30 Shawn; 6:45 & 9:05 CAMEO 1622 WASHINGTON * DIAL 465-7032 ALTON'S FINEST! MAT. SUN. OPEN 1:30 Shown: 3:00 4:25 «:•!« 9:10 • NOW AT BOTH OR-INS . RODSTEIGiRANO JAMES COBURN (PG) Cliarlcs Bronsoh Jack Palnncc u Chato^Lnnd"(PG)j NO. 3 TONITE BOTH DR.-INS "THE DESERTER" (PG) j: Chai!;.-,-( !•;/ FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admitted PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some Material May Not B« Suitable For Pre-Teenagert RESTRICTEQi Under 17 requires accompanyina Parent or Adult Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMiTTED (Age limit may vary in certain areas) Printed us a public service by ALTON EVUNING TliLEGKAPH HAVE YOUI DONU 22 VARIETIES WE WELCOME ORDERS FO^ Doitu i !••• n;.i' HIui.1'!. : ,;. J.YAVI; .., a*a»\'..-...r..'.., Mississippi River Festival WALTER SUSSKIND, Music Direclor Edwardsville Campus Southern Illinois University FOLK • POP • ROCK EVENTS ... 8:30 P.M. Saturday, August 19 DAVID CASSIDY KIM CARNES & DAVE ELLINGSON Monday, August 21 YES Jackson Brown (Lawn beating Only For Both Concerts .... 52.00} Come Early and Dine n :.';.u.Y'J picnic aii\is on {lif l-'citiul nhidiid: ipi'i-l: . S1.1!i 10 SI .75 . . . iiti! ;;'!ij Cu'ij -liiicj'.vif.ii, ; buuH'HM Illinois Uii!'.L-r:-!ty luud SIT',ice. : .' iiiifuient box '... pa-pa i cd BUX UMItlS: ..:.: ..i., I : , • •^'•-^:i* 5:15 & 8:30 DON'T MISS ITI GRAND —STARTS WED, WALT DISNE' produclionb' NAPOLEO WAMU '••ii-Lti. JECHHICOLOR ahd [ | . "ti it f (r-- <F? " $• £**'• NOW—Matinees Today & $« n . 2 OF THE VEAHS BEST! "Summer of 4f' ^; Plus "KLUTE" Jane Fon'L ^

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