The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 7
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ACTOBIES lerL^roduct? to. Is Ihiih—rfeigelejMakes Harnessj Ic la j has; in enterpi ise that la >irl4ely . knowp 16call y iiut wh idi not Is,puttie an Uem In thp incjustrial wlt^el iof pbogress- in o thi' Is' t^ie' ir city, and Leather Vn ductfi Cum- lUjiiy, g^peid and ooera ed by T. E. ghiuajian In the, upp r room of the inew ^eck building on'Hnutli atnet. Mr. Shaiiaban's proi net is dis- trltuted through the intUfl and tht; world is h^s market.- ' , 1 h4 Lea her Produc a Company aumufactui es novelties of ail kinds mate vt -ieitther. The ' 'ork is per- far ti«d mach nery and is turied out rapidly. 'urses,- key ckijB.ieoiii baes, check-book cover.s am varlouB other art ices made of ' lea hen are produced n thiH fac- i tor-; . ' • . S 1 he machinery consi is. in part, ' of I'statnplnK machine with-movable typeaused for «fan pInK names on l^manufactured artitles. - Gold lera :is| lised mostly foi fhis work- Th^n machine represent i inrest- inett of $fiO(l.' A larKc c-utiinK ma- cjl le i-s used for stam] InR out th« vatiotis miclns from srgo pieces of battler and does its work rapidly. : The cipacity of this miuliinc l^-iEbout titet of wliat iwenty peo- |>le would be. .and the <cosi of this ,ina<jiin^ is i$600. > f fdpid ilrire f^titc .hf IK machine the .work 6i sewing all i earns whicli am twcessap-y to complc le the work. Ttw re; i^re Other machi les such as but :on ilasteners.. cie. ; All.muchin- ery Js qperateil by the |ippliance 'o|f olw^ricliy. I. , The company's investi^ent lor clquipment ps placed at $8,500 and Uie i^yrojl is-plaqed a $5,000 per yeair.. La^t year the o iput of th(| ;[ covlf^njf |wiap.l02.000'ni|anufacture<l aft(c|os.! il ^'e V value of number of : cpui-se of yeari 192C |lhe product e reaphed iHe value of 1: liolobo:' i)f i Herirele Harness .Shop. Among «f )ie many nn nufacturing entfcrprises bf lola mi y be men- tipiied thatl bf the. Ileigtle Harness ahcl^ lAuto '''op Shop. Alii. Heigele manufact ires a large sets of hat less in the ai year and during the in this line $7,000. and thaf of auljo top.s. S .I.OO), ^. jjji. Heigele says (an 1 his btioks sbo|n > that he attracts business in hfsjl ne from five differ !nl counties apd he colnsiders ,Iola as being a larg^ .:manufacturing' center for li^lid-inad^ ; liarness. 1 'nrmers. he says, haven't, gotten a\eT the idea t^at handlmade harno s will last nlu !h longeri and stann up Ix'tttr than tlie inacliine made article. • i^li HSi^elj; does a la ge business lii in anufJcturing autc mobile tops ' apd also cioe ^.a lot of repair ^york op harnesii and other 1< ather giioils. riehias bJBCti in busiiess in I<ila sini4 191'^ s'uccoeding his fatlier. w^»6 mov'rf ; to t'alK irnlii some yeaVf aga. • j A ^lj., ^Jeigei i''.s '<>rjuip iicnt rcpri'- MAKL^^G-:-Tli new fuirniturfe ^G-:-Tia ' [rnituri, *ei on'a 1 'vim- The Markets Kansa:8 City. KiO». or - Agi-lfJiiltiire)—Hay which was Knu«<as I'lty Has. (li. S. Deilt. nlhanged. atlle 2rio; calves 25; lielter iitid fa lilgher; steers strong short f ills s^ wcr; arlin |eers l ^.riO; 9; to Hogs phcr ntarket t«}p »1 b ilk desirable 21i) pounds up |li.40 sows mostly *4n.."iO ;Q .2r >(f( aiiei '4 Kun<tiis (ily Lirejlttink. Kansas City, Feb- ri.l (United J^taies rjepurtnient of y .griculture) 2 .^.0; calves 25; for week: fjrades led steeis iyearliugs she stock, slroi^ to 25c medium and short fed •earllngs and fat ijhe slock, to 2t>c higher; medium and d stfiers, stockors and feed's, utjihangcd; all cutters, and cjady-; vealers ^1.50^1=2.00 iveiglify iahe.f 5l)<j off; lop 58 $12.65; choice heavy -12.25; bulk fed steers $8(9) itockers and feeders $7.25 i) veal.s $12. •1,500; mostly steady to 5c ithau yesterday'a packer .1 no shippers in: practical ioO ou 225 to 250 pounds; packing 10.50. ; J) uone. for week: fat lambs iC»25d I higher; sheep steady to higher: feeding Iambs steady ,2nc hers cive.s I fieding 2.50r< is higher; top. lambs $13.25; largely $X2.ii5(fi 13.25: top .75; hulk $7/fi'S..".0; top Iambs $i:!; most sales 12.75. i Feb. 11.—.'tfr.s. Beaty Ray children spent-Wednesilay with parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. W. B. lOes- ter. of Tola. i . ; .Mrs. Frank Barth and Mrs. S Ross spent Mondjiy afternoon w Mrs. H. K. Sulllyun. ! Miss arace Koss visited >Vith .MisB Kuth Gtrrdi Sunday. 1 Charles and. Bffio Bremer w^ able to return I to school' aftcif week's absence [with measles. >:. F. S»i6\i\ll who bought Palace Drug atbre, will still mala on the <fai*in. '.Mr. and .Mrs. W. B. Kester loin were d'tunbr guests •• at : Ueaty Ray home Sunday. : The program i committet of. ^ Star Valley farm bijreau unit; inQt Fiiday jifternoou in the) Jiomq ' !ith vr« a the re- of he ihe lo iprepdre tliL- ytatfs wdrk.) Ifhe K. of Ifir .A H]LPE,.FUR(& WOOL OMPAN iaipt »iir prlMil «n POULrRY. AM» ECffi.S will cu'me uft«i poultry. ' IA.JONIS Plion« 1307 GiJEjtifkif'S:, BJtAliKET :WB; phiT^, the followli i;; price*} Hehf* -I-i- - : I5^1Sf siHngs n @i;c 8 igs ..:....13c, OldlCocksl .L.„....„l«®Wc -rfiMns . IC@244> Sflp^ . 12c ¥4A ,L.-i—--.......I.i tic GfWn Hides 07c Hlnrse Hides, eiich $S.OO Ji F. GrernmiiPr jdiiie Co. r-Jik^i ITonk-M ffid 'P,li» Phoiie S76 1. loia, Kant iChlrago lihestftclj. Chiciipo. F(l). 12. ii:. Sj Dept. (li Agriciiliuu't —Hogs. ;i,«0(i; ifu't" af.'O ixmnd Wfights $11.^5(ri 12.1(1; tbp $12:10; bulk butchcn $11.50fi 11.70; I '^sliniatcd Iiold ov^rs 4.000; ijeavy weight hogs :$11.50(fi)11.75; ihediuni .Sll.Coffi 12.00; light ¥11.7:. *12,10:. lighi liKiil $ll..-.0ifil2.1«: Caltli>. :!00; compared %vith wei -k Jgo: foil seters fully pteady; ex- feme tup $12.!t0 paid fori l.:»i»5 lb. veragos: si-vi-ral strings $11.75® .,2.2.-.; several loads $12.50® 12.85; ^•ppk's bulk price.s fat stters' $9.00 r/11.5 'i :i siocjiors pud feeders $7.25 rj Jf.25:, licavy nu-aty feeders up. to fy.«l(Ki!f.2r,: fat cows ?h.50(&6.75: irs $12.50 u.lf<-rs ; $7 .oO«>'!l.oti; ul4 ."Ui .i . Slif «'|i. i',iil >t r "<ally}Mumo on ;ali.' loday: w.-t-k's t <.p prices fed Vitslcni lambs 1:l .'Mlii;' native .lambs il25: I f<-d rliiiixMl lamljs $11..50: curling wctlii-r.s $11..'0; fat fwes a .oo; jti-cdinK aiiil slifUTing lambs l .t..'!.'.; i bulk jiri »<s: fcil, w«'Stern anibsi .'512 .75i7( 1.!.:!.'.;' nal ve $12.50 riV.'.Mi <liiip .d Iambs $11.00 /fji 1.50; k \0(iHMl culls $10. )6 (ii 11.00: carlin ^i wcjilicr.-; $1 l .()0 (f; IL.'.O; fat •wes If5 .50';( .s.5(i; feeding and iKariiij; lailibs $12. ^H'?/M./)(). yirk. Hcaty Ray Pfogram for the . committee members are: Mrs.'3 Ross,/Mrs. Beaty Hpy, and >^r8. R. E. Sullirai*. I I • • ; Oscar Sluckeyi is yisltinfe in the neighborhood thJR week. .Mr. and .Mrs. Beaty iRay called oh Mrs. H. B. Adatns. Sir. and Mrs. Scott A<lams an(l Kcnnetli A^a ns Sunday afle 'rnooii. Mr. and Mrs. I Russell Boyer. of lolu. .Mr. and' Mrs. Homer Crook sopnf Saturday liiglit with .Mr. anil Mr^s. Will Kelley' and .Mavis. Mr. and Mrs. George Davis and children spent .Sunday ' afternc on with .Mr. and J .Mrs. Floyd .'Ic- Cracken. .Mr. and Mrs. Homer Crpok sp -nt Sunday evening {with Mr. *nd > rs. .Marviji Barrackman, of Humboldt. The|€. B. 0. will meet with Mrs. .S. K. • HoBH next Tucsdily afier- nocn, Feb. 15. . The farm bureau ladies ^iiiet Tuesday afternoon in the ihom(| ofi -Mrs. Beaty Ruyi • The lesson was' on decorative stitches, and health exercises with music. Mrs. lj<aty Ray and .Mr.s. K. H, Brown Were the leaders,' assisted by Mrs. Syverud. There was much inte est and eiithusinsm In the work. Tl ose pr'jsent were: .Mrs. F. X; Wil en- burg; .Mrs. K. lij Brown, Mrs. ri. F. Scovlll. .Mrs. K.; R. SulIWan,. jlrs. Ida Dverman. .Mrs. MableliBricker, .Mrs. H. K. ROBS , .Mrs. Roy (.}|vin. j Mrs. Frank .Me tbii, .Mrs. U. A. ,Ray.. I-Mrs. M. 11. Landls. Lena S 'Ui- JJ^ ' niers and Mrs..(Florence .Syverud. I .Miss (Irace Ross spent Wedies- Feh. 10.— Be! sure and j see the "Arizona jCowbpy,'* play to be given by the 11. N> A. at the M. W. A. hall SatuKlay night, Feb. 19. The'Ladles'- JAId served lunch at .Mr. Walqulst'al sale'Wednesday. Mr. and Mri^ Nelson Afiiett and son. Clarfence.j spent Sunday with •Mr. and Mrs. ^. C. Btemer.i ' Mr. and .Airs. R. C. Oreer ate Sunday dinner Iwlth the letter's parent. .Mr and Mr.s. V; B. Richardson. • i . 1 • ' •<• .Mr. and Mijs. Oeo. Alford and Fern and Dorothy, .Mr. ami Mrs, .lohnnie Cation. .Mrs. .McCoUouRh and Homer and Arthur Ballanger spent Sunday with .M. K. Reed and family. Etta Roberts is confined to her home on accoi nt of sickness. -Mr. and .VrHt ^Fred Alford were Sunday visitora at the D. H. I'heo- bus home. . | .Mr. and Mrs] B. (;;. 'ftremer and children, .Mr. aind .Mrs .M K Reed and, Robert, .Mr. uiid .Mrs. O. .M. HolmuA and Verne; spent; .Monday evening with Charley Rinehan and family. • They' | are' moving to a place near Earjtou. Little Fern Alford is out of school this week with a .sore throat. She fell, running a stick in her tonsil. j ' .\iir and Mrs. Heitman visited Suti rduy nighii and Sunday with O, .M. Holman ind wife. Mk: and .Mrs. Will Toniliuson spent .Monday ivilli Cha.s. KiiiokjMi iini} wife. US |i-:i IK C iK CHK PR CAR BARCA NS-f- VR (1 LI':T , 1926 TOURINCi. IVROLET, 1924 VROL'i'IT, 192G C0.\C1 .I. FORIH . 1925 COUP I) 1925 COACI bui). 2 1925 TOrRIXGS. F^RP. 1924 TOUR ISe 192'i6: 19' In t4 er-U Other CI HOVER ,^ T1PR- 12 |. JEFF^RSO.N ; .Vfl, leapt r Cars. ii?HONE 192^ STAR TOURI di ioh: 1924 Chev gdodhniy. B: T. 211 West street.. IG—Rood, coij- Dlet touring, a larber Garagf. f hon.e 515. Bajlloon tires. :ean|Ufphol,»te^- goolamechanl- viii- Condition. guiratJ»eed. .M<J . ORD TUDOR ip7 license, good c original finish. ij*l|iy .Mot«Tr Co., 2 Plume S9:i, .loe Stecher developed bis wonderful scissorsj hold in wrestling by practising on a bag of nleiil.. AUCTIONS AncUons lOA PUBLIC AUCTio.N— Public Auction every Satnrdajy at 1:00 o'clock at BLshop's Sale."* Pa:yillon. ' PUBLIC SALE Wednesday. Feb. IC. miles ieasl of Clianute on .Main street, lieginning at 10 a. m. S.l hi-ail ofi iattle. llblsteins^ tiuernseys. alljT. M. tested; 7 -Iieail iif lionses. farming impl«-nn-iiUs. chii'keus. fe.-.j.' .housfhold guiid!:; Ford roadstt -i -i with delivery- bn .'c. i.-nts an Invcstuiintiif about $7,000, imj hik payroll is /abnjit $3,'200. vir. Iletg'li- was foriiii-rly engaged n busiiicss in tin- buildint; (m South (itrcdt *birc his fadicr onducted he bt^s ness fnr several i-ears, but lie new Ijuilding was erected site where the oijii wooden iince |>n th< niildli g stood whicli belonged to K. W. ihop. t hich rick. Xot(i Beck, he has had this for his Mr. Beck owns the building is sui)stantially i built .of •ighth issue. . nitjarqult faimtng I will mUe ^nst of-LaHarRe ( n the cemen dav night -with Miss Ruth Gar . .Mr and ;Mrsi C. K. .Mcllenry Hiattvillp: Kans., are vishiug ti ',i -s here." .Mrs; .McHenry is.belp- ll. of •la- wb ii is The foregoing is the ievchijlij of a series of articles on ihe Industries of lola how being hubllR|ii>d; In The Register. An 'will appear in an early ins car/' for J. M. Cooper, ill with the measles. Mrs. E. F. Scovill. Mrs.- S Ross. .Mrs. E. H. Brown and .M. B. Lanilis pitMhe .Stai' V: <'Iub attended the ladiepi' farm rcau mei 'ling ill .Memorial Sainnla.v aftenioon. Vliss K< of .Munliuttnn addressed the n ing: Mr Charles McHenrv' ate dinner WeHnei^iay with .Mrs. .M, S. McHenry in her home; .Mr. Warren E. Schaulis wa |i in this noighborhpo<l the first of week- testing the herds of B Ray and 8. R. Ross. I Most all of the children are l^nck j in .school this week who were on account of measles. , i E. Mrs. I ley bu- Mall Iley ecl- the •nty out PUBLIC .VrciilO.V I will sell at public uuctioit. .Monday. Ftil>. It. ai 7L'. .Vortli U'alnut, at ouH-thirty. furniture of a ,'si.v room house consisting «.f-ueds. dressers, rugs. Ftnves, tables, chairs, dishe.f, cool:Ing utensils, 'canned fruit. .Also 5(i0 brick.I wire, plow.^, spring WHgni), cltickHis, lots of garden ..nd other; tools and many other urlidus tob niimerous to meniion. •(". S. Bishop, Auctioneer. CLINTON ADDITION —For prompt results' use Classined Columns. j. the Mr. Feb. 10. — Mr and Mrs. W. (L. Sprout ispent i Sunday afternooin with MK and Mrs. Walden. ' Terrill O. Honn called! on andjMrB.B, P.i GordoB Satnrdiy. Mr. and Mr.s.;Pearaon made a trip to Neodesha • this-week. B. F. Gordon . and Mr. Petdrson were hauling fodder from'the iRns- sell platje. Tueiida.v.. Mr. nnd Mrs. Pearl Sdtfihard speni Sunday | at the Anderson N ... • ; ! I home on-North i Cottonwood, sell at IRubhc.Auctmn three-fourths i Meader has rented road, |o'' • i i„ i.... L a-.. 11-r- Be^inuing at. .10 o 'HEAD OVJlhnSt J-One bid m ki^e 11 ^'^raj old, feight l, lhi.,r 1 bay .mare 10 years i w sight l.lSOlhs.; 1 lay gelding 8 y«ars old. weight 1,26 »• Ibs.;^ ^ «)r- rcl I gelding A years o d. weight 1,- 3(0j lb .s.; I black geli ing coming 3 yiars, old and weR 'roi;o. weight 1. [^oTbis.; 1 hay geUing coming 3 y* ars oldi notr broke, driving sud- dlW RtockJ weight, 900 Ibi*. ATTLJE -^One . 5 -y ear-oi I HOIT 8 ()»jn cow(, will befriHlt in Tarcli; 1',5 -year'jold Jersey i nd M ilstein c (rar, giving about 1 g illon i. milk. WUl be 'ifreBh In .Marc i. Tin are eiata. good cows. TjFARIHIMPlEMtW'l'S-^ne . xtr gmd Rdck Island S M >clal w.igoi ann box; 1 irdti whe I wagon am ui ')(',t S.J. Case 4-Inch: gani p I iw; 1| P. * 0. 16-fni* i snlky plow 1 ;i-8hoVel cultlvatpf: l :6 -shove icfiitlyaipr; >1 disc tul ivaior; 1 .Mi CpinhicU selt-T^ke; J S-foot mow eri 1; corq. jtlaatec.' w til 80 toAK, <> T»jtre; 1 ItWo-sectioli harrow, as gooij, :lock a. ni Feb, 16 le foI!nvving described property: _ _.. the TDahlels place on South Kentut-ky. Mrs. Pear Soiifhard and thi ;as ne vi; 3 sets of work harness. board (snioki bus'lu [<tret< p-bar hiuhnil PUBLIC SALES DATES-Community Sale, -Vloran, Feb. 12: Pure Bred Hog Sale, Blue .Mound, Feb. 14; .Mr .ArcBijatne.v. Selma, Kans., Feb. 15; Pure Bred Hog • Sale. Occltree, Kans.. Feb. 16; Freil Hyson, Ccnt^rville, Kans.. Feb. 17; KIncuid 'Communlty Sale. Feb. 19; Carl Hcckenliable, J Mdran, Feb. 2.'{: .Tim Gregg, Blue Mound. Feb. 24: Tbeo. Jagolo. ' Hepler. Kans.. Feb. 2.^; Kd Cochran, Selma, Kan's., Feb. 2p. It interested in any of these saU -s, write E. E. IJall. Bayard, Kan |S., tor bills, i If'you are interested or are expecting to employ ah auctioneer, write me at Bayard, kans., or telephone 632', Kincaid] at my expense.' My reference Is niy work In the sales. 12 S! Washini- Bim WHITE MOTOR CO. InJl».SO.N-ESSEX I.)H CIIHVROLET. 1924 IVROLKT, 192:! IJOI (M-:. .1!"2.-.. SEl). ICK. I!t2(; ROA idrfsk.X, 1924 SIX •ISSE-'v. 1925 SIX F|oi|n. FOflt). 1925 ROAD miili. 1924 ROADSTER. 1).'1925 TOUR . NG; I). .'! P.i2"l TOl Rl .VGS. :()liD:'1922 iTOl R sal :<)i lljlSO.V. 1925 COVCIL (ivr -JRLAND. 2 192}i .TOURl.V'CS W Tradi'. Oi , Easy T.-' 219 ,S. WASH. Airto Accessories, tires. Parts kimURETOR.S—N TICE BROS. an.vthing. Phone at phone 1605; "TAlJ Auctioneers.; Wc sell pnywhere, anytime, opr expense, j .MorUn Lallarpc phone 645. T0WOTIVE Aotomolilles tor Sale 11 loHlles IN U Idren 1 JII^^jElil,A^•EO^•S—One scoop ;!2 forks; 2 .scoop^; 1 bee •i;; some'lumber; 3;. or 4 U of sefed corn;, 1 new wire her; sledge hammer; pick; 1 cjl round galvanlajd tank; 1 ''hfHlge posts; chicken wire; f .IK , — . 1 &0-;^llon coal oil balrr^l; hog roug !(<; (thicken coops;; log chain. JAIso tl building Kl fee^ by 18 feci, suiial lb 'for garage ior chicken coop, j Several smaller chicken c (Mips; [and nmny other articles too uunu' 'bus to mcniioa; i ni ^'KEXS-'SiX dozen young hens, nioHtlv R lode Island Reds. II 0 r S E 11 01. i) (i4MI»S-Oue kltclnn caldnet; 1 wash - stand;' Ironlnx bnn'nl; I oil heater; I in-, cubai >y: about ino tiunrts of cannej friiit; reznois; hot' plale; gas bjrner for cook stove, and! nuuie'pus other articles'. ThI •' properly is subjeft to your iiuipoi jion at any time on or beforr late'df «ale. visited at the Gordon home jVVedt nesday. i . Mr. and Mrs.' Pearson callel oji j.Mr and Mrs! W.L. Sproul Tnes- |dav afternoon. | . ' 1 Mr and Mfa. plehl have beer p.t- jPering the Daniels home this i .-eek on South Kentucky. Elma Peterson has the chi< ken vox. j jWrs. Edwin Meader spent Monday Wltli her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Squthard's. j BARGALNS IN USED CARS-192C Chrysler -JO' roadster; 1924 Ford coupe; Maxwell sedan; Ford road- .sters ami tdurings. Marr Auto Supply Co.. 1 OAKU^.ND — ;uick Dealers, it'jess than cost fhllc they liist. Co. Pho._7iS2. loli Auto Wreckin COUPE. SUROERjY F. iLen^ki reaidenje^ll26W[ IhVeslbfenls -^sWksj Bonds 38 FOl : SA : du itrial wi 1 yoji Re -ord-p mi ling Acinr, |give'.' Phone sijJcks. Estate, of one M FA re tb^nie aonapl IJOANS —Quick FA I.M ra e 0^ or abort iNti CITtV LOANB-r-Baae Ic, citly 6%; Long M. Cunningham. ;ALER— Td|irRL \G. CojiPE. ."vj, like new. ! I iHTkR. •O.M'H. •O.A:CH. i 1925 TUDOR SEDAN. RTER. .^ell •uis. On I'HONE ISO 13 MONEY -j-Tb loan prbpertlr.. ovpr Sr ow I's Dri g Store, i Mb^Y eastern and Terms n'Wer. TO msney LOAtI—Private and tl loan on farms cJty I prope rty. I Low rata jan'il payment to suit bor^ Stewart it Fiink. noistk Cattle- Vehicles 48 AUGU.S11 Poland Curtis, iOARSj C linas. iit ueva.' t!OW—F cheap.' 12G4W.- TWO SC sale, plione t| 12 TEAM weight er stocVj. east. 4 .50 EW side, south. Pdn -AH' pOHsibl hatchin ery, Ga^, BABY ( ei-y wtt 100 chii fori sal er and giiaran w Stromber'gs, EMPLOVljIENT Help Wantet^—-Halfr TEN, SALES.ME.V—jWith curs for Kansas. We havi openings this season for ten mei . who are lion- <fst end ambitious ind who wo^ld iippjreciato u perniaDent positibn. (larrying a sutis "fac ory :|income,|on • he sales force of an bid relianle' Eirm, a leader in its'line, ypu ftro required to tike preliminjry jralning at our expiense. The Work is sellingMud collecting fijom i'lir farmer friends and i customers. For detailed'infor imtion address ..ur Stale Field .Ma lager Mr .ll E. Nicholson. Jeromij Hn,lel, St. .ios- inh.. Missouri. ! BUSINESS SERVICE JBnsln-ss Servlcis Offered 18 Dealer-!-^ PO.N-TiAcM '23 Overland four sedan, good: '24 Ford road iter; '24 For.l coupe, balloon tires; '2'! Ford coupe;;'22 Hudson aedai, good shape: '2:1 Chevrolet co ipe; '21 Studeiiaker 4-pa'ss. coupe fine shape. Several other very cheap cars. Cash, terms or ttade. llobnrt-Steele ^otor Co. ^ODAK FILMS—Slnd us yourjko- dak films. We derelpji six expo- Isue roll and prii t oh ^e of epch. 25:; extra prints 4<;; Enclose |roi uired amount. Hduie Studio. :!2 <l Soulii Keniucky^i.Jolla/jCas. - --=:f ^ Bkilldin'i; and dnntrnrdng \ 19 \RPENTf:R AVORl i--\f'anted. new ..r remodeling. Flione 1072J._;_^ 38 West s cbRfe TRANSFBlf. CO:—Packing, atoijage, long distance hauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. FRECKLfeS Am FRI^^^ I .'r ;fil I ee your local Imhker. Ko proni rty lo l»e-reii ivcd iiiltll j^dlledfor, K^Et, Jttieinn Mr. v. J. Itl :ETO\. of Mildred Stat^ Bank, Clerk. Lnnch Serred at^oon. ' jf[ AlAkLESAlifeSOee SCHOOL T'DAV/.' ' // GOCX>'/<i S0Q6 , ' ^lovwyooT -ALii'.' MXPDOWr /AeAAJ V6t» \>JISA / at you. try. .bp' INCUB^ bator. ' 909-:!. V Medl 2lne, Phoi es: I'INANCIAIL x-ray. Dr oni<:e, 886 i .1 —.Foui shares lola In- 1 uildln^ Co. ! H«^w much Also I two share.s Co., audi several |.l. H.! Hendersonii J. Hi Vaiinuys. 1 to LoanU. 2ltl S. rms. me. RJ servitid^an AL Ii Itaw washltigton. liX 5* -.Wortgayes 4if ick I services and Ion f^rm and city .lacksOn Realty CoJ. LflVE srrocK Aklcles for Sale 'DO I)— hood, sound CHUNK Mi- iwootl. $jf.00, a rank i Phone 979 -23. CHUNK V timber o Swinford! Reznors .'OOD-rFor sale, $ .!r $3.25 delivered.' ' Phope 518.' 2ND H A> D HEATING STOVES and; fiirnlture, good as new, cheap- :K4lley_Hotel. Bnslnesgjand'OIBce Equipment! 54 Sl^OWCASE—Good showcas." platp glacis top; jalso flat toil clieap. .McCarthy .Motor. Co, MjBsical acrj ;haiM lyl ,, ,— I CORNETptConn," JVlcto ^ nioidi; A— sfliipHeip. and" B I flat, like iew; 702 Nortel Chestnut. If J^dloEqnl ELIMl I Also . rouble shbotlng. FIELD ^EEDS -flf all|Mh( yours early. Special primer 0M ^ Top. l.^c )er pound. -All^n Cotuaty Implenjei t Co. _ j -j ' .. I KANOTA ' i O.VTS —Tested! Kanota orsrs. kiyu. Shadwtck.j Carl:^le, fSEEDS- cliunk delivered. :^50 in Ai J. With desk. T-iiPEWRJTERS FOR S.\LE.^ltent or trade.! Addiig-machinei. any make. Pu^irc stenographer. |;notary and muKigraph work done. Room 10^11. ovet- Globe Cloihijcrs. Farm Equipment RROWl— Deer^. 3 .sectioi : .. ch sulky plowj: 16-14' incili iiirrow, ihese implements^ almost n.'w: 5 horses coming 4 to 7 |yiars till, weight from 1300 to, jl^OO; I so' barnjess for| 5 horses. W- E. Lyons. Srif .N'orth: street. lol^i.! Priced Huihboidi; , Tested, reclearfe^. Kdh . grown iKinota oats. al|ra|raja 'clover.;'' 'timothy and .Alkljceclojler. ti. .sell. C. W<Jii TIMOTHYJ SEED—Chakl S. ..^Hawkins. Half mile southj tjireei west of-: Moraiv. Kans. jlV'anted—To Btjy ELECTRIC MOTOR—W aked.lgbpd secondlihiind' motor, 1. igrSepdwer, for 110 1 voltage ^A.^ d; current. G. S. .iDli Iff-! Mildred. Canajll REAU! ^TATE v^wRttvr Apartments and ^atfi APART JIENT—Three -ciims 1 1 ind bath, very nice, over I^la Laundry, ijhcine 102. AP.\RT:|IENT —Two roi ni furnished, mofiern. ground fl loj-, buisfde- entrance, close in. 210 Ea .st sljreet.. i Phone :13&6. ' ' ' " 16-; Farms land Land for Rent Idwbst i 51 ley 4J. «S. fet I r I" ill 74 7S Use i FARM—T(| rent, well hair-section, three ahd AND GILTS— Ifcjr sale. Allen a U.S. n(J yonnji Jersey for sale 410 SoutB Chestnut. Phone til S—Ami . Dryd jSmootl mouth i horses; 50: or vill trade for oili A. B. Hopkins. 4?4 niilt Mrlh L ELECrHKfi HATCHED CIHCKENS (edding pricei Quail Kan.4. lliCKS 4 ders plliiJed befdre Feb. 15 chick FMrler gi :s sold money back. C| the 1 before S:ifird brough Will :be 4c. Stiirfd.v. Ch EGGS—Wpil« bimdrell R. 1. Mne 624| fifteen pigs for n. Colony," Ka (ls4 Hsrpe. -Few with lambs 1): Has. Hswkins. halll milo ree weft of .Morali, Kan.s. try and Supplies; PLOW—jdhn Deeire sulky. g(|od as hew: .1. ll Case 15-27 tractor^ good shape; Fairbanks-Morse wagon scales, 5V2 tons, good as 9 milps Aesn and half mile of lola. G. W'. Purcell.' Foel 6ALED at barn Cpmpany .j Feed, Fertilizers L\LFALFA— Prairid and straw in trii or half tc ipr delivered, lola Household Goods COMBlN.AI'TION RANGE—GaL. coal of wooiil for sale. Inuutr (j Kjentuck.v street. (.'Of:KEI FLS—Bi ff Orpiuglou front •prize V i ining itralh. See theirt iai Aget 'si Gas. Kans, arieties; lowest also custom y Electric Hatch,- l- Discount/on or- itcsl Deliv ed. Ten pounilH U 'U free with each locally. We )v.\\v in to he Neiitown C'oal Brood- tlhe Sol Hoi Oil Brooder. eBd to live salisfax tion <fl i .me in .'lud .see uii lU buy vour bro(.ders. 3V'C pel) ec:g. other tiiut;. ck Hatchery, 22 ireet". n 'yandott<'s, $n:oi> .1. B. Nelson. Lallarpe, GREY (t.'NDER -For sale or w trade f >t grey (oose. M.l!. Lnnf dis. P none 964 -3. HElFEftfe—E'g! t 2-year-!old Ho steins, fresh scon; also jtwo goojl miik c \ s and >ne 3-year-oId Ho stein bi 1. Thi bull canjbe registered. .Ml priced right. -M. Johnst > 1, Garl md, Kans.. R. 1. .SONE ; chicks OR—Ij gooii lETTEH Thos pth only, all eggJB lO 'cnslom; liat.'he HIGHEilJ MARKET—Prices palfi tor crbinr, eg 0-jr track and •s and ! poultCT chicken coops an jservlcd to plck;up pout jeer Prddnce Co. Pho. 653 i>-egg Qucjen.incu- condition. Plionle —Start ydur b-MJy Southard; Startii* ;and,GWwing Buttermilk Chick ' Ifor sa c at your' groceiy McKinyiey F»-ed Store ._j_ ; U ilU : 11 1 ; Puddinf^ ior R. C. |HikBted-4LiTe8lopk i 60 MALE weigh ,phone 1 IC G— Spotted Poladd Chin'a. 150 to JOO lb; Write or jqhn Collins, Piqua, Karis. wANTteb I TO BBFY— AI I kinds cattle a*i libgs. ll. C. Butcher liew. scjutb &6 hay in lots IJand miles .soiltheast of Mpran, KanSi Write the owner. J -AlcCune Ifome, Independence,! Mo. Phone. i,liide[)endence 4Q'1 ' inses. for Iteiit NORTH STREET. 31.5- room bungalow, with renf. RliOne 736. liloclern six Igdragei for Offices and Desk Hoim 1 1 :78 C9 16 .S. G.AS R.4.VG>iS j- Peninsulaf Bwacon jgas ranges. Goplj giis .range for 5J22.5i>. Hen -1 Oak ^nd hew nger's. Iiealing HEATEnj— tl-ii!ich stove. m^dl -Iy licw, wood rjr <ioal. C51II Self Service .Market .SALE OK STORkcE FURNITURE. iiicriudinK' 1 u4e4l . dining j ribom slifte. n assive 5ii ;-jncli Ibuffet; lii'bic seats; oak const rnctiop; •IS-inch extenBi{)n (1 chairs, genuine tealher complete* suite. $6 .S .j tJsed .5fl-iuch lextensljtn walnut (abje, 6 chaiM t\> mutch, genuine pedlher sleats. the 7 pieces, $37 .50j Csed good copdl^ion; to $27.,50 (luofolds, all in I ricod from $15 ... White cjnamel luitchen cal .s|plcndl.l londlfion, $27.50. Sleeperj Furniture Co. OFFICE Store, f Store, i REAL Briikers in Heal Kstate IF YOU get an buckle-1 WANT—To bui ,'or reiU or FARM-H improyj harnes? -herty. ' foot (it 'SUITE —Over 'sildce(Slice Jncinire at Psflice j Shoe ESTATE FOR sALg iiusurance sefei us. j Real Estate. Farmii and Land fo Isb acres for sMh orji^nlt;- •M. Also wagoiJ team! land 3 some feed. F. Ken- ibla R. 1. Fourjtnllea! tteat, Pluua Hill. ho ACRES — Bargain, near lola. possepalbJ^; provM, r— hargairi in modern hom|?, clo^e.^, small p:jymeut. Ham " • -'^ • Comi); n.y 'I6O ACRES—Fairly'well! iihpppyfdi llose tbigood town, $40; perjacr^; termsj ! M. A. Schllcki : | H0USE4fl''ive room nl ble' parage, good loc^ Reull eR CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Rouses for Snj tfe haVelon band at .we hi ve ever had that u ustj be moved ti stock cars that are now^ EXCEPTIONAL USfl^ tiHRVAlljES A U.'icd Car Is as Dependable as the Dealer Wk(^Selis\It.' present the bes coming in lte.1 itODGE COUP^, aireal buy. 192,> i)Oi)(.E SEI».\>", TTorth Hie miWy. 12,1 BOJIGE TOrRlNTJ^ winter topJ a real value. l!»23 DOIMJE COUPE, ajreal senipealjle car. 15123 BliCK .SPOKTJ n<|AI)STEI{, Iriiiks and runs Ii|p mi HliPMOBILE SEDAN, a real hny. I ifl2C ESSE.V COACH, illglitly useil. new. two 19-28 FORO ('<UPES, same .is Two mil FORI) n URIXGS. worth iihe money. Sew FORI) TRrCK. cah body and! i'jterythiiig. Two Uei FORD cOri 'ES. must niotC. Ford t()uriiiji.-j and roadster assortment of lunke room foi{ fen other good cheap must; move. | 1 . We trade or tip\l on eaSy tprms. • Dodge Brotliers^Cars-GrnhamiBrothers Truck; ELLIS MOTOR COMPA^ 214 XJ Washington (Opfn j -'vfi.nings and Sj jinjproTed onerhktlf yi Taylbr. 77 ! Jei lAr- Weli Ifoij ftj ^lty klW iqdei-n, Itfon.! 8» .don-' John I used (iars jtit hcjw- new.! thali we

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