The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 6
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SIX |CMA8i^. SCJJTT the lola 6c |Cond CI9M Natier. .............i« nch Bxchai ge ConnecUns ' -Dcpartme its Offldat Paper City of lota. Offlclil Paper City of B4«tett. \Otffeiiti pap «r A^Mi C ount)r. : SUBSCniPTJON Carrier In 1<i1a.:Ga« .and Bas-set One Week! One Month ... Ofae ;Year | 1 . -I BY WAIlJ Outtldo. Allen r Ohe Tear BJ-t llonthij Three iioatbn ...^ In Allen One Tear Six ironth Tfiree • Moil Ofie llontli Member: of- National Kansas iThe |Audit ' iPreu iCoAgress Inland D " ^Editorial Aitocjatlon. Press Association. I Dally Leiguel of CIrciilatlon. of thejWbirld. 11/ As^clatlon. Kanbas adreau MEMBER ASSOCIATED tltjlwl t« tl, all newfli «l| not -othrir* and DlHci tl In: All I'l^l cliil dlsiii:it Thau liaW iiiany ^Iliin ijoy of'thy tlia PoStoKIc RATES, jblty. LaHarpe S .L ..16 Cent^ ..I..ID Cents ..........17.80 dounty ^...1 »s.oo .:. $2.80 ........ J.11 .60 *="'"*!!'^..;..:.,4.oo ...}...:...$2.00 $1.20 ..; 60c tor carries the t liy r.pecJBl PRESS. Afiiiuclated .leBHe4 wire. Ho4 do »8 It-becom^ 81 If thV.sccas Is sliirt •d tQ. Mexico? ' There is only on^ il^ce to. go with siicU a case as Is-preaeated betv ees the claims of Mexico and the' Untted Stkt^si add -tljat is to the courts. And that is where Americans already, have taken'a test ca; e—to the Supreme Cpurt of jMexho. If the court ^ is honest there is bnt one Judgment it can render; If it fs dUhonest and renders an >ther Jiidginent, tiben the case tiurbt to be taken to^ne World Court^.- The cit^ienis of a nation nay sulmit their rights to a court ror jiidi cial determinal}t>i;; biit a lation qannot submit to arbitration citizens. ted Pre.HiJ is ctxcluxlvcly cn- e us>5 ror roitulillcatlon of spatcbes: .crctllteid to It or se rif>dltcd Ih^ this' paper, I. (iwil newir published herein or republlc-itlon of'Spc- herein arebl^n'rfHerved. Bible thought fot heen fait L will seij Today. iftil over a ihee.over b; enter thpii into the ford.—.Matt. 3if;xit<> .\M» A H BITIL \1 TIOX.. The rnited States Senate recently aiioptpd: l)y iinan'injoug vole a jrpspliition bi4t our difficulties with i ^lcxico i>f arl;itrato<l. (Jut of vhal do ourj diffiiullies Kviili .Mi.'xi<o grow? Out of tl e insistence bf that eoiibtr}' that i jlisiit to cc( lAiiU'rican < jnaiu-r lha 25:21. [nfiscate the itizcns. Very well. Is that tlio ^Wort of a )sarbitnihllj'?i |on tlie part has the Property of ibn? whether protect its .SiHli a riglil is ahsql lit in iiati . privilege iiaiiou :c-jjn lie iloy^lry U'liy liid onif liiirr V the* |tnai soverei hut as a Uii i shirk and (if its siihje i tlie sons from ev !ie to fight r lolher wii ,.n tlie' drui lie heiiiiiuinK of Ihc \ liUKe whernv 'or|d War? 1 w;is liei^jiUKe wlier«v-r Over Ihe ;lc)l>e. ihi' SI IIS of t^nglai d had gone there.til)- J.ioii of tCliKla iri jha<l fu.l- ^ loWiM llieii lo see Ihi t l|hey did : not tiillei-. iiijuslice or \Toiig! And t^hui- Is !lie "reason, loo if^ll f.iibJecJH go Willi ulimit to a 1 H a Covcrunient to f ourd of a liitraiors, p^ohphly all f tlieiii <iiizens:or sjiihj^clli of sonte I'.h'ir poww. Ilie quesl ir hot ii lias a riKht itj latioiials? i iitejy iiiher- 4nty, not as which no still claim tsj England (|uurler| the old .10.11 nded I T IS where ;why Brit- inipuuiiy Anie'rican citizerig dare not venture, Tliere art? sctlreHiof Am- drican born liien now tin Mexico Who bavp heooine Briti ili'haiural- iUed suhjetts in order IJ^t lliey :jiay KO safely about t leir' lawful dctasions. iind many ai ^Vniericaii 1!;^ has saved |liis life in Meidco ,by ftlliimiuK When threat pned w -jth f.defiUi to b(i a British su )jecjK. That |i oojitrast bijtween the tri atment ac- I Cohleil by our leighbor to l^ijitish •'•ulijeftB and Anisricin citizens is the penalty we jay lor just ^ Such gestures as the American Ij Seiuiile ,has made in' vqt ng jto sub- ii Jiiit to arbitration a qu tstilJn that j! iji fiindamentally not arl itraiile be- ij clause it stirikes at the verjj! roots jidf:llie Xatjon's sijvereig liy.j- We liaveja good-deal (i( contempt fir the .Mexicans, but they are sMKirt eiiough to sen the inconsist- 1 • - • I eney of th^ Senate's po<itidn. A ; spbkl'siuan ;of I'resiilent ' :alies asks •'•jtVrbitrate'jvhai?" The on)} ques- . tiqii ut^issul'. this .Mexiea 1 declares. •jiillie iTshij of .Mexico t 1 legislate. i;!' the riKlit 10 legislatt can be ;i Dihitrated ilien .so can t le right to iihiske a eo istilution.' And' if that r sbt .cau I e arbitrated, then by arliitratioii .Mexico's rig 11 16 exist i|aK..ali iiide lendent nati m may b<* liken ijway. .Mexico, the ('allcs )(>l:esi!)an I s.iy.s. elaims the j right i|lij,'m;ike si|(h laws', as it: pleases, 1 i (S rs. \V. f.^OL<>.Ny. Feli IS dutyj to protect its And ijtni the weedlifg out proc' flk goetj on. The Pittlsburg Head- Ight and the Pittsburg Sun,; have I opsolidoted, the owners of the : leadlignt taking a controlling .i'n- (itrest b|it the ownersiof the Sun (ODtinuitig to hold attack in the I ntted uaper. Pittsburg is a city f f ,18 ,0001 populfitlon with a nuimber (f Hubuijban towns in the imm^di- cte vicinity and.a tbiclcly poptilat- (d .rural district so tbql a news- (aper pilblisheil.t^ere ^as the sun- ort off 4q,0Q0 or 60,0pO people. 1ber« v^s' ample capital behind loth the Headlight and the'Sup, b lit the men who owned the papers that there was qot.ropni, 80 good a town 'as Pitts- lijurg with' all iU iypporiing hamlets to jjiistify the maintenance of tjvo expsnsive plants with their costly overhead, and so they wisely cbnsoiidated. The two papers will continue jto appear, one as a morning and 'one as an evening paper fjir in soj large a community; there iji a real demand for both:, but (iiey Willi be printed from one plant tinder one management; and ex- IHjnses correspondingly • redijced. iiade the realized even in 1927. mUmu iROM ^ Won>ei, PIttijiirg, Talks i( PjMtnt-Tea rhers' • titU Farm Le mi was here • week. C; ira iSei-bcr froJH liDp^ka Tlilirsda>] ness a • the ' K. l^a: te the h4r' f:lth his < I thduy {>r his r ^ve li\]iiig children Wfbraie.ihe succes: ful 'J'; lii; wa.H h'"ld th ihell's 1 is theitrend of the t nies, i| i levitahle by the demai d on jiirt of tlio public for real nfews- pipers abd by the steadily incieas- ii g cost of producing such papers. Cilllege .mre to i\ Mr.4. .Mji ;<r witli a |cl giv^h ill Th^ auilitl ancU all f dli^hted t I h|g I schoj ate; .muL -1 at eacl < nun Firr; dre:s of t] perlnteridMit Dotj at" «1 K ' nit Amid tlie encircling gloom gjow- i.i g out of the refusal of the Leg- hlature tlo allow the people to v lie on the good roads amendment 11 ere shines one riay of light. It is <• LSt by' I le recent decision oC the S iprenie jCourt of Kansas to the el feet that • the j State Highway imhiissiiin has jibsolute authority ii die disposal of the fund out of which tbtj State imakes:Its contri- h ition toward th4 building of State ri ads. This rpntribution amounts K ,one-fOilrlh ilie cost pf the road und,is soj important that it rannot b! ignorecl. Prior to the decision ui the Supreme Court the county It mihlssioinprs had claimed and ex-' ricispd control over the expendi- II re of this portion of ihe road fi n(|s. Bi)l with this control now rt verting jto the State Highway ('immissioh that body, can refuse ate aid to any road wjilch does )t tie itself up with the State road stem. So there you ar^.—a long V ay ahead; of where yon j were. By •f le proper, e.xercise' of the power le ;law givps it ias'interiireted by ijie Supreme Court the State High- Commission -ban concentrate 3 aid upon roads that mak^ il of the: ptate system aiid that ojught to m^an more rapid progress t lan we hjive ever b?en n)ake before. Last Tuesday at Topuka a lot of fearless champions of the peolilc. after marking big orations' Uhout thei right of the people to manjige their own affuirs. voted with a loud voice to, retain' the primary iiiw. andj then on Wedijesday they voted with the .same ilbud voice ugainst Ihe good roads amendment, a vfite which could be 1 the theof^ that! usiified only ,um)U he people did not hianage their own have a right toj affairs. Ii's a ^unny world!. Hnnfnrd Mac.Vider.l Assistant .S reiary of War, i 8ay.4 ilie I'ni Way fltat pbrt ,b| . ill P y • ;a I III •||i >vs under which DUf jle.-ir a man ay lie ailiiweil to 111 Uny .s iiiiiler which •iir ilii..* properly may Kay frtiul |liim will out ,n.' .Mexiciji ilenie .H thai g governliieut lias- th pi 'iu<.i 'i ii.s Inutionals against ni 'taijures ia ,lien against iliiririne ihiire is Ihiil .\l the sovereii|;n right to iiperiy tiij which Amer| a|i|uired umler .Me aiid Ihut'f ca s4 eVer we ms^y think of the morals ^i! such a liqsition the c4nnor bi^ denied. — an] vereigiit.v jirqperty, the uex^ be. itaki'n coniiiensa- a prolesi- riglil to any hem. Tlie exico has itako away cans have kican law, arbitrate t^at confis- liim woiilkl he to arl; of Mexico. TTipre: thaiii van be said o 'tilin ihe^^nited States ileiiale ^as taken. i i As 'remarked above eat Ion: ; issue lietwe arjd the Ujiited Slates isj tlon Of the right to . pttpperty: That right would not be arbitrable Iii the United States. itrate jthe [And what- IN THK DATS >EW.S. able to .Stales lias animiinitii^n for ten d: ys in uuy^war of magnitude, that il is ten years oldaiitl more dangeri us to Ihe Americaiis who might 1 ry to use it than 10 tbe enemy against whom It might be directed. And yet here -in our own country us well as in inaii)| oihers we hi.'ir III- 11- our Government ed as bent upon perialism!" constantly ber| a career of Shanghai to help leep [that man Calles in office. I w len {everyolie 'knows .Mr. Managua [choice. It is the o conflict between- thel ' jWe suspect that the person who iintroduced the eugeaicd bill into the Kansas legislature was siibsi- dixed by the League of Kansas Col- umnistKi. lAt'any rate, we'are already about eight bejilnd all the other coliimnsi in the state in'the nuinlier of jiaragrnphs 'written about it. : I • • • * Believe it or| not, this is a |true story; ; tions land the Monrde doctors. An lola .man the Hlreei Ihe eti: "If I make Heriry:Ford Isj out In an Interview in which be; expl*sses tlie belief that the farni of the future <^n produce Its quota oC crops Willi a total labor of oiiiy ir> or 20 days a year. That already is being done ^n the wheat belt—which is cjne thing the matter-with the'wheat belt. But we fantiy some 6f our poultry and dair.v farmers and alfalfa rai.sers and 'corn growers and hog breeders would like to tjike Henry oht to their farms and pc' lUopped another on jblher d«y and ask- u dollar uud a half u ilay^ how much will (but \tf. in a week?" .! V ! "Why. nine itoUars. Bin.", • "Well. Itthoukht I wa8 right. Me and my wife's iWn havin' an a^u- ii\enl. Shi- Snyti it ought tO; bu mure'ii .Ibiil." i "Where you' workin'J, Bill?" "Shuckin" com., fiiur miles out ill' Ihe coiiiilry.V "Do you jWalk out there and back evei*y day?" "No. I ihin? ia taxi." "Toxi! <iopd fulghi — what does it cost yoii?"' j i "Dollar and a half a day." •iWell. fiir I..oi'd'K sake! Why. you don't, any more'n break even on thai, do you?" j ''No, but 1 figure a man's doin' prf:ty gooil toi break even these days!" ; I il. • • • \ Mrs. Altjert Sprunkic writes to Arch ^ Jarrell: j "Sir: Peritiit uie the use of j^our jcolumns to express QSAGE VALLEY i f.Mrs. Edward Sissoiil Feb. 9.—Gey. GiUilspie aiul fam- '^"(tson; auti wife at lAlf cmA- ily, and Delbert jSi were Sunday visitor; EaiJ SLssob 's wpri Siinduy vi.Mi- tots jit Edward Sisson's^ Thej Lester Gilla!s[ ie, Berley MtS'- ford.. ifumilies, anil Murk i (iiiihuni were'Sunday visitois at Joe Giljl- hanrU j • i ' 1 and Mrs. I|ici Sisson wer air. Sundd at Ihi will b y visitors ati Kdil lirailfurdls. Lilian I'yies is|oJi writing, le better. Wt i Lutjier Glllhani 4n and Wuyne Cuunf,ie il vi.fiteil llu>va|-d iitcCloud'ii Minilliy. H Mr. and! Mrs. Ws^lt Bonn!; Ltie were lohi ilay afternoon. i Wilina Uillhum s night- .vjrsj Sam has do- work of he Cdn- R. Fulton Cutting, who nkted $250,000 to'aid the Il e American Society fof tiol bf Can<*er, is a member of one o the old and wealthy fatiiilies of N ^w York City. His fortune and p Tsonal service for many years II (ve been dedicated to civic betterment. Modern methods of deal- ir g wjtli poverty, of bousing urb^n tl; fell^rH, of governing cities by s< usible adjustments, and of reduc- ii g systems of education to more _ _ pi actical ends have had his per- j nal backing and financial supper!. .Much nl bis attention has III en given to organization and et uipment of i the American .Museu 11 of .Natural-History. For sev- eijal years he was the main backer ^y indignation jand disgust ^toward him try to keep thiim going a ytarjour adminiistrat|on^ and partlcular- pn 15 or 20 days work! I 'ly toward Ijlr. jpo'st, sedretary of state, who has pliindered jtist terribly. • It was bad-enough for him to get! into trou^lelwith Chlija over the oil concessions, witbouli sending marines (ori devilcakes, as they are niore commonly called) to liejil [wilh Retia Gil haiii. t Frank Brovin calH-d tin Mrj». =»yies .Monday. .Mr. iirown went |to Mildred in the al'terntmli ant] gbt medicine for I^illiaii I'yieji who in ill. • j JoejGillham sawetl wnijil for lU-p Uiliaspie Tuesday., E're<l Tracy was Mildred visitor .Mi)n Looks as if the guiind bog cej-- tai^ly must have j^eln his sliailojiv owlng to the bad'w stiili 1 aviug. Affretl .Vewmanicj One single bacillus uiider favorable circumstances produces l ,o6u.- 000 de.scendants in tin hour. Taximeters were used on Chinese chaciots in the fourth century. lio^el of Earl aftieriloon. Little Etta I>a>|()n has lieen so ver>-| ill improved, which Ss her friends. j Frank Brown suw .Moi.-e Wa ink ct Gillalspie Wtiln ter llagen aijd arei rivals for the thel, jj^st dressed p ersi '-S-^-^'t-WA-TtH-tkls RODE, f Aw >kv <EisJiMGr'. ^rt^T CKW OUST -srARTEO vAepe.-TUX'S: VAEAViEM VS^' OKlvW, PLACE. HOO COUub 0O -Tf\«rt v4JsMACrttNE. \S OOlKl' ALU rr CA«^ p-Bof A .SMAPHERE \s ;Ol4t</ PARAOE. of Re- the .Municipal Bureau arch. Mr. Cutting's lateijt gift is 11^ largest i*lngle donatlbn. ever de |o aid 'ihe work of cancer lienrch. • . [Apropos of William Allen White's rerful' assault upon pie sickening materialisni of Ihesi^ ti ues anil of Victor Murdock's elpqient ap.- prival of it, we pbmehbw seem! tii re:aU that all the 'flehuiicial{|n8 wt; ever have seen; of tin 1 ''bu.ll- ne .'^eil. Htiffpated outfit In ibis Republic who have set out |to put that! is the pbsi- tjlie whole n Mexico the quea- conflscate quotf °r .'^mtney in the place," In a liece of Victor's eloquence, have CO ne from jmen who had \ themselves accumulated plenty oj: money This ;ia by .ho means tq ques- tioh the sincerity bf any bf these dei luncifitors: it Ja merely jto liitl- mt te with all gentleness that It^ Is niich easier to. denounce! mere mtney when one has It than wiien he hasn't.. ' ' ii;'ti!''JU:M!fitM=i;'feife; ALL 'WOUR VNORW DOWEL ter Gillaspie rn for Y. W.| riene Sarazen hf nor I of being (•ol i ^psioniil golf- BY WILLIAMS MACHIMERY'. WA.H is the! people's |d story of toe league bf na- very luriiim |cpress(| have 1 )1 orcl interej appeaitance thi' isick Ii II bopj- she sot 11 wi^e Hiitl Ki<n • ' •' 4t Garnett Fi Fret}! Prt^s Mr.s; Ffi neiti on Diijsiness .Mrs. B[ evenitig tot expects ia niece. •Miss / CIS tirun.i TiiesJiliiy lea.sed t Colel'lircith hayti Win .M^sti here iting bis .Mrs.l pare fro n« Fri un •ftts If r Glllliuin auil visitors .Moi - .Muiu^y wouil for I Ba.varil [lay. j atlier' we are lied .\*wAia!i at til Tiiesthl rVlibtrt- big j i« I"; lead uni| ly 'j.l*;rse atu -Qclint^ Maiiiisiiii iiilii pel ij-s' .si-l tor.] whil Mil; lilil visilii tbe eek jniiict)! r. C. home A. (Jjofhiinii;. BriisJ E. PahOn) |L -uiue ilown eVe to i|)Ok L'oiony Sia|te Inil. ton wient to will -third -liirthr WJ. Gofldirig. iwiih her ; Mr. <;od- beithe 15th. ith hilJi to d e Moo at I e-Mit liltsbu eliveri talk eery ifiilosoiihy of . life a p iveiimg. ptmg ;j also e i)i-chc| school -Ande d play org^ ffepn c ill tion to ih4 on]} hikli the sbrt il pre.'eat at teacliers Gariitjtt S. was acc? girld aiej ibokinj; to the cpii ity cai C.'iT. Riilharilsoiii wa.s: ineetini, to be held at lurday Iteil ain whicji invitation 1 the boys an^ fbrwajd to a trip itol. down froni jiday. o^ business at thi| office. nk Ueiton was in Gar^ Jickei-i Hutcl make Friilaji Ion lelt "Thursday insonj where shtj Jier lit) a and eil bii r Dee rs. twi laarold ('liaiiuHe this g^rantlpa .Miuire. Ur.s. .Il I sou. leppe eijsey hi?|il of tbis sectiotj Ihe Allt-n (.'oun Fariji au^; Ijluiiie V Agri till •!||| :iii ihiiil'hli Sis.son, who is souiewbat ;oo(l news io d wood Ksday. fbr hals been .shuck- athi A. are Iious^ bons rjicling a lar«t^ diicken on tlleir fai-»ii. easri pf; town. has been patient [at the ll\aiy ho.s- at ^lirsotis Mi^s; Ala nursing pilal ;Th new will ^tt IllSttl le; h his-iiiUis .Mrk '<iii A/AUWIM'; ' FASTER- guest] Lone .\lr. given Jlond! spent bonoir of anniv comp but a ing .\Jr. a era I liit-e lunch .Mr. ^nd and Mrs. Mr. ahd X auti ."Hlis. have Durl her ii; Slil\fl wor k whil Dt)!u; S I ing it \V]ic F. f h: bee am lire 11. 'on 11 iri .^ 111 Ih^y dent o [\s.sii. ::4 Slate where I coil Uled.I .l-e .111' kirs .Mls.t Luefla Neos gi.Miss F,I jirtat-Teacb- 8 iweek with [.hell. Dean fgi TeacheM an addresk. ^vas reiJete enter|aihing way. was nearly fillwl d themselves us been present. The estra.l w 'hich crd- t ani| entbusia ^ji ga\-e two ^ludfi fp the ai|- Ciiunty Su[ring \vas present nd made a short tend<|d -.^n inviui- tra, which is tlio nization tif f urity, to be he^ county gent from! HJei'muda. It vrijs benutifpl.; Tie pr<»fe.-!SOr IM>lished. It >\as a deep (|i and choe<i!u!te bi ;t )\l-n, having black Ji-avy, jlines. iiiistr^s^ told tbe that tbe ni^u|llus built from ell •' * "~ " obtaineji -likes a trlionate of lime. ^biL-b Is its it liiis lni :.<»iie f ciipleit I thill be a ve all ulo chiliiibr -Mv 11 the lit nackagtj ine with a liss .Maude Franf iness ut^ lola on lernooji. Tlbey havt- Cree ' fail furmiiJg nea Winki^ rents. k fa ml t ilies wh It5la. lias bi'en week, visj- .Mr. ami |e Ens born H whii tlO'l. I tiairy I hey M .'vk a e.v: are eb. S. owns th tht liajs been ineet at re; having Ihe Stafi. ge. .\Ir. Knoep r :iu aildrt-ss lie.-j ey (.'ijiilj. ilii! Ar^. .Iiilin Ii!'r;oii anti ••r. \ II Kiiiiir BiiJe. ulu i.silingj'lii.s I'lflative.s al liire for a ivi.-^il willi ' Mr. ami .Mr.s; u. K r. Lor on will tlo somi elevator al i.Moran re lu re. has b at htiii tn work-^ it-'en liih. wht 'lila. is ttertoii! and »o|u Vern feting eir fai^ii. east liilla R^ibbin.s: i of Elm anti a v frientiK; and tht ete delig Tfd Irs. l.l .Ml Mrs. i.M. Bijown le.v. .-^Ir. ; and .SlisK • 1] Fel Tbiir miir .Mr. Iiaby Mrs. j .Mr . 11. (1.1 V Yhit ant Hpejlt Hiir and children. Mr. jiiitl Li?8ter arid with i .loll .Mr. n trip Co El it Mr.4 Mrs. Mood sou • Karl eriioo Mr. 10 Ch .Mr. i] of the next rial w<; rs. .M. his wtfek. II rs. O ly pleasj ffuing, reift vening eir tw Th* tilid the ful pvfning byj Mr.s. fts an<| se in ilis.. W. aPk |D'llarr|i anti i.Mls.s Loio. Longsireth, .Mr. rji. T. S iMcnry V rwia. Ir. ant II Mrs. in Rosa Si ISTRICT 79 advs Ij Mrs. I' r {t>j!,- film anil II Wl anil iiiiut neigh tet-ii.iJ Will ia 11 Ri Tlie ery P. .Mr. aijd .\I Mrs. Roy am) .\l|is. wept in aijd Charle|>- RJn da.vf. v:ho Earlton. .Vr. liiid Sunda;- (?v Johnnie Ca The Ireeb duce riibbtjr of the north and sontb of the equator. wo Ricover tie estimated le.s.seii|iug in |alue of the original properi :i the wtar andj tear,'decajf 'hich, in time will requir idbiiiidonmeni or replacement Busines air may reeiatiouj nice for roperty. a,'l j-epairH fromj the sea wijle uuiUbec of cbawb«.'irs ildren shell It. a its; '•ScieuiijSits think tha of cbiHubers which it, " jirt -for a its ljai>y house lipt it is not at all ho ives all uUiue. It, all \ot these Cl them iliave ever ^-en oe- •y a' guest. !k, CiHis'in Ted. that •y selfish «lil fellow tie in its' house of lion't ytiii. istre.'^s ^elt in the li anti: brought out )ind J openetl ir. pita'jle; I it up Altho it I think.' amiiers- '. why i^ its hoii llt\ail.-:|' it n!U.<!t to live I i;*ll>ie.l ii.v uiaiiy i the chi iwlien it swlinii!. . .<(iitl my wistr lias so niaii.v tflianibersj In and that' it U t lilies n(«t hiijv^ theni liv- iinviiiie el.<e.' nil ItlreTi. the bcaii .liire.-js then rtiid nltrtitl JTh; CtiaiiliertHl Ns^ntiliM by OI Xtom (if i Weudtjll small •Why; Your- imOAiE TAX No; 23. ^ proptjrty kept i he the. subject of allowance. The depreciation in, in 1 ire- a fde- iallbw- eiided I .V. due etc., ithe iofilhe jiii spitii of ordinary tiiir- rii-nt repair.S- The cost of iiit which "ueitlier n adil IjO the Value of the ePty nor ai)|>reeiably prolojjg jits \ fciiiiess fe, may lie detluoietl a.s a bu eixpense,-iroviileA the plant i or |Ji-Operty icfouuti is iiol im leased by! tin- aiil:>niit of such (.•.-ii.iiiili- titJes. I ;ir, .however, tije repair.s iirli kiiitl as lt< make gun precialiiiii,- fori example. loor or a tliictibli' a taxpayer during tin .vear. for nielils or iifilnre i ajiil may 1, gro.-is iiiiro 'riie amou charged ai-eount ox sei'ye act new liHif, tlie i-oSl The 'anioitnt ex| XUjble improvemeiils; rejilace- |enewaLs of a pe^iijauk-lil ill re. iili!;nt- ;;iteri- prop- Holni(\s. Gnutinight; .IIRE. LEVI .MOKKOn. I lovel .''ihat iiot std iful i)()ein— CHU.M, Ish to . re I of I liie new is not i -nileil bit ajc a capital expent ot lie detlucteil from his f ie for such taxablt:| yt ar. I so eXpeiideil si' ' ' ' rectl^-' to "the i; : to. ul depreciat] luiit. laccordiiig depreciatit^u chargt^s are tna n ; j ^ee^^^iVU Vou^ the taxpa.Ver's blioks of aceji'intj A ; y _»r .5 ^ " taxpaj ]tyiy rata tieducted as tlepreiiatiou ea^ his weifk. 'oust, wiol is. the Cliri.v.iin church Longsirelh ha Suntlayj rk. '\of the lif. Deductiij l>o matle 4 return, ai io begin been A. Irwjh, near G. Farri.s were am surprise last when a party of ves cane in to with i lliem in ntietb jvyetlding .surpris^' was guests Irbunded of sui-h iniprov us; for depreciatit s a stiparaie iten tl iiiuiit be/cxpl:i showing aeparatC'ly each t-liss of 1 •propert.v. present|Farris ^i*'' -"tev- serv^ilj il nioe |he pasty : were: ^ .1. Stanfortl. Mr. •' loore. i yiui . ami [portioit thereof In tsfcost; (fair mar Here Are Fscjsl Clinton, Iowa—"For at v^ral ye irs I have'j; Occasionally tdkeh Ir. I'ierce's: famous romedit sj espec al- A ly the IFilvorito Presci iptibu'i aind the 'Go^aeln .Medical Difccivlery;' found thati for ailments in getie the 'Qoldeif Medical JDisc DVery' Ig; better ijesultis than anjjtljiigJelBe. It is a pbwferful alteratlv > hni bleldd enrlcherf.i ,1 was also viint lerf iJlly benefitetl jhy taking th } i'F avoiiite PrescriptJt^n,' and so, was my daugh- , ter." lean; highly rec( nim >nd it."^ .j^ ! -^.^Iri?. teyi Morrow. CO! 1st Ar^. dniggL^t— • „ j tablets or liquid. Sen II ftirj free h Vr.^ wedicd? adviie to Dr. Plet'ce, iln- U^hl i T'^'!^^ HpteLJEufCalo. 4JY,^;i£ you lie as of .Tjlanh li V.ilV.. it % prior to charged cjff for; the taxabk; and total for all ta Before it mercial. vi r ve; I'ells. i'Alr; and tMr. arirl AJrs. .M. Mrs.:Li»ss Wil- Giiy Lonsstreiii wlon.; ! Siiuitu^' (1. Mrs. Vi Vern <;iady !J III .Mrs. ilii'rl.'ji I la Roller!s spent ajfternoijii with Mrs ilr.>\ .\ri-hie .Spence and with .Mr. and ill Ludliini and lanti Betty, anti ^V. R|;beris 'ami | spt.'nt iSiiniln.v ii Rt)y Roiieris. ion made a busini.s.'f Tuesti llioggs Whit s. Aud ng w'- ind shH »ow in a nai y. bud s<iu Wayne. ' Mr.s. Hazel Mr-s. Dlolly Alfonl and )t |an spe It Tuesday afl- h| .Mrs. 'iia Itoberis. .M|rs. A. U'. Rt.lierls went Tliestii y III Keei .Mis. iilJerts, v\ 10 is' tjiiite ill. jiors. .M -. anll.Mrt^. Emam! d iimhter. Wilma, •s Elmer Whif.|. .Mr. an.I |Br KRS ai d children. Mr. RobiTis anil Gladys, lurpris d .Mr.jand Mrs. •hart and faiiiily Suii- I e moving ijo-Aii i by i • i • Robfjrtsi spent lb Mr. and .Mrs. nbs which pro- rrow belt . within fivt| delgrees . We pa; I cate.<?. ' notice, tax on inve.stel Vour 6 pei- cent interest on .3-year jFull Paul C Money .may be xi-ithdralwn anlritime upon Sojclays The.He certificajte.s ar«; exenripted from i li -ornfei jthe income.derived from not iii()re than )()0.00' by i {|ny one inJHyiduql.. Iji i ] Interfcst Payable feemifi^nnuaily i by real estate' moj-fg; i^es. money; I.S h'.eeurec Se^ Us Todav. BIdg. Office; Natitfnal Bank of You Wiirked »'i>r Your Mpijey, WhyNut .M:i & Loan Msociatiob artifir i ola, Kalnsas it Work f«r Viin?

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