Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 18, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1898
Page 2
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I Cured if er Bay. BV THB TELEGRAPH PRINTING COrtPANY FRIDAY EVE., NOV. 18. NOTICE TO ADVER TISBRS. my *on George was 14, he was stricken with a terrible nervous affliction. Pty- sklans nor medicines helped him. He lost his speech, use of > Urata and could hardly swal- ' low food* Before he had finished a bottle of Dr. Miles' , Nervine he could talk and eat '• well, and 5 bottles cured him. Mrs. Jull« O'Connor. Willis. TMRS. 99 DR. MILES' Restorative Nervine it «old by all druggists on eunrantee, first bottle benefitK or money hack. I Book on licart and nerves sent free. Or. Mile* Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. ror the year I8S8 we «l>all charge the follow- Int r»tt« for transient notices In our lootl col- qm "' PER urn. 8tn*le Insertion lOoents. Three toflTBloMttton* J cent;, But to twslte Insertions & oente. THE VIBDfN MINtRS. Thetr Troubles Settled by a Victory for the Miners. TKANBtncr.-M cents per moh Brut Insertion, and tt cents per Inch for eaoh subsequent Insor- M per Inch firit month, II.SO per inch eaoh month thereafter. LIOM. ABTIRTISIX* II »»r Inch for the first Insertion, Aid CO cents ftt I DOB {or saott •ubieguent Insertion. THE biggeet battleship In the world, the Formidable, was launched yesterday at Portsmouth, England. Sue IB 400 feet long, 15,000 tons displacement, and will cost 85,000,000. A feature of the launching was the entwining of the British and American (Ings on the official stand. BOOKS. ' , Richard Mansfield's Oreat Success { CYRANO DE BERQERAC. •'A play In five sots translated from tho f PTOBOh - • ,| by Hall Calne. Tbla Is 1 ka> the only popul«r edition of Hall Calne's 7o"'great literary and dramatic suooess, -•JBpubllshed. Paper. By mall goc (Henryk) Works. •tod from tbe Polish by Jeremiah Curtln. I Michael. Paper. By mall asc ' •" <• « V...'.'...'.'. lye UyitHPIn Midword. Paper. By mall... 300 Ople Read's Select Works. artlatlo tampad In g atlo oover 3*. n •vviiiui.iij Colonel, River, A Tennessee Judge. C folnmea In a box Red uoed from $0 to&i .go ssgeeitra. Single volumes by mall. Sgo Oeoroe Illot's Works. 1 Stolnmes, 12 mo. Cloth, marble edges.. Sa.oo ' i Bxpressage extra. Macauley's Works. ':'t Yoluraes, Umo, Cloth, marble edges.. .Sa.oo ~ - Bjpreisflgoextra, &tfce Teacher In literature;««por»r«y«<t ; tacbe writing of English, French, Oof man h and American authors. 'WlthabloKraph- • ' lo»l sketch and characterization of eaoh ' i * Author,and an Introduction by B. A.HIna- ' dale, Ph. O l>. L. O. I2mo, oloth, mar- bio edges. By mall The Life of Jesus, Renan. i,'<',,V?ltti many valuable Ulustrxtlona. too pages, drown B TO, oloth, gilt top. ^Bfnuul ••••••'• "« NT DAV, of the Peace Oom- mlsalon, In aesalon In Paris, wired tho President yesterday that It wag his belief that the Spaniards would yleW, and resign sovereignty in tho Philippine Islands. It is thought In Washington that the matter will bo definitely settled early next week. THK disease of military lockjaw which affected Col. Billy Bryan during the campaign, has boon added to by the results of the election, and we now have a silence In the region Inhabited by the Colonel thnt may be felt. War can be credited with one good thing—It closed Billy's jiws. ILLINOIS' Republican majority, as given in vote on Superintendent of Schools, la as follow; Bayless, Hep., 453,858; Stiver, Dem., 380,097; majority for Baylcss, Republican, 07,101. The majority for University Trustees la about the same. That is the largest majority ever given in Illinois previous to 1894. SHEET MUSIC. •Muilo, per copy, by mall ............ jc I the Ute»t Songs and Hu»lo, by mall ..... a gc dialogue on Application. ^ Frederic DahJstrom, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. r MONTHLY SUFFERING. flttrasands of * women arc troubled at Monthly iuter- vala with pains in tho head, back, fcreaata, •honlden.tide* hips and llmbi. Dot the/ need not suffer. ^ These pains are symptoms of dangerous derangements that can 09 corrected. The tneu- •tntal function should operate painlessly. IN one week more foot ball will ba a thing of the past for another ten months. The game that has pushed itself into each prominence in tbe newspapers in tbe list few ^JBUnths will be relegated to ^bSGQrity until next season am], ^'fT public will take npj»jl9in'e~f toS. The foot ball hero Vhose fame and popularity baa eclipsed that of the young military hero of the war will again descend from bis pedoetal and the world that boa been worshipping him may seek other gods of popular favor. During Its brief Ufa each year foot bill bo- ootnes tbe really absorbing tiplo. The man who does not keep posted on the game is not tbe man the average person oares to associate with, for the popular verdict is that he is not worthy of attention. Who does not know all about young Foe's sensational touchdown for Princeton last Saturday and what admirer of the game is there who does not do reverence to him for it. Foot ball is taut becoming the popul&r amusement of America and Us popularity, each season would be longer lived but for the foot that cool weather IB needed to afford players comfort at the game. Newspapers and others who denounced the game as brutal are subsiding in their denunciations In deference to popular opinion. The game is no longer brutal. It may be dangerous, but BO is boxing and wrestling and swimming, bicycling and any other of the highly approved manly sports. The game teaches the boys to be aggressive in spirit and to back' this quality H developes the muscle. It makes of Us devotees a hardy set of young men very well fitted to endure bard knocks and instead of being looked down upon and denounced, the game is now considered by all first class colleges with genuine approval. A good foot ball team has como to be tbe very best advertisement an odu catloaal institution can bavo, aa is shown by the spirited content among good colleges In their efforts to secure first class players. Lirge colleges now have athletic associations whose sole object Is to seaure good players for the foot ball team by giving them free tuition at the oollegj during tho year. There Is peace at Vlrden. After the shedding of much blood and the loss of many lives, the white-winged dove has come to Vlrden, and probably to the mining Industry in the State. Tho agreement beti-een the operators and miners Is as follows: The fipringfleld scale la to be paid, the men are to receive yardage, no discrimination to be made In the employment of men, the pit boss and the top boss to be discharged, the Immediate destruction of the stockade. The men are already clearing up the plant preparatory to hoisting coal next Monday. The end of the difficulties Is a great victory for the miners. The national officer,! have alao succeeded In reaching a settlement of the dispute with the shaft at Green Uldgf, eight miles south of Vlrden, and the 200 miuerff there will als) begin work Moml ty. Other settlements are close at hand, and the national of 11 cera of the Miners' Union believe every shaft In Illinois now Idle will have reached an agreement with the men before December 1. This Is a much deaired result, Tbe mines have not been operated since April 1st. Tho price agreed upon cow is the price agreed upon last February, and for which tho miners contended. The bare (fact that the oper- atorH have now agreed to open their mines at tho price agreed upon last February, Is proof that the miners had justice on their slcie, and tho public is heartily glad that they have won out. Jim Hutchlnson, the notorious Fourth street barber, was arrested last night by Officer Oolemao for disturbing tho peace. Jim's wife was arrested, too, but she was released as she has an Infant baby. It seems that Jim's wife suspected him with infidelity, and to confirm her suspicions stationed herself as a guard at the house of blti amour. When Jim went home last night the row began and it ended In the police court this morning. Dr. A. W.Kne.,DeMWSr815aldmrb l;fc -••*"' Tree* and PlanU for Sale. Prulc trees, evergreens, ornamentals and small fruit plants; strawberry plants a specialty. For sale by WM. JACKSON.Qodfrey, III. UPPER^ALTON. SATURDAY, NOV. 19th no West Third st., and Miss Sadie visiting Mr, Nova Sco» Mrs. 3, A. „ i ntenstruation palnleu, and regular. It pnt« the delicate menstrual organs in coadi- turn to do their work properly. And that (top* all thta pain. Why will any woman suffer month after month when Wine Of Cardui will relieve her? It cotti fi,oo at tho drug »tore. Why don't you get a bottle For advice, In eatei requiring roecUl direct loni, addresi, jglv- a iymptomi, "The Ladle*' Wrjr Department," The Chattanooga Medlcin* Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. M. MAHONEY, ;E AND REAL ESTATE POR iAUB. Mok «w*Ulni 10 r<x»M "Two Splendid Dan." Here ie a story told of Patrick O'- Mars, a private In tlie Oth Itegulars: Not long ago be went to the colonel, who was a severe disciplinarian, (or a two weeks' leave of absence. "Well," said the colonel, "what do you want a two weeks' furlough foi?" Patrick answered: "Me wolfo la very sick, and tbe children are not well, and If ye didn't mliid, she would like to have me homo (or a (ew weeks to give her a bit of assistance." Tho colonel eyed him tor a few minutes and said: "Patrick, I might grant your request, but I got a lettor from your wife this morning saying that she didn't want you home; that you were a nuisance and raised the devil whenever you were there. She hopes I won't let you have any more furJongba." "That settles it. I suppose I can't get tbe furlough, thenV" said Fat. "No; I'm afraid not, Patrick. It wouldn't be well for me to do HO under the circumstances." It was Patrick's turn now to eye the colonel, as be started for tho door. Stopping suddenly be said: "Oolonol, can I say something to Mrs. Boyd Lathy and Lathy are in Jersey vllle and Mrp. Geo. Stelle. Mrs Mary Llvermore, of tia, la visiting her mother, Llvermore. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Reynolds, of San Francisco, Oal., spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Reynolds. The Shurtleflf literary societies will not meet this week, on account of the 8 >pbomore exhibition, which takes place this evening in College (Jhnpel. Mr. Henry Loebr will take the W. M A. boys to Ed wards ville tomorrow to free the foot ball game between tbe Leclaire Tigers and tbe W. M. A. team. Tbe Junior Christian Endeavor Bo ciety gave a social last ulght at tbe residence of Dr. and Mrs. E. 0. James. About forty boys and girls were present and spent a jolly evening playing games and pulling taffy. A short program of recitations and maslo added much to tbe pleasure of the evening. Mr. Mary K. Dodge was tbe unexpected hostess of a surprise reception at her rooms at the residence of Prof, and Mrs. Cbas. Day this afternoon. The affair was arranged by a few of Mrs. Podge's intimate friends and was a complete surprise. During the hours from 4 to 6 a large number of friends and neighbors called to offer their congratulations Dainty refreshments were served and ail present spent a most delightful after- nion. The funeral services of D. W. Collet weru bold yesterday afternoon ac two o'clock at his late residence on the northwest edge of town. The services at the house were conducted by B<JV. J. A. Large, assisted by Rev. Q. VV. Waggoner and at the cemetery by the Masonic lodge. Tbe interment was in O.ikwoou cemetery and tbe pall hearers were Messrs. S. 0 Gillham, T. Head, A. T. Hcovall, WJllams, Lowe and Megowan. It was a sad oc- cuxion for the many people who attended the funeral. Mr. Collet was one of the oldest cili/ens of Upper Alton, and was wail known and re spcctcdall over the Hurronndlng country. He will he sadly mlsoed by the people among whom he spent BO many years. Life insurance is u good thing but lioitUh insurance, by keeping tho blood pure with Hood's Bnrmumrlllii, is still Ijottor. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar- Honey nctt) as a halm to the lung?, cutting tho muoup, allaying the Inflammation, heullng and strengthening. Ic will cure a cough or a cold m one night and exhfloratQB the lungs against the inception of disease. 25o at good drug tores. No euros no pay. for Sale. The lineal building lots iu Middletown fronting on IHh and 12lb sts.— Apply to Win. Sonntag. Kat Forming Oxygen, Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey cures coughs and colds and soothes the air passages. It heals the bronchial tubes and strengthens the weak lunga. It builds up the tissues and enables tbe 317 Belle st. Both stores have been stocked will the latest of everything in the line and we earnestly hope, the public wil appreciate our efforts to have in ou mklRt A GOOD CHINA STORE AND A GOOD TOY STORE. We have worked very hard fo months to this end. Everything 1 marked In plain figures at the very lowest prices and we respectfully BO licit a liberal patronage. We lnvlt< all to our Openings NKXT SATUK DAY, NOV. 19lh. lliitmwiiy Klcotrlc Cur. Tucnmn, Wiish.. Nnv. IS.—An ek'ctrlc street cnr »n tlie Tiicdinn ilnc wna uc rulliMl live milt's fniiii the city on the Stullacom mail by the iTintrollcr refua Inif to nhiit oft tin; run-cut on a heavy down prude. The our was smashed ti BpllnlcTB l>y .striking the Bide of a cu ten feet ilt-pp, through which It was traveling. Seven ppruons Were ahourd and all received Injuries but Fay Hob erut. motorman, Is hurt the worst. He may lose a l«.'Sf. He wn.i plnnfd under the wreck an hour. United State: Marshal Ide was aboard -and suffered a plight c'ut and sprain. _ HufiiHi' <o Admit n Dyimliiltor. Qui-Wc. Nov. 18.—The. KSIted State? Iffirrlifi'ciition commissioner at this por has refused to allow Patrick Flanagan a passenger on the steamship Gallla which arrived here on Monday last to enter the United States. The objection Is that he has just been released after serving fifteen years In a Brit Ish prison for connection with a dyna mite plot. Flanagan was sentenced fo life, Init some time ago was liberated for good conduct, conrcgfto* tlift Murder of !<lober. Milwaukee, Nov. 18.—Harry Dunn under arrest at Portage, WIs.. confesse( yesterday that he murdered limll Hebe In the town of Lake, south of tills city on Oct. 3 last. The confession wa made on the plea of hla father, Smith Dunn, n prominent comAjc-tor on the St Paul road. Uunn implicates a man named "Kid" Foley us his accomplice In the deed. W. C. T. IF. to M«ct nt Soul lie. St. Paul, Nov. IS.—What Is known as the post executive committee of the W C. T. U., where various matters of business referred to the board by the convention are acted on, was held In this city. Seattle was decided upon as the next place for holding the convention the time to be about the middle of October, exact date being fixed latter. Sioo Reward $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded diaease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, anc that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure IB the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Oatarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Oatarrh Oure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf aces of the system, thjreby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer 9100 reward for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 75?. "Certainly, Patriuk; what U it?" '•You won't get mad, colonel, K I B»y it?" ''Certainly not, Vat; wliat la it?" "I want to eay there urn two splendid liara in tbla room, and I'm one of them. I was never married in me loifo." blood to receive its oxygen. proper supply of left brief ultiy Perional, Mr. ami Mra. 0. H. for Obioago, today after at tbeir home in Alton. Bale UuruUng left tot Tuo«oa, Arl., today to go into business with his brother, B. OftrsUug, Jr. Mr. Ffttriok MoQInnls, the wall known drayman, U dangerously Hi wUbao InteiHnBl cancer and hla death la expected to take plaoe Iu a tew d»y».' Mr, Win. Jtoger, an aaed resident ol North Alton, te very dangerously ill aud hta recovery It considered doubt- fur. MU» Jo»Ie MoPhei'lPn of Bunker U1U, spent tbe day in Alton today. I/in, Antpn B«ok, who w«* severely Injured»few week* »go by fulling flowa »t*lw, bw WMWYWWi* NORTH ALTON. Mr. Win. Uager I« seriously 111 at his horn9 on State street. His recovery is doubtful. Mr. Otto Jacobs, of Horoiauu, Mo., is visiting here. Wo are glad to welcome borne Mr. August Uartb, our genial young drag clerk, from bis summer vacation In the navy. A cinder walk Is being laid from the (own to tho Catholic oemetery. Tula will be a boon to those who travel this road. E asy to Take asy to Operate Are (eaturei peoullur to Hood's 1'llls. Bnwll lo llze, Ustciluas, orHolout, Uiuruugb. A) oua tUMi Hood's Pills Midi " You never know you nave taken a pill till It ID nil or«r." «M. a {. IlooU S Co., Proprietor*, How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks with colic and pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dlarrhcua Rome dy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many people.--Mrs. F. Butler, Fairhaveu, Conn. Persons who are subject to billons colic can ward of tho attack by tailing this remedy as soon as the Qrst symptoms appear. Sold by E. Marsh and 8, H. Wyss. A Case of Kidney Disease Given Up by Four Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for lust, a neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Onre. Today she is able to walk several miles without fatigue. I feel we would bare lost her if it was not for yqur medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Sold by K. Alurab and 8. H. Wyss. What do the Children Drink 7 Don't Rivo them tea or coffey. Have yon tried the m w food drink called GRAIN O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. Tbe raoro Qraln-O you give the children the more health you distribute tbrough their systems. Orain-O is made of pure grains, nnd when proper] v prepared tastes like tbe choice grades of coffee but costs about one- half as much. A11 grocers sell U. 16o and 25c. Try Graln-OI Try Graln-OI Aek your grocer to show yon it package of GRAIN-O, tbe new food drink (bat takes the place of coffee. Tbe children may drink It without Injury as woli as the adult. All wbo try it like it. GUAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it la make from pure grains, and tbe most delicate stomach receives It without distress. One-bait the price of coffee. I6o and 26o per package. Bold by all druggists. ; A Queer (?) Meuictne. There IB a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to have discovered some bltberto unknown Ingredient, or that It IB a cure-all. This houeat medicine only claims to cure certain diseases, and that its Ingredients are recognized by tbe most skilled physicians as being the beat (or K'dney and Bladder diseases, It IB Foley's Kidney Cure. Bold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. * Rheumatism Owed m »4 Hours, T. J. Blookmore, of Hallor & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A snort time since I procured a bottle of 'Mystic Oure." It got me out of tbe house in 24 hours. I took to my bed with rheumatism nine moutha ago and tbe "Mystic Oure" is the only medicine thai did me any good. I bad five of the best physicians in tbe city, but I received very little relief frpm them. I know tbe "Mystic Oure" to be wbat It Is represented and take pleasure in rtKio-miiendlng it to otber j«x» suflwern,". gold by a, w. KINO OF ANTICOSTI. Mr. Chitmh«rlnln A«k* Por F*ct* About Henri M«nl«r and III* lilnnrt. Mr. Chamberlain has naked the governor general of Canada for the facts ne to tho ownership nf Anticoftl if land by Mr. Menler, The governor general h«» forwarded tho Inquiry to Attorney Oeu- or«) Archftttilmnlt of Quebec. The Do- ni111 lot: pnrliniiieiit at its next Bosdion will i'e naked to pass an act establishing eho title of tbe heirs of Pranool* Biflflot to the iHlnnd of Autloonti. It is pointed oat that nncier a judgment of (ho imperial privy oonncll tho right of tho heirs of Frfllicols Hlnsot to a trade of land on tbo coatt of Labrador, including AntlooHtl, t?aa'established. , tt Is aim alleged that the present owner of tho Island, Mr. Henri Menler, obtained his title to the lund under right of pnrolmso from A corporation which bad usurped tho titlo of tbe rightful owners. The island was obtained by the Labrador company through the Bissot olaij- in 1889 Tills company came to grief, and tho inland was sold at auction to an English company known as the An- tioosti company, from which Mr. Menier bought it in 1895 for «130,000. After the purchase, in order to make his title unasRailablo, Mr. Menler obtained from tbo government of tbe province of Qne- boo a document declaring that, under the Judgment of tho imperial privy council dolivprod three years before, the government bad no title to tho island. One of Mr. Neuter's first acts wna to prohibit any ouo from lauding on tho island withont permission or to flab within three miles of tho shoro. The ilHheriuou of Newfoundland at once complained, and Mr. Menler was informed that he mast not attempt to ns- gunio or exercise jurisdiction over the territorial waters of Antioosti. Mr Menior at once retired from his position, bat he put in force regulations which brought him into conflict with the fishermen not living on the island., Ho also drew np rules for tbe 250 flab-" ormeu living on tbe island. Some of those rules gave offense and were the real cause of his trouble with the fishermen of Fox bay, which has assumed torions proportions.—New York Sun. The three-year-old boy of J. A. Johnson, of Lynn Center, 111., is subject to attacks of croap. Mr. Johnson says he is satisfied that the timely use Qf.ObamberJain'8 Oongn Remedy, during a severe attack, saved bis little boy's life. He ia in the drug business, a member of the firm of Johnson Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines for throat and lung diseases. He had all these to cbose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to his call, but selected this remedy for use in his own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because he knew it to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this is the best Belling cough medicine they handle, and that it gives splendid satisfaction in all oases. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. LISTEN TO NATURE. Backaches, Headaches and NervoiHoet are Messages for You. To most people a biokaohe »eoms a very aim pie thing, to bo got rid of by "working It off.' Sometimes the pain does ''work ofr'-some times It does not. Whether It does or no thoughtful people should oome to nnderstan thatabaokichelsaWRrnlng that la not it ib neglected without danger of contrao Ing a dla en»e that will limit life to a few monthe, or maj bo yeara or Buffering. . ... Jfidnay tronbles bare been better understoo* of late years, and kidney troubles In relation to rheumatism and neuralgia Is only beginning tc bo fully comprehended. The kidneys are flUon through which the blood passes, and If they ge out of order, the blood remains Impure an •very part of the body suffers. First the nerre tell the tale. A backache gives warning. Tim has fully proven that thousinda who ofherwls would surely have died, have been restored t health by Morrow's Kl-i-ne-olda. Thetnanna In which this medicines acts Is Illustrated by th case of Mra. Peter llellrung. 702 Race at., At ton, 111., who says: "Iwas troubled with rheu matlsm tor some tlmei my suffering was tern W6, at times It was almost Impossible for me to bear It. I had a severe pain In my back; a times the pain in my back wa* so severe that could hardly get up or down. I could not sleo at night or rest any time. I was told of Mor row's Kld-ne-olda and what benefit tbeynai been to others who had suffered as 1 did, but could scarcely believe It because 1 had tried everything under the sun that was recommend ed to me to cure kidney trouble end rhpuma tlsm, and they did mo no good. But I though I would try Kld-ne-olds and I got a box at 8. H Wyss 1 drug btore. 1 was greatly surprise! when In a day or two the pain began to leave m aBlfbymaglo, and after atlmeil felt perfectly well and ijaro continued to feel so ever slnoe. KId-no-olds are Yellow Tableta (not pll a) an cure kidney aliments, nerroua' eas, eto. Liter lax are small red pellets and euro constipation KId-no-olds Wots; Llverlax Zfi ots at druggist or mailed by John Morrow & Co., Chemists Springfield, O. Mr. N. N. Oabnrn, well known, at Woodstock. Mich., was troubled with a lame back. He was persuaded to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It gave him relief in one night, fhls remedy is also famous for Its cures of rneuma- ti«m. For sale by E. Marsh and 8 H. Wyes. _ _ Texas. Tbe Missouri, Kansas & Texas Hailway Oo. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 0 and 30, with final limit ot return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for homeseekera, tourists and investors to view for themselves the great resources of tbe State. For further information address John L.' William*, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. Th8RindYoi! Have Mwaya BougtU Signatory <f HOTEL MAD/SON, A. L. DANIELS, Proprietor. BvoondtnAButtnit*. Alton, HI S. F. CONNOR Real Bo«: Estate, Insurance sod Collecting Aftnt. Building ud Lo»n lJUiooUtlon ALTON, SIX. MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, county of Madison, 88. In the Circuit Court, October term, A. D. 1898. In Chancery. Manuel II. Boals and John L. B^als, partner under tbe name of M. H. Boals * Son, vs Henry Mode, Emma Pauline Medo and Hatt o Mode Petition for Mechanic's Hen. Public notice l» boreby given that by virtue o a decree of tho Circuit Court of Madlaon coun ty, made and entered at the October term, A D., 1898, thereof, In the above entitled cause tho undersigned, Master In Chancery of sal court, wll sell at public auction to the hlghes and best bidder, on SATURDAY, THE THIRD DAY OF DECEM HER, A. D., 1888, at the hour of ten'o'clook, In the forenoon said day, at the north door of ths City H» building Inthooltyof Alton. In the county o Madison, In the State of Illinois, tbe followln described real estate, to-wlt: Ninety-two (92) feet fronting on North stree and one hundrel and fifty-four and one-ha (15444) feet deep off the north end of the e«s half of the south end of blook No. live (5), I Hunter's North Liberty addition to tbe city 0 Alton, Bituitod in tbe city of Alton, In thapoun ty of Madison, and State of Illinois. Said lot or piece of land, lying next to and south of lo NoT (1). (fronting on North street) In said Woo ^Terms of sale—All cash on day of aaK Upon compliance with he terms of sale nu the approval o£ the report of the said maate by the court, a oortlfloa o of purchase will be given the purchaser or purchasers which wll entitle him or them to a deed for the premise at the expiration of fifteen months from the o«y of sale, u Master In Chancery. LEVI DAVIS, Sol. for Cmplalnanta. R. R. EXCURSION RATES. P rt Worth, Texas, and return $24. 1C. 4 A Dec. 3 and 4. T he Burlington to_ Colorado, California am to i Pugct Sound Points, C. & A. Nov. 19 20,31. Return Itmlt Nov. !8th. tt. Louis and return 8pi{. C. & H omeseekers Excursions.—Nov. 1st and ISt and Dec. 6th and 20th, via the Burlington. R EDUCED Rates to Northern and Western resorts now In effect via tbe C. & A. R. ~ and connections. T he Burlington Route best line to all northern nortoern and western summer resorts Cheap rates now In effect. For Information ap ply to J. B. Thomas, A^ent. T HANKSGIVING DAY—For the above the C & A R. R. will sell excursion tickets at low rate to stations within 160 miles on NOT 24tb. Return limit Nov. 25th, T hanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 2«h— Special excursion rates via Big Four. Tickets will Do sold only for trains of Nov. 21th an within a radius of 160 m lea of starting polnl Reluming good unt 1 Nov. 26 h Inclusive.—G H. Hamilton. F or California Tourls' s—The Burlington Rout has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, per sonally conducted (by a Burlington Route Agent every Wednesday f om St. Louis, and TEurs day from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Jx> Angeles and SanJFranclsoo. The route IB vl Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City wit 08 per cent sunshine throughout tbe year. As your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlou firs. Homeseekers' Excursion at very low rate 1 * via Big specified points fn Alabama Colorado. Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Ter rltory, lows, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Okla homo, Oregon, Booth Carolina, South Dakota Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin ami •Wyoming. Tickets will be on sale Not. 15th Deo. 0 20, Jan. 8-10j Feb. 7-21, March, 7-10 For full Information apply to G. H. Hamilton Ticket Agent. : H omesoekers' Excursions. — Upon oertal dates of October, November and December the C. & A. will sell excursion tlokots atgreatlj reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky Louisiana, Northern MIoblaan.Mlnnesota, Mis BlsslppI, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Tex as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming Tbe reductions In rates are of sufficient Import anoe to merit tbe attention of prospeoUv< travelers. For particulars call on O.G. Norrls Ticket Agent. W. BURdESS, GROCER, Cor. Sixth and Alby sts Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine T.eas and Coffee?, e'c. Free Delivery to any p ar t ot the city. f\t\ 09. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, iia West Third st Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Low Rates, If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; in. fact any mechanical application. call on us for r*l — A.^1 ~ Electric Incandescent Ughto, Arc Power. SPECIAL SALE SATURDAY AND MONDAY. 10 per cent reduction on Ladies' Jackets. One lot 50* Dress Goods; special sale j$f yd, 54 in. Turkey Red Damask; " " 18* yd, 60 in 45? " " " " " J5' yd. jof halt bleached' " " " J9' yd. 6tif yd wide Reliance Bleached Muslin; special sale 4#' yd. Q l /if yd wide, Fancy Colored Bunting (for Comforts, etc.,); special sale 6%? yd. Another lot of $i black Kid^Gloves; special sale 63^. j2 in. and j6 in, 10? Percals; special sale 6%f yd. 35? Fancy Colored Shawl Fascinators; special sale 25?. BBgOne lot of Germantown Zephyr regular price 15?; special sale 5? a skein. See our Toilet Soaps, we can save you money: Henri Rocheau Violette de Parme Heliotrope Blanc and Peau D'Espague, 2$' a box. Andrew Jergens, Rose de France Glycerine, great value, three # ibs bars for 25 cents. Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin un-- dershirt and drawers must give way to heavier weights. . "> Where will I buy? you say to yourself. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us'p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores. If it is not the best, bring it back and get your money. This shows the confidence we have .in our underwear. , H »A»WUTZLEP« - M^IL W W •••••••••DBVHH m • The Outfitter. 633 Bast Second Street THIS WEEK. SHOES SHOES! New Shoes, Stylish Shoes, up to date Shoes, pood Shoes: Shoes for men, Shoes for women, Shoes for girls, Shoes for boys; Baby Shoes, Grandma Shoes, Grandpa Shoes, Shoes that have, soles under them. Good shoes to tie to—impossible to get on your uppers if you buy our shoes. Shoe Hung up Prices Out Down. Onr Show Windows are ft •tody In snoe economy. We have hung these up so that he who runs may read ft IM?,' 8lM JSf enough bargains which are best samples of hundreds of others within. There Is only one. way to beat our low prices and that Is to go ban foot. Look at theso for Ladles' and Misses: -. " Por Ladies tbe celebrated Plngree and Smith, J. J. Latteman & Oo., and Wright & Peters Go's «2. •2.60, 03 np to »6 going at 9Sc, \M, l.», 2.48 Plngree & Smith composite Shoe in tarns and welts going at 1.79 and 2.ff Misses' and Children's School Shoes In heavy Bong., Viol Kid and Box Oalf. How is this going at ... .*.' S9c, W«, 77c, W, $1.29 Men's Cordovan Oalf, Kangaroo Oalf, Titan oalf, Jona Oalf, French Oalf, King Oalf, Box oSf, Willow Oalf, values «4, «5, |6, fr; go at $2.W Boys' in same, going at 9««, $1.29, SI.M PFEIFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DON'T MISS THE MODELS Sacrifice Sale Cor. 3d and Piasa sts. Licensed ARCHITECT Mtf MMHUllMl OnUtfllUMW. P*' W, THIRD tTHBOT, TWN

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