Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 18, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1961
Page 5
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Fayette School News Fifth Grade tall, and weighs H!, r > prunds. Peo Senior trip pie who block the isles when go- The senior class went on their — Mrs. Heineman '"K l " <-'lass are his pet peeve. class trip Sunday murninfi, May In health we arc learning IIis favorites include English 7. We all met at the school park- about our feelings and about bi illul history, blue and gold, stt-ak in^ lot and left at 2:30 a. in. We cycle safety. Many of the stu- and ^spaghetti, "Operation Petti- ate breakfast on the tollway. A dents brought their bicycles to "oat", "Andy Griffith", Carey few of us slept, but the majority try some of the bicycle tests. Ev- Grant, Debbie Reynolds, "Run- played cards on the way into eryone did very well. Thanks to nin ^ Scared', and Elvis. Chii-ago. We arrived at the O'- Chris for bringing the tape ^ l ' spent his free time in chor- Mara International airport about measure. us, band, all sports, class officer, !) a m. We spent approximately In arithmetic we have been P) a . vs - iinc ' small groups. In ad- -If) minutes watching the jets reviewing measures. clition to this, his hobbies, golf coming in and taking off. In social studies we are learn- ur \d^ whiffleball, occupy "Har- The next stop was the Brc.-k- ing about famous men. George r >'' s " spare time. Washington and Benjamin Hc wil1 attend college follow- Franklin are twx) we have stud- in K graduation. ied so far. We find this an interesting unit. "Teacher's Pits" are Ron interesting sections of Ciiicago. Marjorie Henry won the spell- Webb's pet peeve. Blonde. 5'11", We checked into the Hamilton field Zoo. We left the 7.00 at lli:30 and made a tour of Maxwill street, Chinatown and other down this week by spelling "Sat- 170 pound, blue-eyed Ron re- urday" correctly. sides at 503 King street in Fay Patty Alshouse treated us to ette. He cup cakes in honor of her August football, 24 birthday. chorus and student council. Johnny Orr showed us a piece was also audio-visual coordinat- of teletype tape and a baby pig- or one year. eon (with no feathers) that his Elvis Presley. Lee J. Cobb, and brother had caught. Barbara Havward r;ite We saw several movies this ,. . ' week. Th™ WP r,> nn nionf-ors personalities, while hotel at 4:30 p. m. After having supper, we left the hotel at 7:10 has participated in for a two-hour boat cruise. After baseball, basketball, the boat cruise we visited the He Prudential building. Monday morning at H a. m. we went to the radio program the "Breakfast Club". At 10:30 we were at the stock exchange, and Mrs. Renfrow, Mrs. Donald E. Dr Parwcll han accepted a posi- Fish, Mrs. Donald Ii7wry. Mrs. tion with Texas Women's univer- Linost Peasley and Mrs. Flor- sity at Denton, Texas, where he once Lowry who poured during will teach chemistry and direct Ibe serving hour. research. Gue.-ts included Mrs. George Dr. Caswell came to Upper Uu-lschcr and Mrs. William Bel- I;;wa in 1956 when he received r.;hner. ArlingVn; Mrs. Clare his Ph. D. degree from Michigan Foiisek, Oelwein; Mrs. Lynn Sil- State university. He has had sev- ka, S'.'.nky; Mrs. Eldo Brock- eral articles published in the man. Westgate; Mrs. Raymond journal of Organic Chemistry, I'alhf.un and Mrs. Kyle Kunklc, and served a.s visiting lecturer at VayrUe; Mrs. Lois S->rg, Mrs. S. U I. last summer. • nest Mieho, Mrs. Herbert Miy- or, Mrs Raymond Lang, Mrs. Aboard aircraft carrier I) nald Hart/, Mrs. Ben Tl. mas, Mrs. Edwin Olson, Mrs. Glen Sual'er, Mrs. Henry Sehrader, Mrs. Harold Mk.he, Mrs. Harvey Jensen, Mrs. William Stephens ,ind Mrs. Wcodrow Lconhard. Jolm (-'. R .hde, radarman third class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Rohde of Route 1, FayetU, Iowa, is serving aboard the attack ;,:iv/aft carrier U.S.S. Oriskany which is presently undergoing an oveihaul at the Naval shipyard in San Francisco, Dr. Caswell resigns Dr Lymnn Caswell, associate ,ihf. profo.-srr of chemistry at Upper The Oriskany returned to the ii;wa University, has announced Sta.es in December after a seven his resignation, to be effective at -month tour rf duty with the the end cf the current semester. Seventh Fleet in the- Far East. top in THREE LOVELY YOUNG women wore selected to boar the Oelwein banner al the annual Miss Oelwein pageant Salurdev night. They were on pioneers, the 11:15 found us at the Nation;.. chemistry History Museum We returned Nancy Sue Morrison, center will represent Oelwein at the Miss teeth and their care and birds and trig are his subjects powder to'the'hotel at 2:30 p. m. and the Icwa pageant in Clear Lake this summer. Lana Cooper, left, was Geri Lyn, Pam, Linda, Chris, blue and green are his favorite balance of the afternoon was left firsl runner up and Marian Shannon was second runner up. (Oel- Marjorie Jones ' and Marjorie colors, peach pie and vanilla ice for shopping. Monday evening wei " Register photo) Henry are keeping our news bill- cream are his favorite foods. Hc we went to the stage show Ictin board up to date. enjoyed the movie "Rio Bravo'. "Miracle Worker". Virginia Paul won the Oelwein He enjoys "Have Gun — Will Tuesday morning we checked junior art contest last week. Travel" and the song "Blue out of the hotel at 9 a. m. and Moon". went to the Museum of Science Mr*. Downing After graduation, he will at- and Industry. At 2 p. m. we The fourth grade have been tend college at U.I.U. and Ames, departed for home, and arrived busy making our Mother's Day <'• Fayette around 8:30 p. m. Ev- SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS eryone was ready for a good WITH LEADER WANT ADS night's sleep. presents. We hope they will enjoy them. We used iodine to test for starch in potatoes during science class. We were surprised to see the potato turn blue. David B. brought food coloring to mix . I with water. He put a stalkcel- p r() p ram \Q jjggjn Qn J Un6 Annual reading development ery into the water and then watched the blue liquid creep up the stem of the celery. Mrs. Henniges presides ' ' ""' Women's association l.y its president was next with each re- At guest day meeting sponcling with the duties of her MAYNARD - Mrs. Floyd office. Hemii^es, president of the Help- Mrs. Robert Ponsar. assisUd | in« Hand society. opened its | )V Mrs Menefee. was in charge gue-t day program al the United ,,j- lht , entertainment whie.i fol- Pnvbyterian el.urrn Wcdnes- i, nv( , t i j,, ,| 1L , slH -ial n.-m of the day aflcrnoon, Mav H, with pi-ay- church. Winners in the making. er and a welcome to which Mrs. ( ,f-paper-hats contest were Mrs. Raymond Lang responded. Mrs. i jOroy Henniges and Mrs. Hen M-iynard Menefe, used "The Thomas. Honored in other o.-n- Hiblo Speaks to Us" as the theme tos)s woro M,- S . William Steph- of the devotional meditations cns M,. S Ed W. Meyer, Mrs. and Mrs. Herbert Malven was at Lynn Silka and Mrs. Eldo Rrock- thc piano for the group singing m ' nn Other honors went to Mrs. of hymns. Fred Sehrader. 80, the old< si one prvjb- Taking part m the skit, "The present; Mrs. Stephens. the aided Street Where Yi-u Live" were youngest mother present; Mrs. The introduction of the officers On the hostess committee were The fourth annual Reading Students with reading Development Program will be lems can be materially We have been taking some re- ne j d at Upper Iowa university through the Reading Develop- Mrs. Clyde Renfrow, Mrs. Ed W. Mrs. Raymond Calhoun, who hai view tests of our multiplication f rom Monday, June 12, until ment Program, Dr. McBride ex- Meyer, Mrs. Menefee, Mrs. Floyd the most letters in her name, tables. Some of us need to study Friday, August 4, it was announ- plained, as evidenced by the Simpson, Mrs. Andrew Ganten- Mrs. Frank Cummings who has them some more. ced t j3 day by Dr. Vearl G. Me- number of schools now offering btin, Mrs. Donald Jellings, Mrs. been a member of the society, the We read about beavers in our Bride director. this instruction. Since U. I. U. Isaac Paul, Mrs. Joe Rhoades longest (since 1015), and to Mrs. reading class last week. Our book The Reading Development pro- instituted the reading clinic four with Mrs. Irving Patridges as Grace Mall.m. who joined most showed us many very interesting m is designe d to assist young /ears ago, 13 other schools have reader. recently. pictures of beaver colonies and students w ho have reading dif- adopted similar programs. ' rh ~ ' how they were built. ficulties. The students receive David Beck brought a chemical from 40 to 60 minutes of per- plant .to school. It has grown sonal instruction and assistance very much since it has been here. cacn day Tne f ee for the program is $5 per student per week. Sixth Grade Dr. McBride stated that the ... „ . program is open to all children, — Marianne Nadeau ^ & . . Last week David Homeward trom those who have gone had a serious injury on a bicycle, through the first grade to sen- He is walking on crutches now iors in high school. However and we hope he'll .be back in enrollment in the program will school soon. We sent him a card be limited to 50. and a present. School superintendents and In spelling we are on our last teachers are requested to recom- unit. We find that these words mend their students for the pro- ure a little harder than those at gram as soon as possible, as sev- the beginning of the year. eral applications have already In language we have started been received. a new chapter. We are learning A series of reading and men- to express our opinions clearly tal ability tests will be given and have discussions. each student near the beginning We had a film on buds last Q f tne p ro g ram , and again at the week and learned the different end( so t hat progress can be kinds. It was very interesting. measure d, Dr. McBride said. In- We had a test in social studies struc ti O n will be given between this week and soon will be hav- 7 a m and noon five days a week. ing a review of the year. ____„_ Last Saturday our whole class went roller skating and had a Outstanding record lot of fun. -The Holstein-Friesian associa- We have $25 in our club treas- tk)n of Amer i ca has announced ury, which we will save for next the completion of an outstanding year. Our class trip will be to ofiicial production record by a the park on Tuesday, May 23. registered Holstein cow in this area — Spies Ace High Jomay Seventh Grade 4383528 owned by M. J. Lein & Son, Maynard, produced 14,972 — Dian* Alber pounds milk and 550 polmds We have a large map of Iowa butterfat in 365 days on twice in the back of our room that was daily milking as a 3-year-old, made by class members. As we i owa state University super- have studied rivers, cities, and v i se d the weighing and testing Other points of interest they O f production as a part of the have been put on this map. official herd testing programs Janeen Dilley had a birthday o f the national Holstein orgamza- May 12 and treated each pupil t j on . to a candy bar. These programs provide con- We have made plans for our tinuing lactation and lifetime •Class trip, which is to be a pic- production records on every cow nlc in our own city park. We ex- m more than 2,800 participating ^pect to eat a big dinner and then registered Holstein herds. piay games all afternoon. YOU LL SEE YOUR DOLLARS GROW IF YOU USE OUR AGRICULTURAL LIME ON YOUR FIELD BEFORE PLANTING Order Your Crushed Rock Today For Those Soft Spots In Your Drive Or Your Parking Area. Senior Sketch Power Saw Harold Toerber of near Mas- sillion was severely cut on the .' Steve Vermazen, or "Harry", face recently when a power saw «8 his friends, Mike Smith, Al slipped while he was cutting Finger, Dwight Durfey, and Dav- down a tree limb. It required 50 Id BurgfC^all him, is 5' 10%" stitches to close^the cuts. Tt' i'ji ~~ first time PAULSEN Heating & Plumbing ARE SPECIALISTS IN • Ga* and Oil Heating * • Boilers • Conversions • Air Conditioning fib JK>B TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL - mti£ feSflMATES GLADLY GIVEN - CMJ- US COLLECT — Oelwein 381 VoA Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer 1S3 So. Frederick — Odwem, low* heat water with natural gas Thrifty, dependable natural gas saves two ways when it heats water. First, natural gas is faster, so there's no need to invest in a large storage tank. 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