The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 5
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^'UPSTAGE' A Imfe TOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURPA Norma ishearer Featured In l^Im Which Opens Here Monday. II s <>iiij"ls Kroilt io iliiiKrillK Jmi-tlUT^- Kiiy thi^ siniltiKlil.' apiihiii and ^11 tpiat. But >«irls—hf'ltiT Shearer it oil you all be a vaiKle- liai|ils(im(! cliitliti'.s and liiiK rniwds. let, ; Norma iihout it be- U X O M d B I L fproyou da«h to the nearest Niok- ing' office-and declare yobfselvcs embryo Anna Hclds or e^en Trixle jKriKanzHHj TlieroV too much work al)out this vaudeville thliiR [to bo romantic! ' Norma demonstrate!) tliiH In "I'pHtnRp" at the Klllc Theatre ..Monday tor tliree drtVH. II'K U play |every flapper will jlove—and per- liaps jiet a U-KKOU Out of. between liiUKhH and thrills. Ka.spK and KiRbK.. [.Norma plays a little Hienoj ?raplior' who gets on the vaudeville stage —an the feminine half of u dancing ia<n. wearing beautiful clothes. (li '.Kling Uusslan wolf hounds thru the settings—romantic indeedJ lAud liandsomc Oscjfr [ShaW of the .Music Box Ilevuo is Jier.,|Part- ntr. Uomantic again. Proof of Utmkt noceisary <iiaiu|'s with hi.s .succos.s'of his dh-ive'(iL'i)en (J (itiahty of his mhtor fuel. ))i'rft tlriv< GAS lb slij^hti] It i^j a ; bLINH for DPI 1) V Gas )ai-c Devi! hVarniT doefs no1,'tlafe to liike Any un- :a.soline. He knows that the ; to a largo extent upon the and pep which Dare Devil •do f<)r him—it [will do for you •aniiot atrot-d to hjive Ifss than the st ciojrjfinjr )f his feed h"ne.wil| ruin the vhich he ho H'S to make in hfs 120-hour i.trnirrcant f;(ct that he DERBY his Star Sedan. » |)line has tlu' extra i)il of purity, junver kVarncr needs. What it will K'ou. Since it costs no more Ilim U Hill His In T'ro^t of Cocfk's Drug Store Endte Saturday, 12:30 At Sleeper's Furniture Store Dare De^il Warner Cily <iuriiKf Pr-rliv Statliiil. iolony W. IVtk & Co. i • ^ r.- E; MSTEIW mm OFF OlflONGTIfll! Second La^ on Gruelling Test Started Feb. ' From Ppntiac, MicK The second! lap of one of th<} most gruelling tests any aut6mo bile ever unileirtook began at 'on tiac. .Mich!. Feb. wb.en the Oak land landau seiljan. whrch In nionths conipletifd a lOO.UOU enduraiic* ruii. started onJa of the countryj This tour will the car fromjciast to coast. froifc Gulf .to tbi- creat Lakes; an^ will add about 1.1,01)0 milc^ of tti most strcnuou's'travel to the jcar already tremeiidon.s; mileage I A. U. Glancy. president a,iid eral manager I of the Oakland tor Car Company. \V. n. T vice-president in cliarge of sale and a host of other Oakland | of I cials and employes gav^ a rousinr send-off to the c;ir: 'which \i ' Ktined ;to impress lieople all the country with tjje rugged sid-uction and I the year-in. yeajr-oult service available in automdbili made today. The car undertak ng. the r a stock landau sedan, one o first Oakligid t^ixe^ built with rubber silenced chassis. TIIL engine is in the same!condition is a the c^)mpleli(m of the lOO.OHO mil run. and in no re-built ijt preparation for the run.;- ! sli mil ton tak^ anil Ota K^^n, .Mol acy alea offi ini de ove con lin i^ th th .\ssnciatr; Bible Studenls' Wash. an (K. V. Temple Cor. West Streets.) : i 10 a. m. adult ailtl junior <ludents company. I Adult "The .N'ew Creation PredAstin JVt. 1:10-11. Junior tfipic: Review Crealo and Creatures—Tlie . Ileli^IIioiJ. Psalm .s:{:l.S: (Jen. 1:26-28: 2:7: Ceri. 2:16-17: Kzek. i Jsa. n:l.-{-M. 11 a. .m. ".lebovah and Works." Psalm 104:24. jnibl opic ited Gei IS :i4^ Hs f« p. m. ••Deliverance" The InV—Tlie Logos-huclfer, The lion of Man. Isa. 40:28: Isa. M'eilne.sda.v; ."iO.'i W. Ja street at ,S p. ni. iPrayer. .i and testimony service. Hiblo "(God) hatli raised us up togUhej- and made i(S sit ; togetlie heaveniv places." Kpli. 2:C^ \V. 1»)TLK.M.A.\. Sec .i! jC.rei iCreii 26: •ksojn raiije texl^ —Kor prompt roaulta use tl)e CtasSified cdlumns. | Kea to Endurance Drive ,12:30 w Prizes for You! v B. T. BarlJer, whb is sixinsorirtg the drive will a>vard the foUoy-: irg prizes TD the peijson who niiles driv cn hy Dare Dpvil Warner during the 120 hours. Tb the person who SE Tb the pe -son who! 11 lirive 120 Hours Without Sleep and Iliindeuffed to the Wheel (if a Star Sedan. comes nearest to jcuessinjcr the number ojf FIRST V\i\7M New Slj Idns of ga,'soline usjecj. :OND PRIZ $200; Gift Certificate «Qod on th« purchjise of any moc l -l r Six.!' SK^'OND I'RIiiE—Sli'it) (;if:t Certificate. Kotid on the purchase of any mt^d cl New Star Four. comes nearest io guessing the number of gal- FIILST PRIZE-L.S25 Certificate «;ooc1 on the purchase of any u.sed car our slocK. i ' ' in ;__Srtberlin{,' Casing, choice of 'MHiVi or 2;>xl.l0. t..u H-.-". makes the best guess as to the number 0f hUrs Watner will sleep in the wjindow of the Sleeper Furm- tiire Conibany aft^r the drive. | ' FFR^T PRIZE-LsiO Gasoline Bo6k> SE IJrinjr or niai aiiring the di^ive. 209 V^'est 3lieel your guess K—5 Gallons Grafblcum motor oil. ! • : to R.T. Barber or give your estimate to i)ar^ Deyil Warner Jjyar'cost Transportatibf^ Builrfry Ourdnl Motor* Phone 5 HECOX is IN RACE FOR qOMMISSIpNER In anothei-* place In this paper appears the A. U. Uecox announcemeiit of .Mr that lie is a candidate for renomination aiid re-ejection to tbe'ofllce of Commissioner of Finance of the city oMola.:­ nouncement Js not unexpected since it is known t lat many citizens have .Mr. Hecox and cx- liope that be would his candidacy to the called upon pressed the iigain submit] people. Mr. Hecox lola as to n is so well known in ...ed no introduction For many yelirs he was in the em- l)loy of the I.Missouri" Pacilic railroad company as . siation agent hater he fHlt'd the office of postmaster and f >r the palst ttiree yearf he Has been Finance j -'omniissioner Jn all these relation.H he has been courteous in his contact rwith the public and efficient iii the perform-, lance of his duties. He has made a piirticularljy- carefiil study of the liiiftmiial affyirs of the city and has kept a watchful eye over expenditures. fn all (jlepaitments of the city government, i He has been so situated as to give all his time when necessary tO| the duties of his office and the|-e is a very general feeling that he has pcrforined those duties with sound judgment and witli'no othtV thought in inlnd than the public Welfare. NEWMES^ OF GAS CITY Ladies' lid i ^lieiJs <»i'i'irors for FIN- ca'l YeHf-j-riiurcli .iniioiiiicc- nirnis nrid iVp^oiitil >CHS. PODG Sales in a) Increajscd R^arkably 1) Ifs, lies; E:\^ OTJ FG . FEBRlJARY EX • • • •QRTS HITNEWRECOkD Foreien [Mlge Birodhers. irevlotjs recori Pfis.-^enger lars an year \\\\% an i oi M .n I per L4st Y eaT. Ir< rding to iiguri e'd. Fj.reign her.-i. and IticlJs lias nn(w re l|or ionsi thai djeinan I jfor notigi- jGrali im Brothers (ve- |com|iany'i^ cars and tjlie 76f shippeil Io biyers ills i) in t lers ofl the I world. TJ lias Is iif sales i of In cks abi6 ;id [icreise in bilsi- •enl. liver 1!I2.5. |s ju^t 'aiinouiic- Nations Inc s'ir|/:isseii resulted f |Oi=( ign deal '<ive v countr, wonld. \ 1 odge liroihers ,^hil«mi 'nts :s i-spec whi n comirar |Cd wj ^iliiliment of the ^•h lie last yeir.t ma es of the LvAti........ Chamber of Comnferce shojw that .'••."fi.onti >verp e.xportea fn States. This I is t'eni. over 1!»1'.">. fjnijl figures Ijor 1 of podge Urothen •tni^ flraham Uroilher!^ lalipig Sn.Olfi. wbi 1 \.'S per cent i( liejl such ilro- y onej-eightlj of entile oujtput of .T.l.- trtKJks in ! 192t: Was in itii parts of creijsed demtiud le fixtiension of activities into the i civilized lw< >'ri itei Til live month PRAIRIE (.Mrs. ( "ell. 10.^- JMison. is^ Stijicklcr. Ir. and Mary gain jin export: ally noteworthy, ith tlje accpm- indust-ry- a.H a' rreliminary (istl- bnali Aiitomabile !for 1920 niotor vehicles |m ;the rniled| pain of per! Ortdgoj Brothersi i2G 'sihoW exports! passenger ciars ov per II. "bar wo •esst.tan-Cfwbdy trucks h is a g.'iiii r tlie precei iod. UNION .SIricklcrl iBiBlow. kin^ i «ir 'N (.Mr -I A. F. Holten) CAS CITn Feb. 11.—Tlie Ladies' Aid of the.M. K. church met at the church Weil^iesday and held election of officers as follows: .Mrs. A. F. Holteli. president :• .Mrs. Kli Kllsworfh. first vice-p/eiiident: Mrs. Marry llyllon. second vlccjiresident: .Mrs. C. I>. Osboni. .sec-1 retary: .Mr. j Lew Chezem. treasurer. After jho . election refresh- meiils wertj served l)y the year's officers. . About 2X people w.ere present. iiunday school jwill be held at '.i:4.'> Sunday morujng because sjev- eral are going to attend'the fourth iliiarlerly conference of this charge which will bo held at 11 o'clock at the Trinityi'.M. K. church in lolii. Epwortli'iLeaguc services Sunilay eveiijn« !it 17:00. under the leailer- slUp Ojf .Mr4. Maude Smith and Uiiv hPerkJils. I i Sunday .-tthool ai the Church of, "Cod S|iinday morning at 1M:UO anil i Saturday ever preaclliiig. services at 11:00. Eve-I anij Ifstened nfng services at 7:00. ;, .^ohii Tippi« Mirs. Ft . W. t)ni nor < Sunday w .Ipie. .Mr. and .Mr^ (linjner at tb'' Paliiinlav in In Itir hday. ! .Mrs. Ora Slfickii r.. '.V. MiCuie no(>n. .Mrs. A. W. Pain chicks The first of hi this nei ;bbo Mr. and Mr:;, .la ami Mrs. Ora Str Mrs !th .M|I-. and .Mrs. . obn P. .\iuitbews at" Striikler ijoiii" f Opal's sevlillb and chil<lren spe SttTicklcr's. F.lnier in llie afternopn. '^be road men washout sehool jiou.- A. W. Paine .ijir. iiiid Mi -f .Ii ' • I'nK to- 6f ing of T. Ihiljl i llorketl. •d Ifefnfein (vis- few \vi4 rolvboM ni o •cd der. . Hiid.spi OI'IMI sfi ijove tailing a ilrink rn>m 'reason •s of till tn-chiell lie r cailed on fvirs.! , .' \ ednesday a ler- "M«;:"t odjist • h; ;(S 2SII gillie h:ive litard boojl] i ;e Strickler/i .Mr. Sponges are marine animals that breed in sjVring. Thciyoung sponEes swim aboiit for some time, hut finally beci^ine fiked to rocks at the bottom of the sea. —For p|-ompt results Classified Columns. Fowler and daughter, of the home of .Mrs. Thursi lola, visit) LiicvCorn Mr. I Le, Tuesday from Pjirke^ ^ called I bec4use of his brother's illness. Beeijing returned where he was fe. d th. y jWrsither and road Mr. Hill an|d jlOny Satiir'jlay |r and ViiiiHester liinddiy at Nl ktricklers <iili |i;'iv( lie Ic. iris lid T. l!i*ouso n>ni ry well alien iditi<ii| dii.s'.^\! Wr. : rf S P 4>re , while l,4tlO of hi i calltle o anotli^-r d<iwn in! T liel is ;] Id he't'o ce.- nii SOUTH Congressman Cl:ui<|e p. Mm esent [.session of iCfjng^esv lb lioi udspelh iislridt iiidn't liv^' aiioilier iiiontli le him a-|-al>'.e-l)iililii'd as a i (Tbeliia Ilogers) l.-^Sc Imiinity itgiiarter last ' .N'obli ^^AIRVIEVV 'ccos |spcth was , of El Paso hat he was wite.bfiiii; driven J IA few iver. (.f til. iiCi.r I ill' •izeliftter. •arllt .M. Tiiirl v yVar.s ago, d< Iliit " iniased a 4rving as 0 iniles a:<i p :c- caiil biir- ew years ol cral liieiubers aitendetl: tlie .\lci y coiitifreiice • 'iiiirsday.i s sale Tuesday w led, coiisiderfiij; iti'';j le ruadsj The J^a-' I diiiiieW Oddie Pool were jin day. .Mr. Pool v,iill|| for all r <iiii 'i of Ibis week as \\'\^ I Ol irfiproved.' KaWiioiid Sriiilii' alt K..y pe:>y"^ •<,\\u\ I visited: ht;r il:uii;h- .<iiine4-. H\Hl Mr. .-ill d; Id vi.'iiliMl .Mr. Jo>' I CoDiiiierce |j .-r ?len 1> . iii Piir'tons. ! cljiai S|iFiiker. • j • ; iFrancis Culver! •'T| Fell. 11. •riarned tin iir meeting 111. Tlie en iiiimber of invil our ilii6re tables. .Mrs. .los la was PAGE FTVJF! '"3 GIVIl IRAIUCE DRIVE If! lOIA GuesLion Varioub Things Will Bring Awards' [ Flrdm B.T.B^^berj \ Garage.! \ iijbcr. Prizes jtotallihg morje are being offered; by 1 local distributor ; for slar .Stbtor Cars. tJD hose guessing I be nmnltcr of mill 's covei'ed. the nunibqr;of miles hveraged per g: ifim ofj igas- bline |n^ thj>'numbe-'i of libiirs •Dare after liis! Warner Mill islecp )-l\our endii riince i^iiii in a Stay jjCedan which llo' will 1 start at 12:|roiMonday aften mm" injfront' of Cook'ii Drug Store. . - - <it of prizes i? as follows: To guessinz i uist c^orrect- ly the niinibcr of miles Warner will drive:, | ; First ^rize—$200; certilicate; good on the purchase of anvjnew model Star Six:. Second Prize—$ir)< i certificate good on; the purchase f>f anyi new modelj Star Four. To those, guessing most correctly thej number of milosj to thJGj gallon of gasoline that Warnefi will averai^e: . j First Prixe—$25 cejtlticalejgpod used car- than IT, Hi ;400 my J on th > jiurchase of in oui s'tock. , , Secind Prize—Eiebiijing Casing eitherl 3ftx3i4,or 2!>x4 if , To those guessing npst correctly the number of. hoiiri .Warner will , sleep iii Sleeper's wiujow: ' Fir« Prize—$10 gasjoainc iHiok. Sec m^l'Prizc~5 Gallons Oi-afol- enm ilotor Oil. * Voiir kuess must be ^i)iuiit.^cd in wriiinglto B. T. Barbeif or to! War- uer, himself, and n iisl • !contain . yoiir'niime and addrcii. • | •'"•••{ I Warner" will be ham tufTcd to the : iioiH to'''! steering wheel of tbt jsiar Sedan' ihe gi^eal j i^,;.;,,, Monday. Aft *i the motor is .>itartod it will not ht |stop |Vud nor wiir^'a'rner leave the car <»r|sl«*ep im pNTsi OFHUMBI^LbT Mixer ^Vt- hear•i I. L • was ii^esei Cliasl, S.liaftiier ft he V.i'K. F. club :|t lifj- l!ioiiie on .\ inimlicr of inv .le.-eiil •• be.sides I rs. I Humboldt ChaiiilM llebi .ji very siicii -I iii;;ltt in the di|i .M'-tbp(iist 1 hiir. 1 laiiqiK't Was serv l.v I lit! ladies of ill ijaiul tweiily-!f tin -;;,Mi |J inclirdiii;; or Iii'!- nivinliers. until when of tb< . nu solid Blue Pfrrfe Saturda^ : aftc noon , the ilrive will tjipp in front (i^Ieeiier Furniture store. ! irtg the drive he!: will-ciit no (jxceplion of jjplied Uy the !;bnly jother coffcct He Al- dub hn Tlnris- ii-e meni- t, but •d F uests. wer ? :also 'pbiae Klah (iut-of- host- after- isage Itjed iliests i :*i ;ular :\hts his l.-!t Hsf baiHfiiiM., i\ pioijraiii Wiis tal, spl-iiArf of tli 'i •a !'>i >v, >if I'arson: Sev •n - nil II.. Th- foniiis. ,ve an jslioi-t- iimnibers^ wa.s nosfs. It ing.[so to 'se <^f get- (,'hiiiriber cl'isi'i-; tjintact sii^t. this an undo ubtol SUC<<'SS. tell as havij l^een a orial pi Illoe iir the purp| tlie meiiihers of th In its foiid with the , llibbon Bread siij . _ ct- liakery. His f (M )d •will' be milk and , probably will drink si ferali malted miiks.each riay. tbest j being! sup-^ plied ijy Cook's Drug Storej | 'W-- Thii test is a- grueling one for both L-ar and driver .-^'nd jAV'!amcr has s dected with care Uhe oili ga's- o'ine and accessories ivjhichhe w'tll use., Derby Special Oasoline hit4, been ;chosen for fuel ^md 'li<j will stop ijat! some one of the statioiiH suppiVi^g this gas f(A-irelilifng the tank] • used/ every; •not :|b (^rafoleum motor oiliftiill be riie motor w-lli be drained live hundred ilit'les biit! will ic stopped. A liiiotor Ijiislng Grarolemn oil can run.lor a consltli-. length of tiniM withoiit iii- erable _ . , . juryllafter .every drort | of pi| has beeii drained from th icrankcasc.i A-! HJ Davis Electri; Service has siippjietl Warner wifij a U.- S. L. Battery, a Northeast "horn i and cl'- gar lig Iter. Coni- ban- liiiW room dcli- «:.'.0 i 1 iii e I h( I PIQUA FeK. 10—Born, to .Iir. and Mrs. Phillip: ^y4lter Febri itry .1. !l927. :a 1''ov.! wei4ljin5 SVi iio i^wls; ^ !l-le has inch. been namdd Joseph Ferdinanil Wal- Teresa Wagni n is helping at li Iguests I ter. wives; -Miss ;er thCj thi Phillip Walter hiiijie thiii; wto^. M ss; .Miie Heckmai jweiit fiver .to lola Fridav afternoon! on business. .MJ S. Bacon was pi Ridi Hill, .Mo., oii bu.Tiness Wc( tjesdayof last week, arid visiting w th his 'cousin. George B. Gregory q^d family. M^. and .Mrs. .loe and fam- aml a well j.-lpeiil bfecai isbtjjlttc^ said |0f the Kmi bal she iioss-es.serjl Id ami fifty shawl- .xtieiiii'ly beaiitifu cisioii previf>i{i in cars jYou neednocmakeahjf eX' tended comparisoni'd}f nn- derstand why the ^Oreiater Oakland Six is so emphadp ally preferred by.those who deinand. 6i their cs^s i|nasually long life and reliatnlity. I [The answer the fundamental principle of.jOaklauid coAstructioo— bcicause the OaJclamI Staj is puih toadc gree of frrecision previously\unkiiouni in cars of its price! . I : * [True, Oakland provides itneranrijpled bc|auty anid style by thd uke of Fisher I* $j{295. •n the G Bodies arid HOBART 210-^12 Nprth Washington Dr. Ol E , an eictradrdi nary agility, tmoot inessl and silencf^by e nplo'] ing such , , , advanced £ a tures IS the eX' 8BiiAN| I dltrsive RUbber Jileiiced iis and thej Ibcmonic Balancer. Jut by working^to'ELmits that onc^ typified the hanld'bi i£t car, acnieyes a! resistjence tp weaij shbckthat bordei^ on • Tou nee i only tpta land owners to und Oakland Six. $1<*2S t» v*"'-'. " nJE -'TSi " factory. Easy'to \pay,mn the QenUl Moton T;im* Pa|rmin| ifion. Robinson, Yates Centeh i [Hire mitt will have a I wares Fiil •jjcific Coasll pionships wii li's. iifess'.losi!- ovtr one lijost of land vulii- cvc- lartists of •hance to iifuary 2-:i. aiiiatenr 1 lie held THE SOURCE trend of fihe car buyif strongly to the Grea ASSOClATi: DEALEI^S FEQPUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS eater Phone $6^ B. B.1Sto)n!aker Son, Sa^vonbiri WiNNlNljj: AND |HOpj>fN6 c|oOD Oakland . ^ and road leunb elievable! tovet^nOak' why the zis 8\^nging so r Oalpiand Siiu s at Slowed aw force wlilcb i :eeps Dare Ijmrs Star .^lidan reelirjgj •.'after inile of! pavement lay. •unseen. tlJe vital levil War-, off mile Inii high- •pendable elieL'tr c cur• Wiiliout d rent such uH <s siippliei^ S. 1... Ilatteiiy: Dare De !iou|'l rot hope to run. During jevery .—^. ll'O hoiir enilliirance drivp L. BatteryNlill send a ?:lrfcau« of electric sparl^f inotor.jit willl 'sound liis horn > . - ^ -....,.1. l„«yl *»i..#\iio1>i tl secdiid • '^jth |by|his p. Warner coijiple e his t)f this U. S. bis cigjaiettfK stretcl^es of battery' will, glowiiiLg. light veuling evei[y [every jurve In ailditinii jtery. il^e A- f^- countless t^ the ignite and througlli tije long he- night ' hisj same lend a broai b jam of upon the! ro; d. re. ^ danger, ill im nating and obstacle to the U. JJ!. i. Bat- Davis Klecjtrii Service; 202 .Vortlij WashiDgtoiil. aj.^o has Ij fIIrnisijeil-Warner with ja jnorth ;;easterii Hon and a Ciiuco Electric '.Mati-h or cij;ar lighter. | I Foll()w b.ire Devil Warn 'r--the '•: V. S, I.. Ba t-fry which serv L -S him .Ml iniijlifuiiv jwill perform Just as 1 satiofaj;torily jfor you. ilv and .Mfss , Francik Sicka were i's. .Mike Bux ,, last Sundaif. ijiiir anil fam- |l|c Bux'home i .iiirred at thp Bruggeman. guests of .Mr.' and and -family for dinner] -Mi-, and .Mrs. Otto i!y visited at the .M: last-Sunday afternooi A Lsad accident oc; home ! of Hermaii soufhw'eat of Piqua Siturday^ when his 'soli. .Mbert Brui rgeman,' while worijing with the. saw mill, was caught by the belt ai d thrown Into the jfngiiip. criishinj jhimi sfl that he died that night a ijiut 9 ii'clock. Thejfiinerar was he (j at St;. Martin'.s-' Catlio'ic churcl:.iPiqiiaj Tuesday ; mi ^rning at 10 jo'doirk. con- diici |iid by Rev. Fa l^er Heimann, with 'ja very large at «nd:inc<}. Obl- tiiar.v Will be given next wijek. .Miw.j Clara Giltnc r:| camej down fronii Kmporia to attc rid the funeral ot Siri'l fleorge Yohoi .jaiid visit her paninfi*.' Mr. and .M n. H. Massoth^ returning nomj; Sunday. -Mrs.! Pearl Wells inhere irisiting her sister. .Mrs. ^Ge( cge Di.i: and f.-tuilyj Her IJonre. iH at Reese. The Idaitce giveiT li the Jiali at Piqiia IW'ednesday ei iining for the bemjfit of August 'B|-jiggem'an and_ famfly. who lost* al j their household good.s in a fire j-ecently. was' a success and evcryb^iy had a good'- tim&l ,] _ ?Irs. (ieorjrc j^'ialion. ' Tracy Fickcy was jlijirn in Texai, .Jnn< I860."" and i*isscd away Wedbepiiay. Febi|uait >^i 2.. 1327. ^at 1:1."> o'clock, at tile ajgb of 66'years. 7 months and 29 d«is. She w^s married to George V;ohon and to' this union was !bo«ii 6ne child. Petet Yobbn. tog'ethet with tfiree grardchildren. are dft ta! mourii her death. She als )! leaves, three brothers in Texas. The funeral was held at Ow-1 C reek Catholic church, conducted bj Father Dei o£ "i'ate's Center, Satnrijay, Feb. 5. Queen Elizabeth oTithe Belgians shockeil I the w.omei jot her own Court jwhen she ap i^ared ja year or sj pgo with-her Hair shingled. One of her ladies-ii -jvaiting went so f; r as tp tell her loyal mistress that aj shingled he A was' insuf- f.icientjy dignified or ai Queen. But queen Elizabt tli--likecl her shingle; and keeps to it,; • ' Tlie JHephant, can canter, the sm lillest spring 4ii!her in tical' or horizontal . ..^ jneither trot, nor gallop. nbi| can It; make iirectioij ai ver-

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