Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 18, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1961
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Whose Farm Is The Mystery Farm? fiom to III' eollene.'' >n;il ('"1 amounting to $90,000. Of total, the cum of S740.000 for 39 «ne tifn.' giants—• rawing S10.000 to $20,000 i:>"' Oi;il ;irls antl scn 'iin v' men' J t-.-lloii '-s. n"A 1 JIIKI uni\ crsiticy. u'.'nci include tlx foi:.iwinM Au^ustana (111)., Holoil (Wis.), i"i«-1•«--.-1 <Ky .i Centre (K.v.), L.iv (1 (I uva). G) imiell - <-!K'l (Vv'i), Kljjuji Koe«f( I 'd (111). AitojMll. I . MIlCi K .:Ve belli a';uut I libera! arts ( .,lle: ; ,' in. Jtmion;: umiifu S4 ii)iJiir>n. JncJudi i nr.' 22 v , /neii .s <••: imvc received an $500,000 in capital '.')£,' the same per. ,-i Of the $100,000 i 000 overs initial for c .iiiniitniL 'nts ! i universities a.s i ants und( r tin this Small Colleges. Hawkeye Futurity U Aid Toward Knowledge Inter- , , . , . . change - $28,000. Assistance to- Scheduled tor June 11 ward international educational Iowa's nationally famed big- and know- car a uto racing classic, the Hawkeye Futurity, will take place nv.-a). (,'rtrnell I,.wa>. J.aw- i Vv'r- i. and I:»:»-!. tin-re I'l.nit I" and . cielice .iimj: ah-nit :n tins total lln.'e.-. wiiich ;ii:Ki-fgatc "i I '.rant.-s dur- l,n. e. $!!().. i-tallnienls ; t ) luiir private ren .A .il particip- Lead.'ishi|) In.-.ti- pi i .blcin.s, seminars, ledge exchange. Fellowships -- $260,000. The Foundation'.-; doctt .Tal-levcl grad- tudy fellowship plan is ex- 1 with the installation of lellow.sliips. and 25 ex•s were renewed. Fel- added include one at Thus fur the Founda- piovided about $1.2 for gi aduate-study fel- t\.r nearly 200 gifted TSI ns. Other Educational Grants. Beyond the foregoing program, the Foundation Trustees annually aid education directly and in- dirtctly through grants n.'t in- eluded in this immediate program. No additional I'.Mil grants in tin field of institutional aid to education are contemplated, formal r, tification will be given in May to all participants in the ua'o pandei ten nev i.-.:mg "in '. .w.inp, St. Louis, lion has million luwsliip I Free copy of mystery Farm picture to owner For making identification T:.r ;>.,'.:.•, at we was taken of ,. :r. .- •jr.ewhe: e in Fayette ,r. {•;<• vicin^y of the ; ..: K.sy,;;.' Tiie mystery fa.::. ..:e.- are •• set :e> spon c - ,:ei '. y F..y ie Leader f _'." the u-.-x of its many reader:;. If ::,«• .r.vnc- of the farm pit •.'.i:. ; ..'••"\'e will stop in at the I.v.-i :<.:• .•((..(• iie will icccive free of i.1 5 x 7 glossy print of ; 1. '.;;:<• There j< noiiiing to ij.iy. A I! t: - a>kv.i of the owner iitt.e .nforniiition so that tiie !.;i:n picture may be identified ;.!'..• pi.lib.' the following Upper Iowa university included in Aid to education program for colleges S2.773.000 program of aid t i (iuciiti-n with grants to 732 iibri.J arts colleges, universities imo institutes and to 27 organization eation.il quality an- I'iie Foundation's program noimced by .Mr. Blough inciucle:.. Operating Grants — S805.000. Opertiting aid in the amount of dtdicated t. raising edu- $470,000 is at forded to all 455 ae- in America, was credited four-year institutional Receives scholarship announced ricntly by Roger M. Fdougii, Ciiairman of the board of Trustees of United States F'. uiid.itioii. Inc. "As formulated by the Trustee, of the Foundation", .-.aid Mr. H] nigh, "the program includes both broad-scale and specific efforts tr foster excellence in education. The program is national tion Wiiiiam \V.,t..„ n , sen ;i r at l'p- • r h '.'.'a university, has received l-a\ . mo Xoye- .-clioj.u'.sjiip [ u '• '• •--.<•' of Chicago, it was week. W .atMin is the Julia Watson ,..f Ber- mein!).r.- of all toe •! 1 states and liber;.1 arts college .associations, which have benefited since 1954 to the extent of about S2.5 million. Additionally. $44,000 rcf operating aid goes in 1901 to Negro colleges, including all members of the United College Fund, bringing suppoi t to such iustttu- mce 1051 to $400,000. channel, d through tution Aid Plan part of the ovei ;dl p . .gram. Under this plan subject to periodic review and approval — financial support for selected outstanding institutions program is aff rded for a ti rm of years « .n Colleges and universities par­ ti substantial basis. It replaces, ticipating in various phases of with respect to the participating the Foundation's program, in- institutions, piecemeal cimsidera- elude the following: tion of the seperate requirements B[ . ia ,. cliff co n 0 g C , Sioux City; of .schci.,1, department, division, Buena Vista college, Storm Lake; and university needs for particu- Central college, - Pella; Clarke lar capital or other major-pur- co ii t .g e> Dubuque; Coe college, pose program outlays. The sums rjtdar Rapids; Cornell college, becoming available are f.,r un- Mount Vernon; Drake university, restricted use. Oes Moines; Dubuque University, Thus, for a five-year period, Dubuque; Graceland college, La- payable in installments or other- moni; Grinnell ccllege, Grinnell; wise as determined, a total of L.-wa State university, Ames; $100,000 each is committed for Iowa Wesleyan college, Mt. Chicago, Columbia. Northwest- Pleasant; Loras college, Dubuque; crn, and Stanford universities. Luther college, Decorah; Mary- These four intsitutions are in the crest college, Davenport; Morn- group of 20 influential leading ingside college, Sioux City; private universities and insti- Mount Mercy college, Cedar tutes which, thus far, have been Rapids; Parsons college, P'air- reeognized for participation with- field; Saint Ambrose college, in thte Leadership Institution Davenport; Simpson college, In- Aid Plan. Included in this group dianola; State university of Iowa, is Washington U. (Mo.). Iowa City; Upper Iowa Univer- Organizaiion support and Ed- sky, Fayette; Wartburg college this year the afternoon of Sunday, June 11, on the Iowa State Fair track in Des Moines. t This seventh annual running anc j of the Futurity will attract the greatest dirt - track speedway stars from the four corners of the nation who will compote un­ der the supervision of Al Sweeney and National Speedways, Inc. in the International Motor Cont e s I Association -sanctioned champiopship. The 100-laps of racing will be garbed in ull^lhe color and ceremony c.f an Indianapolis 500 classic which annually makes the Futurity the outstanding early spring speed festival of the mid­ west. Pete Folse, 34-year old national 1MCA big-car champion from Tampa, Fla., has notified Lloyd Cunningham, Iowa State Fait secretary, that he will race the famous black No. 2 Honore Offenhauser here June 11. Folse. who won the coveted Gaylord White Memorial trophy, which annually is awarded the Futurity champion, in 1959-60, will be seeking an unprecedented third victory event. Time trials, which precede the 100-laps of racing, will begin at 12 neon with the first event scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Five 10- !ap heat races and the 50-lap Futurity feature comprise the program. the ^ _ am .r*offWlA dill* l_l U ucalional Research — SI23,000 Recognizing the continued need to broaden the base ,:1 participation in the financing of education, aliiotmckiils are made to certain educational associations •neerned with extending public acceptance of responsibility for adequate financing of educa- Waverly; Westmar college, Le Mars; William Penn college, Oskaloosa. HEY YOU BOWLERS Inquire About Our SUMMER BOWLING Free Instructions All Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome WE STILL HAVE OPENINGS IN THE SUMMER LEAGUES Monday, 8 p. m. — 3 Man Team for men. Tuesday, 8 p. m. — Mixed league (2 men 2 women) Wednesday, 8 p. m. — Women's league. Thursday, 8 p.m. — Young Men's league. Friday, 8 p. m. — Junior league. Bowl Where You See The Magic Triangle — 8 ALLEYS — LILAC LANES Automatic Pinsetters ieiol; son o f Airs ill. wvn 'Tie- ,(•; fees, and per yi-ar. award to darship cover.- ii'-oks lutalin Watson will use c.V.. graduate work bus inc.-;iil ministration, izuu; ui accounting. TRY LEADER WANT ADS IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE in scope and comprehends many Aid t.s'pes of educational institutions National Fund for Medical Edu and organizations. Included with- cation increased to the level of < in several program divisions, a Stia.OOO for the year and t" a varie'.v ef forms of grants are total of Sf>50.000 since lOa-1 utilized to encourage' all. both United States Steel Foundation tion. within and without educational Trustees anticipated that the re- Advancement of Standards — circles, to establish new bench- cipient institutions will apply SI 10,000. Support is again pro- marks for quality impn.vement most of toe unrestricted opera- vided toward the attainment of tuition, and broader support of educa- ting funds to faculty and staff impiu.ved library service and bet- Si,100 tion in America." salary needs, improved admin- ter facilities through a renewed the Totals of the grants to o.'l- istration. and for special teach- grant to the Association of Colin leges and universities in various ing aids. lege and Research Libraries to special- states include the following: Major - Purpose CT' Capital assist many college libraries. Illinois. $130,-100; Indiana. $32.- Grants — S1.43S.000. After des- Since the program was insti- 800; Iowa, Si)2,200: Kentucky, ignating S535.000 of the author- tuted, S235.000 has been piyj- S5U.U00; Missouri. $48,200; Wis- ized total payments for instal- vided " consin. $82,000; Michigan, $46, ' 200; Minnei.-ta, S59.600; BIG GAIN Economy Corner FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! Get a FREE set of Master Kicker, the most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TON CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS I Hurry . . . offer good only while supply lastsl Friday 12 Noon to May in Fayette FREE 60 Gallons Of Gasoline DRAWING TO BE HELD AT 8:30 P. M. FRIDAY NIGHT FREE POP To All Who Drive Through The Safety Lane You can always feel "at home" at Big Gain Products. We'll be glad to talk over your feed problems with you . . . and help you remedy them with expert advice and reliable, up-to-date products. ENTER OUR $25.00 CASH DRAWING FOR THE MONTH OF MAY We Wge each ana every one of the farmers in this area to come in and register now for our big $25.00 Cash Drawing to be held the last day of May. Enter at Big Gain in West Union or Fay eite. Remember, the more you enter, the better your chances to win I April winners were Charles Homewood, Hawkeye. and Virgil Torson, Elgin. POULTRY HOG FEEDS Cwt. 35% Brood Sow Supplement 5.75 41% Hog Supplement - 5.95 32% Mineral Stock Rood 5.45 17% Pig Starter and Grower 5.40 16% Pig Pre-Starter —.- 6.05 Kid-Ezy Hog Wormer 13% Hag Pellets (w|3 Nitro) Pig Booster (w|NF-180) Cwt. 6.15 5.60 5.45 4.80 6.30 4.00 6.46 uau No Additional Charge For Above Feeds In Pellet Form. All Purpose Mineral Lactone (Mineralized Yeast) Trimix Mineral with Phenothiazine B. G. Supreme Mineral Earth Iron (5 lb. can) Earth Iron (25 lb. pail) . 3.80 . 6.10 . 4.85 5.30 5.36 2.75 10.95 Donated by Royal Crown Bottling Co. Decorah, Iowa at Check Lane Will Be Set Up On King Street From The Lutheran Church Corner South Qualified Attendants And Highway Patrol members Will Be On Hand To Check Your Car The Safety Lane Check Is Not Compulsory — No tickets Will Be Written For Defective Winners Of Gasoline Must Be Present To Claim Their Prize SPONSORED BY THE FAYETTE LIONS CLUB FAYETTE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Equipment BEEF & DAIRY 40% Beef Supplement - 5.20 33% Beef Balancer 4.85 32% Beef Builder (w|Rumen factor) 4.75 34% Beef (A) Supplement (No Urea) 5.65 23% Mor-Las Pellets _ _— 4.35 34,% Dairy Supreme (no Urea) 5.25 18% Calf Creep (Sweet) 5.30 32% Oalf Pellets - 5-10 32% Spring Pasture (w|Rumen factor) — Bulky Sweet 14% 4.6S 3.35 36% Poultry Supplement w|NF-180 32% Poultry Supplement 26% Cafeteria w|NF-180 _ 20% Cafeteria Egg Maker 17% Miracle All-Mash .._ — 4-60 Chick Starter w|NF-180 — 5,15 Chick Pre-starter wlNF-180 (1 lb. per bird) 5.60 17% Developing Chick Grower w|NF-180 4.80 Poultry Booster (w|NF-180) 5.95 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS For Sileage Preservative, We Have Pure Cane Sugar — Sil-O-Las _ 3-*5 Soybean Meal Expeller .— 8 - 00 Soybean Meal Solvent 4.70 Linseed Meal Expeller -- 4.00 Linseed Meal Solvent - 3.75 Cottonseed Meal _ — 4.25 TonU""" IOf\fi * 5.85 5.85 6.00 2.75 2.70 2.95 4.10 2 .40 8.18 1.60 1.1* 1.60 2.40 4.60 m Tankage (60%) Meat Scraps (50%) Steamed Bone Meal Bran Wheat Mixed Feed Red Dog Rolled Oats Hy-Grade Pulverized Oats Z Alfalfa Meal 17% 100,000 "(A) Salt ______ Oyster Sheila Stonemo Grit Molasses (Pure Blackstrap) Dried Molasses Dairy White Bam Limn Liquid sv^ . k , Wormer _ pt. 1.60; Qt. 2.00: Oat PA-12 Peptonized Iron w)B12 (30cc) 62% Whey Blocks Grade A Tzi ECHO VALLEY FEEDS Fibre Hog Supplement, 40% Protein, 6% Hog Supplement, 34% Protein, 12% Fibre Brood Sow Supplement, 35% Protein, 8.5% Fibre Beef Supplement, 32% Protein, 6% Fibre _ Beef Supplement, 40% Protein, 6.5% Fibre Poultry Cafeteria, 27% Protein, 5,2% ,Flbre Poultry Concentrate, 35% Protein, ,6% Fibre P.O.B. West Union, low. 5.35 6.00 5.10 4.00 4.90 4.70 5.26 Super Calf Kit Mycin Mix, 8ft lb, Can White Salt Blocks Iodized Gait Blocks BO *. - 25 lb. paV 25 lb. pack Trace Mineral Salt Blocks Sulferized Salt Blocks Darling's Mineral Block* —- Feedsol (Dried Fish Solubles on Soybean Meal) Scour Scate,;^, Pi-Val Rat Poison __ , . Ask u» about oihex that Mflft f0» 4J0 840; 496 4.0B 040 , t(w». M0 IM MP 3,71 We haT^erwfttOii* i • WEST till

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