Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 4
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!PA<3E li'OURI 1- II >^ 1927 SERVJCe bcfon i Vt'bit Has (JoMj^ Death strikes GARI EtT FOLS 0! M %^ liile swimin ng Vlth a party of friends at. O N.'I J , At (lie HOTEL " ean Town, A AJUSACA, where tlley all had tieen guests, an I inquiry is begun. ifter; a doctor, perftinctorliy exainining him beach, pron^ unces him on' the dead. l-'olsoml's companiods KOGER XEVILLE,'MpS. HELEN riARNAB VALTJON Folsoni, had been BARIJpN Kiiig.1 Folsoni is sent f( tlie Htari made Uijit utabbLvI Hust before and CJVRMELITA It is estailished that o Folsom death jh ROSS, hii valet, is qu arr? Hxrr^n and his v light jis ihcd on the Anastafiia Folsom and masterful, "takes An inqut^st is ordere( attend. Aow (fo On Mith CHAPTER XV. Th'- firtf witness ci lied was, of tor .Miiiin ••For iii>' IlKllfl oih - tlii'Mi bi'Vij) i ni 'arly; as; ociiin for 'I'hiil hi hill). "Jiisj w till- 'vdriii .p(.'.tf«.:" I "IfH; iifil ••:isy to d had been his death, .standing xt to NED known ais the Copper sister. A^ASTASL\. Ir in New. "V ork.; Then ling annoupcement is had been the : water, stioned, as ife, but no mystery, ecjcentric command, and many hft Story Hlor Slannlrig fled that he! •lis daily sal( icard a com was in the -water hath, notion near ^lat was the nr asked. ; oinitiolhin?" iDcserlbe It. ng HHld. rhin f'oar of the! r noises i o ml dlscernm(|nt. 1 c'an rec<)ll Two or I w!uit !-•( frnni th(! balliiors. ward thp of tli(> li orousi to 111! hilarloiis Kl Tlu-ii, as 11 noise I heard p guards sw hat way. 1 „. nt'ouisome watched I hem. ^ The>4 v toward tlili ,IV ! Inl irrc people led to mu aj <Ilffcrent way rlbc". Doc- jilng deeply, rf drownwl dlstort<«l Hut. m v.t, 1 heard scream in [outs of the Joo'ked to- 1 saw two niming Tig[hey seeiiied rrand, iio I •cnt directly rope and di' ing beneath came up immediately, hat seemed, to he the un- body of a ni^n. Though somewhat interested. I attention td it. But a the .surf hearing w| con.«cious naturally paid littU moment later one of cajne dow^: to the edg tt-r and <'" ' •• -noctoj here?" -Kealizii lied out: — is therd |ng the ii.«e(| diate medjiftal .service, the beaL-liI and foiiiid t had heefilcarried therd • • ' and lying glance that a rblaiikeq I saw at 1 felt his then, assii . Iv extinct, there was • ser'vic.cs, no further rehuest for my I went hack ocean. TUienl. after m\r bath, as I had a lun away and . in rthe afternoon. ••Then hotel <iskM me for a dertificate of death. T ed .'i nioite and then [lis.: of coursq thorough I discovered! had followed a stab i nuMi of-1 VWithi le <lcceascd >vhkt sort oi Doctor M^nnlngV" ask Jinr. •'So far long .sharj)-hladcd knifl I should iii'llsinn 1 <iiit' (•'lid IntMHldu I liwh. pro\( wh<K«e bli llncli wlilc /(tj-alglil perhnpM n tliO cilh(!t knifu hiad <'dg<k No which has ,:;"(v;iiUI 'Hiiruniont nlngV The vor loni^ sliar . and shapnj small one. steak - carv for imme- I hurried to lie man who wrapped in n the sand, lie was detwl. heart and his pulse and red.that l»e 1 told then did not retu as il can jut <ay. a knifo lal il made ban at-the rather ' nir: the guards of the wa- a- doctor was entire- so. and. as into the heon engagement, I went rn until late he manageiBent of the necfissitat- ^xamination. that death the abdo- nan." a: weapon, d the cord- ge it was a or flagger. because the is wider at )lher. This ire than an lug a sliarpf InHlrtimeiil. rie was a llttlo over an The iiiclsio |ut. but onA \ clKlith of if no width Hbnws, !ip|iarenlly. a Hiade like, a k with only one cuUing like, a dUfjger , blade, two sharp i Ides." li.'j have of i death. b*en the in- iiii<r hold oi| 1 knife, mu oif a carvihg knife, a inclor .Miin- t to him a h the size such as is; Doctorj .Manning took in his hand and examjij ly. "So fjir as" I can •f| said. Vihat knlff : that sion 1 dii' .. A broalliless silence is • precisely would miWp covered on known as a the weapon ed it close- judge." he the kind of the inci- the dead [fell on the audience. "This knife." the crfroner proceeded. "WIS jbrought t^ me a few moments 11 openc^. It who is now before me. efore this inquest was wa-s given" hie by a man •will yoii te A little Tracy stepped forward thie man to talked that had said n( "I stood he wont uhder yester&y.V' Tracy . said, ."and fc-It sometli my feet. picked it u ). and it; was 1 didn't turn it fn at icinc.e. for at fjrpt (here gentleman iat^r, .when pelted to hlhi. I thought •workftiHiisIt hi t. If y. tb <it It is I ~«lei<lgii ahd lug fttiIves wenpnit. Mrl '!A filik I (>f finding embai'rasseA whom Miss morning, bujt who then thing of th <i near Mr. F«™som when not long- aiteri that 1 ing on the I stooped was nu tho being stabSed. Then I heard wljdt had hap-I thought |)p the weapc n that was a—a carvjrjg knife. 1 [Tr.icy." Jepiioh Inform- Is not a cat ring'knife, [live nevef i^fn % carver with such handle, or I will HI'I ed -wlih a on. Cnrv it hilt. Th^s pichaq. ho hcwll- ihat might nspd. It's ttiippose." "No.,.Mr. ed him."It Aii U'aM. I 1 ofitliai.'kinrll of steel, orl i>. And the II iKitli 'o yn f Ivory./irftr .an- Inscrlpt hi" iiol' like Tracy, Is it ax!" cried dei*ed wlinf|Ns.: No.l A pidhaq. whIoH tier of rarltj/ lind valne; Persian or lis a dag l^om Home. iTiirklsb coil ilry." There was 'a stir in t ib back of jh«? room, aiitf a man •ijoMe In his lilore. , "^ay I Itlterriipt." he low, clear koice, "to is a clean, nd of It: Is n Inch a till t all. This Mr. Tra<-y. his knife?" Stephen He was olsom had pichaq In question will ,fit this Iscabbard?" > • Stepping forward, he handed to the coroner a scabbard of metial »nd coverpd with woirn velvet ofja riolet color. The pichaq; as it was :alled. fitted it so perfectly tlici'e •ould be no doubt they were made i0r «jach other. James Hubbard, the coroner, experienced a decided feeling of sat- hfaction as he inserted the wicked- lokiqg blade into the ornate scah- ard and.found them a perfect fit. At last." he thought to himself, ]We have a clue." Aloud, he said: "Will you give mc your name, r." . , . , • • ' "Certainly," returned the man v^ho • had prpducied the scabbard, r am Bverard i-Mcoker, of; Port- ind. Me. I am staying at the Vic- tjorla Hotel, in Ck^an Town. I liave been here a fortnight or so." And where did you get the cabbard you have just liuiided' |ne7"(' I found it in the ocean yester- lay soon after Mr. Folsoiii had Jieen carried ashore." ."Near whoro Mr. Kolsorn bad loeii stanjllng by the-rope'/" • "Not very near' that .,-spot. Por- laps a hundred feet away." .Mr. Meeker wfis: a tall, iiortly i onlleman. with the gnnerul effect r a prosperous Husiness man. '^K* lad a pleasant u<Idrcss and a g)*- ilal twinkle iii his eye. Although i<i seemed to realize the gravity if tt^e situation, bo also suemeit to injoy tho mild sonsatlon he Was ;reatiDg. His Interestod gaze swept he crowd of attentive faces as' he itood with one hand on the cornier s table. "Vou fdund this in the Ocean?" "Yes." 1 chanced to step on it in much the same way. I suppose, lis Mr. Tracy stepped on the knife that belongs to it. As has. been' said. Mr. Coroner, that knife or dagger is" the weapon known as a pichaq and is of Oriental manufacture. Now, personally, I can;ell you no more ot the matter :han that, except that Lean tell you *-here that dagger came from," "Please do so. Mr. Meeker." A hush; fell over the assembly IS 'they awaited the first real in- ormation regarding the weapon hat, in all probability, was the me that haid killed Garrett Fol- lom. : Miss Fol^o'm stared at the witless, ••until It aliAost seemed her jyes would boro into hia very soul. 3he Hooked like an avenging fate IS her strong, stern face sot itself Into an -expression of ac,-;usation. Yet it was obvious that the in^n. Meeker, could not liave hetn implicated in the crinio, or he woiild lot have offered tlir; sc-abl.ard of he weapon- as evidence. ' "It catne,'' Everard .Moekor stated', "from a shop on the boardwalk, it was sold there Thursday evening, at an auction of 'Oriental :urios. I was at the auction as I im. in a small way, a. collector of -are objects of art. and especially nterepted in,Oriental metal work." "And you know this daggei and ts scabbard together were sold here that night?" Hubbard (fagcr- y inquired. • , "I know it was in the collection hat was sold that night. I ex- iimined the whole collecMlon before he sale, auil 1 reme 'nibenMl iicr- ectly well that plihaq. with its I ''rvi'd Ivory hill and Its worn viO|- pt. velvet scabbard. .j\ pichaii.-aii ;'Oil may or may not know. Is a voapoii shapi 'il iiliiioMi pxiictly llWe : I Uumll .carving kiilfc. li has a ilhilght filade, not .ciirvcil. and Is I >type made In India, Persia or "iirkey In the elKhleeiitli and titiie- Icenth <'entiirlos. Any collector of I rnis would recognize il lit once, lilt to the layman it'looks astoii- Ithlngly like a steak carver." "Your Information. 1 Mr.. Meeker. I ( of the greatest lmportah<-.e. Have >ou any Idea who bought^ Ibis—c-r - -pichaq?" I "No, It wasrsold after fleft the suction room. I went there for purpose jif acquiring nil Indian parade dagger, that 1 ceslred. I bought it' within the I rice I had sot as my limit, and gjreatly pleased with my purchase, went home." (To Bnironfinned) THE lOLA DAIL^ REQISTERiSAW^PAY EVEN SMALL CARS TO FEATURE 1C AUTO A-UiT^i-OiM SHOWING Automobile Show to Ooen Tonight and Remaid' Open Until Next Sati^rday. Kansas City, Feb., 12. (AP Companion carsJ-small editions of the larger and higher priced motor cars-r-are a feiature of the Kansas City Automobile, sh )w which opens in the American Royal ! building, here tonight. The show will close next Saturday night.: - - • Dealers expectl a majority of jln- terestl to be centered In the companion cars. CdntTBLry to popii ar belief; aocordlnfj to dealers, he companion cars are not solely or the motorist 'Who! does not feel is- tlfieil in purchasing a .costly cir. but are a response to the 2\i&r family demand. [ Growing traffic Congestion the emliarrassinf); anomaly of passenger in a hugd car absorl street! space, is ijaltl by dealer bo another' reason, for the po! tarlty of the sinatler compa: pars. . I - j The medium priced cars at> year's show, accdrding to offlclUls, will offer more beauty, as great choice of jcolora and upbolstdry and As ntoy sdart and ezclui vc featureit'M ,did |ho costly cus dim cars of'MrXe^ years ago. The n iw cars are lower. w;ith racier lies and the motor 14 capable ot ti|] n- Ing at a much, higher speed. I " A hundred motor, cars, thipty trucks and 165 i accessories er- lilblts will be oq display., ' Last year's attiendance record of 200,000 is expected to bejsurpafised this year. i "Increased ipterest In the Mr- chasing power !of ithe dollarlj in the motdr car iWorld Is reflected ill all parts of i the country," [according to Estel; Scott, iiresident ot the Kansas City Aloitor Car Dealers* association., '"The motor wtjrld now has a wise, public for a (customer." What Brakes Wilt Brakes exert fpct Just before and the tir^s begin to skid. •More dPTeloilnienfs arc lirniight. t int at the iriqupst. Itrad theni n the next rhaiilcr. knife. ?and under ^own and that knife: ght of the I said, io a Bkk; ifi tbe ROCKY POINT (Mr.s. Xnna Stout) Feb. 9.—After many absences on account of illriess all pupils arc back In schciol jagaln. Clarence Smith threshed kaflr for Roy Leonhardt {Tuesday. Mr. and Mrsl Elmer Rloas and children spent 1 Thursday evening at Tom Johnson's. j Theodore Guder butchered a'hog for Mrs. Charlbs of Blue Mp'und .Tuesday. ; i : j Eaci Camp '• atte.nded tractor school in Kansas City last weejt. All of the Tom Fisher family have been hat-inig Intestinal .flu. but are about recovered now. -Miss Olive Hackett spent Saturday night and Sunday with Ruby WhJtcomb. j • I .Mrs. .Ide Wright is suffering from a gathering in ,her head, the after effects of I the flu. I .Mr. and .Mrsi Roy- Guder »nd children spent Sunday at tbe i ar- cntal Guier lujme. ' Little- Clyde, who had Spent the past week there, accompanied thpm home. Mr. and Mrs:^ Asa Powers |ind children and .Mr. and .Mrs. Hiil)ert ithe nt- Wlillcomb speni Sunday at Charley Whltcoi)ih homo. A good number from :here tended the Bliif: Mound comm.iin- lly sale .Sutiirdiy whoro forty-|wo horses were llsjcd to sell, bcHiUcs other stock umi articles, and i^ld for good prlccsj The George Stout family spent Sunday evening! in LaHarpc at he parental W. .T. Stout home. Gra id- pa .Stout, altbotigh still very wdak. Is slightly more comfortable. Our irural mill! carrier, .Mr. lilx- on. so far as jwe know, has not failed to get the mail to every box on the route during all the 1)ad roads we have .had,- although has trav^l^ as jbad roads as canjbe foijnd almjqBt an.vwhere* J Mrs. Mu'thulakhmi Ammal.- Who represented the)women ol Indiajat the last Women's International (.'onferencc in Paris, has been ^P-' IKiinted deput]^' president of the .Madras' Ijegislative Council. he YOUR CHOICE- Which w;ould you buyj if you had five or six hurtdijed dollars to invest in traris- pcrrtatioh—a small pew car, or a larger *ndi higher grafde used car? The answerj is obvious to anyone who looks over our selection and knows our reputation for honest va/ues. I j ELLIS MOTOR GO. 211 >. MnsliiiiRloti 4 ! TplophoneSOl A .USeO CAR 15 ONLY AS DEPENOABLe AS THE OEALE 'R WHO SELLS IT One brake' win. give better and WdntDd 1927. By Erwln Cfreer. (President Greer College of Automotive and Electrical Trades, Chicago. III.) their greatest ef- the wheels stop adjusted will sidewise out of its gradually j applied results on ithe level or oh up g|rades , thaii when either oneor bo>th are suddenly applied. Brakes unevenly throw a vehicle track. Sadden application .of both foot and emergency] brakes hastens the ''slewing" of the vehicle from Its track and the period during which the whole dependence is on the skidding frictloii of the tires. This statement does I not apply to steep down grades. Brakes applied so as to loi-k the j wheels prevent! using the engine as a brake. i . " Two brakes. Coot and emergency, when the -flrsti one" applied is In good condition,! will not stop the up .vehicle on level or qiilc tly as one. . iBrnkes wWl not stop a,'vehiclejin as s lort ai space v henj they; lock Hie vheels: ind cat se skidding JBS wiieij they nre^applfed to the point just short ofi lockin r the yheelsJ' jBrikes will not. i;ive |pi;oper suitsi when: in iltsi w g skir uneven, 'adjustment iirfaee linly pa Is bearing, s. because ojie shoe bea|s whee only I part he^-aiise oil brakes or ibbcause gone brake Eve m<ide ^f the hrakihgi surfaqc. Is dripping |{ on tlije lining is fromlihat pMiohl; of the surfaite whic bi thpi 'of asbpstos, wliich Ik virtually JnTOmbusi is| ;fuljly cap! 'If brakes! the l^rake ll will lie wor ible. a bic qf [are per |iing an down If the - drag ci^nti frictioil aiPd jwhcn t ti»' bum the drunjs and ijurrbunbing ill certain r: ses I liave liialljy start I ig a fi grades ESSf IS FAST INSrEEDTEST t of the brak- hs. because'.bf different on gh a is bearing; I; I^rak^ lining (s Iragking brake iertink Imitted to dr ^g brake drums undeces.^iiri is prohouijced. suf heat lio car paint hiayi Is oh the rohd off 1 )e geiKj the brake parts, .ijiid found. lir- Trylng <iut Gar AvWag< s 53.8 Mile^ In 241 Hour; on Culver, • An ai| an hou was hu typo Es ailver to offic Bud W -jThiS t tiriige sp r 2t hgjup by the bra j.Kkeil ging. ai tlie righ opvratiiijj j'Auton a (-lianii; their br every T,i[ fieniling .car Is InsjiPij Calif., (•ed of .=>S.,"j mileii ionlinuoiis! houris one of the neW Track. Sup( r-Sixes on the Cal.. track according word cceived ijere by . Hud! on-fcJsse.x | dealer, accoriiing to .Mr. 'WfiU'e. with the rcfir ! wheel|i will reveal such drag;- kvill aani show ivbether aind left ilike. ile owjners are; taking wheel lirakes are if tbP)/ es a n It tbtr fail to see thjit well irtspectejil miles <>r thirty djiys. ile- iisp to which the them INOW: Phy. the| anil yras [m^n and ;er thtl bniised lic^ I \ was completed by Waited .^1. Mur-| Los Angeles d stribu.ior. ;1 officially ob.sei|viid sc6red by I ..OS Angeles ni| by the Wester - Essex r had daslil 'ACf 0281 miles on the track iplbted al trip,u|p Mt. W return, and was! placed f< inl the dijstributpr's Los Sltowroonj When " said jis sjmr this test was •Mr. White "tboj ily to pfiiial the exceeded -hour average, which by thej Hudson tirtn for She Essex Super lia.i or -Si safe, tihis speed was ion: barly in the 24- that ewn whcii fog an trick handicapped the. ^-I-.i ~' " 1, the average the ru jinti^My iinned. A Los diiorce t hisband if lasted The a ,t»|o incliji an. tn hvii better' than liiiil ^HKeleS' woman •Stified that slic aiionly orn; 'iiii ill jbrpiiRli Ihci eraKP Kni:lisb ' s talli.'r than II /xndlij nfl'^jionji* Isstjed! (li of< iis ii J it Is^)n 'nnil r jlisplay Aiigt-les •i-'i-MM -i- • * * *•"*[** • KEjAJl, ESTATK TBiJITSFEBS t>jL Daily from Joffice ot*- llola Abstract <|o. j ' ^ -S- * • * :- . 1 February II. i Denjainine F. Shou n^crtak-• .Margan.'tilia to Hobarft prograni mllpH- i ami sail! S "!Ci X. ' iO fWbat loiijr iriin. la' , ; FI. Fan ill II. Ilazlet r I'"'"' lAU of «;iib- been of jl.s fie Kl 14 Sec., 5 25r21 'and of SEi \i Howard nil! .Marguerite liiisl >:!nil inil wife. NV'.i \v: of SK. '4- 6 in SK. corn -r fi.. $1 .00. Ethel; iljliirrison Faiijpijs and H. rs her liiLsb": nii to it -anil Uobt. II.-Bradford. mn aclrrss. %1M. Dorailo .Vatidhiil Bank to kihic a aiiiti her rtelji but liia^riiid ^iiaii is Aiiicrl- • i Th •i-.';.-i.m<- (tiij I Williliiil .Maud i>ifiv"v. Iiih wiU: :7.i. and' ^ife ; Alph6nso Howard. im! KiJie Siinjij .Mrs.j Loiell.i .M. iloWafii is secrc-^ laiy-tijfjikmcr .-iiul onj-Jof the active (liTe;<li)i;; i>f:;;i larKji'lship l»uild- itiK firi has IK fill- in fCHEVROLEI, L'-c 111.-; wife! Ml'.,' to claim for s:iimfc land: $1. .\'cl.-^on I^'avcr .' land tfj Antiy JLeo 7. block ojift 1450.00.' ii:;!! .N 'ew Alliiiii • •fi ill lori'trol (if iiiy one hiiri(lr>iil; yeiirs. Irid;, whicbi lipr f.-imlly FISH-TAIL MODELING—whicK sidds a distinguished sweep to dii: iieardeckcontour of the Roddsteij, Coupe and Sport dabriolet. Ziffle Jm Beauiifoi I in siL mechimica ioij to masterly new bodie in ajiditibn tq a host ot improvem ents typified kil filter aiidAC air cleaner- one FULL-CROWN FEMERIS I^iece)—obvious quality fea^ure^ which lend substantial grace fweepiiig body linesi BULLET-TYPE tyith cowl lamps to nka^ctu R •mart and up-tO'the-minute in styl TTRE CARRIER— moilmbd oh Rjsmi e free from the body; rigidly •uppprted by heavy sted brackets. 118 Wect Jickstfn si the QUA I I and si e for yourself! the M6k BfeautiM Chevrolet offer; eertairi Feat ires here|tofore| regardec as marks ofi dist^ctilopi on the cost- Ijiest cars. Trtiesei are( mad<5 possible at Che^Toilet's amakiiigl> reducec prices d ily jbecause volume produc- tionresi Itsindefiniteejconomies and because Chevrolet rip^i^, ak alHyays, passes ^hese savings cui to the buyer iii the fiorm of added valuel l^Q ptiyejr c4r, as low in| pr^ejoffers as! flsh't^il modeling, ^ ne-piece fendei-SjIlj^lJiet- type la|i|n[ps4nd the like. C(l)md ill— Chevrolet HiBq^j^ The Cobch The Coupe ThcSeclan ^69^ TheLaridiiu ^743 TheTouHhg $ or Roadster 525 l-Ton Truck - $49$ (Chassitjoiay) Vi-Ton Truck - $393 (Chasiis oiily) ' Balloon TiresNowStandari^ On kli Models All prices f o.b. Flint, Mich. The Sport CABtelOLET f.o.b.!FIint,Mich. Y .A SI I

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