Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 18, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1898
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x*"v •• ^vv?* ^-fl^r 1 --. ^ ,a£ft,'"<,f«**5" 'J* * > i 4 *-- 1 | -*J ^etit^fh^K ,~ „ * " •* —1-- • •--"-• ING TELEGRAPH. SIXTY^THIRD YEAR, Jtmury 14, I8M,)» ALTON, ILL,, FRIDAY, NOV. 18, 1:898. TBN CENTS PER WBBtf Oive the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. Who Used Paine's Celery Compound Bid Not Suffer from fever. The soldiers who did ike most good were those who kept well. Theft were, plenty of brave men who ware of little use when the time came, because they took less care of tbelr health than they did of their rnuaket. Malaria and other fevers soon picked out theae men• much wore unerringly than the enemy's Bharpahook- One se* of men went about keeping well in a.bufllneselHce way. They took Paine's belery oomponna at the first Indication^ of intestinal troubles, weakness, or when fatigued and liable to fevers. They used Paine's celery compound to purify their blood and put their health, on a firm basis as Boon*as they made tip their minda to Join the servififtiSj 'H*S -.•• ':.•• •,>•"•. . Corporal Bec^wlfcatblaks there was; a great deal-*of'"needleBa sickness among the volunteers. At Ohtoka- aftaga mpny of hteta'ess mates followed bis example and fortified themselves against disease by Paine's celery compound, and apt a man of them had malaria'or fever of any sort or •pent a day in the hospital. Corporal Beckwith writes: Camp Olytnpla, I Dear Slrs-When £ my poor ooraradetaBo jp't. 17,1898.,' e ao ^bany of 'ng borne looking fit only for a hospital dot, I give tbanks to Patne'a celery comuonnd (or the f*ct that I .went through iny enlistm&t without any doctor")? mefl- r Icine, «i£ a$rtoday t'even ;J»ealthier; than whin I Weiit to Chlokamaaga.- I firmly believe that this good health Is due to my using Palne'.s celery com pound lust winter and spring,' which made my blood pare and nerves strong to resist malaria and 'keep me well. Very troly yours. COBPOKAL JAMBS O. BECRWITH, Oo. M, First Vt..Volnnteer Infantry. Secretary of war Stanton nsed to say that the best definition of rest is a-change of occupation. That may be true for one in health, but a sick, person needs to have bis digestion regulated, bis blood purified and bis nerves Invigorated. Paine's celery compound brings the sort of rest the sick body requires through sleep and nourishment. Juat as toe great lawyer studies each one of his cases' till he-knows it on every eid6 and in every, possible aspect, so Prof. Edward E.'PhelpvM; D., LL. D., Of Dartmouth College, the discoverer of Paine's celery com^ pound, ha<J studied the nerves In health and disease,when well nourish, ed and under-nourished, in men and women and children years before be looked for the remedy. Paine's celery compound was the outcome of bis entire professioned life. A fitting memorial to a life of hard study and close oDsetvatlon—a remedy that the world could not lose today, at any price 1 • Paine's celery compound calms and equalizes all the nervous tissues and induces the body to take on solid flesh. It puriflas the blood, as let so clearly .aliown by the rapid clearing ot. the skin of all evidences of baa humors within. It is an Infallllbe relief for salt rheum, eczema and all blood diseases. Matter of Lite and Death have your ly and accurately. We make a specialty of our prescription department, and 'physicians prescriptions and family reoipea are filled from pure, fresh drugs, and in the most careful and exact manner, and our* prices are fair and equitable. , , .". Marsh's Drug Store. Howell's Carpet House has forne fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latesVthings out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths apd all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. lA. J...HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. Here is one of those who are either so prej- v udiced against all advertised renoedies, or have beoome discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and whp will • succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful vali»e of Foley's Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. >> For sqle by E. Marsh and 8 - H ' •«IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO f The Spanish Reply to the Amerl , can Commissioners, WK WERE I'HEJUHKi) IN Nearly All tlio PolntK W) Far Jlfarte by Uii RlianUli CuinmlMlniii'rii Hml Keen An tlcltfnted In III* rreparatlon ot the Can or Hie United Ntalen~Tli« Admlnlfitra- tlnn n< Wellington Encouraged Ove tlio Outlook. Washington, Nov. 18.— The fldmlnls tratlon feels encouraged now over the outlook for a successful termination of the labors of 'the peace commlslBoncrs In Paris. Whether tills renewed confidence is based upon an abstract of the Spanish reply which was submitted at the last meeting, or Is founded upon private advices Indicating a weakening of the Spanish position, IB not, known, but It Is probable that both of these have had nn Influence In brightening the prospects. The Spanish reply was not a surprise to the American commissioners, who, In fact, had prepared •ihemsclves In advance, with Instructions received directly from the president and Secretary Hay, for a complete answer. Still, It was probabty regarded as better policy, and more In nccord with the amenities of official exchange that the Americans should do (he' Spanish commissioners. the courtesy of giving deliberate consideration to their carefully prepared written argument. Have Had Little Effect. But with all due Intent to give proper weight to the Spanish representatives, It must be said that, up to this point, they have had very little effect In Influencing the American commissioners; not because of any obstinate disregard of facts on their part, but for the simple reason that almost everyone of the points made by '.he Spanish commissioners , had been anticipated In the preparation of the American caae. The attempt of the Spanish commissioners to Induce the Americans to accept their construction of the meaning of the protocol, where It touches on the Philippines has been a flat failure. The president himself was party to the preparation of the protocol. It was he, who. suspecting a puqpose on t.he Spanish side to becloud the Issue and leave open a door for future escape from the consequences of the .war, had swept aside as so much cbaff the message of the Spanish duke, Almodovar de Rlos, and, reducing the demands of the United States to what Is called a "preclsls," had declared that the Spanish govern- mgnt might accept that as an, exac.t statement of the demands of the United Status. Oambon Suggested Ilia Change. Having made the document, the president Believes himself to be the person to be i best competent to construe Its meaning and the American commissioners ai?e consequently acting In conformity with his vle\v. Inasmuch as the Spanish are making most strenuous efforts'- to. assert their sovereignty over he Philippines, all based upon the use of 'the word "disposition" instead of 'possession" In that part of the protocol relating to the future of the Philippines, it may be stated that the Amer- can commissioners have been obliged to call attention to the fact that M. tambon, who acted for the Spanish :overnment In arranging tl • protocol, deolare'a positively that tl. > change, which i was made at his instance, amounted to nothing; was of no significance in Knglish or as affecting the object aimed at, but was made merely >*cause It sounded better in Spanish and wbuld not be humiliating to the Spaniards. Consequently the Amerl- 3an commissioners could not for an In- tanfc think of allowing the sincerity of he -then French ambassador to be drawn into question. TUOOI'S FOtt HAVANA. >ldler« Will Depart for Cuba Within Ton Days. Washington, Nov. 18.— The movement of United States troops to Havana irovlnae will 6eg-Jn within ten days. The exact date of their arrival will be .ffe- ermined by tbe reports ot Major Genral Greene, who commands a division of the Seventh corns, and is now In Havana on business .connected with garrisoning that province, and of Qen- ral Charles P. Humphrey, and Colonel lecker of the quartermaster's department. These officers have authority o complete arrangements for the re- eptlon of the troops, the quartermas- er's officers being engaged In the su- ervlsion of the construction of wharves ;nd depots to be used by the army. The occupation of Clenfuegos is also ecelvlng attention. General Snyder will command the first brigade which unds In that province. He will be fol- owed soon afterwards by Major C5en- ral Wilson and the First corps. Noth- ng has been heard of the detachments f the Klshth cavalry which sailed, for Juevltas and Puerto Principe, but as here is no telegraph communication with that part of the Island no surprise s manifested at the war department. 'he conduct of the volunteer regiments n Santiago province may result in a ransfer of some of these troops to orps where a more rigid discipline can e enforced, and where regiments under ommand of general officers can be used o quell any disturbances of the Immune regiments, AUCUBK BLANCO OF THKFT. pnulili Suldlori Charge Him with Steal- lug Their Pay, J Havana, Nov. 18.— if the American roops full to reach Havana soon It Is robable great disorder and bloodshed vill occur. Ulanco Is unable to con- rot the situation. He is paying out o tin' troops the money sent by Sugas- ii, but that money will only lout u hurt time. The soldiers keep up thulr hreiUenlrig attitude while waiting pay- lent. When they are convinced there s not money enough an outburst will onio. The Koldlei'8 openly accuse Ulan- 0, Arolas und other high olllcero with toali'ng tilt; money. dlHionU'iit In growing among hu Hubimllnale olflrcrs, from captalim own. Vmir porrcBpundi-nt liitvrvloweil liuulenunt in tlu' dvll guards who oarti'd tlu! mutiny In the Hi'lancouln iTUuks. In front of (he Imrvacks twa twmuan • Aroicn aaive. Tbe beit wive In tbe worid (or oat*, ralaes, aorei. ulcers, salt rheum, lever toiu, tetter obopped bands, clill- Ulna, oipRUi *nd nil ikln eruption", and poiltlvely onree piles, or no p»y _, __ . It Ii guaranteed to glw icneot MtUtftottou, or money rerun d. PrioeM orate par box. Tor M 1. Mwrib. Alton and Upper Alter How to Prevent t told. After exposure, or when you feel a cold coming oo, take a dose of Foley's loney and Tar, It never fails. Bold >y B. Marab and 8. H. Wyes. Boking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baldng powders are thegreatot mcnactn to health of toe present day. cannon are placed and a detachment of artillery. The men Inside keep their arms and ore allowed to communicate with the people outside, but not to go out themselves. The lieutenant sale they were not afraid of the cannon They know no Spanish soldier In Cuba would flre on them. He said the treatment of tbe orden publlco had" been outrageous. They were told If they would* surrender their arms all their back pay would be given to them. The promlue was not fulfilled. Pint Illinois Mustered Out, Chicago, Nov. 18.—The "First Illinois Infantry, U. S. V.," has passed out 01 existence. The regiment was muaterec out at the armory. The "First infantry, I. N. G," Is again In the service of the state. But Colonel Henry Turner who has led. the regiment as militia during labor troubles and .as UnU " States volunteers in active service during the war with Spain, w'" henceforth be a private citizen. By an odd coincidence, his commission as an officer In the National guard expired on the same day as his muster out of the federal service. Lieutenant Colonel George V. Lauman is now in command of the regiment. Appointments In Ninth Illinois. Springfield, Ills,, Nov. 18.—Governor Tanner has made the following appointments In the Ninth Illinois volunteers Colonel James H. Campbell's regiment now a part of the Seventh army corps under General Fltzhugh Lee: Charles A. Brown, captain of Company K, vice A. M. Klrby, resigned; Edward F Helsermaii, first lieutenant Company K, vlceJUrown, promoted; Grant C. Irvine, second lieutenant Company K vice U. 8. Limecooly, resigned; Samuel A. McKntght, first lieutenant Company H, to nil vacancy caused by resignation of George E. Day; John E. Slocumb, second lieutenant to succeed Mc- Knlght. American Soldier* an Firemen. Manila, Nov. 17.—In a fire at Erml- tlta, during which the American sol- 3)ers worked splendidly and saved the neighboring houses, three persons were t-urned tu death. The Spanish mail joat which recently arrived at Hollo haa been detained there by the Spanish fovernor, who Intends to use her If hos- .Illties are resumed. The Hev. Mr. Mc- Klnnon, an American chaplain, contradicts the statements made by Agulnaldo regarding the Insurgent's treatment of .heir prisoners. The chaplain and others have seen the Insurgents Ill-treat- ng prisoners, Including women. Captain Foraker Iteslgnti. Washington, Nov. 18.—Captain Joseph B. Foraker, son of the Ohio senator, ins submitted his resignation as aaslst- ant adjutant general and returned from rlavana, where he had experienced a mild attack of yellow fever. SUICIDE OF A BANK PBESIDENT. tragedy FollowH tile Cloning of tm Km- porlH, Kan., Institution. Emporla, Kan., Nov. 18.—At noon a notice was placed on the door of the First National bank to the effect that t was closed and In the hands of the Controller of the currency. An hour la- er came the announcement that Charles S. Cross, the president of tha >ank, had committed suicide. He left iere at 12:35 o'clock and arrived at his Sunny Slope farm at exactly 1 o'clock. A colored laborer hitched the horse and ilr. Cross merely nodded and passed nto the house. He went through the 'ront room directly Into the southwest )edroom and closed the door behind him. This was the last time that he was ever seen alive. On going through the front door he passed within ten feet of Mr. Evans, ils superintendent, but did not seem o notice him. Immediately after Mr. Cross had passed through the room Mr. Svans was called to the barn, return- ng shortly In search of Mr. Cross. Mr. Evans opened the door leading to the icdroom into which Mr. Cross had gone >ut fifteen minutes before. Lying tretched across the corner of the room was found the dead body of Mr. Cross. ila right hand still grasped a revolver. The receiver In charge of tha. First National bank at Emporla says that so or his Investigation has developed ir- egularitles In the reserve agent's ac- ounts amounting to »50,000; »1B,000 in he cash accounts, and that the bank ad invested in doubtful enterprises ontrolled by President Cross approximately $150,000. It is thought that al- hough the capital and surplus of the jank are entirely wiped out, the bank epoBltors will suffer little If any loss. Governor Cannot Give Protection. Washington, Nov. 18.—James W. Tol- jert has recived Governor Ellerbee's nswcr to his toll-gram asking whether tie governor would afford him proteo Ion from mob violence In returning to Is home ut McCormlck, B. C. The ovornor's reply Is regarded by Toibert s a practical admission that the gov- rnor cannot afford him protection and lierefore, It Is said, It Is not likely that c will jeopardize his life by returning o MB home In the present stale of exited f(.'fllng._ WOIIKIII Itabuod of Tlielr Van, Chicago, Nov. 18.—'the whereabouts f Wulti-r Hlallmunn, for years a fur In tlilx city. IH an object of much •rt'st lu u large numhf-T uf Huclety nun, ami they huvu Invoked thu aid f the police- In tlu-lr effort In locale lit). It Is cluli»i.-il that he- lino Olsi>ouud f largu qiianlllli'H of furs which were uki-n to him by wonic-n for repairs ad for HtoruK*.' during thu nummur umlliH. Tin- value of Hi.- mluHlni; furs, H reported up'lo dull', IH about $16,000. Will Tenon Cleveland'* Children. Qulncy, Hltt., Nov. IH.—Minn Lena Illtf us tendered her resignation as tvacliur n the Bulum Evangelical puruchlul cliool, to accept a position a» Bovern- tm of Graver Cleveland's children at net-tun, N, J. Miss Illtf will tt»- ume her new dutleH Due. 1. The Prisoner To Be Taken from Devil's Island. THAT IS TUG 11KIJEF IN PARIS. ImpaMlble to Carry on the Kiamlnatlon by Cubic, Owing to Cmt and Delay—M de rrp»»pnne, Killlor of tempt, Kxpcllnl ffoin th« legion »r Honor lor Di-nuunc- Ing Arniy Ofllner* Who Ara Opposed t Uroyrtm - Kalner Cliangwn HI* Mlml. Paris, Nov. 18.—M. de Tressense, edl tor of The Temps, has been expellee from the Legion of Honor, and forbidden to wear the decoration of the order In France or abroad. This action was taken because of M. de Pressense's de nunclatlon of the officers ot the arm) who have been prominent In opposition to Dreyfua In response to a sum nioiis to show cause why he should no be expelled from the Legion of Honor M. de Pressense answered, In substance, that since the expulsion of Zola and other defenders of the truth and justice, he no longer considered the decoration of the Legion of Honor o any value. In legal circles here the belief Is expressed that the court of cassation wll shortly order the return of Dreyfus to Fra.nce from his prison on Devil's Island, oft the coast ot French Guiana on the ground that it Is impossible to carry on the examination of the prisoner by cable, In view of the cost of such a preceding, as well as In view of th.e necessary delay. M. Loborl, counsel for Col. Plcquart, who is now confined in the military prison of Cnerche Midi, has received authorization to conic.- "A-lth hi* client. WILL NOT LA Nil IN SPAIN. Bmpeior William's Call* Will Be Entirely Unofficial. Madrid, Nov. 18.—The Spanish government has been officially Informed of the German emperor's Intended visit to Spanish ports. The emperor will not land at any of the ports at which his yacht calls. The ministers of marine and foreign affairs have had a conference In regard to the visit fc'.Ahe Ger- fcan emperor to Cartagena and Cadiz The government Is Informed that the German emperor will call at Cadiz, but will not land at that port. Emperor William's, programme, as understood here, will bring him to Port Mahon, Island of Minorca, Friday, ami he will reach Cartagena Saturday and Cadiz Sunday. His majesty will observe the strictest Incognito, no honors will be rendered him, and the forts and the German warships will merely exchange the us*ial naval salutes. The Spanish authorities will not board the Imperial yacht Hohenzollern. New English IlattleMitp Tjiitinched* Portsmouth, Eng., Nov. 18.—Thousands of people witnessed the launch of the ram battleship Formidable, at the dockyard here. She Is said to be the largest warship In the world, being of 15,000 tons displacement. She Is 400 feet long, has 75 feet beam and draws 26 ft. 9 In. of water. She cost over £'1,000.000 and Is estimated to steam eighteen knots. The Chancellor of the exchequer, Mr. Michael Hicks-Beach, the first lord of the admiralty; Mr. Qoschen and Admiral Sir Michael Culme Seymour were among those present. A notable feature of the launch of tbe battleship was tbe entwining ot the British and American flags on the official stand. Benas Kegret* to Khedive. Valetta, Island of Malta, Nov. 18.— The German yacht Hohenzollern has sailed from here. ., The next port she will call at Is not known, but It Is believed It will be somewhere in Italy. It is now known 'that when Emperor William passed the Island of Rhodes, where the Khedive of Egypt is staying at present, the emperor telegraphed his regrets at being unable to visit Egypt, also thanking the khedlve for the preparations made to receive his majesty. Korea'0 Thrum at Trade. Yokohama, Nov. 18.—Advices received here from Seoul say that the Korea government has Issued orders that foreigners arc to be stopped from trading in the Interior. It is stated on good authority that the firm of Beyer & Peacock has agreed to make a loan of 15,000,000 yen to two Japanese railroad companies. Work of Chinese Rebel*. Shanghai, Nov. 18.—Tha rebels' have attacked and looted the town of Kwle ^u, In the Upper Yang-Tse-Klang vai- ey and have burned the Catholic mission there. No further details are ob- alnable at present. Dr. Stephen II. Tyng; Dead Paris, Nov. 18.—Dr. Stephen H. Tyng. iresldcnt of the American Chamber of Jommercc, Is dead. National Quarantine Convention. Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 18.—The na- lonal quarantine convention assembled iere with 125 delegates present and otn- TBE EXCEJXENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it Is manufactured by scloutlHo processes known to the CAtiFOimi*. Fio SVHUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purclmsluff Uia true and original remedy. As the grenulne Syrup of fig* is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA Fio Sviiuc Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will asdut oae in avoiding- the worthleaa imitation* manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CAM- uHU Via SVHUP Co: with the medical profession, and the sutiufaotiou whtcU the genuine Byrup of Figs has {iven to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance ot all other laxatives, as it acta on the kidneys, liver and towels without irritating or weaken- ng them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial jffeots, please remember the name of khe Company— CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. errf arrivinir witn encj> incomfnx train A majority of tlie dclogat^s are from the southern statcH, more affected b; the vlBllotlcSj of yellow fever, aa the; were naked to send a larger representa tlon than the other sections. There are delegates from the north, west and engt however. The Bubjccl with whioh the convention IB to deal IR one of many perplexities. It Is how to provide an efficient quarantine to protect the states from Invasions of Infectious am contaglous_dlseaseB. _^__^ Vlrtlnn of Grand Trunk Wreck. Toronto, Ont., Nov. 18.—The following victims of the wreck of the Oran< Trunk railway at the Diamond Crossing have been Identified: Frederick Kern nn Immigrant en route from Quebec tc Cincinnati, O.; Mary Kern, his wife Mary Kern, his daughter, 20 years o age; Katrlna Kern, his daughter, years old; George Arbeg, an Immigrant en route from Quebec to Cincinnati, O. Katharlna Arbeg, his wife, LAW Ii Vagne ami Indefinite. Jefferson City, Mo,, Nov. 18.—The gu breme court In bane yesterday decide* the Julian law, by which cities ar compelled to Bell franchises to the high est blddOT lobe unconstitutional. It hold the law to be vague and Indefinite In Its provisions. Charged With Abduction. Brie, Pa.. Nov. 18.—Frank McGowan bis wife, and Mrs. Wynn, who were arrested here on the charge of abduct Ing 8-year-old Edith Barnes, a daughte: of Mrs. McGowan, were held undei $1,000 ball each to appear at court on Dec. 1, when requisition papers wll have been secured to return them to Cleveland. Every cough makes your throat more raw and irritable. Every cough congests the lining membrane of your lungs. Cease tearing your throat and lungs in this way. Put the parts at rest and give them a chance to . heal. You will need some ' help to do this, and you will find it in I From the first dose the quiet and rest begin: the tickling in the throat ceases; the spasm weakens; the cough disappears. Do not wait for pneumonia and consumption but cut short your cold without delay. Dr. Ayert Cherry Pectoral Plaster should be over the lungs of every person troubled with a cough. Write to the Doctor. llrecklnrldgc-airDonoll. Lcxlnton, Ky., Nov. 18.—At Ashland, the home of Henry Clay, Lieutenant Desha Breeklnrlde, son of ex-Congressman W. C. P. Brecklnrlde, and member of General J. C. Breoklnrldge's fctaff, and Miss Marge McDowell, daugh ter of Major H. C, McDowell, president of the Lexington and Eastern railroad, and great-granddaughter of Henry Clay, were married at noon by Bishop Dudley or Louisville, Ky. Baron Denies the Story. St. LoulH, Nov. 18.—Baron Waldeck de Villamil, an Austrian nobleman, and captain In the Seventh United States volunteer Infantry (linmunes), who Is reported to have left Lexington, Ky., where his regiment Is stationed, In disgrace, having been discharged. Is In the city and denies the story In toto. He says that he Is here on a. furlough to meet his wife. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST (or a generous 10 Cent TRIAL SIZE. Ely's cram Bd contain* no cocaine, mercury nor any other Injurious drug. . It 11 quickly abaorb QlTea relief at ed. -inert: no*. It open* and f*AI n Iki URAIi oleaaaei tie maial LULU l *i M lulU paaiagei. AlUyi pain and Inflammation. ieala and protect* the 'membrane. IV»torea r taate and until. Fell nice 60 oU| aenae* or taate and until. Fell n al »Ue I0oi at drucglit or by mall. BROTHER M Warren Street, N.Y. Dr. William*' Imllua I'Uc Olntiiionl will euro Blind, UliMJdhiii utul HchhiK _ 1'lli'H. liubRorlJullio tumoni. ulluyH tlio lialuuKUtonciMwU •atuH u txmltlc'ti, atv<i» ItiMutu ro Hut. Dr. WlUtains'lndliiiirileOliil inutit iHitrupuriHl for IMlUHitntl JU'li Inff of tno prlvatii p»ri». Kvrry l>ox 1. warrituluil. Uy druvglhUi, by mull on ru Mlpt 01 nrlm 60 mil. anil »I.(KI. WILLIfBi 4INUFICTIIRINB . <•" I'mun. Olnvalau DR. MGTT'S tody. Tboy overcome WtnikurKi, It- renulurffy unit onitabJunH, !!>• cruuao vigor und Imnlull "jmlim of uiunmruutlou." Thoy mo "Life Savers" tofrlrlnat wj.nmuboofl, sldlnv ,. development of orKiinn uon la known reuiody for women equulu bom. Ounnov du btrui—ll'u uiHwuieu tt plow re. II i»r twx br a*D. pIT Bold l)» druriUU. MOm CHEMICAL CO., CltnliBd, Oblft For ule by 0, B. Wym. The Prejudice Against Prepared Paint \ T**' prejudice in tbe right word; that Is, an opinion baton I'trUl. 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For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. 3J.OW. & Third Street. SON • r.-.i I...-1 ..ill Wtf Have an Elegant WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of * • * j ' • •' Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street. J. Bauer &£Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street.} Opposite City Hall. {Alton,|llL Commencing Nov. 16th, nntil farther notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Prices: All our INGKAIN CARPETS from the cheapest to the Best all Wools at a reduction amounting to 16 per cent. Brussels Carpets and Velvets enough for a room at cost prices. Bring In your measure, 1 A Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always on band. Also l. Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracks Running Into the QuirrlM. Telephone No. 31. A I TON II I " Residence 6a8 Alby it /*L«H/l^f I !-*!-• I Imvo Ix-on taking Plso's Curo for Cojwumplton 1HHJI, lor CougIIH ttiiiTColdB. 1 liwl an attack ol LaOripm in irfliO, mid have hwl otbow ilnra. In tbo Winter oj 1Hlt(l-T, i ImdaHiwlIol UroncultlH, loytlnjt all wfn«w, wul IvuvliiK a ti-oublisnoiuB cotiKli, uutll I u«uln trivd PliKi u (,'uro. which rt-lleml mu.-Mn. U. U, HMAU.BY, Colorado N, Colu,, Auuuut 1U, 1WB.

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