Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 3
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fTHE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SA't'L^DAy 'l IVEyiNG, FEHRlFARY J2 1927. boldt, a Teachers iiilo the ority. national fine krt» sorarlty and oht> ht the tJjirtein Greek] let —Joat Vail Uf<\li ill Lambda Pbt Delta sor­ ter urj;a ^iiztalonK oii Si-veu : of Mils Job jtieils were i isoL I ]ci 'oier> Bread, r'a Breat Cjlaii^l.- burk.ij thii rin \ir»vliiie. SiiW'iuI .anil i-Vfi|lni^. CojiiimnM, MJeiit Id <-•( iMdrMlliKlloltakc' -the liuKlcetbiipl (cum (or liirJay. -mil wife: hn li (i««e, MrH. I I ml.. i.s Kiiy Ilobj sirei-t. tl HJiys: Dun'J. liiT flower.s Mrs. Job Here's the worl ami you Hiitiiliii' the campus; liiiated With Food C *k«, , wb<> J biw U Week, IH Hrfiwir (ifftlyylila J^nilur college tiava» enncr, of Vi.iitfn/j ber rjinson of is week. Tlerre Haute, linghtpr. Mrs. Soiltb Kentucky Marcjelling ,anil !i Kfy.scr. a new. one, 1 smiles \vith| grouch alon .—^•Hoiiiopooking" hewman .Siinilays .Miss ' ing the .Manbatt; K; S. Ka nie. is Cafe. Chkljen ^lud.Tbnrsddys, A —The lui) fetJl lie niixe( railed fo will U >oUce. followiiig do two rijale le, one Sbep' „onf> jwbije by .Monday, illed aiconli CUSTE •Kd Oblj K. \Vjis!iiiig —Spec ICraU'-e •( MiH. P| ler of Ki leitiaf -a Ottawa M'cM. 'irin;*lll|i ilnili- olf is bas taken nan Harrber S on iivejine. al i^iiiidsLy lafe. feiiUirini III I thai tilial winter t by |iro|ii-r riion<' ^^i IbliMin f'l Phone K For - I ber eandidati nilssionei) lola and! Ibe Slip proai'bin N. 11: elair Oil lola. left in Hilt ell —Troal Inst rimu C nionti (•: K. eolU-Ke ning on Kpecial - rv-vjih Kdgi'W iMf. to I (hVmlcal SSinionH elasses I The f(i ; l:^wrcnc|o read wit: friends 4 ,fi Mr K /ornier forward talli a bis tbird ; bell was bis iiigii ways bo twisting the basinet bas bad being in ])otsoniii^ Against be wits tbi* niin.) bDlj lar TiectI alWa ,^8 around belina Robe leek end wit n and wil C.-Xebrask luliiK iTuxl ttllH iherH divorce your lola lireen- Sharapoolng. e 597. : Smile' and you; grouch specialty at Dinner on Is is spend- relatives in attend the ba.sketball biowi are in the vn colored, lierd and Col- dog. If not Feb. 14, dogs ig fo law. il DAVIf?. Clilief of Police. ibair Shop on J. Hrdinbe( ri Si-(itt_ weH ii'rnouii on' o be at th i )|nl)*Tli's ' I , jwbo )s Hllf ,|'iarj |yrtlM. jit the LNorth Dlnaer chicken lolb and la Itbeir W b«d8l tliflr, ering at , r,Oc. ittugh- . y<f*- ay to of C. H. fWmi u dirt, ajid •leanbliJB. |l Mrs.; S. L. oil the Oil I .Mti.. where tl ays vl'sitin Mr. an vr'-liTila \i Sas -City. sevecal ( While tli after bii the Heiijiz Products wbieli lu •1*: illaski IS left 'Iyer for Kan liey will spend \yi |lb frieirds. ..J.- .........0 T .> • — .'If Mr. Hasl ins will look iiiess in 00 mejetlon with f. Products ttiinpany of is tl representative. ''fnance I'nni jeby auflouncj for the of Finance shall i of'tbe vi primaries. J. I pirt iilKsInner. that I urn a ollfice of Com- of the City of greatly appreciate otjers at the ap> jl^ne. agent for the. Sin and Kefinin ; coinnany in Ia.«t uigbt'for a sh^rt stay inson, Kans •4. —Dii. B. TwadJlI. OaUopatk. New <i\oU Bldg. Fta me 191. Miss Dlarlene Canndsey night fvi m Kuwrenctj vvrek eiiil with her ami .M'rn C. Cunalw .laitl <Ni >ii avenue. Sli al K. r. your Plant: I. Have a. Call T. 01 Toung, of t lacnlty. left a leave of ent, fron •a for the Arsenal . kc .a ten w4 ' warfare, vill have iiring bis a miidf (i(<ii Ktir h'lnimce Coi niNfilnher. — I hereby annource that t,am a •candid ite for the ifflce :o( Com- iiilssbine- of Finance Cily. of tola, primary election Mi rch 8. Yonrj vote am support w 11 be' greatly ii'ipiiRiaU'd. • A. H. HECOX. llowing L -lipi)ing Jonrnal-Wf I inter*st by bf Clifford and Mp. Ji tolansf i Cliff] •••Cliff is f^eaior, i and ^ear on the] & Kansas 1 school :ilayi |;ri distingu.i shot which withoiit tough luckl the hospital a large pa ft.C. A. C. jibe ou(stan<|ing as -wetl has never I ^on the sduad , tt&yjjng a ste; dy ro ian^y man. ARNETT. , came last to spLMtd the parent*. Mr. of 203 R -iHt is a jstuduiil nil a musical tuncfl every Cunatacy. lola junioisl Frblay eve- absenco as a thp iSeyjIntb aff Hdiool of lit Edge wood, eks cburrie In Miss 'Poroihy 'large : of his^j l)sen<'e. from the lorld will be he many Tola .ampbe]!, son H. OampbeU, ird Campbell, feei 1 inch cbmpleting squ i|l. Campf ity blayer in anil, has al- hed, I by his swishes thru |touc'liSng. fie tb}<| season. wUh blood -t of jthe lime, years ago ;' player of hilgh point lea a Tegu[ -jaltbo^gh ie'as all tbree J. Olds, who Ijas been barber* Ing at the C. E.' Lehman shop for a long tiine, basj purchased a shop at Gas and haa taken charge of the samel •. Flowers ^or VaJentirie: Carnations, Roses and :.Violetsi lola Ureeuhouse. A Hign 'fn one.of the windows, of the old RtfRlsler office says:. "'I?hls room will bu occupied by the Kes- slnger 'riro Shop." | , "-I>r.i Fred Woodhiiry, gradunl*' foot i«i)ei-ia |lNt. ' CuniH, liiiiiioniV weiikeiitid archfri, «lc. .No - extra ebnrKeifor resldeiiiil cnllH; Phone ,1IMI. :ti7 West Madison. .Mrs. :M. II. SaiidurN returned to her lio^iu In Kansas Cily; .VIo., Iiisl wooing alitor a VIMH of ti week Willi ber sister, .Mrs. .M. Keelian of South Htreet. —Clin.keobeard's Cafe will serve a Chicken Dinner Sunilujr. '\ Rov|Batlard has moved from 212 South State street to Tm South Cottonwood istrpt. The change of residence w;as made yesterday. Card of Thanks. —We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for the kindness-and .synhiathy shown us in our deepest sorrow, of the death of our motber,' and for the beautiful flowers. AV;e wi.«h to thank ber Sunday school class, and also Dr. Mitchell.—Mr. anil -Mi^s. John* Burns. .Mr. and Mrs. Ben .Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Homer" Diiggan, Firank Standley and Harold Standley.. . John Copening say."* he has a soliemei for catching the black- robed,man. He says just get him started north on Kentucky street .ind he will mire in the mud when he can be Iande/1. the Frigid lire la y<*8terda3 on • i D.,|8peeIaUft Bye. Ear, Noaa and [Throat. V. A. tsirr of near' Garnett in lola today on business! was — once —ydu .will ha^ no other. Van Uoozeifa Brpad. George Chattertoii of COloiiyj was a business visitor in lula Fdiday. —Dr. Montgomery, Cblroi^ralctor. tola Laundry Bldg. Mr, and Mrs.; J. p. Cjirr of Garnvttare in lolw Phone 13B. today on Inear msl- o. ILLINOIS RECREkTES WHERE ABE LIHCOL \ 'MNTURY^ LD TOWN 'AS BORN —We send flowers lola Greenhouse. anywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Lawyer returned home a few days ago from their trip to Florida. They h^d a fine lime and saw lots of. country, and a good- visit with their son and family in Si. Petersburg. Mr. Lawyer promises a full description of the trip for the Register at an early date. Tmppers Attention. —I just received orders for 1,000 trapped cotton-tail rabbits. Bring Ihein in at once. Frank lirodbcck. Mr S. S. -Shelly of the Hhellt' .Motor Co,, will retufil this evening from Kansas Cliy WIHTI! be has been on business. —.MuJioy (11 lonn on real rstnle, easy terniH.-no eomuilHsliinn. The lola ItulMlbK,^- Ifoaii AsHiN-ladon. OrKUiil/ed IXS.'i. New location .^milliwesi Curlier of Si|iiure. G. K. Pees, ,Sec'y. t- <;a/penlers and pliinibers are busy' getting the building fornntrly oeetipied by the ,Lasater pool eluli ready for occupai^cy. The building has 'been leased to llii' lola Fruit Co., M :ho will move in sbnietlme n ?Xl week. : , —Baked and stewed chicken, with all that goes with. it. at Saunter Inn for Sunday dinner. Hours from 11 to 2. Mrs. Wm. Ayling returiied home today from Muskdgee, Okla., wiiere sbo bad been to visit ber lister, ill, and who is reported as not getting along very well. Mrs. Ayling is the beauty operator at the Wolfe Barber Shop. j —Maloney's Grocery for sale. Call at 701 South iWasliington St. The court house is closed today and the county officers nre takiog a:holiday. . —See "Deacon Dubbs" at Carjyle Feb. "1.5, and at.Geneva Feb. 18. Admission,' 1.5c and 30c.' .Mrs. W. E. Payton of Colony came yesterday and spent the night at ilio home Qf Or. and; .Mrs. Ira H. Fraiitz on North Jefferson avenue. Mrs. Payton left this inorning on the Sunflower Special for KI Dorado to spend the wi*ek end- with friends. ] ' F. L. B. LBATELL. a. D. Special attention given Die* «ai84 of Colon and Rectum. Electro-l'berapy and Pbyslotherapy. Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phone*—147 and 705. • • • • • • • • The local Santa Ifc office .an- nou to |1 jKansas City, Monday, Tuc.<)day. Wednesday and Thursday of inext week with a return limit of Feti. 21. account of the Autonioblle Show. A large number of local peoplij are planning to attend. . >atlce To Public; —The following policies furnished to M. E, Hillearj'. formerly of Kansas;|whiIe iacting as ageu' the Mionesbta Underwriters Insurance Company of St. Minnesota, have beeii lost: - Meroantile Fire Policies 3176G to 31775 inclusive. ' ' .Combined' DwoDIng Hoiise policies 111886'io 111900 inlcl. This is to notify the public none of these; policies have issued as contracts of iiisurdnce, and $aid company has secure<i no premium for any of said poli| and therefore . the same are sidered void anld or no effect coinpany.—J. P.\ Snyder,, Agent. Mitinesbta UnderWrj Fire Insurance Co. lola, for Fire Paul. that lieen L'^es, ejon- the State ters n(-s.4 with the FronLz optical JuHcph Black lef. today f<ir<n sliurt slay with I is jiepbeW. ui Itninsoii. Mr. Blue c recenily -anie ftuiii .\'i-bru«ka niijl Ixiookiig al fariu land in Alle^ County and iSi 'iiHpeclM aril fuvijriil>li' {oi- bis llndiiiK Ho 'nieibinx I I" >'>'>^| 'Idn^ Hdllfl. : ' ' Mrs. Lucy Janiieiioii xi'llj Knve tumorrow for •Topj;ka Wber. • she will spend two wctjks with l)i. 4ind .Mrs. G. W. Reed. ISbe will : tieiid .sessions . of the Kimsas ;'ilfo-e'saii convention of the Kplscopitl c itircli there this week. | ; j Mrs. Leslie Leaviti is ill of lit at ber home. »20 .Nor^i NValiuit spet .Mrs. C. H. vinc^it left on the noon train today for Topeka as a: delegate to the ' ICansas dio esaii convention of the Episcopal cl urcb which begins toniOrniw and < loses Frjday night. Shje will visl her son, Loxley Vincent-and wife while in Topeka. J ! ! 4 • Mr. and Jlrs. T: W. Thoniis. of; Gas. returned today]:shortly after | noon from a two weeks' stayh wiib friends in and neir Oklaboina City.. .Mr.'^^honias repoi-ted; t went)-nine motor cars marooned in one mud hole between Keifer; and Mt unds. and that road conditions gen -lally were bad off the state higliw: y. F. L. Standley retiuncd to bis home: in BJackwell. Oklahom^. today after attending the funerial of his mother. Mrs. D. D. Standley. Dr. and Mrs.'O. EJ Edgertc liandolph. Kansias, wibo have -visiting the former's jbrother. Edgerton and home today. been IT. :A Mr. and .Mrs. g. LaHarpe, who have neen lipe the winter in Fori Dodge. K.l returned home today. Jj. Coleniajii. of iding Mr and Mrs. A. p. Sulliva turned to their b^m|e in Hal Kansas, today aft with their biotlie and Mrs. Will Siil)iviiii and frjlends in iMorun., r < a visit tinil sisierl -'eb. 9 lit ry is aS ight, 2i len. 201 2irls absenil orgia, Jilanita Miiritil, f.i>we]l. RQCKiCREEK (4 .va Morrow).. .—The ^report of C.ileek scWopl for ithe montlt.df Jan- followS- Number if ipys ; number of flag isialutes ; number *nroUec ,*. toys total 30; numbeij u4itb- nor tardy, 17- "They lire: ^alph, Luciire. Walter and Gri ale. Shkfer. Thelma' fMla and Rex P^teijsou.- ilorf-ow. ua Keith and Claire Hbrold aSid Mae Clark. Reg! Iliiinliub Osi -a Mr ai; I ilMl ot and llllrs. ly will Mr. a Steiinel. and Glenn iircene Dickenson inUking the tot:U —Maduliue Cunuinfen oll- ani, or In ncent Ml. .M inday. | inUkIng the tot:U I en •lit :!1 'I'lkieber. Mr. ai^d Mrs.; Roy Wilcoj . :weri« Sunday Kii |e $li • VVilcDxoii home, d Mrnl Fred VVlUJiit.- i.f lola, .Hpeiit .Smiitiil- ^Itli (Mr .M. I). Uixl.r. Hf A. itllleMp |i ),Mpent|TbMrti .MrK. .Mary Smith, d .MrH.- (ileiin !l.<'dford lit Hiimlay at I lie parent il.Vliloii Mr. anil .Mrs. John Setzer sill lit: tiie Week elld F. Si lleiigj 'r; Jmnie. ihe •jfaifeitsei Salem, III.. Feb. 12.- _ -the Sa!i;in of i^hraham ! early liope.i.and^ dreams- n. of! rebuilt. Building for liiiildiag. the little town on the winding Sanganiun nsas. I ro- iwin here Mr ^teli- [local U. W. Rjinisay leturned to Isiin todijy urier ii viiiit al llie Kainsay Mtme. ' ; •' -it ' ' ' Mrs. K.- M. HiAjnei. of Colony. WiiH u visitor III "jlolaj toiluy eiit-oiil<- lu Hunibuldl to visitjlier son, Diinnel unii fuui ty. J .•Urs. (j. K. ('(iiipoi the lit ord W( tjliey were! engaged . Dninia 1 But M(-.\eii liad dnd be unfolded name was; not .Mi John Mc.Vumar. old and ri'speclabi butihi.s father had Firtid With the lUi t|lie family' furtuncsl had come ; w Sal Ills iw tliillg •k. (if <:iiahiiile. .who hah been vjHiijig liir s Mrs. W. W. Grutiaiii Yiitef ("enter; piijssei today en route bo'iiio. II St. uiid luiiiiJy ill tliroiigb Mrs. Hazel Mulllt^in and d: lighter. .Margai;y Jo. of eust of l.,al went to Cbunute Uniuy (o spi few days with ri'lativcs ami f arpc ml a il lids Miss Kathr.>7i Bientoii. teaches in the Geneva Selioul in lola today eiiruutL' tu Kiiin to spemi Sunday. who was iioldf .Mr. S. P. Jaeksun returned lionii- last night from his Texas trii|. He ther :>k a onal info;! iort'< seen tliere. ion's way visited Caterina, i..aredii. and points iiii Texiis and also to trii) over tbo great Inturnat bridge across the Rio Grund(.>| Old .Mexico." Mr. Jackson re a fine triji aiid of having much of the country down He also, visited Mrs. [ Jack brother at San Antbiiio on home. 5? Mr. D. F. Chrlsllan, fornierll- for many years fi rqiident uf Ci rIyJe township and at, on^'tlmg-.a i -i iinty cominlssionef of Allen county has been visiting friends in Colonj and lolii this week. His present lonie in in Nhvaila, Mo..*tliouKh hi bas a daughter who; Is teaching i(i '.hi Colony- schools. Mr. J. H. S<| wail a visitor in with Superlnter application for teaching force next year. .Mr. iinli! of the S lege li -y. riiggs. of Kiljrald. lola today to dent ThoromtJ n i>f Scruggs] ale Tea un oil positi the Ii^la KC Is a •hers nd Is now teaching at Louis Schluii!;er will leav morrow for 'Ch buy spring mi Globe. He e.xp<i cago where. h» rchnndlse for 'cts to be"STnrc~ a week or ten days. , • 1- The J. C. Smjth family.of .\ City. Mo., bavf moved to a southeast of lola. They, slant right by subscribing for tin Ho)ive Paper toj come to their every day. ; i Yulenthip I 'nrly Lunrlipi-ji ; Gra le Juice I' Cream of Tomato; Soup I Heart Sh iped, Croutons • Hearti of Celery Stuffpd Olives I Chicken a lu King in Heailt ; Shaped Patties GarnLshed w| I Pimento cut [in Heart Sha I PotatolCroquettes I Buttejred Beets 1 (Cut in heart shapes) I HeacLLktuce Salad ! Thousand ^slatid Dressing i . Strawberry Jello Whipped jCream Sauce Sliver. Cak Shapes an Pink Icing cut In Heart :i Frosted willj here and •|iii. Ill . return. A|in trii.stj'il hiii^, \ylsi> folk oil till his itale wltli- »corTi| III iait. |\l'i^':'l>>i' i Week :(fti-r ' wcc vthi|H hl.v iriiral. Inj lii-nfil (•llll^^•r^^:ll jirli!.-. i tVi -cU allti r wci U IjtLl^' p .ii (,l.irtii-i-. Sorted till-: Ii 'tlcr.-. there. i Lillcolir..t Iiive, funiUy, retjirnedj river where tragedy first met Liu- jcoln and marked him for-its own. is lu'ing resiorei. ^ Tiic old tnwiis^te litis liuen made into a slate jiurk. and when all the work of ruiiniidiiig is cunijileto Kuleiii will .-itaiijl a,"! it was when I.iiiiiiln K'Tt it. every building ami store, eVeii vvery cowpatlii [j.,',]! ".j Yijj 'i", reiiroduced. I i • . • Old Kalein will riaml iiniiiue among the towns of the c^ouiitry-- a moiiiiiiieiil' to ;i! gri-at niliii's iiasl a little coiiimufniy «if IHiO rein- carnatcii al'ief in^arly liii) years. .Many of the 4lil bullillnKs Htill exist or already! Iiavc been,-re- siiiri-d to tlic-ir original slate. .Meni- liers of till* OJij. Sab 'iil -I.ineolii l .-amii-. workiiiKi Willi pick and'' -liovi 'l, have iilnii il ihii tlie loiimla- liiill:! of many iit tli" lioilses wliii-li fi II away, ami tl )i-sc, \in>, are being r .-liiiill. I . II was iii .'rc that Lincoln ran a hliire Willi a iiiaii named Berry. II "was lii .Ti- lii .il Lincoln's liuat struck :i snag I ill the .Saiigaiiioii rl \ci'-, tlie ai-cidi-Cit cliaiiii.iiig tlie coursf of Ills III"!-; , . Ili-i -f lie saw jaiiil loved and lost llie liiaiitii'iil Ann Kiitledge, the ili -kecpiT 's ilauglller. Hen- I.iniiulii|'«-orli.-(l in the store 111- partly.o\> lied, and here lie earned llic name of -Honest Abe." lierc Lincoln' walked tlirce liiilcs •.itlfV, a day lif toil at the store, liial lie miglii. rciiav a .ciistonier who liail beeii tile victim ' of a iiiisiakf in wtfiglit. Here Lincoln hccaine a surveyor ami was ai >pi )iiited posfniasler in 1M3:!. j Here iie bought a barrel of books from a covered; wag-jii i-migrant. and found tliereiii a treasured Blai -ksU wjliii h be stiiilied bv tiie filielight Illsl . Here . Lilijciillii got lii start in litvj running for latiire and Inning eFecleiL Here Linoolti whipped the Clary gang into siiblnission. and from St to wcr«' fariu.j •^ing \i'Oii]d Mer^ a story to tell, f to Ann. His f<eil at all, but lis family was > in New York, gone bankrupt, sire to restore the young man Saicm. illlpTllvMllg. 'Jle ami would ' go tpie old folk to iiarry Ann. ufioii b-'i ;iim' holijir. .Xiileiilly lie pr«'s.~; liii h be stiiiUed 'o'Ullcal Muih. s iiiilitlcal • tlii-^legls- Salem he w-l>nti as a captain In the dace In an the lool's ;rad- C0I-" ;i-id- ith iies I Black Hawk; wiir. Here sorrow! wrecked Ills heart, and almost i dtisiroyed one of the greate.'il of the ages.• Lincoln "cimil- to .Salem about illi< boa^ struck a snag at a lii'iid inlhf^ .Sangamon. As a re-. Milt of the dehj.v, it Is related. Lln- Uillledge and decld- Snlem for a while. •'I liis. I ourf .iliip. clung Io Ijir pli'ilii lint Dii'ihmli III atiiilis .It Ih" tavi-r riiomed. .\iiii'.» li .Alnl' i;rew. Her ii'A-i it. '1 liev la "111 lilie r >lory of .\I< ciihil <Ui- Would audi ask liiiii to fr pleilue. ' SI>o wrote, but. liaci. She Wiirrif i|. r coll boll ab.-fi Longing to give F of <!;. Liml silt i|> wor d. She waslci dark. Of hLs long will I] Sangamc Two nJonths lifter. Ann's death. tliojigh .the illase ;ri-gar(|id She iiriiiiiilfi.-d I" lell. f • Alili| W'ai!>''j. mnr and whi.>':- beat |i|ioii hi>r ; In- wi III 111 the Alie I Liiind i I II I 'l. Wa • II" Vc 1' slow : lninw-'iii^, John Sy- widowed The lie JBnt. in tl ,how miic alrsom-tl le stiir ; - ha. It. in tl w mai- r.sonct| Lim-.^'li after liji wamar no; her - he hi |l)een relayed by .illness, e year that he wiis iiway. the littjl same t^nij pfosperjit .Now stored coin an er slioi • wln'ri» So .S. Ill live p |-i';i |il<life, an c ;ii-.iill;ii-tly ..\ii(i r .daily asM )i i- u Iii-i I- Liiiciidii I' lor "I Idiii 'Sl I ielid-:. iiiiour- i -t iresli doiiiits - IVb. I 'lllver it;..v :.fl Mr ail. family pbiie |ili:ce S "!V> viciii'ty returned wifli his and two brothers. »d told was i true. .Itcoln ttoil. n. an. ami Xaiiiai. .Ann de- f,,j, ill-,III .VIiNaiiiar. Inr I'riiin In-r no wor.I eaiiii?_ 1. \yaili-il. woii- aml fell ill. liersclf 1 .1 Liii- ii'ld by. tlio firm •.iiiii.'-i.' to lier «ies Her. ick ill ,ili.> aiinis yet sbi! was lis of that p lit lover. IKtath Uele: nally .she lay 1 .•lirium. U -.iviiiL sh..- calleii l'«>r i oin. Honest, alone! with In Ole crmle litt! d never lie-inl siiokc. A wh( few niorj l.SS' L ?ony niarkeil -In Ann liecaim days lat.r. vund .«h.' di c.iln saw Ann 1.1 1.1 stay :iii Salem, had bi-^n founded before. by Ann's .1 few father a years Jani's. the tav.'rn-keeper, and man Jaimes Caiijeron. . Ann was a ifcbool girl In Minta Crahams siibii il when Lincoln first niel lier. The yoiing man took up his Job in He-ry's st.or.' and soon w'lin, re.-'pe.jil : niong the townsfolk for bis lionpsr,y. .Ann bliisfoiiied 'iiitii womanhood at i;». Lincoln llii'n was in bis was an admirer, al- ifui, awkwaril young iwentii's. He iongli a bas man. Then a stringer came to town, a man who <-alled himself John j .McNeil. :Mc|<eil had charming inaiMiers andi became i popular at once with tlii- girls of the towij. ' He prospereil in business, too. his | store becoming one of Salem's j most impo.siiig establishments. | Ann ltiit|edgL' loved him. They tfHONE WHE.N YOUR LIGHTS GO- OUT on yoUR PLUMBING* G 6 ES BAD K.C. TIIK K j i- Electric and !o. >\I)IO .<^TOBE nroln h<>cntii(! iVhenivou ov ihe .sjili.sfacti per cent )y large iind i-nded SeptcrJiber r>0. lOJiG. ('rtics iarge E; ^rninffs Protect Certt Yitid From This Cbhimo I'Oip- invo.>;tn|'nl (at tin!: iii'e.^-^ent till c:\sh ixud t^iock diy steadily iiic r«.'.'i-sing c net earning.s )77,901 for s Cijties Servicie Common bJame kddrk'.s __J T. hon^ 415W .\lie came at the b - tavern. The (he w .irds l|n-y Linl-iiln's face uiii-onscioii^! a lien a fi-w days d -on. .\iig. :2."), •!:ty .-V. of I'.iii .Mr-. Til IS da Mr b .-iv.-. li.Mise, Heiirv will w. , (e .'or; ll <T lu l .-ist Th He' ilsi.lej ! Lynch liave li L.wi Lvncli lERR I:!:. 'It: C. •ij- ill .iliili. Mrs. ( ill iVf .l fr ii«o Mv> •V.-.- !;. of tld Mi-mlf .u.i. \\i 1.:; al I mind become the old btiunts Salem and; touk ng the windinj Il |H )]gi ant traged)-; his ad wr lught! left i alcm seven j-ears ame-, mil the decline ik town set in about tl|<; Its day of iradiiJg was I rief. olil SI eiies are being n - ite Rull ilge Inn, tbei Lil - ierry ?tori", the ol.l r;oob- iid till ami '{)atl{s all, will conftmie greif •.i-i a iii.fiiiimnl to a itjoiis ami early lis fir* sorroW. 1 .M a man' wilking )Vl -(l -ter> Id HI- Mass<„ ;U-.! . Mik h-lay. i.-r.l SI f .,r |-nl .-'a I .OI (•alifi Genera (Icibs Ay n Citie.^^ Scrvife Conjimon Stock yoti have 111 (if kiiowlnjr that tlie wore ?22,127.3n6 a.s lie year eiuk-d Seliteiiil reli.'^e of ovei- S l.OOO.OoO or 22A j PARSbNSGASCQ ]sC liRAtiiinrc I'J nd witliou obligatii .sttick. p. (M'lahertyj Local Rc prestentative 'ii'fcl :4i .>H!-:-i:j!ki> II id I rpia is Youi •i\ SI r.l-.-:'l!'w| Mr I liviii! 1 r CREEK Vl,'is.-.otb) . iVa'jiiicr and jawis I'lites C.Iiter .Moti- barles Greene ailil • III lleiiry iVterrf's I'llDclie Steffell'.s koiiiig I'lilks'iif this a birthdavj party ilson last WedncB- r lioiiie iiurthealil ffei^ w.ns in lola 111. j • V ll-.irry .I.mes, ,\vlio ill III.' -.Feeney St week . to the lace. -Mr. Jonis . IVlcfsL ( h ami pick Wafe- Lym-h i biit<-lii-r iiiiiiil bad '<•( Cnli-er M. Fri. [liaede unlay la. r ill tIii.-< vii-iiiiiy Ills and ji^rlp. Callcl'iin .Mike (ay nionilig. ends) nings Servic cpmpar cir cent. and w lib K.llia .\Iis. jLfiwis k. is is wri jSunda; rilw boil Khrnest I 'leo Wa od Dean '.Mrs. 1 ..It thf\ i [spent ^u •and Mrs home. I I lock and nnilled ISiEiiM Bebej baniels Opi^nikl Kelle|)^f|()r| Two Days. If yi u wa It ja colleg w ifiJuci|tion in tht« course (if an ho i^.— ».)ni »|.devoid ol Kliidj-, yet teael iiigjthfj latest ihllig! in lUughs,—t JloWji to ti>e KUUJy Theatre Jiliin^iay 'l-uesik y. iThe rcaiuni.'.' rub Slie's (laek In A. of fha- |Po.well.; who has be |-n i; eiHirted as being l>ettii ing. ' : I • Visitors in the .Miitt ifi weiie: Mr. anil nd k Walls .Morrow, of lola. kins, and .Mr. Guyl Iowa; loyd Higginbotbani called illespie home Wetlne; 'Mrs. li^slie Beeding. of Glis daywith her parents B. Lowman. Mrs. Wni. Macijarz of City spe it a few. days las t week twith hei parents, Mr. and MrL E. 'Q; Biilei. : .j [ ! Mr. ard Mrs. istanley Dreherj ai)d son, Sta iley,. Jr.,. spent-Suhdajy in llie Hon er Dreber home. Mr. ai d Mrs. G. D. TrenaVy were puss's jn the J. EJ Powell Sunday home lujar Carlyle. The .V the farni Frank H recently. Mr. ai| Sunday loffitsffamily is mi| vacated by Mr. and luggins.i who moved mon bon&e. -Mr. an Sunday :.Ir.< My son weite Wni. Cri! The Rl d Mrs.: Ci T. Haril [guests ; in the D. I .Mrs. Homer Dreb afternoon with i-on Barnett. Mr. nild -Mrs. Roy Gillesbiej and Sunday visitors ley home in lola. C. S. H. club met dor- Mrs. Mr. tbi' Ult.' ir at Iday. City. Mr Kansas villg to I is iwere [Lay- T spent Mi". ! and cfously, wiho ij>iiii>s i-iililedfe.s' to al lhiiilis;iiii Ihey'rn lit coll us l'"li iiguin—Hi.- dasliiiij: iiii i! ihniiicir lii;c acioni 1 .111 .'l)t l|re((Kt K t. at|iiii^s(i , WrilJel' ami LI0.V1I CiirHlMii, vi by Clui:e|i(!e H»dj ;er. KII-I. Ill nil Ill-re. by •Is!.' va- iiiiiltiiiy laile and.discusHtjd for :|erv- " " '1' i/ett -rson i: > hiivf.; ill-en Mrs! «;ieiiii tli. Hitler ^ s |ervo |l til ' Wedn. K .hiy ^-.iih Mrs. J \. ;\V;.|iiici;. and -M !«. Cejl.r IUiniilti< i Wurliini; on a I oijifort \va^ the Aoifk. iltoll (-all r'S^onies wi-re I Silii vi ;i:ies Duriii; the ini.'.-iness 111 • •liifi". jjlaii.-i were I laile aud.discus> ing Inni-h at tlie Kii .sale. Two lievv me^ibt added Ito GK' club: Dicker urn and M is. 1- A cafttei-ra -dinner w: ... ..... j ... the following: .Mrs. W )..; Hiii noii and son jl ^ewny, .Mr:?. V. ll'e u-n- ing. Mfs.jHonier Prebe ".'.^jrs. ij. A. Laymoii.!; j.Mis.; Frank. i..iiies, ! hirs. Earl Sallt'iiger. Mrs. ^lyrtle -lliL'- ginliotiiaJn.' Mrs. 15. .\1 i;illfS -tii>i.-. Mrs. Stanley preher ami si>n Stanley. Jr.. tvirs; Oscar W^iioxdii. |.\Irs._ E.- Q.'JBilxlilr iMiss Ma-fe Uiyinop^ laiii iaM r. 'ajr.iliif>iiiit Ilieiljl of tinli), .'iti-,^-l«-U l.'.-tnipi Long [1)11 !|-|. .^.1 as.jdlr.'ilcU -Mrs. Hai-olil' Grizzle; a lil Geraldin b, :Mns: B. Lij Shafer! .Mrs. G. . jE.i:P4wel! aitd iliaby.lMi^. illjespieiand MrJ R<?11 cl events; alijday next nieetjin.s:!'vv-ill with Mrs. Homer Drel nil rt-sppnscs wi ilaiighl Wniaii. I'Mrs. j). iTrt-oa'-y. I.Matt Mor- MT\ J -0]SriESIL DO IT! Joints j Electric Worlik i ! PHOXE 13; II be -i-in 'rent of I'e.nrl CM ma •' |-e|>resi -nl(-d in tin Federaliron- of Woiiie .'{.•i:: (-11 (S. n stock. Per YALENTINE SPE€LAJL nt yi«!ld from i »r>ee . y<>ii get about is jjrotiicted In the ^ear i Compiii^'s 'od with 192:"3—:m"in- IjhriCiPAj. ( litS inforpiation about* —1 !;. (- lola, Kansas Brmd Blue Ribbon For the Th^ only real food \ ^hicH Diare Devil' Wiirner will, ei.t dut- m ? his 120-ho ir en|du t-ance drive, wjll be b -ead. Needlej^'stp say this bread ifiijst be] the bestj in fooc yaliie, flaYor ajid cleanliness. Thiit hie chose Blue RibbonlBread fv^m all the others available!is aiidth^ corifirmiai- tioii of its higfh Vitality. i East Side Sqiiaiii dpi MA

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